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Patriots Destroy Ravens, Win AFC East - Response and Reaction Real Postgame Show

Dec 22, 2013|

Fred Smerlas, Steve Deossie and Butch Stearns break down a dominant win by the Patriots over the Baltimore Ravens.

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-- first family left the left side and he goes through traffic into the text noon. That's going to be the knockout shot for the patriots. It. I yes there is still some football left to play but the real post game show is on the air in -- New England Patriots are AFC champs. AFC east champs again once again. Which Stearns spreads rose Steve DeOssie it's time for the real post game show. On WEEI gentlemen now we don't. Wonderful what you wonderful automobile dead -- above this -- a duo -- group concluded. How culpable. Meadows. That I didn't. I do not see that I guys -- the way -- happen to styles assume. Of maybe. 40% chance of winning may be maybe him best case scenario but they took a tool from the -- They did anything is the great part about this game ladies and -- and made. Is that Suggs was crying on the sidelines while his team was kitten touted as the patriots ran the ball a little left. Every time reflected neon -- running right here and they couldn't stop but guess what Steve -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From the housing project of anyway also it he says watch this -- this target -- 21 comes and cheap shot and I'm no good -- that's going to get out of -- is right zigzag routes are dual citizen -- realizes gave over here come cheap shots and blue handled the flag comes out for a a missile missiles but this was as. Good egg luckless performance of the as they've had all year it was defense told a group but this is no different district sixty goes out right. In India in this still play a top Flacco wasn't on his game but he stuck to that level wilted but the offensive line this makeshift offer to line. -- in the pigment they -- -- Brady safe. But the patriots in the second half of the seventeen twenty point lead. And they weren't. They were trying to coordinate everything in a popular Baltimore back in the game but there weren't that rescue worker to give the journal that we're gonna give the interception that would do that ball was off offered to struggling. And they football couple times before the most but. They were gonna let that that if mistakes Baltimore for the game. 27 to seven right now at the two minute warning -- challenge flag has been thrown by coach Harbaugh here. Oh -- way you want to play that's going on so we'll keep be updated with the patriots with a twenty point lead -- me asking this question gentlemen. -- this game let's assume the patriots are gonna win this disease really extreme noticed an -- more about approaching the patriots. Or more about. The ravens. When you look at you look -- two things into different -- in terms of a character builder. That's huge for the patriots play pooch punt shelf with the with the with the thought we would -- out with a team that's that has pushed them around -- in the past few years. You come in and you push them around pushed around and okay. I get it Flacco had a little bit of a balmy but. I don't think that was the biggest factor in this game I think the patriots. Have the saw. That. -- -- Expected to win this game it got under that are bureau which is rare go there and it. And they don't have -- they were told before the game and clinch -- -- you've clinched. The AFC east right you know it sometimes that can be a but -- being negative -- outrageous clinched or go somewhere else and you know delusional or tenacity an economic order about fourteen points in the first quarter up. And as far as -- Buffalo's Bermuda Baltimore's concerns. It shows of the word. Hockey a little -- of more than caulking -- but they're always talking we know that what it shows that they're not. As good team as we probably thought that work does it also does it also continued to prove how hard it is. To repeat the numbers -- as it already get back to the playoffs when your. In the super. Bowl or Super Bowl champion it's a remarkable afraid to -- don't get -- all the on the user pages Rebecca players have typically been nine years since somebody won back to back there will let interest delivered 500 didn't go back the playoffs. But we've got a team that lets face Ross sat down we analyze his game. Indy circuit to come off reminding every game that -- won the portable audio out -- the second half they didn't. Rocks out that's gonna set and don't have the the that is threatened a red zone right and they going to this game. In your offensive line has decimated to get to tee off -- a team has a pretty good pass rush and a lot of the guys up front and got -- I can play tackle you'll get. Solar out of good -- -- is out yellow -- is the -- OK maybe a rookie from universe ago Remo or floral or camps -- go -- obesity. Kent State and -- to put our job is good enough you know what every did it was good -- -- against -- you know this like we said what -- you -- you know it. John deployed that's one of those that's one of those that game right there could be. Huge kill you if you don't want to overplay the significance of oval win lead the season when you're normally the playoffs but. That can be something that that -- Look at city. Look at how we can play -- balls look cool we can do. Don't know Steve. Look at what happened -- this game Miami needed to win the game. Against buffalo yes we talked about on the show -- -- my Buffalo Bills that does go to buffalo -- but anyway but -- they had nothing to play for my buffalo a Miami to have a big win everything to play for. In the ravens or how big discipline or go to applaud them for probably another record book write a paper jets are deployed over the ravens even at Walker's record onto their but it began last -- right. And it's at all fumble in the end zone picked up by Chandler Jones. No signal from the -- for re yet looks like I struck out that's true answer is there such a lot of this you're -- -- out. It's just sucks cry out to a point where you could. While. This. If you can take this and -- loomed what they did today over here I know well. It look like wildcat type offense -- sailor and a quarter it was interest Flacco -- to protect -- many -- -- at some. Miracle negated the play was over the were scored -- points and and offensive touchdown for the patriots just adds to it it's now 33 -- Pending the extra point 33 to seven patriots polished as sergeant Greg Brady is to slugs as Belichick used to the jets -- -- just as Cuba Wednesday just hates news. They played pretty nice this week of course it is they really did not putt meant much nicer publicly than they ever I don't doll there's a lot of professional respect their blood. So any time that any time somebody gaps during times of the apps it's always great department place. Always a -- to re ported separately starting Monday when he -- Tuesday when he can moment that -- dying he said look. -- -- he went way over the top in effusive in his -- of -- good player he is you don't find a guy with his size and speed -- -- -- -- wrestlers -- Each with -- that's -- -- wonderful words mean not citizen that I felt were even Australia -- like after the -- back that I -- scare it's always tough and I also I guess five million I don't know what how attitude I think he smog I don't like is candidates and -- don't -- -- vague. So the neglect to Miami guys from the report buff will be Miami nineteen -- -- that Bob what do you think about this -- has come up -- 85 yards passing overall the talk. About and most everybody picked the patriots to lose this game and for good reason. Patriots are three and four on the road the ravens are six and one at home. Patriots are without having to start may not everywhere but now not only got there without sold -- in -- their two starting tackles for the season. The only one of the rookie receivers back to go on the road. You know the last road game of the Baltimore's got played -- hopes alive divisional hopes alive when the division I would look this is look at this perspective. The dolphins coming off of even though you wouldn't admit it looks like compared to draw on last week one of the biggest wins in their last ten years -- -- read the comments. You you sit on in the beaded decimated team whatever let's