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Tom Brady: "Nobody will be picking us this week"

Jan 13, 2014|

Tom Brady joined the show to discuss his win Saturday night and to look ahead to the AFC championship Sunday. He said that he does not expect anyone to be picking the Patriots against the Broncos.

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The -- final hour Dennis and Callahan on a patriot Monday our conversation with Tom Brady has brought to you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess hospital. And the crescent credit union. Joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Tom how are yeah. -- before the game begins yesterday -- -- Saturday was the offense hoping and wanting to run at nearly two times as much as you passed it. Or is that just what presents itself when you see what the defense is doing. Well -- -- -- art -- here. We are -- to run it. Arctic offensive line the way they play. Down the stretch it's been incredible and certainly with Jerry -- chain. And what they've done it's it's been really there's huge for our -- so. You know about that before every game plan and then we got out there and you know we started the rarity. Become more efficient and -- game -- your credit credit and then you get those big long -- where. You know would air broke out in France for whatever 77 -- art no. It's it's been good to great things for -- -- to be controlled tempo of the game accurately if physical are seen as well. -- -- talked about all year. That's really. Come out here the last -- since Thanksgiving. And my guess is Logan Mankins and -- the offensive line enjoy that a lot more than pass blocking. Well and its right to be. Burn off an alignment for utopia would it be aggressive rather than you know what you counts at all say you're really just take it. You're just trying to defend. That spot and let her run blocker you can rarely. Enforce your will upon the other team and that's where that basic fundamentalist both all of never changed it. You gotta be able to stop the run and gun dealer run well all that's. Those things don't ever change about that argue. You know it's the best for your -- it would do I give -- in different ways insert the -- been able to win. For awhile -- -- is real big critical to our success. Tom I assume you were rooting for San Diego just so you could stay home not to travel but obviously it's. It's you and you -- patent once again you played them. What since November -- or 24 -- two months ago. Does that matter now as you prepare does that make it easy to prepare for team he played just a few weeks ago. Well I wouldn't Yorkshire forward error whatever anybody yet so they just might hurt a lot of gains are really great game. You know vote those scenes. San Francisco played like great and Denver late you know played really well made such a critical plays when you. Edgier questioners no. -- that. Or not that's happened in the past that and help. You know I try to win that in -- Sunday. This dictator come out -- who plays the best. Will be able to take some -- from the game we played by the ever prepare form. It will -- different things to do a lot different things to do. You know their -- differently but it played out. And then you know look pretty different and we played them so. It's look what -- our preparation on this morning and then. I do he'll put together great game plan and prepare hardly you know they go out there and you let it rip so. I'm excited it's everything out or at monopoly we got we got a great up Syria out of us. It would be. It is satisfying is -- ever had. Go to Denver when the. Is there any chance you probably don't know this yet but ask anywhere any chance that you will continue as the holder whether they. Bring in new punter or not. I don't know -- that we haven't talked about that yet so wherever it takes from our. Its. You know I've I've had experience like that policy but it you know got the best kicker in the league so. I think you could probably -- from he'd -- 9%. Are you really never to go on the depth chart for holders is their depth chart for older stuff. It never checked that there are. I would have been out there have been -- every. He said that the Denver defense is different than it was he played in November what. Particularly stands out that makes a difference they've looked awfully impressive -- and noble on Miller -- that -- Yet they say what they've been really -- I think the last six weeks say it and get up many points and yards and we played them. In other there -- physical -- so. I thought earlier in the year they gave up front -- cities and you know their offense -- on or that -- -- just -- on the ball. You know all day on an -- these games it's a bit over the last month and they've. They've been able to defend both Iran and they've been really good you're down -- We got to put the other great plan and I'm sure we will -- all that but it's a great position to do well. So it's gonna be out there -- players out executed. -- -- at the end of the day. Probably new change a play at the line of scrimmage is it more likely to be to Iran and away from called pass or vice Versa. What -- can we we have a -- -- offered -- a lot of things. I'm really weak change protections we can change from runs it runs slightly injured right -- -- -- after Iran and you know pass late Q you know it's great -- -- It's art art units are -- Abigail. You really Smart to understand what we're trying to accomplish ultimately you're trying to act we eat that that's where. You know new York and Denver player says that's what they took up a seat. They run the ball a lot when they get those good looks around it -- it would get those guys in the right way and -- that helped the team not