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NFL Sunday: Coaches Beware, "Black Monday" is Right Around the Corner

Dec 29, 2013|

The guys discuss which coaches are in danger of losing their jobs with "Black Monday" rapidly approaching. They also discus which jobs would be the most attractive for potential suitors. The boys then get into the decision Andy Reid has made to sit the majority of his starters since this game vs the Chargers is meaningless for them. They all agree that this his right since the Chiefs earned their record and playoff spot.

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There were few minutes ago we played that Andy Reid that where he said you know I -- I have not been -- the resting guys in the past Baltic a look at it and decide. Here's the Kansas City Chiefs inactive list for today's game against the San Diego Chargers now remember. Kansas city chiefs of the fifth seed in the AFC no matter what happens today they will be the fifth seed in the AFC they can't what they kept it down. They literally have nothing to play fort. Inactive list for the Kansas City Chiefs today quarterback Alex Smith. Running back Jamaal Charles receiver Dwayne -- linebacker Tamba Hali linebacker Derrick Johnson offensive tackle Brandon Alpert. Defensive lineman -- Tariq well. All inactive for today's game all elite level players out of practice they're practically all pro. Yeah they're all starters and and the point I've made earlier is that I don't like Andy Reid owes the NFL anybody you don't know anybody anything. And but this has a direct impact we -- the chargers have a scenario in which if they won today against Kansas City they could find a way to make their way into the playoffs. You've got a couple of games that this has a direct impact on the jets Miami Dolphins game and the jets are kind of holding onto a slim lead although. Nick's fault try to field goal for the jets to pad the lead it went directly over the upright was ruled no good Matt. I just sent we have to have -- though it's highly -- respond to Aruba. -- the bright side as polls how does this happen that's that's literally affecting the six playoff seed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a -- in the difference of three points. He just didn't have the right size scoring implement your -- reports that exit somebody please. I put this authors and a lot of media guys listen this. Can someone please just asked Roger the question we're down the Super Bowl next week a simple question. That you know try to. It will screwdriver right -- -- simply is no question a couple department why aren't they the same -- it's something you're even considering. That even willing to talk about. Because your feel good about your games here have been and the decided because it. So the charges which. They're going to be the ball to the ravens to lose in -- and right now the ravens are losing -- and Cincinnati bank and in my view. And Miami as leaders lose and so to New York Jets for an -- -- -- should get should be getting the key to the city I. Well the doors open for the chargers at least it right now partners defeated that they might happen inside track at that number six spot. -- -- -- it I you know ultimately I think your point of cruelty and an injury does know -- are a lot of people that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so he's gonna play the way he sees -- as the weeks ago. Let's let's talk about what we. Not even jokingly that it has become a term in the National Football League what we call black Monday. And it is tomorrow when many teams in the National Football League lowered the boom on their head coach. Now we've already had it happen in one case the Houston Texans got idea but jump on everybody and fired their head coach couple weeks ago. I got a feeling the results of today's game could change some people's opinions I had -- for instance. I heard Jay Glazer on the pregame show on fox today say Joseph Philbin was safe. This embarrassing loss to the jets right now which outlook they win they were going to be in the playoffs. I wonder if you will survive if they lose to. That the jets which they're doing at this moment identity -- guys who are coaching there last. Game today for the it to their respective is that suddenly now yet there's still negotiating it's gonna mean a huge surprise to -- in the exit of 7 o'clock tonight. Quite frankly so you know -- Leslie Frazier Jim Schwartz. Shia -- I wonder if a little bit about -- today the -- right situation news appears to be. Fluid down -- New York for lack of better term because that is what report the news coming back but a lot of assistants aren't coming back. It is just hold -- guys exactly you know how all of folder please now. But -- It is immediately I mean it is it's like Monday -- -- one of those situations where we're gonna see three or four maybe five guys have a job by the. Well -- let me ask you this I was one of those people who said Rex Ryan will be out of a job tomorrow. If they do pull off this win against the dolphins does that save his job now I don't think it does by the