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Dennis and Callahan's Red Sox Media Roundtable- Part 1

Feb 26, 2014|

Dino, Gerry and Kirk are joined by Michael Holley, Jon Meterparel and Tom Caron to forecast the 2014 Red Sox Season.

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-- come back every year a rite of passage as Dennis and Callahan wraps things up -- Red Sox spring training in Fort Myers, Florida is one of our favorite segment it's our media roundtable where a bunch of people pretend they know what they're talking about. Pretend they know what they're talking about. Joining us here at the broadcast slight our former colleague -- -- a row now with life is great ought to New England Comcast went out. Comcast sports -- 930 and so like DVR this thing grass yet -- out of home absolutely not Michael -- from media mother should -- public you leading -- the -- is evidently back in Boston. And our friend from Nelson Tom Karen good to see you guys. It was say to get his -- -- it was a year ago we posed the question and it's a question that I ask all the time the jury hates what do we not see coming about this baseball team and if memory serves not one person on the panel said. A World Series championship nobody thought that was going to happen what don't we see it coming with this year's baseball team Michael Ball. Over to a request to be here you know that NL by request idea yet as well I don't know why why why this this is one of my favorite segments I love this every year listened to -- wanted to be yelling -- aren't -- great segments every day. You radio match I think every day why. I stepped this -- hello that's what I go for what that's what it takes the first question. But we're here to bring your disability he just wanted yesterday mr. bonds this year and why he wanted to. We get to -- question. Do you. Did you hear what Michael will once said and do you agree do you use and work on a daily basis like he does on a daily basis -- -- -- daily basis you the same way that he does that. It's it's part of this every day lexicon and it's going to be hard for a guy like Roger Goodell to legislated out of the game. I think it's hard to legislated out of the game I think it will always be a party game and people who use it are gonna use. But in terms. Every day language for me no -- I've used the word excited described it the other day yes and I'm a recovering. -- -- recovering user. We haven't I haven't used did NL wild. But. You know what display those things got to be careful as is like having it like being an alcoholic really you know there are some type of addiction you always had to be mindful. Of it anywhere. And what are you just -- the last time last few times was at ending an eight or -- in ER I've never used ER okay. I never use that aren't huge response but what if if it will months on apologetic about it night and Charles Barkley well apologize they say they use it yet they don't and they don't plan to stop. While conflicted about it that's why -- think. The people use it. Metal as you know so it would monitors. They go out and go on these admonishment since that you should not use the word -- who worked should be outlawed -- -- only anywhere to be outlawed. And you know I think Gerry -- saying what Kirk gives same way if you -- writing background. You don't believe in words being Andorra we can't say that you can say anything in the proper context and in in babies that in the proper context. And entertainment fashion. You -- they're all sorts of words that are used and in a colorful way in us a quote unquote inappropriate way. And we laugh at all we quoted or whatever so I don't think any words should be banned. But for me to come that is a complete your part is yes I've heard a word used. I've had family members use it cousins of I've been amused. By the context at times. But I also think of Medgar Evers you know shot in his driveway. Over the racial hatred I think. Martin Luther King assassinated over racial hatred I think of all the things that happen. A bus boycott that lasted 381 days in Alabama for little girls blown up and -- -- them think about. African American history. And you're using that word is it's almost like. No one in my doing so that's that's where it comes in me. Michael when you say you don't think any word should be banned I agree with you when you're talking about general society but in this particular case in general society you can Wear your socks anywhere you want them. I can't do that in the National Football League. So even down to that amount of minutiae Roger Goodell on the powers that be in the NFL are controlling. Their environment is this not just another step in that direction. It won't do it. They won't do it and then you think about it the violent nasty game. Guys with bad intentions. Guys who are out here doing anything possible that -- your head off and trying to injure you were times. It's all sorts of work to think -- they say they stuff with your wife last night. -- to -- on in Australia all eyes are set so if they're saying anatomy of how do we where do we draw the line on what they can say and what's offensive. Because