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NFL Sunday: Special Teams, the Weather Factor and Today's Inactives

Dec 29, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Chris look at how the weather can and will effect today's game, in the special teams game and beyond. It could also be in the back of the Bills' minds that they don't want to get hurt in a meaningless game before the offseason. The guys also discuss the surprises and non-surprises on today's inactive list.

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We mentioned earlier on in the program that the Buffalo Bills. Have never. I repeat never won a game to elect statements -- By the way to let's that he was up three years old lead them in an island at eleven Israel. 2001. And two -- -- -- Yeah right after the super -- horrible view. Yeah eleven years they've never won a game here. The patriots by the way in the last forty home games in the regular season are 373. For those who want to keep track of how they do here at Gillette Stadium which is they almost never lose here to anybody and they never lose to Buffalo Bills here. That immediately will -- all the contrary in -- take it that's why Buffalo's win -- There's a great piece today in the Buffalo News by. Really really good the agreement that Graham. -- talking about the patriots. Deals rivalry and that it -- robbery but of free you know from from the buffalo perspective and just thinking right. Insisted there's a feeling over the last dozen years except one game a couple of years ago and you back in 2003. Every single patriots bills game. For the most part. Has had the same script -- had armory -- that project dominating the team dominate the bills dominating the division in kind of wondering. How long it's going up notes on the -- radio -- and off -- if we can think. -- -- Went went went without -- counting -- -- deal with -- he's beaten so badly over the course the last twelve years how much more than it was during candle light at the end of the tunnel on the says that what you it was -- that -- -- of seventy. You know after that one of those late you know what the national debt clock exact count down downtown buffalo. Tom generous. Yeah. It's frustrating because of the wave their bill. They're very good on defense historically they've always been really good special teams until -- victim part of the game. I'm which that's a serious point because they used to be ruined their advantage they. They they struggled with finding a quarterback they went through the J. P. Losman as the first -- kind of thing and after drew broke -- it was down there a sort of a bridge guy having. William approached remarked I'm Rob Johnson Rob Johnson I mean they've they've gone they've tried a lot of different things that moment Fitzpatrick was like a good but the images the turnovers -- too much kind of thing. So I mean that the point is when when you're in that division against this team. And you did you have a ruling struck gold yet -- and Michael good QB strokes over but with switzer quarterback. This is a team you have to keep up with you know it just really as the teams that have given this team troubles over the years release of the plane that apparently the Pittsburgh's and like the -- more hours and down that list have gotten not as good quarter but please Tom and -- gonna find that we're confident. You know good above average quarterback play -- -- -- flat Flacco letters and stretch and exactly and so you gotta be pretty good at that position to come in here because you're probably gonna have to try to keep. And when you're not built that way if that's why the NFL such a trust thing it's matchup based. They don't and haven't matched up while I can't describe it looked at the jets the jets gave the -- most trouble with a one divisional while ago. It was when Sanchez was planned -- okay well on the wasn't pro war but he was. Pretty high efficiency not turn the ball over and they were pretty confident that position in that all the other little variables that the takeover especially display in the wrote to defense stuff so. In the event that you don't have that you're always gonna have -- match a -- coming your fox. This is one of those you know the U -- are are loaded in the cars running in the parking lot games and I know there -- home floors but. You know what I'm saying mrs. get it over with get the exit interview done -- -- stolen home. And and I think for many of them if you know what I don't wanna have to do spent the first six weeks. Well my offseason rehab. The worse it is a miserable day. It is going to be cold it is going to be soaking wet. Rain has been relentless in its only gonna get worse as the day goes on my point being that that I think there's a point where the Buffalo Bills. If you do your job through the patriots NC you know what let's just get -- Let's just -- chris' point from earlier. Thinking back to the players on the team it was out the Arizona game and it was it was a snow -- team -- was quit before -- -- -- -- with the Oakland Arizona team that all the way to this is -- powerful but there was nothing at stake for them and that situation they -- set up you know what they're down by fourteen. -- after Buffalo's got a lot of pride and implement fight but the deals point. You're not in it -- at halftime you know so it's like seventeen of them happen. It's cold radiated from a football player's perspective there this is the worst weather you know what do we saw was -- Denver month ago were it was a zero yeah. That it is medicis like I brought for the zero of them like thirty in the -- -- the Sox the other worth some thirty way. Takes year old that it won't -- we should -- you know. So I think that situation where you give them down and you don't have much to fight for your whole Latin. There's no place on the silently to get away from where do what you put on the jacket and sat with him what was on the side. Give away from some of the cold but. That stuff doesn't mean you can't escape the -- so. I think this is asking the feeling here that the patriots and sort of put the what the fall on the throat early could definitely go that way have you ever been in a situation like -- -- where where you are going into this season finale. And there's nothing at stake. Eons in a bad way into -- its stake in -- -- exactly and yet there's nothing at stake in you know your your five and ten. In -- just you know look at the clock in you know. Second flight times back Coleman. I think in 2001. Year with with which -- it was the team now that was in buffalo that note that the that he was well that was the second last that the team if article back in double check of this was that the team that ended at the disputed ending with the dolphins yeah we were -- -- -- medical back inspected fourth in the gulf and and clinch the division and that was just I want lots and a public forum that I was ready for the bureau of about it -- -- -- but it was and yet you know it's I didn't have the you'll directory group as I wasn't going anywhere but you know -- I stayed with your mind off seasons. -- while yeah I mean it it certainly is it different for -- -- I think that the minute the clicks in for a guy like me relative to like you lost or player. You feel like you're always plan for jobs or even in the event that you