talk about might -- promised that. Here that's what. To I. I had a budget to play ball toss it but poetry but I played all right I like about now -- I wanted to go back to say why they should of looked at right -- -- -- -- the popularity of the philosophical our whole team. And that gets. Bragg that's -- I know who's more so like all my reviewing -- moralists like the -- it is a matter of perspective for all the people that wanna write the patriots epic that the demise you call it what you have to look at how. The patriots handled adversity from losing to Miami and look at how Miami handled success if it was one of the that tells you the character of the team it couldn't handle it a try to assure us reports in the mopping kick in Asia reported perspective. What they preach that you all right we bring a patriots team wasn't a 100% now going up to buffalo we really got to tighten up does this team's not great but we have to go up with an -- when the game and we. You've been the whipping boy of another team it's any victory is hard to put in perspective you beat them in in a situation where both teams could use good good victory and our perspective. It ought to have Steve if you if the patriots they're gonna go to a lot from this this this thing will be done. After to a recent attacks look but that's diligent Belichick goes I would also got to -- you know we beat the team his older. Whatever they'll say and that had to concentrate -- ended up about -- all the talk a well celebre Miami last week. Here's. Nine point it's it is night in game. With the patriots and Miami and and either team in their division in this is a perfect example. Miami if they could've gone into buffalo won today would be sitting in the catbird seat -- -- -- -- six. They be controlling their own destiny and now in a deck of cards from there after all this at all you have to beat the jets next -- trying to players. But instead they can't handle the success. And what are the patriots to the -- one of their best efforts of the year. On the road right road where they've had -- -- -- -- you don't have -- they don't have. Any success to fall back on to know how you like to handle as soon as -- -- -- years and years of success. They know how to handle success they know how to handle losses to so. Being the fact that you notice a franchise like the patriots. You could see how the dolphins would go and only big unit in ball in buffalo to Mitchell because they were so excited about that -- big wiggle. The -- as Miami didn't expect to win that game so electric so excited the patriots. Other than most people. Right they expected to win this game and they strategizing -- declining. It's that's exactly right to afterwards. This satisfied but they're not like jump around and you know crazy -- to -- -- -- -- there is an -- realistic that the touchdown that made me happy about it through their you -- do you do you. Sorry what's interesting -- just I think. Expert beach Green Bay 3830 wants to believe it or not the Steelers. Are still alive for a playoff spot going into next weekend right now the ravens dolphins Steelers and chargers. All of a chance for that final wild card. You guys figure out. What the tiebreaker -- Cause it's going to be crazy all four of those teams have a chance to be the final wildcard in the AFC -- listening the real -- what is -- -- scenario an expert. -- You know -- last -- it's vital while we are committed to grab it and apparently targeted this two I would prefer. Baltimore not be in the play at all no matter what I mean they finish the season last year. One in four run to finish the season Lester and going to win suitable. Not that they're they're not need to close to the same team you know it on borders are huge thing in Flacco is not playing -- as well but you still wanna team. Would that kind of championship caliber experience some tough guys they do enough to receive as -- Cabrera right Flacco on orders -- is very good receivers so. You're right I rather have of all teams to beyond them so let's back out there will be Pittsburgh let's go back to the Miami patriots comparison think there has done. But I think one of the points are that conversation. I think one of the points we just let ourselves into his. In another seven different pitchers third interception of the day fourth eternal debate over touchdown and another. The offensive touchdown. For the patriots. Won -- Wilson while a ball deep not tape ammonia got bundles whom -- -- -- -- in the -- in motion to work that's correct which announced a forty. It was the extra point a 41 to seven no one there wasn't even close. -- Did -- look you know that's who adored by the board despite a lot a lot like a sudden we interviewed despite this blog how these games ending. Going back to our conversation we just had comparing the patriots in the dolphins. I think what we let us one of the things we let ourselves into guys is this. For all the talk about the past history doesn't mean anything. It does though you guys just mentioned it. It does because these guys substances respond to adversity they do not handle themselves in tough situations. Within a couple of his record of an -- what it is yes that part of -- that's part of maturing rarely looked very mature through history of ministers which is -- -- of the turnaround instantaneously you know we're tied a -- project and coach fictional like Baltimore duke last last year when -- lost for the last five games internal for the support for the twins who will also look at Houston community there while attempting blaster and it was ten general. So right I think I would correct I think history -- but also part of the makeup of the team. I really different -- bringing a new measures in -- coaches Ronald bringing up history because oftentimes in the middle of the week leading up to game. People mention all you know since I've been the coach said Belichick over the and everybody likes to go to the points that none of that matters. But what does matter I think you made the point Steve is that the patriots have a demonstrated history of responding. After losses after wins more so than other -- re board would also concur that this is the extremely beat up he has seen as being that that's the difference between. -- -- Bill Belichick Tom Brady the patriots we know the last dozen or so years has had that mentality but how -- times we've seen him. This beat up. In this position if the governor Rafael like everybody's got a flat ties and have a lot of appreciate your run -- replacement you guys they've gone down. Your defense to -- office of wide receivers tight as it went down today. We are delivering what are you. Still look at her interpersonal political difference in the offense -- ago. -- a circuit for a second half there he really took we took him out of conference that report of a bar open so. As a matter perspective to it again to help. Make the patriots case wherever they're gonna go here and by the way they'll win their eleventh. They have won their eleventh AFC east championship under Bill Belichick in fourteen years Miami by the way has won. The division all three of those other times 2002002. In 2800. Euro broadcast through that's the most by any quarterback and quarterback Tom Brady. Four of the file that sort remarkable I would think so because of when you when you think about quarterbacks that have lasted more than ten years with one franchise and -- have been much more competitive division I don't utterly dominated course Montana but. You know -- go to Cincinnati for a second as a matter of perspective and talk about being able to handle. All this any -- now today threw four touchdown. They -- 70 at home in the final home game against Baltimore next week. They won 42 to fourteen. Against Minnesota. The dangles in the last three home games have scored forty plus. Games -- don't became the fifth quarterback in the history of the NFL to go to the playoffs in his first three years yet able wanna play -- game since nineteen million. Get trickles down to -- but coaching. Pete -- I don't know why he's still the coach Lewis. Right he got the ridiculous that we achieved premiere for Richardson and he's a tease. He they have a lot of talent you know they have a lot tell offered to line defense system wherever she was Dalton got that. You know fees on the will be very difficult to beat the -- that the defense has diminished and so