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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday Live From Gillette Stadium

Dec 29, 2013|

Curran calls Dale to discuss his thoughts on today's game, the Pats chances in the playoffs, the various playoff seedings already decided and those still up for grabs and what the fallout will look like after "Black Monday". Curran and Dale give their final predictions for Pats/Bills.

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Fourth and final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Matt and Chris have headed into the stadium where Tom. CSN and call 1800 get hair. I'm good afternoon mr. current -- Good afternoon mr. Arnold happy. New -- the couple days early. Happy new year to you as well here's what we now Brent Olson colts won today that means the patriots. Are now only able to get the 12. Or foresees. If they win today they get at least the number two seed if they win in Denver loses. Then they get the number one seed what we do know is that the third seed is now out of the out of the possibility. Right and I think it really you know. Would be up on the patriots and I think they're all on one and people probably would prefer to -- -- but not fatal problem and I don't think Bill Belichick and a lot of time in the locker room marching up and found -- We know we have to play next week I think cities problem we've made that point very clear. Brooke we not only is it important to not have to play next week -- the -- like -- to New York. And here's another big part of this and and I do think Tom. Look I think Denver's gonna go in Oakland and slap the raiders around. It if the Denver Broncos are up 24 to three at the house. It would then allow in all likelihood Bill Belichick assuming his team does what it's supposed to do to have Tom Brady can take a seat for a path. Yes but I just -- that it's gonna go elsewhere if you mean are we. Yeah I do I I just think. I think buffalo is gonna find out after about 234 series you know what let's just get out of this thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But weather is crap it's really ugly and I think ball -- will be a factor. But I just haven't seen enough from the stills seemed to indicate premiere series fail on worked -- the so. The -- which they're playing for. Opponent in the last two weeks have been competitive. Who won their games. Demos were a lot was little time wants to my haircut. So they can reasons -- -- definitely complete defense I think it. A lot will depend upon. You know the first order and -- will depend on for a couple of throughout the second half. I was a little surprised that a couple of players that were active one that I suggested might be inactive just based on you know getting him healthier for the playoffs. With Shane Vereen. The other was on the offensive line where you've got an offensive lineman who's had a concussion problem and yet both -- -- and presumably -- -- today. They -- they told Larry you know. If you happen all the protocols then you're in a position. Of saying okay we're gonna sit him down because we feel more comfortable putting him down. Giving him the extra week but it. I think if you look at the matchup you'd be hard pressed. So because it was a good week to sort of now because with various Mario Williams -- Williams. It -- Milosevic. It's not an opportune time to sit anyone -- the -- we need to win I think I'm even though the bill and we sent in I think that people are. Really looking at this as this is. You know it's -- really matter that much I think the critical. I don't think there's any doubt that it's critical but I also think. And and we seen this happen in the past where you know first of all as you -- the conditions are miserable out there. As Matt told us earlier these are the worst conditions to play and where it's it's cold and it's wet and there's nothing you can do to get out of the rain. If things go well for the bills early on I could see them you know the couple steam and move on from there. But if things don't go well for them early on I can see them wanted to get the heck out of dodge. What do saying that -- that would be contrary to what we've seen that in the last few. They have two quarterbacks we'll build basically that blew and beat him into what plate. But tablets to beat the rain or it's football future I mean can -- Make a legitimate -- to stave -- -- content you know executed -- for something that matters and matters Spiller matters reject. -- -- all the time. Think it matters -- that the that's been -- to repeat that they set out there we want to have the best record BAT's. Additionally by the end of the -- I think it's I don't see them they'll. Well in that sense. I will say this we -- we build that we wanted to see the patriots make the commitment to the run game and they did. And let's be honest the game certainly into the -- -- different that either you were I expected. Based on how the defense is look in the pressure that they can put on the quarterback. I'd like to see the patriots make that same commitment to the run game this weekend that they made last weekend. I think