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Ryan Dempster leaves 13 million on the table

Feb 18, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Ryan Dempster's decision to sit out the 2013.

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Long time since I've worked weekends. Off on labor -- to work weekends because it sort of sucks that this weekend I would not. Minded working so much transpired from Friday at 1001 we sign off the air. The -- Bode Miller Kristen Cooper. Hug and cry routine. In cognitive adult -- is the PR needle spike to the other direction. At the other end of the great team -- debate would be that this decision by Ryan Dempster. Let's not forget the. -- -- But. It's that I got to get to -- right what is there -- alt -- departed meter calories. I right it's just got detained discussed it while talking to reporters police took them away. So beaten it is. Hired mr. AG because the game on San Antonia and he's taken conference from pussy and she'd be short. Feeling. I just have a bad feeling. It's snowed in Logan this afternoon. Because we're supposed to go to Fort Myers at 2 o'clock I mean it's would be the three of us in lumping them of course -- -- tonight. They'll be you know channel five will be blocked with a camera and saying hey look. And and they'll -- asleep -- the will be met him asleep on the -- you -- ago. This in the closest approach. That's the worst place to be you know we're doing in the counter recent well you know me to Pittsburgh you Missouri. What if you -- any -- -- it'll cost a little more public opinion that that's -- will be here tomorrow worst places to be on the -- That is that I throw it I had eight and a half hours we sat in the that is true that is outrageous it should be legal. -- is now. It is over three and a half hours three and a half yeah okay -- hours outrageous and should be legal should be in the longer than ten minutes that's illegal. They hold dew on the plants to -- If you like a child and don't back up. You -- don't feel better that -- able at this at this right now knock it happened today canceled tomorrow to potential -- for right and -- are -- while we will be here to mark just use it except that I'd like -- guarantee this is no way about. Among a model rule in -- going to be in. Knoxville. Just wait for hopefully -- -- here going to be canceled and it's going to be again right in among other good uses two hours and 45 minutes into sitting on the tarmac in your seat they bring a seven year old local bar actual line and asked them out. And -- -- for Tuesday's well. That's -- -- -- craze has made money this past and the -- pay 800 dollars for the and you don't know where all the odds. Screw you oh disappoint the picture these two. No no right to get -- the yeah the picture in the back now. Tragic nature magazine and knowledge. We fairway and got that mind and a -- -- you know. Dave or take on the -- Weirdo that mean to. Me. And out. But now I accept mobile ethnic group that you're saying on Friday when we finally -- Boston. On the -- some much. In yet. All I wouldn't put my ZR I start to fall apart. Why it's all of a -- What is Archibald David Ortiz hasn't showed up at his house usher in victory hasn't show hasn't Jonny Gomes has been -- AJ Pierzynski turned his ankle running yesterday. Jake Peavy who says no big deal on the right ring finger. Doesn't Ottawa by invitation Errol said the specialist like him to CPB. Was delayed by weather on so people say it's no big deal but they're flying. And especially flying enhanced by actually asked why deficits current battlefield get this body here this is something to write this thing is Paula I Grady Sizemore -- mature yet a third micro fracture surgery scheduled but he probably will pretty soon. -- Sizemore hi I'm I have no faith in and they want. To number 3838. From shelling -- and all that Schilling's number puts a pitcher's numbers it's Schilling number it's Jim will be number. Can't be a speedy said the field number 38. Name one. Fast football player or any sport when a basketball baseball who was number thirty or thirty can't -- basketball thirty -- well. -- against them but there's no does no good basket -- the generally the football players would be -- right right everybody -- a corner enemy of the old days running back is no good thirty gates it's a bad choice -- him bad -- yeah. Should've taken a faster number Pierzynski wears forty. Point good choice -- -- -- or arsenals. -- -- -- was held their choice yeah you look faster just faster right right I mean bells were told us that in number 46 and he said he wanted number three right. And at the time was again -- some veteran catcher India. Leases on wheat was off the record off the -- almost duplicate that in and was hoping to get to but he is just too young guy. You have to have status to get rid of the football number get a baseball numbers finally got it and what happened thinks just took off from the chip. Federal -- be wearing Jackie Bradley's 25 and Jackie Bradley should be wearing two. Yet Jackie Bradley remember he wants nineteen. That's true you once nineteen we have 44 peavy took it away from him. That he took 25 right trying to get closer to ninety yeah yeah the work his way tonight I guess so he's the heir apparent friendly and all he wants -- team sense in the world. But. I I think with Dempster did clearly ago. All kinds of praise for -- -- and he -- I think it's almost under rated in the stated. Because we spent. Will spend more time post a lot of talent David Ortiz. Rookies goal is money for nothing like his goal is to have that year. When he's done and hits a wall in this things fall apart deep ball off and he gets paid for that right does not want to write. He does not want this thing his career the and it is accurate to be. Timed well for the Red Sox righty doesn't want the Red Sox timed this well you want to golden parachute for free and what and you know that's what April left liberal left for next year correct and heated one that your club most chilling but he probably could get over that the paid him. You want that extra year knowing he probably wasn't gonna pitch well. Probably wasn't an -- he wanted that insurance policy. -- the