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Red Sox Outfielder Jonny Gomes: Championship year started in the spring

Feb 24, 2014|

The always energetic Jonny Gomes joined Dennis and Callahan in person at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers to chat about a busy offseason and the 2014 campaign. Gomes also details his new tattoo inspired by the World Series Championship.

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Didn't support the final hour Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live Red Sox spring training Fort Myers sported jetBlue park joining us here at the broadcast center a year after that the first time. -- don't joins -- good morning -- how -- It recently rated very -- which were up back in Boston hey how short did this offseason feel and hasn't had any effect on your preparations you your ability to get. Physically and mentally ready to geared up again. On what came in you know a 100% mentally checked in. Physically. You know my numbers -- my you know strengths you know in the -- -- you -- you know -- squat wager bench -- -- You know your conditioning you know 2030 you know acknowledged. Are right on pace. The mentally there but you know I mean obviously what you know see how it pans out but I mean I'm I'm right where I need to be. The cliche question would be much more comfortable are you in this -- in this clubhouse that you were a year or -- -- that's what you were never comfortable what you got it right. Yeah I guess in general be -- we'd be uncomfortable anywhere right you know. But should help a lot better now right yeah no more better but I think. Even with the guys that were here there's a lot of unanswered questions about what was gonna happen yeah you know I mean. 20112012. Not yet and thirteen you know obviously you know the backlash the big trade. Couple guys come over to your deal what's gonna happen. So I think it's a lot of unanswered questions but. We we ride pretty quick and you know -- searching you know championship you know October 30 but anyway you know it started out here and had to you you're right World Series. Hero you kind of became the folk hero you had a at the parade you kind of stole the show you a big story budget Sports Illustrated. But when you come to spring training is at the same old story we have -- for your job. Yeah. I I found myself you know last year you know I signed early and guns. You know as one of I was you know the only active guy really -- you know hundredth career homers before his thirtieth birthday -- do it all on a one year deal. So I mean there are finally get this two year deal in realities is one more year guaranteed. And I -- -- like you know it is the monkey off my back but I mean it it couldn't change who I was having my body is like guy it again. You got hit you -- don't get it out you don't so. I mean to your four year ten year deal I mean I I guess they're there's one way -- one speech -- -- game. You're in the second year between your do you first multi year deal as you point out. Some guys in that clubhouse are going into the second year two year deal and they're not happy they won an extension that demanding an extension -- -- you gonna demand an extension like. Like -- I don't I don't have the Cooperstown resonate this guy as I mean how I felt like drug use in the lineup you know. But you know well deserved on his part understandably you know he's got going on. I don't think you know in any means my situation -- my career. Obviously that's you know. Probably you know 34 or five you know reasons why we play this game -- nobody's gonna win but you know there's -- different -- you know with security. And whatnot your family and you know once they were your hat sort of stories come from. And because again they got pressured Alicea and you're. Last year or in the World Series during the playoffs Ferrell made -- point keep you in the lineup when he normally would probably now -- just had a feeling just felt better when you're. Now this year though when you want that same situation if you're frustrated you're sure that seems it was just a regular season last or knob is getting more points and you want to play every day. Obviously it's easier -- having gavel I want to play every day since you know I got I got drafted right or prepare myself to play every day. My stay healthy to play every day. What I did flasher avenue for eight years and -- -- or five or -- want you know. I read the lineup you know that's files I do that try to be prepared for what number five called upon and number five has called for a couple -- rusher for you know pinch hit you know it's united assurance. -- of Labor -- is playing a simple yes and I think if you go one -- you know play every day war years era again. You you stay quiet publicly but does that not mean you Michael and talk to managers say -- skip you know I'm a -- -- the bit here. I think -- I don't get you know Jackie Bradley where -- you know I think will abrupt -- here but you express it to to the manager. Oh yes -- -- -- NATO you know we should work ethic Asian migrant BC you know power play the game. The same time to results driven industry you know I mean you you've got to go to results mean. You know others you know certain moral point with a gut feeling that they did it -- jobs right that's why. We have the manager for a couple days ago he