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Bengals, Colts or Chiefs...Who do you want to see the Patriots play?

Jan 2, 2014|

Mut and Lou debate who the easier opponent would be when the Patriots play their first playoff game next week.

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Lou wouldn't hurt to mix in a salad you fat. That's the message Lewis sent by his wife earn enough on Christmas my -- 937 WEEI just instead of coming out saying. Mix and a salad you -- believe she bought double XL sweat pants -- -- a funny -- ha ha. Hilarious. 6177797937. AT&T text -- 37937. Meanwhile many of us are some of others. Like half the size too big on anything we hear about for six months this idea but. Mean ice did in the course. Cannot already thank god he said the day with -- But he -- I spent a lot of time talking about the patriots -- the first couple hours have been more self scouting I think you know what what your expectations are the patriots in the post season. Yeah well what concerned me the most about them in the first round and AFC title game potentially. Against Peyton Manning in the Denver Broncos. What about their three potential opponents he can't play San Diego as the sixteen if they were to win they automatically go to the at the Denver Broncos now be the game their rematch of a game a month ago. The -- at 33. Seed Cincinnati. Which you lost to earlier in the year before seed -- didn't play. And a five seed Kansas City created in place. What team. The one Aussie coming your first what's the easiest of the three opponents -- the patriots could play a week from Saturday. In my opinion at Indianapolis Colts don't scare me one bit. Not one bit. I look at since c.'s defense and the Kansas city's defense that could become an issue for the knowing the patriots don't see that with Indianapolis. Andrew Luck. Obviously I think is is the best of the three quarterbacks. But you know you -- Reggie Reggie Wayne is out TY -- a threat they don't run the football very well you know and I know they've got some big wins this year. What can I know that they've beaten Seattle San Fran Denver Kansas City again it but I just. Don't team coming back -- New England Saturday night game Andrew Luck last year come in here it's New England. It was 27 for fifty. Three interceptions a couple of touchdowns last year in the post season wasn't very good against Baltimore while at Baltimore. 52% completion rate note touchdowns one interception. I think he's gonna be great I just don't that that team does not. Scare me one bit ethic maybe is more the defensive side of the football idol looks the best quarterback of the group. But I would I think that they're the easiest -- A port that's. I think that this this teenager the NFL. It's about two people more than anybody else and it Matt Chatham it's an all Atlantic at the simplistic but that's icing it. It's a quarterback in coach league it's was the quarterback give you that day can a coach -- a -- team can a coach not make major mistakes on the field. The way to Stanford coach did yesterday that play calling it several people out running it over and over on third fourth down Izturis out of the way let his team's talent shine. And the three teams they can play there is a standout for the worst quarterback coach combo pack and that is Andy Dalton Marvin Lewis. Andy Dalton the ginger gunslinger. Of twenty picks this year. Even wins was turning the ball over constantly. And it's Agassi here it's an item any weapons to play with he's one of the best wide receiver in the AFC and AJ green. Like -- is awesome. Because he plays incentive because you have Andre Johnson Mary's Thomas he's done. There is a football players no good he is but does the general public know how good he is I'm not sure they deal. So -- when he picks. Roan -- that's really good the commands double covered and that means somebody else open it gives buddy Hawkins -- the -- -- and he's at a time this year pressure right for. Orgy -- are out of the backfield. To turn over machine. The coach Marvin Lewis who. Not once but on two different occasions in the post season. Has burned through raced to a lot of the coach's challenges. In the first -- half. AB one thing if you do that wants. To be what they of one time yet about challenger early. And the second challenging just yeah he just -- and he had challenged big fork out of touch I added to. -- he did it twice. Against the jets and etiquette to Texans a year ago Marvin Lewis Parra threw to replay challenges in the first thirty minutes of a game. That's I think -- say I act against Belichick look guide Gillette Stadium on Saturday night's -- -- -- -- snow coming down all the sudden bump up. He's that Aniston isn't usually does not make. So you gotta go coach quarterback combo pack what's the one leg is the easiest path to AFC championship game. It is no question in my mind since he. Altman Lewis and by the way full disclosure a month ago. I said here on TV the team I didn't wanna play with Cincinnati. Four weeks ago I said I'll adolescent -- who aren't. Dalton down the stretch the four picks through week seventy that -- -- -- -- -- out of the park ball went three games growth up on a pick at that point I was comparing it to potentially -- annual weeks ago Obama. -- -- Paris and at that time was maybe you face Miami Lou may be faced Baltimore where the hot teams