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Jenny Dell is off the Red Sox broadcasts

Jan 31, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the decision by NESN to remove Jenny Dell from the Red Sox broadcasts.

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Finally and that lasts. The last DNC show before the Super Bowl we of course will tie up all the loose ends. Rule and out our predictions will tell you what. Rest of the world is saying about this game we attack the world a prop bets we will. Predict our heroes and -- goats. And as before we get to that the only I would say is the only person who had a worse day than Judy -- yesterday it would jokers aren't -- And cartman and -- happy about both of them yet that's true are happy now -- It is not recommend the death penalty for urgent ego and it's a little harsh I mean generally took the player it's that we should put on the table but -- honestly no I you Idaho well you better hold her replacement is this as she gets right. His people holed it out they're gonna say they'd hold people to judge might fall O'Donnell show up and pass the microphone I'm coming to your house and be your dispute. It's it's true if you get some will be. The of Pittsburg Maya rosier -- -- gonna come after you know -- he -- well I'm Brenda -- wrote a roll and roll out and you did absolutely -- that'll full. He you know even -- ripple on the pawn and mobile. And it started discourse. Across this vast nation. Yeah and you did it in its auditor -- you're gonna be like -- when you go to Fenway it's public which embassy was the Foxboro. If you thought you. That's yet that's was going to be like music -- that the buzz cut that come jocular guy pays the one -- -- brand -- off the job -- this morning in the bathroom with a -- -- are probably sit and look at the -- they'd spent the -- watch a movie last -- -- our reporters employers -- Right now they get brushing their teeth and they construe this. And we're going to be at spring training a couple of weeks in middle Brooks and you can blow -- probably at the legally wiggly and Andy's just -- think. -- converse about snap your -- -- -- -- -- have a congress is still young and he's a Smart enough to know that that's a good career move that that he punches you should be off camera that's a good luck -- for the behind the defense and haven't. Heard a knock -- gave up twelve minutes -- -- and seventeenth mile drag him out of the bushes. I -- right which can happen to these long -- Bush's. On the road we. I brought echoes for miles he's gonna come show up and boom -- you vote was and oh yeah going to be. If it will -- talk about it and I'm sure them talking June July and we can talk about the ups and if we'll talk about that. He talked about it. Certainly if he's angry about I suspect these I don't really I swear I don't I Jennings in the very nice person -- everybody -- doctor she is very nice I think she was -- jobs should be -- the other capacity. I don't understand I don't understand the other side the art of life and yeah. Where I -- I would say this I understand the perception I understand why -- had to do I understand why it. A lot of people are certainly one of those the thing you shouldn't be sleeping with the people you're covering. I get that but she is. What is the last hole. Not out. And this individual brush out wanna pay all sideline reporters with a broad brush when is the last time. You saw Andy. Edward. Journalists journalistically. Incisive performance by any sideline. Reporter started and flatly in 1974. On college football would ABC Ken Rosenthal. He's broken stories on the air before -- -- news for -- Jim Rosenthal. Yeah example -- -- -- over in the Green Bay play of game that's a good month it was a big story I thought for a number of reasons but in the left guard left tackle on agreement number 69. Got a concussion. And was going to the concussion tests and each of the doctor aside and return to the game. That was reported by Pam Oliver on fox and there are going to be a lot of people unhappy with that -- -- that that they don't want the barks assignment reporter reporting stuff because they get a lot of -- just don't want them. They wanna have little tacit agreement that we will keep certain things between them. And she didn't as you reported it and that's that was -- and that was the one of those uncomfortable breaking news moments. I don't know what the repercussions -- did he get in trouble for that community get finder Alex -- I mean it was an extra point he didn't go in there and play like a whole series when and then after that that would net a lot reprimanded Pam Oliver they match in my broken the code you know what she might have because it was than usual but it. No question it's unusual but again. I don't think of these justice -- example of will middle Brooks hit two home runs. Andy's does that thing in the embargo -- the days ago was she interviews and it would be we year. It would not be able to make the case that she might get more out of him than let's say no law Heidi watney or that you last year. The -- last year. I don't know I don't remember were probably not -- -- hamburger. Dina just because they don't break stories is doesn't mean they're not supposed to when they have a story that was -- that was dealt with dale was sitting right there couple weeks ago yet you restored -- That was -- the -- in effect. Well jobs not really that serious hasn't. Let's agree and it's supposed to be that's not she should not kid ourselves here yourself as a report where she sees -- I'd like microphone to hold a hole that they show not doing it right because if he does cherry probably that I mean you do for duty does when he was in the in the in the blocks and Rosenthal from time to time but at large 99%. Of this stuff. Is window dressing it's the reason they look this