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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Dino is married again

Jan 22, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the top stories were taken over by a major announcement by John Dennis, he is a married man again.

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All right headlines brought -- -- was always by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and precision fitness equipment -- pros do. Precision fitness -- noted that you know is announcement here a couple of minutes. Make -- wait John differently with Robert Carlucci Robert Rubin -- work no. Surprise that a are you mr. movie god I'm not to you know a highlight item BBM I don't hit movies I cannot. As far as you know that's in his work did you check is page. I have not yet I -- second. I can do it at full Martinis eighteen years old I was suspended. From school after. They learned he is a porn star Bobby. Again year old Robert Ritchie. Who opt for an X rated film under the name -- Was well last Wednesday for unspecified conduct by now the big picture this he's a high school student yes and the high school kids find out. These important -- And the video one of his -- and he made it gets around they have on the phones ipads so every kid and his high school is that Coco. Would go to Obey local -- that every kid sees their their classmate he made no apologies didn't prefer for your busy morning considers a working at a job. Eighteen your result I get to the moms quote here's what's wrong this is his month illicitly. Said -- were some was working adult films adding he took his roles to support her for her financially. I think he's the most awesome person in the world she says he stood -- he was the man of the house when I couldn't cherries he's here's -- He's a slacker. That -- some money issues Angeles she says he went out went to work she works money. Just wearing him out I fixed. Sick -- it on the apple took the web -- a week he was expelled -- she told in the principles that he's expelled Jews explicitly soccer is a and -- alone do you picture every guy in the high school -- Is I'd like -- walking -- lawless areas man that was awesome you're the man the match right. Get this lead to bail outs. And in this day and age you know it doesn't matter. Oh start the start. That's so did the wire service but I rented the first mama you don't -- and not in school so he wasn't hot checks every kid in school guys every kid in school and I note in -- -- it's. -- as on their pads. And phones and the computers. Laptops Bobby. Is Noelle is -- in his -- It would within the -- well. Yeah unfortunately yet ruled that the guys -- won destination council's six he was not. It was not hesitate to -- this he was not so. So I kept my head to bully him right here's my point you're eighteen years old. Your adult you can do it every one it's legal it's legal -- state form suspected for a -- And you -- conduct. Do it all high school doing it in the school with I don't let it let's do the principal says it's a distraction would you agree that it's a distraction by the PGA toward. Mean would he won the masters -- the same thing relatively bland or gulf will be distraction you want in the -- GA picture. Could be a distraction appears in the match as you pick. Yourself. Was echo again in the noble Greenway which rules the north and what hasn't done that Willis to -- -- great people there and one of your buddies -- -- -- point filmed ticket you'll distracted habit she kicked out of school. -- could cry I am not sure that you succeed. Do you think it's a distraction would you -- I'd like school yes it's still not I'm nervous no I don't think it would be a distraction after a wide effort to gates right. Right every David to be looking at every every glad he's he's gonna step. Is gonna make more. Yeah I -- I like his work like the company's -- Whether it was -- -- you read Hernandez he's peppered these very -- Klug and -- click click on some of the mob talked about it is. Easterners are super Christina did. East. And he is in the hands when I can be. On the web. But. It's at home. All the government's job I mean sentinel. It's it's you get. -- -- -- -- I am. But it applied. You didn't -- And look at him there is. Ally now that's not distract your distracting minicamp this -- his -- look at the date. The movie Jerry -- Well move it -- larger accounts and just a distraction. Out of high school kids high school kids. Get eight. -- -- didn't have openings at Wal-Mart that's the ticket more than minimum wage -- -- probably yeah that is as you get paid that that for that genre Hirsch yeah. I -- it literally as the word benefits but. Now. Met some tolerant moms I mean you live in Lexington it's full of tolerant yet this is that -- heard about recycling and a fine and I -- more tolerant Islam. We just saw her son in action. Here. That was him. And she says he's the most wonderful. Mom would moment that a thought of that year senior ago blows -- Pennsylvania -- You know you're playing the clarinet and the skin -- back up today. Say he's awesome out though whack me upside the head well what would UAW could become to gas. Could be in big trouble he stopped