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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday to Discuss the State of the Patriots Heading Into the Offseason

Jan 26, 2014|

Tom gives the boys a call to discuss his thoughts on the Pats early exit from the playoffs and what happened in Denver. He also touches on Nick Caserio's decision to stay with the Pats, if Julian Edelman will stay with the Pats and more. Also, Tom says ... HE LIKES THE PRO BOWL!

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So it wasn't too the sunny to play the stadium series hockey game in LA but it is in New York I know the stadium series hockey game and -- was at 9 AM. Being a Smart -- they're guessing now that may be they can start at 1 o'clock but they don't know. And -- announced anything yet they just know that it won't start at 1230 like it was supposed to let's bring in our -- Tom. Or. More now. Let's let's talk about nick has stereo for just the moment because. He turned on the dolphins that you I think you with a first want to report. Either yesterday or last night officially but he turned down yesterday like Dawson turned them down this morning. All of a sudden Dennis -- was just the guy they wanted to be the general manager in Miami why do you think -- stereo set now. It looked at -- -- wannabe anywhere else than white eagle -- -- white eagle an interview that. -- quite -- interview. What are you know yeah I didn't 38 years old. And somebody consistently says -- come -- at the Q all the Q so -- theoretical listen to what they have set. I thought that situation or because a lot of people. Out. And it more to hurt with their pitches. And what their structures. Either that or you know what it's not as good place right now. About the event all right we'll -- tells you know I went out. I don't think I saw that I don't we're delighted to go I would go up route 38 years -- -- -- organization's 2000 wants. You all these self goes without their coach I mean. When you take free -- trip for instance you know. Find out without their. -- let me be the Smart -- Rihanna okay let me be the Smart Alec and bring up the Alex -- stuff. Alex mar -- waited a few minutes ago that basically. Nick hysteria comes back to the patriots with all of the inner workings of the dolphins player personnel department. How much they're willing to spend on free agency in this and that is it possible this was just the scouting mission. Just not that because I mean do you think the -- and they're gonna have every candidate I mean whether they thought Tennessee. Or. You know all of our content the verdict here now apparently it rates here are well picker are no attempt to sweet is that all the information currently. I mean it's it's just a cynical. Our approach to that effect guys at 38 it's an interview if you try to -- more money out of his way to restart Covert mission for his organization I just. There's always -- each ultimately. And here you can go from the branch that as the local standard of the best seller -- -- so history. Or you could stick with that -- go to one that sits in a doping process and take -- minor step up. Any -- figure that in her -- them. Tom I understand that there at times changing you know situations change in environments change but at the same time. You're talking about a guy to -- who declined to interview for a the -- job back in 2012 what's different this camera. He couldn't tell me. But I can't presume that you know you -- to -- you wanna be an NFL arm. To return everybody down to the point where nobody comes around that's what's popular -- getting closer. The Paul Allen backed -- the brakes properly come out OPEC's tactic to Paris book thanks. And finally meet the technical stuff in order particular critics group. Iraq and have an opportunity go anywhere -- air and I think that there -- the we -- a look at what you want to hear your career find out if those things out they weren't -- And I think with -- That probably entered into it I mean. The interview process in Miami went on or since January 11. He only went in there two days ago. So I think he probably -- for awhile and they were insistent on and on down there. I think that's what is. At 38. I just think the book that I think you need to do to make myself better and an employee benefit. Risks could not who bought from the Belichick is in the position before where he was trying to move -- in. Coaching and they are still a label it. Tom I think it's interesting we talk about conservatives have talked to have hope you probably the last couple years no one's really quite sure what to make of me kind of a blank slate do you think this was an attempt. To your point to kind of put himself out there and say okay this is me this is how I would run an organization -- given a chance. I think that -- an excellent way of looking at it because. It was not a -- ever gonna get an opportunity that it is critical to Europe now. If he does he pick up and -- because it'll lead to create its. Ability to be perceived as. Some more than Bill Belichick Marion that local electric -- a much -- keep them all the sense. Since 2000. And general and the well could not know. On the -- for you to vote will execute the defense would need to get the perception remains. That Bill Belichick and it's a coordinator of perception remains that Bill Belichick. It's the general manager despite the climate -- -- by Belichick currencies. Regarding both got it all you know in which you know they are credited with the bought in to recreate. For remote mark on it once Seattle telecheck is much worse. -- Regina. And but the perception is different but -- -- that over. Who were