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WrestleCast: Royal Rumble Aftermath

Feb 1, 2014|

Batista wins the Royal Rumble and the fans are livid. CM Punk quits the WWE in protest. The Wrestlecast crew breaks it all down.

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Welcome into the wrestler cast I am young and as always we've got Scott -- a cough but he's on the phone today Scott where you that but he. I am currently driving in the our am -- right I guess I'm like around -- you're not. Around the corner of the studio I'm headed toward the not I can go out or what speaker. I am on assignment today. And basketball game work. But eight the power of the -- -- technology. I can still be on the show and pass the time while I -- hopefully it will be distracting -- Well if you do have a live on the -- -- So since you're out on assignment we brought in another co host. You might know him he's known as sausage from the Dennis Kelly and Joe's real name's Craig and he's a wonderful guy -- credit. Hide -- I need today -- do sausage Jesus. Extra -- in the sausage. Am -- now am definitely going to drive through McDonald's. Sausage -- and achieve. Sauces baked -- All right so so we've got a lot to. A lot to handle here today Russell cast obviously the royal rumble if you don't know we're recording this on Saturday. Federer first. Okay it's Saturday February 1 to the week after the royal rumble and holy crap the wrestling world has exploded since that. Let's start with the rumble -- are at the beginning of the rubble. Cody -- that are that the brotherhood I believe that's what they're called now. -- the tag team titles to the new age outlaws would only think about the new age outlaws having won their sixth. Tag team championship fourteen years apart from their fifth tag team championship -- guys think about that. -- Political person that we're gonna keep the same rotations yet once you go first all the time. -- and that's that's -- that's traded our show. I would actually surprised that they would win the tag team title because. -- -- to gain from it. Being at six -- champion that he said fourteen years apart. I thought about some more than other you know they're having little mini feud with -- the cold dark than their. I believe they're going to have a cage match on abroad this coming week. But it act title and so would be shocked -- date date drop right actual. I mean it was a big surprise that might surprise but it. I will gain on pre show that people want to be so if you predict on that a couple of I'm. The most part they can still go in the ring I mean it's entertaining and not out a lot couple but it still under a don't have those characters and a the charisma. Get into the -- in my -- app that the body anymore especially. It Billy -- you know the looks like a you can see a piece a little bit bigger wider. But not be expected after fourteen years. And they'll look at court do depend in the battle against gold dust and go to Europe again at eight match in -- -- that goes in Zurich. It might help lead to whatever is going to happen anything. Between gold dust and brother Cody if -- -- without. A match in the air or they're -- -- -- they attacked vehemently defend the title at the couple from later. Craig what what do you think about the new age outlaws coming back after all this time. And take in the titles often established and now established team they've had titles for awhile since October at least. What do you think about having. And this will come into the whole theme of today's -- cast which is obviously. Older stars returning and taking the spot of guys that are working at week in week out -- woody and by the new which -- take the title from the brotherhood. I think it's fantastic I think it's great to bring back the tag team the had a lot of life in the -- pars on Mike presents. Mean road dog when they Comodo it's it's it's amazing to watch them come out. But yeah as they gain some weight especially road dog but. It's tag team division that I'm not necessarily. Sold on I don't think it's very strong bringing them back was great having them get the titles and was. Phenomenal. That attacked the -- tag team division. Has. We keep seeing and thinking well it nice to will Renaissance of the tag team division but it kind of stagnated itself and got really stale. And the brotherhood or whatever the hell we're calling them. Has been a very good fun interesting tag team but who they -- against refuted against the shield to get the titles. Who they're really feuded against cents. And this is finally throwing him into halfway decent feud with the team that. -- -- coming back but there it tag team coming back it it's I think they're one of the best tag teams of all time. You know top ten you know rank -- 89 or ten. But they're one of the top ten tag teams of all time so I think it does shoot a low life into the division. I'm not necessarily sold -- given them the belts but it gives the brotherhood something that Jason. It can cause it storyline wise you can cause friction between Cody and gold dust in the storyline of them chasing it. Eventually set up a split. I have no problem -- initially I was kind of like really like to do that I thought this was just a couple. A couple one off appearances for the new age outlaws but they seem to be back for a little while and I think it helps tag team division it's not getting it helps. I mean it definitely helped send -- -- especially. You know having good matches against attacking like Cody and gold not dignity ultimate match against each so. In India and the other thing is. Obviously there's some sort of storyline between them. And you know triple -- -- accordion. They're gonna do it that. I think ultimately is I don't wanna see the matter -- -- I I don't know early in the massacre -- take away a match from a the episode because. I mean it it's -- -- it's been forever but the year so. I mean they've been saying on TV -- Yelp and we you know we got these -- -- future action champion. Typically -- that for about a year -- -- -- -- -- -- They did seem to get like a mega bush recently beating. Bright white Daniel Bryan in the cage match. And then they beat him earlier that night on raw. They seem to be getting a push but then they're not the tag team title picture. Maybe they -- immediate setting up from the with a title to wrestle mania which then would be a great you know at the moment for them being a and hurt but ever generation wrestler they are suited that -- you to at least secondary I'd be going to get the third generation. Opposite the blood lines. Without a good moment for them but yet other things where. Good clr acted put some life into the crowd. Know either way enjoy them whether they're being healed or 88 and -- don't try to be at this point. But in the end of the Iraq may be you don't wanna beat them in the act title match at expensive abused so are you going. -- made it -- meaning even Antonio -- Jack swagger entertaining mostly because this RO. And and that if you thought primetime players for a little -- it'll a bit of Iran. I -- also they trot out the top cap they have acting as as. How much underneath investment. Let me ask a question about the uses has been bothering me for a couple weeks is. And their entrance. They come out it's very -- music real quick and they do their little chant which is them kind of pumping themselves up or whatever. And then their music jumps and don't you think they should get that whole free music -- thing -- pound test and crap. We say -- Kelsay hosts. Shut up Scott. Like it's a bit different okay and am in the minority. Yeah I mean it's it's it's different com. He's great once again it's the economy sometimes it works and I'm diabetic and not. Delivery and current. And -- the crowd reacts or not that's -- that's -- does it. -- -- what prompted debate about just like when the camera on the -- -- about onto the stage. In order thing happened so Democrats see them walk out here I'll like out yeah they're coming out right now I didn't know I didn't -- I'm saying. You don't. Most great entrances have that -- worth three beats in their. In urgent music that tells you who the hell's coming out. Right I mean the chatter -- stone -- Brock Lesnar at that you know control. CMR. Whatever it is aren't as to have a line. -- even if you look at the new age -- Pataki you do and oh yeah well yeah kind of breaks up you know they're common but it also hits before they come out. You hear about all of what you voted no sorry just want to get that in there. I'm all right so we hammered down one let's go to the paper view opener. Daniel Bryan for -- -- by all accounts I thought it was the match tonight Scott what would you think