those things are the things that caused the National Football League probably the Miami Dolphins locker this in college beautiful explosion blowing just that when that word because the problem in the Miami Dolphins locker room but it it's it's do we know what inning when he got our listeners think John says there's no problem at an -- Wasn't that there may erupt and that thing called for that's the problem in the dolphins' locker revealed to me just look at look at the dolphins. It was a if you look at it big picture they -- bad team. -- the definition of a team that did not look out for activity they ate their own they were trying to destroy -- or trying to break. Jonathan Martin they wrote about it in the final book I mean that I think that was the big problem yet -- Richie and cut meat or use the N word yet. He got -- in this -- you're from how I network didn't exist in our language you can argue with a -- -- absolutely accepted our -- might -- bad -- would you give me this the Roger Goodell is trying to control and improve the working environment in his corporation in his league in the things he can't control all the way down to how you Wear your -- -- is trying to get. Is trying to and I think they want. Put on a good face for their sponsors well that's what he's what he's pandering and holiday gift and dean has already said he's good with two banned words. A racial -- -- -- and a -- awful is with us at those will be there to work OK so what happens to that Jewish player we as a -- -- that the problems don't just up I mean you gonna have a menu there's a five yard where there's a fifteen yard word you gonna end up with -- George carlin's seven words you can't take that into word. It is okay. Yep and you turn the rep denied it was so important I said the eighth -- it'll get a call -- they tell what you say what you penalties public say to a teammate is tonight's play and wherever like that. Dolphins did they weren't -- act like fifteen yards settle beef up security activities there obviously I -- team and word. And then you're back fifteen yards on -- goes doing as always we can feel good about themselves that's it easy to get sort of publicity good grip and at times all that stuff people pat on the back -- parties that's -- I don't have network although it's not work well. Yeah -- imagine if your team lose the game when that. Like the patriots and jets that that prohibit them until they're right back he pushed him into the gonna call them -- the comfort comes back. I've got a flag the flag. It comes from twelve yards away average closer you set it I don't hit another set to go under the hood to read the -- and use it. And the talent coach and appellate court I don't or go to -- great laugh -- -- go to Belichick is that the inward that's what it is. Skip the baseball questions that you read too much time debatable comebacks are around back to you what don't we see we tell Google what don't we -- coming Tom -- I didn't see that governs best. I don't around the table I you know I I think well maybe we do see it coming I just think. All the talk about it being the toughest division in baseball I think that lives up to the heightened this year I think the Toronto comes back. More like the team I thought they were going to be last year I think the New York Yankees spent a lot of money and I think they spent. Too much money I don't think they'll be as good as that half billion dollar should get you -- they'll be a lot better -- Tampa's you know I think will Myers is gonna have a great season. For Tampa Bay so I I think what we won't see coming maybe. Is that you know everybody could be between 8890 wins including Baltimore including young players -- -- I don't have a breakout year. Now does that become everybody is 8488. Wins if it does then you're -- cannibalize yourself than it might be rolled up to get out of the division. Peterborough where does that all go wrong for the team if it does go wrong. I don't think it does -- Iran you know but where does it all Iran they go through about fifteen pitchers they have to use our Webster -- -- Rosen and -- so -- -- injuries -- that's really the only way I see the Red Sox collapse and injures injured -- as -- -- -- cousin -- would say what about the -- I think he does great you took absolutely kidding me I was others that are blogger astray from -- last year and I haven't. -- I think that the almost committed to fifteen if I'm a competitor to check out. But check out this that the staff. 