way. Because you've got to make commitment to Rex Ryan his contract is up. In a prediction right but I'm just saying he's got a year left you -- make like a two year commitment to and beyond next year. He's not gonna accept going into the that lame duck year of his contract. I don't think he's John it's it's got to begin with -- on the -- was to begin. Or stories I think this is in the -- -- report he was the one who I think was on the other side that all signs point to stay in the present right. Summits and knows he's on the side that is gonna happen is to stick around. The mysteries that it's sick and and Ryan were leaving the the facility -- together they were sort of the only two in the building kind of thing -- That their their relationship was sort of I think the way -- rather it was it was. Not as would have been predicted you know -- it's not it's -- guys from the previous regime he's been here for four years that it was the owner who made it -- keep them yes. A prerequisite to get the GM job with products with that Rex Ryan had to stay that stick with your guy but -- now after a long arduous year of come through -- -- that they've sort of developed over relationship but it wouldn't be an upset that they stick with 1 another -- -- -- Obama believe the old GM there. -- are still weren Sanchez's. Contract around and what can. Now the trial but you know that they're gonna what that this officer. They do they do it they're gonna -- what if they cut them they're gonna get out from underneath that roster bonus that it did their due in like -- marchers on Danica they're gonna get a little bit salary cap will be there they're gonna cut Santonio Holmes who they're gonna get some. Cap relief there. And he got this defense to a point where it is one of the best young defense of fronts in the AFC. They got nothing offensively and I understand that and I've I've fully admit that this situation. But they went today they've won three of their last four sure they're gonna go what the offseason they're gonna get some sort of cap relief. You have to feel a sense of optimism the -- delivered better about this jets team now the media did midway through the jets. The reason I brought him Mosley is I think it is an interview yesterday and in -- -- -- there was more support like that he had referenced that. He thought that the best thing for geno was not to switch -- coaches if they're all along and with animals -- Roberts you know Smith is the second round draft pick. You know the jets are on the -- looking in in the sit there. You know him -- like sixteen to twenty range in drafting in a year where you have a couple of potentially a five or six guys who might be. 1012 your quarterbacks in the NFL. If if you're feeling is that while geno is our god you know as a secretary -- Alec we've sold for more stick with -- four years she works out. A second. God you're still going to go get another guy for you know the first to use it but if you're not -- saint Jean is our guy we're gonna go at them. The idea disrupted any growth yet thereby dropping the head coaches while. Yeah the heat -- almost and that's not the -- that's -- that's one person's view of all things to go for him down there either but I think it's an interesting idea at least that maybe. May -- because the court our position so important and you went ahead investments guy you know seemed -- relations are black -- -- A pretty decent relationship with them may be that quarterback thing between head coaches is as important as the GM and coach them. It was also interesting to you to see some comments from various jets players in the New York Daily News today talking about. Really coming out publicly supporting -- and in saying that look he's our guy. You know he's the guy that we need going forward -- Cologne. Was though one of the guy he is the classic players -- -- you really Calvin Pace is the guy who I thought this is a really interesting quote. Said that look at coaching she's going to be chaos that was his phrase and so I think that's. In the locker room. At least the guys publicly. Want Brett back for 2014 whether or not there translates to the gym in the ownership group we don't know but at this point all signs in the team that he's come back we for one where your. The other question and we brought this up earlier you were saying that there were some reports that Cleveland may be looking at moving away from ruptured since -- Did Michael party higher chipped in ski yet. Yeah so what does that say what you and your ability yeah I mean it to a guy who hired Armenia and a hearing what you decide it's time to move on I've seen it happen here by the way. With the Boston Bruins and and Peter sure rally you know made a hiring in a lot. I sort of messed this one up we got to move on from Dave Lewis and -- Claude Julian I've seen GMs don't let. But generally speaking it's the GM who's got questions to answer -- -- they also. We talk about the run of injuries that it features that particularly quarterback I think the browns. If they were able to have any sort of offensive consistency the signal pole position. If you were