about that match without a fantastic. How -- -- without a doubt the match the night and it was gonna -- beginning at the otherwise it and act. You operate at a I don't need chewed -- you know -- always a case -- you get it -- it all I don't need help which is no good defeat because. It had that bitter reality to it in -- sense that you know not every. Appetite and needs -- seeks to -- They need to me to show that. He can just go in the right what what gain of Brian -- it which he does thing doesn't do anything in that match. That was I mean quote unquote due legal -- -- -- to win now he caught Daniel -- on the outside and throw them into the barricade. Which would knock anybody out. And then go to get in the ring and he wins one degree. Mean it was a good match back -- or -- I'm not. Sure how crazy I am about the idea of taking -- Real thing collection which we assume that a real -- Bryant and networking into storyline. Not wanting to say they don't -- out for two weeks with a concussion aren't that triple really it was true. But then in the match itself the -- out great focus on the head in and beat up all their academic and protect our should again. That's where -- out of it could it be because. It's. -- issued a lot of it storm that's -- but the fact is he really had a question. IPO it's -- to end. To then be going after -- -- in a match. Where you know one against the wrong way you kick him square in the face and -- and you can cut it out for -- year it was terrible and the belt. That on the net beg the question maybe that it'll I think -- can actually concussion. But obviously it's up backstage -- now. Yeah. Craig what do you think about Brit likening the clean victory over Dan -- today. And it. Requesting that or did you like. The way that was booked. I liked it but in a way it cheapens it is -- heels to truly be the dirty his grimy is. Pieces of crap you can think -- -- and I love him going after. Daniel Bryant concussion that's what -- would do. Yeah I agree and that's not true. Selling the story line right there and I love it I love how was booked out and quite frankly. Clean win any kind I mean the match was great but can cheapens it for me I want interference I want the crowd to be pissed when they see it. So you -- OK so you basically what you want is the old wrestling storyline of he'll cheat to -- he'll teach them when you teach the -- face finally comes back and air yes yes and settles the unit. I I kind of agree I thought it was really. Curious that would cry when when I saw it -- -- -- lose. That's when mental prediction from the rubble change just like well. OK maybe he's actually gonna be in the rumble and get it somehow pull up maybe will be number thirty and out pulled this one now. And some -- somehow. Negate the loss. But he is cleanly losses I was -- he sought. So so what you're thinking is I'm assuming with the entire crowd was thinking when they saw that. What I saw the loss before and if you listen the last episode of the royal rumble preview show Scott guided. I predicted its seaside new Batista was going to win. Yeah. I did that I I would but it did contribute. -- But you shut your mouth you could stop predicted to just as I pretty darn -- Every I think that. Well -- you're making a point that everybody knew but he's gonna -- -- only art. Rights of the next match of the night I don't even know like even color to match. -- has -- the big show. Brock attacks the big show before the match begins just pummeled some with the chair. Which in wrestling logic this whole thing doesn't make any sense because. He attacked him before the bell rings and who say women -- supposed to ring it's just. Doing that kind of stuff unless you attack on the ramp on the way down the attack him in the ring before the match it. Makes -- look stupid it makes whoever's getting attacked looked really dumb. Easier in the ring he should know to be ready. I think if you book where he gets attacked on the ramp. You know you can plausibly. Say he was attacked from behind you didn't see a common goal line that you can sell the fact that he got beat down really well. I thought it was cheap but at the same time. I'd much rather seen that been seen a full big show Brock Lesnar match not existed at all pictures not very good in the ring he's not -- on the Mike. He's he's he's boring in the ring mostly in Roxbury interest in entering but I thought the beat down was pretty good. But it was certainly not a match. Yes I did it I mean it got reported crop it very much -- got a Brock Lesnar. No matter how big the other guy is. He could find a way to kick the ever loving crap. And let it. Regis who's got that we lost him. -- -- Scott back online -- but so. It wasn't really a match but it was kind of a match well here's the thing anytime a giant is wrestling -- -- there there -- few exceptions Andre the Giant obviously. I never give up. For a -- -- match. In when he comes in most situations it's in just cleaning house with his size. When a giant wrestles it doesn't do anything forming. It's just pure power verses. Would mean whenever spoke to get Smith to -- cereal it's pointless -- that's right it's I started to rally around a good. Scott -- items on. Hello I think I think because got dropped. Yeah thanks a lot generic Craig was in the middle agreement. -- it and screwed it up cut it and that's what I. -- no one cares effort dropped jaws snapped her. Good timing right now out in public overdrive right now so you guys in -- knocking. -- -- Of course sausages I recommend the sausage or -- -- -- 1130 at breakfast. You can't if you get angry enough. Not -- I. I'll up exactly but the minute you guys can I get to chat at a McDonald's. Amongst -- thanks a lot that thanks for ruining the -- cast for the ninth week in a row. -- you were saying I think you're saying a big show beaten down like rim -- does nothing for him. Does nothing for a lot of those matches urges me I can't even fit the belt around cabinet bothers me. Being champion if he when he is -- and I just don't it doesn't do anything for I can't I cannot stand. The you know the David vs Goliath angle. When it comes to size while I think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I see I kind of disagree with the on the whole I agree with you but I disagree with -- and -- I have no problem with Lesnar. That which matched -- the snooze fest and I agree I completely agree. But here's where I think giants have their place in this businesses. One you have had to be the unstoppable champion. And you're having some guy that small them chase them to deter. Or you have your champion and you bring in a monster keel. And he's coming in to squash human champion eventually over lead the way -- Hogan used to do with Audrey King Kong Johns died almost. Fair enough but what it when it comes to -- to a watch a giant and matched it it it. You have to have a giant that plays well too and that's a rare thing obviously -- played well and I wondered as far as big show. They've got a lot out of big shows its -- In WWE but. The problem is is a long giants just don't do -- -- -- look at the great colleague is cumulus. Can't move. Yet they still book him for some matches gives entertainment put a microphone from -- -- are saying some stupid song yet and then. You sort entertaining -- use the word garbage for that type of stuff. Fair enough. I understand -- from that. I I have no use for the -- mark. I'd really don't. You know how many times he's gone to the top -- to basically the -- -- to the top of the guards in the bottom card. Kerry -- giant you should be winning every match your seven feet 500 pounds stronger than anyone there. Just by the sheer fact that -- that much larger and everyone. I know you storm I don't find him much talent I. I think most people our age most wrestling fans older wrestling fans as we are would agree that he's pretty much useless. Com. So I guess that's that -- we come to. The UW. WE world heavyweight championship match -- is it similar words it is on backwards I don't. I can tell your back is they're saying I'm back. Thanks your real professional we -- order on TO Tony what I did I think you're the worst thirty under thirty broadcaster and Austin. But he to stump for votes like nobody feels you'd find that some chicken (%expletive) stuff on to agree to. Vote for think. How do you think mine was bad. -- -- -- -- Mike Riley was pure his pursuit. I'd start off I I was Mike's Riley's first votes like started. Is revolution. I think this conversation about not you know you shilling for votes is just about as interesting as the world heavyweight champ -- It. -- -- -- I'm bored by myself last summer and freedom bored by him he. He does have. This