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Congress gets involved with the Redskins

Feb 11, 2014|

Mut and Lou, as well as the callers, discuss the Washington Redskin, and the pressure the team is feeling to change its name.

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Probably what problems are legends are -- problems that. Every night. Asked him. You know progress. You Americans experience. And it's. He didn't really answer the. Take if all these issues. Milledge started from Boston and they moved from Boston or Washington. You know I think especially in today's world wanna be careful not to be. Knowingly disrespectful. One but this issue is way beyond my homework. -- I've gone on the issue. So I probably ought to stick to -- last we -- can do I really am not. Others. -- So it turns out the question we had a -- live with a Tommy current yelling get a New York reporter. He saw that we're talking about today Butler and 937 WEEI and in fact Robert Kraft is right. 19321936. They were not the Washington Redskins they were the and you heard current their ask what he knowingly walk up to and an air an American Indian and called them. A redskin and we bring it up with a plan our current cutting India on a New York reporter that's always good. But in the last 48 hours or so. The NFL has started to face more pressure maybe than ever when it comes to changing. The Redskins -- -- and there are Washington Washington Pope post reported. That two members of congress have actually taken to write a letter. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell urging Goodell in the league to quote make a formal position to take it for a position. In support of a name change by the Washington Redskins it was Maria Cantwell Democrat from Washington. And Republican Tom coale from Oklahoma. And they were sent to Roger Goodell saying that -- can't dwell on coal in their letter. The NFL can no longer ignored this and perpetuate the use of this name as anything but what it is a racial slur. It is clearly you haven't heard a leading voices in this country it's not just the Indian Country. Virtually every major civil rights organization in America has spoken out in opposition. To this name including the NAACP the anti defamation league the rainbow coalition and the League of United Latin American Citizens. And in the letter it mentions the NFL as tax exempt. It says they're -- exempt status. And there are on the wrong side of history at this point so feels like in this letter Lou. That these congressman and congresswoman in this case. Are saying you tax exempt. There's an antitrust exemption that benefit you greatly. We might look at that. If you don't take action with this nickname which is pretty incredible to be that congress would decide to start getting involved in team nicknames. And I was surprised to read this story. And I was surprised that we're now at a point where. You people have been elected to feel like they. It's there are now their job to go to teams and say or to leagues in this case the NFL and say your name is offensive. You need to change it and a pull power play. Is about as far as I see unity congress people go say hey your tax exempt but the look at that if you don't take a stand against this. Yet it's. The the issue that I have does that -- Obviously Redskins. You know if you think gambit against as a slower rather Tom currency were to walk up to native Americans today. Just call Redskins. -- -- But they're saying -- recent poll. Native American people. About the subject 90% response did not consider the term offensive escorted to go Associated Press is not some made up -- with a lot of people people don't question the credentials and of people involved with that you know it. The big big question that. Of the group of people they asked you know -- as a part of tribe what's -- what's your real connection in a generational whatever might be. You know it's it's funny because they didn't have Redskins spokesman Tony -- he responds in a written statement. There's also Steve from the team but this was was separate from -- with all the important issues shop for a minute as the people it. Such is the war in Afghanistan. I it to health care but they have more a story about the football team's name. Now here's the thing that Maria Cantwell Democrat from Washington in Republican Tom Cole Republican from Oklahoma. He goes on it's just you know Beckham because on says and given the fact that the name of Oklahoma. Actually means red people. -- -- This request a little ironic. -- Oklahoma actually means red people I didn't I didn't know that but this is goes on through. If the outcry gets loud enough. If they start threatening the tax exemption of the NFL. If money starts to get involved. In the NFL -- react I don't know snotty says aren't -- on the -- get -- a change in name. But he's up they're paying tax bills of upwards of millions and millions of fifty million dollars or might be he might change his mind. Right. I just think -- the ball pressure. But we see each and every Sunday. We hear about to be read about these massive protests in front of the games no football games not a sniff. I such prompted a public but I you know this subject comes up once in awhile but until the noise gets louder. And the pressure. -- on the NFL nothing's