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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: The Grammys

Jan 27, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed last night's Grammys.

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From just scrap -- is yours mine. Sorry a move Akron I always get confused which ones might not much -- make -- headlines brought you by AT&T to cover more than 99%. Of all Americans rethink possible and by precision fitness equipment chopper the pros do precision fitness equipment or the grammys last. Up more than the Pro Bowl that's for sure let's disease engaged. Glad she Grammy night controls the collector is actually. I who suggest that really yes yes show kicked off with -- call a mediocre by duet between beyoncé at the big reveal the GC -- yet which. -- -- asked to explain JC I don't get it now. I know I'm an old man. The whole thing eludes me. You're gonna do happen now we're gonna say something about -- the medal in the whole world will attack us from being -- just tell me. What word out of just one and no amount considering how promising great producer and what are the case may be great talent. Just tell me -- I'm -- or just tell me what word. Well yesterday. To open the grammys did you understand I think what will have his opening whenever the opening. And by the way and that's song called drunken love she got leaked. There were three times three times yeah three times. We woke up in the kitchen saying. How the hell did this bleep happened is what they cut out. And then it was another one in verse three -- in the foyer. F -- my war hole. Slipped the panties right to the side ain't got time to take the -- off their rights and ably as well. Now yeah so I understand yeah I -- Virginia. Album we did this happen. JC one byword for best rap sung collaboration. With Justin Timberlake that's that's on you like so -- year. -- ties -- with -- I did you Edward -- call home JT electric. Power industry T. -- I talked about. -- -- This Gene -- -- who won the award for in most need of medical attention for -- controlled convulsions that would either be lord. Or Taylor Swift -- -- No he was just you lose you lost Ozzie I think his soul boy I know is that adult aussies finally -- that point of terror. Amid great news. He's been moved. -- -- Well I -- -- Brenda. Will always be among moderates gold. But the way things didn't really become. The -- he's from got to be found -- this about forgot that in The Beatles. You know I'm in the then sit in the front row two was he looking at the mornings and -- -- -- Ringo and Paul with their significant others yeah yeah yeah big night for Daft Punk Daft Punk. Album of the year. Record of the year as well so they were the big winners last night that on the French -- robot did you see pink defying death on the ropes. -- unbelievable that ought to -- it yourself at risk you see pink on the ropes I had a circus a -- thing. I thought Katy Perry -- that's that callers who sets them up and they say we need the ropes things she's -- -- -- OK you've got to deal. No you wouldn't call it really don't see a -- concert does that. As a as a part of I don't know -- brought whole thing gets that you think is it necessary. Like you know like the singers guitars. Yes that and production like probably a one performance that really stood out. Name is John Legend and he sat at the piano and play in a white talks white suit white shirt. Could actually understand everywhere he said -- -- hunter Hayes to the same as that one yeah I don't come honestly better singer countries line. This is terrible thing that's a terrible awful review what you like Campbell I don't like hammered -- like Richard -- I don't understand no deal made the point again I just played the piano and sang. Would hunter is complete -- Anchorage so why we have Andre -- replace. Just we every performance a sound number 500 days but. Here's the problem the grammys is how can anyone like. Enjoy every one -- mean not a question different musical taste to you there it's like at the end of the year ago few weeks ago a year end. And you have a guy who some music critic pick album of the year and song of the year and it's such as subjective thing you taste in music company one guy image and they try to be. You know eclectic and that number one will be eulogies the number two will be Ozzy Osbourne ago you'd be happy to be the ball. I think it's hard it's much harder to music critic of the court I think because you must if you're certain age you just rocket like -- music only the other eight under the age matters like I think it's hard like for our young people now. Now some of them like country some of them like hip hop. Some of them like metal. Now is it possible the like all free and be fair and honest critic of all three. -- -- I'm I'm -- but I mean I think it's not possible for me like Daft Punk I just to me it hasn't worked but you're like that means rolled in light I guess I -- -- -- and what that there eight impala that people. Now that I of people there robot robots and it is on it's imposter you -- it's impossible for me to like Daft Punk. So is it by and watch and could they can be perfect all the right notes and play all amstel and I think there's that too weird yet and that just him it's like. Like -- and sound like gimmicky