behind a legend and a giant of the game like Belichick you know they're -- this is not just. You know a political. So changing the course -- slightly Tom you're gonna watch the -- -- like -- all. But they don't you're the one that yeah or Watson at seven point seven million. I don't mind at no point watching guys play -- I -- -- what we are whether it is it you know sometimes the fortnight. Will -- be a little bit. Caddy I'd like battles the network does so. OK okay hero like stupid stuff like that so that -- related battle that we're. -- was part of it big but that was more athletic competition in the Pro Bowl is going to be tonight. Pursuant to Cardoza there update myself. I Wonder Woman right. She was one woman that you know tighten. Of the guys that the patriots. Are. Presumably gonna wanna bring back guys like Aqib Talib presumably Julian settlement. I don't think Brandon Spikes but others who is most likely to return to this team next year. I will say or. And then police would be my guests that are in Torino and I think he's the most fascinating. The group. And -- culture this week on W yeah I think again to set a foundation and framework for the way in which. The patriots will approach his situation. You know if Soriano and go to the open market appear retarded. Spot receiver. And not much more dimensional guy is the patriots perhaps proceed in the city and local politics WEEI. He's not slot receiver great everywhere. I think -- that will help to eight the perception -- the patriot and a little bit more money for -- that open. Then they would swap you know a point to help this week it is if -- -- in our -- quality -- Any Amendola. And then you end up paying. Four point five or whatever. -- currently -- and nine point five million dollar from these two guys the place slot when. You know. Because that when you put -- that nine point 51 season. On what -- so I think will be a -- for the patriots who will then frame. The conversation as well what what is it what is beyond -- is it wide receiver. -- slot receiver is more multi dimensional -- So but what you guys think will be hit market ultimately -- -- cute I knew it well as well in the music and conversations I have egyptians to sit. That says the city the patriots not that I don't particularly an element of attracting huge. -- -- -- I think you'll get a bunch of interest of the dollars into more modest you know to me like yeah I think the difficult -- I want I would put -- comparable to -- you Alec DeVon Hester was made him a switch or through the guy from Cleveland. Like items meant crib but the but the unique situation the thing that I think Gelman has from his side of the table is in both of those cases when they went to give those deals. It was more the promise of the transition receiver the promise of production receiver he set a thousand yard here now. So it's an interesting case to make him yet you can point to you know he -- -- -- TX occasionally goes on outside the number sometimes you can be used all over the place. What I agree the point it's so difficult is it redundancy in -- redundancy and roll. That kind of -- I think they got into that you know did the interest if you could just say Danny do you mind switching it if you felt it. Like I don't know how that would work and have a conversation would give broached but. I say justice for his -- like how. How you frame this guy will be really -- I think he needs a home but is important I think he needs a home where. He's not been asked to be the guy clearly I -- and I don't I don't believe in the hole number one number two number three thing but I think that slot role. You know in the event that you were in -- situation had the great quarterback -- Buick San Diego to just needs another weapon or something along those lines but. It's going to be finding the right home that I think we'll answer that question. I think what's interesting aspect of -- know the limitations what what was on the page Iranian and those on the patients. Were on display last week and and move forward -- -- -- comfortable in the last few years usually regarding route workout but it's very accurate he'll -- and -- -- our -- our yards down field in pro. Over order. Because you can't go and get it brought it up online to -- to safety who becoming over do we know it's smaller small. And while the road at renowned it was very very or specifically the the play action -- yeah. It would not have -- It would have been a better contest were to be opened my tactics to. 215. I'm trying to figure the other guys that are out there homily like Santana Moss is kind of around. Well it's your enemy and -- -- kind of trying to make its. Actually you don't have a much -- quarterbacks in they were but they. It would -- rocket didn't look up and suitable. Laveranues Coles and reasonable maybe. But the typical -- -- right. Tom were you surprised at all with the pepper Johnson decision. On the surface yet but then again when I look at it -- -- -- great it will apparently -- and that it would that is going to. So typical parting of the ways and that you know what pepper but so overweight from each. -- he unilaterally decided. Or. You know. During ripped I was surprised on the surface available when you look better well you got the defense that would position that is definitely wanted a few years ago. For that trickster god. And market look at polio it's clear it's not getting any better here and I'm gonna. You know bottom line is. A position coach -- Michael -- someplace where are normal well -- museum -- that similar gaps that -- What's already a bomb. Coaches and personnel that is. Developing their own. I Kennedy aside from the