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Patriots beat Bills, clinch playoff BYE - Response and Reaction Real Postgame Show

Dec 30, 2013|

Fred Smerlas, Steve Deossie and Butch Stearns break down win by the Patriots over the Buffalo Bills and discuss playoff implications

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FL if you leave until that if you're in your car's already will keep you all updated. It is crazy but the patriots game is over. And they win 34 to twenty -- the number two seed. In the AFC hi everybody I'm -- Stearns welcome to the real post game show. Here on W the -- along side as always the guys played the game the all pros Steve DeOssie Fred it's moralists. And we're here for you until 11 o'clock. Tonight gentlemen now we don't. What are right -- for equity it was a interest in game -- wolf the Buffalo Bills are real good Frontline couldn't stop the run. Yeah if encrypted had they riddler got up another billion in the you know blunt -- We love that we love that Byron grow a career high 189 yards rushing 334. Total yards and huge returns after a huge dizzying that was a moment to -- -- Twitter after the first 83 yard kickoff return so that's why he's been -- it. -- whose -- he's a portrait to play like that but that was. That's what's the woman at the buffalo school I was right all sudden bang right down the -- that long kickoff return it changed moment to back the patriots. You're gonna give Butler credit they spank them by -- us with a play in the Cambodia and they played god. With nothing to win that really played smokers are going home but the golden patriots found a way to win running the ball they have 260 Russian. Whatever it was it was ridiculous that was news. Almost every time the touch volume 67 New York what was -- Barreling through people ragged people for extra yards it was it reminded you of what Denver was doing without steel output doubled and scored the points you know patriots finished with 267. Yards. Rushing with Garret -- with a career 989. Yards rushing mr. I believe was 164. This. On 24. Carries yet two touchdowns. He was just piece today but -- -- about -- -- they go play. And the ravens at home expose her physical field team they beat them up here they -- against buffalo with the success riverfront pretty help your defense. And just in the profits of Widener University I've been considered a little bit. Sold -- India was pretty -- with the discussions and they win it right down the -- the voice also but this is also the ability that you boob. The buffalo defense that except it's actually -- felt. The patriots of which also offices also the legally a younger linebackers that it's a long so small. You don't put it broke through. They knew that there will be able -- right -- they do -- deviate from that even when they had the so for Google's future and they didn't give away from the run and it was a big line. Gold Darius in the they have Williams -- a big guys get a better group. I think -- more. One of water Russia yet again that you have the pastor to -- takes -- a few -- but it's Stiller yeah collided and out through their -- for robbers -- -- update people with what's going on right now because this is wild in the NFL while -- and real. With thirty seconds left to play. I have a twenty point lead they're gonna win they gonna beat Oakland again and to put the number one this week. The patriots win 34 point back but they're -- they're gonna end up with that number two seed the Cincinnati Bengals did what they needed to do. How about the Baltimore Ravens in Miami Dolphins rolling over and dying like dogs. In the last two weeks with everything left to play for the dolphins lost to the jets today so the Bengals get the number three seed. The colts get the number four seed Kansas City no matter what happens and as a lot happening right now in San Diego. Will get the number five seed right now Kansas City San Diego. Our -- driving for. 24 in overtime they missed a few -- but I want to move four seconds left the group won the game in the regular with sixties I announced Avago. Kansas City. Can't -- sit down seventeen of their starters now. They're lining up to try a field goal in overtime 36 yard field goal that Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans are sitting by. Wait just a second of them -- San Diego makes this field goal there in the playoffs the Steelers are out the kick is good. No flag yet. And again in overtime. The chargers. Needed both the ravens and dolphins to lose today. And they did hold on. That was seen Diego's first possession in all the progression yes but it Kansas City gets the ball back. What is this week. Number I sort of fake punt it was San Diego tried to fake partner and they ended up getting the first down we also had a lot of us in Miami one. Beat the patriots it too easy gave -- Buffalo. And the jets right now that you're expected -- what it should be -- for a while because as we've discussed group that was almost the Super Bowl that was her play upper atmosphere when they beat the patriots -- from the a lot of history do would immediately went up but gave that the music -- superdome one of the things we talked about that -- was how good teams in the success. As well as adversity we'll look at how Miami handled. There with the buffalo got shut out nineteen and often. And they lost that hole at a 10200. Yards right of -- total op that ready somebody tweeted this out. Here's -- Miami ended their season 25 possessions one touched. In