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Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean moderates a debate between Jack Edwards and Peter Gammons

Jan 24, 2014|

Peter Gammons had some unkind words about the NHL and fighting and Jack Edwards retaliates and defends the sport of hockey. DJ Bean lets them battle it out.

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Oh million rush. Covering everything Boston Bruins in the NHL. -- -- Welcome to a special addition of -- -- -- very excited about this one it's the first to ever feature. Two guests in the air to the names after Saturday's game between the flames and -- hall -- baseball writer Peter Gammons tweeted quote. Calgary and Vancouver lastly reiterated by the NHL's a minor sport. Naturally. -- and played a -- jacket -- -- issue -- that he made a fart noise during Monday's game which is very entertaining in the and he can sound off on salt and -- saying that. Peter was as qualified to talk about -- he was the talk to vote. Women's passionately so joining me now our Peter Gammons and Jack Edwards hello guys. Rory. So I guess I'll start with you Jack you clearly take issue with Peter's tweet -- -- issue. -- What does it matter what Peter -- chances in India's. About. All I respect -- working baseball and he's not our job. -- forty -- here. But I have seen at the end. You know it's his opinion -- a -- odd years or what it should be a reporter it's -- baker. Is that really your -- Or a -- There with it is is. Hotly. You -- me the -- all of the guys -- -- -- that's about all. Like anybody. I'd seen the royals player or -- by yours would say they're at. Support. You ought to make a -- this argument. Think about things like. Five. And got -- Which -- only greater good actors are then I heard one coach told all the way. Efforts subsequently. Order. Well I mean I know I'm not invincible was sitting it out from there's television contracts all of us I instant. Always got a look at it that. And spent years covering. A very short on our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- by the notion that you know the political book mentality of hockey it's. Is what gets on the -- that was Bob was is there though a lot of people. Around the country you go it's it's WW Lee it's me it is not as you ever seen. Would literally wrote -- -- it gets. And -- our culture who not only you know -- -- -- report out. Yes where letters were elect answered questions and I can't control himself in between comparatively government and that's. You know but again. But what it is is tremendous and that's you know. Outpouring of loan practices does not this would not be the issue -- Our outlook people on this should go. It's hockey again you know part of that may have been my reaction to watching it initially this award. -- that are solely on -- obviously you weren't armed that they've been. And so about collectibles industry and that is consistency back. As opposed to. Watching your quote you're. A great player on the you know people still trapped -- -- supplemental. The -- Is that Russell. They're gonna Covert Google's -- editorials -- which are pretty well. But I mean to this country -- on the play also -- -- so long. And that's last year during a baseball -- -- -- sent him to contact us. You know. Prepared for what must be the opposite applicable -- So I mean that's that that that that's -- reaction that's true about it. I hate to see. And it. I -- You know when they recreate the scene from. From like International Falls. It. Whatever we'll try to -- -- -- also. In important intruders -- Well Paul -- actually mostly guys says -- Los Angeles shall we are pals -- -- That's more like fiction that's not what hockey is. Jack there there -- sixteen radio host between this two stations WEEI. In 985. And they talk about hockey that -- to say all the time they talk about hockey very frequently. Between those two stations and -- four years covering the Bruins I've seen. Exactly one host. In the Bruins dressing rumor in opposing teams Dresser and actively actually covering the game. Peter and Jack I mean did do you though or why guest Jack do you feel that you need to cover a game in order to have a legitimate opinion about it. Or -- here. First. You know you need to watch hockey persons in order yet. But -- Edit it as much as we try to bring you ocean. And -- -- -- -- -- tell the audience. Hockey or transmission than any other that just because of the weight gain access. -- what it's just not it does not lend itself. A lot of I'm. Bites back at the traditional art sports but baseball football basketball you. Your -- goal of the game. If you -- or -- and things like watch sports on -- -- -- ought. Is the lives of all of -- If I can digress a little bit -- read that sports soccer berries are. Is China's sports center is produced by a portal which is nineteen. It -- company. And decided that it was gonna action you can't act -- he cannot waste. And producers actually produce all -- let's