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Jenny Dell vs NESN vs The World

Jan 31, 2014|

Salk and Holley with Christian Fauria discuss the reassignment of Jenny Dell by NESN and the multitude of opinions out there from those reacting to it

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Come back to the -- dealt -- get into the on the phones -- -- want to 61777979837. Christian Fauria is here as well a couple of our Mike -- you brought up moralizing and I think there's been a ton of at this whole idea of she can't be objective which I think is ridiculous in any event. -- the other one I read today in the globe is Wallace sideline reporter is -- quote world sideline reporter isn't necessarily a journalist. The effect that fraternizes with the player's house on genuine female journalists who have fought for access and credibility is palpable really. If Jenny -- gets married to will middle Brooks what the hell does that have to do with any other woman was not -- -- Benjamin what does that have to deal with any other woman journalist. Who was not on the sideline reporter -- working for the team like Jenny is. How would kotsay does it affect Jackie McMullen how does that affect I mean any any number of other female journalists out the -- as I covered a measure that would -- -- -- discovered station needs. -- -- We don't need honesty here that's when he -- some -- series we can be honest. About a number of things number one. Jimmie -- has her job. At Nelson she's in that role at NASA. Because number one she may have a very good journalistic ability maybe I don't know. But the number one thing what what they want it for that position somebody who looks. About right or wrong you are okay. So. This is this does not affect. All female journalist. In May affect all attractive. Female journalist to. -- I -- I think what people wanna say this stuff but this -- -- -- This is not about all every female who goes into the locker room sometimes if your if your -- don't want to locker room. And 845 year old player is not looking your way. It's cold. Yet I have a 5055. Year old female journalist. Public and get -- attention real talk of. We'll metal Brooks -- ego who's not even parity and it's very attractive well that's one. Number -- Don't know about. Right people know about this yet. But he -- anything. Until it was. Tweeting until years until a move was made that that you have a problem with this. Bodies write about it auto pilot keyboard tough guys who came out now with their high and mighty moral as -- -- about how this is a travesty that NASA would continue to employ it was an -- it was an open secret where were you before. There was an open secret -- in New England everybody. Knew about it. But nobody nobody had a problem with that until. Now that the deal is done and she's been reassigned now we're getting -- you can't have this can't do that. I just well -- going to be more honest. Let's be honest -- like so like we couldn't see this coming. You could see this like this is this is always an issue get a hot girl hot chick while hot won't whatever you sticker airlock Romney however travel with the team. Guys are going to hit on -- guys are gonna want to date her and who -- who knows what else OK so. The question I want -- the -- on how do you avoid that you know -- gonna happen -- boards -- single these guys are single sold them not single. I saw was gonna happen. It's like a surprise whatsoever. And I'm not surprised that military everything. It was not it's not news until until echo what is that I heard debating -- this tweet that out goof ball parents. Who cares until -- OK now we can talk about it. But hours I was thought that those situations. Where you're you're the boss of Jenny doubted regardless you do all these things -- it's don't date the players. The -- told you they told the -- not to date cheerleaders told she was robbed at the ball players so on and down the road it always happy. And the other thing is I've -- former -- use it to eighty years spinal former player married to a former C gallon in the both things happen all -- -- it in the and the other thing is Leo where. You talk about the effect on female journalist. And I've seen -- quote a lot even from FEMA journalists that think. You know average and said something she had a a quote a while ago like you can't do this. You know credibility and all that. -- It and she should be no journalist don't get three strikes to get one. So where's the problem. Is a problem with. The -- let's attack the root of the problem if that's the case. Think you need to hit it you need to go higher than you do more courageous fight. Is attacking the system that doesn't give you do the same number of strikes at against the men. So don't like -- -- since that's the case I'm just gonna buy it and say this cannot happen and anybody who does this is wrong because FEMA journalists don't get. The same latitude right there male journalist get attacked assistant -- but it definitely. -- could use a word again that you know doesn't fit this this particular situation that's journalist you're right a female journalist somebody who was a beat writer for the Boston Herald. Or beat writer for the glow over the pro gel or works -- ESPN AA supposedly impartial. News gathering. Source you're right. But this is not that -- This is not that that is not what being the sideline reporter for the network that is owned by John Henry. That is that is not what that is is not a journalist. I mean I I like