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Dale Arnold and Christian Fauria Kick Off Sports Sunday Discussing the Very Entertaining Olympics and the USA Hockey Team

Feb 16, 2014|

Dale and Christian are in on Sports Sunday and kick things off discussing the boring, watered down All Star Saturday night. Dale didn't watch any of it, Christian watched some and despised everything he saw. The boys then get into the Olympics and the awesome game between the USA and Russian in Olympic hockey. Also, right before the show today, USA crushed Slovenia 5-1.

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We should both refused to speak mentally get an open the sinister name. That's it I'm happy for you. Oh and I've a laboratory and the very middle of my profession thank you very much. Welcome to sports Sunday Sports Radio WE I would just run sports on dale -- from now on because I feel bad. Because that guy over there is Christian Fauria former England patriots tight end. All around good guy. Dad used to go no shovel or par excellence. I don't show zoning I was shuttle and its 6 AM I don't shovel snow I -- West Coast snob when it comes with its won't do it doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well don't I don't. So I have the the plow guy I mr. plot hole I like walkway I don't I don't allow somebody delivers a -- where it comes to the garage. And I don't like the other guys don't like to applied in the -- out as well -- total from from round today and I echo your attention to its who's coming of driveway because. A mixture -- not just routes through the snow which sports or lead them honest and open yes after. So anyways I missed them for some reason here comes as like you know when when you wrote it knocked on the door just. To snow all over the -- Yeah I just don't do it it's late throw things or I know it's gonna come back. It is used used garage and -- dormant in nine in my garage -- -- I do that a couple of -- for did not they're getting my slow work out. I gotta get snowed on and off the lights are. She's got to go to work this morning she's not going to be up what do you make. She sit on the chair with a couple poppy watch in the Olympics that morning and I am not shovel in the snow always so we have to our product one I swear to stalls. I still parked my truck outside that this old Muslim and keep inside -- of that has -- all girlfriend Kristi why it is like maybe two dozen miles at the start. So -- -- leave my truck outside and I got the automatic starter psyche -- here on. And I don't like half an hour. Reportedly. And it's money warmer side host he did this with the heaters are on. The best. I apologize I got sidetracked for yeah I could see usually you're the butterfly I'll take a -- take a look. Johnny Weir has taken next level and I got sidetracked like chase got to this we -- soccer on the studio nobody's watching this -- I I mean I'll gladly did find it for -- Johnny -- is taken next level. I mean he's he's at peace you know any weird though Johnny Weir has as yet today he's got the jewel encrusted headband -- And very few people can pull that look off although maybe Terrell Penske. But you know besides Tara Lipinski nobody else can pull out look often succeed with -- but Johnny where I saw you when I was just helmets do it at -- Like I. My god. I could you not even pay it to execute your train my next on the it's my fault it I apologize -- -- I am that you complaint it's what you saw ghost. You're trying to figure out what the heck he was -- put that whole thing together. All he listen I don't watching Johnny -- fashion statements throughout the course of these Olympics. And and you know there are very few guys I know who can rock the lace top. I mean you could pull off you you -- -- prince principle often Johnny where could. -- -- Bobby Trendy. This is so light of some assistance some trash TV you would never walk us through this back and Nicole Smith. Was still alive he was like Anna Nicole Smith in your designer all -- dress like that back you know yeah I know it's the stupid things that I know that. And as you could only watch so what's sports okay and that -- needed break. From intellectually breaking down the -- games looking at basketball who's going to be instead of view who's gonna play shortstop whose bat lead off the -- -- you need some new -- not mind numbing. TV to watch that's why they invented the NBA all star game. That's well I'll wait a lot of (%expletive) that you are not the slam dunk. They invented that just don't know I fine I'll Mano. Dale did you watch the -- what's in it it help now I -- about fifteen minutes I'd rather watch ice dancing so I had on -- they have -- as the -- it is such a clown fest. There interviewing the players if you -- order there in -- curry. Media either of these guys are any personality big -- and Nick Cannon is pushing everybody have. Who -- it was it was unbearable to watch it's I got through. The first challenge it was that -- the team