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NFL Sunday: Breaking Down the 2 Divisional Playoff Games Kicking Off Today

Jan 12, 2014|

The boys take a look at the NFC game - 49ers at the Panthers and the AFC game - Chargers at the Broncos - and break down what they believe will go down today.

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Our number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WE -- I -- here until 1230. We will take you to pregame show for the first of I will say this. Generally speak in the division playoff we and it might paper we end of the NFL season yet or games that. Really should be really really good games right unfortunately the Saturday games -- why it is you know exciting and I'm happy by the if your patriots fan. Right why do you wanna win back typically like that money while we wanted to come back right to report oh I don't know let's go down but generally speaking this is the weekend that might favorable I always. -- this weekend you like you will be a -- the tournament. Where you know you get a test of the past. You get a good series of schemes -- out over duties really Ortiz. You you just in in the -- of gratitude for you you you get or. Really it it -- history tells you you're gonna get really good team if we get -- the Seattle New Orleans Q was good or about. Two and a half or anything the patriots colts would probably good for about the same way that -- I'm fascinated by the student today not to -- in there at the diversity you -- game. Just for what it represents them to new England and and its future by. The Carolina in this group human beings can be mentally. Well let's start -- when that's the early game you'll hear it at 1 o'clock your own work radio pregame show 1230 let's start with -- first of all appear Colin cap and you've gained about seventy degrees from last week right. Today it is sunny and they say about 5758. Degrees. Beautiful day in Charlotte you know last week were -- Green Bay in the wind chills were twenty below or some thing. I will say this. I like cap and I like what they did last week I really like Cam Newton I Cam Newton. I do I go back and forth on that in a wonder -- We're seeing him become the quarterback we thought he could be or if this is just an aberration I just. I really like the 49ers. -- that they're they're mentally tough as the team that's been their before they can run the ball leave because he 2.2 different ways you know value Crabtree back right it's just half. As a -- Defense that it. I just again like -- them for -- during the break I get. What statistical. Finger on in state this is why like this team in the match of today but if there's one of those teams of victory succeed it's going to buck the odds and make it through my money right now is on the interest and gamecube because they're the underdog they -- -- surprisingly enough I mean I -- -- the report came out there that I think has been -- rushed over but it probably if Carolina notes it's -- first. Playoff game Steve missile banging though I don't know he's gonna why we will -- to a beautiful stretch of maybe not a big part of the we game planned them you know it's just tell them like I don't think they give the storyline room that you get from my. Central separatist whose down home actually you know patriots Broncos sort of storyline. But I -- get that game is I think now we're going to be hyper competitive I really won't be surprised at wake up tomorrow in the Panthers to win. Just for the simple fact that it's so difficult to do with the niners are trying to do. You know having a little while but they had not over an answer reform back a little bit more developing an 115 payment and six -- was relieved they lost a few -- It made it difficult what happened travel. From California who are who Richard Green Bay one week -- -- while we -- California in the -- all the live across the country Carolina the next week. It's not easy especially when her -- left to right -- of Pennsylvania. So you know it's it's it's certainly a test that's not the only test is gonna come down to a sort of a stylistic and in the match to all that but. But had to mean it's two people to be physical who really good defenses to groups that can do a lot of things have reported -- two point -- Really won't -- yet to answer the skill position guys junior Frank Gore Crabtree and Vernon Davis and exciting quarterback level but usually have an advantage of their equipment. No idea -- do it period civil yeah idea right I think to watch you know worker I just again you going back in the united they were six and four mid November in in that really. -- NFC west you think it is no job. Arizona team nobody -- that you know. Humans might -- it was -- tournaments -- -- to use -- was gonna come before we -- -- team division that point but you know to be able to win six straight down the stretch and into the post season in just have a lot of stuff go their way again I think it helped him to the he'd been there before the group of the went to. -- last to be in this or anything there is a little something about when you're talking about this -- to they would talk about a team went through last year. As opposed to a team like Carolina who all the vista's new you know it's not a quarterback coach post season football is different in it in a in -- that -- -- to leave leave the with a a 100% don't believe and what I think it's it's. -- worth mentioning nobody who will lose. It doesn't happen you don't mean just from a statistical simulation it doesn't always go wild why I am not sure the context