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Jan 30, 2014|

ESPN Radio hosts Mike and Mike sit down with Mut and Lou to talk about Marshall Faulk's comments and what this Super Bowl means if Peyton wins, or if he loses.

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You guys have talked about this story and -- talked about -- and national level Mike -- Mike Mike -- Michael I set to join us every ESPN. We does that Marshall -- did your guys he really Bloglines I'll be sat down we thought gonna talk a little bit about the Super Bowl let it and he went into a ten minute diatribe on -- spike is the reason the patriots want to look to have one cents. You guys have talked about this view if you believe Marshall Marshall. Say that -- an impact -- what -- it's -- to give it to the Super Bowl success how many times ebitda AFC championship games so they haven't won the Super Bowl. But they got there a couple of times they were gave away a few times I mean it's not plays away -- a -- is great it's not. Not quite because despite gate and they say oh my god they've ever made the playoffs again. They were still one of the top two or four teams in the league. Years after that are now I absolutely don't look I don't know -- -- it's not a secret that I'm a fan of the jets and so the patriots are my biggest rival. But -- it is not the reason that Wes Welker dropped a ball that he's probably caught 6000 times in his life. Or they beat the giants in the second suitable. It's not the reason that David Tyree had a ball stick to his helmet that wouldn't happen again if we try to 6000 more times where they have won two more championships since then. And Brady would be five and -- Belichick will be five and on the super -- would be having. An entirely different conversations so I'll I'll never let I don't know that -- you know so -- will ever know just how much of an effect that had on any games that were played then. But the notion that they can't succeed without it I think is steadfastly reject yet. It's yeah I've I've talked but -- debating discussion when it came opposite you know fill whatever questions achievements you know we wanna see it succeed they'll they'll talk about -- one and done in the failures but you don't question achievements that's -- said. Another Super Bowl probably is burning in bill because there are people out there maybe not patriot nation but there are picked up to the question the validity of his chief. Wanna see at one point after he got there are doing that yes -- people within football though just how great of a coach he is. But outside of that yes I think people are are all gonna be like CC they haven't launches that so it must have been something was by game back I couldn't disagree more. We spent the week here guys trying to figure out the patriots get back to this game I'm curious do you guys think. That the patriots put it off. Put up -- of weapons around Tom Brady now of course I. How anyone could think that this is started the year is the year they had this venue where it may lethal -- team. That went in and -- sees it. For the year before about their top five receivers. Went through the it now lot of teams go through injuries but what prevents some of the injuries they had and still make it to that conference's championship game I mean. This this was incredible you know what's going on I will say this that I I I I admire. Bill Belichick as a coach more than any I think he's the best coach in. American professional sports. But I don't think that Bill Belichick the talent evaluate or the talent. Whatever it is the guy put the team together did Bill Belichick to coach a whole lot of favors this year and obviously no one could foresee what happened with -- Aaron Hernandez and and that changed so many things. The Rob Gronkowski thing I think unfortunately have to start wondering if you're ever gonna see him. Play fully healthy again to me was the MVP of the -- the number one most valuable player in the league. When he was healthy and at his best. But -- -- difference makers on that offensive side of the ball and Tom Brady is is is pulling rabbits out of a hat on a weekly basis you -- -- making offensive players. On that side of the ball and I think the patriots are the favorite to win the AFC next. That's a lot of discussion of the New England Bill Belichick the coach is doing such a great job because Bill Belichick did GM but maybe it isn't that I edited and -- Let's let's just offseason and other greatest things in June Broncos down marine goes down. You hope and AM until it does something to draft a young wide receivers. And you can sit there are justified this year right is on foresee things happen but next year. The -- you can't rely on these three young rookies colleague on our. Yet that's why you know and I think he went through a spell for -- defensively trying to find too whether through draft or free agency that pass rusher. You know so there has been some question as people they have chosen as the thought that was going to be that person. And they really haven't followed that person now they have great firewall for it and mail on those guys go down. An idiot. To leave from you know Tampa Bay along with what their broad but it's not a guy you drafted. Already think the one thing out of Nobel objective like I that I can't say ha. That was a little -- bill like was this -- Wes Welker thing right -- that there is no doubt I'm Wes Welker. How he didn't