right yeah that's I mean is Daft Punk. Eventually Daft -- we'll take off the mask -- the biz beat two guys handled the -- -- that's gonna happen is gonna run out his stuff to do it's all the notes. -- is an ultimate good yeah some Madonna performed open your heart last night at the grammys after. Queen Latifah officiate the mass wedding of 33 gay and straight couples. During. Mac more Ryan who supports same love which is becoming marriage equality and that was I -- -- was I didn't get a pencil Jamaica for the ST you know the mass look like a -- wedding. Yes no I didn't see that you see the kind of support was Willis. Was it real. Well it's an official official marriage and all these people these gay guys are married now and straight people 33 couples some gay some straight. I'm -- I don't agree that we were just straight couple -- seeing Dino and his -- up there last night congratulations yet but that's a real those are real weddings as people really married. Just finished it yet associate like you can officiate at a -- Yes she can do that the Madonna how went for a little a certificate expire September so you could do deals when it although we don't allow the other way well we don't know what do you suppose it could be if Ottawa that -- the summer. Out of the public have a minute and you know not for a second you're JP not for a second -- that why am -- looking at that coffee again and trying to -- me enough yet it is perhaps. Really. A mayor of socially. Which it over to the grammys want to Margaret affluent are what got any job but I do you know I just said I think Keith Urban somehow morphed into KD Lang. Yeah he's yeah -- -- apart now these were long had a is that some might think -- have some work has to look like -- like at least with what's her face right. It is with the the white one of the the -- Tom cruises -- go get it also can also at that pullback now dissect issues great yet yet she's not -- country -- the -- country moment. Burnett country yet you once she won for sump on Ebert and. How old Taylor Swift this season to. He talked about what it would -- -- to boob job when the great moments American history that all that's all that's missing. Casey must upgrades deceit are not -- for. Yeah she's she's attractive very attractive very attractive. Other mayor Scioscia the Russian city set OC Olympic Games this claim there are no gay people in the city. The member of vice member of -- parties is gay people we welcome the city's long it will impose their habits and others but. He doesn't know when they don't exist in the city so. The should be no issue here just like Iran has no gay people and I ran right it's like when they held a 36 Olympics in Berlin there were no Jews in in Berlin and knowing -- -- sure but. -- -- on their high adult yet hiding them. I started the book by the way. But book. Unbroken a little man you love it up a highlight of -- and -- pressure on. This -- -- you a great that's true no romance. Yes that if they lose hampering turned 97. Said. I hate to give it away -- but he lives yeah. It does make it -- blow survivors and an allotment turnout yeah will be a -- of their lives lost survivor number two this week and again behind the right along which ones you saw this week journeys -- I'm not trying to -- a large number one by Kevin. Yes too long to -- got a half hour. Capsule is a great 45 minutes it's fun it's it's a gas it really is -- mean agency it's one how will it -- to you know I've not. I gotta go we let -- go it's gonna win. Best actor now McConaughey is gonna what you showed -- right -- it is an amazing performance Leo DiCaprio -- Leo. Is an amazing actor how we did that. Scene after scene is in and it is a Gordon gecko like Karen because Gordon Gekko is famous things with the Mike can make in a speech in in greed is good. That kind of thing and he does -- a dozen times he gives these inspirational speeches to his people. And each one is better than the the last team that rarely are glad they're funny or crazy there. Over the top I mean. And I think he uses. The I think Scorsese. I call Marty Marty uses the same philosophy is is the Navy SEALs anything we're doing is worth over doing this and moderation is for cowards -- It's all over the top in every way. And it's so excessive -- -- slow knots on skin color in Atlanta nursery this house with -- the white from the folks it is safe -- crystal -- The at the and I and I tweeted this element of makes any sense -- the the big -- years is Leo DiCaprio them the second big stars and -- hill. Who's annoying I wanted to punch him so glad it got late tomorrow or characters though it isn't it's an electric I hate to carry this -- but. And then the third biggest star in this movie is the -- -- the -- elude plays such a damn big part of this movie. The exit OK Marty we understand McQuay -- -- there's three or four different times. Would they focus on how quick -- affect jemaah I mean that -- he's crawling around. But the car. Along -- -- while he took too many query -- greet passes though in the past and crashes he can't walk and he crawls around. And it just goes on forever. And that goes back to the house calls around the crawls around some more. We know we lose mess up your mind we got enough for that to me yes you need another scene with -- loads I did not know I didn't I was too