captivating. Persona. He looks great in the ring he can when he is on be fantastic in the ring lately I think he's. I won't say he's mailed it needs has been different in I think it's boring -- Black -- I I'm not a scene hater I've never been a CNET hater I know exactly what he's their forward what his persona is to be I'm totally fine with it. But the match itself was just boring you can't put two guys that are. OK in the ring together expect a great match the only time CNET has -- matches is way and he's with punk. He's with Jericho he's -- HBO K. And the same goes for or. But the time he has great matches when he's gotten opponent who's much better than him when you put the two of them together they both kind of -- together. When you when you said -- you know not getting mailed it in the -- in my mind it you know obviously the crowd at -- -- -- Every -- agent Andre is coming into. It's double that debt they've just settle into the after Egypt how like act -- -- -- and only like eight out of eleven under on LL go to do it. Without any. It just you know it there's right there's no. There's no interest from all sides that you like. Lowering chance but he doesn't know how to play with them he doesn't -- play with the crowd. And make him hate him even more just kinda keeps going through the motions. I feel -- it doubles -- the crowd it's an -- boring or do something like I don't know I don't know what. But the problem -- think he'll do anything. There's got -- we've wrestled the even more boring. Which if you're really watching a match you know that -- don't make a match crappy just replying to the drama of the entirety of the match. It good and think about it though he was good out of 88 -- maybe a little -- -- -- LL ever any particular debate they'd been in you know whatever. How large and now you deal that the at bat on it. You'd rather be. This make any sense I feel like you'd rather be a baby state that uninteresting. That it keel about it. I agree I agree that yet. I think overall he lacks the charisma to be agreed heel too is on Mike workers. Bland and its body it it's it's not good. Personally I look at him and I think he's more capable guys there'd be a great deal. He doesn't. It's like he doesn't take an active part actually excelling that characters -- I'm not. Jimmie Johnson has charisma but I'm not nine years old in my soul I mean it's just it's boring at this point if you if you look at those two together it's it's not a there's no venom or the other thing is regarded or not for a guy named -- where's the -- -- got his first time in. Well and you know -- say Orton I think -- now maybe it doesn't work that much but I mean has run in both 2009 up and it wouldn't want to. Supported the -- Orton and need to legacy and at that point. They -- want you to -- He was to complete bastard. Who you know it didn't say much. That works because. -- was -- -- the carrier was hurt or accident it's -- he was crazy. -- not so much that it's -- somewhere between that and he -- baby -- roll it out like Abbott smug apple that's out there. He should have he should be a -- that doesn't talk who's completely unpredictable you don't know when he's gonna show opened just put someone in the head and just walk out. That's what I do with them he's not tiger on the Mike as -- said. I just. Okay you're gonna be bad guy you're gonna take a tackle the faces and he's just a pump them in the head in the middle of their match and walked out not say damn word never explain yourself just do. And that that might be the way to go because when you hear him talk it's like this low halting progression of talking it's. Horrible if you intelligent he's rested he's not striking -- he's again he's not the viper Smart -- up fast it is. Just can't take it. It it's it's scripted with him I mean it's scripted with almost all of them but you could -- more so with him it's scripted now towards the end of the match you see the whites come out. And you seen they traded finishers which actually thought I liked that spot a lot would have. I think there's an elite eight got entertaining interesting happy and the you know being done or trade finishers. On the -- wasn't that bad news just little boring. And it got kind of interesting at the end and you know you think scene is just about to win he's got him and asked yet you. I don't know why it's come out and faces of the dumbest people on the planet earth. You've got him. 120 waiting for him to tap out -- just steps on the apron and you let him out of the hold. Dumber you. Make them have to kicked off for granted you know it'll be a DQ end or will retain the belts but then you have a legit shot to. Come back and said it legitimately Lucio. C'mon CD I I get it I get -- was it but you -- -- put more creative solution to. Get him to release that hold of them the fact that the lights just happened to show up. -- the 88 conundrum I guess that's just you know just how it has not been that -- things that don't make that. Now to distract. Your -- baseball Scott. So my favorite line in the entire movie is when dark helmet says -- -- he has. Parise evil will always triumph because good is dumb. How fitting is that for Russell. It's been hit it it'd be wrestling away -- me. Think about all those types of this particular art music like that happens we'll debate -- or -- -- but. You know the music of somebody plays and it looked toward Iran and there or not an end and ended the match I played a little things like that -- It is -- I. Other than bottoming out much I understand you're saying now -- to recount all. And I got into my big thing about -- -- in a sense of it being real. I don't even -- a year is -- point. Afraid for his wellbeing because -- got a -- an. Up point is its safety is more important than winning the championship maybe. I don't know LB -- -- Logic. So obviously the why it's cost John scene of the -- to -- world heavyweight championship belts. And. Clearly setting up -- overs parade feud in the future. Or so we think which. Mike I I'm intrigued by I've been a big fan of the whites especially -- ever since they debuted -- that they evolves fascinating thing they've got on. To -- the TV right now. And I think I am intrigued by the especially since he got to clean win over dinner -- with one of this we need to mention that move. In when talking about the -- Brian match where Bryant goes through the ropes whose suicide dive. Rate -- it catches him and does the sister Abigail -- onto the barrier outside. That was fantastic. I was blown away by that I thought those amazing spot. -- and I'd be capped at top doing it again in the -- And credit act outlet to describe. It is not match so might bake it in a way that made center like our Brian put himself on the line. He didn't work and that's why you lose so that may not almost want to clean -- make you know not that not a negative predict -- not all cigarettes. -- -- Capitalized and not just you know that's what happened but you gotta live -- -- bewildered at better than you know being distracted and rolled up. Think about it like this for second so he went through all this crap put the wise it's. And when the blow off came he lost. Which I was actually kind of happy about it. Now I'd like to write a lot I wanna see him become more focal point impede the champion but. I was happy the way they did that it I've really really really thought in Bryant was going to win one way or another so I was happy that that. So world heavyweight -- to match happens everyone's upset the crowds just kind of -- -- on it the whole time and thank you to -- -- in the liked him out of there are happy when that happened. Yeah but though the rumble comes out rumbles next and the crowd is pumped for the -- they were pissed at that match there were. -- different -- what was going on with the big show and Brock Lesnar but the -- rumble starts and its stars of the bank concealed on comes out number one. And anytime you hear that music the crowd pops. The rubble started out pretty good. I actually felt the rumble was very good until the final three. Yeah -- graphic the overall rumble itself was probably was fine I mean by. The problem that is it everything gets greater on the way but show ends. Andy you know in the immediate sit back in your -- you know realize okay these things were good about shelled by. When a shell and poorly it's going to get an overall ore grade because -- -- The last thing moment of the biggest staying open I didn't vote app happy and show and technically technically it did it obviously but they're not you know not no way that Debbie Debbie you probably want it to happen. You assume I don't think it'd be read it -- -- are -- -- absolutely troll and we want them to go crazy it got to the night but -- it. But it did I don't know that it. Maybe I mean if they're Smart -- can -- this whole thing just term Petit says he'll. That's what I would do to rectify the situation. And kind of so like yeah we are screwing Daniel Bryan and we want our guy and it's clearly what they are doing. In real life but it on screen I think they should do the same thing. So the rumble match is going there some interest in south and the rumble. Kofi Kingston as usual does something spectacular. Which -- him running down the guardrail. Jumping which was eager to house that I thought laws. And I was so thinking holy crap that enemy is not animated damn that. Here's Sears it's a collection. And I saw it on Twitter. Payment in my own spot but it out what are you don't ever that it bought. If the rule is to be -- to lower. Like until we just popped up one point. 