what's -- -- -- -- different. But day. But they there were a team with a history. With a lot of talk about what to coach tickets to playoffs legislation today. I we need to take a break the real post game show was on the -- the patriots game is over 41 to seven the final. The 34 points is the largest loss at home for the ravens in the history -- -- Broncos won today they're twelve and three patriots -- today they're eleven and four. That's your number one and two -- yet the patriots still need to clinch it because Cincinnati and Indianapolis both won. And they are right on the heels of the patriot -- -- to vote or not very if the patriots and up with a tie with -- targets because we've been rumored since there -- -- -- of particular note of the troops. This is that we can get stuff done after -- will try. This is the real post game show it's presented by complaints -- insurance at complaints -- -- shops you can -- Visit complaints -- dot com -- post game show was also brought to you by most foods honey bunches of votes and by AT&T stick around. -- -- -- Forty kids being able Wilson of the ball in the territories there it's. And I. -- -- -- -- forty seconds left. It's cool. The only good. At this point is -- there are only forty seconds left on the floor. This is just positively ugly and I. Positively ugly from Baltimore perspective -- positively brilliant from a patriots perspective they when their eleventh game of the year. They win their fourth road game of the year to finish here for four on the road they beat the Baltimore Ravens down. 41 to seven pair eleven and four as we sit here tonight five of the six playoff spots in the AFC. Have been decided. Excuse me rephrase that five of the six playoff teams. Have been decided not the spots. There is one spot left amongst Miami Baltimore San Diego and Pittsburgh. We say that again going into next week Miami Baltimore San Diego and Pittsburgh will all battle. And I'll have a chance for the final AFC wildcard you're listening to the real post game show. French -- Steve DeOssie alongside on which turns Denver new Englander and Cincinnati Indianapolis and Kansas City aren't. Kansas City has clinched the first wild card within eleven and four record they will play San Diego next week and C anyway has something to play for. Patriots will play next week. At home against buffalo and they have the number two seed to play for because Cincinnati and Indianapolis are both. One game by what you truck and a maestro Steve over there during the break we're talking about the coach from Detroit also a coach from Dallas. They rather. Don't know how to win -- -- -- for the patriots almost done enough throwing the ball did not take your chances in Davidson said. -- drug act across the middle he food -- -- that fraud where might be deceptive. Does -- know. That that office was for the Baltimore struggling I have believe I'm -- and give them any duke to give back in this game when you look at Dallas fort. Passes locally to your point two. Women have Obama for a five yard line where you think you're OK 5253 yard field goal obviously -- -- I was the -- is that. But bill we're having bigger picture and being smarter about football but we are which is difficult to try to go to -- -- -- -- -- so. We. Combined for individuals and why is really going to put you heads together -- don't -- a little Florida governor urged both are I don't particularly medical. We'll -- the with the fact is. -- then you're plea either played exactly like you talked about the doing this playing Smart. Football good Smart football and it's amazing how. East wc teams in the NFL plea dumb football they went -- -- how -- went for the forest fourth down he didn't make it could go to. On the forty yeah I'd like up doll that I that it gave Google up. It didn't kick you missed it you got those two field -- night at thirteen points his twentieth it was it was twenty or nothing game that he does he wasn't looking down the stretches and I got escorted out -- my -- get -- rock mentality. That we're all powerful tape but that's -- good year average of three get right. And so now I just have to get a touchdown to win and at the end he had needed to touchdown away. 61777979837. To join us. On the real post game shall repeat that number 617. 7797937. If you like to textiles it's 3793. Several we've got to. Danny Amendola was wearing a press pass that was just handed to him so the Miami game was on here you guys knew before this game started. Buick division champs have a benefactor in this. Looking these players that reduces -- learning excuse to make plays in an Atlanta last game how I'm in my observation earlier this game and -- -- the -- played so many tight games this season. Just not meant to compete fairly well there's -- list -- -- -- -- -- -- game I want my observation that a little game I was doing it earlier today when an explosion there -- just I don't know it's going to be lady about the organized tests and -- I don't think we let -- intentionally dividends and recruit and get that right there that's been. On the sidelines of the local story and everything in this game receiving. Continue to find a way we think we have absolutely. Cigarette that you guys are so you know we just you know -- -- -- on there parallel -- that until now and and it's going to come into. Its value in the Patriot Act as a benefit when Daniel gets allotment appreciated Dan Beck CNN news or do you now. I like golf -- so. In my opinion as it's so horrible president I think they have just as good shot it went in this thing anybody else. You know make it much up front about you know I love them a great deal. It may be a blessing now I have to run the ball the ravens -- -- against the -- they shut -- down its -- they call stopper when they had to. My in my under the patriot I like that you anticipate. -- surprise I don't thanks for the call -- most of surprising thing about the run they ran to the laughed every single time and they know it and couldn't stop it. Well it was clearly part of their game plan right from the get go to run the football the numbers tell -- That they ran the ball 34 times they've passed the 26. They -- for a 140 that's because card by twenty overture. They ran for a 104 but they are rhetoric from the and yet there went up by fourteen that the -- -- -- -- up by twenty. And tried it got beat up the clock move the ball get first downs that's -- objectives left out of it but oftentimes harder role in that situation -- -- especially Timor Baltimore to a packet in. When they know you can run the ball awestruck or restaurant or -- little -- and it worked activists everywhere -- it you know the patriots did a couple of couple passes I think and then in the third quarter moved the ball a little bit. But when you're running or not that they run it to the left. I don't third 34 carries for a 142 yards which like you mentioned running a lot up four point two yards a carry is decent it's really good in that situation. The other point he made about their defense right now given up seven points today almost get the shot out. They've given up 318 points their right back they're tied for ninth the -- and points allowed in the top and that's part of that -- to federal -- of they had to go with a mean. They were playing much better defense Williams who held him up in the played through it but they were playing better defense earlier in season they had to. You know they had mailed it Wilfork. And -- Buehrle didn't have good jobs in the tone there but now. In the top tenants or defenses in the league and he did play in -- Denver you do it plays -- -- high powered offense to deploy Carolina. These teams have decent offenses in Miami you're not a bad offer to do so. It's not like their play all the slow offices -- -- -- totally wrecked -- front -- -- firepower but they did play. You know a couple teams with some fire upon -- last week remember one of the big topics you're talking about going back. Who's gonna go back from last week the last five or six we called back to the Pittsburgh game here's the points they allowed 2426. 