let's show or. Which is designed not lose you are not what it ought not lose so written all reach all hockey stories. And yet yet it's a guys not talk about. Spilling into an automatic or bat and feet because they don't fire people don't anything about -- I worked in sports -- Israel for eight years I've got about six. We were hot back. And I'm sure that Albert smaller. Europe as he is in for a long time do you agree well I'm. A little bit what are. Here are you know what you -- saying it kind of it's part -- -- argument here that it actually doesn't get credited should get as a natural natural order and I completely agree you know Jack. Will -- great respect for you guys do on NASA but. I mean what else is -- -- -- -- -- -- what's in the old. But -- at the end of the rights section -- -- Because I like to watch where everywhere on the crisis. I really need to see that I'm I'm not I don't -- -- -- typical side. -- as it is -- the end of the rink where you can watch where it is and that's and I agree about the and they. For positioning -- the sport is extremely complicated to explain it I totally understand. I completely understand. -- here and I agree with. You guys will both have probably differing takes on this given that wanna you is a perceive cocky guy the other is not a perceive cocky guy but. Why is it there at least from my -- point in North America there is no more you lead this sport among the fans at least. Then hockey I think that when people saw Peter's tweet hockey fans at least that gets them all riled up and I mean. Other sports Mike kind of shrug that off it's -- it's say someone's that they don't like basketball than whatever it's no big deal but hockey fans at least to me. They wanna lay claim to their sport into when either somebody knocks it or somebody else tries to enter that community there rejected. I don't like -- I know that they're for what you are leaders use or you leaders. I think if anything. -- asked her the balls all all all I ask what they. Players the most humble I don't know what he's -- yes. But I'll tell you that's what our fans are more than anything more than any other sport is that arch -- I -- that they paper sector chart. Whether it is thirteen orders for an end or anyone. Hey what are should be is completely missing the point. Talking shouldn't try to eat NFL. It's going to be NBA right now as for instead they. Believe looted all -- -- or. All the most well wires. For the first. Unchanged or you bet and that is a direct result. An NBA guy running the match actually and try to turn it into something that you think it shall it be. All want a hockey is. It's a very in ads. Why apple experience. And that that's quite get the backlash once somebody. Rightly or wrongly was seen it as being from the outside and I watched where it's 44 -- pre game. Well the National Hockey League. Makes the ball outside about what I should be all why it is not. Because what it is actually -- -- -- or sports that there is honor. Well I mean I know obviously our. People who believe that every school is it should be equally of people who are greater. Obviously that is -- whole thing with college football for instances. And I a different. And that's trouble initial link to from the I get that but it's. -- -- I guess I still -- various forms. The way. Toward relative debt and the way tech team and ruled it was it's not it's. I it just. I'm not I'm not -- -- all they should never be any fighting. What. I guess what that would -- all the war and I. I got a lot. We -- black candidate and so forth which which is great. I mean I'd -- election that advances underpaid and glaciers. Are getting out. This is if not it was like hockey it's is that -- years -- so earlier this war well. -- love to watch great hockey players play. It and you know I just don't think that. You know drop in the pocket and that sort of fighter and has slowed up of that -- you Richard. Well you know what you're here as well. -- -- -- this year. -- had been shot out like for a lot of its previous six games and during that period it had acquired Princeton man capital last hour. I don't know what is major what threats and but he. But it. Quoting his spots and still obviously because that's what I think all out west -- at a flat. At a much of others but you'll face -- visit -- is why are worked out. Well simple response by putting this scene brought out there. It. What happens. Jobs or well and struggling to stay in the picture. Arts and capital last dark and quiet Iraq. What -- got courses -- I like both that we saw appreciate. All of those guys out for six. We don't want -- -- L a lot in. A lot like a straight. Very. This is it that believe it believe it will blow out got such expert that's a real problem. Obviously it's a job also on. What issue at all the support like how to. And yet it's probably actually. They -- probably. -- -- -- -- -- -- How it will play -- and you act and a lot of good efforts cnet's all our anger. At the open like. You