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Peter King, the MMQB on the state of the NFL

Jan 31, 2014|

Peter King, as he always does, sits down with Mut and Lou to discuss Roger Goodell's plan to extend the schedule to 18 games, to Europe, and the Patriots chances of landing a guy like Larry Fitzgerald.

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Our final day here radio row Super Bowl 48 market -- 937 WEP. There is a shame because -- -- -- being impacted here. Table to table an avenue we relish the opportunity we talked about the phone during the year but Peter King nice enough to stop by amidst your busy day today Dario. Everything's going great guys -- -- you well last -- on good if you live in the city writes I'm curious it's not Super Bowl weekend yet but how would you. How do you view the city and the Super Bowl so far this week heading into the weekend well I was never a fan of of this Super -- being here at all in fact I was arm of vocal detractors Greg Aiello. The PR guy for the league texted me yesterday so he softened your stance and hit a layoff because Peter everything is going Soka. But. I I basically. I look at it this way. I knew that this city would do a phenomenal job hosting the Super Bowl in it will. And that was never the point I always knew that people would love come to New York for a week no matter what -- the year it is you know if it's the dead of winter. You still go to the great restaurants you're going to see Broadway plays here. Go to NFL parties whatever it is but. I think that the biggest problem I had with everything. Is that I know that. The snow globe game. In Foxborough is one of the great memories of anybody in NFL history. And it was fantastic. And I know that everybody loves to have a Super Bowl in the neighborhood but I just say two things. I want the championship game my sport contested. If possible. In conditions where you don't say. -- average German was covering. You know was covering the various Thomas. And he slipped. Because the field was nice seniors something like that and Mary's Thomas scored. I don't like that aspect of it. And I especially don't like sixty to 70000 people I think the meadowlands let me 85000 people but I'm target -- the people are gonna sit outside right. 6070000. People who this isn't a normal game where you get out your car at ten minutes to -- and walking in the entrance Gillette. And you know you're out of it you're at a game at 415. This is -- all they -- this is you get to the game. Add to you get to they gave mad at at 330 because he got security. And after you get to the game -- through security could be outside for seven hours for our game. This guy I look at the the fans' experience right I mean Indy was -- obviously in the dole but the Phoenix periods it was cold but. When I left the hotel we were out there I felt like I was in the Super Bowl there's people that it does support took over Indianapolis. New York City swallows the Super Bowl in my opinion you walked out there -- don't feel you have no idea nor is -- New York City for the week and you don't consumables he had to be going to litigate you have to be at a place. You know I'm just it was so we're here in this huge hotel shared in Times Square. And -- his gigantic ball room and just coming out of the men's room and yours Jesse Jackson. Now walking down the hall I say hey Adrian Peterson walks by so. If you're in certain places you feel the Super Bowl yeah okay. But. In general in the city if -- quite the it's just another event I'll tell you what what this week reminds via. There's a time in the fall here. Where the united. Nations general assembly is in session but -- excuse me. And the east side of Manhattan is totally. It's it's a bottleneck for like eight or ten days. You just know you'd never drive over their well similarly. On this side that's where I live on the east side about fifteen blocks north of the UN. On the west side which is where a lot of the activities are located -- say ten block area called Super Bowl boulevard on Broadway. And so what people are doing at this who -- over. You can't drive on the west side -- him it's it's insane it's on -- un drivable. So I think that is sort of the similarity and the only thing that people in this town these people are going to game the vast majority of them. What they're thinking is if this thing out of town you don't have to get this thing out of town is all right so we don't have all his congestion but anyway it's. Payload I think this is a one off this is -- once. At may be got a wants a lifetime thing but they're not gonna start awarding the Super Bowls I don't think. To northern cities I just don't see it they're gonna be owners pushing for it. But I think Roger Goodell at least as of now I was gonna -- -- -- talked about the game -- reduced to two veteran Roger Goodell this is that they were makes his big state of the league address and we ask -- -- -- this year. What do you think is next for the league Roger Goodell said what do you five billion dollars that's what he wants to get revenues to that's what he reportedly told the older he can get this week to. How does he get there what's next for the NFL. Well. I think he's gonna continue to try to politic. For an eighteen game season I don't see it happening. Other than that in the proposal that I have been talking about for a long time. Which is. I actually think that this would be a tremendously. Interest thing. And fun experiment or at least to consider and that is every player plays a maximum of sixteen games. And you you decide with Tom Brady's taking its two weeks off during the season and you decide which games your plane Ryan mallet. OK but. The on the other side of that you know the unintended consequence you know of that is. How would you feel if you're a season ticket all -- seemed patriots. And it's Ryan -- -- to Joseph practice squad guy. You know instead of Brady throwing to Julian settlement or whoever and by the way -- -- you -- And and so my whole thing about this is. I don't think they should go to eighteen games unless. There is some sort of you -- there some sort of deal where all players don't have to play eighteen. I think the more immediate things. I think one of the things you're gonna see Roger Goodell either say today or talk about today. Is that. So there's three games in London next year. Right everybody said three games. -- tickets have been on sale for about two weeks and if they're not sold out there within 3% of being a sellout. 