and admitting it could not have been more on those he didn't ball. I for the post season -- populated four weeks ago. So -- four games since it was before -- an inordinate three weeks ago based on nine touchdowns and zero picks. In three consecutive games. And then last week those four receptions and it's at least two weeks ago I -- a two week sixteen was cut. -- to me. There's much to think that looks a better quarterback in Dalton the three quarterbacks Smith. Dalton in -- who's got more upset to have a big game. And I think that's Dalton. Me yeah I know he hasn't won the last two years. They went down in Houston they lost. But I thought Houston was the better team and each occasion was what you a -- choked anything away they played us -- we're able to -- did not had a house four picks a 40% a 48. Quarterback -- Okay and before. Joseph Flacco Picchu and -- nine he -- 44%. Completion in 2000 -- his playoff run one touchdown three picks I nosed team went to -- one. But he divot -- 200 yards in each of those games -- -- -- was no way Flacco commune near and keep up with the patriots finally did it differently. There in a football pictures turn a ball over but I just think upside. And I think AJ green. Wide receiver -- the biggest best weapon best wide receiver out there you know of the three teams. An -- -- run the ball OK you know exit -- are you worry about BenJarvus you know he's gonna do I just look at the colts and I just. I think -- is gonna be great but I don't think he's he's he's that right now I don't think he can coming here. No it on a Saturday night and beat the New England Patriots. With the running game leader they don't respect that much and really kind of one got to throw to. And defensively they're not the same level as Cincinnati -- Kansas it. That be the one team that and I know this history in Lovie going in Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton I get all that but I still think that is a much better team defensively. In cities in much better team defensively. -- Smith and make some this nearly -- -- the football over Jamaal Charles scares the -- idea I agree and I look at Indy. Who scares -- and -- And here's you you'd say that but we we've seen now that there is not it doesn't take a player tip that quote unquote period have been noting guys who've had. Success against the Patriots defense right. From a skill level USA before he got hurt Reggie Wayne say OK that's the guy OK now it's wildly two catches. Lot can sort of had a Brady like year. 23 touchdown only nine picks lost Wayne -- has had to deal with this is receiving corps Hilton cleaner Margaret Heyward bay. And they still got a pretty good year I mean I like him at the Czech market is in the column. That's it a positive for him that he had a pretty good year but the -- quarterback rating is Brady did just under 88. And did it with. Crap all of that guy at the Hilton is probably pretty good -- at the wide receiver patriots called I like that killed before to anybody else. After that it's. Stanford tight and it's. -- they were -- who the guy exactly the -- rock. There Rick Rodgers and it and Griff Whalen the last couple weeks ago when it was shot -- sent home. Ignore us and medium you've got to make him a point but he's still a pretty good with those guy he sure assault has better talent -- Stewart when he picks. If you're not this year returns the ball Burleson Dalton does well. Like I give the guys got thrown the ball over and the team I think what I had the colts were in the middle the team I want no part of as the chiefs. And I know that at the the -- to come here San Diego has to win. But on the flip side of me winded the Cincinnati Bengals here. I want no part of Kansas City for a lot of reasons you just set -- you said AJ green's the most dynamic player. I Jamaal Charles represented the scariest proposition for the patriots a guy in space they can break tackles could you run the football or catching the football. And a coach Andy Reid who has made his mistakes and he's -- he's birdies and challenges -- that is issues go Google Andy -- common challenges right. Plenty of blogs up there are made of them. Rightfully so he's got to Marvin Lewis he's better than Lewis. And -- that -- -- I'll be back defensively is questionable for the colts game. That's a team I want no part of the colts me resides somewhere in the middle. But I feel strongly that I want Cincinnati here and I don't want Kansas City year Alan at the colts -- between the going into looks at a pretty good year with it you'll admit not a lot of great talent. Cleveland Browns that talented. -- -- pretty good game it's patriots without -- now. But top my list to be Cincinnati given this it's -- -- angles and you want the colts. Would you want and your 61777979837. AT&T text line. It's 379 B 317. Is in Springfield these next couple month Lou won 937 I -- Sure the -- Our question I know buffalo was constantly. On the green by cute thing. That still trouble with the passing game -- another reason why they're not running anymore. It sat on sat -- A lot more people. Play out. Over some I love the running game I was that's it's on the that the gonna need is a concern passing game. I think there is now the fact you got Tom Brady you when you at the -- lost Rob Gronkowski. I think there was a concern with the passing game. Any -- like Shane Vereen to kind of