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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: O.J. is starving

Feb 13, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys talked about O.J. Simpsons hunger strike in jail.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T cover more than 9% of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do precision. Fitness equipment that's -- strong that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sports. He's -- -- make it different -- -- weird. Weird and I -- I think you are you better evident in the morning. 30003. Their eyes they say it's set there ever -- at. Augusta with coffee without you go. Thirty case of got sick of past that and I get back out. And would. What period it you know somebody's not looking -- just say some but of course I'm not sure what dogs hit on the office -- Shouldn't just off entitlement to -- jackass. To a seven says nobody cares about unbroken. -- you -- all the story that's usually read the book that's because you have no light we watched. Star Wars and comic books on stars on stars and or storage wars Jesse -- -- the storage compartments nobody cares about a broken. That it taught me lose every Scott why I have to yeah that really. Clarified and happen Murray -- Japanese whatever. You're buried in right now somebody's not according to radar online has to set eyes Orenthal James Simpson. Well no coaches have to start to realize you're most likely -- in jail on the court radar online former NFL superstar was allegedly trying to speed up the process by committing suicide the hunger strike now that's why we that is down 300 now skeptics discipline the source -- -- to actually going on district takes -- as well a source close to Simpson. Says he's lost the -- -- -- has been dropping weight rapidly quote you just wanna eat you could tell by his voice just wants to die. That's exactly who's gonna happen him unless some good news drops out of the sky picture about the given recent live however. That doesn't seem likely the insider claims that Simpson's right to a friend they ain't ever gonna let me out here. And aka. That's how he's quoted as saying that to a friend and by TMZ. Radar is finally doing the right thing right I hope it is it painful it is. How long would you last congress. What's that lets you believe in most -- charity you something you most by Ford Jimmy Fund okay Jim yeah the kids at the gym locker room last restrict. Mean like this somebody gave me 101000 old every day sure that's okay yeah. Wow. You know couldn't make it to 8 o'clock that it will cost a bit of a plus they tell you yet to make it three days yeah. You -- yeah I don't believe that people donate money this week. In. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You must -- He's I mean I hope it's -- open and hope we can harvest his organs for which you want which is part. Smoke and maybe -- but some lung disease is liver hasn't drank it while it's true. All Simpson's legal woes the chances of him ever being released a -- -- after six years it seems he's probably come to his wits and sad to see some. Was -- the top of the world lose all hope to the point where you want to kill himself. -- I didn't commit this crime Simone bridges. And feel bad about -- -- eligible to get out. While ago and we'll check check area. What he -- development. On the plants plants which suggest the line at your trip and Khatami and -- -- Into have dinner paragon. Boschwitz -- for Canada at -- on doing Friday in a tight right now all I am solo hosting at 10 o'clock. Comcast Comcast could be an early 630 with new -- -- and where. 10 o'clock sports tonight I'll be hosting solo by so I'd have to watch that's the ballot that was romantic night and how much time you have to fill how're you going to do that. A few hours of prep work. You know should be good news is that like discussion type thing or is it actually human highlight some. Twisting over highlights appreciate you watching over the years on the 10 o'clock show would say it's -- -- the other shall we have a couple of guests yet. They -- through to panels have guests -- I don't know they are we get out of millions tender romantic Friday night I am taken crash Kutcher and haggard Hagerty tops all the love that's easy to line -- -- -- eight. Many players like you be -- -- one -- guest Friday night now. Thought -- some higher -- in Nigeria wiped out. Well. Can do something else -- jerk advocate for something accurate for the secure the Tampa Florida area and if you're going to be. Cancel all planes because now you get significant other what she really want to romantic dinner at McDonald's. According to a big times on Friday February 14. I won McDonald's at temple converted to a romantic full service restaurant with waiters candles. Flowers and every table he -- to make phone reservations the menu item will be the same results. Sentiment yeah it big Mac which directly -- that's cute to work for one year I would think that you excel. -- you know the food's good can take that chance. I mean look I was swallow I'm a mcdonalds guy 0%. Of the misses