genetics does a good job but nobody confuses that would journalism this idea that that she's not going to be object about watts. What opinion is she being asked were she has to be objective as -- just giving information product is products easier though it's probably easier it may be easier in what -- that -- what -- problem but the idea it may be. But the idea that it that she's a journalist in this compromising some integrity of watts. Only when somebody said there hate jennies and a and a public setting hey Jenny how do you think will middle Brooks is playing do you think he should be shipped out of town or not. Dot -- Jerry don't go to her for that information. Yes it is and having her on one of their shows afterwards to ask that information any more than they could now while she's sitting in the -- and sports desk. So tell you what what information is compromised what opinion is changed or compromised because she's dating somebody on the team. She's essentially and in many ways a PR staff. But the Boston Red Sox should not allowed to report news before happens. Tell me what I know it's compromised here what can tell me that so well why you that there that there is something crazy going on the needs to change so why -- but why I don't know -- -- get I don't I don't understand you have it you're on the team you I'd. Issues that well I here's the thing maybe they -- they're pulling their B copyright Blair corporate lawyer -- -- if they're telling me that is if she wanted to out. I'm by no means but then letter -- story. And if it if it fits more that they don't want will middle Brooks to be effected because he's their big investment put money involved and he's he's worth a certain amount he's their asset and they don't want his girlfriend traveling on the road ever -- with -- doubt I'll understand I cannot say that's the reason. And then it's about him not about her. I'm like recognize the fact that he's worth more to them he's a player on the team is supposed to a reporter but said it's about him it's not about her Tex -- okay fine Texas as what's. Bigger problem with silent reporter dating a player. Or the owner of a team owning media outlets the coveted. I mean I I would say that I'm and there are a lot of the latter seems apologetic -- car lot that -- a lot the conflict in the and and you know this is we got today's news -- John Henry. Has a and he CEO. Any publisher of the Boston Globe. One of those positions belongs to him and he's the publisher named him throughout the publisher of the paper that he owns and his friend as the CEO. -- is just a Red Sox he's the owner Red Sox and owner of the Boston Globe in the globe covers are Red Sox their lots of conflicts I say this before you like I. That these people just got to step from the rooftop to say in wag their fingers. I've I believe I'm realistic about it we -- all compromised in some ways -- conflicts of interest. That we all have in some way if you if you spend time just thinking about it breaking it down. Even the folks who claim that they are above it all. And we have any dirt on them and they are pure or they're just. They're just detached observers are full of crap. I guess I just look at this and say because. If she worked at the Boston -- short of the globe short to the pro Joseph different I would understand but she doesn't she works at NASA NASA is owned by the Boston Red Sox. Any any copper anything that would be compromised by her dating a player on the team. Is has is any lower degree that whatever is already collateralized by the fact that she works for the Boston. Unless unless you believe that you can be a little bit pregnant. You know -- got upset if this is what I mean by that. There's an inherent there's an inherent conflict. Anyway there's an inherent conflict anyway because of what you just said to -- 80%. A NASA and is owned by the Red Sox in the 20% owned by the Bruins. So that's a conflict. So that you do you believe that the conflict worsens. When you have someone coming in and then they're dating a player to ever did an already exists especially in this particular role that you don't know if she popular person in -- Who has been in a situation where they have -- a a Red Sox employee had eight -- an employee. We don't have wound up together. You know what my favorite people what -- my favorite people at the Red Sox used to be there media relations directors. Pam Pam can now. -- can -- them. We got together. It embarrasses the -- as the executive producer of rents threats out broadcasts yes. -- -- -- The eighth you know media relations director for for the team got together thought -- -- -- rate. Graduation. Happened it'd -- chow did it change the way -- which almost you know what this front though this is and it's a different conversation it's. You have a conversation about somebody in -- relationship. With a player. One reporter. That -- term for now so one reporter one player in a relationship. As opposed to some other things we've heard about in the past where there's one attractive reporter. And there are seven or eight or ten players in furious pursuit. Over that's deaf -- is emblematic I did give an -- and a look you could make the argument -- that she is dating one player on the team ends any of that into any competition on the team and anybody. In any misgivings -- teammates might have with -- each other about it six or 7779790%. And I'm told we have a silver -- dog is in Bristol, Rhode Island I don't. I don't I might end up. Mike Mike Mike was a