talked about the use that turn to three times about this baseball legends baseball team beat the most genuine. Group the guys he's been around what does -- mean by the most genuine but you guys have been around just say yeah I mean I go to regenerate the and that's about it Donna does that fit but. I mean. Obviously some things are really stand out when Theres obviously some things are really stand out would finish in last place but like what what stood out a -- -- You know other things you know were accustomed to I mean -- -- Carlos Peña you know and you 49 all right that stood out. Of the Joey bottle when he won the MVP and that's it out. I mean individually and stats like nothing stood out you know we had a top ten -- -- a top ten Cy -- So statistics can really stand out what really stood out was. The brotherhood. The -- yet the ball and I mean. With you last I describe you know last year you know it's. That was it I mean it was like after -- union every single day and I mean all the way to October 30 were still to get to the yard. -- what moment that stands at do you what's the one more do you remember ever would have -- The home run. Against the cardinals would have -- the finish line at -- the correct -- -- to finish you know true because I mean I I didn't sign up for this game to hit a homer in the World Series. I sign up for this game they hit a home run at any point in our senators and -- World Series. And that's what I wanna do it and there is some guys on the losing side that hit over in the World Series yeah you know I'm sure they're not right around offseason talk about it you know. I valued the parade. Way more than I value you know -- the game individually you know I mean. It was you know -- social run you know but you know I I signed up to win the trophy and that that's what we did. On the -- of the duck boat parade Dempster told us we interviewed him that this was the first time in his whatever it was 1213 years of Major League Baseball. That he was on a team that did not have a hole in the clubhouse. Is that rare do you agree that. Is that where -- absolutely what it's always a couple a couple. -- and then. And then there's some guys who like that able but I understand. And then there's some guys that will rally around him and your clubhouse split. Justice David in this situation is there is their situation there were guys and become -- because success he's had there were no real -- last year right you're here every -- in house or nasal -- They're all. Doesn't make a but there's there's chewing up and I don't know it's you know -- -- but -- -- whether it's big poppy is resonate PD has resonate you know Lester has risen. They're not more important than the 29 man in the guy who's -- -- spot for either true or not. Every one. Has you know you -- on now on the important you know and that is -- to those intangibles that -- -- I mean every. You've seen them felt them to carry over -- feel like that missed the would have to build that'll that. Well you know how we warned AL east you know how we won the division -- in the World Series. Which you need and we didn't work on those things -- you know we worked on. You know a character. We've worked dog and you know a unity as a team. So we work on walk off home -- here last year you know we didn't work on. They would have a -- which have for closers you know we were so. We don't know what adversity -- -- finish you know. So we just you know deeply each gain -- -- -- you you know so. At the end of the day it's it's all about. Those that would apply the human nature theory to a baseball team in particular a defending World Series baseball championship team might -- the theory well they have their thirst -- they won't be quite as hungry you'll be quite as driven you see any sense of that whatsoever and -- yet. Guard against that as a manager dress that you guys address that or just the makeup of Liu wore one allowed to happen. -- I think the makeup of who we are one a lot of that happened I mean I could tell you seeing and we were walking out of this place chips and I mean. More spent than last year I mean. There's more drills there's more based there's more hitting and I've won on other teams you know and we are not without winning the World Series and other teams. We come to camp the following year and seems like we're having a parade during spring yet attendance is up season tickets is out there's more people here everything's great. We can win lecture notes or why wouldn't -- I mean it's it's truly you know the exact opposite this year. A lot of people thought peavy was crazy for buying that book that you topped them and yet when carved into this -- Hardly offseason was -- Lot of crazy stuff isn't like yeah I think that's the only thing this offseason is. A -- if you will that's not coming off. I don't think it was the highlight any means I got a much tattoos and every single water -- second hurts like heck you know hours. Question entirely -- five hours and then paid guys wouldn't that's why it took five hours but yet yet and it hurts the whole -- whole time. Hope I'm not I'm not a hard guy Soledad is that god and her -- I don't pressure him everywhere I could never do that get that W up a little bit and do anything that aren't -- no children don't know. Now this all natural what do you do you watch TV is that something would -- is watch TV by