way and that's all due respect. If you saw somebody who looked like California congressman who just retired and -- -- and black slacks. -- -- -- damn good under him credit skis kitten out you know was in the prime of -- only forty years in congress. You know that's what the founding fathers intended right pauses looks got to go to help from California and Washington State for forty years back then yeah this is the scene at the monster -- in the -- and Waxman were in the India in that job. You know -- damn good actor -- better don't it can better Roosevelt doesn't look like you know -- missing coal pillars. That the guy's name on this call yet. -- all look good came sykora guys and -- -- and hires based on looks that's what John and I are on in the more correct that's why don't pay me. At that as an example I don't mean to be district. That's respectful from Shellee Smith. -- Smith has to be pretty against what she does she gets a lot like Jenny she is you know and when when Richard -- I think tweet at a might call. A couple of weeks ago but you did as hot as hell yeah. And there was egg hunt of local. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have gotten -- Benjamin functions and I would never get -- but the play that Jenny would have said that two years ago. But that's the ports. It's true. And that's kind of under played we've talked about underplayed a woman -- it's. That the people most offended that people think she has to be off the off the beat. Are hard working female reporter who have actually over -- I understand have over I am fully there's definitely that stigma I'm Lesley Visser. Could tell you about the early days in -- glare matter and maybe occasionally got wave and as one in the notes as what you want here and it was. A different environment -- has changed people like to document moment care injury and -- Benjamin. They can go and do their jobs now and and and I don't think everyone views them as. You know look and you know. But I don't think they'll look I understand that and I understand why there's got to be offended by this but I'm telling you what the reporters are the reporters and the sideline window dressing. Would be the sideline window dressing up I understand the perception and I understand -- NASA had to reassign her my only point is a matter. That whether she's in a relationship that will or not -- -- relationship will what she's gonna do is essentially the same it's just tell people look at it. I said it's dishonest that's the ones -- president says reporter bill. It says reporter on her bio. And she's reporting stuff it's usually just you know this guys up from Pawtucket -- in this guy's pitching coach had to say about a starter -- do that in game going to be the -- tapes. What if she and him will Rodney is too much to drink and get -- -- do you life. She's a reporter that's a big big right. But she's a girlfriend so it's not understand if he's hurt in these things that he's got broken ribs and he's trying to. Play through it. Reporter that's the big stories starting player has broken many argue about reporter would not report the argument will be that some reporters if they knew that. Might not reported middle Brooks has the report does the big market to do that because they know that might be something down the line optical image I don't know maybe she has access maybe she could tell us more it will like she's she's telling you of the broken -- story. Hello do you why it will get a couple of pops of position that that you -- But he passed in -- this real wide coming -- this they were together last year they were together almost -- last year why did -- tell anybody. Nobody's business and I'll show what you might -- the better question Kircus why they tell people now. Because will we've heard -- Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to all the years. That's an -- micro -- why. I got my -- didn't I could stay on the job might live this clan dust and -- I understanding it is getting there -- we're bets I've heard that as well my understanding is that they thought. She had a job lined up. -- sports and Miami Beach that's that's what I heard they -- was on the outs but now idea girl and she's going nowhere. Coach said she thought she was gonna get another job somewhere that's what I heard. Yeah I just watched her on the thing to whatever computer. -- today on a set. She was fine. And you know she still looks awesome and so. You look at other news in Joyner and doesn't break any news and -- teleprompter to difficulties and I think she was good that was good at her job and it's okay. She just OK is it really meant ocean looks great opinion bring some -- looks great the world go. We are right we never -- when I. And I -- -- reporter hazel Heidi. Jenny before he survives -- -- -- Palacio was very good and what's she look good enough so that company and -- left you know a lot of guys a T I thought Tina was a real reporter. She wants -- yeah. And after that it the -- supermodels. And that's okay as you point out if -- not looking for news you might as well look good exactly and when one Heidi left we said on this we says that there's no way you'll find someone as. Attractive. And he did which was amazing and they do it again. -- a big country he thank Allah or think they could find someone as attractive as Heidi slash. It's particularly in the area as attractive there is today as there is a blonde. Somewhere in Florida that was runner up in -- Tallahassee years ago was 26 years or days up to our work for fox -- you know I think there's some guy who's right and some garlic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's the one retired Portland Atlanta and what about our terrific. He has -- great up and shows with a I have Amanda stitches I understand she's fine. -- to beat her ideas and -- that's not about it she was. She's