end up back on that team. What was amazing to me and then I really thought bill didn't look so good in the hole that receiver tried to take out you know our guy here and I just. I didn't like that all seemed like too much of a personal -- only me and our little surprised for bill in and that state even the next day -- -- was the very popular opinion but -- embarrassed himself you know quite frankly I just didn't didn't see that coming down I don't either I didn't expect Jack coming from Hillary this. And on May be the only person has his opinion. I think right now. That Julian Edelman is every bit as good as Wes Welker I don't I don't think that that is where they're missing anything. I think especially when you factor in his abilities in the return game and some of the other stuff he does if you ask me right now would I rather have Wes Welker or Julian Edelman I would rather have settlement. Whether you guys agree with me or not they want to let you know if you saw Welker at the end of the year is and I loved what he did this opposition know what to -- -- I've -- and patriots uniform. He'll look all that healthy Reynolds and don't -- don't aren't what he catches with a -- big element is tremendous and and and I I I don't think that's your problem. I think that settlement that Amendola is not as good as Welker I think settlement is as good as Welker. And I think you need guys on the outside you -- guys who play outside Wear them with the numbers are they can stretch the field a little bit and obviously so much of this offense was built. Around having those -- -- right -- -- that that was going to be the bet that they wanted to best in the lead at end. That's really where the big losses are much in my opinion at least much more than Welker as a as a fan of the jets when we would play the patriots I wasn't afraid of Wes Welker. I was afraid to Rob Gronkowski. And I was afraid of Aaron Hernandez while it's gonna get a couple of first downs of course but those -- the two guys that beat you and and those -- the two guys who think they missed more than. And yet -- -- early years of it was they really miss west you know to live event of the year he was when he was he went too but early the year went home didn't have anybody was like daddy like to have that one -- your jets fan. Now even with all this evidently the patriots offensively and they -- challenge them in that division next year -- it's unlikely I don't you know Miami. I don't know what they were this year I can't make up my mind a lot of it's gonna have to do what the quarterback is right panhellenic -- geno Smith any good. Is EJ -- any -- there were three young quarterbacks that teams are staking their futures on right now in the division. To try to make a run at Tom. And will any of the three of them wind up being really good if the answer to that is yes then that will be the team. That eventually makes a lot of -- just have a defense that is legit now there another one that have no talent on offense. Not to go around the quarterbacks if they put some good players are on the quarterback let's say. If geno Smith want to being a good player then yeah I think the jets could be a team that could make it interest in going forward but if you put talent around Tom Brady. Then I think they're the team to beat in the conference much less the British high ground on the anybody's in as devices is division wise waters -- there in the next help breeders'. The -- guys have a great -- want to handle this week on your show and you asked about Super Bowls and and using that is the a lot of demarcation between quarterbacks lose but all real -- I think -- game -- Manning. It's all or nothing he wins a second one of the first quarterback to win what went through different teams. He's in the Montana Brady conversation I think -- he loses it and it's one against Brady's three of Montana's for that he's won -- but will there be considered. The grace is it unfair to put that much pressure and that much emphasis on this game for the quarterback they know it's not unfair that's what these games are. That's what they've become now. If you really think about it. You know my dad we'll talk a lot about players. That I never got a chance to see play who are the ones that you remember who the what you read about it books who are the ones that still there that doesn't always championships. You know records fall. Peyton Manning sit all these records this year they'll all eventually get broken Dan Marino had the record that Brett Favre broke them in Manning's gonna break damage someone else gonna come along and break them. But would never get taken away other -- So I think that's as good as as good a place to start the conversation as any and if you only have one and it's very hard to compare to a guy was for the talk goals were to get that that I hall favorite all. It goes to their separate rooms and all things and those guys will be in a separate room now what is -- decide about that separate room. -- you start making your lists champion number championship comes on the -- it just does well what you're talking about the best of the best. It is unfair is it -- because there's a defense that gives -- the ability. But what you're talking about quarterbacks. Or is put on them for so in the pro accomplice. Though -- I guess they defend -- which is easy to do you know around here sometimes put look at an -- Sixty minutes and decide whether you've got one of the all