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Dante Scarnecchia on his 30-year career with the Patriots

Jan 24, 2014|

The great Dante Scarnecchia joined the show to discuss his long career with the Patriots. He said that Bill Belichick is the best coach he has ever worked for.

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-- guys oval our sports life here in Boston and we looked at said that guy is the best in the business bird I guess. -- which cold dog race Brady Brady. Double check. Madonna and guy who joins us on the AT&T hotline armor while that's a strange. -- -- -- coach for the -- patriots Dante Scarnecchia -- good morning John Jerry -- here are you don't I'm doing great marketed did you come to the realization that it happened where it went like -- said you know what. Thirty is enough. Well I think it's there's something that I have considered they don't actually over the last couple years as you get into your sixties and and heard in my case into the mid sixties and three weeks away from -- 66. I just say you know okay look at I can tell you I could keep on and I feel great now let the game and all the rest of that. You know at some point and -- always told us that they offensive lineman. Whenever we lost their guy out of our meeting -- who we all. You know felt pretty strong about that the games not forever suffer for the players it's not -- for the coaches. And I'm just another example of that you know at some point it's -- and whether it's. That's 66 or 68 or seven they -- whatever. And you know have a lot of things that I like to do it in my life and I haven't been able to look to do those things. At least six months of the year and lately in the last three years you know even longer nap because we -- so hard in the spring with all of the spring scouting and the draft and LT eight and all residents so this is a good time for me it really is. Until we talked to Tom on Monday and he was referencing the abrupt notice of how if you don't win the last game. Everything comes to a screeching halt and it limbs and -- land or ends. With faith but are you prepared for the but where you don't have to get up and reports the facility and do all the stuff you've been doing for thirty years. Yeah I think I am and I think I'm prepared for it you know it's not like you know -- -- year in -- after the final game we get you know whatever it is ten days off. And you get a chance to. -- reenergize recharge all the rest of it and go on again. I I am honestly honestly not concerned about. Having things that two and keeping myself busy at all I'm. If you were my brother brother Marshall brown and pretty much that it. Very specifically when he said. I he I came home from work midday Saturday during the season and I immediately grabbed -- can process apparently -- -- that you're just like a shark and he's he stopped swimming you're gonna -- it. And that's -- I am not I believe may I can look at a lawsuit I think any -- or. Neglected yards and I think I need to get out there is that when I'm not worried about it. Why Dante you you spent the had a cup -- -- -- head coach here when Dick MacPherson got -- -- believe. Why we you're never -- head coach again you -- the most respected assistant coach. The most to her acclaimed assistant coach I've ever seen in my life why was -- and another stint as head coach. Well I think I think of a number of things -- 1 is I am only an assistant coach I was never coordinator and it was a special teams coach and you know the track record for that isn't very. The second thing is I never had an agent the third -- -- -- and I really believe this and I and I believe me I'm not. I'm not upset at all about it is when you stop talking to the press. Then and don't put yourself out there then you're not promoting yourself and and that's okay believe me that's okay I'm I'm I'm fine with that I was. I will never look back on this career our careers and say hey in or was awarded. That'd on this two BA head coach it is what it is and I'm very very content with what -- -- believe them very content. You are so different because we go through coaches Reza ms. all the time and they just changed jobs every year they moved from right we East Coast to -- as well as wonder how their families deal with a 90 you had a few -- tell. You hi I was -- guy just like bulk of the head coaches in the Super Bowl. -- you don't have that same you're not a nomad he nodded drifter like most coaches was that a decision he's made one day or. You know with your family said I'm not gonna drag your asses all over the country for the next thirty years I wanna stay here and and and you did. Right I I think it's a combination. Of the number of things one is that. For some unbelievable. And unexplainable reasons. One we lost a coach out of here. I was able to stay on what the coach that was common and and I don't know how to explain that one Parcells came and -- did not know. Bill Parcells at all on and and for some reason three guys that he was -- and spoke up on my behalf say oughta keep this guy. And I was fortunate to be kept on their Pete -- I had coached with at the University of the Pacific side and feet. Did know Dick MacPherson. I didn't know Raymond you know Raymond -- -- to know each other other than you know. Spending