in New York all right -- cover the Super Bowl against still looks good guess now is important to hold up it -- to America. But boy the world's against us. Even the jump -- yeah and I have changed man hit twenty years ago this it would have been lip and largely especially Jeff how -- you point out Japan tweeted last night the soundness and -- -- I was wonder what that meant that is that is what he's talking. I'm sure the time it was exactly when this was but they didn't fighter I thought I I was -- that I was just bounces this is on the treat every April. -- and rocket. No this is you can't be sleeping with a player that another player the cover and they didn't fire a -- that decent thing to do they didn't they read or write she's still around she still gets the -- this we're going to break up if they break up. Job Jeanne I don't know -- they're young they're probably not can compete and I together I've been told again my sources multiples say that they give them ago much like -- At double a walk down and I. Yeah me ask -- this. Like the Moody's public double went well multiple political. Grammys. Would would you -- enjoyment. Of a Red Sox broadcast. Be different if Eric freed as an example. -- that third base photographer's well. And did his in game reports and -- good reporter Eric -- -- Albany the Red Sox I'm pretty sure wouldn't enhanced in anyway shape reform. Your enjoyment Red Sox game that I'll let -- say that's Georgia and the outs you're right. Actually right now -- look at I and to look at Jenny as much as anyone but I do think the Rosenthal overdue -- examples are good. Because I'd listen to what they say I don't necessary listen when Wednesday if if Chinese eat hot dog right. Omega watch but if she's talking of the pitching coach yes as you point out -- a grownup talk and the owner about the new concourse thing. I -- and a bus Pruitt. -- if you -- -- Tucci or Rosenthal on the end of the day ago they do report you say this has lost early part of your sediment gets -- gonna tell me something. I don't know but the job is currently constituted at -- and in many other local broadcast outlets is it to break news isn't to be your reporter journalistic principles need not apply here it's called window dressing. Gonna go down here she's gonna tell muscle -- something about. You know this fan who came all the way from Thailand or oral what's declare a bottom on army ranger who's in the. I'll make you say listen this is that job should not take series you the -- tickets are so this is not reporter this is a cheerleader or this is. Like the dating thing when they do in left field right that -- -- extension of that lifestyle appeal. Talks appeal do you think jet -- US -- you -- said the agent for the last two -- we -- reporter on the Red Sox -- the agency -- You yes yes but for lack of a better term it's just generally accepted term -- sideline the other sideline reporter is different feel that they were on the team but this. One of those meter. That shows. And then it's like yeah sideline correspondent. I'll does that kind of mitigate the portion told a week -- -- much leverage does the score on the sideline and -- on I don't think. This was a tough call. Sadness and you mean you really think that whether it was worth by this guy that's true as -- point texas' you guys unbelievable what goes around comes around you would quit until you've got hurt and out. Yes I love the red number but -- has less controversy at her job and and they since -- double standard yeah. They're not happy with human and first of all I will say this the wheels party emotion time. Course that nothing to do with this -- if I don't I don't know the bonfire bit not built its Kindle Kindle and also about the bottom of things that somebody put it looks out. I got an idea. But would you point out Jeff oh and David Portnoy and they -- -- you know Arnold important always on the same questions I was my daughter's favorite when I come from and -- -- -- when you're as nice as Mort or is trying he loves her hands and out of college but but by how. I. Yeah that's it -- mean understand that if we would lineup. Acumen Malone can burglary and an animal league and the orders. It would be consensus and it would be they would even not even entertain the dissenting view would say are you kidding of course I. I don't I don't think. The -- correspondent the window dressing threatens those kinds of journalists any more now in the past urging Kennedy. She -- have them back a long way. She was -- -- errors and -- in college you know that's it's suit us there. That's the street in sepia -- via -- you bastard tried. -- -- have -- right at different you know she was at MTV that he's opposed to an active and out west has Erin Andrews with the exception of the ranch that was. Not a for doing. Said anything or done anything on camera -- a sideline US. -- sure sure Andrew -- she should. If if it does not want to. -- -- don't broadcast you can get news don't break it keeps you so what's a guy orbits that ugly person that they're looking for in our Accutane is there to Bridgestone yes that's. Almost not medlock and yes yeah it's actually -- -- -- guy for. The unattractive woman right he you have to reporter if that -- like something like Heidi or Jenny or hazel or -- that you're saying. Resorts authorities are. And here it's later why would you do I guess you'd -- a gas -- -- -- to of course she can't do she's a report. That the uniqueness -- -- such a big greater you can't say let me see if she thought OK then don't breaking into its -- how easy -- to discern Jerry. It's pretty well I've used the example of -- -- roster it's about CO she looked like a real -- she acted like yeah when I looked at her I thought she was a real reporter Jamie -- -- by your definition. Should not even care corporate -- because she's great well that's