know you know. We're not playing for -- mobile I'm playing two to continue to prove that I can be the guy across from me jittery snapping out of jobs the union fell. So I think it hits and an individualistic basis for each time we restore short guy that's. Up twelve half sacks in the seasonal losing team last year let's do like you mentioned is. Is to cut block the memories they'll go out he wants to step you -- -- doesn't Huntsman was for six weeks rehabbing. There's there's a couple every roster you -- teams losing -- of 3035. Bodies don't really know hopefully can be the next year so that's what makes I think in several different NC college. It's a look bad because you know they'll be some teams look like female male with him. But there certainly -- a pursuit on the team that just because this is one of those what you would ultimately little -- Mostly for jobs and doesn't -- -- -- -- within the next three minutes we are scheduled to have the patriots inactive list it is -- by 255 with a 425 -- We always like play this game every week where we try to gaffes in last week we got surprised. A little bit know a lot by at least one coming you think he's going to be inactive. I'm gonna put five names out there I take my. According to play I think it with a concussion. And the fact that he's been your best and most consistent -- the best most all around consistent defender. Over the course of that the 2013 these you're gonna want him. Playing it at a at an optimal level going into the postseason coupled accordion analyst -- rookie linebacker steeple artists boys started out. -- expected and Isaac Sopoaga those are my five -- at least jump off the page to me. As possible inactive all that went to your list she entering. Well would be if we expressed. How was he knew he was limited all week he was -- all we've ever was -- around in the snow you know it it it was also I think to Dale's point I think it's a precautionary thing exact I really -- I think when you look at the matchup problems that he could pose that he does vote anyway we don't know. But the match -- problem that he could -- going into the post season. You know you wanna talk about according being you know a 100% -- are close to order that he can get at is that your. I think the same holds true for -- units sold -- up. Okay yeah I've and then both artists down has changed -- last week he was up here is up yet so that's that's a little bit of the -- I'm curious what you -- who also have. The two new additions as we can Doris Davis yeah and just exactly agreement my thought is you know. You'll bring them to bring him up -- -- -- that's not necessarily you know. To suggest that the probe boulders that just you know you don't make those roster moves a less -- that you are gonna use it. What is it should because you know those -- two defensive back bodies to back in bodies so. Does that when you -- think that maybe it down. Her might be in danger or -- or they're just there because Leonard Arrington that we are all. That just enough to -- the other you warm body and you had to rely last week on -- -- and -- on Wilson. In you wanna get a little bit more depth at that spot that -- gonna go for guys like you know the -- Davis and Justin Green again. Not to significantly more -- snaps here and there an ideal situation but you just want a little bit more depth at that spot. If something happens again this week -- when hero when maybe this is wrong. Correct me if I'm but its right to Dane Fletcher and a couple of last week Altria in Fletcher. -- look at the numbers here what was practice participant -- believe. 00 win over the course of this past week. -- last he's even dealing with a groin I know he's definitely my colleagues came out at some point last week and I didn't know if he came back and rear he did not know. I apologize he did not play last. He would he was one of our surprise surprise and -- -- that's -- -- artist was. Ostensibly added because Fletcher was down a couple -- what kind of got picked up but the off the back into the rock for some reason -- -- -- the amounts OK got to be able to keep in mind I. Here's here's what you got -- -- forty -- entered and voice are all in active Vereen ending commit our plight. So so much for my guess about Shane Vereen OK you know being held out as a precautionary measure. The the complete list of inactives voice according. -- -- harness -- Sopoaga. And barker. So those are your inactives that means both marine and Ninkovich who were question marks in Dane Fletcher who was question mark -- -- last week are all active for this we considered. The Parker once it was interesting because. You'd think that you feel a little bit better about the depth on the offensive line not that Chris Parker was gonna -- future role but he was one of those bodies at the back into the depth chart. When you're talking about the 53 man roster. That you needed to -- he was active he's been active more often than not over the last couple weeks so maybe you feel -- little -- better about the health of your -- the -- with Neitzel -- being held there. With Josh clients' performance of the last week plus that -- -- in activate -- public park so Klein may be your depth body again. In Logan's it's like it's back in Solarz it is normal -- street that has been active in the back up of both tackles fossil bubble thing. So it's not dinner goes -- -- because. I would look at I looked at him I know you know the key to we've got all the all the press -- -- attention early in the season. -- -- really well across from him. And I've noticed a slight drop but these are still playing solidly but he's he's the stuff off some of the plays she seemed to make earlier in the year PB user down a little bit. Those kind of things. He's a guy that I would rule like to see you back where it was early in the season as much as some of the other guys is it truly important bit of acute got a map so mother died at the other gradually competent to. And that sort of switches around I think with a focus is I think they've really hit we will come talked about the -- in the early in the season before Rutgers thing all out. Both strong arm Logan -- have been good players from them. -- had they not hit -- those two you know of those major ground here about how other -- with reporters that they drafted rules and things will lights and all that kind of stuff what Logan -- -- drawn -- being pretty comfortable collected and be treated players this week. Helps you -- dinner because emeritus at the seventh round draft I mean for two years ago we literally have sort of found found money there to be able usual measure started the last two years. So -- now have a third rounder looks like Jimmy hit on him Logan. You got three pieces to move around especially the rhythms are talking offseason -- to support them. And the other guy we were talking about earlier questioned whether he would be up -- down this week -- solar is in fact active. And generally speaking if you're active -- to go apply. So we'll see what they do -- we'll take you around the NFL's TV the scores the updates the playoff scenarios when we come back in just couple minutes. NFL Sunday presented by the plant ski insurance at the plants keep they shop so you save. Visit the Penske dot com today.

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