they accurate I think if you wanna continue to -- ball. It got this spot because you're their mindset now -- -- -- spoken many parents but the last two years. There you see him sort of mentally and physically. Has -- law. They can stop but now obviously the patriot. Where did those numbers but not but some of those -- byproduct or situations they are is it a number of times. The 31 ranked run defense of the 36 in the thirties and on the week. Some of those numbers. A little prediction. -- their lives for themselves and carry it into your arms by. Cam Newton but that it. If you're but he was -- -- -- front -- in Jerusalem and it the -- it two times ago. But you it may I think that the patriots don't want to rub -- it will achieve student group continues. To recover from you know -- probation. And overall the number so inflate it written that we can have success with that -- just -- the -- -- so they usually do. A picnic -- more reps to. I thought that last weekend's game against Baltimore was maybe the best I've seen the patriots defensive backs looked. And they certainly aren't facing. The same caliber of quarterback this week that they faced last week. The target in the air support to agree or you're no please write your. And the only thing you know they are currently under when he Marino -- but so it's a -- fifty go. That -- to this. That you flat with -- red -- but he was hurt too wasn't it and I think the -- are now I think we've we've brilliantly in the back and especially technique what it's a credit to what those elbows were seen during the early against Cincinnati just keep it up. It opens up the -- Victory did not have which in the past that there well against the bouncy ball game. Except for the one and that was really political -- -- problem. So I'm most impressed technique right now they're -- one of the plate that you remember or considered the most impressive aspect of looked -- what look at Ryan and it was. On the -- line. In the call yeah. Was that old way and that that indicates you look at -- we chain. Forged here able or himself. It complements despite the art house. There are some. As there always are that the day before so called black Monday in the NFL there are reports out there about which teams will be. Getting rid of their coaches and which teams maybe in the market. The report out of Cleveland is that the browns may decide to part company with -- Hinske just one year into his ten year. And the secondary report to that is that Josh McDaniels may be it got -- Mike Lombardi would like to consider to take over the head coach there. Would that be a devastating loss for the patriots coaching staff given how many offensive coordinators they've had to go through lately. I hate to say it but I think -- for the coordinator at this point twelve -- number twelve he. And yet -- to tell their. But if you present the rate flat line. Etiquette shall we say he's a great. Is that the Brady but I think overall. -- -- -- -- -- -- You could whichever is not that it is what you're hurt it in probably a pretty good result. And I'm not saying you and you'll get two. In April with -- Who do you what he's accomplished. It's consistent in the things -- report it to go these guys are that was a it that are kept them off. Yet it also seems to be that if you're Josh McDaniels and you're looking for that next job. I'm not sure that's the one that -- wanna take there. You know -- it's when you look at that we're -- situation. Nothing -- Also. Obviously George Gordon. It enticing. There are some parts defense that we could look at but it it's really report yet -- -- -- there. You know until the running game. But you're right you have -- in Sweden Jason Campbell but I guess you know which you look like it's. So for -- names and -- come to Brian -- I'm not they're Bryant ordered going to be. The next -- but I certainly think he could be the next. Whatever oh. Get hurt here that's what we're sick of what the bright or yup security -- -- -- He could be he received an order that. What are your thoughts about Andy Reid basically. Making inactive all of his key players. The chiefs are the only team that went into this weekend with their positions that they couldn't go up they couldn't go down. They were a five seed going in the B a five seat coming out. And he basically said anybody who mattered Alex Smith the wing bowl etc. etc. etc. what are your thoughts about the integrity of that -- I think you know what they -- it all the money especially in Indy Reid's case. In Kansas City to in the games and the -- deeply tent in the playoffs and I think it up it's up to 2013 C Maltby. What happened in week seventeen there will be what happens are we playoff. And I don't Wear it in the Serb really really -- and the integrity of the game and in the Arctic customers -- -- to get out of something what the best players take the field but. I can't -- injury. -- I'm with you on this one Andy Reid doesn't owe anybody anything except his team and his owner. And if it's his determination that the best course of action going forward for the chiefs is to rest these guys and that's what he's got to deal. It at the