2.2. But I know it now it edit pro wrestling. So so there's another there's a couple of interesting spots. -- Comes out put his -- -- -- he stresses corporate came. I'd like that it would go to the way it was done like you can look at it like it was collapse. Second thing I hear the rumble of that. A immediately goes after CM punk you know that's what the future's going in you you can see the progression of what we thought it was going to happen with punk and and Tripoli to -- Campbell what gets a little punk stuff and a few men always meant it's certainly coming you have to also seek a seat we get the wrestling tests. Know about -- Relay for our big angle for the end and we will pay it off well. But com. Punk eliminates -- rather quickly which I was actually happy about that didn't wanna see too much -- even -- he look like he was in amazing shape. Yet people in the that I thought were in their little too long -- shields and their little too long. Roman -- was clearly the star breaking cain's record of oh eliminations in a single royal rumble he looked really good but again still kind of boring. -- if you guys noticed. -- clearly -- some kind of concussion he was down in the corner for at least 1520 minutes. Which the commentators clearly played office he's playing the Smart move here he's east the -- down the quarries. The longevity of the match is gonna be fine but. And the way was limited to if you had a concussion that's just exacerbates things yeah. Well apparently you didn't actually have a concussion but he could and got out that we go and you know is bad because the report. The announcers as regular sang the announcers were playing enough but the camera crew wasn't. Whoever was directing it Kevin Dunn wasn't playing right by showing shots of him. In the quarter they kept avoiding that camera angle and you see like his feet. Or maybe you'd see from the corner of the the screen easy maybe someone kick him just kind of keep them quote additives in the match. Indicated a question for a while the most memorable thing apartheid in that rumble did eliminated. And -- eleven. Let me came. -- -- -- On adultery. The I don't know about that at that so -- -- -- got a problem when you know and -- knows what. Any app in the Reagan would affect him if that's kind of that that spot it eat at. During the rumble. In. What we're trying to do it in at number one. He also make that happen all the way through at a at a he eliminated by K which acts that I know would probably violate battering outside for like twenty minutes or eliminated. Was he really. Well -- notice that if you go back game you watched the when GPL. Answered the rumble. Eight and the camera did -- commentary table at 8818. A crop. The race and an elimination that it happened are still a couple more minutes. Let's talk about that adultery don't. Crap for a second. They'd better about it or walk back improbable action. Yeah -- saying it was better than a piece of (%expletive) Doesn't make it less than piece of (%expletive) Makes thoughtful piece of -- Small piece but I mean what the crap c'mon. Elton I don't I. Yeah I mean they're you know Curtis I mean I don't current ain't -- it is so. Why no and being able to read though it clearly it's obviously to get a couple of chuckles but slightly mutant a couple of tackles -- anyone I mean you have no prime time players in the card. It. Not yet there was no reason but I was okay with a 'cause it's Kevin Cash. -- tomato you know Kevin Nash you could legitimately somehow book that where it's like click consensus on the rubble and it's you you kind of grow like. I I had a concede that. And had a 110. -- Yeah but you know what I'm -- like there's no point for -- to read it to be in there. I don't probably JBL do and it I think those into saying. I thought they handled it well I was hoping he got in a close -- on from Helen there a realist as his clothes -- were always the best. -- again it was a wasted entry but I -- real problem and that. And then we we basically come down towards the end of the rumblings that the entire shield in there. You know you had -- what you're gold thus eliminate Cody. Last year Cody and eliminated gold thus those who come up -- for -- have but I don't think it's really planting the seeds of descent between the two of them and they used to -- you know kind of whenever. And we get down to the final four in the final four is the -- set. CM punk Seamus and Roman reminds. Great can we go back first so it just kind of developed a lack I'd -- -- -- I figured I'd know what people out watching with. You know in our handlers say okay who had been announced that it hasn't been in yet like L -- -- -- Rate -- Indicate that this act inclusion that. And about it than that because elect state you know -- one of the people and out like ministerial. Input into -- it. And obviously I think Del Rio was 26. Pete it was 28. Aggregate reporting Iowa and then you know thirty coming immigrated -- hadn't been in that. He's going to be thirty and help you out they didn't realize that because you know you're good you're a little more going on target focused -- a bit out. I mean I don't think the table watch and watch and editors. I would like it here at next about it and do -- and then mr. -- Crowd booed. Here to eliminate crowd cheers. And then all hell broke. In that sucks for -- I felt bad for us. It was just -- -- that put him in that situation. -- like 1130 that are gonna get up put some put Del Rio there yeah I Del Rio get picky picky. God knows he needs it so difficult. -- favored by all accounts a good guy kids love him putting in a position to just to -- -- take the brunt of -- booking is just. It like it Lex for -- them. The -- array. Who you know has been a very entertaining performer for. -- twenty years now. -- We know where they're -- AAA each. They're -- and creative they're booing them you know who's actually booking this crap. And Batista looked absolutely awful. I've never liked Easter I always -- studies -- big. Muscled up -- easier easier stereo -- Vince McMahon guys in the U fits -- -- man's wet dream to retain. That kept collapsing picture again it would get done -- a while to rain heat rains a lot in their since. What is -- about eighteen earlier that. It's. Okay at least they'd they'd show our our ultimate -- up a grain he just stayed there stoic. Looking like you're not even trying like just not that it's right there packed repeat that huffing and puffing out. Like to keep that out of high bit rate Bennett a forty minute. So all audition tape looking at the way they look great outrage just not right out. Yeah ABT says legacy and I've never been interest to buy him. Why you have someone that size -- -- face I don't know does make sense to me he's always just be he'll. Rains it's funny because I was watching and that is -- is is humongous. And you know when the -- debuted I've sought -- was huge huge I thought he was Batiste size he look like half of entities. Yeah it a little smaller and did you would think but. I think put him at the right opponent North -- right there right away he's still having a lot it's a big. Powerful that it got. There's been seeds planted over the last month basically the shield split and Marines being there at the break up guy being the face -- what's away from the -- takes out whatever. And the crowd once it was down to. Once upon got eliminated pulled out which I think is the dumbest way to eliminate someone to illegally pulled them out of the ring is such garbage. But he once markets eliminated. The crowd had no other option but to cheer for -- because the crowd doesn't like Seamus they've never really liked Seamus. The card doesn't like Batiste. They've always been kind of lukewarm on the TCI he had a good run but that was when the WW he programs were getting some of their lowest