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Salk and Holley's Four at Four Petition Edition - 01/30/14

Jan 30, 2014|

We tackle four topics at 4PM centered around petitions in the four major sports.

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-- Now -- it's -- and -- swollen already roller board or the four. Fun game. -- -- Well we solved it highly and rate W. Pictures are funny at all. -- it sets you up with the greatest lines ever that's all you got you that's a pathetic. Every one of you in the text like you know who you are empathetic. No no creativity no creativity all who would you that we thought of that losers. Set you up at the greatest. Just like the greatest -- you ever and that's the best you've got people so -- camp. -- -- camp Stockton Malone. About -- that was that was with. Full court. On one Dwyane Wade through the bra. And a -- about all time greats that that's the best you got this magic Cooper who put. But the commitment to those who -- but. I love the -- that needs. Are bad with Justin Bieber in the background is that -- your -- you know if I did aren't quite as the keeper -- the boy. The boy table for us and where does that rank in the you know. Equipment useful thing to leave it in my listeners. Like. I think it's weird that he was about was this objects and offer that -- about that. When he was going -- he was going. Fifty miles an hour. That there's one particular now -- there's people like her like just sort of travel around from celebrities like Evelyn Lozada is she the one who is with Carl Crawford elbows one every every person she's been with the connected off right what about you Chad Ochocinco told the proper use it to -- -- -- -- -- And on that Kenny Anderson hopes that a Christian Fauria is driving right now site is like his favorite song and show. I would have gotten it. -- -- punched in the face are now so in honor of the tradition to deport Justin Bieber we are gonna submit petitions. To the commissioner -- the attacks we -- you guys of the one point with the -- art fair enough that's. Out there if you don't stock don't worry sir we'll -- ourselves in the face for you. Certificates to petition to Bud Selig to change or better the game of baseball what would you petition for. I think you've got to make the league's equal. Either. Take away that creates in the American way. Or add to the gates to the venerable. National League this senior circuit we're above -- all we're smarter. We have we have moves that you American League babies do not understand. It played out in game three of the World Series your World Series winning manager John Ferrell. Those moves swallowed them up. I would say of course. My buys. A frat house. An American raised on American league baseball as we know it with the DH. Soledad the -- -- well as you know -- totally disagree with you and I know you're not -- do you agree at all with what I have to say but as I've said before. I would lower the mound just a little bit Norton to increase offense and it's the same time I would speed up the game by not allowing batters to leave the batter's box in putting a clock on -- A clock -- clock on pitchers poll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I disagree with you but I'm not mad that -- would we wouldn't talk about this time we talked about this doctor John -- One of the smartest writers and baseball I think you would agree if property right right it's fantastic. Yeah he can write -- against the -- -- you've got at all. Just think that some of his suggestions. To fix baseball one -- one of the worst -- one of them was. Me. You -- designated. Guy not a designated hitter. It's like advanced detonated it so let's say the Red Sox. And then there's a big moment the game the bases are loaded and now David Ortiz is on third. -- do you system you can now the managers allowed do -- want to game you could take a guy off third the great editor. Bring him to play so stupid. I could I kept reading -- think this is not Tom -- team. This is too dumb for operative Robert -- well. So my idea is better than a -- -- idea that's what I wanna do is lower the -- which they've done before speed the game wanted to -- -- second break to play. Public this on my computer showing Arnold about it the -- making sure the playoff games start at 4 o'clock that's another one I would -- to go one particular make I don't have to start like sixth probable for 8830 that would kill. -- Yes we are Michael and Michael this question is for you and you alone salt you can take a break for two minutes here all of the text about the text pictures will be side at all what would you petition to David Stern. -- boy you got to get out right now why don't you wait until February. -- -- -- -- a long time ago I know the -- and I appreciate you tell me it's only like sixty plus hours. In the rain a bizarre. David Stern the first thing I would do -- man Adam silver I would say Adam. You have got to leave just yet there's two things. Please look at the officials in the National Basketball Association. Change this system. Figure out who the good guys are if you have them mass firings. Change the game altogether. Make sure that you're officials are on the level and the competence thing