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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: D&C's Christmas parties

Dec 23, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today he discussed Gerry and Dino's Christmas parties this past Saturday.

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I headlines brought you -- precision fitness equipment -- the pros do precision. Fitness equipment. Was reviews for the party dean were starting with fat. That's the lead up on leads to people -- -- all of the reliable brilliantly. What you people text and how the party -- the party yeah. So was he personally did your reactions and your thoughts about the knowledge your you know what I -- -- I remind you work smarter. Segments on gonna say -- -- that I want the first game you Bure had the departed which I had a good time yeah I had a very good job for grade I thought it was a nice. What -- mix of people from a wide variety of areas that seemed to get along very well that's true. You're 88 months to area -- I thought mine was angry monolith shirtless -- It's too bad deal and come out that might come looking for all want to be -- -- it -- your town it's. And I'll be noted that it. I'm Kerry's account. I don't like John. Is because Padilla told as I said jobs introduction to everybody came and we walked him was you know -- this guy here get this guy you're Jerry's big stars is account. Yet to be the featured guest Callahan party was -- -- account it was at rock stars athletes at. Let's rock stars and I missed that. Our -- -- invited Steven Tyler was there -- corporate credit rapids was there. It was a nice guy. Yes very nice to the -- Johnson as he was just. -- -- -- -- October last year you like. Patti and I think the sale plus all those link buttons that we have on the drive yet organized then got up all it is not enough you know how many got crushed this year zero last year -- like -- 45 of them did you end up chatting up for most of the evening at my place. Did you venture out beyond that the -- -- nice talk with Andre Tippett yup we had a good talk -- you woke me. I vented here I saved you. It's about the snap your neck I saved you can assess a crap on -- night by premature but I -- jumped to go around and gossip yet. In my collection the -- -- -- spent time with outside of the U fees and lower weighs in galleries know nobody knocked down nobody want to talk to me and I suppose it was nice night though which we ask you this well which party. Cater to your needs more then the other boy did you did look me up to deal to -- -- that she tweeted all day Saturday she's too you know hash tag. -- -- Not quite accurate game I dinosaur tricky finger you get your chicken fingers electrically fry Fries might Nazi. You left -- talking -- in the refrigerator you bring it for -- forgot about it today to bring it next year might be. Past it's expiration point you chalky Milken did John David -- toward -- a southern man cave down it is yeah yeah yeah to picture how bad Hitler in my house. They did not know next time on upstairs on the CDS you dissect how this is a photograph that secret rubio pushed the door that -- Castro -- -- well I didn't -- -- so this was. You to tell him about the hill but I couldn't tell you why I did say that remember that up we've ever look at it and help the guys out yet laughter. Tough deal. Tough -- I believe -- the highest point in metro west against Boston from 26 miles away yet it was good to see what people he was there glam is there Iggy was there. -- was there yeah the Japanese like friends there's it's just I felt -- He's gotten more UK it was there Marty came was there was there it was there Julie was there Julie was there prince was there was right. Like at your inner circle of real friends there -- reference you don't now. There but what it was supposed to come and lobbied his wife. Literally off missiles missiles poster come with blew me off with Christine and I were to take separate cars dropped one obviously he has -- zone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- Yet she brought she brought the -- but he he's having fun he said quote them. The villagers have fun my wife is having fun at the and they're talking about a dynasty defending him he wouldn't stop talking is -- -- to joke about the -- he chose Dino over you. I understand that -- I do. I don't -- against a -- he's like text -- it okay if a comment and it's like I love your old -- I was late but part of let's get to it now. Compare and contrast the parties used two different worlds -- party was great but it was a different sort of little more mellow kind of thing just people talking relax my party. That was kind of you know. And it's -- for the first 35 minutes that came from the man -- yes full bore -- scream and yell look at this industry this is hyperactivity QB Andre Tippett. -- routes I was a little dizzy after the media. But Winnick it was a good time in the got the car to