able to have blind -- -- sixteen games -- Operated sweetener. Campbell or whoever if they could develop any sort of consistency there. David and make the playoffs but he -- not realistic you know not unrealistic to think when you're talking about. That team. What they've shown offensively affected the of Josh Gordon a couple of really good pieces defense which we -- -- bottom there's no I feel the same way about them as a -- with the jets speculative to really well deeply invested defense team that needs at quarterback. It got to -- they thought Jordan Cameron the tide in position they actually have probably wore off its its dual positions sort of available there if you -- just get right at the top. Remind me if this is right -- -- positive Eden wasn't. Mortgage correct. We it was previous Regina on the way out mobile threw a party pitches Penske but he didn't do the quarterback which is right equally important so. Now bring in -- it was was long board he's gone so I mean it feels good that your bridge guys there that can help comport well. It it's a year were where we Woodson or what's or formula. For what it's the third definitely -- and some there may be the top five or six that are so they're locked in that. -- look at them they're looking net if potentially big if they -- quarterback -- -- and they want a quarterback there's a guy and -- that we noticed about them with a moment when your. We're going to. The Redskins that humans are here in Cleveland -- Gail Campbell and Campbell on -- now roster trying to find people -- that rule. I think it's pretty clear that given up on week. So that means -- other guys that could that you guys forced from companies Yeltsin music as -- can get offseason -- marketing human camps in your offseason workouts. You'll have to go through an entire offseason with the Campbell we played that seems to me little unrealistic about -- -- with a look back on the back to Joseph for open for adjustment. As many of the beat reporters for the dolphins have pointed -- -- last few minutes. With the season on the line. The last eight quarters of the regular season dolphins have scored seven points. Got blistered by buffalo last week. Are are getting beaten at this point. By the New York Jets with their season on the line Philbin. What the quarterback by the way that every wanted to win the guy that you think my antenna you'd think some really good quarterback in as the guy for the future they put up seven total points. Tell me the case to be made for keeping the coaching staff based on my Mike I think you wanted to wolf two weeks ago. In -- candidates doing and I think that is having been down there and watching. The way that not just the fan base but that team celebrated in the wake of that victory and -- with an emotional win it was a big infidelity. But I think that there's been a bit of a letdown after that -- Seemed marred my view I like the idea of stability don't like the idea of not to your windows -- your windows you know and I think that define him -- elevenths health beachfront live in Fort Lauderdale -- anywhere around the area. I'd like. Filled in as a sort of Belichick light. You know he's the -- I think he talks like -- -- and luxury coaches like well I'm just saying he seems like you know from marvel of the views I got him was from the the offseason -- stuff via the -- the hard knocks. He just seems like a principled measured all -- kind of stuff. In the they have. They have the pieces I mean I think if you look at that point -- being an issue down the stretch maybe the puts were you know Mike Sherman. Was brought in to sort of you have to do that to a guy for him and help. As a much does the sort of organizational had got out of films -- a great job I I just a horrible job last two weeks but. I would hate to use that. To give up -- store over give -- -- -- -- I -- -- treasures that idea that you sort of hard to do and it just so counterproductive that. They got enough there they got the stability they got a guy that people trust in the deal with that -- the little. That the more men and communal thing hopefully seems to be behind him -- it may -- may be poured into the stimulus. How that all plays out may be may be however the scheme -- of some. Bomb gets dropped on the organization in February when of these -- to finish this maybe achieved little stories -- only if it if it goes -- to the the -- on -- or whatever than the maybe it's not I think he's the with a group. -- fault today 35 yard field goal not over the -- But I I don't know between them the -- jets a 177 lead over the dolphins with 419 left dolphins lose their Don jets are already done. And now right now the Cincinnati Bengals. -- trailing 27 to seventeen. And -- to me Cincinnati's had 277. Or Baltimore and they have the ball with what 819 left to play. In the fourth quarter. Welcome back -- -- these guys think is gonna happen in this afternoon's game here -- to -- stadium on NFL Sunday presented by two plants the insurance. At the plant ski they shops that you -- visit the plant -- dot com today.

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