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Pats blowout the Ravens

Dec 23, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Pats huge win in Baltimore. Dino took ownership of his false prediction.

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Sadly it is only a four hour show all I will -- more time and that the list all the things that was either a wronged about or -- Never saw coming. 41 points by eight patriot team that was averaging 21. Be re emergence of the patriots turning over an opponent I believe by my count three interceptions and one fumble. The reliance on -- not arms the patriots ran it 34 times and only passed it twice six times. Put that in perspective in the previous. Four games Brady threw it 504152. And 55 times. A defense that have been pushed around a bully -- just about everybody stood and delivered and the pats 83 and four road team. Dismantles errors apart a blitzer rates 86 and one home team hats and T shirts reverently freedoms absent teacher. Well also this team. I just we get we can last month Maloney we legal and extra hours you can include all the things go on a month that. -- -- was wrong to. OK to go to like I I. Eleventh and like how we Hamptons just going to with much funds we want it. It you know. And -- -- on balance in the in the wild in the pocket and win the game. Too tired at all from the start you ran the ball because they were when they -- up all that credible legitimate and credible archer the reasonable for two reasons okay do you think that would run the ball in the second half they were losing my appointed because segments of the rebels to run the ball for two reasons they were on the ball this five DBs on the field of sixty -- right field. And they run the ball when they're losing or it's high. When you have a leak he when Europe when he knocked that in. You know that's when you run the ball. It was like when it's one this week just right why. Why is everybody so. Stoop as everybody in the world all 53 guys on all 32 teams alternate coaches all 32 teams talked about balance in the ability to do -- and one person the world says that at a this guy and does Tom Brady this. As -- Rachel -- real destiny thing we talked about this with Brady every -- week when beaches can accept that they were on the it's a function defense. And the school right -- you go go antsy and she's run this week let's run at that moment just rat like as little voice how it works is not. Is that voice and you saw -- before that balance no and ballots or not. -- my guys this I'm not doing -- I hear you about there has taught us alcohol you know you're right it is it's such a tired old cliche. The committee did that -- met a rotten. -- Italy to -- they ran before they got the -- at -- Rosie wrote that whatever. What the first series -- ready. Blunt blunt -- pass on second series that worked out well passed that typically a run run run. Pass past element that lousy call. Ron touched the ball water so how did they get millions. Anyway and got the worst call -- the year with a final touch that's run run run run run run run run run Iceland's when they were up 34% of thirty hours or whatever one's. Yeah that's what happens -- -- And I'm sorry you write him and these -- little obsession of mine. It's it's this fall back thing that these commentators do when they don't know what else to say like the balance. And it's true. That he -- -- well then there you got me there are you surrender I surrender. But. It's a nicely. In the ball the committed to the man I'd like to -- run more next week if you want to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- tonight I think the rest got another call on mr. it -- yes that and a -- match would be in someone in the neutral city just tuning in for the entertainment of the NC Tom Brady against the world champs. If someone just moved from likes re like and they never really get in a four point privacy passport it's a great sport. Let's watch. It would be ready to open of pain and bullied or seen anything like the last it was the worst officiated game I've ever seen in any sport in my entire life. The works I'm talking about Little League games that -- popped point. There's no I've never seen it work. Even admitted that. Like a bad call my rules make it quick just in the oval there's a lot of -- doctors were on for about central. -- classy -- that the -- playoffs that was the best argument for the centralized -- polish bishop any photo of those three old guys immigrant who just sort of look at the thing Al what do you -- -- what you -- Franken went through and his Enron went -- yeah definitely -- -- government. Kevin winter the only one of the worst game run which was -- him to -- that with a duel for the ages Phil Simms and run went to the ball the music this he watches and I think it's over -- I think it's time it. Fifteen weeks but I figured out how to deal with the same