Jerry's party also a good time but different good time also. It felt like I was almost at a high school reunion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh no not ever let me put a -- people really know which other friendly kind of media outlets. Will mean other people their vote late at least sure Lisa there Shuster commitment. You she's one of gunning down impeachment -- it will probably -- -- did you know anybody else -- Jerry's party. No it I'm trying to his wife. These kids. Toby I'm trying to think that I know anybody else no party -- com. He got -- would -- I've -- you would have the united make sure make it when go to his party instead you -- -- survived. Yeah yeah Jeff runners yeah a couple people like you should not yet. I was I was I was disappointed that it wasn't I wanted. Not have a good time so it's sort of have more fun -- -- -- -- -- -- what it's about any for me obviously I didn't have a great time -- at a good time -- It's -- but he won put away ego lovely wife she's very what is she doing with you question. She needed to designated for I guess that's it was obvious yet to choose your old she -- a little yet yet I got up early next Schuessel -- up. Are you Jerry and Jerry is actually right he saw me a couple of times again. This problem this -- history and happy to you know what he does have a -- -- oh yeah who's gonna drive. On this -- room. You can -- ball well. They have the -- -- which from a caller on the fireplace you know -- like it's Christmas night last year deal was whining as we wouldn't put the New Mexico Bowl on -- on -- Olympic Games now because he knows what works at the party wanted to -- football on TV. Am a solid as fronts from corporate say hey Jerry did the principles and put us beat. It was Leo mashed potato bar now -- and I forgot about it possibly hostility College Station there. You -- playing past that it gravity well known them and it's about who's looked weird it's totally. It's right the ship the -- the week. Asked to compare and contrast the -- Catering from the old fish grow people Mike gearing verses -- jury catering but very out of his -- well to bring your -- people liked football and -- like from either one but either -- -- are -- -- took it for them. Those are good -- the -- of those opportunities sells itself sells -- publisher from Nokia. That -- waffle things. A couple of lefties in the advice deserted them critically price for you. No chicken nuggets know -- -- struggles you had to deal with Pepsi did listen -- I was fall on Twitter a site Holman knew I knew he'd be full. Yes to those those of the -- no there was no real. I'm comfortable beat us like Phil Simms now we can't -- -- -- -- -- -- like better. I was so we're both of -- so we just go. And you stand there. And you suitable drinking your front -- as -- -- can go home I just wanna go home and read my book and go to sleep the next day. -- pathetic it's miserable miserable existence as it is a torturing and here's the globe yesterday. Meredith Goldstein. In the name section we're hearing that -- Red Sox reporter Jenny dealt. Is being courted by fox sports one I'm glad you got to this we wouldn't be shocked if she took the job -- -- national didn't allow her to separate her workplace from and personally for a -- Dell is living. With Red Sox third baseman will go Brooks or deceased and mr. Mandela have a -- commented about the relationship or about Dell's future at the station multiple attempts to reach an essence. Spokesperson have been unsuccessful Dell previously worked at ESP. She did and no additional value to their functional produced. If you don't was living with will yes you did did well I didn't know that aiding and I thought it was almost vicious rumors and becomes a woman yeah of the body bag and and you never really have confirmation. At this as confirmation isn't yet they still are tickets at the track another couple weeks ago to remember. She doesn't go public reporting in like in view him now that Russia should live with the picture in the paper had her. Talking to him interviewing right -- I mean all she seems a very nice person you consider urgent bill journalists. Now does it matter if you saw her actions will middle Brooks about money you know -- -- -- -- does -- have a big story about another player anyways should not -- if it's something damaging to break it should -- iron on shorts for -- bright. And I just don't think it's that good luck. And I mean again she's a nice person probably just greatness doesn't -- that against the rules yes yeah yeah yeah. So that comic exception. Rate or she or won't go on some of the jets which would Jaime cardinal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wobble when you're. Having an affair -- well how's that a fracture. Workers are you all in and out there and in the way -- journalistically -- to the end the public that though she came back -- your union should have but that doesn't matter now doesn't