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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday to Discuss the Pats Victory over Indy

Jan 12, 2014|

Tom calls the NFL Sunday crew to talk Pats/Colts and look ahead to the AFC Championship. He gives his thoughts on the successful rushing attack last night, the special teams situation specifically what they'll do at punter, and why he feels San Diego is going to pull of the upset today.

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We take you up to the pregame -- all of the first game the NFC division round playoff game on San Francisco Carolina pregame show at 1230 joining us right now is Tom. A half and with spikes on Friday. Didn't show period -- make it to the ability. And that was it was low. Threat. We. Group. Urgency to get there we go let you remember it was the last table for. We're gonna be off for the -- and and they over to mother. Like you have photo. Which carrier. In the driveway and how can. -- -- -- -- -- We look at and and and -- a -- that situation here just doing your thing I definitely -- Jetsons -- like they've been back to 2008 we have you know the Jetsons reference and what are they gonna do you know I can jump -- -- and lot of work. I don't know I want to go oh I know which you can chill out mature. -- it was an awful lot more ray -- read go go check. On the over the -- so. 2008209. Prior to that while like I can and what our nation for them. Because these court because we want to do in. Agreement by wearing. A poem. I just thought they are the -- -- what -- animosity. On one side -- the other was between Eritrea and they'll. Keep coming back next -- by. I would and could go to whether I'm not sure there's going to be me or or him. -- -- -- -- But he -- don't lie about her. You really need to versatility weren't that level. -- -- -- Where the body and forward to what we're in it that I. -- -- We're in the -- maturity given. I'm not syndication entry in person who -- league. Auction room. System are doing in recruit like what worked so there aren't. Whatever. Profession you're. Which it yep you're right. -- and you know I'm I'm whether or not only -- your community whether organization. We were talking before about how. At least there were some. Crack that we're starting to show in the relationship this ring where Bill Bennett -- A bit of passive aggressive -- -- them saying you know what we have all players here this past spring except for one and in -- -- -- -- back when the view that the mandatory workout particularly thin -- Nowak I got to do my -- thing you -- Right. It but it looked at a they have ever -- we're oh. Which is voluntary so 12 period. Florida is -- -- lot better and a rumor out how we come better. If you're not in the team meeting -- understanding what necessary to -- or third round how do you get better faster and stronger. We're not. Which your teammate figuring out how you were to -- in -- Two weeks and you know kind of it's a lot over the answer it would say the guys in the meeting room some would immensely. Well you know clear you weren't coming out. Entry -- and you -- do your thing and that that's who we are right. And speaking of versatility from the linebacker position. Probably didn't help that many of Jamie Collins. Looked unleash last night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have learned that a little bit to a -- permits -- they're the guys who. Great state and in college and replied that are also wary of president we are all different in your number. The other southern miss go to. But it. That was its. -- Orders say -- went back there. This handout or in the pass rush and really all of alarming when -- -- relievers like ultimate. The I'm I'm I'm swinging back of the spikes thing I'm just curious of knock off field stuff but just with the -- Is this the kind of thing that'll help or be a concern your signed him in free agency worker recited here are we talking minor. Needs to -- Scopes and things along the -- Miner -- go in and maybe not even that I will do -- Really I think. I don't know that that's where. Haven't heard all right look for which ligament and everything myself. -- -- Let lateral. Movement. And ability and what's in this with. Mean these -- kind of an infield situation. So at that generally it's folk rock -- out. -- for them feel generally you know we've got the XTO. Surgery to open -- You're on their well. Speaking of injuries Ryan now on the punter got hurt last night in -- or ports this morning you'll be going for an MRI that generally doesn't sound very positive either gonna have to get hotter in here this week. Despite how great guest house he was last night in billion of villain role. Right it will be interesting is you know it and it. Remember guys they. Untethered it from the bottom of the roster. Why would they put Ryan Miller and I are. If you can go on Saturday. And they've Iraq. He's not next week -- with a paper route to -- Or it by we've -- Yeltsin -- to leave him. We're actually you know game you know. Well opiate and is it me or. Certainly what about this year where you're you're comfortable with their. That will be a -- they're gonna -- domain currently. Rutskoi. I think many patriots fans were more than a little concerned. To see their franchise quarterback is the holder on. An extra point tries later in the game I'm assuming they'd try to work that out that they're not asking Brady to do that next week. Bill Belichick commit corporate called morning. That