him. It's great. To subject myself tolerant I don't mind. That I said that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- This'll be the show in this class of you is when they like its sixth straight errors -- that only regret is an all out Asian. Asian guy right -- product team Dominican pros find. And there are very shape under them wrong we absolutely have talked. -- -- I it and making threats anybody I. I believe I handled every situation very -- I think he did it is doctor Sullivan's. Morals and her personal beliefs. Me and I don't think it this is anybody's business except for Mike sends to children at this school. Found it in she can't do anything to stop it. It I'm home -- with the determination. Of his future at the school. Being any different had -- been heterosexual. Yes yes yes and obviously it's all had -- you know wrong then what is wrong that's wrong. But the bullying factor in the -- in the taunting that's life apart as the forget is he going to be in a porn do that stuff that's. That's like but he's in a way kids armed with Janet Jamison. It's nice day the reaction to the guy is approaching. A agenda George don't Alice a little epidemic she's one of those guys over all right you're -- Carly when he of the -- -- Gibson who. Knew him when he your favorite ones to leave the thing the animal is like -- park. -- -- -- -- Kobe yeah I like her -- are old enough to that's good Schneider follows proverb -- Knowles -- and yet but I think to suspend the kid for being an adult and doing its roots in these bag groceries job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's critical pebble legal I don't know -- textured knows this Dexter from five awaits a straight porn guys usually make about a thousand dollars a movie poll. Five times as much for gay bar to get guys to do so five grand for a movie at least make you more money than the -- pictures on the. These people like me and him in Texas and it's no different game point. Talk of them but -- the the kids taunting bullying him and creating this great stretch he goes it's night and today but legal. I think so let's assume for the -- I think it's let's assume it's legal for the argument you're going to suspend it for doing something illegal. Right because Americans are stupid because it's created this great distraction optic. So don't excel I don't think you don't suspend kids for wearing inappropriate T shirts are things that are distracting into school yes -- like it like if somebody can do without a swastika on the dirt is you do is -- -- -- -- like -- -- -- picture Jesus. Crucifix that's worse than with the skits that. -- Or worse sick they've got them now protesters' right they've got to these. It's not -- it's that Lexington yeah he's -- that it got dark side it's true so all right so thoughts votes get to the street at the announcement. Clicking on the mantle got up what you like hardy don't get to the announcement already are bent out scheming and planning. The better part of six weeks and if you're watching a nets -- -- and you'll see this thing unfold in front view if your listing you just have to take my description for. Well go on a celebrity cruise -- other cruises as well but here's what's called late horrible. Night. And the formal like is when everybody on the boat -- almost everybody dresses up. I had a tuxedo. Kathy my significant other and talked go out oddly enough Thursday it was today January 9. On Tuesday June -- This invitation out of nowhere showed up or stay remitted cordially invited to -- at the captain's table while while on formal might. This is the most gorgeous -- -- in your life call the focused on. 2400. People sit down in tuxedos. And -- but the captain's table with like eight other people or the couples including by the way. A very attractive LPGA girl's mother and her husband. So winds brought out were sitting there and coming down the gigantic staircase. From the second floor from a twenty under people are five waiters. And the waiters walk in front of the -- a -- Thinking at some point doesn't actually show these photos that we got. Over to -- if they -- -- -- directing the show from here. And one by one the waiters. Ultimate sign on that signal caller -- you know picture. That I get attention. -- and I get attention we got pictures for. Anyway the way to shake out you can't do you just change the channel on that team -- channels Nicholas. I'll -- around. Turnaround watch on your heart ego and the signs were revealed one after the other will you marry me -- And it was a big shock. And you don't believe it or not. Is doing something he said he would never do again -- Did she give you an answer -- caught in -- 2400 people she said yes to that would have been horribly embarrassing -- she said. On your life. But to -- credit. Banks are in this picture did you run for you run joke about or pictures of twenty -- -- that you say to her credit she said yes well. Maybe to hurt I went there we go and there's you know on his need. Proposing to the lovely -- the cougar and she said yes in front of 2400 people so I -- the market Jerry. I'll now I don't -- the bar exam means you're gonna let the poor girl from Romania go yeah yeah that was sent the southeast