situation it has taken me -- won't be inconceivable fifteen week. I was -- -- -- Christmas party yesterday. Like a million people and that's and the it was on right and there was watch in the game the sound was down the rule that's the way to deal with -- a witness I don't sound out and just what I think and your own commentary while. He's he's -- to the point we -- laugh it is incoherence. Of these he's number one football analyst Garcia -- and he's not but you know it that they won't they'll call -- -- that is that it's unbelievable the number one analysts are so Reagan clueless Jim -- is very good -- -- -- -- hard to overcome just put him in position and -- it and now I know. I mean advocates public at the breaks he's probably. Open -- fees and embassies -- videos and a half times we -- one -- -- to to do -- it stayed this incompetent. Hard -- -- acceptable 23. Dumb decision I think everyone pitches that Tony not everything everybody takes the dogs -- -- make it got its three scores so it doesn't do anything. And it's asks him later on what do you think. I don't know 5050 collagen -- about just fit the typical it could go either way. Jim -- just answer one point there is solace that. And you're right he says this and -- -- the same thing he does not understand the playoff scenarios he does not understand. What happens who gets in who doesn't get in he doesn't wanna commit to figure in and out there -- explaining to owners say just play. Saying fill in Africa analyst this award. Analyze. Tell us what you think should happen could happen next week. He had no idea what -- -- stock to finance it seems like millionaire's the -- you can keep sort of write about him in front of -- opens in the -- pay attention -- -- kept saying what he felt that I heard it quickly I think it either way it's just provide a producer Michael who just a -- this simple yes finance and I'm sure they have a sheet that says in -- program. What -- that Nancy has that but field as he just gently decidedly cut -- the two shot these guys of the live shot in its rules on the scenarios how weeks at seventy to be great it's going to be despite many games in meets something. What do you think Phil and Phil -- is it's just play ball. It absolutely. Still hasn't told us whether he thinks it's a good call bad call on the element in appearance which was the big play the game. And and guys like Steve tasker. Evidently on the -- -- at -- ago a bad call and terrible call was obviously a terrible call. Rodney Harrison says it could call Chris Dodd and -- homer and it was a pats fan. It is going to be limit -- loss that was the worst call ever so sick I lost August habits that's a good odds that it's close -- certificate is significantly it's just very significant. Baltimore's seasons -- on this not -- they would in the game without that call. But it's a huge called just completely made up they -- cut together elected on the holding Michael holding. On Baltimore's front seven known to grow -- and too much made it -- and they get together it's it there was no hole holed. They -- than that -- -- because it was just the programs -- judgment what is Mike was working the whole thing was meant for our first half and half hours just blow was it was one of the team the most. Painful again on the flip -- simply -- -- going on right now but. Whenever the ocean just said made the pick among big Joseph Flacco. That who's. An actress Gloria you've seen lately to watch and went coast socks -- this year off Rick Ross ray sucks this year. Mean that's not a good Baltimore offense -- -- very bad Baltimore often the amazing things noble was defense. The patriots meant to. Get the lead and what's ahead -- -- -- in Baltimore was comparable to that idea it's the only guy on the team can score that we thought the only get the best player on the team no question. But that was justice when he missed it because it was it's not only was it. Got listens sending a message team but. Guys you know could mean Jim -- new three school puts a seventeen point deficit if you eat that Google it was us like our boss had scored and you know we're gonna score some good scores and -- -- -- almost felt like my enemy no other. This is such orthopedic. -- didn't -- worst. Lost in ravens team history. Worst only home -- yet you know ravens team history. I think it's almost time and as soon as I do this is gonna go anyway. To step away from the injury tipping point concept it seems to me you could mode -- MP3 players and they show up somehow. 