ratings. Anybody argue -- that it -- full time guys within the repair every week it is an hour right here every week you know he's doing its job employment. And how we don't you just walked in and you know I don't blame have been -- it. It is a man comes to -- comes to media says. He got -- obligated to million dollars a -- get a win the rumble out of nowhere and I wrestle mania. A guy -- I don't care -- diplomatic. Dietary I mean I do it's not the tease us fault it's his fault he's better shape. You know he looks fantastic but it. Clues McCarty is not there so obviously you know rains it looks like for second old crap greens like are allowed number two servers and throws about Internet may have -- Final elimination it's bad -- -- wasn't even he just. I should -- or -- that he describe. -- first he reversed brains. Throw them towards the rope and then he -- -- over in the crowd booed and I was. Fine with the crowd -- and I went on the sheets and read the comments and they were all written in the shreds out of LeBron. Leave it -- wanted to make that interest thing they should -- created -- out I'd. With -- and CNET and -- rain -- the people aren't the same I'm wrapped all -- didn't come storming out. And not -- a lot -- time at least like you know. Just make it yet the work I got out -- Arabs on. Make it more memorable making his plans -- yeah I agree. So we come the raw and we're expect being you know -- rank comes out and talks and right. Yeah I epic and Dana -- -- up first guy out but in beat out in the initial sanction the focus was on the they got the focus on being a -- -- the majority of the night they let pop and he ended. Yeah it will focus is -- on him in Tripoli -- they clearly. Set up the plans that okay now we're just now Bryant face Tripoli to which life. I'm OK with but I thought -- first triple H. Made more sense because the seeds for that have been planted over. Seven years now where you get Russell minimum between the two of those guys I was OK with that potentially happening. Now it appears that it will not. Which you know let's forget all about raw because it's really irrelevant in the grand scheme of what's going on right now and that's the news that we found out which was CM punk. Went home. CM punk apparently. Quit the WW. Apparently he was upset with -- did you do -- wanna. Batista getting coming back and automatically getting a shot to main event wrestle mania which I agree with him I think it sucks partly because I don't like Batiste. He criticized the rock for doing it. Which I thought was wrong because the rock. You might be able to -- use the biggest name his businesses ever seen I -- the -- Coca right. -- Barack earned it is. It is. Ability to do that. I completely agree. And the rock. -- was is still such a compelling character that it warranted itself that. -- the rock and he's a legend he can walk into whatever he wants and tablet like Scott said he earned that right yeah. -- now really now Batiste. Someone who is Matt wrestler in my mind to begin with angry I think the peak of his career it was the part of one of the my favorite staples of all time pollution but. I mean. To east and yet I got a legend that's -- favor in my book. I agree and the fans don't. The fans agreed to do you know everyone in the read it does not like that guy and his board by him I think his for the most part always kind of been bored by him. He had a little bit to him back in the day he did there was little -- their that the fans liked it it was that power that he had and it gets glob on to match her. Have hurting word punk or with the situation relieved on -- say stone cold Steve Austin to double and came back now. Not a -- he's alleged. That. I think that's -- I mean I've been audited reports coming up all week out you know -- But everything so you know be heard he's unhappy with creative direction he's. Unhappy which is Eric -- actually eased. It was the report IE. Yet yet I think people and yeah it overheard a backstage argument book or raw. Where the night -- regular it's -- -- maybe being hurt in the rubble but I you know what quote you know. I app player concussion at I'm not going out saying that out -- -- along those lines. I'm happy with that you know and it I had actively been going nonstop for how many years he's obviously had injuries. Don't get -- it it's definitely not one thing or another hit it that that the budget thing. And you know rest of the creative stuff. Most banditry -- most fans don't wanna petite in the main event Odyssey and -- -- a bunker. No -- to a in the air. Odd day in day out. But at the end. What are I I'd I'd support is spots. I don't support the idea is out on all. -- I don't either I think it's BS by him you've got a contract response on your contract. And. And it is the argument that you know wrestling is so different than any any other. Shop. You know eight point. Were unhappy with our job. What you know the radio. In and we decided not to go to work tomorrow dot. You know you're screw yourself over because it's not dead and buried it in in the business not to hire yet. -- blacklisted. For not showing up. And then think about it at you know attitude is that you know I'm not showing up her my production jobs that. Or you really you know screwing over. The listeners. All the listeners so wanna hear me do forward for I mean they're -- right interprets Abbas and obvious. It over distraught over -- all -- all screwed over Andy. Screwed over everybody and -- -- -- -- that in the end don't get it show that as predicted the and it just got to go down a -- com. And -- -- you know short on maybe -- old hands anything maybe you can make an argument. You know but. Get ready under contract until July. Not -- I'm -- contract back in July I have got an eleven or whenever won so coming up again in July. It's just me it. Block it out on -- team for the Super Bowl. Here -- very disagree with you about something you said -- -- went into the stands well. Don't know I'm I don't I'm not saying that I'd heard a knock her -- argument you make you can make the argument yeah you know what. -- -- I don't -- candidate -- adamant. About the reason I say that is because. You're. All your fame and fortune is derived solely from the fans. I agree I think I think it goes both ways. It's it's such a business where it is completely dictated by the fans. You know for the most part yeah obviously that -- and wants but. And to make the argument that bans wouldn't support him and love and let it was so damn good at what he'd done. So. That's artists say you know what -- given you know. Yet but they had what they want -- -- naked and what you want you know the fame and fortune and epic how to play -- each other away but I know in the end you think if you care about the band then. He would say you know what I held just suck it up for the next six months. And I'll finish it out. Power forward due to -- away that it. Or professional. Like go to sit down talk debate and say hey you know I just don't like -- going on on burnt out bako walked out on mute -- I would rather either fix it. Or you know dump it on and just do it alleged that. More suitable. For everybody. He's clearly. One of the higher maintenance superstars are sparse to creative aspect goes but. This is high maintenance. Kind of adequacy pitching discuss that's not what it is is what make ready. Is what makes him so great is a character to you so much of who he is into that. I think that's what mediums so great in medium so in that era to -- play bay itself for an -- explain himself and he works this face or heel. The hands well look -- it I think that's what makes him greatest. The very thing it's driven him away from the company. That is is there any chance. That. This is just -- stunt on his part is any chance. I don't. Here here's where OK here's what I think's going to happen at least. From what I've read Vince really wants him back triplets is kind of feels disrespected by punk which is -- which is right I can kinda actually understand it but it's super triple H. Your time has come and gone but he just let it let it die. Here's what I think will happen. Punk will be back. They will write it off has the story line. Even know I think we all know it's not storyline but it will be presented to us as if it was some kind of in some kind of story line I. I really think he'll be back before wrestle mania I think the guys just burnt out needs a couple weeks off. Maybe pop up on -- after elimination chamber the -- kind of surprised leading up to wrestle mania. Reignited feud with someone Tripoli to whomever jumping into the main event picture something. I think he will be back I know he says he's done but I think that's a a tactic in negotiating