it. Would change the lottery system what's happening right now the lottery supposed to help things a lottery supposed to prevent taking over. Now it's got it right on the NBA so she will hang up. Our teams not tanking. Because the lottery is replaced all decade. Not only get naked. Nobody wants to win the game Evan Turner got -- out last met up for making -- shot against the Celtics what are you doing Evan we're trying to lose. I told him to miss that shot it would -- about a backbone. If -- Michael Carter Williams people on the ball. Beneficial the call it -- -- two things all of what played here. That's what I want the new commissioner to do fix this game. Gonna come back and yes. Carol can have a petition for David Stern well make the corporate. Make the corn picker while the court's too small why the court is too small to make the courts bigger. To a putting in the nets it no I don't have a week ago India and putting in the -- just make the court bigger is -- of room on the court for NBA athletes anymore when they created the size and dimension of the court the guys are significantly smaller than they are now they take up so much room there's no space in the game anymore the court bigger. You'll the game will be improved X and just like the -- but some of these were so Davis you can bring us back to their missing call honesty smaller court. Officials with the and it might like your suggestion that talking years and -- and I'm not stomach the court. They've missed -- you are missing calls because -- two or wait that's not the problem that difficult because they're bad at their job. Did nothing to do how far away they are from. The court bigger more space saying they have a hard time coaching -- happened. That's -- -- I'm with you one ditch in the rest of bringing in new grants I wanna make the actual game better by changing the court make it bigger. Because but it's on the petition thing. Apparently one of the petitions that got the White House recently was. At its the United States defense. -- you know why that ends up getting to the United States to -- And click on online have been just a great outlook on the they actually introduced scientifically whether people really. And it cost over 850 quadrillion dollar deficit that I want her to reduce the deficit and Alex Graham. Why why why we are running I don't know that aren't even where it why is anybody respond to -- -- from this administration's methods. Does not support the blowing up of other planets. Well at least they'd -- their stump. Somebody somebody's already thought about somebody had a printer to that somebody had to -- you run out of the flag pulled -- before you said that OK we don't actually stand for blown up other planets doing we need to run this could make sure that the president doesn't get mad. Victory. So what would you pre petition Tuesday NHL's commissioner Gary Bettman. C'mon I know you love this guy made -- an obvious one security hero that's -- your guys. -- Putting putting and -- up and again and it -- and skate to order things that you know we skated the last thing that the laughter right I think it's a laugh and forget about. Double play at one point during -- Five and ask about it once fought -- my one that was similar to that which is to have different spots on the ice where the puck goes into that hole it disappears become shooting out some girls on the -- and much I don't know if they're -- you ever doubt it ever real stories over whoever the pockets come shooting out. -- -- -- -- -- You're standing in the area. The need to come out at least aren't -- about it and I. Can control the speed at which comes out the -- -- hit balls controlled probably will be throw it would be like pinball. Crush you that especially at my game you put in front of the -- -- pinball game at college I will crush you -- that. Anybody's ever played Addams Family involved it's got all the sounds from the movie. Okay. Deeply involved Khaled Ali quickly so what absolutely do you think people -- pinball machines now thinks -- sure. -- which -- the got a funny games. Premium bars and -- you -- from -- -- to get involved. After that but it is the best. Thing where the great source locations in Wednesday's involved. Every game government and have been everybody in the days of million times and everybody -- over the age of -- I'd never seen anyone younger -- the Saturday I don't know if not -- absolutely long a favorite thing and things slowed them all the technologies. Hit ball -- Here's how difficult exercise -- with the regular got to have a family now and I'm thinking of my favorite arcade game how about if you make. Is this even feasible. -- like Olympic hockey is so entertaining. What are you had the the rules. Of Olympic -- No thanks you don't want that now -- my NHL related to -- it just it but it's more is more -- bigger. I'm in the wide open is good but I also you know I don't mind -- -- quarters. You know what I would like and as a kind of a -- every every arena would have an Olympics I don't know how proud I was getting the -- way you made me think of -- I wish they would go back to what they used to have where every ice was different. Where there was not just one regulation size of the came into Boston