towns -- big shot issued a reported in the -- app or should I got through that. -- -- -- I was done I was fried. Had to move on. Outlook we got a whole bunch stop real stuff to talk about today which will not include the NBA all star weekend I mean not we just talk more about it and I plan to. I will talk some about Olympic hockey and and one of my new athletic heroes TJO Shia. I mean I watch this kid in you made -- great point we're sitting here a while ago talking about TJ ocean and you hit the perfect point about who he has -- Youngblood. He's probably already dropped. Artists like central casting out not only does about -- -- in the shoot out yesterday and get the United States the win over Russia and that's all -- magical stuff. Let them like he says everything the right way but even if you watch the telecast. And you watch. Just how he's handling it. You see him smirk maybe the -- suits before he go before he takes -- to go shoot and you could almost. Exceptionally see him speaking about. The putt going in the net -- and he's grinning before he even shoots so. I've seen other guys do that's the Derek Jeter do that critical world third when he knew he was up and I Jordanians looks like that -- -- they grid base he would they've been great event. The third fourth when he made. Armed and -- figure because it was a masterpiece he was just so patient and he go he starts off nice and slow comes on the back end and he sees a small opening. Okay and as soon as he sees it it's like it that's not necessarily what he was gonna do. But it was like on the course of options that he has as he's going through his -- his progression -- has. That was the first one came out must necessarily his first option but it happened he took you to imagine bam right through flight. Media scrum afterwards one of the members of the media asked TJ Joshi how he felt being the hero. He said American heroes where -- I'm not one knows. It's like the the answer it is being. -- -- You see pets the you can see all -- I where are Sodom. In the buddies but yet Kubiak stories from Minnesota so it only got a soda and a tiny town northern Minnesota. As he said I saw -- on -- Al Michaels. Post game that at one point in the studio and sit well and -- road you have all the free ice -- once the snow -- -- if you just wait for the pond a freak out it's gonna happen soon. And it just go skate all day and almighty he is like you're right you central cast. He is and if stay at this they won they just won again so is it in Slovenia today five to one yet and if they continue. This is this has Sports Illustrated cover this has this has marketing galore he will be on Fifth Avenue. At some point if they even. They don't quite honestly people overseas a handsome kid he's young I don't know if he's got a girlfriend off to Larry Johnson okay so. But we're gonna do the whole Backstreet Boys they were not reviewed and really talk about her -- to step up and got every chance that her. -- -- set up -- the lawyer -- daughter was crushed when she found out yesterday took a got to keep you know he yeah. Yeah yeah yeah under the board -- route when you do that just -- you you know you have a girlfriend at all and do. But they're not they're not walking the red carpet with you so you got to give those young thirteen the ten year old a shot believing that in their dreams there's some reality of them getting your. Well it was stated and you and you and I were talking about this earlier it's as good an athletic competition as you can watch and I don't care if -- hockey fan I understand. All a lot of U art up and may be if you group California like Q you didn't grow up with the other way we did here in New England. But what your hockey fan or not what do you think the sport is you know Neanderthal or not that's is that as good an athletic event as you can -- it. Eight you know why it is Kate you think about a -- okay who has one shot to win the game think of Adam Vinatieri. The anxiety the pressure. OK all that comes with that moment with 12 left kicking the ball in the snow to advance in the playoffs okay. That's basically. What they were doing with the shootout because it was going back and forth. -- falling in TJ yoshi's case let him make you yet it takes six of those -- yeah so they so they only had to make four. But yeah -- yeah there -- times what went opera a couple of times. He doesn't make it they are done they left the game it and it's also the the Russians they missed a candidates like twice and road towards the last his fifth shot he missed. It's in a six shot if he makes it he wins he closes it out dot OK so each time. The exit the anxiety and the pressure. I think is some bullets we we can't even bigger -- not only you play it for you guys to replace the United States that's. I think that compounds it by like twenty. As far as what you want all you. I mean think about that forget about you know playing for the saint Louis blues which -- -- -- terrific player but not playing the