their last 25 possessions they've laid the -- doing the patriots they celebrated talk about that could be the team they kept celebrate. Both good teams learn to celebrate -- that day to provide you they did. -- let somebody you want some -- -- late action right now CN Diego beat Kansas City got about 2724. With five and a half minutes in overtime Kansas City gonna get the ball. The Pittsburgh Steelers are standing by. If Kansas City. Goes out here then they see it it will be in the playoffs in the Steelers are out if Kansas City can come back. And win this game the Pittsburgh Steelers -- in the playoffs in the NFC. It's even wilder right now San Francisco just kicked a field goal the go ahead of Arizona twenty to seventeen differences authority in the playoffs however. Carolina won today they're the number two seed New Orleans is winning big 42 to seventeen. They could be the five or the succeed at San Francisco wins or loses so that's still up in the air. And then rebuilt while crowds that speaking to right now delivered Cisco and in -- -- halted for the -- -- there have been -- -- -- out our -- -- lawsuit that the -- -- so. Here's the other big story Aaron Rodgers came back today did not play well to start but has thrown a touchdown pass in the last minute. They lead Chicago the Packers do 33 to 28. With now sixteen seconds left to go in the game at Green Bay wins that game they are in the the playoffs. If Chicago wins that game comes back but they -- the plants and we still got Dallas and Philadelphia tonight right to decide what goes -- There's gonna go off and what awaits Green Bay if they win in Philadelphia probably because their favorite tonight is seen efforts scope. In New Orleans. Those -- the rewards for those lockers and went -- -- -- -- atop. Probably sixty of the NFL's San Francisco and what they invited. The way the world was different player innovative under the top three teams I I wouldn't put them top three output of I would say that could be double on everything they've -- -- but Everett Seattle. Ought to go to double -- double what it has to beat Seattle two weeks ago and Seattle I think that I think that team. It is is that there's going to be problems while well directed it it took. Well -- taking San Diego. A lot of time to dispatch a very -- main campus -- team but the way they were playing go to and whose game you would assume it's in vehicles to be able to subdue him. Puerto Dexter McCluster. Just caught off for about thirty yards in Kansas City is -- in San Diego territory now so Alex Smith did not play Jamaal Charles did not play they -- refers -- off the top -- Poll. I remember -- vote very very good players but they were replaced Alex Smith at quarterback and Jamaal Charles the running back by -- Davis. Who scored two touchdowns. For Kansas City and by -- -- in the quarterback this is just absolutely wild again. You're listening to the real post game show on WB -- -- I'm what Stearns the -- -- rolls along side. We will have our post honey bunches of votes player of the game coming up a little bit -- -- -- August we will have a bailout or other -- and I as you know fish catch of the day. And of course the real post game shows -- was always. By complaints -- insurance at two plants keep the shop so you can save physical plant dot com today also brought to you by post foods on budget votes. And by AT&T your phone calls are welcome at 6177797937. Again patriots win. 34 to twenty over the Buffalo Bills they finished twelve and -- got the number two seed. So dirty did this guys -- once again before we go to the calls about a quick summation -- let's start with you they. Did what they had to do to was it -- lot of guys in just a dirty. Run to fight it out in the trenches game of the patriots won that and they didn't throw the ball extremely well in total who didn't have to. It -- -- -- up there and answer the bell. Like good teams -- -- buffalo school was evict the current. Rates were cut to Abbas who has ever been returned. I mean they they had contributions from guys that have a -- hasn't run like data kickoff returns this whole year you know here's a run like that his entire life so when you need -- the most. A little bit depleted kind of banged up. Yet another guy answered the bell. That drew that had been doing that he would do well but not that. -- two back to back games. Where they were extremely physical -- front line was physical they were. Pounding out the arts. They both sides of the ball play physical with Baltimore so that that's good figured when we see. Teams that don't mine line you up and slug it out that's always good thing we know the patriots. Complete that for that's game impassable feel it's nice to see the view of the -- A power game too encouraging to see Logan Mankins who was hurt while back in the game got to be the toughest and late in the game. People are replete with a bat and got shot up morning it's not gonna point ACL victims and their maturity comes at you please tackle if you don't play tackle. And he. Just just his presence on the back in the huddle. Made a lot -- often so on top of the -- as this game I started we yet Tompkins back we at Dobson back and we had Neitzel older. Back in there at left tackle -- he was out. Dinner was out boys and so walked among others but Dobson left with a foot injury not to return it was on a long pass on which is encouraging to see. That threaten to go deep which they did but Dotson lived came off the left looked like his left foot