tactic in a way. I think the guy bleeds. Eats sleeps -- whatever wrestling. It's it's all he wants to bank -- that's all you can do. You know it was reports about him going to be fighting this got MMA. I think you would get the absolute crap kicked out of from. You know just just watching the guy you can see. Certain athletes. And their coordination. -- Brian is very coordinated. CM -- when you watch a withering as excellent as he is in the ring he's not exactly the most coordinated athlete. You can watch the way he runs -- he jumps that kind of clues you into certain things he stepped into eight. It's USC he'd get slaughtered absolutely slaughtered I believe he's probably insanely tough but. He's not exactly very fast. He's not exactly very strong. I would see him just in his ass kicked in and octagon. Yeah I mean I would agree that I think he'll be back eventually. It is day that the fact of the matter is there's just so much money they can be made it from that now. Why's why would you miss out and wrestle mania paycheck. It is. Always seen -- do this in the past. This isn't new awesome did this -- came back but it kind of ruined Austin's career. It was that turning point for us or it's kind of like. He kind of a jackass. We love you but you kind of jackass. I hope it doesn't have been -- but that -- Boston's legacy it didn't. You know it's it's almost you have to bring it up to her mind someone that that happened with Austin. -- with when you go back and look at when he returned yet he got that it pop but it was kinda he was a man without permission. Our audit Austin you know going leaving it was so different -- you know about the circuit that that -- leaving. It was because it not because they want -- in necessarily to lose their -- Brock Lesnar. It was. Because don't do it all wrong with -- promotion. So -- -- I -- in a way it is right. Anyway if they don't meet and everything in order is that. How you act as a paper it built it up all -- It's strange in equities commodities that you regret that decision immensely. And they also you know Vince also at that time went out on I believe it was -- might inspect him but it preacher rock went out on -- and told the whole story. Of him leaving him scoring over the fans which was I thought the right thing for events to do. Be honest tell them what battles going on we know it's not real we get. We're not stupid we would we still watch it because we know what's going on. Tells the truth a little Britain. -- do would appreciate yourself more to. So I mean it's been it's been a crazy week -- -- everything and -- -- dominated everything at. Its. Making its way around news outlets and you know that's considered Indian news outlet but it. It is I mean it's. -- it is but it's it is -- mean people people read that more than they read the actual news so. It's what people want to that in the garbage but you know that's not we're not going get into that really podcasts here by. I really think he'll be back. Before wrestle mania I hope you'll be back. I'm not gonna not watch -- -- punks not on pain Helen watched for 25 years now not gonna stop just -- one dudes not on anymore. Yeah that'll be another break outs are held data Bryant still there. He's not back on the Mike but it is so so tell a compelling story in the ring and hopefully today. This kind of is that you know clue in for them that they need to really do something with Daniel Bryan says. Just because he's now what you envision a superstar to beat doesn't mean he's not a superstar doesn't mean he can't sell merchandise look at all of those fear the beard. -- -- -- It's CM punk was that he wasn't gonna sustain merchandise he was the street -- -- -- he wasn't marketable he wasn't John -- it will guess what he's the most marketable piece in the WEP -- irate -- WWW. -- pirate now. -- is coming to -- WEEI comedy yeah it's going to be great thing. He has been here once before remember some of the girls here. Drop their pennies real quick. So that -- off. Suited up gone against a pat will double cynicism about it. So. As as -- three of us talked about notes to a -- In the royal rumble it was a massive disappointment. I thought they they really did a disservice to themselves especially. Coming up with -- you know with a WWB network coming up. That's why it really takes him will be back as it's just gonna have to cave and if you look at vintage track record he does usually cave. And he doesn't do well when a superstar kind of goes into business for himself and and just. Ups and leaves Ottoman decides that I got better things to do them distance. Bought it all these superstars are independent contractors -- wait and wait. So not in the way they -- opponent so when -- -- that leverage I mean look at the undertaker who would you look disrupt the undertaker a lot yet you would know I am I am actually glad they don't when he used for -- so he's got that -- -- Austin had the leverage the -- the leverage -- With a different to the undertaker though. And he under -- different then literally everyone else. Undertaker has never left since he's been there in 1990. Survivor series 1990 he is never laughed. He's gone on hiatus in terms of he's hurt but take six months off he can't really do this on a night in night out basis but only bring him back for big events I'm finding that because he's never really left. There's always been may be. -- in ventured into the the movie -- either it's not like it's holocaust missile rockets not even -- bleached mean the -- it was a horrible movie but it. The evil tried to branch of the undertaker topic he's just don't nor would he do well in a -- he's uniquely wrestling. He isn't he's. The greatest -- character ever. A gimmick that. Should by -- -- never. It's clearly early ninety's cheese and it somehow. Worked amazingly well taking up the knowledge of the undertaker its present that to -- you -- Garretson that will reach an employer six at the goal post. That's another again when you have the right person doing the right character. It. Works even if it's something bizarre like gold -- how bizarre he was whether he was kind of wanted -- and razor Ramon owners on the but it worked it was bizarre but it worked -- -- hence the bizarre. And the undertaker worked even though he he he changed with the times often enough to keep it fresh but still be the same character saying they would gold -- to a certain degree. You obviously you know it was gone for a long time. I think CM I'm going back I think -- winning the rumble was a massive mistake. I thought they should uses a different way maybe you're just it's the royal rumble. Through the highlight of the night is the rumble match. I would have been -- I would deliver a bit would have been far more -- sudden he comes back and he. Unfairly gets a championship match at the royal rumble. I thought he could play that awful lot better. And you really could have done mortgages and things storyline wise with him all of sudden get backs on favoritism. That can really ignite feuds in a different way. -- who really ignited the whole basically pumpkin Brian -- the authority feud. Just thrown him backing giving him an opportunity right away -- about maybe you know would have been annoying but you could still play things off in a different way. I think -- they've really tested out they've really tested up and. When this is about so when they're about to launch the network in 24 days. There's a lot of backlash going it is so they need to do something to make this right and will we stop watching no life. Can't lose your second. Some could argue first most marketable starts is seen as the base of the column know Latinos the most marketable star. Because because of the kids because of the -- -- economic bullish because you can pop up on any show. You know he's -- reaction either way whether it's Europe boring day we teaching load up close look at that he doesn't get to your boring he gets the well I mean really -- scene which is okay don't -- Portland it's been what. Ten years this. Almost almost ten years I mean he was the doctor thought economics -- it's -- 25 to six which. Was interest it. Sina has been able to get himself over no matter where he's -- the car and he still over. And over doesn't mean you're getting cheered you're getting a reaction that's over means and he gets a reaction every time he is out there. And I actually become more of CNET and as time goes by with him keeping the same character -- Hogan. Because eventually when he does -- he'll be that much more memorable if you pull the plug on the face right now it will be -- memorable you do it in three years from now. Okay now again it's it's seriously he could be could be dangerous -- that