time greats -- I'm not gonna put that list anymore if you gonna play a good game -- -- they could give Lester get the -- to whatever -- it got -- we're -- we're -- -- today talking about how we play greatly outdoors but. Bringing more blow -- could have a great game on Sunday. That it could still -- Brady's early early wins the Super Bowl -- the difference was a strength and those teams. But so -- a fault because it is again I don't know I don't know if you're the quarterback everything goes on that and that's what you that's one of the things you start to let me give you an analogy you know from your sport. I think David Ortiz put himself in the hall of fame with the World Series that he had this year. Birdie at 850 and what I mean it only 6088 data filtered out so to me you know that's been -- the biggest moment when you have things like that I think that makes an enormous difference. I think Curt Schilling is going to end up in the hall of fame and I don't think that Curt Schilling is one of the I don't know but it was one of the three or four best pitchers of his -- -- -- but when you needed -- win and when you need it if you. Needed a game in the playoffs. When the World Series or -- everything was on the line there were -- more than two or three guys that were pitching and is there I would rather have than him so that is where this stuff gets decided largely in every sport not just this sport. -- having watched you guys and TV listed other radio you don't agree on a lot. I think there's an agreement here -- on Super Bowl Sunday your parties will be. California Hillary -- is just everywhere both these parties -- yes there there will be all my -- I eat there because I got really fat after I was done playing. And now I got a lot -- one of the reasons I stacked better whether troops whether it was vegetables and and I I dig the Allman so. While for Super Bowl parties Palestinians still gonna have some wings are still gonna have some pizza. But I'll fill up a little more on the healthy snacks like Allman -- I'm a little more full slate less of the bad stuff but I need him in the morning and -- before work out. It gives me a lot of energy and I'm one of these health nods and almonds are -- as people should know. Are extraordinarily good story they have all of the good fat. They're very good for your hard to very high in protein have very low in and and and calorie so it's extraordinarily good. For snacking an item for breakfast -- -- at a bagel a response from new York at a bagel and cream cheese every morning in my life. And then at one point I said to myself why is it about 830 and we go -- at six why isn't -- thirty always feel like I'm falling asleep. So I started eating yogurt and an -- every single morning and I feel better so they're very good for you and and so for for a lot of different. Lights keeps the omens for -- really knows she did you give -- -- -- -- cars personal trainer back in the day I eat pizza but that's not that's. A little bit I don't know I don't know -- way past that -- could not just don't stand up yeah. President -- guys -- you don't see certain areas of their big bottom half to Italian thing you know you guys thank you so much I appreciate -- you're gonna send -- to other Super -- I'm hopeful by the way if we have half a second George. I am in favor of all the cities getting super doubles. And I believe -- would be the next one should be the next one because of the way people act as the Roger Goodell makes these decisions all by himself IQ are great you don't -- reporters who -- or -- -- -- this stadium is forty minutes away from the city CAA history -- cities I've met in Boston a -- prominence but the game itself out doctoral candidate who work lately weird how far -- -- -- -- until we don't get a second wife Michelle and I don't doubt that I. They shouldn't be here it should be in Foxboro I love the city -- the stadium. Absolutely not she's not many guys any of this -- know but I know who's whose concern is that you know you're worried about the media. Let's we're about the fans I think that I'm from New York. I have friends who are so excited about this there is a level of enthusiasm they have for this game they otherwise would never have there's an energy I think about town. I think it's great for the city and I think the fans of all of the NFL cities to get a chance to experience this and I think because of the the standing of the Kraft family in the league. It would strike me that if this is deemed a success that might be the next play at all humbug. I don't want them -- I love the craft bail me out with you but you have yeah its about the fans so what do fans do they go to the event in Boston. They go to Providence really NFL and we set up and fox still sits for three hours in traffic trying to get through the one you could download until gonna do that no matter where -- -- -- -- -- New Orleans walking from party to party. -- not going to be doing that -- we're getting to the game -- you have to sit in traffic for three -- I'll give it up just given up guys thank you and I'll -- my party -- on regular enormous mistake I'm coming back I'm coming to our patriot who plays -- talk with a sign that says bring the Super -- here -- please let's go to soon if we will take a picture of guys like it -- that senate majorities that updated top of the -- -- you'll hear more. From Marshall -- your 937 WB yeah.

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