United States of America great texture here says. Says -- figures you guys would make -- team went about one guy. It to watch. It was about two guys I mean in in that regard you're right it was about two guys. It was about TJ Yoshi and Jonathan characters and of course all this talk about our -- it when you when you're in a shoot out. And oh by the way TJ -- she took six of the eight shots that the United States took in the shoot out there when you take six out of the eight. Yes it's about you know. It has nothing to do with your teammates at that point which by the way is why I hate to shoot out in general. I don't like deciding games and shoot out I mean I I I hate the idea of it. Hi to me it's it's it's like deciding a basketball game with a three point contest at the end of of all. It's the exact same thing but dale. -- Well what I saw yesterday what's. Yeah and I guess in the I was not a huge follower of the same blows -- took -- did not know we wives. Did he start to with the research -- realized that this guy barely made the Olympic squad. Are there other forward celebrity -- spot he made that team based on his ability. To successfully win shoot -- one of the best and -- it -- it it was a big part of an absolute so I mean you're talking about a guy that. An international rules are different OK so the first three shots. After an update on three different people after that you can use the exact same guy that long you want to take shots -- so. You're thinking OK give somebody a shot not immediately -- or they wouldn't keep shoot at it let him keep Gulfport. And a couple of those misses that he had dale. The second the second shot I think he missed. Kind of lost the puck a little bit so he actually yeah actually had a good shot as. One that he put right over the crossbar any missed one on the backhand where ball Brodsky got -- stick on it. And and made a great save but yet that's the one you're talking about recurrent lost little -- went to the backhand Bobrovsky made the save. But those the only two we missed -- took six may or. Under the most did well put it this the only way it could have been more intense pressure is if you're in the gold medal game or fewer and Ian and eliminate. Yeah the situation in a war I everybody listen close your eyes. You're Russia. -- -- that gain an iPod and everybody. Please this is his -- he's you're gonna feel for how bad how Lebanese Sox out there -- others note toilets in the -- -- On attached to the wall and nothing's finished and there's no manhole covers are you kidding me. Pickle for jog up there will disappear. OK so now -- on their turf. It's a hostile environment and it you're 27 year old from this sought out okay and they're given you shot after shot signing up for that opportunity. Nailed it. Nailed it. And and doc Emmerich who was -- in the game and and I'm paraphrasing here but he said. You know there are there are many people who would who would avoid the pressure situation. And this is a guy who evidently embraces it out and Adam Vinatieri is like that there are some guys David Ortiz is like that you can think of guys in every sport. Who get better when the pressure is higher now that's a pretty rare. Trait I -- -- think about it. But it TV it's you know white -- it's harder OK so it's like you catch I'd a game winning touchdown pass okay. You're not running your route. Doing a nod and think you are about to win the game big you have time to think like that there's no time for reference as far as what the scale of the moment is. Basketball it's pretty much the same thing became lectured -- -- shoot it in -- -- I hear it now okay so. You have to think about there's a kicker has to think about it so. Just like you would at a tee box and you know you gotta you wanna I wanna win the hole and you got a driver down there is this -- can you start over ticket things you forget everything -- taught. Many become the boxer but golden raying it dispersed later player in his arms round like he's never being coached before I think. Those situations. -- -- Much more typical I think are much more -- -- point out and it I think it's so much tougher for you to. Really. Come puts up a bubble put yourself and -- awesome I'm mr. awesome bubble Christian. I have never seen anybody. Go slower on a shoot out -- need it. Exactly I mean I've never seen it it's like in that all that thought process that you're just not driving it's like he's doing it while -- skating a student -- is our goal right at our school though it was it was that was it it was it was like rob looking about it. Not saying okay that's probably not what he thought was going to happen but in the progression all in. Goaltender is as his bag of tricks OK shots -- -- being in the shoot out guy. All right so if you if they came Barrett who -- is it's like the terminator he -- his legs wide open OK at a price decrease the Google for a K -- to keep gonna speed up a little bit the Russians. Speed and in like crazy that they are aggressively