you take route for big yet that rights and would that ship to be -- expert on. And like the chick that called nine moment and government that it's right. I was in Florida. Or liberal amount of that time in California love -- -- -- the next morning as she's -- she laments the loss of those apple based -- example pines I think so well they do. She finally he's not just contributions from sausage gets a sound -- that as we typically get those just let go outside. -- Out of everything I prefer to go with the chicken sandwich you. You know vice president yet he goes at the supersize my coffee do you supersize and yes I was super says get the regular -- AGCO. Director shore and got really what is the -- that anybody out of its menu the drive through the calories and now to 860 Calcutta and everywhere I don't want -- I never wanna look at a store you know. They have they have a chuckle at -- -- What are what are they doing. Demand against people probably really. I don't know if you wanna know -- law and now you want to know if you order a big Mac but I found that interest and apparently. -- -- it's just common man in the world looked and there's great. It is -- -- Mac and cheese now nine million now Harris are -- -- it's it's great race by. Wife tried to duplicate had to get the menu. The recipe. And duplicate that Mac and cheese causes. Like Islam it's a month ago. I don't know and prize package that -- Mac and -- and now are scattered -- the Kraft Mac and cheese wrapped package he's passed -- the best -- -- doctor Jones when you make if he can say well we just I just needed never not a dispute and about why don't we just all sit down -- and how is that the best food that comes out of the blocks. Mac and -- Yes it's a stove top stuffing there that would be the best side I don't like stoked Alex yeah I -- -- -- -- -- I don't make it. I don't like about awfully busy it's not for me -- -- That you announced that I think so I was -- him. Woody have Turkey with the I -- it's like Turkey I have Turkey I do know know Greg I don't agree that's true Turkey I've corn hybrid. And all that other stuff was on the table no mashed potatoes are left to right John and ants off cranberry sauce no no I was right he -- -- -- one thing on Thanksgiving at that stuff over the Turkey. It's I think most people probably says. That's a tough call three and it's eight. We you know -- though -- you know Greg and apparently the -- locations not the only warmer diners can experience accountants make over McDonald's itself port North Carolina. Apparently been undergoing the same all the transformation after three years now and it is huge deal they became its -- -- -- -- for months. So some couples it's like you know these couples there to Disney World together via their McDonald's couples. Took a big night and changed regular day -- in future. And the changes up about it night at the McDonald's is great at like that they have these chicken wraps now yeah -- aggregate chicken sandwich without a yo. That's probably you do at McDonald's LP dismissing it. Except the one thing he can never ever do on his he Fries you can go to any of McDonald's Burger King Hugh -- price Wendy's off witnessing it -- chick hundred Atlantic market Fries it's impossible. A lot of stuff. It right Fries you've seen for a of course I mean that you could never. Does anyone ever -- -- -- -- that price to cheeseburger big -- not for a -- due to check for you to explain to skip the chickens which apple is now known on the on the -- that he hasn't you know -- the unique and walked Richard -- from yes and yes he's gonna come back and look like sausage with a man I wish I was going to and that's just so close -- don't think -- mistake. A yankees may cents on the -- launch. It's close it and don't win at home hands -- you know like you -- -- meet different people can people work him. He's a guy the guy runs the place thanks that if these get married then -- the world can do things to say -- think that Obama last year no idle -- think Obama thought that is America could be hurricanes that's not the chick that's what he said he wrote that. He just is against no he's in favor of traditional matters just like Obama a year ago the only guy that -- -- year. Credit for the closing up right like it. In Boston you know politicians will. Throw them out of deceit. Because the -- one politician. Well he's only what do you think the other politicians Boston. -- -- all on what Atlantic City and you know he's traveled -- of the -- if he's in the food court now down he definitely not. What moved in there were supposed to be Boston excellent. -- -- -- brought in have chipped away. We talk or we'd kids we talked to a Jeter's progress throughout the show here the first famous -- I guess is Mariah Carey yeah so you think about it if you marry Mariah Carey saint 1998. The -- and there -- sixty your marriage now should look like she does now should probably have three kids when you went to the same -- Jeter and all this is just sort of nightmarish. Scenario. Mariah Carey was on a radio station Atlantic yesterday is that right. In Atlanta