5252. -- it. You can't vote that's -- or twelve the rarest gave up 49 points to at Denver yet first week yet when. When minimum an anti right. Through seven pistons they've given up one and 27 cents. In the defense had done the job that the problem is. Once you get a lead them there it's hopeless cause rape as Flacco was awful and they have no running game anymore. Two great paragraph -- on. Guys nobody drafted at left guard center and right guard Andy left tackle they selected in the fifth round because he came down with lymphoma. A sixth round pick -- quarterback. To undrafted wide outs to undrafted running backs. A fifth round tight -- whose name nobody can pronounce an undrafted fullback three undrafted defensive tackles. Undrafted slot corner -- seventh round pick and another quarter plus an unwanted malcontent as their shut down corner. That's -- they took the field. That the for yesterday with the give up for a leave for. The fourth floor here -- from -- is remarkable. Mean just seem there is no break and -- -- is the others it to break point. It's the quarterback -- -- you have that quarterback he could be he could take. The three of us lumpy and sausage and you know for other guys and he would. Your return -- would yes it Nguyen tan I mean it just amazes me -- they beat buffalo at home that's their twelfth -- and they will be twelve. And for. With this -- -- -- Drifters and nomads and undrafted play autism and jets and men over achievers and you know like. But Rudy Rudy deckers are they gonna go to twelve and four. It'll be the -- time Tom Brady went twelve games. Eight feet that they never accomplished in the 43 years before he arrived 43 years between number one swallow hard to do better than eight. Time he was twelve target to better than sixty you know I understand that -- you can easily make a case of people to New Hampshire this election express coach would you I mean easily. You should include a major battle I don't care who losses the mean -- a coach of the year was twelve I think or exhibit he's in the discussion now get on Ron Rivera Bruce -- Bruce Syrians Andy really reads he's done -- actually Chip Kelly. Rivera. And Rivera get BP EDP Rivera's group I think I think areas wins next week gets in. I would like some that are going to be Emmy winning -- Arizona that exact effect for him that's remarkable. But here's. Mike -- he calls it. He says the win wasn't just the this wasn't just the best win of the patriot season. The 417 dismantling of the ravens ranks among the best regular season victories in Belichick's fourteen year. Ten year year. And teach her seem like he. Minute thought he was gonna smile it was so awful so giddy up there on the podium I'm sure he'll be -- -- the parents joke with salt and holy later today do you know him he is. And and this is the kind of thing that gets him excited in on this the kind of thing. When it's an all around win it's not just Brady in his and it's on the road and that's. People pick against them he loves the disrespect card all coaches do. But he sure could play it he can't always play at -- middle we have to you get Tom Brady of the patriots. It's hard to play at most weeks right you heard it wasn't hard to play this week with -- all those guys and I love the fact Brady doesn't know the Manning broke his record but he does know. You know who and -- shift -- picked to win the game. Couldn't be prouder of the football team those guys. -- they are that today there religion and and that's a good football team we -- but you know are concerned that so. That it wouldn't have been a when he is cease and you know hopefully we than we can build off this -- so didn't. Obviously the three of us were not in the locker but if you watched the post game stuff and if you watched all the other stuff where cameras were in the locker room. Everybody gets smiles on their faces this this meant a lot to this football because -- something that they. They -- are probably so many different levels started with what you just talked about the disrespect card. But nobody thought we could possibly win this game and of course hats and T shirts -- -- -- south but you could see countenance the count that the expression on everybody's face is that. Man we have now done some just Clinton AFC east going into Baltimore and beating that team the way -- -- We had this conversation Friday and earlier in the week -- now on our hands -- and and children John Dennis yes yeah. As -- or thought changed this team can now after seeing it yesterday going to Denver -- now. Idle -- since you know. But that might help my thought doesn't have to change to the Super Bowl right. -- when. He would meet in order -- that told you that last week. I told him that I went through the whole scenario -- -- ball was office -- I don't know what all these people look. Did they release the Baltimore was gonna -- like 27 points. If you view a page up 41 now. -- that was kind of their theory is right it was whispered looking in and that's one of the reasons that of defense special teams everybody was involved. All three -- all three phases -- they lost. And -- -- -- in trouble mugs analyst at McCord the forty BO -- that this -- to -- game but Shane -- brand. That's the tipping point Gregory -- again. I think I -- hurtful but they still