313124. And even 31 in the Steelers game even though it was a -- so they've given up more than 21 points. In 56 weeks in a row. Coming into this -- so there's still a job to add the yeah points out on the -- -- If you look at that there are also 44 between fifth -- league in yards given up the I mean. That means that there. Using that means at their -- turnovers like they did today. The head of they had just ridiculous for the bid. Are -- journalism is a virtue for biodiversity on the road this year birth control over the lately though to. The last few games to sort of children in this they knew that this ball which is that dinosaurs they get moving downhill that tough to stop. It shall not give our front runners to opera -- the operas and don't give any -- anything it's. To -- their teeth into right and get through Jews or in the crop -- and they were good at doing that. And his other point before we go back to the calls for -- from Everett was I give -- get a chance as anybody. I'd say to get there mean once you get there who knows what's gonna happen but. Why only apparently to a two from a team while dad at Denver's got rattled him a cup -- -- house of the patriots you know beat buffalo got comfortable England Denver home. Will be extremely difficult. More difficult that we thought Baltimore home would be probably. Probably what they'll probably a little healthy at that time of that make it in the -- of guys if they get that by we get two weeks off a couple of guys credible to liberate Cuba holds true for Denver Steve -- -- -- -- -- double break up hopefully got sold will be about -- reback. You know in -- great point you just made Denver home comparing him to Baltimore while we all agree. I think almost anybody would agree that -- will be tougher especially in an AFC championship game after Denver. But think of all the hype this week about oh my goodness patrons don't have a chance when you add everything up how depleted they are the three of four on the road going into Baltimore Baltimore six and one at home. It seems storyline going to Denver for the AFC true it's absolutely true why can't they went in -- -- and television is of course I care that went anywhere and it. In the league but. It's. It's amazing the difference in mentality that there will be. This week amongst amongst the people watching the patriots for ago because we're all the sudden. After last week relate can you Olympics the playoffs whoever value think him and it is. Will wipe the floor -- Baltimore you're going to be -- buffalo you're going to the playoffs all the role. It's it's that this dichotomy of the other two last week of the free and this week is going to be regalia aboard year old -- -- that they can't beat a team that punch him in the -- In this is the team that pudgy little -- -- -- my altitude they had a rock and -- that they'll do anything you point out yet they get -- cheap shot your departure but it achieves sharp early on a couple of the hitting -- that's what they do they distract you and the patriots didn't get distracted. Back to the phone to go to our buddy Jimmy from soccer some real post it. And now -- good blue water today. Finally. No -- to go about entertainment hell with -- lots of tourists left -- it that. They are still in the game and then I'll send the floodgates opened. Unbelievable 61777979837. -- and everything else that Susan was goes a lot of resentment. I didn't -- you -- you a chance at a cruel and unusual options. Candidates far are up post honey bunches of votes player of the game so was sort of work. Over -- yeah a huge drop and -- -- project -- -- of two receptions. The economist journalist or stop the growing needs the gets deep throat scattering for us just say again OK okay and I'm able to cut a candidate just say. There's a lot of what we're -- boys we're going automatically -- defensive side of the ball and for good reason. They had three turnovers -- -- law -- -- or I'm going to stay at the end he scored a couple of touchdowns and 24 down stops. They had four sacks. On Flacco today Ninkovich Arrington Carter and silver slugger. They limited the limit Flacco to 52 yards passing the first. The defense for all the talk about all the points the -- given up and the last six weeks all the yards they give up. Let's give credit where it's due today and we are gonna give the award yet will will hold it but. The defense deserves a lot of credit owner that guys they were there at their vaunted defense of front and they have to be a decent linebackers. It was -- and -- gonna score your points. They did score points -- -- and offered to scored a deeper they scored twenty points. On an operative -- his gun -- shot at W global conservative beat the clock up because they saw the offense for the Baltimore Ravens. Was a little bit and up today to a -- Darrell their offense did a great job got offered some line. Right compute to punched like that to keep where -- Saban will be able run the ball for a touchdown the at what they only catch it guys in the box. Or for my actual so let's put seven vote on the list and I'll give me that Freddie argue that and especially -- numbers don't all the way kids. The numbers don't. We just brought up the defense. And the offensive line that the in the guys in the -- -- double team but but hang on what's the numbers don't have another critical but that's the numbers don't always tell the story but I think these do. Look at the Patriots defense not only did they have four sacks they had five tackles for losses they had hit. Past reflections mood today it's seven. Quarterback hits and two touchdowns and 24 down stop -- The operatives I'm overall -- general patriots was sacked twice is lumbering and sacked twice review the -- used it. Four times. I mean but think about that and the Raleigh talk about the ravens defense first the patriots outside the patriot he -- couple outperform. The ravens stay the patriots offensive like perform the ravens. Don't forget the office that the offense was 29 I think the -- and I've rated total opposite the outage. Correct -- Baltimore -- yes. They want a great officer in the bottom three then -- who we broke down the Padilla world famous that killed Rachel -- got bored with. -- -- Thought of wasn't what we would but -- music but they -- the long ball team you know in the papers -- might they'd build great alarm -- about what. The architect -- past and affirmed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your phone calls -- 6177797937. We go to Quincy talk with Brian. Brian I elites and I -- Brad Bryant state -- -- very good when we thought we felt comfortable at the beginning of the game. It's a question -- -- the alarm that the look particularly around the back it was a lot of all know a lot of vote out late yesterday. All the -- to with a ball going to be the guy coming at all while. Ali do what some different speculative it at that black vote low -- it -- your idea. Well Flacco is always been known for throwing the ball deep hole committees government on -- horror Jacoby Jones or Smith Specter to to make a big leaping catch over. And that's been a big part of his. Arsenal for a long time they just made sure that they were in position they were staying over the top which is huge muted mean you use you say it like it's. Selig it's a natural easy thing -- safety has to be over the top but we've seen the pictures sometimes -- possession they did a great job staying over the top and -- -- -- every deep ball to the. We broke down the played. With with read play planned for the jets football mobile -- -- can you -- -- on something you know traditionally if you look at Polamalu. He always -- and some of Brady Brady takes every answer that they weren't able to do that that's a bit like new statue up. They don't like defense and actually you know Bada bang they get along play on and they were able to do that. You know -- I think you bring up a good point especially. We talk about according so much put two guys today Steve Gregory. And Iran Harmon. -- like you don't hear a point early on in the game. While many other weeks were wondering why are guys so wide open in the middle of the field between the safeties and behind the linebackers but it seemed like. Even one a raven was there there was a safety right on top of right away and it got. Out my article thank you and I great. I had to be that had to be part of the game for him knowing full well Flacco propensity to throw the ball deep. He loves throwing the ball deep he loves to roll it up for grabs who loves. Of the fact that his receivers pretty good -- strong. You knew it was gonna have a which as we see today. Five -- arms at least that is what we would you talk about a team