253000. Tickets. To three football games sold at London's Wembley Stadium. There will be an increasing push. And I believe guys what you're going to see is not necessarily a franchise in one. But I think you're going to see regularly. Something like. 56. Or eight game package of NFL games every year not with -- one team but -- all teams. You know basically switch it off. And they'd sell this season ticket package sought other words it and look tell you what a lot of people do in Europe okay. There was I got to allow an email at the MM QB at my website from a guy who lived in Portugal. And he flew to Wembley one of the games last year and he said half the people on my planes were goal of the game. They fly -- -- Sunday morning they go to the gate they stay overnight they fly back on Monday or maybe -- state repeated but a lot of people around the continent. Are going to these games and that's one of the things that that the people in the NFL office in Europe for Friday this isn't all just people within fifty miles London. This is people from the Netherlands from Germany huge football following injure me. Serbia news budget for -- itself. They're good people from all over Europe are going to those games that is not going away US for new revenue stream. There's big. And -- quick look and doing the page you mentioned Julian settlement. Yes they we interviewed Larry FitzGerald we've been talking about the different guys at home and maybe plus somebody else Roddy White another name. Any chance is it possible for the -- a book there and acquire someone like that through trade. Cap too -- I told I told -- if it's gonna get a cap number doubt that this could come into England yesterday both Robert -- or not but I take a reality I mean I think. One of the things that has to happen for a trade to be made especially for gargantuan player like that there's no question the patriots could work it out. But. Honestly I don't see why the Arizona Cardinals on the cusp of the playoffs. They have a great 12 combination right now at receiver. What exactly could the patriots give mean could the patriots if they gave their one this year and maybe a couple of other high picks maybe. But that's just it just doesn't strike me as bill Belichick's way. Bill Belichick's way it's taken Rodney Harrison off the scrap he can get three or four years on them whatever he got out of you know it's like getting Steve Gregory get a couple of years. So I don't see it I mean I see. That it's much more likely at least in my mind for them to draft -- developer receiver but I will say this. They're going to be -- two receivers out there you can get I think my feeling is. That you need. You need to get younger and better dvd younger better wide receiver. And I'm not sure the way to do that is expended twelve million a year guy. We all agree they got to give ratings -- I mean there's no doubt the last three years at this for years this window they can't go into it letting element -- like you said and hope. That tops that are poised -- -- somehow turns out they will let him beat this server is as a franchise quarterback's no way especially after he did damage no matter what anybody says. Brady did have a favorite last year and Brady will eventually. Over the life of this contract I believe make less money. That he could have certainly that he could have. And he did that for very simple reason he wanted to team around him to be better. And you know last year I did -- some of this is circumstance you're okay because there's absolutely nothing that they could have done. About this absolutely nothing and I think when you look at. What has happened in the NFL now you target about a window you look at what to me what the Denver Broncos did for Peyton Manning. He had a great situation going and they said again two years twelve million Welker. -- I its arms are good -- -- offensive coordinator yesterday about this and I said what what happened with -- how he said John Elway called me into his office one day. And he goes do you think you could find a package of plays that would make it worthwhile. For us if we got Wes Welker means you give me a set out I eighty so he went back. And then about a couple hours later brought it brought -- to -- he said here's right see us doing here is the formation. Because he remembered all the stuff that Josh McDaniels told them about Welker. And he said I can tell you this is what we do it you know we'll do we're not gonna put it in the slot all the time because. He's got a short shelf life we're not gonna get killed all the time now turns out they've gotten killed in political -- We're gonna put an outside we're gonna do this and so LA said we got. He signed while I mean it happened we did three or four hours the first thing that Adam gates heard of it at that four hours later he's coach Wes Welker. I'm look I'm not saying that the patriots have to go out do something splashy like that. All I'm saying is that. I think they owe it to Tom Brady get a lot better at the receiver position offense or defense on Sunday you go Broncos -- Seahawks I'd pick the Broncos but you know look. It all in this if they get if they. Picked -- inning off two or three times they're gonna win. But I just think. I think me -- I think one of the things you'll see on Sunday and I talked to patent a little bit about this yesterday. -- had a few minutes with a after practice. I think Peyton Manning right now when he looks at these -- What he sees. It's five wide receiver formations or five receiver formations maybe we Jacob team meet or Andre Caldwell in the game. Spread. Spread spread. And just challenge. Seattle to cover every guy so that he can't find a window with any of the five guys in my opinion. I think that's the way they're gonna play it I think that's Smart. -- and I Seattle site having Seattle is gonna try to get Marshawn Lynch. And they are gonna try to run a two run well and to run the clock so that -- only gets eight positions. I think Seattle feels like we cannot give me hitting the ball eleven times if we do remarkable when. Look report you'll pick what Peter it was Hitler -- -- -- defects to -- by today thank you resign Geithner can't hear on radio row. Super Bowl 48937. WEE.

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