win -- And they get a week of -- gonna get a week ago doing this Italy -- Belichick robbery stick around to the in the sixties in the win nine games and yeah. It is not -- the fifties -- regardless -- -- -- close air via Mankins was aware of the disrespect card prior to game. Well the experts I know they always have all the answers and they really had them when they pick the winner this game. So when that they don't mention that's the physical violence they discussed the -- at the lines and across new for physical. This is the voice. And his denunciation like salty beat lie how tough he is yes yes which is and he's a good interviews these pot pot -- Lynch. Hey this is a guard the guards movement tackle and face and -- sizzle. And and making him mounts and non factor -- sack he would. It is for a second about what six weeks or something -- -- just now I mean as you -- when you get early -- okay when you get a lead in and you're allowed her on the ball on T sizzle was useless piece arm on the side on the sideline on a neat scandal watching so he's he was. These things factor in this case no he's OK okay got a hit on Brady had a tackle -- lost the back field he's okay you know this -- first sequenced November 3. I would say. -- at Logan Americans won the -- that ship the the big matchup but and it. It a Suggs after the game at the site -- what went wrong and I don't know if you look at what actually -- -- today that it won't isn't it. You burn the table are ideal bleach and hide the bleach specifically at a panel among my computer and throw him justice auxiliary caves and checked I think she's the what the guard didn't mention his call to his previous two coach quarterbacks -- receivers to Phil -- told -- -- Dole's -- quarter that's right I didn't you know. -- never knew that -- and a he calls the signals amendment alone not on Mandela finances less. On -- until this is -- -- finest moments which fell object if you know winning with what he's got to. This -- get to these games with this complete. -- as a sidekick and he still likes and what happened to him the great -- -- to remove the greatest you know James Garner is Karen don't pleasant because she's blind -- effectively as a. I got -- back at least as to beatable TVs. And -- are if the page Monday 6177797937. Tom Brady will join us at 8:30 am sure after a little bit before that we never take phone calls in the first segment. We're going to -- it's. -- -- -- Mobbed or the right. -- yeah. Good morning. A mob not a beloved son -- The reason I was going to say it like -- America because my Gary is sitting there and happy. Yeah thank you door and that's it's. Christmas uncle -- The listening -- you guys I was thinking yeah what Bill Belichick as the coach even went around that I could plan that team. She can plug -- tackled. The no. So noses up at. But -- oh my god -- then that -- it was election watching that game. You are right giant turned the volume down yeah we didn't know how to play any game what might have been -- like. Came here without it looks like the fact you talk -- first. I mean it was ridiculous and other than the lineup for nine sidekick I think it'll look at that no -- The big guy he's the only redeeming qualities yet they can paint. A public that matters for an analyst you tend to be but it it it's I think Nance is probably get the point where he says I can't do the same -- -- -- kept set up form. So what's your opinion this LO GAM. And the frigate knee brace that he bring deep -- about anything that -- the knee -- slack organ neighbor he was obsessed with the African knee brace they show. That while pets in the they should that's exactly builders -- people would know the difference that get them confused time business and -- at the same guy -- just be better stick fill that they'll be pre game show us. Generous at about showtime a lap belt -- through -- promotes an extra hour of Phil Simms if you tune in Wednesday night and think -- just motivation just what I wanna do Christmas night to order for an hour on Christmas night that he'll Phil Simms talk about Joseph Flacco as Nate race. You know let it bother me but he's done in relief and my skin 6777. -- 793. Sevens or we back to the Dennis and Callahan Show featuring for minicamp this Friday night you hired me I don't know if you heard about it took over yesterday. Right up aria Friday -- you sit here yeah yeah it's bought. And his right -- scrutiny Japan over your it was your news. Stunt and it I was fired your idea actions he's only got one -- of Tennessee you really high end at. And some people say oh good on the -- and other powers like north there was I put my -- Jerry say it ain't so Hawaii scary nominee of calls from women toward these engine orders thing yeah algebra that your that your crew. -- -- -- it is asking its. Up all -- golf that's the NC -- patriot Monday.

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