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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Olympics Final Edition - 2/21/14

Feb 21, 2014|

We close out our interest in this year's Olympics with four topics all centered around historic and memorable Olympic events.

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Now toward its Silicon Valley store it all written roller board or at all for -- let me -- Well we solved it -- On sports radio and WDE. -- up. Okay. -- about it. In an artist. John and they get -- is it John cash instruments something about it. Don't -- Phillips Sousa. How that it. Is jointly -- He if you look at the this is not he would be in this this is in the game. -- was willing to listen guys like bill right now walking around the -- So great. At yoga sandals. -- -- -- -- -- my head for some reason. So good. -- area. I'm -- very ancient Olympia moans you know of the problem with your eyes like -- costs and haven't association hey I think he sees -- Cost is at least that haven't found what he is I can currently using rock and rock from the sun glasses earlier today while. It's best for everybody for four that has brought -- -- see beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage what -- -- see beyond manager technology and by. Integrity windows. Doors. That's the. -- -- -- -- -- So who. So you're saying NBC owns the rights that other theme but this is owned by the Olympics. And scolded you live -- much of ruthless. Along the -- it was written but you -- that around my whole life right -- that are on your whole life or. Death. The fact that -- That what we have done it this report war but. As you can hear it is all about the Olympics -- well we've been glued to our TVs watching Olympic hockey for the past couple -- days in Australia Canada. Hockey for us is clearly the main attraction to the Winter Olympics is there another Winter Olympic event that you're actually invested. No no that's question number do. No it really is -- you have one young barely. -- -- -- by -- I told you Michael invest in something while watching it for a few minutes but I'm not actually invested does that make sense. Like all sit down yesterday and then I'm invested for 51015 minutes but then I move on I don't care but even I -- choking women yesterday. And there are some sports there's the sport to ignore. And ornament Winter Olympics gruesome sport in the Summer Olympics. Where you say OK you're at -- it for the higher so. Mean you're right there leading up to the -- during the Olympics killed Michael Phelps was doing his thing right in in and we were all excited don't want. This is not just about swimming for the Olympics were gonna follow you around they've -- W can invest in -- during the two weeks at the end of it during the two weeks to think that are destined -- -- more night. But it gives -- -- I think the other part with the Summer Olympics and attracted to implement -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and you can. Released today that is the fastest human being in the world right. Do that would. While you can it -- -- fast eater in the world title but everybody runs everywhere in the world. Dallas play I executive best in a ball into the summer Olympic things but the Winter Olympics over in the hockey there's nothing to truly invested. Not enough. I think women invest in the it's early yeah we're nervous. Now they invest in the ice in in figures figures -- yeah. I feel like we were kids that was an even bigger deal. But I remembered all the I remember all the ice skaters from congress that figure skater Lee Hamilton when we were kids. Kristi Yamaguchi. Arena. It's always about her. When I welcome her back scattering of it I want some of our last night it was protect oppressed but only a triple axles and to go back to your earlier question about the Olympic team yeah believe it first appeared in the 1960. Winter Olympics. But it was written in 1950. We're right where organized in Grenoble France. -- for beautiful country. We start separating. Because like that I went through the night was also Mexico's. We didn't start separating -- nineties. Yeah yeah. It was -- it was in it was it was not that long ago. They think they -- to raise money money yeah they did they did to mystery Winter Olympics were negated and then they started them off your. Eat them right 94. Was Lou hammer and 92 blows -- that area. The -- and -- organized it was this Summer Olympics in. 92. But with little hammers at least 94 was Lewis and try to guide it is. It was. -- Michael if you could eliminate one event from the Winter Olympics which event debate that would eliminate anything. -- yeah -- you at all -- we eliminate cross country skiing for television please hear. The announcer that summer. And as you know it. He's like Gus Johnson but pepper cross country skiing is reduced globally Saturday. It's where they're all 4050 feet away from its. Close. This. Series. Maybe another sport -- -- if you exceed what you don't open it pixie treatment needs and I was which didn't -- say that they. I know a little something about. -- if you cross the finish tomorrow for the other person. Street. How much you know what by apple on you understand how important shooting is that a sport it's very hard to slow your. -- World report. Three. We think about the Winter Olympics the first memory usually comes to mind is the miracle on ice so outside of the miracle on ice. What is the most outstanding -- you can recall. From the Winter Olympic I'm glad you said feet because that occur from the Winter Olympics. Are your area except it wasn't the Olympics and probably the thing now I didn't units -- -- -- it was them Winter Olympics about we're just doing the Olympics in general okay. Because by far the most outstanding single I've ever seen at the Olympics is terrorist or. The fact that she landed that vault while her ankle was you know injured as it was she landed on one leg. Things -- the land on two. I've never like I know that you know watch gymnastics talk about much but every time they showed that ball landing it I'm still impressed. What the craziest thing overall the Olympic that are -- it was dirty with that Johnson. Just crushing everybody. In 1988 beating Carl Lewis but then. Found out later he was -- he was he was available -- all all types of products probably more drugs. And -- -- in Canseco combined market share away from Iowa. But the most outstanding feet from the Winter Olympics 1988. Calgary. Jamaica's -- -- bobsled meter of air Jamaica making a Winter Olympics gone after another publisher to -- itself. The world's liquidity into the movie it would ever right. -- running as a fantastic movie was that the US skating championships when -- ever happen. -- right before the Olympics right wasn't that it was set up who was going to the Olympics so that would be the most memorable thing for the Winter Olympics event and it also there was -- French judge. Scandal -- -- the year -- point scandal out Salt Lake City. Forget that the incurable bad things but what about the guy -- died in the on the luge four years ago too well. Horrible this -- Summer Olympics from -- the Reebok produced in Indy Lights you have to 21 of the guys didn't make it right and the other guys -- meet -- in tatters after. They sold that though man is what you would have known I mean what do they do they did it was at the decathlon yet. -- once pretty fast. And sports isn't is the guy play Ivan Drago. Did he do that. I think he did I think he was a little longer using either decaf believed -- and happily. I think he was a -- happily in the Olympics. All right I -- I think they're what you're all about I am I doing out. There and into a look at I think it's been a I feel good about the fact that it's through -- -- gonna have to look at. It was the right to register. I'd be talking about it that either the capital -- the apple. Always know he started in 1994 movie called pep talk about that is a third degree black -- you say. Baseless and he's smarter than all of the -- that's also true. The the NHL has been set suspending play every four years -- other players to participate in the Winter Olympics. This might be might prove to be. The last Winter Olympics -- NHL players will participate. Argue pro HL players in the Winter Olympics or do you not like to see them play. I'd say look I always like to see people play at a high level so in terms of entertainment value when you're pros but if you want that. All the Olympic feeling to come back if you really want to that swell of pride nationalism. It is where. God speak to bring and can't. Let the kids play. Is it over just like in 1980. Pro Burton drove. We've -- their past. -- wrote the only yes. But hold on it would be the case anymore wouldn't be -- -- vs you know I don't put everything. It -- just -- just -- vs Joseph first -- have not nearly as exciting part although I love this I think it's so great about -- -- vs their care or -- -- a -- watch in the NHL players the best of the best compete in this big guys and it's been fun to watch again it was great for years ago. Four years before that and every single year -- which they were doing or where the rest of the world news. We -- -- it was a that'd be possible now because the best of the best it was -- countries -- plays in the NHL. But then you'd go out of which -- now in any real players to be right we just probe but we're just saying the best of the best the best of the best from Sweden is only in jail like. The best players in Sweden who were not national -- Prison now they have the people want their little bit of a nominee and they only have a couple players on each of these other teams -- pro players -- he'll probably dominate that going thank. They had what one NHL player on the team this year and they knew it would be Canada the bright dot com and -- -- -- Thank you very you very cocky immature by. That's in a four -- for today I read you to this tweet few minutes ago from Jason -- for. CBS has had a good chat with Jared Allen's agent Ken Harris Harris had a constructive meeting with the vikings on Thursday night. So for all the conversations we've had about Jared Allen and whether or not he's a good fit for the patriots and -- -- is. Sounds like there at least in some sort of conversation productively. With with the Minnesota Vikings stick. Let's just talk -- them. -- that he doesn't mean anything. They've talked with the vikings. Don't have you know -- the great thing that's happening right now so. It in Indianapolis the combined. It's not. All the measurable goals and in you know the medical information for all the teams and that is happening but that's what the most important thing happening right now. Most important thing happening right now tampering. There's him there's a great deal going on right now in Indianapolis. Every general manager there. Every. Owner it will most of the owners -- there. Every agency