that are afraid -- -- -- and visited that court to shrink from -- you Jewelers. House and bush helped me pick this out I was right at a stretcher. -- you -- -- -- yeah predicament and called -- congratulation all thanks -- -- the you know under very proud when when is the wedding. To be determined and don't worry it's going to be very small family -- so neither of you will be invite excellent yet you don't Africa -- -- There's nothing ball for you guys to have to do. Kids. We haven't yet know it now and that's usually -- its relatives like you know fans know you can patent -- -- -- him. What's more branches and it's and they're by the way history. Hello I was process a win does Clinton like Valentine's I haven't determined that we are the hardest part we now he admitted his guest was and I thought in the convinced me he was right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Next to kept up half the value and we figured that at that point he suits and up it. -- -- No it was just a proposal that comes first by the way the hardest part of this whole process was not designing the ring and getting the ring it was. Hiding the ring out with each hide in my house I found my place for but he was the hard part we had to go. To Miami to sell out of Miami go on the crews will because of the storm previous storm in January right we went two days early. Like the hide this reading in a hotel room in Miami Beach from her. I couldn't put it in the safe because obviously she was using the same so hiding for two days in in their and then we get to the statement. But we still on Saturday that horrible like not -- Thursday. I'm just to check on that ring about owls and times but still their right nobody installment word by the way going through security TSA. At the airport -- and what's this and pulled -- front of but it came off. Smoothly that's your question yesterday. Why I. Like happy I've met her future very nice very bubbly one yes but you've been against you. Railed against marriage to me yes -- along time but yes the rest are happy together yes are now living together right. What's gonna change why do this stuff. I just think it's the right thing that. I don't think he has an answer I can stop them. Up to the answer. -- -- -- -- It's going to be small very small is -- -- let me get speed has to be on the celebrity -- all -- or foxwoods. Or at. It's always that it's possible like the interest from uncle again. Both fished out bonefish that night or could be at army -- or maybe it's that. My house -- it in the -- -- -- a a couple of mortgage could be a -- in the world it -- -- at Victoria fox that's castle won there. This is over after two years that the speculate we asked two and a half I -- that -- 2018 march. It. I -- more likely to end in. Double murder. I have -- starts. Shoots me. While yes he guessed correctly yes. Fight and die he convinced me now I say you -- that I didn't know until -- sent out that clue. All the other numbers -- you can't argue it more it was a real -- some crews for a week. Again ruby. On a -- you know where that crew that looked like -- that picture of -- -- stable. That looks like men and personal. To me. That looks at it for you dress up you don't drink heavily Reich moves easily his least favorite things you would have liked how the jumped -- right with a dropped my four electric Christ is my well I'm convinced it as much as I knew you'd love accrues and you did I think you that you he. The -- of us. We're gonna go on one. Archie coming if it's for the good of the show and everybody's on board know literally -- You're -- incentive that you still are we can do a Dennis Kelly and crews on celebrity cruise sometime this year it was like our names on the show out of now. Featuring her again he would have to be taken prisoner like the -- Romanian print here mr. Miller pre nup. A they'll be free operate I don't Ole Ole you have an approach that subject. It's already her money without security controls and anyway with the best -- -- that's a good question. I've got to be some things. Should the best man yeah that's should be the best Richard Sherman it's. Good to chairman. You know we went to a Smart really Smart I'm better slicing -- I guess any investment don't standard -- Oh it's going to be some it'll be used them -- instruments like harpist. Oh hell yeah mobile player like Eric Dennis O'Connor junior Eric college circuit. The best man and play. -- abuse treatment think this area. John again getting married it was we look you know there you and I have been married one time we were living vicariously through a single friend yeah answer over and Jonas and boy looks like fun. Is that as a rule over over. You know -- the argue. One woman man go to Florida -- any details that treatment and rightly human -- -- and I'm off the market -- -- the idea was to be monitoring Jenny and IDs advances toward the AT&T recently to break. The questions. Asked you. That we can always I guess headlines is always special John Dennis patrimony headlines brought you by AT&T. The cover more than 99% of all Americans really think -- 67779837. Will be right. Believe -- or not he's getting her looks.

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