really gonna happen was that the first kind of a written Roger Goodell -- Schneider did that it's been going on Africa. Year's -- plenty of people -- -- last year. It's similar people wrote letters to FedEx FedEx is the major sponsor of the Redskins stadium there. And say we work here pull out your sponsorship unless the Redskins change their name and even at that point that when they went the FedEx. It's FedEx Field in Washington DC. I didn't Blige. This god is is a rich guy who likes getting his -- way is used to getting his -- way I feel like the more they push Daniel Snyder. The worse it's going to be for them try to get that name change and I feel very strongly that what a lot of the -- on the AT&T -- live 3793 -- I don't think congress should get involved in this like this say to me a league issue. If the Redskins saw enough of their fan base react to this negatively they would change the name. They would have you believe according to ESPN. That is that's not happened yet. -- just a day ago yesterday the Redskins report they received more than 7000 letters and emails in favor of keeping the name. With quote almost two water for people identified themselves as native Americans Boris family members all native Americans. The statement included three letter excerpts from fans of native American dissent. All there supporting the Redskins may or saying with not offensive to them and excite that 2004 report that you talked about. Well. I thought effects of the congress is now getting involved in this and threatening. But tax exempt status in the anti trust because. They don't like the name of the -- and other statement from from the Washington Redskins themselves. Senator Cantwell. Should be aware that there many challenges facing native Americans including extremely cold winter with high energy bills high unemployment. Life threatening -- health problems inadequate education. And many other issues more pressing the name of a football team which is -- received strong support from native Americans. Surely with all the issues congress is supposed to work out thus -- economy jobs war health care the senator must have more important things to do. That's the statement from the Washington Redskins on NFL -- and will respond in appropriate manner once -- lawmakers let has been reviewed. But the Redskins came out that but doesn't it sound like every time you bring -- up bright and member. Congress was steroids whatever might be congress getting involved here to build of other things to do. Whether involved in this when he stripped of their country first. That was the Washington Redskins -- On just about right yeah don't you have other that's celery about that's how I feel well you feel about it but. You brought this up for the show the idea that this is a bit congress came after baseball and steroids. -- there and and I understand people didn't agree with that. That they can hide behind this idea that maybe affect kids. And any kids would -- these congressmen were getting letters from baseball coaches and dads and they were fearing that if these guys are warning steroids and it up pushing NFL that. Our heart out while they big they will be I think that's the next deputy baseball has taken the next step and I do to create test that it promised a good years ago -- -- things started. The -- -- textures and the Redskins I do think it's kind of silly. That these congressmen get vault them. Here's the thing with. The name itself with a should be taken away. Okay I think it's awful difficult American have my opinion but it till I hear the opinion of native Americans. Who feel strongly about it. You know I can talk about the -- if -- if there was. An Italian slaying of a certainty how that makes me feel as an Italian. But native Americans I don't I don't necessarily hear the outcry of course there's going to be groups. It would do they have the backing of everybody. It if they do and they truly are offended by it and you say OK well then yeah I mean -- this is not the Cleveland Indians. All some people say that code term Indian their offended by anyone native American. Wherever there are a lot of teams Kansas City Chiefs. You know I mean this is a certain teams both state warriors. You know it's this -- a reference native Americans but not a slang in redskin. It in the but in the case of the Indians right the old the old in the its mascot chief watching -- Abu. Mean that that was pretty offensive by me that I -- I could hear you might bygone and that's it's out of their together they kept the Indians name. The -- more friendly mascot now it's less looking like the already -- gone. Right Saint John I think -- Natick high. I don't know what are they are red and red storm was the reds in -- red and blue I think they are data kite -- saint John's done. You know so they've got rid of the names at different levels. But the NFL. You ever get rid of this is a guess at the -- gets loud enough then it well or they threatened to -- act exemption and then it will. Argued a place where they are still the Redskins. Red Mason New Mexico. -- -- Is the superintendent the red mesa school district on the Navajo Nation reservation. He grew up when -- children were forced in -- boarding schools the disconnect from their culture. Some were punished by -- speak in general native