a lot you can. You get it here number and then go after itself -- it is. You know a very Smart physical game and we're gonna need to really be our -- about her. They're free to say that dubious satisfying. Victories ever had here if you don't win that -- you've obviously won some pretty big games at three jump on a particular is -- because of all the injuries this year. All the separate team has gone through maybe some of the younger guys will be what what with the debt to be the case you go win here in -- on Sunday. I think we've overcome you know a lot of things. Lot of injuries we asked them some amazing comebacks in this situation where he. Finish the regular the inflow or with a lot. Players -- and some big roles over the course a year and then I haven't wrote -- our best -- -- the last three weeks. And how to get -- -- -- where we're at that he's only well. It's every or is. Local all called out so are you start the year with -- he is that it can't sort out the final or. It's great to be one -- -- he's an after the. It's -- if Peyton Manning says all ball hawk on nearly every play before the snap shut the defense at some point figure out exactly what that means and you know what it means. Yeah but he didn't pick up the -- -- so you know once I didn't want say in the next and the other. He got off sides I respect our right most I think I've ever. To order great out of its cage early -- the other -- ballots that. -- -- -- -- Insurance is the players see you able. Early this seat to eat and what you think you're on one day. He's on an -- tries they want that's that he as well. That's a really there are seats are going to be faster better. There are cheaper it is ready they've been really coming together in the way they play the last. There are six reasons are pretty incredible also. It's got to be a great matchup we've got. We got our us all week to prepare and we got to be at our best so sort of say. -- generally speaking though the something like Omaha is that it indicator of the snap count in other words on on which that the logo which cut the ball we snapped. Yeah yeah -- -- a few games that use that term. Cabinet that is basically mapped out. Air defense -- less than what I've said Omar that. Note he says whoever sent cut the ball snapped and ExxonMobil laws in the -- that and I -- outrage about. It probably got other Q word he uses. Let you know what you really want to do Israel and I think. They're really listening to -- got to be able to react -- but that's part look at offenses do and I'd say it was score a lot of points. Succeed dirt mile an hour that they got -- paper they -- Over the course you're searching -- -- out of position you play at all and we got to go to debt burden. You know it's not seen a play all the crap beat out I think what coach talked about what it's how we play it's not where we play -- No question about it we're gonna play it is what it is -- outcome of the game. And you know I I I hope we play our very -- let -- Eight -- and -- don't study the opposing quarterback as you prepare for game -- student of the game of the position. And and you know you know how good Peyton Manning has been over the years. Specifically what does he do better in your opinion what does he do better than anyone else that you've ever seen. -- got he's got great command of the offense -- IQ every. So I think that -- opposite a lot of opportunities you'll and then -- confidence about -- around and so. He's got a lot of flexibility. Lays. And ultimately he says he's played very -- so. Great tradition that the quarterback. Understanding of the offense and -- -- and -- -- and brought it about let's go -- And he's very good player that he's got. You are very talented and they can write it these greens they cute in a trap you. Draw as they do. You know all -- -- Different. Route combinations. You know what he sees it covered try to get the late. And be covered so there really work that he sent the -- very solid recovery ever doubt that he's. That are very fire in the hole. Thought somebody twittered -- are few people that actually during the game is that we can talk to Tom on Monday asking what the advantages. Of identifying the Mike linebacker before the snap I know I know. When an offer -- securities. Via the extra guy right got to Akamai. Well a lot of -- a lot of different pass protection. And certainly are allowed to run late news so. A lot of it is just making sure we're on the same page. You know it it -- identifying it communicating. You know where the -- go to where -- you start -- you gotta start somewhere a lot of you know pretty much -- he starts with there now where they want but Mike linebacker -- Immediate that more and in my position. -- about that and hurt the little technical it's really just trying to sort out there and play and ever -- you know you're left tackle you have the will linebacker. You know after the quarterback or my position that the urban Wear well but. If you make it different -- -- -- different -- A lot of it is just trying to be on the same -- in the communication is really important every -- That has such protections and you know would you change formation a lot which is where the I thought our. You know at the last thirteen fourteen year that. There's this scene changes in the formation -- -- if I think it reports that he spreads through Houston differed saying demand. You get ever -- -- -- -- and and that's why in my position. And you got to -- circular. Whatever. However -- -- Is the best running team. You've been -- since the deal in team in 04 when he ran for whatever 16100 -- say this team right now is probably running the ball as well as any patriots team since then. Well -- we -- pretty good so about a quarter where are