80 pitchers with the greatest chance to go on the disabled list in 2014. This comes from. -- -- Number one in the American League any guesses -- buckled. John Black hole -- far he has a 58 point 5% chance to go on the DL number three in the air and America but buckles GGP. 49%. Number up by a -- -- Dempster considers Welker does Obama deal. This is under presented at a market just -- -- -- -- levels some jobs deficits -- C sabathia no -- five know -- I thought it was an interesting case because of the added workload you know they lose -- after it was actually a baseball guys you get up to forty innings in the post season to have a lot of trouble that following here it's a huge workload. I had to think what Sylvia getting the body type and I like what they're doing it essentially skipping everybody the first time -- the rotation here in these next few days with the games. They've really come in with a pretty good plan how to. Work back scale back the workload but they're gonna have to manage that throughout the season are you guys convinced that Jackie Bradley used drugs and feel like I am -- you think in the you. Watching Sizemore getting is seduced by the by that you know the body the body that the you know the talent we also the -- right so meter course -- -- that's I've got itself. I have this -- Yahoo!'s stock -- below Jackie Bradley meaty Jackie Jackie relative. Jackie Bradley although although guys they have you know what actually get out. -- Jackie Bradley. About it but you know the one thing is they've got we have talked about this because of this Dempster retirement. A lot of money out there right there and there's no demand from Red Sox fans lately. To go spend the money it's crazy and know it all worked out last year with the very reasonable contracts but cute you look at that I'm an amount of money that you can use in any. Herself that -- -- look at it and it's July and you it doesn't matter I don't know that's that's what you do you listen you've got a good enough team to compete. There's no scenario icu where there. Games out of it by the trade deadline so that's what the Marlins are our ten under 500 you go out to Jon -- -- that's when you -- outside the -- The big move right before Katrina that's when you spend your Jon Karl -- forward and replacing. Ever talk about are going to be an issue become an outfielder that you need to bring in -- -- -- -- -- victory over to -- -- -- course. Witness I will -- us about Bradley Jerry I don't think he's going to be -- and exhibited very good color good. -- is going to be great knowledge is going to be Ellsbury and David do seventieth that he's done it demo runs it doesn't mind not execute particles glow and run really good offense better defensively than. I think actually I really like Jackie Bradley junior this year the result -- last year and -- such a great camp and he earned his spot on that team. You know much like -- -- talk about what middle Brooks probably at some point much like middle -- coming in here which is the real low key attitude and watching -- pretty closely. Don't a lot of work he knows he doesn't have to be the lead off hitter he knows he doesn't have to be a spot on this team you need seven. And be really good defensively and be an important part of the bat ninth. When it's done year in Leicester and we all agree less is that's. What's the contract when he signs it was a good look like 506130. -- again he said 23 year yeah. That's insane to want to -- it. Yeah his hometown -- number 230. Mike -- it's got to. It's a hundred no right. To me that -- -- the Smart like the Red Sox is to rip up this last year get it done now give -- now -- and getting some money up for. And and you don't have to go as long or as much you know it is based on is Zack Greinke and he probably has wanted to Australia just baseline is like. Six years and a 140 it really was a free agent if you look at -- numbers just look at the numbers I understand October stuff last year to say last year's 22 in the American League any Harry. 22 in -- I mean this is not that -- -- a year ago it was nine of -- we're sitting here is coming off a nine and fourteen is the most disappointed Gervais who are you sure do the same thing in July were taking calls wanted to discuss and be in the playoff rotation. Apps well I don't know what the playoff rotation for Jon Lester because of his history what you last year so you bring up a good point where for two reasons one and you know it Jon Lester and that season it was far from his his best season. And if you look at it if you look at the Red Sox starting rotation nobody had eight great season eight. They exceeded our expectations. But the best season on paper -- -- displayed buckles but only under native might I don't know in the top ten for MVP foresight so to sort of excited to flip side he talked about the Red Sox that picture what do you expect this year. Probably more of the same site they are a dominate team last year based on the numbers maybe your eyes don't tell you that they were dominant but. League baseball runs scored. Highest run differential usually in the playoffs they don't go the full distance with any opponent they knock off the raise their vaunted pitching they knock off the tigers. Cardinals' best team in the American League so if you look at it on paper they were a great team without great performances from Pretoria and Lester and even -- this. -- he wheeled world kind of an agreement that the squeaky view could be John ago -- he's not gonna play as much seat like he's not an everyday player. Right is -- that was there and Bradley's plan of -- -- senator. He's got he's going to be on the bench a lot right. Is he going to be a problem. No I don't think so because I think he could have been a problem once. If you -- the very beginning. Last year