patriots I think it was one reason that. Scott Pioli might have been reluctant. To. Come back for the patriots even -- nick hysteria that -- inspector well. You'll want to go in a particular candidate so I'm deciding to combat -- -- Right away with a stop in between captaincy because it was -- well here it OPEC New England. To make it work so that's always hard thing for these guys went and I think when -- look -- he -- -- -- -- You lose too long term guys in -- improper and then a few years ago I kind of went back and looked at the decision to have him Mike ways -- to move on what does this do in terms a continuity. You know can again and again we talked about this earlier in the show the idea that these guys not necessarily high profile guys but the same time. They played huge role in the development of some really key people within the system. I think it's a great. Question I mean and how. Are what determine that the internal waters and they get people in court different. I think it happens you know first look at medical. It's the same guys who was training. Four -- Extent not talk about recognition that the trainers. You thought goes in the -- doctor -- And there aren't any physical report. And approach that the thing that think that. It's important to churn indicate that from your point here for some -- -- -- -- that this weakest. What difference. Between the Seattle Seahawks. Defense and most of the other. They're huge second airport the picture sort of move to bigger Wiener guy fraud based to a small the second. Is. Seattle Seahawks move. Have bigger secondary guys who can run. A precursor to what we're going to see all teams trying to fit -- ball toward. So I think you owed it to be all and having viewpoints on the idea reform which I am linebackers. So go check it stepped finally let you know what that's not the way we're gonna try and do. Going forward so I think it so it could that -- -- in that we would you get immune I didn't hear match. Take on that that -- -- No I'm I'm interest news and I'll -- the angle I think the difficulties though that you give in to you is they had been hit on so many of those guys like Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman the -- the fourth fifth six tropics. I think if now in the event that you want to build your team you're about way you could redo it but I don't think through free agency could give those guys it would be tough to build without -- because. All these guys all these guys in a rookie contracts are all underpaid I mean relative to the role I mean Richard Sherman plays for 600 grand Earl Thomas is relatively. Modest number a lot of those guys that make up the back end for them. Or guys that he had on so they are gonna come a time a year or two or three from now on all those guys come up when they have to restructure them were it's going to be tough to keep the mall there. And and you gotta go back into the pool and find other long lean bodies that can do it and I got a feeling there aren't that many -- walking around the planet it's not. It's not something where you made the decision to warts looked at 66270. Found 75 pound. Sounds good. Go find them you know I mean in an art in Richards a rare dude demeanor thomas' career do. I think you you start to you start to run into a -- supply and demand issue with every team wants to do that'd be great if everybody had an RG three. What there is sort of some find an amount of these people on the planet I think Tom I wanted -- to really quickly Q do you think the patriots started to move this off this past offseason would be dribbles and move. No quicker -- that it was him as a linebacker. As a nickel linebacker. Valuable player from -- -- they probably look like okay what will. It's exit. That was a third down role it would and working. I'm curious to see. With the local area. Legislate so the body strength of the current owner on a better fit gimmick that aren't there. Richard surely -- and the last week. There had recovered -- if you put identical corporate. From dinner. Aaron since it could break that record and not all of the work that I doubt it -- and get it to the Super Bowl. And you legislate -- the ability of these smaller -- contact the man handled and redirect. And then you'll need to have a look at legal counsel Bob you know that's -- -- to -- I think in this NFL. It's so important to the patriots as he can be it turned the comparable hypocrite it's physical. And he can compete for the ball high in its its apex. So I thought -- -- pretty well I think we will it. You know what we say on what some other relevant and play that role but I think it's that big outside and try to look at. Extremely period to the other ago. In the perhaps they'll get Chris is told that those guys. Eleven district alone can go so out wonder who -- -- it would get from -- -- -- -- And out your speed is important for. That that's that's a good point that bring in a cave on because that really is a body type that looks a lot like a lot of other guys he's long he's got that size is a little heavier than the other guys will play at that position that's. That's the body type but who knows if if there right. Tom we always appreciate double talk you Super Bowl Sunday for our last edition of NFL Sunday. I look forward to a vote majority almost football Sunday. Closet off week yeah -- it'll be a -- -- Sunday for me I can probably about a half thanks Tom. Take care -- that is that Tom. 1800 get hair. Welcome back -- -- final segment of NFL Sunday presented by the plan's key insurance at the Polanski they shop so use saved visit Lansky dot com today.

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