opposite he could -- showed up and got that money. Easily he could've gotten hurt faked an injury for Crandall Lodwick aired the Red Sox had already written that off. We've talked about this we talked about the other day it was the only bad country bad contract and it wasn't that that was one year and they could be done with a but it really was the only bad contract this policy. Six starter. Five may be probably the way he was feeling coming in six dollar passed along man. Just the guy who had no real role he was gonna make thirteen million. What he did was give battle back and say I'm not good enough. Put that money I'm not. In shape I'm not I don't have it anymore also you have the money back does that make him it's in Major League Baseball talks. About a hundred major league baseball players how many would do what he did I -- -- -- I can't even think of guys I mean it's just knowing he was going to be -- putts and I know -- did they said family issues. The child has some. -- problems developmental progress but if he were on top of his game if you were. Jon Lester -- he would not news that -- part of that I think is he knew. He wasn't going to be good and he wasn't gonna have a role on the team. And didn't wanna just get money from muffin which is what most guys want they want money apple ready could have pitched in April and said my neck that's in right on you know what for the year in the Red Sox would have been prom not because he's. Wasn't that going to be that good. -- armed dead -- Mac -- whatever and they wanted to give him the money essentially to go away. Eagle put him on the DL he -- rehab but that would mean he couldn't come back to Chicago sellers it. -- and been elected part time get missed thirteen million enough and he chose not to exit I don't wanna do that I have enough money he said. It is recognizing it -- -- amazing. What what he did it was magnanimous it was selfless selfless. Gracious it was all those things and they're gonna miss some not as a pitcher but as ago. I think anybody on a Major League roster for anybody in the Major League players association has a problem with us. I don't -- -- could quickly it is an admirable thing to do but Mike says there's somebody who says I could write what -- -- Maybe at some of what you say he actually said I have enough money yet. I can you imagine David Ortiz say in that I have enough money does he clearly does he has more than damp start. I have enough money he said which is remarkable. Come from a Major League player. If he's got to be. And the least phony guy and the least pretentious guy we've ever seen computer guy just. Does not and played the game could have completely. Built this team out of another -- teammate and -- -- would you have done it and then said farewell I probably mean. Everybody why would you get everybody else who wouldn't. Although I do think there's a point where you say and and -- myself I don't -- -- I have money and everything's paid for -- and paid for the next three generations. I I don't think players generally look at it that way Ortiz doesn't think of -- -- money he thinks of this scorecard via. He needs to get more competition -- -- the team did I get paid fairly and should not be making more than Mike Napoli. That to doesn't look at the strategy didn't do it and and you're. Just tie it all off season I think that's why it's not about scared it's about -- -- You know it's about me. Clearly his kid had these challenges or whatever -- are in January right yeah but he said he went to port Meyers or maybe through wherever he was Chicago. And said this is gonna work I -- my sense. Says you don't know whether you have the pressure or not when you're throwing in the offseason in the cage in Chicago right you have to go to spring training if the smell of grass at that. You feel the warm yet to see your teammates yet the state is that passion still here to perform and compete. Clearly it was not -- I think probably waited at that point. Here's what Dempster had a second. I'm not ready. You know one. Both physically mentally not ready to go out there and and do my job and you know -- too much respect for this game too much respect for my teammates. And for the games you know the game baseball for the organization to go out there and and and and do it not be ready have always taken great pride in being able to be prepared. And and be ready to go out there performing I'm not ready -- so. You know on -- go up there and and how Bassett and and and not be a 100% committed that. You don't based on his performance last year it's not going to be a performance they are necessarily going to -- infected -- -- six pitchers for -- a lot of -- and it's a lucky break for the -- aren't exactly a -- financial break as well but where they -- him based on all -- accounts and everything I've read all the quotes from teammate after teammate -- -- is on the plane is on the -- is in the -- is this -- -- the leave living. Breathing opposite embodiment of -- and -- and -- yeah like at best teammate somebody. The analyst analyst. Said he made he taught us how to have fun yes. That's a pretty. And cool to Major League inherited says he said that kind of forgotten how to do -- Race team you care to each his speeches. To learn how to there's jargon some -- some -- I wish. You could have been privy to some of the stuff that happened off the field in the -- -- on the planes buses and all that stuff then said he's a great pitcher I don't wanna take away from that. But he also has a great instinct when the air needs to come out of the balloon rate team and he always picked the right moment to do it out what what what what. Will you remember a -- you know cause I'll remember art interview with them and I said I've never seen this before he asked us if he could have a don't. Those of doughnuts and food food. To offer these guys -- -- -- hitting beaches overtakes his. -- cream filled donut which they're not that they're pretty healthy. But still -- -- at the grocery league craps at any stats and I sit at -- joke and he eats a -- that he's like at the powder on his face. We -- we've been doing this spring training -- of teen years 1516 -- offering guidance elements. And they never panic