a good -- out of atrocities are giving this example I was in the front row on the glass when Orton beat or Korea -- and the whole thing went chaos and she was next to us she was scrambling. You know find out what condition or Pakistan and what's the penalty what happened here what happened there. And she was trying to report the story I didn't see it -- I was there but you guys probably saw that and I did. She was trying to get the story yes that's a reporter -- a good on the West -- you for the Virginia couple times last year for something in Oakland I think she pointed out something during the -- -- -- -- demeanor. These foods tennis Regis yeah -- that just happens to be very attractive in the history of the Red Sox and -- -- back and the -- all right there's a solution and that it had already decided -- wasn't out of Beckett but did you breathing knuckle felt the -- Well. I think every female reporter -- but but give us the system fell but nevertheless she's not -- -- them alive anymore you know she knew now right. When she came out of the closet there on New Year's Day or Christmas when of that blows. They knew it was over for her gig on on the Red Sox beat right they knew it was going to be fox sports whatever. Or was going to be the desk and -- desk was going to be in -- Whatever go back to lead in the business entirely so she knew she -- couldn't you know get away with this anymore so she know. Wasn't appropriate right. I would say this these serious reporters the ones who we look at the -- my mom's the only Benjamin's those people those people. Are no longer threatened by the Jenny -- of the world they don't want to be associated with that -- you think if if NASA wanted Jackie Mullen said we want you in the -- photographer's well. Within NASA microphone in your hand and and dropped in funeral. Concession stand food stories and interviewing the army ranger just back from -- out of course you want any part of our other separate -- young Jackie would -- -- and trying to get the business -- just that to -- 23 year old girl who takes the job seriously happen to be good looking to also one -- -- reporter -- at all that this does set you -- oh yes and I -- a good looking -- you think. Bought into the ocean -- the rumor option -- this she's back in the -- -- this mean that in not so much anymore but they used to be in the locker room surrounded by naked guys yes. It's it's a constant. Fight your in their constantly trying to live down that perception that misperception that he -- elderly -- on America. Knows it's not all their fault because the entities that hired them whether it be fox national ordinance and yes or -- of the case may be. Are looking for Shelley Smith or or Jackie Mullen to break stories on their hair they're looking for a 32 12 respite. Where the guys who sit on the -- stricken -- say. For the guys in that I got a friend whose season tickets right behind her. -- bet half the -- it is you know. She is Mitchell says I don't. They loved she's very friendly and play full wave to them on the you know one that's -- support oil right of what she's wearing that night it was a whole. Different you know a big part of her job -- -- it next personal -- -- -- -- Me numbers that you -- all I was one yeah you'd be great that some of -- -- and now it's good under the third -- augur well for -- after time they get that new bathroom time they have that new you know stuff cheese sausage yeah session and -- group that has onions. T we got anywhere for the next person that yours is actually do now. But the next time I think that. Sometimes not -- you -- saw me once feared to have that you really are just anonymous on the honor not gonna are that you ran her off the job -- you got -- -- all right -- in Ireland that's filed running -- global fight we'll fight the good fight it's salt. Well you know dale and -- look at me -- hey we're like this was salty -- take on the whole play. It's not a be like the way robber Alex is on the B two different job that's not a knock on the people to adjust to different jobs you have -- you have a difference. You're a different set of it's a different job description right -- you show up and apply for that job. They are not asking you what you're reporting credentials or what the stories you've broken our tell me about how we how objective you can be telling about how you can keep -- seat backs they're asking you when that job interview. Right can you do a capable job as a television personality who is part of the Red Sox team that part of the Red Sox broadcast. I mean look I don't know what whether she signs of waver when she goes into it saying that she's not allowed I have no idea but in terms of of rewarding the credibility of a broadcast ruining the credibility of a reporter I just don't see how this relates to that and also I feel for writing that -- I've already said -- is a brilliant analyst -- that I'm not the war -- it's not required. He's with US. With every team -- and I wonder if it would be good TV. It's two home runs and she jumps which first it was she -- -- is now. What's happens. If it is clear your ears and was app bounces whatever that think she's in. An interview some in the crowd chanting and cheering in the giggle and there. Okay and then what he says I'm just gonna -- -- -- Palm -- at the -- that you know to count game next year. Step back of the box companies that waitress like natural. Reasons that back in and shatters the break fund -- that dug in the the black boy Bradford yeah. That's gonna bring -- new bat discount rate -- power. She's gonna colossal Doherty now certainly -- -- most the people feel like you to Ian hall or do they feel like the -- its weight Jimmy is out. That's Knox burst Heidi now -- if NASA doesn't get another hot replacement I'm becoming a Marlins. This people I attract. Articulate women I can look