he did not return Mankins did return again to get two weeks now. Brazil play Italy this Saturday January 11 or Sunday January 12. Depending on the seedings and when you look at the fact that we do know the four home teams in the time -- so it'll be Denver New England Carolina. And Seattle. They're gonna play there I would imagine with patriots in Carolina being the East Coast teams capturing -- -- place Saturday night. Or probably play Sunday afternoon. -- -- my -- looking at past history of what we might see here at Foxboro when he that the eleventh that -- Interest replied as you know the patriots who will they get health of the teams have to wait and see that the they would twelve games. It edited chatted recorded into a -- you know we had a -- would. I did I did play good and now he's out he was out so they play with a rookie state you rookie quarterback. Right tactics fights are going elsewhere in the game so. He got a couple these guys healthy isn't going to be new -- a different look team and offensively you know Farina has come back to these to implement his job opening that he's gonna get healthier. Mean if this is see if they get some production out of the tight -- but the patriots with two weeks off getting guys out to be tough team. -- let's go to the phones again we will keep you updated on Kansas City in San Diego -- it was that he can't sit still has the ball. Down 2724. Last ditch effort here in overtime. Incomplete pass so Kansas city's gonna have to trial long long field goal they wanna try to tie this up and keep his team going -- -- -- -- that was second down. So love the third and sixteen right now again Green Bay and Chicago not sure of that one's gone final yet. Take a quick look. If -- wins that game. Post the playoffs and wins the -- to do it that's another team and a back yup that's it if you -- with the Rodgers have a game under his belt. And come back healthy that's can be tough team to beat for somebody. That division that's Kuchma. You know that vision issues. Not that mean if you. If you have a team Detroit with all the talent that it -- team. I hope -- quarterback's final guys 320 days three days in and Seattle's final eight dollars and 279. It was a as the final that it does it took. And San Diego is in the playoffs so ball Pittsburgh Steelers in goal keep you up to date and -- -- well it. The school final scores of laws you have -- are also looking at him I met the NFC with -- you know -- wildcats have yeah San Francisco. And -- -- to -- New Orleans. Now I can have Green Bay was -- is healthy to do know some damage to anybody that's going to be interesting way whoever gets who gets Green Bay for its New Orleans going to be to succeed so in the war Owens is going to. Queen beds or is no better wins tonight replay Orleans will go to Philadelphia. In San Francisco go to Green Bay that's -- we'll go to Q when they win they'll be different yes if Dallas wins tonight. I'm not sure who holds the tiebreaker between Dallas and Chicago -- a look at opens Chicago's three and flattens me. Dallas and Green Bay got to be dealt who's known Dallas Green Bay oil because they have to tie so green Bay's gonna be. The number three seeded Dallas -- him if Philadelphia gets in he'll be the number threes he could still be nine cents. Angry -- what it's -- it's an amazing 87. So sort of recent days the fourth seed if Phillies in green -- the third seed if Dallas -- a dozen out of seven. Boom. It's -- one that it dallas'. You're correct LC said yeah. So they'll have to be sixty Philadelphia's nine point six -- finished -- players who would be to have doubts about it right. So Green Bay is that going to be the fourth seed in -- and -- place San Francisco. Fabio and New Orleans is gonna go to either Philadelphia for coming to green bit yes that's going to be acoustic in Austin Green Bay. Apple with Roger is pretty healthy that's going to be included 318. To -- them to the center. On on a game back. He's going to be you have to -- that's a quick defense for us that Cisco didn't like he's got to UCL one fumble play from that led to a touchdown with a rebate. Rodgers gets sacked the ball fumbled ball goes forward because -- because the defender -- before. Everybody stopped except the Green Bay receiver picked up after the Rogers -- and home run to we have touched. That's the -- and things like that like he'll Kenny stable play against the patriots except that was intentional though that was. I was on a tight end them. Whose team ask us predicted the end -- that I was go to the phones -- start with the aging in Vermont AJ you're on the real post game show. Yeah I just add that hampered that both but it feels all right went with two seconds but -- -- -- a bomb on the sidelines. But I wanna talk about that the attitude of the team. I thought my so you know what the opt that this year it's remote that it when he spoke. Whether winner -- look at the stout ones the outbreak yet done for the game but it. If you don't even care I mean now we went fourteen for twenty with a touch are the pick I don't care as long as they win -- more the attitude of their early 2000 -- then. How they get it done that the right here I don't care about this that there at immaculate Pete Manning Breckenridge is not just win that it. Yup there it is interesting how it's changed it's he would -- we look at that. Into the patriots team. We'll look at times -- over -- -- totally the most the Google it. This team is saying wait to pick which would early