language today he sees environmental issues the biggest threat to his people. And as the superintendent. Is the Redskins that the red mesa Redskins quote from -- We -- think it's an issue there are more important things like busting our kids to school the water settlement but when quality the air that surrounds it. Those are issues we can take sides on he says society they think it's more derogatory because of the recent discussions. In its pure form a lot a native American men you go to the sweat sweat lodge with what you've got your skin. I don't see it as derogatory now again that is one that's not -- native American. I'm sure I could put that up and and read other articles where there are those are offended by it. But to have the congress stepped in a senate stepped in and and try to decide this I. I felt like -- that he or she will be able to decided as a prod and indeed it's been called the Redskins forever. If they get enough the feedback. That their fans don't like it and wanna make that change and make the change not tickets to congress people won a threat or tax exempt status problem as a -- -- more. You hear stories like that. The more you sit there and -- who is offended. Like how many people offended. I'm sure there are a meet cute you can drop anything to find some it was going to be offended by it are they loud and probably big enough they have enough power. Because we have a town like that that is native American in their own school. A called the Redskins. And don't have an issue with that this can be awful tough to find that full support to get the name changed. They're not idiots support with a -- against threats from congress which had to make ticket thing altogether. I'm curious what you guys think about -- 61777979370. Is the phone number can text this year. On the AT&T text line -- 379 B 37 Walters and Somerville but it's some your phone calls not -- 37 WEEI I Walter. They get paid on the men are you. Live in the -- -- First of all I -- I agree with you guys. I think it's. Simple the congress waste a moment of time -- anything like this when we get so many problems having said that. Once the NFL tax exempt to begin. Their tax exempt because they are considered a non probable league headquarters considered a non profit and eagle -- you look through. It was a good article last year in the Atlantic in others say the congress came Ford and said your your front office is tax exempt the anti. That the sports broadcasting act of 1961. -- allow them. A little anti trust moxie which allowed under package up all the teams rights. Into one -- TV deal and make more money they could have made individually so they are offered some benefits from this country in -- -- next tax status in some cases that. The antitrust exemption allowed them put out their league by TV rights out to everybody as a league not just -- teams. -- a -- because you know it like it is veterans and police and firemen intact and I think the attention to so. You know I don't care because I think they should have an attack against articulate that. I don't think you know it should be over something like this and elect Andrew showed us thank you. Walter thanks for your phone call we put this question up on our our FaceBook. Page today WEEI dot com and what -- on FaceBook you finest there. And the question was do you think the Redskins should change their name do you find it offensive. The first one there is -- -- saying no what I do find offensive is that congress is wasting our time and money on this I'm sure there's something more importantly can waste -- time and our tax dollars on. It's that's that's what the initial reaction -- a lot of you guys are saying Steve's a New Haven he joins the conversation I Steve. I -- good morning morning and if they can't have a few points -- try to be brief but it's ridiculous. They ID that congress has been there in their houses in our cars and our bedrooms and schools like and it's also about what we watched. I think local Wendell Holmes Supreme Court justice said. The value of something is is determined in the marketplace. People don't like give it to that offended they're not gonna go they're not -- bite T shirt sweatshirt souvenirs hook. And primarily hear what I'm hearing the vast majority of native Americans don't care. And if it ever been I've spent a lot of time down in the in the south -- midwest southwest particularly New Mexico. And the if you ever billions there. I'm in Connecticut and new you know got a couple of real tough spot in this town wouldn't. Some famous people here that would account and then visit a couple of others are ashamed of but there was some tough spots in Connecticut has some tough spots that match. And the men beat you down to Mexico and you a lot of reservations. What we call reservations which they find. Offense that they've -- defensive reservations. The board but if you've ever been down there. That is the most. -- living conditions I have seen anywhere and I've traveled there at 340 states. In this country and the absolute worst led congress like debt the owner says help the people down there with that. The other the -- MLS point to show how ludicrous this is what about the the baseball with a team called the pod race. What are the Catholic Church in the -- to Turkey and -- and everybody got together -- will like it. We think changing the -- this. And here's an example. A simple and this is just stupid example but I could say it's offensive what do we had a team called the rabbi you wouldn't do that -- you don't -- that. No I did -- I did get a texted that there was a team called the New York cues that by teacher. You don't really if there was. He had an Italian whatever it the -- out OK it's just how's it when guys that it it's. Because they white guys offended by this in congress. You know meanwhile none of the native Americans are this is kind of ridiculous. And it's yet they can you wonder lake a Khazei. How much is it was -- agenda. Rights of these guys in congress they really care they just trying to put their name up there at you know re elected. Also stuff for -- and it it goes across an -- we talked to Peter King every Friday on the -- Peter King took a stand. He is no longer gonna called on the Redskins got a call on the Washington team he's not the only. There there are other group respected football writers Bill Simmons our football writer runs grant went. Decided his website was not -- mention Redskins is -- feel like it's they they feel like it's offensive my question everybody is. You'll be hearing this from specific latest Reggie you. Articles from a new mesa high school that is still the Redskins of them find offensive. Charlie's and -- he says the name is offensive like Charlie. He's doing an -- good I call that they're the college guys -- because I have become McCown can't remain. Where the team to go the right here. And would have prepared. Every few years it comes there's an issue. Oftentimes it out of I would out of town that people get offended saying wait a minute. The lack at a by historians -- and so what. I personally I kind of looked at their I -- there. I've got Indian blood going back to work -- has an Indian in this street course of -- -- for -- my mom's side. But the fact is is that I understand how it particularly. In the media in a little -- he's the guy who's got. How the media other local kickbacks and look leave that alone okay this is not about you you come from outside. Okay Trojan you're having -- -- said -- what is what is offensive the -- -- -- -- Yet that -- I -- and I I've known them from some folks from up in the WA AF. The they have been oh count that Australian that those people up here. -- what you shoot between each is mostly in what is -- economic and stuff like that it LL is out. But -- you're saying this -- what what what what more felt that they get but. Where's the voice as -- is by my thing you know -- mean. It comes from congress in oh yeah there are the rallies were are petitioning on from a Washington stadium. -- whatever it is down there when the games -- started where's the outrage you know does have to come from U2 congressmen look at it come from. You know pick somebody up they're petitioning or. Whatever in front of its. -- before games is that this isn't right and we don't we don't hear any of that. Well I think the main thing has. And I think the Redskins issue is that it appears -- be in the the vehicle. Could feel weird question and yet the question of the Pentagon static. And other other issues like that -- political issues particularly the kind of great. Economic inequality the idea -- multi billion dollar business is getting. Tax breaks as well the question of stadium being built by localities almost kind of stopped that -- you're -- -- kind of a thing that can get people go. Sure and the reason that the story came up today. You know who pointed out that look at what congress is to look at night guitar -- tax exempt the double anti trust laws almost like they are. In a way threatening the NFL to change the name and I find. I find that offensive while I think you should let the team decide what their fans think I think. In defense of these through congress congressman or congresswoman assurance it when I read a -- saying -- you some white guys offended you know but it's not actually that at all I mean. Republican Thomas called Oklahoma is actually member of the -- -- a nation -- a senior member of the Appropriations Committee. The senator Maria Cantwell. She is the chairman of the senate Indian affairs committee as well so they do have obviously some ties there and I just to me be at this would be an issue this this nickname would have been gone. I believe it truly is. A stance against a mean nation wide stance against it from all native Americans. And as long as it is split in doing on their recent poll 90% are offended. And I don't think is ever going to be an issue. Curious your thoughts on this as well 6177797937. Is your phone number -- Texas anytime is the AT&T text line. At 37937. Year work on your Smartphone. Our finest on -- I'm not a Twitter on FaceBook for this one. FaceBook dot com slash WEEI we posted the question for hitting the Redskins should change their name do you find an offense wanna read Samari answers coming up. I can lead them right there at FaceBook dot com slash WEEI. We'll continue with your phone calls coming up we'll talk to a guy who played for the Redskins Christian Fauria. Last Christian -- -- he agree the patriots the best landing spot for Michael Sam Christian for equal to an ethnic.

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