there. So what they do when they're when they're not look at the players. They're meeting around Indianapolis and they are talking about possibilities. Possibilities for restructuring contracts possibilities for acquiring players. So it -- Jared Allen was talking to the vikings right knife talked his agent probably talking to a few other team -- -- F sort of their version of the winter meetings right except that that's what's -- this is illegal and -- there's illegal tampering -- and and that's and that's that's redundant there's tampering. By amateur talent can be a free agent he can't talk -- teams. There's only a certain world through free agency hasn't officially begun you can't you can't do it until the. That's right and you can't sign anything I didn't really -- or even a -- to have conversations with -- that surprises me -- thought that they can have conversations with an agent you know for somebody's a prospective free agent and realize. That that they have another source did you have conversations. You know just for example. You know they can brighten her couch it. Let everybody knows right now as we seal the signings as soon as as soon as free agency opens that night usually there's one or two didn't Julius Peppers signed the couple years ago a lot of that -- you know if you are an -- started to write like okay well I guess they worked out how quickly. So -- not not a huge surprise but if you're big into Jared Allen and others the news is agent apparently having constructive meetings. With the vikings as -- a couple -- nights ago six or last night's 61777979837. To back your calls Tom in New Hampshire hi -- -- got to turn your radio down we'll try mark who's in Northampton. I'm mark figure. Mark. Hey. -- -- that. As a parent and both appear I'd like to quickly so. Arafat that some but I want your pie charts here PowerPoint and all that. Breakdown and take -- into -- for a little bit further trust with your opinions. Our prayers are still by the fact that. Every generation and every so while -- certain players. It's different sports teams that transcend the teams that win championships that increased value. That the Portuguese was part of what took its web site Eckstein from -- -- -- -- billion dollar grant chart which is my it will proceed to a billion dollar insurance. And I I can't you know there although wanna be -- and doctor what -- what we don't want a sort of -- but. You know -- he said that to our city he loved the city. You want you got sustained here. Particularly that extra year. But -- -- ticket can't speak further and that's where you freer and kind of put numbers got a little bit we're looking. -- -- Chart I want to thank. This isn't sure a couple of years. What was that one that's why it's such -- should know what our return on investment that we're here. Vs a sign that -- we are now is through the -- well programmable and take care or you're not not overdo it -- What looked like I'm a little bit is it that injury concern is that they'll all be in charge sheet. Conspiracy theory that the two great pure shooter dropped one at Bagram air -- where. How fortunate to have performed. What percentage -- -- -- -- why. Management consultants stepped up and allowed just being an issue every couple years. Keep quick response force. If it's I think it's good question. What's the what's the hesitation. -- for signing him to. Well pretty much like term contract is up -- questions like why don't they just. What is why hasn't been a long term deal -- -- -- we had -- long term -- few years ago we have sort of in the prime of his career but I think the complicating factors with -- -- are. He he had those couple down years just -- it look like he was starting to get older which of course is is. Up for debate was it just that he hurt his wrist and it took awhile to come back format. Was it the PED related issue and I think all of those things have left enough questions in their mind that they never wanted to go all in and a five or six year deal once it was already in his mid thirties. But in the aftermath I mean they can they can figure that out he is their player. You know view if you wanna know. If if you have questions about what why the drop off occurred he's your guy. Cuts to hear on the radio we don't have that information for rookies or just go up to them and say okay. Here's the fifth coroner in -- QB of physical team which are strength there and if you're bat speed slow down even a little bit. You know they didn't -- have to be guessing games I can't imagine Nancy. -- to get everything finished in -- so maybe it's just there's dial in its. It could only keep some big league low Hong contracts to a lot of other people -- David or Clinton was working on short and use the oldest player at that time that the guys on the -- with the oldest -- they signed to a long term contract. Crawford. Room. Anyway I -- to think well how old was he when he start J. D. Drew. Thirty. 31 mean you know. It's it's like they've given -- a long term contract -- anybody but on the other hand this guy -- taken these contracts and and certainly the last one. He's he's he's lived up to it and then -- and end the issue is not the number. So this is why it's not. Is not a true head scratch your stuff like David Ortiz is signing. Five million dollar contract. He's citing significant contracts for his position. I what does -- what what what is the highest now.

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