they would never any -- doing anything else. I don't. I don't think -- you more clearly and honestly in the playoffs. If something goes crazy. Now the road to number eighty try to figure out how to get the ball I would feel in their first go vote who or what was that so. I don't know -- will hold my own pretty. Three -- that right where he has. Tom setting aside the home field advantage portion of how and to finish it out. What to better -- to the patriots Denver's India. -- we believe Denver. Part of that it went to work for a defense to -- patriots last night. -- what's so we're we've seen. -- -- We've seen all people in the replacing rather. If you Denver. They're not gonna -- up to a billion through what was like really turned away if it's your order back in the in the end here. Nor me nor the rush is what I -- and our whole lot of boat into work. Fine I mean you know you you're gonna roll the guy's gonna try and drug -- that -- -- Virtually you're Trent Green and it right -- that's where the river. It's -- more able to bear. And it really well -- this career thing you know. I think patriots would have a much you can I learn what all. Number. Then we will hear in -- that would -- -- -- well. And get ignored or you'll know. Really -- In the war or not to protect me but I think you're Diego or up for. When I look at. And we talked about this earlier the pressure. On everybody this time of year but especially on pay Manning when the front page of the Denver Post is a full page picture of Manning from the back in the headline is legacy under a cloud. That's a little much for the game -- even play isn't it. That -- -- I didn't go to. It's Philip Rivers is they have the big mural of him outside this time it was a blast a lock. -- that outdoor mural the other team's quarterback of the after the flack violated wanted to. Right not this year and our target. There were crisper. Let me -- -- -- it would be an option for unit six so we are all either. Or go to -- well and it. It's then that he didn't want to are very hurt. Years. Just who relentless. Numbers -- -- -- oh you're very well for the work or not we -- -- post season. And while there are games in Baltimore -- where she went -- every thing in this hour. Get a win in the barn. In the air and no doubt that could be it for the previously -- -- -- I would. -- -- Approved for the wrong team the -- time it is the know this but we ought. -- It overtime interception that was. -- -- -- -- -- Is great. One of the greatest ever what you are. Another franchising throughout the with the back surgery. Period and clean. Have to include removal of the greatest accomplishment to have in order -- that had. -- -- -- Tommy talked you actually wrote on us he has and any this morning about the patriots and their offensive approach last night in you took a kind of an interest in taxing -- it was great that they were able to run the ball -- If they wanna continue to do this it's not going to be easy and expand on that a little. You -- let my game. It much harder to run the ball at an affair that that the behavior. The spot. A lot of rules in place of a plea -- or turning the ball. Author -- we we can I like mismatches we went over the ball you can always stop -- -- -- that got me. Q what -- OK well. Your player stuff in the running. If you know what people it's well -- opened -- in the passing game we're entry or they're mobile rap. I have to. Inside work in with receivers we're -- out if in doubt he'll -- They don't have. Readers. What government nor are they call it. Don't have I don't that you. So. Eventually. The markets are going to be named father left right it's a tree where in Indianapolis. RL can -- to running game. The patriots are 08. It was the action a little bit giving really your run. An Indian up all that -- on third should ensure would stop. It really put the patriots in position where they had to do something about which we pixel art reaction. The patriarch of the union and go. Really a tremendous effort by radio Burton. -- -- -- -- Find Julian Edelman convert. A third made -- -- after the -- and let trap while I was would have such. And finally that in the three yard run. Words then hitting it in the rumble. Here at. Can run the ball and figure out what can read you know in the -- -- go over there -- so let -- go into. I think that it becomes. Really well again I urge all my heard everything will far Brady. In his efficiency and the Packers Steelers -- -- -- -- You're here's how I would agree I is the third layers to the idea that it runs stop future I think it's all contingent upon how -- your bill. Here's our would put I would say that in the event that your your veteran team you do generally well -- in the game plan him with wooden boxes and things of that nature and I -- over them to things like that. Where you can stop that part of the game and most teams or go that way that maybe invest in the -- by together he wrecked or got back room too good that what you don't have what animal identity. Are you care about two to twelve run through comes around for you can't run so well from -- usually teams are little more one dimensional there so called great running team but they run in one dimension. I think you knew about the patriots -- is the cause there so formation only personnel averse. And all three backs really run all three of the systems -- you know green had some from home last week or last night you know -- really runs kind of older stuff now and release -- -- well. The college