you'd built your team for the smaller corners you've built your team to dump and chase and go in and you went to Montreal it was a huge ice sheet. I wish they would make drastic differences in the size of the ice that you've built your team and really gave yourself a home ice advantage I thought that was a great is that what they need is more -- -- Jason let's say they need more dump and chase I just like the idea of of building your team for the type of everything yeah. The president. If anybody knows. Anybody nor can -- haven't that was involved in their vote going to Texas team. Everyone agrees it's pretty valuable teaching them about bush job. -- -- question number four. Finally become -- man who wants to fix what ain't broke in the NFL Roger the dodger detail what would you petition to him. I would petition that he not be allowed to change the game much. Roger larger petition stick with a game -- -- you don't need to start adding teams to the playoffs you don't need to start. Adding games of the season. You do not need to make major changes have you -- do anything take away pre season game which I know you're not allowed to do would do it anyway because it's in knowing having to watch all four. So I would really be my only petition and there's a little things that -- little doubt from the first like you direct I would tell him to calm down he's a little too eager little too ambitious. He he wants to be a part of it. But the other thing is that you don't have a little thing in the game yeah. I'll pass interference. Well I told him I thought I appreciate the need to change the rules on -- path and apparently she gave the refereeing is the opportunity to not -- spot I'll. Or or make -- -- -- -- -- I mean I I -- -- a lot of things have changed everything should be review oval judgment calls are not pass interference you should be able to call spot foul or a ten yard penalty. And there should be a difference as I've said before on holding penalties for the offense holding on a running play should only be five yards holding -- pass inflation. It loses you can find yourself and Addams Family pinball machine how much about six correct that's too much. Was literally have the space sport I just wanna play a price putting close this extra call. Target and but I do need to find a place around the -- you just go play some spent 1001 and I lived in LA -- like if there was -- Our car wash that at a pinball that you could use while there -- washing your car. And I was it was great somebody says it's the -- it's the highest selling -- believable time. York beach -- apple farm and the closer to me Heather who repeatedly into the weekend. What other drug -- you know I went to college together she knows all about Addams Family is legendary tomorrow. This is this is great -- -- -- -- to Roger Goodell to contract and -- fell. From from 32 to 20/20 two and went -- in the US and Canada -- -- good NFL in Canada. I don't know about. Lot of people are saying you gotta go to fun spot where speech recent all the times -- -- a place with teeny. Next that Iraq's you're go up there camera acts like a little fried chicken -- place right next or great. That place used to be -- -- like a little go -- place and it was company announced -- striking. I'm in out of Stanley MOK. So I guess people under the age of when he five. Do they'll play how could you not what's what's brought Kindle -- -- wrong with it but if you have. Faster options different generation different. Ball and then 1950s and sixties it was a rage. Ball in the 21 century and we'll slowed did you say we have the fifth question -- I don't know what you almost atlas and no. No absolutely not -- maybe later. There's a -- question and the techsters wanna know what New York would petition our annual review petition. Suitable to a couple -- years. Only every four or 41 on every year don't I don't broke. Drugs. It was Super Bowl Miami writes that he -- good at a -- every every two or three year. Miami -- New Orleans. LA you'll you'll I don't know about New York you'll. Maybe. And maybe Pasadena and on up past the you know -- it right around Stamford. -- -- hello to yet. That particular that you won their go to the new the new building Emeka for the -- those goals are yours to detaining him. So Miami right. Los Angeles -- New Orleans. Call and that's it that's no more San Diego these days and I don't sit at San Diego probably get five San Diego we're good. That's it that's already. Had a Super Bowl destination in the historic trip just now Indianapolis now. Nobody said India was great look at the -- Pablo -- thinks. Took care of -- is OK Jack titled -- target Jackson's use that Houston was not so good Dallas Houston -- and Houston. Everywhere he went -- somebody's -- -- close by yet. I walked her own. The houses that you dropped twenty minutes -- everything let's have a phone -- so -- caused by delays right now. Putting -- well you don't think that Palo Alto is like that but it's what the weather. Is better if your -- it's better it's better scenery it's better. It is this going to be twenty minutes and you gonna be and a lately eastern LA twenty minutes in Houston and the things.

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