radio 120 yards passing and defense held -- was was holding up the -- Now most of the game like this the run dominated knowledgeable thinking about the best of special teams -- great job on it. It if they didn't pass the ball last week Brady threw a couple of -- in the dirt and announces that he didn't want tickets -- to give you know for. Traffic a big difference between. Both teams in the early two thousands -- woods -- bulls at this team is those defense were much better much much better -- but all of those throw the ball. Brady is better now. Brady's better now even with his. So depleted receiving corps he's still better quarterback was back there. You'll get a couple guys back home court to back that are probably combat over emergency -- -- or sold to gloat of -- organized drug as a student in order and we keep forgetting about that the rich that you were put out their it does his thing this act and Jones had a sack for the couple most -- in the silver -- that took place. So coming into today time -- -- take a break here -- -- a post game show it was the dolphins the ravens the Steelers in the chargers all with playoff aspirations. In Miami Baltimore Pittsburgh they're all gone home. It's the charges moving on to play the angles we'll update you all the playoff scenarios when we come back. The real post game show was presented by complaints -- insurance at the plant's -- shops -- you can save. Visit complaints -- dot com today and by. Post foods honey bunches of oats and by AT&T. Here you go over. Know what a tough -- the good. With a fifteen to the flooding back to the fact there and really go for the thirty. Good good good then they break it down. The buffalo forty yard. A career day for like Garrett won't. 334. Yards from scrimmage the patriots win 34 this morning. We are live from Toby Keith's I love that -- -- was burns this -- -- Which apparently ready moralists and Steve DeOssie on the real post game show. The playoffs are set for the first round except for one team. Now be decided tonight with Philadelphia and Dallas in Dallas here we have -- San Francisco at Green Bay in the first round it's war went at. Either failure Alice in the first round with the -- in the senate seat being Seattle with a number one seed Carolina with the number two seed in the AFC. The San Diego Chargers survived it ain't getting him they will play at Cincinnati -- Kansas City. We'll play at Indianapolis the patriots being the number two seed in Denver being the number one seeds division playoff picture. As we know and one game left tonight to decide the final playoff spot. Very apropos. The number one team in the NFC in the AFC the number two team most -- with not going to be the patriots and in the -- registered but did you root for on the first have to use them -- Before the season started. To -- it considerably the first of the season. But the -- season we did well with you started the study getting banged -- -- quizzing Frey when he decided they defeated number two -- because. The high side it was they were to be the number one seed at one point Steve Arabic -- has before the sees that now. Well Leon early on with a guy who you know guys opened up but it would go to Europe -- and ringer the buffalo game like how they survive in -- down. That was fifth rootkit would have been like -- been happy if they brought in as a wild but as a winning those close games target -- -- became like. This is not a slot which Sloan yeses it's it it is not a pleasant day. Close every single game and they're winning most well. They did a right to the end edited to make stupid a lot of stupid mistakes in the hunt around. And then they'll capitalize on Oprah and excused and they looked at buffalo -- the little pass rushers who have run the ball out of would run the ball out of and be more concerned about -- get a Brady. Because it to a group profit defense -- line in the whereabouts of the did let's go to the phones hats off to anybody went to this game and stood there and -- -- -- -- today if you're in your cars would love to hear -- these 617779. 7937. -- your phone is trying to make a call. Let's go to Paul in Westfield kicked things off by Paul. The move yeah involved. Just like it situated where we went and you know oh. -- -- Four corners of our best players. There is -- performances will work together -- critics. It's not your record and treatment -- for blog and was shot you know -- Yeah I mean. You know you you are a little bit banged up in office two lines -- last week voted to last week's game. With a banged up like that in the door and having that performance on the road that was remarkable and repeat it. A physical game you have of people all different as they can impound a pretty good buffalo defensive line at how little. That's what's -- like you said they went four quarters it didn't makes duplicate the -- Steve and I kicked the pharaoh this. And it did they had to play in the -- -- The U view every I think your but he envision him winning this game a much of the vision. Bill when you this way on the shoulders of the back of leader blocked soul. That would does about his team can win the number ways we can -- Tom Brady that with some defense of plays that can win. With agreed to buy him in the body element. Tom Brady of course there's number is his team can win and I think you have the votes it took them a good position right now. If -- told anybody that element would have a thousand yards receiving in Utah we talk of disarmament -- 2000 yards