know I mean that's that's the reality you know that Crosby. And as Pascal who are -- while your all and you know it's always up early skating with. Oh yeah after they aspire it was perfectly legal weight. Obviously what was -- spot but he sat out that while I was not. -- can't beat it beat out eight satellites. There would be idiotic. The send out the line there and sable I'll play one or or are you all's well that players. -- just it's all. It will is in -- on overall. Short term also at -- And that is what I don't doubt always open his unit that does it seem to -- apologized. That sport is in effect for quite sport based got a label read this rare. No expert nobody is projecting that don't doubt all. Part of -- are responding. -- Ornaments or to set out at all -- Jack do you not do you not it. -- did not agree with the fact though that I mean. As spectacular with a wicked manner in which these things happen like that toward real thing. Is what kind of loses those I guess fringe fans are fans of other sports that might have -- I am not a. I had at that -- to sound like you're Charles why you all in all fouled but -- -- -- -- -- start. You know it the -- of the the sport -- -- in the -- they were like our old Walt all that well. At ethnic I guess what. In the World Cup. All time. We -- ordered -- as. What ought. Executive producers bill. Subscribe to the notion that you can attract an audience. By altering your game at such away that -- soccer balls out bring cheese in -- pretty bad yeah Saturday Africa. Well it's a failed strategy to that end up alienating. Or. Are they. -- So wearing that that. Alters hockey in order to make you more palatable for somebody's. Vision all of audience is a sure -- this error and it's been demonstrated. With the girls soccer and its tremendous air hockey is what -- It's been satisfied audience. That will quiet and not people that they are broke that the sport will take off -- as at all. The other original bill is better but actually that it ever thought it was doing better with the war but last block out that it ever has done. I thought about achieving it fast. And violence. At a site. And that's the way it is and if you don't like that's okay. We're -- the age of cable television and want something else. But while most of the editor gambit but it should be sought for eight or it is just. It's not at all. I must admit to speed and here is. Peter he. All right so so if you go back now would you change at least the way you worded that that's sentence that -- hockey's a minor sport. Our our work. Or what warriors where it should be. OK fair enough. Jacqueline so we expect year tweet about baseball. It will become a baseball don't cover baseball -- -- -- all -- here I can tell did it. The -- all bull and all accomplished athlete I've been around. Fight or like yours yet they do what I do. Have been in less actually. What became. A ball away -- a quiet. Are also quality chip but at chance that this sport -- -- it was separated shoulders. And quote rich culture wants instead of backing up all of brought it that epic battle was -- there all of I ever want to a lot of guys -- -- the numbers and get punished for such it is a -- or well here ought to break it. And it you know what went on but we got you out like -- -- -- -- -- the only way to. So appeared to does that not kind of make my point there though that did that in their -- takes that the shot of this the very common thing for our defense the sale of hockey players with stand this pain in baseball players their basketball players if there. Totally irrelevant. -- -- that there and here it is so it comes. Trees Bergeron actually after so Carlos Beltran left put team won with a rib injury or something like appearance drip or something. There. That the reaction to that Australia to do is to go on Twitter and search. Bergeron Beltran and there was the stream of Bruins fans NHL fans any hockey fans just. Crapping on -- front saying that Bergeron did this and does what he played through in the next day talked Bergeron about that. And he he he spoke up right away and was like yeah but it's I didn't have to rotate my body to -- about the way that the -- -- -- or things like that. I mean of course and it's I mean it is soft tissue injuries and baseball are -- -- apostles when -- sort of thinks it's. Actually to me about the when things are going to have to forward size security in Scottsdale. Democracy in the -- -- are now one problem or will citing a whole -- court rotation all goes indicating. Empowerment and saying to me what's amazing is there. All the -- -- And all they do it it -- have straightened sensible heart center of the -- So really understood that in 1940 but. The reality -- Well I guess I'll wrap it up there huge stakes the Jack Peter it was it was at this amicably. It quickly enough. -- I've will think the Jack Edwards and Peter Gammons thank you all for listening in joint degrees.

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