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The Butchie Stearns Experience on Sports Sunday -- The State of the Sox and the Olympics

Feb 16, 2014|

Butch gets things going discussing pitchers and catchers reporting and what he predicts for the Sox upcoming season. He gets into the Ryan Dempster news and how it does hurt the Sox, although Dempster is pretty far down the food chain and is getting older. He discusses if they should pursue Stephen Drew with the extra cash. Butch also gets into the Olympics and how fun it has been to watch.

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And welcome to sports Sunday here on WB priority continuation. Of sports on adds I'd take the -- on literally in the hallway. From -- and actually. As they handed off and pass it to me. I'm my name is sports books for those of you familiar with. May. The next three hours should be fun controversial. Annoying. Controversial I don't know. I tend to get those type of things and you know and I don't even -- I've got -- told you just heard -- -- low Matt will be taking your calls he will be screening new. And as I always mention it is painful process so be careful the number to call to chime in that opener. And get me get -- to screen you. -- like TSA security at the airport. Is 61777979. -- 37. That is the number to call. To jump on board the text line is 37. 937. Net AT&T. Tech's -- 37937. Region text we'll take your phone calls for the next three hours well here we are the second week in February. This is sort of dead man's land in Sports Radio. Com on the Boston sports scene offer news. Across the country it always is on lecturing college basketball fanatic hearing up from March Madness. This is one of the Dulles times of the year. So I think it's a good time for us to reevaluate. If you will we are gonna throw a few things out parents YouTube like the -- So. Olympics in Red Sox are two things I would like to dive into. Red Sox from the Red Sox perspective I have this overarching question. You still obsess over the Red Sox like he used. I give you my opinion you can feed off of that but I'd like to know how do you feel and and why. Here's my opinion I don't. And I've been trying to figure out why I think some of the answers are obvious. I did not obsess about the Red Sox at this time last year coming into the season. Right after Valentine's Day last year I did not obsess about them for a couple of reasons. One was the Boston sports scene and championships. And being so spoiled and the other was apathy. Yes I'd. Like many of you like most of you I think -- -- lived and died with every Red Sox pitch game inning. I'm pretty much. A lot of time emotion. Effort talk to my kids three daughters about the Red Sox but last year coming into the season coming off the Bobby Valentine year. I didn't care as much about the -- I'll admit meat for me personally I was not. In the business full timing covering it for a living so that part of it himself actually. But I wonder how you felt last year at the same time or -- you feel they should not this year. I'm not I don't have apathy towards the Red Sox I mean I'm anxious about -- Bogart's Jackie Bradley junior. Will middle -- pitching staff all kinds of -- Pierzynski. Grady -- All kinds of stuff -- interest it intrigued about the Red Sox now ever. Had in the championship doctor. I had and that you know eight parades and ten years. And the fact which is coming off our latest parade which is Red Sox parade. Again I just don't obsess. About the Red Sox as much as I used I hear the news driving in from deal. And Scott -- Coptic Christian about Ryan Dempster. I'm saying that -- He's not gonna pitch for the Red Sox this year. And now all of a sudden. They were six starters deep where we play Willie McGee. And now they're not so all of a sudden. As we've all learned as grizzled baseball fans and Red Sox -- You can never have enough pitching going into spring training and you can never have enough pitching going out. Because tweaked arm torn rotator -- changes everything and now the sudden. Team they had six starters does. 617779793. -- -- my question to you in general is do you obsess about the Red Sox like you're used to and if you don't. What does that mean to what degree are you Red Sox -- so to speak. If you don't obsess about the what are the reasons why is it similar to me. Is it because of the success and again for this year in particular the fact that they want a World Series. Let's take to have off let's pretend they didn't win a World Series and would you feel differently. Heading into the season in other words allow me for a minute. Coming up for the Bobby Valentine -- let's say they just barely made the playoffs went out the first round or in the plane game. Let's say they didn't make the -- -- bullets and had a successful season under John Farrell a winning record. Outlets -- they won ninety games instead what they want let's say that day. Didn't win the World Series or didn't get to the world suitors but you've considered a successful season. Should be a little bit more obsessive. About them seemingly starting three rookies. I know -- a little Brooks -- rookie but three unproven players at key positions. Shortstop third base and center field. She wouldn't you. Should be a little bit more obsessive -- they not won the World Series. I'm just Kerry's. Just my Red Sox perspective Stephen Drew thing now with the Dempster money and by the way if you haven't heard Dempster story Pete is tuning and where he needs clarification of further clarification Scott's school student caught just gave -- in the flash. But I'll re emphasize it again Ryan Dempster thirteen point 25 million will not count. For the Red Sox know. They do