receiving and a hundred reception applause. That he would have that to go away and now what that does though it diminishes that that -- in the slot receiver as he did what. Look at what that -- did but fortunately -- he'd do unfortunately with -- deficits we've Dozier from Denver. Melville said it look at that feel well you know like you. The act of Mecca might be abused by 345. Because it would that's it well. That was produced for 45 sixers whatever. Elements that the -- statement. You know what's the deal if he does it his ability to read and react on defense -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- those who don't kick return a punt return of the that's why they love that that screen -- to him because it's almost like a punt returns of -- of problems that -- open field. And it's almost like to punt return for a but -- get a the open -- yeah right away that authority would hold up like that that -- took how did you express these views. These lists -- a few games news in his career. No we assume there was going to be that good for him at all sort of -- and -- this is an exec Jimmy. Boy the patriots really that they had a good beat put them -- me just say that's true Jimmy. And I Italian food out of the playoff team drag queen against the most likely and we want to pick and what do you think would Islam most would likely. -- a good question now because San Diego. Kansas City Indianapolis. And Cincinnati the only team the patriots. I shouldn't say that they could face any of those teams depending on how the seedings go I don't know who scares you the most of those teams to what has a thing of Cincinnati's lone wolf as. Live -- defense as to what you've done in cover real well office -- on city and rivers played out of his mind you know Kansas city's been pretty well rounded team. I tried to say no matter about how you look at it the toughest game in the -- supposed to go to Denver and playing -- that if that happens that is beat. Most difficult proposition. Compared to any other possible -- could have. In round two they're much more to the beat Cincinnati much more difficult than. City or anybody -- -- -- 35 but by far but of those teams you could possibly play. In round two. You know let me myths you wouldn't play San Diego because -- would go to -- So value -- you're in Cincinnati. Mean Kansas City and Indianapolis rather face in the he you have probably would as well as injured luckily today they took care of business at home yup but -- Cincinnati will be here. And so -- we have that music cadence a little bit better control the pace of the game -- directs it today it was so loud -- silent count and gave those guys are huge experience. It will be a different ball game that they can -- Let's go to -- -- got louis' Steve from Fall River which Epstein. You guys I did -- -- Berkeley Dario. And all I'll be out well for the player and as you see me you guys called me. Shall all let you know. What quote a lot while we're gonna review its liquid filled why why go out and run through his Libya -- we've been sequestered. Steve why would we want to bring the energy level of such a wonderful event like that is that -- -- wanted to bring -- down like -- files and -- -- always been as -- as you -- aboriginal what -- consistently. Who are consistent. Or consistent with a visual art to navigate the patriots accomplish as well -- -- designs that would let it looks on him. Now they're going to have a challenge whoever shows up there I don't think you you which I probably least like to see. Should sit there and they can't substantiate that they'll go to bed. I think I'm gonna go to the game and see what happens but I'm watching adoptions went up waiting and not having any Spotify is widely seen it restrict. What they can do one on offense and it -- that but there won't stand at all this week. And they beat in the fact that so. Why you bother to come to China in particular losing it doesn't like why is that a body of a particular way executives should take its multiple other parties etc. but -- you -- so I think. We get tapes do. I got to face now from Batman. -- it would you know it's two weeks from now it's two weeks and I gonna have some help. -- -- -- When you don't -- why we keep you -- He goes -- -- -- -- colleagues -- not -- wrong it in Massachusetts are wrong when you don't Florida. It was wrong some are crossing touching a cross country wrong got to take another question that these companies. ST needs is what psychiatry and I think. It would so they won't school other school Ford -- that is the 33 points this -- I don't ever have those are bigger wet blanket and in the pantheon of callers to -- but I doubt it it's the leaders -- stick it -- Jason America and Richard you guys out next 617779. 7937. To join us Steve DeOssie is here for a Smart policies here only in Boise area. It's the real post games are -- Toby -- I love this bar and grill.

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The guys opened the show by discussing yesterday's Boston Marathon and Kirk's run.

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Reflections on Marathon M…

Reflections on Marathon Monday and recapping the race with WEEI's Kirk Minihane

Dale and Michael talk about what Marathon Monday means for them, the tremendous amount of people and positivity today in the Back Bay, and then Kirk Minihane, fresh off 26.2 miles stops by to recap a great experience in today's marathon.

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