that has here with them and all the rest of it and so. But there were a couple times where I was able to say you know. And it was 21 Parcells went to the chess -- you know ya ask me if I would come along and I said you know. We got this daughter. She's she's almost out of high school on how -- I can't do that I can't do that and but and this is home you know and I was able to. Staying. With the -- you know -- and keep stand and as a result of that our kids have been raised here there. Don't talk like that and wonders but they they know they think they're from here -- and that's a great thing. -- -- it a phrase or in a word what would you say your coaching approach or philosophy was in the second part of that question is what would be the one. Unbreakable rule. The Dante Scarnecchia holds every one of his players accountable for the you can't break -- you're gonna play a preview. Well the answer to the first question and it is I I. I think probably the word comes to my mind -- you know Heidi you have to be forthright with these guys. I I know this about pro players that is. Analysts about any players. Is pro players wanna be coached. They wanna be coached. And I wanna be told how to do their job as good as they conduct because if they did their job as good as they can they get to stay and everyone wants to stay in pro football. And so you have to be forthright you have to be honest with them -- you can't you can't sugarcoat anything you just got to let them know exactly. What you expect and that the expectations are being made then usually. It uses words conflict in Houston and so all of a sudden you may get one of those deals that. But that's worth getting them that he would begin to play the way you want them to play. And then they I already forgot what the second part of that was. What is unbreakable rule what what gets me kicked out of Dante Scarnecchia is meeting room. Well I thank him. You know the number one thing -- see you you know you gotta pay attention. You got it you have to know what's gone on the -- you have to do this this the one thing that really would. I guess that may now -- the word or phrase that. Is that if you don't take what -- imparted to you in the meeting room and then you go into what amounts later on the field and it's not what this -- that they I guess I would have a hard time without so. Taking what's been given to them on the -- Herman and apply that to the practice hail and ultimately to the game feel on the game situations most of the things that are most important us. Ever since yesterday when we determine you were going to c'mon wealth that -- I've been dying to ask you this question if you wouldn't mind compare and contrast Logan Mankins and John -- And are they the two best you've coached. Like -- coach John -- I was here with him I was I was a special things right and but I watched charm. Play and practice. There's a huge huge comparison between the two errors. Those that are as they come I mean as absolutely tough as they come. When you have stayed low income. On the ground select which song I think it was and coal and you look characters all issue if this guy has certain that this guy is hurt. And come off the field -- came off and then all of a sudden I turn around. Maybe five minutes later and he's standing next all of my this -- expected. And and John was exactly the same way you know. I remember John -- Against. It's either Marty Lyons or Abdul salaam and the New York Stock Exchange with his. Left arm -- to issue that is chest because he had a patch so you -- in his chest. And play the game essentially reform arm. So I had asked if -- -- able -- his game with one arm and certainly don't feel any your inside hand pass protections of the she's -- count the current. I mean look at you know their -- the greatest of all time and Logan had a unbelievable career and he uses office they come and I think we're all appreciate him throw things that is. I think Dick MacPherson is the best guy that you overworked for. I'd done that but I don't know who the best coaches is it Bill Belichick is he the best head coach you work for. The idea is there's no doubt about it because he's an extraordinary head coach Jerry -- He's very very he's forthright. He. I think he has away you'll never be able to experience that. If you ever sat in our squad meetings and listen to the way he. You know teaches us how he wants the game played. Every week it particular to the opponent that or applying. You would have heard tremendous appreciation for the way this guy is. It doesn't leave any stones unturned. I think he's personally I think is a very easy guy to work for because you always know what he wants you always know what revisionist. And all you have to do is is. You know in the morning wants then becomes it. And you know -- what he wants then back to get a little rough is always defined it. Our program is not an easy program to be part of and and it doesn't. There's there's a lot demand -- of -- but. You know they all they'll listen and then all by hand Latin those that don't you know have a hard time. He was an easy got to work for who's the toughest guy to work for. You know I never really had a problem more and with any of them out there overall rate in. You know taught I I take -- from every coach I've