repeat -- -- the -- all the optional group that it was. They don't make a lot of mistakes -- suitable two and a few organs. They don't make a lot of mistakes. They take away what you like to do would make you go to the other sighed -- -- about what that would be. They know all that gonna come back to that -- to have to wait that's why they get those those rhetorical was. As the patriots don't buy a lot of -- so Andy's handed us. Trickling no something that it was. That -- before the game probably could've made it on the patriots apple board for the game it's sixteen ESPN. Experts. We all pick the Baltimore Ravens today -- goal. Hoge relaunch it ought to -- ski Joyner does it. She after -- -- wicker sham Tom Jackson he Sharon Johnson Mike Ditka. And Chris Carter I don't -- Chris Berman on here. Is he just doesn't pick orbited picked buffalo gear shortly does the market is -- -- a game doesn't. And thinks about the trip lawful or by nearly sixteen for sixty CB fourteen for fourteen they all the problems and it. That smile you are probably traveled that's my little below. It's very easy to -- my name that was too because I have the idea for the pitcher's head of an estimated 4% -- McKee and maybe. But. You couldn't you can actually when you saw the the papers put last week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You pick him because of -- boom. So -- joking shall football -- I don't over buffalo I picked him all reasserted for his replica about it honestly brought up on the -- what I've Rochester. What I watch. What I watched her work and he didn't change it. We don't -- it was OK repeat look at the ball it was officer that defense to play halfway decent -- should be able to support border cubicle yup you've got to be close but it what's going to be -- -- thought would be one of a couple of gave the but it's hard to break down. Bet logically when he sees the way the pictures plea last week you saw Baltimore playing better football. It's hard to break you down in terms of -- give me the big picture as well according to let anybody thought that this game will be a blow out either way. But adults in the golf class every single patriots that has -- the patriots. Officers knew it was by some injuries -- an officer -- what -- real straight -- rather neutral as you talk like that -- you finally you don't look at you know what I wanted to it is you what the offensive line depleted as it was thought the patriots played appropriate game that he -- -- if they play perfect I. Fill in Dorchester David Carr the rest of your phone calls -- next 6177797937. You. I'm listening to the real post game show after a big patriots win 417. In Baltimore the largest blowout. Over the ravens at home in their history. In Baltimore a post game show is presented by complaints -- insurance. I -- Polanski be shops you can save visit complaints -- dot com today there by post foods honey bunch of the boats and by AT&T. You are listening to the real post game show on WEEI. -- -- every week after patriots games there have been fifteen of them this year they've won eleven now their eleven and four they finished their road record of 500. Foreign four they have their final regular season game next week against buffalo. The bills today. Shot out the Miami Dolphins at home in buffalo nineteen to nothing. -- Miami could have put themselves in the driver's seat for a playoff spot however now they're thrown in the mix of three other teams fighting for the last wild card. Because of it Fred Soros is here Steve DeOssie is here patriots -- 41 to seven in Baltimore and served notice on a couple of fronts one. Which still AFC champs for the eleventh time. In fourteen years. Two for everybody that wrote their demise especially all of you ESPN. Not so fast they blew about the ravens in Baltimore the defending her title of Apple's. Number three. The AFC is up programs. It is just up for grabs as a matter of fact while five teams have clinched the playoffs. The only seedings that are -- are the Kansas City will be the number five seed. And we don't know who will be the number one through four seed who will be among. The Broncos the patriots the Bengals and the colts but we don't know how those four will be -- -- -- -- defense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that the Eagles are playing right now on Sunday Night Football against the Chicago Bears. Win or lose the Eagles -- heavy winner take all playoff game. Next week against the cowboys in Dallas right now -- for -- quarterbacks in this crowd game Steve. Report. Account was on -- well. Well you can join us on the real post game show by calling 6177797937. -- talk about the speech which went. Or you can text that's at 379837. -- go back to the phones go to Dorchester and talk with film Merry Christmas fell. A girl. It felt that and now are a lot could get done what company so I'm. If anybody concerned about the lack of production in the third and most of the fourth quarter. But they're now that was though it premeditated most of it. But today and if you look Rick golden girls every at a -- now you're saying about -- eat it more conservative because -- had a big lead. Somewhat but the I agree but no because we've seen this team scored some points in the second half shall not too concerned about the -- I would I would say do you do it while it was going on I had the same thoughts and they can myself. He got a twenty not to lead everything's going your way and you do and everything in your power. To let Baltimore possibly compact in this game I kept saying do you Freddie. When they started the fourth quarter sixty minutes of football sixty minutes of football screwing them what they finally did so. I mean really when they game ends and they win 41 to seven on the road. The worst home loss in the real short history it's hard it's it's hardly a good idea accusing senate through. I would regard for the field goal for the 52 yards through our balance of how the patriots. And I Nic -- after -- wants the whole thing comes. For wishing you look at -- All right I have a standard of the clock you're making them make good players that you give -- some bad plays well thrown the ball away forcing it to you had me please unprofor's offered to let me please -- -- -- to make players know who your offenses in order your quarterback is -- -- -- -- -- -- that. The -- is what point you have makes more sense what they did that build on for it might be turning right knee jerk reaction was news UW appointment of -- throughout the year -- -- reports eager to. And then you have to look at the at the whole week you get caught up it's easy sole reason it caught up. In the ebb and flow of the game in those few minutes. But thankfully -- Bill Belichick sees the bigger picture the most coaches and we will -- let me turn the question around to use that you brought it up. You brought used the word concern when you concerned. But they were leaving the door open for Baltimore would what was going on the third quarter. And down and ordered him to point at. W to -- that down by seventy it's wonderful points at halftime they had opened up. Mr. evidently so it would not used to live from the lead its original question to leave the fine line between running the clock and -- keeping a significant enough lead. Is -- do you. All of a sudden go away from what got you that leap but do run the ball first half 20 yeah it was just Brady -- the bowl please the first theft. Notably the got the lead by running the ball also -- and it -- through -- -- -- the past threats that are so that was passed the fruits you know they get a clear a couple of what's it about fourteen and they know Belichick is very good. At protecting the flow of the game you know in what you need to do and so obviously. He was right not that concerned about the lack approach to view of third quarter because you know to -- is the most. Could -- -- apart to be in the first half is that when the school most points in the third quarter this year they've been through third fourth quarter the price points while they also let's not forget to last week. They lead at halftime was the first time they've done that -- about six weeks to. This week they're seventeen nothing -- have to minutes uncharted territory I've nevertheless that we're watching them up some 2.2 -- shall -- Angelo undergoes more debate over that I have little doubt that your life -- But he always