yesterday was asked which hurt her husband you know Nick Cannon the most of upsurge in America's Got Talent they're gonna do for Valentine's. Nobody ever called you Mariah can always call -- -- karaoke moment because I'm not I don't know what they call him I don't -- -- -- -- it -- just in the -- -- I don't think it and -- can gradually. Haven't yeah well as. Inherently. Of the league and that's -- and. The much I don't get. True Harry -- me how I'm Harry who. -- and he's the man and a woman it's who you are you had gone -- the baby's ability Uga leg identical to those who are adamant that I am very high name. Like he's doing but I have to because they try to make themselves. More important in the baby's -- -- me. That's you can have a couple what did you do want to get him into the right planned to make -- feel yes I got to -- Two years that the two years of that sort of life -- -- almost right war since 44 next month. She's a lot old Jeter yet she cougar Freddy -- After you play. Says it's I hear the -- to report it's my fault ever played starts as an app that really -- We said he said it was bound by the watches that is that we said it was Chris. And variety expect from Valentine was make -- do for you -- thanks Dave and I had to be home when I hear now. From what you hear are you going to be included a -- that it. And I think it was yeah. -- We -- a show that's why can't uncle. Gets accomplished. You don't think it was a good try radio strikers -- children children's names Monroe cannon. And more rock and Scott -- name -- more rock him just like the country more rock and can't. Trying too hard to assault and -- kid my rock in Morocco Moroccan cannon. What is your name Luke Wilson and -- fishy. That -- you check them. Pitcher what happened at that that's -- get you returns and that is called to -- tried to our problem way yeah. That's headlines Hamburger Helper in eighteenth. Alec great out of a -- you're Hamburger -- boss about spaghetti as a good thing about -- and helpers -- all the sodium in the for the next six months -- once served as it came out of boxes frost the public's. I would say lucky -- would be number one the prost -- is in the top pop tarts. Pop tarts box that's -- that's true what he's the kind of sausage strawberry is the dumbest thing you've ever new life people that. Buy and eat opposite don't have frosting. Took a look at the ones though frosting it's who buys those they have enough -- yeah cycle -- but we all have frost and quality of well optional evil little thing you. On the -- I was downstairs. In the vending machine count them in the machine media Steve him every day at a -- pop -- chocolate fudge -- It's strawberry on the short flavor but meter lets you know -- like a birds if you buy pop tarts right and he would give -- that second 'cause one through the month. It is killing more did chick that did -- did -- we -- cute she checked them. Seeing anything about it. That's headlines brought you by AT&T and I thought that I really -- again knows the outcome. If it's bouncers they're the chocolate by Edwards is a machine like strawberry and -- like -- Robert -- pop tarts. Head and shoulders could you ever not like I'm not saying you eat them because they're not. But -- obviously. Pageants and I don't I don't like them yet but what's not to like -- -- incredulous blessed that he does he eat French Fries does he is a bunch of stuff that everybody thought our nation and it's fair question. That you don't like from French Fries could be the universal public McDonald's of public fat people the -- -- that fast food French Fries could be the universal. And it should be able to be good that should be good for you is LB the world be perfect place -- have every day for public if you put them warm bag of like McDonald's rise in OJ's sale. You think he would eat him yes I horse and hunger strike is legitimate. It what do we determine how much bloggers OG. Nam incarcerated. At least four -- -- at all. It's four warriors is eligible for his first pearl how it's gonna work too so that's yeah because sport -- about eight. -- that he hates frosted pop it's only on frost thanks -- wire he says we arteries he worked to try to get should respond. Owen Wilson named his son -- And some fishy. Something that's been -- I think the big. Chick -- pressure better than McDonald's for a I'd have just one for the rest of my -- -- -- a waffle -- a -- I would agree yeah. Five that's right super. They're good if you -- set I was roast beef is different picture -- do. We're going to hear from. My very. Favorite person at the Winter Olympic Games to -- weakened back. And and there's not nobody close I agree that the dispersant and and what you have to hand it to access all we asked you shake. I went over the Olympic Games as we see a redo -- appease special section of the globe and a lot of great stories right now. Lot of boring stuff yeah nobody -- gaining speed skater in this. Who -- no bull owner and came up and -- Obama. Billy bush at one out of the park when he came up with this idea of that next.

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