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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #17

Dec 29, 2013|

The guys go "Around the NFL" and discuss all the games and story lines with the 1pm games already underway and many of the more important games still to come.

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Our number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEP guys you just heard. In the open or broadcasting live from Toby -- I love this bar -- patriot place right here at Gillette Stadium patriots on the Buffalo Bills at 425 this afternoon. Tommy currency as an Andy dot com will join us just after the top of the next hour as that we take up until about 420 yourself. Let's go around the national football like catch up to date on all the scores and what's going on around the league. At the Georgia -- About this -- good for the Atlanta Falcons before eleven Atlanta Falcons hosting the eleventh or. Carolina Panthers and right now -- about eight minutes left to play in the third Atlanta is leading Carolina 1714. And that's for them I mean they've done nothing all season long waited for Tony Gonzales. Maybe there are they at a ceremony at halftime and presented with a helmet with both the chiefs and falcons logos on it very cool. Maybe that's what they do. -- LP field in that Nashville the six and nine Tennessee Titans hosting the 213 Houston Texans. Tennessee leads Houston thirteen to seven the reason this matter to you. With a loss Houston will clinch the first overall pick in the upcoming draft. I mean technically -- -- a dogfight with Washington for that first overall there right now but if they lose they'll finish it two and fourteen. The other reason this matters to you is that the reports out of Houston that bill O'Brien has not only you know. You for the job with the Texans but has become the favorite to get the head coaching job with the Texans I think Bill Bradley a really great NFL coach although I think he should wait and take -- Detroit job when it opens up on Monday -- anecdote you'd better keep former. I agree I think it looks like Houston gonna have the first overall we shall be in the running for -- -- were looking at. You know when you make that decision to make the jump I gotta think that your quarterback situation at the -- your mind. He did a great job with Christian -- number Bermuda a true freshman wanna -- you know sort of freshman recruits or whatever all college football got to the go to Penn State under the weird situations we brought him along fast had a nice you -- -- so if you're one of the organizations they can we might bring a guy in the can -- a young guy in the system quickly. You start to see whether it be in new visibility Teddy Bridgewater. -- these -- the -- -- -- man's helmet if you got him to go you go first overall but. You might your corporate develop but I agree with the -- -- you like to go where your haven't known that the public Matt Stafford. All of America field in Minneapolis the -- ten and one vikings hosting the seven and eight Detroit Lions by the way this is the last game ever. At what used to be the metrodome and now Mall of America feel this will put the yeah the photo on the whole thing. Minnesota excuse me Pete Floyd has just taken -- 107 lead over Minnesota. Just starting play in the fourth quarter two things you're both of these teams in all likelihood hopefully looking for new head coaches. It would appear that. But a win by the Detroit Lions made that -- Jim Schwartz's job. They need you. And I've made a point this week I think there's something to the idea that. This team reminds me a lot of where typically was 3000 -- if they're right there there on the bus. Immediately changed in the coaching. Did the the block right typically adds that -- the roster makeup is completely different I just think that the needs to put them. Little -- locker room because if so much talent on both -- about makes me angry that. The football means to sit and watch the line Europe a year just. The all that talent the way that I hear music record was Frazier is some sort of tendencies on the LT I think you might ultimately -- or -- commitment commitment. -- MetLife stadium in New Jersey the six and nine New York Giants host the three and twelve Washington Redskins. The giants lead the Redskins ten to six. At that game is in the third quarter now at one point I know following along online Eli Manning was hurt with being evaluated. Possible concussion. I have not yet seen whether he came back into the game and -- and other members of the media were covering the game. We're practically begging Tom Coughlin enough put him back in the game what I read this that I was telling you guys out. 48. Turnovers that's here now. At least one in every single game this here. What are your arms are going to -- to -- fantastic -- talked about the Redskins in the level of dysfunction it's been ongoing the last year plus in Washington in the Washington Post today. Fantastic read just looking yet. Mike Shanahan RG three Daniel Snyder the dynamic there where at all. Pretty credible. Little factoid about both New York teams. We get jets and giants are -- big market all the kind of stuff the biggest market there is an -- -- a single Pro Bowl selection from those two teams that's. Not going to be happy offseason that we're. Probably not especially when the Super Bowl was in their stadium. Enough that if it -- any other rich Connell a sort without. Heinz Field in Pittsburgh he's seven and eight Pittsburgh Steelers who are theoretically still alive for a playoff spot. Post before an eleven Cleveland Browns. Pittsburgh is leading seventeen to nothing highlighted by up by a Ben Roethlisberger touchdown pass. These practical. He throws -- for the horrified by it. Phil hill broke with a call on the Steelers radio network. You were telling me somebody was saying. And this will be a surprise to me. That Michael -- may be replacing his head coaching. -- that the unity yeah that the rumors that he is going to to show that did you brought to do to be -- after fifty years in Cleveland. And then of course that leads us to be inevitable will Josh McDaniels -- over in Cleveland. Rumors because of the Lombardi Belichick connection the fact that. Because you know might be with her job I don't know how much of its. It's all pure speculation at this point but it's going to be good to see the whole thing play out if they do indeed part it is. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis the ten and five colts host the Portland in Jacksonville Jaguars. Right now Indianapolis leads Jacksonville 27 to three. There was a whole complicated scenario in which you know the colts lost in this -- in my closet of this that this could happen of that and I said -- the chances of Jacksonville going into. Lucas Oil Stadium and when it will probably not very. That's what he's got jittery to Jacksonville -- element that the I I -- I -- it was a score my friend I don't know highlight you hoped nobody in this news Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati. That ten and five Cincinnati Bengals were seven and go home. Post the eight and seven Baltimore Ravens in the adult. Sixteen yard touchdown pass to Marvin Jones on third down golf -- you can throw books write offs for the building and it's -- -- -- Angles but six car off a hard that's so six seems. Touchdown pass. -- courtesy of Westwood won that game seven teams seven teams. -- what about five minutes left in the third quarter of that when -- don't -- three interceptions already. That team at the great defense but who's going to rise and fall on the shoulders of quarterback connected don't know gulf ready to beat these. When I was making analogies this week between other teams have had a great front the only one that I thought might be your that would be in that goes in Atkins echo. Interior sort of Q -- what was that it's gone. -- like the legitimacy. Sun Life Stadium in Miami 887 dolphins posting the seven and eight New York Jets now theoretically the dolphins are still alive. For a playoff spot that jets are not. And right now the jets leave this 114. To seven thanks to Sheldon Richardson. Sheldon Richardson as the pull -- -- -- -- -- tailback in motion Cumberland -- Redford did. And so it's expensive but his second rushing touchdown of the season. Felton Richardson by the way is a 300 pound defensive line. -- his second rushing touchdown of the season playing fullback Bob witches and with the -- and jets ratings I saw so what we got to step before. Rushing touchdowns by Richardson. For a three -- fell into it. So he's he's almost there you've got to go one more recipes -- I believe that the dolphins were one team that had the winning -- and kind of scenario you know because they help the tiebreaker. This is that you wanna make that jump you -- close the gap between yourself the patriots have to win the game close to win. We get to go home they get to play against the jets were sort of relief on the way out. As the Indianapolis -- the patriots are always so good. Is not because of the of the prime time game when it -- ravens on TV it's because of the 678910. Games. That our prime time -- just take care of business -- the or make the movie got to win this kind of game. And go to the later games this afternoon first one is that the Mercedes-Benz superdome in New Orleans the tenant -- saints. -- before eleven Tampa Bay Buccaneers Drew Brees says. The saints can't worry about playing a road game against a division winner with the worst record date at the Little -- work. It's through this you know we had you have back in 2010 you know 115. You know sometimes it works out in your favor and and sometimes you know it doesn't just depends on the records of the teams that -- Let me give you was that the the other neat little rumors out there we told you hello Brian is -- and state -- refuse to. Word is that Penn State would like to lower Greg -- To be the head coach of Penn State and let's be honest at one point this season I thought it was and he fired -- me. Wouldn't leave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to go to Penn State. That's good question. Well there's not a situation we're probably looking for quarterback Lennon's comment on my job I think -- -- maybe. They're looking -- -- I was waiter at a resort and maybe they're like 456 Marines were to be picking. A lot of bodies that your quarterback draft so maybe that will stick around the whole effort here enough. Century link field in Seattle with twelve and three Seahawks host the 78 St. Louis Rams Richard Sherman says being at the top -- -- league in interceptions it's important. Since turnovers usually leave the win. So you start sees anyone -- we get in and takes him past defenders corner you know you -- because -- have the biggest impact for your team -- you know your seat. One I have the best coverage -- you know if you go out there makes -- team that's a single. Caller right now. Street Louis with -- that would. Kind of feel so right -- Saint Louis. Really played in Seattle in CI yeah I am that your from gonna buy it in Saint Louis in Saint Louis I had an -- witnesses haven't I just I've been really impressed by the rate of the last 34 weeks that the team that's coming -- -- -- -- team you used to look at the NFC west and the cardinals are going to be heated are probably you know. You know that's the really important because if so powerful but. It's just. He really meet some terrific right there when -- -- with a one broiler last week with Seattle was in Arizona and knocked them all that -- was few minutes ago that recommends that I'm not trying to ours not sure on the -- -- why -- last week about CEO's. We just like what else I mean this week of parity there's nobody out front at the quantities all night and University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale Arizona the ten and five Arizona Cardinals host the 114. San Francisco 49ers. Larry FitzGerald says it's kind of frustrating to think of how much better their position for me. And they pulled out some close losses that they suffered earlier in the season. Haven't importantly going to the fourth quarter against San Louis. You know. But -- does the -- games that way and at least. We could easily beat you know. You know fighting for her you know home home home -- -- in you know over a week but we quantify an ominous. As the season goes wouldn't get a ticket -- visit when they are gonna. Airs on center with one of those pretty records. What's like the patriots in the counsel your -- humans at home when applied only to what they're certainly identified that we you know we've been necessarily an either so. That's couples wall like that -- and there's a couple -- just no way. Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego the eight and seven chargers host the eleventh for Kansas City Chiefs San Diego I think complicated scenario in which. They could make the playoffs depending on what happened. Andy Reid says he's not exactly sure how much time his starters where we'll get now remember this Kansas City is the only team playing today that cannot change anything. They can't go what they can't go down they know that the number five seed in the AFC Andy Reid says he's not exactly sure how much time starters we'll get but definitely. Not opposed to sitting and resting players. I've made in my mind exactly how we're gonna play and a couple of ways. Woolsey we'll see how we do I don't know. -- evaluate all the different situations. I have said people. Before. Quite a few times actually. That's the thing when when he did it in in Philadelphia. That people often enough and it's going to be to see how all that plays out today. Especially in the wake of -- 1 o'clock games where the chargers. She instigated it might not be able to -- -- it's going to be to see how all that plays nice piece of information that golf to win an argument that's one of them. For a polish -- there's a lot of possibilities that Andy Reid owes nothing to announce -- he owes everything to his team. His franchise his owner in getting them the most prepared for the upcoming playoffs. I don't believe in this all you'll typically the center most competitive team out. -- they won enough games and with -- eleven before they don't know anybody anything they do they have the chargers win first evolving we. Then they need to get a Baltimore loss. In the end the need to get everyone in my Milosevic I want half of formula involved were so they're almost -- though it's this the opportunities there again. Whether an IDB decides to -- starters it's going to be interesting to watch. -- got co coliseum in Oakland the foreign eleven Oakland Raiders host the twelve and three Denver Broncos Peyton Manning says there in the middle of a meaningful final week of the season. Like everybody else in the NFL. It's a crazy last week of the season the -- -- They're making that change the division games last week or provide for. Some exciting football this week -- you know we're part of that it's an important game for us play a division team. What we did that enter your motorcycle. That's with a picnic -- picked off highway right I'll tell you where it where this could matter the patriots. If the Denver Broncos are up 243. Then I could see Tom Brady get a signal over on the bench over here on the sidelines him patriot it's going to be in bill talked a little bit about it on Friday. They're not going completed scheme and they're they're gonna be well aware. All the different part of doing anything exactly obvious that they'll they'll say you know they'll they'll give lip service to the fact no word you would go that they get. They're gonna be well aware of what's going on they're gonna have to -- the across the street there the the -- -- they're gonna know doing what exactly. Everything to -- corrected themselves movement with a bloated sort of relevant than some good news but often yes it potentially you know exit deal that -- -- in the -- that thing and an Oakland. -- the -- -- every incidence deaths the the little -- -- it runs about all -- clarified that go to a us Soldier Field in Chicago the 87 bears host the 77 and one Green Bay Packers -- -- -- -- -- Is Aaron Rodgers is back. -- to be back on the field -- the chance of winning the NFC north. This is great and it's exciting to be. Field of play after a long layoffs it's tough on tough period it's. Senator be. Second thanks for the guys blew -- chance I think you focus. I'm pleased to be on this game and an opportune we have to -- a division which is our first goal every year. Really you know we have a chance against. Arrivals and and what better way than. To go around him. It's in redemption and post on playoff. I'm fully in defense of them when your division should be in this room with a response calls they're afraid he'd seen a seven and nineteen months ago few years ago. That in this season -- maps and looks like we don't mean that the north of but it you know a team might go -- went down. That's that's that's just the current -- -- still work the other thing too is the line in the bears had their team stats what is Roger's going down. The Packers didn't set the world different but they were just able -- water. -- plan exactly -- -- what I planned yet exactly and if they were able to tread water in Iraq but this and it just ahead of the rest of the group. And now they got a chance of drugs. Here at Gillette Stadium the eleventh for New England Patriots host the six and nine Buffalo Bills Rob Ninkovich says. His teammates understand what up why that we could mean for them -- definitely I mean you can do we. That's that's that's been huge for back or -- so again I think that the numbers really focused in buffalo and we need to do up there. Again. Like we said that great big -- in the victory thanks to the patriots. And some that I football football night in America AT&T stadium in Dallas the 87 cowboys host the nine and six Philadelphia -- simple. Team that wins wins the wins the division -- the playoff spot where it's the only problem from the cowboys' perspective Tony Romo is out. Had surgery on Friday for his injured back by the way played with him back we go -- and -- come from behind win. Jason Witten says the cowboys would love to have Romo out there. They have confidence in or its ability. How says have a good day when -- their lead and leading the charge. It's wonderful ball and I think Cal's a great job coming in. Just troop draw on everything wandered back to him. And on the other side story that -- side story is Jon Kitna. Who's teaching high school math in Tacoma Washington. What knows the system. Played the cowboys system before. They -- McCulloch say hey you wanna be a backup quarterback this week in the National Football League. Is that Christmas break anyway from my school than it hops on a plane goes to Dallas he gets a 53000. Dollar check for serving as back up. And will donate to his high school and home where he teaches that I -- you talk to guys who covered him if they -- he's one of the nicest guys whoever they relive historic step. Now if they win he might have to pull off that returned -- the high school math class not only here my method donate an excellent point and it is the only one of them right. This is NFL Sunday percent of Michael plants -- insurance Lansky -- shots against say. Visit the plants dot com today.

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