worked for. And only used reference New England in that regard. From Ron Meyer who I came very aware of you know until Bill Belichick the -- -- Dick MacPherson Raymond Berry. I I have learned something from every one of those guys every one of those and and you know I and I appreciate all the they've done for me. And all that they've taught me. A -- if Richard Sherman played for the patriots and did what he did on Sunday. Would bills head explode. Why don't know I I don't think that you know that that's. -- menaces -- I really like Richard term my love the way place I think is a great player. I haven't I don't have any problem with as outspoken as I thought he was very selfish and he admitted right that he was herself -- the other than. I think that that would that type of behavior would be so one thing that you know like I don't -- speak for bill but I think that you know. There would be worse you know they'd look at you can't. -- this and I suspect. That the beaten knowing he did the same thing to -- -- again. And you can't talk that way you know you're -- you put yourself and this pizza team guy you know he really is. You Rhode -- -- and repeat that thing. How lucky you know and and I wish nothing but good things for him I think is a great great football coach. And you know I I like you know I know John fox and no he what he's overcome this year I think it's going to be a great game and I you know I would like whoever's gonna -- gonna win this and it's great from both of them. I'm not gonna take one side or the other common AFC. But I liked because of all the things he is on the way represents again. We do to -- last question for me that that he got out of case western university. 38. Years ago. Forty that's 48 years ago -- while -- but with a degree in there is -- -- played offensive line for case western. Whoa -- western I'm so I'm looking right now at a cal western. And fewer in number US Marine Corps reserve revenue just the definition of a tough -- a modest an old school guy. Did you think you'd get rich do in this 'cause I'm just gonna assume after all these years in the NFL that gives a couple is such a way a few bucks. Well we haven't I have my life to thank for that but I wouldn't define ourselves as a rich were rich and family and rich and friends and and and along the way we've been able to. Soccer you knuckles away we have our house in Rhode Island that we're gonna spent a lot of time and we have our house here and -- the win late -- Hours this New England are -- we get these two little not play grandkids one of whom we're gonna babysit today and so in no -- were rich and a lot of ways from now on I wouldn't we're we're not we're not dirty rich like some of these other guys. At that at the did you figure -- just like you -- all the tough did you take you're going to be a gym teacher what did you think you're going to be. I honestly I would be high school football coach because that's what I wanted to be just like those guys and Montebello high school. Who work great mentors to me as. Sixteen year old kid in high school on the top of the game and -- that's why Wear that hat with an MR Brady I think it's Michigan has the lone goal and then flashes back to Montana state -- is neither Smart -- high school. And that that's what I thought I would be an amazing I had never thought one day at a high school although I got my degree in my teaching credential on masters and never -- one and a high school never coached one than high school in the you know maybe the journey would it would've been more fulfilled -- -- -- will get out of here on this you said there are a number of things you're looking forward to doing because you haven't been able to -- because of your coaching responsibilities. Kind of things you're talking about traveling our. Not been floppies that I really like to do you know I'm not ocean guy from Southern California so I have a standup paddle board mind. Battle all over the notion of Narragansett and right assertions. I love to play golf I'm not very good at but I love to play and I only place where you know maybe six straight weeks during the summer and I get a lot longer. And I have a shot in the back of our garage it's a big shop it's. It's a man cave with every kind of soft. And -- persons slander that you could ever want and I looked to immerse myself and Watson earned an elected. I like to work and they are and -- like to take care my body so I'm going to be on all those things. On taking graduation on a stellar career every one of our Texas has class act and effort you referred. Two as a class act from about a million people now like and I concur. Very very much congratulations on a great dribble -- -- down the road thank you very much Andre Scarnecchia were dousing Callahan the AT&T X line. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans AT&T. Rethink possible about what you expected you know cast list. He's gonna work in his shop. And go wild out an expert panel -- -- a fit -- -- area that guy out and that meant to you know Family Guy and you know. Isn't chastened and the diamonds and chase and aim is comfortable in his -- never -- and -- always let that ever -- never coordinator comfortable in his own skin and so we'll be right.

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