into what it is -- I can I guess you're right behind you somebody better looking or is good looking can do the job in the Jimmy built -- across the -- and she lost to. You guys were 55. -- five. You guys average guys Heidi left that the that was you can't. -- thought you know -- our sport. -- They're gonna find somebody like why did you have attacks on that they grow our listeners and what was the it was -- ago. She was quitting that line she is moving to. The lakers Los Angeles try to throw it that way compare it to the lakers right so that -- -- next person -- candidates last then some people looked at these names and where are these. You forgot about -- -- looking it does seem impossible at the time to find someone as opposed California was the other Daewoo will laugh again Thomas hero. Never left after after Kennedy was sent several area McGraw says it will never -- again that's with that right now Jimmy Gobble them their lust again we'll never whatever again in my flight. Behind. -- hundred words in English should be very good looking replace you for -- because you are you are not if real serious journalists try to hire course reporter to break stories like pastoral don't like basic by the -- -- was -- -- -- -- -- reporter. That's true but she's -- him. -- -- It's well yes it is great -- she's good I don't focus enough she -- and and he big stories on completely different -- you would packets -- -- this we have a guy who writes for the BB I dot com -- opinion editor. Railing against reporters were too close to players that. Ironic. Do you think I have that problem. You do not so in what -- of what he's saying I'm saying there are a lot of people started to close -- guy's guy did you know the one you -- that was mocking and ridicule your child -- follow. But that's what if what is brought what does what does does anybody on the Red Sox beat -- that remote I'm -- more stores now now. It everywhere officials players but but Burton used to break stores all the time you'd ma you can read my point is that you get close to play as they cash and not -- Dell would never cash and that's a good point she should she she did. It was right what if she instead of reporting on his. The wires broken ribs. Actually broke stories -- people's you know why she's sleeping with a better price if -- fascinating that you would tax credit -- and that's a tough spot. That's a tough season they were -- tolerated until she -- -- that Christmas picture yeah. That was a way of saying it's over I'm done -- -- your world you would rather have somebody who had journalistic credentials. Or -- smokes not not classic American Beauty -- that are out all of an opinion. That she's a ticket could come -- -- become back when she I don't I don't think -- -- -- California. -- she working. She's a network of public opinion it's not always going to be an -- in LA even math yeah. So that -- did that mean you know -- that's. You leave a tuxedo. Not -- so you do think they'll find someone as opposed. I think the public and you can sinister about its connections what did you tell us who's gonna get the job early and -- I -- they're looking at right now -- already actively looking. It will be strange if they bring in the other really young really attractive girl which happened the last two times -- sort of just throw back into the public this is probably a Holmes are running -- for the day to satisfy you. Dickerson on the -- out what to look forward to -- that. Dickerson to our Brothers Jenny -- ID for twenty seconds ago or -- -- All right Richard Dickerson siblings in -- for you chest -- about our freedom and -- two great guy about one in the lead him over -- -- did a great job now -- TO is -- that effort -- if they got a guy Dickerson Credo you -- -- he would get abused the crowd yeah if you don't -- delta -- -- drop off in terms of being tracked aesthetics and I'll I'll I. Could do that job like buster does Chrysler's -- rights Bradford -- story. Hitting rock record completely replace it right he would break a story like every other day he'd be telling you stuff in baseball stuff to beat on the guy common from the mine yes and all the stuff it would be. With that were operational without a work -- was that how would that play is the only difference is that while asleep at the players they would mostly with NASA never that's a good point. All right 61777. I 7937. Final of the UC broadcast before the Super Bowl at the Super Bowl stuff. An interest and psychological. Analysis. Of one Manning. By somebody named Marcellus. I thought Marcellus Bennett other people like Marcellus -- ourselves Wallace ugly but it's not -- ridiculous non obvious -- Marcellus Wallace. Your phone calls now -- is -- Watertown Michaels in Brookline and a little well we're reaching out to whom. We should -- -- check -- out some. Eight. But what you're afraid to put junior place I you know you can handle the do you think you -- so -- ahead and I think Jenny dealt intimidates -- -- moment. He -- hasn't professionally intimidate all -- -- messed -- my ability I might have that taken seriously after that it did the the journal the journalistically sound. Emails are not threatened by the window dressing it's just not that I did -- it's just it's going to be pro. -- of -- of these younger girls who work in the city right now talk about whether mostly text all our training group there record just Miranda assume that they I would say the pretty ones actually endorse and raised the level and expectations of the ones who were out they're trying to dig for stories and -- Cogent stuff. And I guess messages -- Helen Thomas right now some people between Ted Wells via via. On the other two have been doing at any time to talk which an ego. They knew this like crazy -- immigrants segment on. Us all right that's an internal -- back out we'll talk Super Bowl next.