seen such production the second half when I got there and even if that they're via. The Baltimore Ravens got to go analyzed at all that that could change the tide going right to have the go to Karl and bill record collier on the real post game show. Hello gentlemen Carl. I just think down got a gimmick and that the defense attack polling was much better this week. That's why did that at that -- was -- could never come back into the game attack -- and the coverage in the secondary in the line back it was much much better. And they can do that they can do some serious image in the playoffs. And now -- Back to them that the little this week everybody is blowout fire and a grant and that only the people -- at the end than Beckham. Well on the stole it away and you didn't see the hot seat did not like that did not like epic and the -- week. -- -- Solomon do overdue company you know vast majority of the object to -- -- do it. Of the vast majority of the public throughout the country about the same thing when. You move Fred. Let's look presidential ticket is no picks the -- every night and -- -- right very right -- got twelve dollar New York. As well initially you're going to leak in relative app or a week to week. So I think -- should I do. I don't government under which which we all try to you know tribal affairs show that's why leave us. The assembly at the Travis I thought it was one game from the top he's never been up civil list of -- of the sudden the twelfth time defending champ of the -- -- talked about -- David M brokers next don't really think it is just daily -- Freddie and Steve the prognosticators. Take now -- Barbara. -- you know I. Architecture and I think I I'm I'm I'm pretty good about the teen -- what they're doing right now especially but I have to. -- -- sport the -- eight boat in the playoff. I am nervous about the need -- the only scenario -- about it playing Denver resident. Or should break through and all the reason the world. At their blood -- crowd gave it did hang on hang -- with this win today. One of the things the patriots did. Was put themselves in the driver's seat to have a home playoff game. And only one playoff game before they could get to the AFC championship game whether that's in Denver war. In New England somewhere else they now control that fate if they win next week. They have the second seed which means that it only proceed to right which means there will only play one. Playoff game before the AFC championship game means that the FC championship game would either be in Denver -- could be in New England. So when you say you're nervous you gotta be a lot less nervous than what the other possibility could have been had they lost today on the Ruble. For a start I I rip are two completely acting in -- putting and not a great tradition that. You know it's just looking down the road I think Denver also -- them out in a great fit and more of them have it's a complete. There are gonna have an AFC championship game. All figures last you know any any any you know they're they're one step ahead of the -- that -- -- -- in the -- eat and then in that scenario. You know -- -- them in Denver it's really the only scenario that I am Matt. As soon as they go right to Tuesday. Were you worried about going to Baltimore to go this week. I I thought I thought I it. We are under would be a much closer. Would you consider your concern -- you -- you do there was a possibility they could could be right though I mean. Or soda and ask a question of where you are who are about Baltimore. Losing to Denver last year. I thought ball towards reading lights going -- -- a thought a million years I would vote and Baltimore winning there and beat Peyton Manning in Denver right. In a playoff to -- an -- to one of those who blows had to go to the problem most tell that you were overseen a San Diego and San Diego member of that -- full bracket right went right in my Troy Brown on Marlon and outreach it was a Marlon -- users. Here's two other points first you wanna look ahead to a possibly FC -- game in Denver. There to play this year in the patriots beat them. That's another point and the -- they beat him here which is much of OK -- what you also have to look at injuries and reportedly Von Miller might have when Benicio. So he might be and he's a huge weapon on the pass rush while I mean from the injury of all these teams for them to lose and by the way Wes Welker is not gonna play until they get the play. -- -- that's what you are also now we have sold a troll comes back you'll put Americans record got his huge difference and he made. You know he probably won't play next week -- give them another week to rest -- daddy are worried about delivers a scored forty points a game and right. The name is as soon -- they are a tremendous off and the way they run that offense it's easy to get tired of your defense it's easy entire ship there that that they have brought up. Six on 77797937. Techsters on the AT&T Tex lines has 37. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- by the way here is the scenario for all the playoff teams next week with everybody still something to play for. Even though five teams if you just tuning into the real post game -- five AFC teams. Have clinched a playoff berth but none of the seedings -- said except Kansas City will have the number one wildcard. So here's the scenario Broncos -- twelve and three play in Oakland. They could end up with the number one seed they can end up with a number two seed have clinched a -- Patriots -- 114 play at home against buffalo they could clinch the number one seed of the Broncos lose in Oakland. It can clinch the number two seed if they just went out right. Indianapolis and since he bolt won today they're both Canon five. Indianapolis to play at home against Jacksonville Cincinnati will play only -- Baltimore and Baltimore's -- on the plate for coz they aren't a whole scrum with fourteen total. That last playoff spot Kansas City is the one team moves in the playoffs are really has not gonna play for they're guaranteed -- five seed no matter what their eleven and four. They play at San Diego went by the ways and it'll planet and still has a shot of the playoffs cause they're eight and seven -- -- seven and Baltimore is 87 in Pittsburgh seven and. Answer Diego beat them in Kansas City yes they did if if if ball does get -- -- to succeed. Let's Annika. We wouldn't play the sexy well in the next break a model looking up at your legacy find out who normally the tiebreaker but Baltimore plays at Cincinnati at 1 o'clock. Miami plays at home against the jets at 1 o'clock. Pittsburgh seven and eight plays at home against Cleveland at 1 o'clock. All are gonna need some help. To get in the playoffs San Diego eight and seven plays against Kansas City right now scheduled for 430 so the reality is Kansas City will either. The out of the playoffs when they play Kansas City late. Or they'll have a shot and it may play Kansas City late we won't know that they're the only linking north to succeed in this in this tournament I think. The drive to succeed in order to board their attackers were also moved packets. That our our report for in his sixties there were being at Indianapolis in Kansas City. As you could have picked for aggressive fire Pollard Baltimore who is if you play if you end up doing Wheeler to a -- to a Baltimore would be at home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's one scenario for you we take a break here's one scenario. Baltimore goes into Cincinnati next week. And beats. Right now they make the playoffs because of Cincinnati drops from the third seed to the fourth -- Baltimore would then going to Indianapolis. Play Indianapolis in the first round but Cincinnati would play Kansas City at home. Get the tougher wild card team you would bankrupt right and McKenzie he's lost three of their last five. So now you got. Baltimore winning in Cincinnati. Go to Indianapolis to speak after that -- Cincinnati drops down a seed. Which means if they win their second login will be in Denver right because of reports seats -- Cincinnati a lot to play for next week. They don't have -- vote against Baltimore has -- 1 o'clock this is what the NFL dreamed about. You know relevant games commando -- looks up from buffalo and by the way Steve. The reason I did pick Pittsburgh beats NC I don't know what happens in the game to -- is the same reason