bottled up you know a game against Miami new iCloud that's kind of you expected in the kind of blow up the next game nick that it came out of that game. He says he will go to we talk about the numbers earlier you know the last three games 40% completions Tom Brady's -- going to Julien adamant. You know and it's almost at the one -- count on and you -- you key on him. You know where eagle from -- got to run the ball. I have another question. Austria three signed him calm polite what should we just resign immediately let them go -- -- -- Austin Collie or -- signs that he's a practice. Now does that leave either of our options are going to be out and they just haven't released yet because without salt -- and even limits. Our passing game even more. Yeah it's it's questionable. What it means we won at this probably one of those guys what it's going on the IR. I don't know all that's going to be. Dobson -- voice or -- to put in play this past game but it would feel like if you bring back Austin Collie. Dean -- somebody's going on the IRI that. There's been no word yet the beat writers have not you report the story is a good a couple of weeks probably forty story released before the game. I mean agreement because you got to know his health -- Out and what do you guys agreed -- -- you know we we want to come in and achievement and that we can be bought I think. We looked at more of I don't wanna keep an agency. So I could care less who we got -- to get to the championship. I want see somebody. Back to go deep that -- Well let's. I'd prefer that a good look at the teams they can play what I human except for a good play that the Denver Broncos could play San Diego in that game. The one to beat Denver and it did a couple weeks ago in Denver -- -- couple weeks off -- Welker -- back to play. He's been cleared out of practice Alec you'll play in a divisional round so I did the still best team the AFC the Denver team and I am beatable low. It's certainly not unbeatable they show about it well. -- the only reason why they did the best team. Because they do and note. You know -- they've taken their hits as well Von Miller he's done -- -- that is because offensively they still have their weapons having west back. You offensively used -- Peyton Manning still has all of his guys. Now if Tom Brady had all if Rob Gronkowski back you would say -- Tom's got all of his guys but he does not Manning does. And when you have that you can overcome a lot of deficiencies. Electricity -- don't think they're very solid but offensively they get everybody if -- -- welcome back. The that's one reason why -- their flawed just like everybody else we all know that. HTT -- slide is 37937. Extra points out correctly Cincinnati. Is in great on the rolled has several wins this year but -- over the course of eight road games. And eight home games. They score almost eighteen more points per game at home for whatever reason. They're more comfortable offensively at home the nail on the road and Sony go through Cincinnati's offense -- talk about the weapons or any else. There -- a much better scoring team. In that whatever stadium it's called now in Cincinnati. And they are on the road that's part of why I want Cincinnati in a year and because Andy Dalton. As don't when he picks and get this team has relied defensively this patriots team who talked about this last month or so on turnovers. And those three quarterbacks. You know adult is a -- it's -- ahead of Andrew Luck to me as they got more likely to turn the ball over once or twice in the game. Against the patriots he luster right now says I have that would blow up factor they're concerned that I would have. Adult could. Just because you've got AJ green but is there more chance Stahl has the ball up in the wrong way factory -- threw three picks your army -- particular boy always luck. Going at three games this year we to a four over 300 yards. Only three games in other all in losses. Loss to Miami week to. Note 25 a 43321. Yards touchdown pick. It through in a loss against Saint Louis but it smoke number 388 caution thrown a ball left and right created 53 yards three putt three interceptions. And another loss against Cincinnati. They got blown up 482326. Yards four touchdowns OPEC's. Lost forty to 28. Three games this year Andrew Luck is still with 300 yards in in this league in the NFL. When you think Andrew Luck would mean in the sixteen game season of at least half of those 300 yards. I just don't think is a blow up factor -- to look right now with what he has. I think any -- and short -- missed right risk reward and it got people out there and -- four picks like he did last week orchid Buick the week before when he threw four touchdown. I think he's got more weapons I think it's a scary teams because what they haven't defensive said the struggle with it he threw interceptions in eleven of sixteen games this year -- -- Bring dreamy look at night five games on Saturday by January 5 of sixteen he was interception list out of the don't think blocked the blow up factories and is in is an adult turned the ball over. That's when I want us out Watson senior you want the colts 617. 77979837. Your phone number 61777979837. AT&T text line is 379. -- 37. Got a wait a week before this develops but. The has nothing to do with the patriots talk about that next.

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