because for two reasons no one that probably have breakfast already. To doesn't look good doesn't -- it's it's like you know given us now. Ammunition is set on Ian. He's just don't wanna game that they don't take anything right. Coffee doughnuts muffins whatever that -- That's stupid to a level -- they're above that they'll have their own thing in the clubhouse he reaches over takes a powder and it was creek field. It would -- and then. After we interview -- he hangs around. And he does is. Jerry Jerry Jerry imitation Alec talent parrot jokes in there and look at and -- look and go and we've been doing -- so long sentences for regular seat according to -- Trying to win us over you know. And it was real Annika has no intention to -- Two and underscore that might. Fondest memory is opening day as we're sitting on the -- sent rice and he is coming down the street and we invited him to gloat and talk to us these ads. Oh about this for her away from bullet had taken a -- hit it. That it gives away the regular way it was set -- got a -- And and I know -- arm out at night at the at the mall the place that you like it was to get the name the place. -- in -- seafood. Oh yeah yeah area and up -- was he -- as an old tower built power the power that the new ways ago where. Frustrate crew blew out and blow blow blow -- and he's in this. -- Have a good times that table in the middle of the restaurant Gary. And we just in of the room and they before -- -- -- wacko warmest on meets with some pitches a little bit news. -- could not have been nicer. -- the winning the school's baseball. He was with was with his girlfriend girlfriend like I don't know -- divorced. Get married -- you know you know corporate anyway and with the date that she was spectacular. But he could not have been nicer it was like he didn't care of people were. Who was just those people say hello bothering him he was just such. I'm not surprised put that way and not surprised it's him be surprised weren't anyone else yet a huge labor. So I thought. That was stupid -- and I'm not gonna get on the train -- it was stupid -- he was great I loved him he also it's weird he's one game on the 500. Yet his career 32 when Eric bug you now mean ninety million dollars. Would I trade at night. I'm not Sam but I couldn't 500 which is our what do you want to one and game and to residents at the arm and beyond the neck whatever they be just didn't think he could even do that take in the money. Yes and anybody who would really mean thirteen and he's made ninety it's -- thirteen million books public and maybe Barry Sanders would maybe Marvin -- I don't Conficker guys who walked away. Filer and a bird -- carpet he walked away and you lose the use boneless and kicked in I think few days later. -- stories debit -- -- wait a few more dates of -- and which talking. Either. And he turned down a lot of stuff he -- made money in and a lot of different ways put an end. Brady Brady couldn't -- commit a lot more could make a lot more money off the field -- Peyton Manning. He could have done that this apology -- check writing and really cashed in and has not but I guess you know he doesn't need. Mr. Craig Breslow set about -- I could never appreciate. Just as a guy that played against him the disparity between the guy you see on the mound he Bulldog. A guy who's going to compete with -- everything he has regardless of how much that is. And the guy in the clubhouse who can make you laugh at any time regardless of the game situation. David Ross said it just stinks from a teammate standpoint. We it's such a good person he makes everybody better you become a better person you laugh a lot and come. Miller Andrew Miller said he'll be remembered as well as any team -- we've ever had it's hard to believe he was only here year. It's just seems like ten years of stories from Ryan Dempster an incredible guy while we've been messed. He seems at peace and during happy with what he's going to do and that makes me happy and I assure our and I assumed that makes everyone else in here happy as well. The anti originated -- Zito. It makes bench -- in the heaviest of all the I mean honestly that was a problem in -- he was -- and paid too much and he didn't really have a role like that. Problem sort -- it was a it was it was a problem in their okay what was he was gonna take a spot on the 25 man -- get an -- pat -- was it -- what long relief -- have been -- -- -- thirteen 1000008 you don't need one of those and -- there's probably others who do a better -- -- -- -- a disaster exists to -- it's a disaster I missed that part -- seduce -- -- Pro since our problem was probably atlas small one but it was a prop up and that was so public that. I just explained to -- noise heard the -- -- Seattle -- no real job. The duck boat date October what's your call now. November 2 OY November 2 will apparently he had not made up his mind and hasn't. Not these top shortcomings misgivings as workable or about coming back next year. We had him out on the air with -- us as we broadcast live from Fenway Park and on duck -- today. Dempster on duck boat date Jerry's question to him and he had made up his mind that he was done at this point you. Feel like he could do it again next year. You have absolutely. I mean I was just thinking about that. You're the -- since I've always got knocks you off I was looking at next your schedules and we can be about ten and one by this point. Yelp. And coming back next year what are hadn't won. By this point next year. And him again to -- period of very large. Beer and it wasn't his first. That's -- you become one of those groups is it getting more good as I've cuts. And one meaning after eleven games yet at this point -- is at the start next season in the October. Strength that's where retired us. Alcohol expert but I've got a funny things. 6177797937. -- lines open will talk with you. I've mentioned in communal -- time to get to that -- get to. -- east -- again yes yes ice it and Friday night he stopped Twitter for a couple days but if you -- -- game is Clinton back they took it away and then gave it back says he's tweeting again what the NFL is gonna do with this story.

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