to right David Ortiz wasn't ready to break right they've brought Jackie Bradley junior rob. And didn't play. Didn't play in the field -- at all hours to -- and he was and I know for a fact ever be able -- and he was really unhappy that he thought there was ever -- time he's gonna get a chance to be -- every -- -- it's when you're missing guys like Ortiz and taught at the age that they didn't do it. He's a World Series hero but he's also in the last year of his contract that's important it be blowing that good character guy image available at the -- -- originally -- -- he has disease. Match against left handed pitchers that's the only time which might guess there's not much man to play only gets old but this is all stations. In the manager's office that are -- My gas price yet and he goes and there's as it is three straight days I've met in the lineup but I don't think it ever becomes public because I think he really does care about that don't have those -- would not Alba who's a better player and sat on the bench in the World Series. Different personality. But not a topic on -- -- for all -- will Miller Brooks be worried about -- and -- teeny short term or long term. Oh good question I don't think you should be worried about a short term -- should be worried about short term -- back to back the money that don't Stephen Drew. At this sit there they can have Stephen Drew and Scott forced to say whatever he wants. -- stirred -- Scott -- should -- taken to advise Stephen Drew to take that fourteen million dollars. And always gonna get forty million dollars now if somebody spreads it over two years -- -- Red Sox are nice to have. He didn't have any leverage so Stephen Drew comes back there's a possibility that Sanders at third and Stephen Drew the short. It'll pop in and out -- in general if he'll go to try to just be on the bench -- -- the -- and -- -- -- -- -- now -- as well. And created that but it sure comes back you think drew was a back up it's yeah I'd. Utility guy instead of -- the -- a lot of that changed a -- here right I thought a month ago for sure drew is going to be part of this. I don't you go back now I really think they're okay -- what they have. I think they love the attitude middle were to come back with you came back bigger he clearly got himself in better shape in the offseason. And last year you here at spring training last year -- you guys don't like talk to the media was kind of around a little bit he's just get real why he's figured out you know I would not the target. I got hopeful last year. I didn't get to play down the stretch in the post season. I got to earn my spot on this T it was a nasty it is a huge part of what he was in -- right now and they -- them than it took care of that problem so now we -- on that pressure's -- yup. But yes he's got -- in orbit and on the glove but he'll have to hide it right yeah you know he's now let's not be free. The -- Cutler -- only grief outside ever sock off lobster tail story tale is that. Possible but at some point in the season and you can pick the random spot you like everybody will look at everybody New -- say my god this team misses Jacoby Ellsbury. Worst we ever thought possible not a guy that's a direct result about Jackie Bradley junior and if Sizemore stays healthy. Well I think they'll mrs. beat me who won this team is the base runner. This Jacoby Ellsbury was made it wasn't a great season luckily for -- -- Jackie Bradley you know he says the fastest guy on the team did ten -- you'll get it. This don't don't go the other way that and our defense -- Yeah go Rothstein clay buckle partly. Okay yeah track stuff that's an -- you know Brad Russell nowhere close and it was into the second papers and other pitchers. It was adultery don't. I don't know if you doubt no doubt on the -- be sick. -- people don't know is that some new long ball you know he said coach is mighty reds and everything that. Edwards did originally yes that's correct them -- -- -- This aggressive base running elements as. I think Bradley can get equal what he did in the field in the Pillsbury is faster than Bradley but I think Bradley has better instincts and displays that are feel better. But we talked about out dynamic Jacoby Ellsbury was on the base paths are we gonna just pretend like it and. Victor -- fails at least double thickness of lead off yeah yeah. I don't think victory of the -- -- is in reality lead -- by ensemble I don't think there's any questions to be matchups it's gonna be on base guys it's gonna be now about who's not that's mobile gas royalties. We'll be Pedroia at times to be a lot of -- -- not get out of look at the numbers -- is not a good leadoff guy why you cleanup got a -- and give Matt. But by position you -- his best -- as clean up but they'll break order we got the order judge John felt sat right there gave us to advertise over victory over the edge yes. It is appalling happily -- hey. This is also well nobody's punch anybody with a -- quicktime -- to back with a second segment Dennis and Callahan the roundtable final day Red Sox spring training in Fort Myers, Florida.

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