long. -- anybody who works with him Marty. It's -- people of any of this crusade Marty and I are now our hopes to -- and -- the game -- yet to score sees that as that's the problem -- the editor from lone survivor who didn't let the -- six weeks steel cores right dominate for him that. And a lot of fan it's very similar announcement. Good files which is okay by me you know it's got its own leaders could -- with the same -- weird scenes we talk of the camera and he kind of different generations you know half the time now rating at the time I mean he's a real break after -- -- acting like he was -- -- -- and but it works amendment that style is kinda. Off the wall and there were 34 times. Well I laughed outline in on the were some funny one question first time the couple times cells -- on the movie it's great. Awesome he is good the characters -- let's -- right now. McConaughey is a great look on his great to almost steal rob writers and a run as excellent mad Max Rodman is that ruled. I think everybody and that someone line he really doesn't matter if somebody can be very nice and I cement his ball caps have slowed liked Joan -- wanted to punch that made it that's 100 -- like -- job back. And he sees knock everybody's nice and like now and a lot of mind annoying -- knowing people in this. Movie but until it was just. He -- out about. Soft spot for knowing people just did you see -- -- battery life. Yet -- at the beginning -- NC rest you do degrees degrees that is boss' house loses -- progress it is a good comedy -- you ask him but in this nominee for two Oscars will -- -- -- -- -- -- it's pretty -- not -- nice career for us and I think he's funny but. Three hours of this annoying. Okay. -- -- was too much. Too much. I enjoyed a Portuguese because Marty made you would you'd just like me would lone survivor you didn't care with LB was you're gonna give an Scorsese -- -- -- -- -- as all the critics league you know like the critics. Especially the European born critics yeah of that so that meets men and loved it. -- -- -- -- the law not yet animal mark -- know him you know I do not 44 years old in Massachusetts forestry teacher. -- -- Forestry a forestry teacher. They have those did he teach the force its public. Only go to Q what should apply entry adolescent -- Reportedly was arrested Wednesday last Wednesday for allegedly flashing women from his -- Aren't that happens he reportedly stood from this house in Walpole on Monday morning wearing nothing but -- -- and their hat in the Powell police. The first -- report the scenes that number to ditch the towel was completely naked which usually by high. -- when there's this Saturday last like ten degrees is -- is Bishara a picture when he was resting at fourteen degrees I would. Say this the funniest thing. Jonah Hill. East this is gorgeous woman at the party and to spectacular to watch in the party. And Leo DiCaprio -- honor and eventually marries her. So spectacularly well and if they're all -- -- -- Party hundreds of people Jonah Hill does pulls those that's revenue. If this is why the continent as wife sees them he's -- he's so Stallone just don't dressed up teachers. Stroke and it and his wife Tess announces elements of Eaton who's related to his wife -- -- -- tell him. That's that's a that was the funniest scene of the whole movie when explains you -- -- Yes we're not really 'cause he says. He married his cousin he's gonna explain since we're not really don't really for -- says bush says. I think her mother. And my father were brother sister so when -- really 'cause. The Jefferson would give kids geragos is wards drive -- somewhere out there are -- -- -- insisted the F kids and they were Tajikistan. Appeal -- to promote the country and open the door incident you're free now you -- It's a some excessive it sell over the top that later that day not. Woman such -- -- policy -- she said he start to gyrate his body support his mailbox which he drove by fugitive north Norfolk County agricultural high school. -- charge of opening gross lewdness and disturbing the peace he's been -- placed on administrative leave. From work 2012 who was arrested for similarly for a similar incident in Natick mass -- -- this job really yeah yeah it should be nick -- in your own property. Now I'm going to be pleasure yourself all we want -- people drive we gyrating. Gyrating to the public mailbox I guess you can't be naked in front yard dot Xerox your property body. We don't whip them to -- I don't excel. And I think his rules against -- to test that and wanting to be in the ball -- like that are on guard. Walked in my kids just coming home from the rest of -- in the backyard by your -- your naked there's kids while a few of your hump in the picnic table earlier I don't really can't Sunday -- top off in the backyard routes in the pool. That's different. -- campy. Eighties where kids currency. And I understand that either stamps which questioned -- yes yeah I think each month. A test that when you -- headlines brought -- again by ATP. They cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible next up at the -- to see woody Paige Denver Post says if Manning. Does one simple thing. One simple thing he then becomes the best quarterback of all time in NFL. History will discussed next.

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