I might pick Baltimore beats NC instant next month despite coming off this loss. Daddy doesn't know how to handle success -- adversity. They really don't I can hit the playoffs three years and wrote them won a playoff team let's I actually group -- Detroit of the of the if it. The Korea who did the team does not -- to -- -- report from that I think there you know and give them that they're pretty decent receiving corps that are decent quarterback. But. The defective. What ever however works out it looks like all roads will go through Denver I can't see Denver lose someone's got to be Denver and then. It would either be Yahoo! can unless Denver stumbles next week against Oakland somewhat well actually that I think they gave they game as it came to -- right now real premiere. One bit of bush. I've got a heated and -- we got to take a break cut taxes on the eighteenth -- text like 3790%. More go to break this as a pats fan. I saw what I needed to see if we can win in Baltimore we can win in Denver. Interest think. This is the real post game show your phone calls are next at 6177797937. For its -- TD last year here as usual. We'll post game shows presented by complaints -- insurance or complaints DD shop so you can save. Visit complaints -- dot com today coming up next we'll have a post foods honey bunches of -- Player of the game they are sponsor of the real post game show as is AT&T. Plant in the first round like this guy self protective cars the cars -- like he did an intercepted. Picked up for the 46 yard line. It's going to be. Bryan little -- came up with the pitch the ball with deflected like don't say hi to our and he can't -- says there was a little bit under the world. -- you have to think you'd be crazy you back here already. Baltimore Ravens radio network. Logan Ryan Ryan Logan whatever it takes to 2221. -- -- -- Now for the post foods honey bunches of votes player of the game as we're here. Closing down another regular season make tree kick off your. We debated in the break in had a bunch of candidates and tossed it around and hat. On the styrofoam cup that the 64 what did you do -- vodka. We end. What we came up with yeah. Is the post honey bunches of -- player of the game is the Patriots defense had to do -- for their -- today. Not only a bunch of guys who contributed to high compliment but it game well. Let's look at the logical reasons why we got to spread ignorance of a stroke was only give up one touchdown and it was on a pass interference call them and -- in the Baltimore really had to have. In their final home game of the year they had won six of the last seven. They throw up I don't. Pretty much the prize -- get as assisted by a panel. The patriots not only intercept him three times the score two touchdowns defensive numbers did you -- -- I -- four times. They passed if we had ten fast reflections. If five tackles for losses in the had seven quarterback can't stand butchery stopped him how many times of -- -- -- slice slice. It was a two motherless -- -- DN while we return in the volume down and I didn't see but. It was -- our post honey foods honey bunch about player of the game is the Patriots defense for there. Seven points allowed effort in a 41 says is Delaware and mormons. Ominous stellar performance -- says I like -- over Gregory all -- -- drama did look good today but their whole defense looked good it's it's not always what you see it's what it's an audible calls that Oprah fans is what -- -- -- -- what's -- actually here to tell -- that are -- there aren't any reason why aren't yet. And you know what 61 half dozen other guys are -- the other -- practice or in previous games order of words or experience or. Or of the court to -- feels more and more prepared you know there would be either one of those guys some more okay with. You don't -- grade -- one -- great players. A book is available played -- want to play with the consciences defense fund I love listening guys talk about the personal should be in there. In the united guys that -- show and other stations and there. Talk about oil output describe for the -- do you think that a guy who watched while we break down film of 2000 out doesn't all the guys he -- in this situation is still -- what is hero whether you were so called expert that covers the team or guys like you that played the game. Or just the average -- When a guy performs I mean I was always a hole which I understand I cannot talk about -- when the pundits -- -- to talk about guys that should be in there. They gonna put the guys at the picture that -- staff agrees gonna give them the best chance to win -- -- acknowledgment physical -- sometimes they don't worry the requisite majority Europe's week reports it's the guy who performs. Does -- guy perform for the fans is before effort to have for -- to coaching staff. What makes a decision he makes you think if you think you Bill Belichick is picking someone to play -- like over someone else for any of the reason. And then that he thinks that guy gives in the best chance to win. But you don't know what global text on his that -- corner clearing up you're actually ready colorful and I think if you have a guy that lines up in the right position ought to have to report about looks off. To find the open spot -- not seeing what she's going by the right alignment right position where there's a reverse of the guys on this. The deal covers up the blue go to the blows to listen every time we run to left. Right guys run underneath the etc. for a song Jason reversed but you don't see all the times that they don't run because he's that. 6177797937. Again. Make sure you kick off your day right would post foods honey bunches of votes you always -- Freddie don't -- -- -- -- -- -- local market basket. Today right back to the calls we go -- to California voice on talk with Mike Mike where -- you in California. Might be simpler -- at such a couple. -- north of upon pulled out there material that -- diaries and I Julian Julian has risen. Yeah Redwood City it definitely is well thought were better years ago and a joint winners out here where his memories of the country up there. Opt out on the -- they go. Who each house let's look at my brother. Couple -- upload to certain immigrant or where to gain -- I mean look at the issues are ugly at a particle could be ignored him whether an outlet I've met last. Rod -- one on Sudan. I'm not a -- -- -- their ability as a global power run team -- a main. You know we'll do it our conversation off the air ball this we all. The brought the name of Logan makers to know what misstep by Suggs who took but a -- that control it via putted fantastic job and I know we've played I am pretty sure he played some left tackle in college. Yeah like he did OK yeah so -- women YouTube guys help us out so Mike and I and anybody else that's listening. How different is tackle vs guard that the NFL level and -- difference between blocking the Lawrence Taylor or the you know you are heroes answered no because you have you have -- ventured that the run they didn't have. But they're good. In your defense -- not great. Suggs is such commute after apparently no differences when you're -- and office of god he has a space normally a limited more strict you know children too easy for of the draw also got help on both sides try to -- -- we gotta tackle. You got much more groove rule recovered -- you have to. Set up correctly hoping it as a way -- to get everything from your stance. To your mindset is completely different. It's no doubt if you're opening up -- -- Google over the spot techtag commodity fuel to guide you -- -- inside and the outside you can move around a lot easier. -- go much -- -- -- all at a very difficult to brought a lot of got a short legged. Don't have the movement range at try to tackle the bigger ranger so you put a guy out there that's not ranging. -- why it's remarkable that because he's not overly tall driver he has real good rated quickness it's a much different -- it's an open at least a great tough social -- This could block and really talked about you again -- avenue choked up -- drive me. Well quarterback clearly noted -- local develop on the outside don't know altogether and. Mike when you listen when -- this -- of Portugal when you listen to Freddie and Steve talk about the difference. And you think about it I don't think he can give enough accolades to. Logan Mankins not just him 'cause