right now just matters not -- -- the from the rubble of a writer for the Red Sox were sleeping with the Red -- color was bright and globe reporter -- wouldn't matter cause that's obviously yeah it -- -- all -- But -- if a woman beat writer would be a problem yes shall be brought of course it's best in this because it's not real -- -- not real journalist right. Richard and most of that Jamie dreaming that rocket Richard as a rough. And they Richards. -- I think -- think it is so I'll still stacked. OK so it's spelled right Richard the big sports which if you're covering the Bridgepoint. That you like rocket Richard. Now again the -- got an -- soft spot yeah mr. imagining right that's an image that. Okay well -- cage it'd take Patrick Roy Jones director at credit if you say Patrick Roy yet on -- Giuliani. Ought to reports early -- and as the Bruins on your station. But that that happened -- let's price they don't know -- heroin on the New York detonated at least she didn't say the goaltender for the Los Angeles Kings hall of Famer location nation. That's true to -- -- yeah somebody did say that once the well a patient yeah rogue nation that was Jason -- said some like PA guy -- probably should get Jamie's gonna fill in for Jenny and Red Sox game this summer and to be some strike note that you attribute -- is is going to be GR -- she's. That's going to be bad that's. We're gonna say user's music let's get to they're nationally your account and questions now. You know not -- -- like five seconds ago at the detriment that some news item dialog box office and did you box -- but -- excellent. Are stuck in anchorman the projections for 67 million dollars. This world given the promotion given the budget -- 26 million bucks off and that is a huge flaw for them they are expected to three times that it was it was either of -- -- seven million -- -- terrible terrible reviews number one was the Hobbits. Desolation of smile. Which I've never seen 12. Crack me -- there not for you are good you like. Different kids the hot topic for adults know that for no adults and because I think -- -- sixteen year old and fourteen year old -- 31 million I -- 127 -- huge number two frozen the -- the movie you know of the union -- number 32 kids movies I don't know but -- -- -- -- -- and I -- Brad and I just focusing on -- to get them ready yet it -- seems to frozen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- American hustle I'm nineteen million what did you get popcorn when you went to American -- it was race was -- I want I almost a good idea. I almost at the Pepsi at I go to a go to the showcase in this world today Pepsi. -- -- Lewis a theater just for Pepsi is Pepsi. What if it's the time's not right they did the crowd that matter perhaps not a fact you have to get Pepsi and showcase him as the one I go to was an older ones seats are. Just go back way back so it's good in separate links between the -- in the forum. It was a -- American council I was you know -- and nice and quiet nice and quiet he gave a C plus yeah that's disappointing nineteen million that made this -- shot. Round here. Ninety million bucks for American -- while we get them. We're like get -- enough and cheap it is. Quite good it's not you'll sneak stuff India. And beer and honestly be here what you get quote my wife and I don't know just eat little but I don't. -- have to grow to like my wife passed to get to the it's session before he passed -- would you eat all the popcorn before the movie starts at 715 movie starts at 740 this what was this almost 22 minute -- -- you'll still have to be legislation to go later that's what I do you think that -- on times now known on the I don't know if the time it's like twelve minutes of -- -- pretty. Yeah opposite of Swedish fish them as well west -- styles that kids yeah tells our in this sweet sour sweet -- -- -- popular. Occasionally your popcorn you have to pop corn -- I don't agree I mean it's okay but you can do good at moving without. Oh that's weird small always hard -- -- while there and butter which is the religious sausage yeah. The -- by the way of recording in my humble might use to us hostage crashing office. A couple huge slice of pizza says the couple slices of pizza but the reality over the meatloaf you can't be in the and -- he what is legal using -- meatloaf months where. -- some -- that what is low round off. Office real -- knocking them well. Office party here in my eight meatloaf I'd -- admit -- what meatloaf and -- That's it's. The mob should happen meatloaf not pizza much sodium for spite of pizza was was big enough that the which -- crossed. It was like rolled -- he -- that she's filled crust. Pizza now that's a stupid gimmick that's a bad that when you have Jews stuffed in the across -- -- opposite -- he says no. Expertise. Election -- -- election she's heartbreaker at -- -- 1777979837. Chapter eight Brady 830 your -- next.

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