in each and every one and it's not just 'cause they lost it last year. Well I think they're fighting that. Road as early as well me a short off season maybe that. The count -- some of the issues they had to the -- on track but I. I think oral argument of who were you now -- much like talking about the -- thing and you know we was last week and it was similar to what it was last. -- district yesterday. I think the niners will wait screw -- -- seating only thing but it will play watchers most of what you wanna see yourself -- -- bought. Holder and -- the -- to help troops and you know also. It is I to me that there's enough contractual supplement normal for him didn't had a better year than Colin now. Yeah in all of the statistical categories that you met her quarterback. Cam -- been a better quarterback -- calling cap and where the forty niners have the edge is they run the ball. That then the Carolina Panthers do this year. But if if if you're just talking quarterback we always focus on -- back whatever reason. Who has yet -- one of the things about new -- Really allowed him to have -- had I think you realized in all the young quarterback to go through this. I can't do it all I have to rely and the guys around I can't -- food -- yards in Britain by touchdowns in March the chemo and on the Obama's health by after ally in the -- -- -- -- after alliance Catholic. I have to rely on and all of these you don't -- that the death and of the guys in the back field laughter rely on. The fact in my defense is going to give me the ball and put -- in good situation. I'm gonna get help from special. And I think that. Aspect of his team has really started to come together -- -- -- we thought in the of the new the New England earlier this year where he made some plays on his own you know what he's broke down he was able to get it from cured with you there will be a nice growth but at the same time he didn't -- to do much anything that's not a big step in the evolution of -- -- America I think that's one of the reasons. Well I I look who's talking to you and I think I I will do. What would you have done. Those are not news. Covers are useful you know parental vols led wire that's my -- I've part that you don't you know the coverage chart but modest number two receiver. Our production that's not even quite Brandon -- production or near last year you know you -- number two or three production guy these missile banged up. Our goal -- pretty solid tight in order -- a good running game schedule Williams and got another option there in the October while. Like commitment you'd give Stewart who is Jon Jon Stewart Mike Tolbert all just literally an example open. It over to the pool but I was kind of -- but I mean the point is there. They got a lot of good way peregrine. It and cam is sort of a big bad flashy dude that like he's he's the -- security game plan to keep him in the pocket and make him control again boy. We've seen this sort of reinvention mergers refocus I -- or maybe more people pay attention in the weather helped the -- we're running it through. I would give that team -- Carolyn -- I know you've been pushing. Pushing Kim to stay in the pocket have one of those kind of nice years and become little more of that not run. Well what can the single unit arrest you. You know who knows what you're you know Steve -- today. -- guys are you reward him drop backs -- pocket trying to -- parental for all they get to minors where I mean. I think your feet Michael -- you know and I'm picky about what we have Brady there's no real predators a -- down. Yeah boy the running game you know beamed over some way to approach things and that was one of things we will be game plan to move more in the you're -- -- -- they're very diverse in the way they were both not just. -- locally right -- so. His feet provide some options we'll put a pretty it's pretty cool. -- scheme they run. So I wouldn't be surprised and I think it's probably the bus route from them based on personal they have if it is a very him haven't looked talk quarterback Matt. Jarring when you look at the numbers. Peyton Manning threw for a thousand more yards and Phil rivers and when he read more touchdown passes and Philip Rivers and yet both cash and both there to represent. A button on your name at the numbers just. Jump off aide Jack yeah. I I I have not yet seen the weather forecast for Denver to pay I don't know what like in Denver I don't believe it's going to be a bad weather today. And so you think at least I think. -- -- You know having had a week off San Diego coming and I. In the Denver Broncos. Are in should be favored by Paramount that Denver or whether the outcome today it's going to be we're reporter -- partly cloudy. Entering 10% -- with -- to be where you're gonna be a little older is not going to be. Really really cold I mean. We talk off -- but you know -- going on for players and all of a sudden everything coming together I think this is one of the years. We can say that about all the river and whether that's my point system out there. Whether about the fact that he has you guys around him. You know Yunel and in Dini would -- joining you know -- war horse and Antonio do you to still get it done. All of those options around him or. News team or whatever it is I just think things are starting to come together really nicely for him in seeing you go you look at his numbers this year he's always been good he's always been. And do but he's in the top five in both major passing. Is there anything EB on the East Coast forget about that a little. It because we're