man. I have I've called them -- what -- -- the first time I get to stick with salt so I must be excited let's get my at its pilot in my life it should be excused. Anyway but what if it's until Jackson married to -- but the daughter yes what you married -- what they're well coached that game. I think self. Yes they were there were they were they were dating -- did you develop these days. And scenes that seem to be no none none no matter and -- to act and it had offers and tried to come back the liquor and other teams. And he's married to -- -- electorate thought tickled to actually came to coach the Celtics. And he's married to the owner of the lakers now I think -- -- -- -- would that make it different. A trick question I -- that's a great question that I love that question William Ellison bells and -- -- What other situations have has this been reversed. We're just like they were Phil Jackson and and and they get together is there another when he if he were it's been a player. Where it's been a female player and as we know what you know what would be. You know and the lakers situation it's actually. Maybe the relationship worked against Phil Jackson they still said whatever it may be didn't her but aren't like there were higher my dad told me not coming back here so if you're black or -- race -- -- we haven't had that much money Kevin hers is like most of the strangest marriage. Like really honey you're gonna fire me -- -- -- what the hell honey why would you hire me fine I'm sleeping outside of -- over there -- what -- -- -- opponents. -- Mexico you to go do this at my exam room for the next few hours brought in a car around. Rob 80. -- I'm Colin to respect them show us Manhattan Friday at a blanket like I'll. And it it can't be helping me -- I've been pretty well you. Try to eat. But it didn't hurt even one -- sending. Home. You can you know can beat anybody that. And are important round Robin might you know you bring up a good point they might be doing but maybe that's in the contract who knows. And I just I deceived. I don't -- myself but it was good molested him mentally is that we just thought it was good I really really tree it would probably what you're gonna say are a couple of things are noticing here and I think -- point this out Jenny -- seems to bring up creepy drunks. Why why -- like I -- -- that it's a Friday afternoon thing or is this subject is something that is only out there for creepy drugs. Because I know that there is -- normal people out there wanna talk about it but for the most part out -- mostly gotten creepy drought that's one. To look if you wanna say that -- broke a -- each permit her contract are. If that's the argument here fine. I mean almost by my angered irritation here and my beef is not as much with -- as it is with the people standing on their high horse about it. Golf out this is almost horrendous thing in the world in the objectivity. And what does that do it for other journalists spare me so that's -- -- that Barack Hussein. Other -- or other female journalist -- are some other not attractive female journalists all of it and some -- all of the above but it'll be interesting. And how I always think about this. What I start news and sports writing in 1920 years old. We're covering recovering guys would happen if a male with predominately male profession. It we were covering women. The four major sports -- -- and we -- but it's easier to be moral Malcolm and effective right affected by. -- -- -- We will be out of control what it. Secret for days yeah for hey come on now agreed yes. -- brilliantly right up a door out an open door policy if you look at what would have no restraint whatsoever. It's a which elected to a one on one interview. That's. It happened room American -- Spot Josh is it only looked terrible note that what's up Josh as jobs. Hey guys where -- called what would -- show might want to touch -- with. I feel like this is one of you really had been touched on yet. Call as a reason why should people from being off the field reporting. With my situation I'm restaurant manager. And if I would to have any type of relationship with mine he's got a country to get an extra. Basically. Among analysts hookup central hook ups and I don't have food where it happened to me but our Josh just. No don't let this -- separated from lagged. There -- grounds that no way I hope Josh. Series. Being a distraction for their work and or other current since you know Jenny go -- be distracted. With something that's going on what our will on the machinations. Of this has become much better than a lot and I mean I really can't get date of the -- are so we've lost a little by little stunt brought up when there are going back that it's called upon. It's not but it frowned upon it create a bigger situation and he wanted to bright just what you say is don't to prepare for the company which which which is a little old -- -- -- rabbit almost think there -- phrases and and fun like look fine. Well I'm talking about that all yeah and his musical here especially issue lay the wood is god don't -- Dr. -- Bridget California. If they break up. Then there's some issues may have the awkwardness OK if you're at the restaurant manager at your Jenny down and just broke up and a -- another guy on the team. Now there's approached him now that's what -- listen -- the sort the more that we'll spare your immoral organization yes it's all in all occurs about race here at WB yeah.

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