where we rank over the course a year earlier or are. We've been exceptional our efficiency and all the bachelorette party like that it starts offense line what they've been able to do it it would it would tribute. I know how satisfying is for them. You know when you talk about rushing stats at the end of the year. You aware of and very gratifying win ever on the ball actually right now. I guess that the facts -- great job on in the -- -- -- -- are there -- really our break tackles. -- offered the line you'll get those guys started there they deserve so much credit. Would you love. Reach out to west text west so we'll -- text you would say good lockers that off limits now game time and there's no frat guys and with the enemy. I think it you know at this point we're both great folks of what we needed views of Ers played are those say this is because the big game here. You know on all my attention is going to be focused on. You know what I gotta go with it and you know that'll save all the pleasantries for -- -- Tom I know you and all the patriots are trained to ignore the noise and there'll be much noise this week about legacy game and all that sort of stuff bill leads one when the -- Tom Landry and your numbers and so on and so forth I know you don't deal with that at all during the course of -- week's worth -- preparation. When if ever do you. Consider those kinds of things in your place in history -- place in history the legacy aspect of this career. I think -- sure that most of -- aren't part of in a player. Is the winning game. It doesn't matter whether a person may think or say they're artfully I don't currency ER I don't. I don't really neat thing about this article on what I need to do that but all that stuff rather go there are different -- -- -- so -- I know we played Baltimore nobody successfully in -- -- what -- -- when that we go. There we are -- -- the law or I'll I'll brutal he's and we've lost players. Seem to really artists out so. You know got a much underdog on our team and will be an underdog and it'll the other except here -- the week but I know that. Airport saw it -- we've ever been and that's where an -- latest game. As the great arm rests on their environment where in his early play that -- -- or any team all season and go and air try to beat them. I'm just looking at now all the stats stuff that I'm sure you ignore and even bother with but. I just saw this for the first time you have a losing record against one team in the whole NFL one team. You know what team that is -- That would be the Denver Broncos nothing matters because it's been different teams in different coaches different. Quarterbacks but what in your opinion is the most meaningless statistic meaningless number that we in the media and the fans in the network guys focus on when you meet with them what what means. What is absolutely. Most worthless that. And other a lot of respect -- Once said that Packers and lost. A lot of weight set that game and you know from a quarterback's -- what you gotta do what you gotta do to help where so. I think -- you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's probably 160 plays that game respects -- call. Eight and I every play every York. But. I don't know that's that's that's up on there -- vs human factors that order yeah. Are you ready for my deep philosophical question Tom. Yeah which is the stronger emotion for you paving to lose or loving to win. A bigger hand in hand so. On her I do hate to lose -- not certain about that. The thrill of victory is great I think. At this point in my career. In -- winning it is just so much on and it's it's prepared. You know put the work and then if you pay off so you you convey that it is. The other players and how -- or it could it mean a lot lot. To me it means a lot to our family our friends our community art. All -- and that support us and we've had incredible support of -- got here so. No we -- here we play our butts off forever. I think that's what you're gonna see that we were laid on the line. That's a look at -- -- take our best effort you know we're about it and -- and if he wrote fancier than it. My guess is that losing sticks around a lot longer than winning goes. Ever do it in the wouldn't feel great I mean we're twelve or this year yeah it sucks but. I -- to be twelve of course streak it'd have applied -- now play. It's a real good book -- -- colts -- the and that to beat -- felt great so. There are a victory you get to enjoy it all we are reluctant to -- to -- that. You know went long ties between losing game no -- sucks but when he is. You know many -- it's just a great field. Are we wrap it up the quarterback question of the week brought to you by crescent credit union tell us the impact and the effect that meeting and getting to know. Sam burns had on you when your teammates Tom. Yeah we we got to meet standard good for the Atlanta game and here he was a big picture -- live in Foxborough. We just sit -- -- I'm so. He'll be missed. I'm sure his family what they've dealt with over the course is light is in very challenges -- them there as fans and a great place -- out there and and notably -- from a in here and other. Maybe maybe instead of all law or cougar Mike it's Sam into the yeah pregame snap count. I liked it yeah -- throughout every recruitment and where our rights on. Talk to give up talking next week. Great thank Eric talks to our conversation with Thomas brought you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent. Credit -- -- credit union by the way is now serving Boston Providence and beyond. Visit crescent credit dot org to see how you can experience the great feelings a better banking and credit dot spore.

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