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Fantasy Football Off-Season Podcast 4

The 4th addition of WEEI’s Fantasy Football Offseason Podcast is loaded and ready. In this week’s conversation Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com dig into the sinking draft stock of Teddy Bridgewater (much too their chagrin), while refocusing and emphasizing the immense scouting work done by Pete on players like Bridgewater, Zach Mettenberger, Blake Bortles, Bishop Sankey & Lache Seastrunk. Also, Jim & Pete touch on news from around the league regarding new Jet, Chris Johnson, Montee Ball in Denver and help you tune out all of the negative noise some in the media are trying to push. We’re not buying! Lots of Football love in this podcast for the Football lover. Enjoy!

Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and Greg Wyshynski on Bruins-Red Wings

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports joins DJ to break down the first-round matchup between the Bruins and Red Wings. Also discussed is Zdeno Chara's Norris candidacy, transparency with voting for the NHL awards and whether the Canadiens will get out of the first round.

Minor Details Ep. 79: The meaning of winning in the minors with Carlos Febles, Evan Lepler

The Red Sox' High-A minor league team in Salem recently had a 16-game winning streak that spanned two seasons. So what? From the standpoint of making prospects better and fostering player development, does that matter? Salem manager Carlos Febles (who managed Salem for the end of their winning streak, but who was also in charge of a 50-87 Single-A Greenville team in 2013) and Salem radio play-by-play man Evan Lepler discuss -- while also touching on a number of prospects in search of the next Earl Weaver and Vinegar Bend Mizell.

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Bost…

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston, joins Chris Villani on Easter to talk Celtics

With the season over, Chris Forsberg says the Celtics accomplished what they intended to this year. He also gets into what Rajon Rondo may be thinking heading into his last year in his contract. Danny Ainge has a plan and it'll be interesting to see how this off-season develops.

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Boston Marathon director …

Boston Marathon director Dave McGillivray 4-22-14

Dave called in to discuss the epic Boston Marathon.

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Headlines, Headlines, Hea…

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: David Gregory is tanking 4-22-14

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed David Gregory's tanking Meet The Press ratings.

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A great Marathon Monday 4…

A great Marathon Monday 4-22-14

The guys opened the show by discussing yesterday's Boston Marathon and Kirk's run.

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Reflections on Marathon M…

Reflections on Marathon Monday and recapping the race with WEEI's Kirk Minihane

Dale and Michael talk about what Marathon Monday means for them, the tremendous amount of people and positivity today in the Back Bay, and then Kirk Minihane, fresh off 26.2 miles stops by to recap a great experience in today's marathon.

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