donor Clark almost globe make Americans indicate the shaking hands or at some kind of that. Look -- we're -- -- earth. -- -- -- But you know what it's opened the boxes the coach's job to -- -- losses field -- apologized for. Anything that interfere at least one big game experience. The the jets' media is reporting that Woody Johnson is about to address the media. And make an announcement it is expect. That right now. It is expected that his announcement here well I mean my guess is his announcement is that Rex Ryan's going to be back. But I can't imagine that he's gonna announce that it. Dealt with post office yet but it do it because it's yet media. And you're really not in what you -- play it we've seen over the last two weeks. It's Europe recovered here interpret how he Feyerick for it we can on Arabic that -- -- -- if he championship. Edgar who want to create dysfunction in which he basically -- round. But the overall record order -- Conspired surprised support both want so many free agents like -- -- the best remotely or not. So you're gone I mean it's it's in response not to dysfunction and -- it yet you looked in the beer sit. -- I actually like that Iraq's. Holy crap what it took part in the open. And they have gone to -- for -- I guess the question is gonna be for me it's all well and good that they tell -- he can come back next year. But what if they then tell him but you gotta make some changes to your coaching staff how's he gonna take that news. Wouldn't accurate it is and its rebuttal come to -- that he has here. -- no -- right to dictate terms that no not the Mets. Because Woody Johnson won't have -- to turn around the you know what you'll let Hughes stadium built some bacon demand and don't worry about back pages book. It's amazing how much how -- mayor has developed over. Right and there -- no. Well let me ask you this final two weeks of the regular season the Miami Dolphins. Following their defeat of the patriots at their playoff fate in their own hands. They lost to the the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets by a combined score of 36 to seven this Joseph -- keep his job. Yeah I think you gotta wonder if violent group corporate global. But it worked in the you'll have to repeat the patriots. That's why we put too much stock into which we can -- that it. They would Rex find it until they'll put it looked good so it -- it -- cartwheels these days. Took over in quote this -- But over cheap including wood over the patriots -- out there. And -- Leo. By the way before we get your prediction on the game today about what he has just announced that Rex is being retained for 2014. Now it's the lame -- year of his contract by the way. He's got one year left. Wouldn't you think that if you were gonna keep -- the got to kind of be all Linden and announce at some point a two year extension or something like that. Yeah I mean that's how the the agency have really gotten over on team it is you -- I won't have pity vote whatsoever. If you -- -- that's an extension and carry it over. You're depriving him of the respective locker room -- you know -- the sentences -- the last your contract doesn't eat out which is crap. But that's how it goes. -- I tell me which think's gonna happen this afternoon and I have a feeling you think it's gonna be closer than ninety. -- IQ it's gonna be sloppy and I think if we could not defense in the patriot in the our offense -- in Miami just two weeks ago. This will be the third the -- it's 2713. Or by the order. -- -- -- seventeen Monica folks are picking carbonneau and reconvene in 1970 pitchers. You know if you do one more interview in the next couple of minutes you can probably turn this thing around and have buffalo winning this thing. Yeah you know people it. With the money -- that spurt blood say look at some we're. A well. And political weight from you on this when I think patriots will win but I think it's going to be a fairly comfortable margin Michael -- and I always to find blowout -- seventeen points. In that case I think this one will be a -- -- because I think it's I think it's going to be and that's the patriots gonna score somewhere around 28 points. And I and I give like ten points to the other guys and am I I think. Which is what you get -- I think you'll start out with who were seen in figure how many points they're going to school. And I think -- -- -- -- -- I'm not a pop back up you know like it but if you got nothing else to lose her but it's been great. Even even with the bye week next week will be back on for NFL Sunday civil talked to you that. -- -- -- that is Tommy currency yes and any dot com joining us. We gotta get out of here the tip off is just minutes away here at Gillette Stadium. Whether the patriots win or lose whether they -- by next week or not we'll have NFL Sunday. I have a feeling it will be on the patriots spy -- wildcard weekend. Will be with you next weekend our thanks to -- lane and Zach Clayton who engineered here map Loper who produced back at the station. Will be back next week enjoy football everybody the Sports Radio WE yeah.

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