you can pop in and out of so many different sequences of formation changes that Josh was to do in the motions and you got from. There and make sure you're hitting the exact right place I think the adage of the rom easier stop them in Paris. It doesn't always work for these guys as much -- the third one of those teams are reminds me to use the college analogy it's a little bit too on the disposal were exactly because the threat doesn't come from the quarterback position. But think about Auburn will offer tests you so much -- element of that game and bill spells out -- is like exotic weird -- Kick -- exotic it's just there. It's a really top prep -- you can't push all the chess pieces -- -- -- It was a way. The restriction or was red zone they had three receivers for the right -- the right. Which is critical. The -- and -- I think -- Chad and I can't release that way. But it was out a book. We're growing situation. They're gonna have to be as tight in the our -- I was -- you know. Rescission the efficiency and where are we just inaudible you're gonna have to be so one point there's going to be times when the other team. Gonna slap on the right cart in the -- what -- -- what. I guess I'm gonna pick a -- -- -- army and you may remember back missile reference with -- like when we I'm thinking of teams that. You know morally we knew they were run like a thing like -- what it. But it Jerome Bettis actor writer fullback. -- -- in line a lot of they're gonna do you can have a -- -- the -- in the box and go last night kind of watching down I try to do the sometimes as a -- bomb in the linebacker right now and try to yes they were poised to run pass works and what the scheme would be where we go. They're half -- like I mean just try to put myself in the shoes of being on the other side really tough to pin down. Tendencies so if you wanted to overload one side are you wanted to try to guess where the pieces. I think the cup and -- just for whether I mean maybe that's my bias in play but I also try to play along NC I figure this out. There's a lot of teams out there that if I knew they were run heavy I can get even in game so. You know lack of the first aerial wet and will make it harder for them. It's several game like -- -- I think that brings up a good point probably is a good prediction. Sort of have a thing for for how will probably embassy you know you're probably -- the other Denver saying you can do you probably gonna see everyone on the line of scrimmage biggest single IC in the us if you can't just have watched three weeks in a row where the run Russia for two regarding this in the -- You know. Someone's not and -- that how -- and test the that you know knock him again to go around that -- -- -- -- -- that anyone know most of the -- places you mention of how I'm not a partial plan and want the bill totals are. They may come out early. I think that's pretty see that and someone's gonna challenge. Is that has Kimbrel going to be -- comfortable people on the outside or these -- -- -- the ball -- where work on a bargain and see what you that's set I think he could still got some in the run and you with -- -- because there's -- way through the -- -- so. I think your your right to say that they've they've probably force that is the next test. I'm done I think I had a and it has. You got nowhere to go after all that aren't. -- -- notified that that that that would enter your book. You are very well known book pro though haven't -- their -- -- so -- Eight different receivers to -- each you know -- and now we've. Really who watch. Do you trust and who are Nixon era of the because they are -- they're fighting. You know with a bone marrow. In terms -- the past and you can hear you know what the other teams that really work that most well. In the Golan settlement what -- going out in England well in the -- right in and played well aspirin. Certainly isn't it -- weapon. Cheer for our north. 25 big receivers who -- he probably there -- quarterbacks in the race. And a running back goes back. I don't they -- they play next week San Diego here or in Denver. You can play Diego here. And that's going to be started extremely. I'm 77 yard noble and. -- snapped back yeah. It will be interesting I think it's a really a point -- I mean everybody would rather -- you can lay here and and everybody wants to see San Diego and here. There's a part of me rooting for the story line that would just love to see Brady Manning began hello this -- this -- I'm curious if from media classic or you are you guys here. Mean I mean I. Also don't need to travel -- you got a short trip with a -- -- weeks to dial -- We're very yeah -- also -- travel and other logistical you know you know no real one. No one's gonna know what's gonna you know take up -- or trader -- your view of not traveling program would -- typically is is incredibly elaborate -- coordinate the you know it out. Double also really agree I think it's a -- out. Yeah -- it be fun to watch again -- I'd like I read I'd rather they played here to play through that right -- and a are -- double talk to exploit banks can't. Panels that Tom Curran TSA and any dot com -- into the ball two great games today and into Google map amendments and later -- incompetent. I I'm gonna go with the all up through the bagel now anonymous if the -- and I won't be back until Tuesday coming up next. Carolina hosting San Francisco here -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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