so -- meaning. You know Brees Rodgers centric view we tend to forget about you know guys were playing out there to some extent. But he's. Is his completion percentage is almost 70%. -- 32 touchdown passes for Italy passer rating for the only passing yards the week. Things are starting to come together very nicely for them if you're in this -- the guy who. I had one guidance on the industry activity we -- talking about this demon he says I firmly believe that Philip Rivers is on a vision here. Their -- an old guy and nearly new coaching at all coming together formative stage boosters so -- fast he's the. How he's gonna perform that well because he does have a little bit of success against is it is it is the Denver be true and often their third implant last feminist -- a short week which should be mentioned it was Thursday games a year and a no Welker no Welker. They -- -- And that was sort of the ball control thing river run that we can all pay sands and this is an old story but how old. Denver response what their game plan is Beatrice and watch. Very big piece of news -- Diego's right Mathewson and banged up action the last several weeks is now did not practice on Friday. What is gonna ride plated I suppose it is give yeah I -- -- -- together and try to get through the day. But. To me I personally have lost trackers will keep track of the AFC west teams are much much of the West Coast teams and you know what's that he went patriot. Any ground itself -- you you know they're from a -- for -- of Ronnie Brown was a neighbor here those million dollars and ninety Rebecca lover he was a first round draft also comes. -- tropics overall. I mammy was to be the guy. -- to realize we still think it fell as he's gone out there and he's had a couple and I actually I MO last week against. Cincinnati had a couple of strokes the social to -- were still sold them there. So in the event that while power we get approached him with that seem keep we will give Matthews of the when he needs to be. We've seen enough but did you know that uses Dodd what I don't know you drop and give the ball pretty. -- -- out of the system down. But enough that he couldn't do it did enough you could by the yards for the you know he's used intermittently -- super dangers and become for the Watson so we're looking for a matchup against them but. Be it should see if they can still get the same and Ronnie if they have to use him up -- -- -- because that takes the pressure call -- -- -- gates is awesome. Or older. To -- been nice piece you mentioned. The other one receiver that was it you know and you know those who actually -- money and he's been huge for them this year. We're just overs at the resurgence what I think they've -- in a couple pieces -- hit on themselves that. It's sort of move cables to -- and you've got to go with the chargers -- for a couple different reasons including the fact that. One of my beeper numbers one of the oddest of us who work in 2009 every team that plays against the Eagles and Phillies home opener has gone on with the Super Bowl. Every year OK that last four years distinct Packers giants and ravens all pleaded filling in their opener and -- all went under when the -- more. While the chargers. Lead Philly in their home opener this year calls them back. On the rough so it's going to be a sort of reform wanna watch a -- you're right over the way this particular week and I can get through really good game to -- out just enough where. You'll feel like it's though we we can have a view to go way -- where you can keep it straight there -- five games don't know what that. It works out good you degree we beautiful bald girl all are usually the one part of the game today and I'll be curious to see. Morning to several of our. I'll winters to -- to be around twenty miles an hour in Denver game. And Peyton Manning is -- and why in games with one -- more mile an hour winds north where we're about that stadium though. I don't know a futile it is handled from warehouse. That Steve has such an incredible bank on both sides you almost feel like you're at home or anyway. Now it could be windy but. You know and maybe it's it's toward it or order away from a goal -- little by -- or something like that. Joyce felt like you remember him or canyon sorry to McCain you know that you just has this like it's higher for some reason it's built more bank and its. On top units -- -- were so in the event that it was super windy I don't know I always get the feeling that I was endlessly weird. Different kind of feeling stadium of the places here not like Latin Opel likable or maybe Kansas City years something like that work that out so it's it's a bit. It's are about -- went to -- the rumor went what. It just doesn't seem to be able to drive the ball through the wind the way he did the -- I know it's a good point but has the other one and outdoor playoff -- -- thousands of I just you know whether. No opponent whatever and I know this is the popular narrative we know we talk about Pete in his pro -- you know in in the post season in he has a chance to address the I think if you comes out rivers and authoritative performance. I think he starts to add back a little bit but I think the charges come I -- win. They are not. Victories ripple over a little bit about coaching changes in the National Football League in Daniel Snyder's bill being Daniel Snyder when we back -- -- minute and a belt Sunday. Presented by the plants he insurance at a plant eBay shops or -- say is that the Lansky dot com today.

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