have some wiggle room up against the luxury tax that they did not have just the day ago. Or a week ago meaning that they could shop signs Stephen Drew. Two -- on track. Upwards of five to ten million dollars. In my opinion would give you what I mean by that but they could sign him not -- Over the luxury so here's my opinion about Stephen Drew yes I would. I'll make it very simple that I think is analogous to any of those Red Sox live in the high rent district. -- They have a lot of our. Time emotions on the line. They take it seriously. This is an insurance policy. I know I've -- down nine insurance -- your daughter's college. And I tried to cut down and raise my deductibles everywhere right camp but the Red Sox can afford to spend some money on insurance practice is the same team. They gave Josh Beckett the expand the extension that gave John Lackey. Sixteen million dollars a year over a five year commitment they gave a 142 million dollars while they are not those Red Sox anymore. Nor should they be however. They are big market team and they can choose to spend their money wise and to -- a five to ten million dollar insurance policy. Would be wise place to spend the money here's what I mean by. You -- going into the season. -- won the World Series you're gonna give some I know you more willing to Lindsay into Bogart's will little books. Played one full season split up over two years. And Jackie Bradley learn on the job and -- more willing to do that because of the parade however. Sure it will little -- struggle like dostum probe Droid did his rookie year more. Should Jackie Bradley junior struggled should Shane Victorino. Who plays a thousand miles an hour get hurt Hoosier leadoff hitter. Saint Stephen Drew would be. Stephen Drew would be insurance for a lot of reasons it would better allow you the young guy needs. To develop if he were willing to accept. To me. Contract it's mere five or six million dollar range with incentives. If he plays more could get up there. If you were willing to step in on certain rule. An insurance policy role coming into the season now all four. 617779790. -- do you feel about. We lived through Stephen Drew and what Stephen Drew offers insurance is. -- struggles. Middle Brooks gets hurt things like that all of a sudden you've got a guy that you could put him there. -- -- I -- he signed ran around. Hoosiers to Pedro Syria -- Who can play the utility -- that's -- -- to also began I think -- -- be money well spent just like I thought was money well spent. -- David Ortiz 26 million over two years. I think you bought something -- and so far the one year you bought probably worth the 26. That's my thoughts about the Red Sox left it when you have. My thoughts about the Olympics. This. For those of us old enough to have lived through the miracle on ice there's that and then there's everything. We have to. That said I'm not one of those old school guys say it'll never ever ever ever beavis and I kind of like the NHL players. Playing in Olympic hockey like. But I like it better when you know five guys from Massachusetts and a half a dozen from Minnesota and Michigan. All kinds of other places you know in 1980 did something and it never program ever be done again it's so many different levels so again we put it perspective. How do you feel about Olympic hockey -- did you watch. -- -- socially moments. Did you see if you didn't you've heard about it it was really cool and social media is maybe even more. On as far as these Olympics I'm really enjoying these Olympics they sat down during the blizzard last night with my daughter's. Com. My wife by the -- in California. It's good husband father I flew home my eldest daughter on Wednesday night letters day standard state till Sunday she deserves. -- of the bills are coming in now from the shopping sprees that she took while she was there but anyway she's coming it's -- a father daughter was Valentine's Day. Yeah yeah yeah I bought some. Mainly watch the Olympics last night is more exciting and appeal shooting mostly it's more exciting than in the WG. Downhill racing. Home goodness. We were watching last night in and like Ike inches away from killing themselves from body parts being lost -- All it's like I remember when I was a kid from -- -- And all fronts. Wanted to beat him. It was cool watch in last -- like you know your. Olympic spot -- flying in on the eighteenth tee decks on 37. 937. What -- -- which is brain dead obvious to once more and guaranteed money okay well fine then don't give it. That's fine. What she drew turned down fourteen. Point one million what makes you think -- take five to ten because he's eight Scott Boras client. And it's now February. 16. And he hasn't signed. I don't care what the rumors are that he turned down or mystery team is out there. Stephen Drew has nowhere left to play the Red Sox hold the leverage. So while you may think I'm foolish stupid what was the word here used brain dead obvious. He wants more money I'm sorry you have the leverage under your terms that it -- or Saturday or not. I'm -- and make the offer -- the former leverage right now. Phone calls it 67779793. Set I. I'm which starts -- -- crop has the flash for you and Matt Loper is taking your phone calls and screening them but kick off the calls Philip Mann and Philip are you. -- -- Just a quick thing it's like hitting the lottery for the Sox -- now. Basically and the weapons just. You don't you -- open the way he's going all the old app plays itself while channels injuries what right up -- -- like this I'll vote. Just on the south I needed a preliminary anyways but with a thirteen point school that you played with. Maybe -- -- brought some not seen in two batters something and getting