will be phenomenal story -- Is that the turning the next big turning point wrestling has been obviously Hogan went out -- that was huge -- because. Seen as big as he is right now. How is no -- year the level of Hogan. Guess seen them makes all the time to -- seen it brings a lot it's very different times in a brings a lot of money would merchandise but. What people don't talk about in that equation is inflation. And the prices for teachers have gone so obviously he makes money of teachers protested Hogan did Hogan. You could literally almost go anywhere in the world and if he said the name Hulk Hogan they know we're talking still to stay still to this day. So the Hogan he'll turn. Was was the most amazing. Story line of the it's well. One of the two most amazing assortment of the past twenty years poker tourney he'll run in the NWO. And Austin -- man. Those were of the two biggest story lines in the past when he 25 years of breast. Does this on going forever now. This is when July comes around and he doesn't sign that contract if -- why -- I -- I think he's back for a I think if you expect to cause he's got to fulfill the contract I believe in filling contracts global block. Like when that contract expires to sign a new one or is he gone for awhile or ignore completely is it is a situation where he says he's gone completely. I do not police is the Barry Sanders I'm done it's done. I hope not. And this is a business where this is obviously very different from football you can come back at 45 and still be productive. I hope it's not because I am a CM punk fan I haven't always been CM punk fans. I was intrigued when he first debuted as I've heard about it in the Indies so I was kind of -- like who's this guy -- underwhelmed. I think they've misused him so I was underwhelmed by that. And he's become the most over guy he's the best on the Mike and it's not even it's not even close. He is so much better than -- -- -- with the exception of Paul Newman who is the best all aimed to make him I agree. -- was always very good at it like I mean Paul is in my mind one of the top three of them like. Ever -- and elders help costing create that stone cold sequels to persona and he CW -- Kind of I mean he gave the platform it was frustration with the Austin and all that but. There's there's nobody on the Mike the compares to him at this point you read about that anybody Douglas who who's the next Mike prisons. -- While that that really is kinda. Is and I mean who votes that. You can't think of it hurts it turns out that right now. You see you or you got Batiste was terrible like. AD is voice doesn't match his body. So it really screws up this whole presentation. -- Cain cain's -- vertigo. Data Bryant is not very good. My -- you realize. Realize realize it's the best and Mike. Without him on there and not including Paul aiming -- -- -- are supposed to be -- that pets were to hold position is enacting key. -- -- body to bring you know the two best. You'd be hard for me to split the two. Just figures I think Hammond does a better job of getting over storyline where is Bobby the brain was. -- here on the might -- off on here in a little more engaging Bobby could sell story line almost as well but I think Paul's just a little bit better. Think there's been a it's really an adequate in my opinion they've developed on my talent is there isn't any right now obviously. -- CNN is. It's seen -- still good on my own well developed years ago yeah. Can have one -- two guys around ten years. Well I mean that's kind of how works I mean every punk he's not your prototype wrestler he's not at all not -- From the independents he kicked around the ring of -- -- great wrestler. It's. A misuse immediate. Agree promotes its yield any firewall makes -- great. Mean like who didn't hate CM punk which came out during the -- There's a reason I was so good. -- so good some people called disrespectful. It's wrestling maybe Paul -- would have signed off on that I guarantees of inspect -- production it is an incident in production and Vince everyone always says and and opener said the senator -- before which was. You know one of thinks he respects about variances he'll never ask you do something that he would be willing to -- Yet as and -- Kelsey Williams and Vince will do anything. He's an askew put kisses that seeks while he's going to be the one that eventually gets his face -- -- -- apps. So he'll take stone cold stunner at times to take insanely hard chair shots and head. You'll -- applicant for the fall off the steel cage. He'll do anything so you have to be able to do it back for him because he'll do. You know willingness to make full. Almost I think -- was a little too eager quickly and at those -- now. I think sometime in March. We're in discussions I think we're gonna -- -- on the -- cast in March that's pretty leading up to wrestle mania which I'm really excited for because there's only two books. In my entire life that I've read more than once. The old man in the -- by Ernest Hemingway and blood tears and sweat socks -- the only two books -- -- which one was that are. What they'll -- multi -- classic but in terms of wrestling book none have even sniffed. Way -- first book he wrote his own books -- and he wrote that book in three hours on a plane. With excitement it's excellent tools for. It's great notes it's him it really is a great fantastic and really hope it works out and that we do have thankfully I'd love to get him in studio. We'll see if that works. -- Either way I think we will have him one way or another I'm leading up to wrestle mania and and -- On Twitter. During the rumble right after the rubble had the strongest comments and said yo you know it was a W -- hate their fans. Like he was BS about the whole thing you can tell and he was the first four cameras became it was a huge mark. And I think he's completely right he's right on the side of the -- me he might BM WW ever again because of it by. You mentioned Twitter we didn't we didn't mention that the WW. On follows CM punk yeah. The final -- yeah it's our it's his story lines go over to border and look Tim Duncan Rockford. Talking crap on Twitter to each other when their feud was going on so. You really can only take it's -- -- it's wrestling. You gotta take everything immigrants all you have to. You can do these podcasts. Hypothesize about things like you have to take the -- because anything can happen that's why I asked earlier this this was just work yet or I've thought about it too I've thought about whether or not aware if it is. It's freak -- Orleans if it is. It is but at the same time it's the second time it's happened upon. So either way I could see it being the work. This just seems much more real but it it it seems too real to the story line and he's stage like the cut his money. Okay that's clearly she hosts. Well yeah. It this is it's an interest in time I really hope he's back to wrestle mania I think. Him being gone will hurt the -- for the WWB network I think still -- you'll sign up for myself included -- assuming you'll that would do. And we know. -- -- well. -- just as he was extremely excellent as I think you at a Boehner while he was being made actually talked to him minutes later it's. He was almost -- control. Because of the boundary yes that's just -- -- look as -- or you can argue is too much -- Yeah so I mean that's that mean it's been an interesting week in wrestling the royal rumble being. Basically look back on it now right now site of disaster. With the exception that the opening paper view -- not the pre match or the crucial match. Aside from that it was it was basically that is asked -- how could they -- the second most important paper view with the year -- I think it's the second most it's my favorite of the year but it's it's it's a second most important. They did it totally dropped the ball they're ruined it I think today. I think triple H. Wanted to prove something to people axiom on container -- by bringing. Back Batiste. And he thought that the -- it would get this huge mega pop. -- wouldn't give two craps about tease him when he left he was not missed. He wasn't missed. A touch yes that they're completely -- -- touch area. They they they're so inconsistent from week to week. They don't know what they're doing with the whole triple H definite -- authority thing. They're so -- stop right now and how they're running this they don't have a real wrestling people running and it's. One of the people I love in this business who's kind of psychopath and you some problems of people it mr. -- Jim court at the -- got through and through when he talks about how to do things in wrestling the house to be a payoff has to be a long build to that payoff. There