attacking court. I will also say this and I've heard a lot of people talk about this cents. I was as shocked as everybody else when they disallowed what would have been the go ahead goal for the Russians -- about three minutes left in the third. I didn't see the net get dislodged. The rule is different in international hockey in the same with a shootout rule is different there are some subtle differences to the rules and international hockey. They had no choice but to disallow the goal they had no choice now. What I've heard some people say because Slava -- -- sent it. But they sit in any level -- and so he's knowledge he's got -- editors elect or letters and all he is Jonathan Quick teammate on the LA kings okay. And -- blowing off in effect accused Jonathan Quick intentionally dislodging the net out. Some fences to be -- that we don't reveal a -- well -- or so anyway. GE. Sorry I'm not by in this that he intentionally dislodged the net you've seen the play where is try to go post to post. IDs and any slides over hits that post -- there was no doubt that it got dislodged. Once they saw that -- the -- was dislodged they had no choice but to disallow the goal. I was as shocked as everybody else when they waved off because at that point NBC hadn't spotted it yet. Once they showed the replay of the tip which he missed you saying okay. No no problem there he didn't -- it with a stick above the the crossbar so how could they disallow the goal and then NBC picked it up showed it. You could see that it was clearly off the morning there there are no choices anymore after that. But the idea that he did it on purpose so that if Russia scored they would be able to allow them. -- and the other thing is that they made the right call okay they get together rescue together. And -- dropped thirty seconds or less whatever they made the right call but again. It's international rules and so that's the polls there the plastic to recover they're not even they're not -- stick to not as strong. So when it comes out of its mooring. Well it's a magnate is what they're they're magnetic so that if you do crash in DeWitt. If they used to getting pale these heavy steel pipes that went into the cement floor and up to uphold the net in place. And god forbid if you crashed into what you'd kill yeah so they switched him to magnets a number of years ago and it got knocked off the -- Nick had not -- that did it date they don't get so it is really so that's still the anger from the Russians. Really there's really nothing for going to be anger only thing is if they said he did it on purpose. And I'm sorry I'm not buying into the conspiracy theory I -- I've seen it twenty times. That's the only argument you -- the only argument is he did it on purpose. So they should have called a penalty on yeah that is a penalty if you just watch it on purpose. I'm sorry it just didn't see yet and -- I. And. Is that if you're Russia -- your little upset but you're still in this thing spotlight on older more than half -- -- yes so they're upset right now and that's my point so. And I really hate when these things that these these tight games come down to -- they wanna be wanna say the reason why they lost two games of a controversial call basically when really it wasn't here's what the rule states. This is what the eight case closed no more discussion about it you lost you had a chance when it issued out and you let dean young -- beat you. Cut cut back text says the disallowed goal of the Olympics version of the tuck rule they've got great ought to call got -- -- Let's open up the lines green guys and you -- Texas whole bunch of dirty habit 37937. -- you can reach out to me on Twitter if you like at dale. Working on for use Twitter game we are we're gonna improve -- Twitter game and get him involved as well but didn't call in and and we'll talk with the guys guys just to me that's. That's one rob nice -- all you -- But I don't what it is is flower delivery got a -- like. The Iditarod to get his -- and what are 617. 779. NASA effort up and -- Crack crack he got me got me. -- that will get to the call that you guys will get to the and we got onto other stuff. I'm I'm curious. To get Fauria is take on the Ted Wells report. Which we have intentionally not discussed the impact. When we started to discuss it forties it. -- -- will this on the air I don't even nobody thinks yeah. But would get his take on that as well Red Sox that pitchers and catchers have reported I have never seen more reporting about less. And what we get around here when pitchers and catchers report. And equipment all the TV stations and Aaron in the past week all of EEI dot com these are down there to tell you act. That somebody showed up at T shirt and flip flops. Will middle -- jacked. I mean that's that and that has been the summation of the baseball reporting but will probably play into that as well. We'll get the calls to supplement its Sports Radio WB.

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