up now played at it we could never have done this because -- -- over the outlet to Jack. Immediately and take time reliever got nervous starting pitcher it looks like puts he opens up -- other -- -- eight. We can -- -- silly but that's what we do now. Why would agree would you fill -- I think it's very perceptive I think. That the money now allows them a little bit more flexibility to do something how -- to me this is a catch 22. Pitching went from. All over abundance -- now. All little weaker right. So you. Are I know I don't think it creates other opportunities and it's the beginning to spring training it's not the end here's my point. If you so so. Safer let let me go a different route forget a starter or reliever pop guy like Gian -- stamp. Who eventually you know recited extension but I know the Marlins are probably them not to be able to forty in the bench. What what if for example what if you sign Stephen Drew. And what if for example. You had Ryan Dempster what you did both and now I know he can't -- -- but now. My point is he had extra pitching. You might the Marlins might be more than willing to take a package where you eat money you give them an established starter you give them will middle Brooks who supposedly they love. You give them another couple prospects. And you get a guy like Stan and now. I mean the old where would you play Willie McGee what does that do for Jackie Bradley junior I'm sorry you're not gonna -- you can stick in the middle of your line. To be three or four hitter for years to come so -- some agree with you Phillip I think those things are still on the table I think it just. Now all of a sudden you've got -- uncertainty. One of the things the Dempster offered you was certainty now is a fifth. Fourth -- fifth starter but you knew what you were gonna get you gonna get a 15070. Innings out of him. He was healthy you you know that's ideally you'll get out of PV. So so you could still do those type of things I liked the way you think can. What it incumbent -- in the Aegean and there are a lot of me editor -- be -- you saw with it it last year which it'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What came ball in I can -- -- do -- again Bob I know the Yankees the and not that are in on the him enough. Jacoby Ellsbury it's going to be great day yankees were at Red Sox libel and I think it would be Lake -- -- -- extent when he law that last year was -- -- that should not I think we can do to answer. All right thanks for the cough or appreciate it 6177797937. -- you know -- As we're talking baseball got out of always love talking base -- -- lobby feel the same way. I'm again expected period it's February it's hard debt talks serious baseball because they. You know pitchers and catchers -- just reporting this week it'll change a little bit but even then it'll still be held. Really April really Memorial Day is when. You start getting into when he starts degree remember for example the last two weeks -- spring training. And then opening game Yankee stating -- member of the number one topic on the Boston sports scene as the Bruins are heading into the playoffs and the Celtics were. Sort of thinking about their future and having an implants it was Jackie Bradley junior. Number the talk every single day about Jackie Bradley junior Jackie Bradley junior JBJ Jackie Bradley June oh my goodness he's the next coming. Remember. And it was here for a week and sent down. Right. Started opening in Yankee Stadium. But the HTTP up. Acts. That's the obsession would talk about the rent by way side -- I am. Product the Yankees I've heard this a lot. When people do bring up the Yankees. But the Yankees vs Red Sox. The three offseason moves -- -- -- from not from now. Signs off which. People's branch. -- -- -- huge. Somebody's age it's it's risk reward I mean I'll look at Altria and since he's been in his third. East on. Do Yankee Stadium and it is the people forget about -- culture. And when they Q when you add an old Berry tree and into that Yankee line. Tomorrow. I love AG present the Red Sox. And Brian can't add money. Years. And -- we lifted this Dice-K -- the W Darvish or. When in the post war. I think the Yankees would be. In the American League east. Might adding it to the -- Into spring. And all the Red Sox would -- I think the Yankees the team to be debate. But I think I was going to be huge. Com -- quick rate since Springfield will be up next phone calls at 6177797937. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Its side and today it's spectacular beautiful. The snow was already melting if you've been out in your shoveling already came in and show up here. At some thoughts about people whistle blowers and people. Like away and you -- in. I am as noble person I broke down and bought one. Four years ago. So I am that guy with the goggles on them and the ski pants and I'm going down my driveway and I and my neighbors two of them have snow blowers in -- don't. And the looks you get. From your neighbors that haven't don't have snow blowers the ones that don't of the snow blowers they lift up their glasses and they give you those puppy dog eyes look. It. And my first thought is what what you first thought on that person. Go Beisel lower like down by a snow blow up. Glad to come over but I -- do my rental property my Brothers on the phone. And I got to -- your viewers to vote. And then the ones doing the snow -- you kind of have this cool look you walk on it's like. He walking down and he can give the little tip of the hat or eat turn to shoot one direction you multitask and do some canals so. Successes and our quick break we're back with more -- sports Sunday at WV.

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