is no -- built this what you're getting like soap opera writers. Writing this program ends. And they feel like they need to give you something extremely shocking week to week when the realities you don't you just need to build. Soap opera with something built me. -- sort of -- -- It's like bring back the US wants an and so apartments side have been real apparently there is because my -- -- watching -- -- -- different that night. Come over how she's like admiral episode just a few Wear -- Shut up its general -- was a Sox. Setting target the new age outlaws bring them back it's great love -- -- and you could play that big school in Clayton. The whole authority angle you really could. Old DX cronies. Coming back -- getting shot at the old evolution chrome users up yet but I know you love evolution but I love that they pale in comparison to -- yeah obviously to be impact that it had. I thought evolution is great at photos phenomenal as it was a well bill. Clicker when everyone cause stable excuse me. But bringing back the outlaws. Well that makes you successful fifteen years ago and I'm okay with doing medication but when you do. When you have going on with four different people at the same time. You have in which outlaws yeah Brock. And you Batiste. And and soon you're about to have the undertaker. And -- That's coming and players under contract. And flair. Hogan -- different stories you know they're not wrestle they're gonna -- -- bite -- whatever you know filers is gonna make appearances here in their Hogan -- -- -- A focal point. To a certain degree of estimated my guess is he's not quote host of wrestle mania. Yet Obama's. Hope it's always good for a cheap pop vocal looks. It's. Mean for the same time Batiste doesn't even have -- sucks that's never good why would you -- it to that. I don't know will here's why I don't I know exactly why he's last year Lister. To I'll tell you exactly why expertise that was I'll tell you exactly whether bring back tees. There's a movie coming out this summer that people think is going to be huge movie called guardians of the galaxy is going to be pardon them. So that's why they did it. To stupid frigate promotional garbage and the funny thing is he's gonna have to leave -- that before that movie comes out to do the promo tour. -- on talk shows and talk to people. It's basically all about that movie and that they think that's gonna be huge movie cannot tell you this right now that movie is gonna flop. Just like his time in the WW. His second excuse. I basically just wanna punch tees off topic is role is that movie it's -- and obviously. We don't care did you know about that movie until it. I had heard of struggling to find the name of my head as you were speaking about the visit is part of the marvel cinematic universe -- that but this looks awful. Yes stick the Captain America Iron Man suit that. -- to -- vendors don't create new superheroes. We don't wanna go down that road but that's why Batiste is back. Is because of that movie coming out that think it's gonna be the next avengers in and get 900 million dollars. He's not a rock that's that's he's the rock. I'll come out we have to end it on that he's the crock these -- -- I'm sorry you can Fisher. He's not stop bringing the level will be east actually be terrible you know it's it's not that super -- in the -- but what was it. Walking tall -- -- -- -- was an interest in part of the rundown was excited at the right that was okay great photos to movies did you know fun actually -- -- -- kicked me. -- -- Yeah I mean he was fine movie resisted -- -- -- that gridiron gang it was that to the through. Fairy but you know defense appears movies were all pretty once he got aboard those are two pretty big movies X enters the sooners went on because yeah. Sort of so he didn't mean the rocks while the biggest stars in the history of this business you know I I actually give him the nod over Austin Austin. Awesome was the catalyst for that whole attitude -- but I give a nod over Austin because of the movies. Is Austin's movies have been. Direct to dvd releases. The condemned the users. Maybe -- muzzle on direct to dvd. I I just you know. I really you're right about Iraq over Austin religious it doesn't feel right -- Actually pisses me off some of Austin guy I am too. I love Boston Austin -- in the ring -- please outside the wrestling world a lot of Austin does is it for. Granted. A lot of his success now has been through the movies but it's because of wrestling -- -- -- -- rules com. I think I just you know I've I basically looking at likeness. You know -- Hogan the greatest wrestler of all time not by -- shot was over immigrants on the Mike no. Hogan was integrated two of those eighties Promos he was was he the past now. But it. It was -- name justices that sparked -- and will RC. There will be enough and they'll never be another Hogan Toby never anyone tops him I don't care of people it Jim Ross says. You look at some of the greatest stars mean that the greatest wrestlers ever they just almost of home art. You know HBK might be immigrants wrestler ever. Is he one of the biggest stars -- don't watch those matches with him -- fantastic. Almost any back to an agent Greg you go watching each became verse each -- kinda mind games is 96 -- retirement match which flee it was way past his prime Lewis sixty if -- HP today. Is -- so. Let's just stop here because. Otherwise you arrogant talk for a two hours -- legal. Two and you're heroes. Well most definitely. So -- studied that cuts. That's this week of wrestling it's been an eventful week it has been a good week for wrestling it really hasn't and the wrestling fan feels but now and they deserve to. I I feel I am annoyed -- what's going on my at a stop now. Whatever stop watching just because the impound absolutely not by. I might not. The is active participant in it I might not dead I probably still will but it's great field. Maybe I would get the WB network. Where I will but. He dotted. And to bring him back he'll be back that's -- Minnesota in what fashion he will be back before wrestle mania mark my words. We're gonna do this again next week -- -- do this every Saturday were we get onto a wrestler cast maybe every other Saturday. Magnitude to around the paper views but will definitely cranking them out as wrestle -- season ramps up W invite me back again you'll be invited back Q did very well. I want a little less talking and if you go. Well you always want to talk less well that's because I want to talk. More from me less from yes -- now I'm even talking about in the office I'm not even on the -- right now let's talk interview would be much better. Thank you very much for joining us this is another edition of -- wrestle -- thanks to. The usual host Scott sued cough who was out assignments they covered a couple of basketball games thank him for joining us on the phone ambiance agrees to do that. Thank you very much -- For joining us are really perceive coming in kind of at the last moment openness out. We could find you on Twitter where. Craig WEEI. Craig WEI that is very original Craig is also part of the Dennis and Callahan and many -- morning show. He's on -- sausage on air you follow Scots who took off on. Twitter at -- took off I think that's Matsuzaka at suit cough just typed in his name and it'll come up. There's not too many of Pacifica says you can follow me on Twitter at young -- WEEI you can hear me every day. Assault and Holley show at 4 o'clock a host for it for good actually find me on Wednesday night at the owners are judging the -- girls competition. -- I get to tell hot girls that they're not hot enough. -- Elements also at all I know you actually -- -- you're just a big fat liar by the way don't give me crap about my original Twitter handle your own bed. A young. Jose vein and just younger than ever and ultimate show it's just the fact. Well -- -- that we're all in vain he would have been saying you feel pretty bad you're the only bad. My Twitter handle should be best -- at WEI. That's a fact to try to think somebody else nobody. Lose second Mike but it's. Well he's got no matter how can you have -- you also follow us all on Twitter -- The Russell -- would opposes I don't know I don't keep up with an interview the guy Russell can't WEEI -- casts sure why not you confided to search for. -- free tweets in the from a you'll find I know Jesus Christ has too much you -- sweater. Guys any time any feedback is o.s welcome hit us up on -- you know where to find us thank you guys for listening again. I'm Ben kitchen Craig from the Dennis and balanced out who took off thank you very much talked to guys next time.

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