down. From left cause that's called commitment John that exist out there commitment yet do anything crazy do bungee jumper. I don't know my admired alive you know -- crate -- around three kids in -- once for. But I Yemen you've just had a great you know opportunity Gelman you know to get back to it you know husband Gavin hood and yet you know the same time right back to work early you know. But you know nothing nothing too little tattoos for the kids not yet idea and I -- -- It was -- -- this thing up two quick questions -- quickly. Also -- teammates aside fun aside Boston's strong aside what was the eye Popper for Jonny Gomes in terms of playing at Fenway Park and for the public that ground. But didn't seek common. I'm pressure -- on what what I saw comment and truly was. Emotional for me because I've been on the other side was how to see rally around John -- I mean you've got to understand I mean that's a one lady there. And it more now yeah you know I mean. From him personally change your whole body right overhauling his body showing commitment means. There's some people that are priced skill and their -- and -- seven or eight years old that went through what John Lackey. And to come back and steel -- to Wear this uniform and still want to pitch in Fenway Park after he was Houston violated. Expected I don't know however that goes yeah but I mean. You know it. When -- in left field man in this 40000 whatever channel Lackey Lackey I mean I about fell out I'd. Playing outfield full blown goose bumps and were posters -- mean that rate there. True we stand you know like. This city you know and like. Yup we're gonna wreck you peace not 100% but guess what you know if you one turnaround would be a pro like John Lackey did. We got their -- I guess I gotta give mr. credit because his arm was trying to buy a drink. You as a pitching very well he is asked who often never said a word about what he was an effective yeah yeah exactly I mean you know I mean. It's awesome that we are able to you know he was -- group you know overall that innate goodness and you know -- want to you know you don't want to crotch and Lackey I mean. It was everything in his power to -- his -- he's not that guy you know he's -- to cowboy jeans cowboy hat down just. Works and the fans that -- goes down you know you camp or so that Obama won Iowa mentioned. Yeah. It started with just just an idea and I'm feeling of you know the -- obviously -- -- around America I think it's going to be you know legendary you know for. This coming up here on. But you know it is affecting of people that were affected physically. In the bombing and I don't know how they feel about it or whatever but I was like he fall off before she got it right back on and I need to get those people back and there somehow someway. It's on the if you -- let you know if they're not running anymore so. You know crowd rise slash join known. Were raised in a bunch of money in what way I'm gonna do is. We're gonna. By and build you know these custom racing wheelchairs custom racing and cards from people that you know you wanna go to their hands. And then the custom racing you know buggies and see guys pushing people not an expense. New and you're talking you know open item on the 3500. To 7000 for some of these in every single one will be individual customized. For the person who wants to race and you know hopefully we're gonna run out you know of people you know in America again back -- -- -- minister -- a part -- to maybe. You know -- wounded soldier you know who it's -- rehab is weight back and we're going to be able to get -- -- under his belt when he heads area prosthetic -- -- our audience again -- -- get in touch and how they can help let's -- Jonny -- -- -- our crowd rise -- crowd right slash jointly -- And -- the marathon being so active you know this year you know from John Hancock now -- to where I mean it they barely contain a bird you know in this -- -- -- So kind of question -- guys -- -- -- -- about twelve months you know to you know help raise money. And then I'm also doing it -- some of these guys you know in the club house -- you know guys too aware. They will have a custom wheelchairs have your Dustin Pedroia and Dustin Pedroia is gonna buyer wheelchairs can be you know fifteen guessing you know throughout. And you know it's it's it's going to be pretty exciting I think it's going to be some low against the -- and sees a -- you know -- somewhere down to a you know -- and cheated you know just. You know what whatever they're going to reveal begin -- twenty plus miles bill. Great idea great we're appreciated area and reflect the composition -- go to Dennis Kelly -- you get those golf balls or not. Every given the gap on him with a baseball bat -- that bit as good as they'd done a good luck right day ever read yes. Visiting Dennis -- and in spring training. The season doesn't pro V one golf balls feature in the Red Sox World Series championship logo the plate number thirteen to commemorate their 2013. Title. The most played ball on the PGA tour and at every level competitive golf. And gift cards to the bonefish grill wayside road Burlington the wayside comments up in Boston Cranston, Rhode Island doings in Connecticut self winter -- and of course. Fort Myers, Florida. Dennis and Callahan will be right back.

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