I'm sure Brady. Was very conscious get rid of the ball if he was under pressure not making mistakes they didn't Evan Turner was but. When you think about Logan Mankins having to play left tackle against this defense -- an Ambien as proficient as they were it's remarkable -- about -- to roll. When another leader of of thought when it comes to this. They were running two left sadly for reporting up they'll run to left side. May be part of that was going able to make is that overall blocker and beat you Wear down that left side you Wear down a guy like so so it was morality in the game right -- -- of -- sideline to rule out and such -- rods -- his defense he -- round two of the -- from anywhere but closed below above that giving is that one of the -- in that situation may be. Running to left is mostly it was part of that that I USA from a guy -- my hand down arms stand and up on the end. Is that one of the best ways to keep me at beta run me a run to my left inside of the -- but if you're if you're there to go below that don't want to back us up to bring the state of a they know always common at -- -- -- we're stopping Iran and its that tackles -- up increasing go play. -- -- -- -- -- certainly think the the character in go in the -- outward from. Pretty doubtful with marine is going to be okay hopefully the respect that we put you to be. Probably similar way to promote distribute carries. -- -- Want to get maybe 6040. Apparently. Well here's the all right it all depends on the team apply in this game they play. You know you want the big part of it ovaries quicker negotiable passes Ridley Scott is the best runner but. Whoever they play they're gonna design and and in so I think it was -- -- Scott bloggers are huge because they don't have a game plan. For the year and have a game plan for each individual team they play. -- -- that -- left arm and ever work out what's important to perpetual. If the it just came with Denver I mean people are gonna overlook its commitment here that that he -- -- -- -- -- is going to be up a a -- that power and being -- You can put -- -- and in the trap protect them and -- relied solely on middlemen are you a great. There and Cincinnati also beat them earlier this year so. It is what it is back to that they're carries. Sixteen from Blount today fifteen for Wrigley -- from marine the week before even -- Miami game they didn't run a lot of second half eleven for Blount. Eight for Ridley I think what's happened -- it back to the box score three weeks ago when they played Cleveland com. And I believe it's about the same distribution I think what's happened for all the variety. Of touches that the backs are getting the week before it was eight for Blount aid for release in three for -- so while we're starting to see now since marine. She's me since really is had a fumble trouble when they have worked him back in their split in the carries the majority of the carries with the Garrett want. And restrict blogs as were not enough to do reverend. Has been productive very determined he worked on -- productive just not because does law practice gets in the game he's doing pretty good job but I think. Really gives it a little extra Stephen lectured explosion that would. What's wrong that was from we're throwing. Three -- -- -- guys are Kim. -- actually. That last play that review Rambis said he was carrying through Florida voters -- -- to get that first round Sony image -- but you're right he's he's more. Shifty that a guy like blonde -- Ronald real -- -- good cuts. Aboard the world record in the one -- -- -- -- statement made a couple cuts were like we love that go -- got called back as a whole thing is it best when he thirty yards a really nice run but Ridley. What do you play a -- explodes. And yes he has great change of direction often got. All in Westfield he'll be up first when we come back you are listening to the real post game show. 417. The patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens and always possible next week now because of this big win. The real post game show presented by coupling its key insurance at complaints -- -- shops so you can save. Visit complaints -- dot com today 6177797937. To join us when we come back. We'll post game show is also brought to you by post foods honey bunches of votes and by AT&T. It's -- on the left side and he goes through traffic into the text and that's going to be the knockout shot for the patriot. Garrett looks. 05 left to play is gonna send them. Spent the rest of the fans home. Hey Chris this week we'll start on a long noted boldness. -- note in Baltimore for the ravens but not -- patriots -- 41 to seven. The patriots win on the road even their road record for the year foreign for the when their eleventh game of the year their eleven and five right now in the eleven and four. With the possibility of going to twelve enforce and still apostle right back to them the second 6177797937. We will have our Jo fish catch of the day coming up we'll also hear the -- forward guys in the locker room a couple of comments after the game interest thing. A couple of -- ones that have been tweeting out here by -- -- one. From Terrel Suggs won it said Suggs. What went wrong in the game he said I'll have to look at the tape and he's not a hell with that burn the tape this one this isn't worth looking at. So -- intelligent -- he's -- sense and now one Tom Brady on winning the AFC east quote every year is special but we've really earned it this year. And -- here him say that well some lost all control it you lost who'd lost two AFC east Cambridge museum in their. -- six I know in my yulia maybe lose one. I'd have to without authorities refer specifically to the injuries -- injuries and at the close calls that a -- switching -- a. They need a robbing Carolina credit by the general and the ridiculous job dynamite just so bad also that -- -- -- that he. What they're -- -- electric company have what they could have sixteen and anyway. Probably appoint I don't -- You don't think that cavity fluoride. You can't make it non call on the movement. And Miami's. And then also reversed call -- -- it still hasn't gotten an effect does everything on top but that's all we wanted to -- glad -- -- that blatant and on top of that digits fiasco. The jazz trio it's it's it's the call you yeah sorry the other fell war time I was called what do you it patriots go it would. Chris prices tweeting this -- talking to Terrel Suggs on losing to the patriots stuff happens that's all I can say we have to move on next week we can still get an extra. The ravens can still get in they lost the dolphins can still get in they lost San Diego can still get in they won the Pittsburgh can still get in they won so to those four teams won two of those four teams lost going to next week one others to comment Tom Brady was asked. About Peyton Manning breaking his touchdown record and he said really I didn't know that that's pretty cool. Mean what else you're gonna -- I don't know that's just his comment after all -- of the -- -- a little -- Musharraf but but but but what do I respect to a fellow professionals they should they should ask Suggs did you have a good view from the sidelines. I didn't -- yeah. It is Westfield photographer and all the volume other -- -- gloating like this girl obviously the at all. And -- guys are used in all due respect. I didn't let me that mr. boots hit it didn't much judge about to happen a lot of Q is the right perspective it. With record lots of players are sometimes six at a time rookie defenders gave us and spotted the team. One important point one points I'm like tonight we showed up in the first half. -- outstanding in the office -- record of points 41 -- against the -- reports on the road. A month. What's -- point. That's another week it's another great example of where they're saying we're one point underdog we -- -- -- you know that we can play the whole game and put up a record and report. Yeah but but you've saved all like it happens every week they've had eleven games this year decided by a touchdown or less by the way over on. By the way they're seven and four in those games OK they've had seven games decided by a field Rivera -- there's six in one of those games so. The majority carrying children this year are gonna be excited by word touchdown or less this does is it an. They've only had two games decided by more than ten points the DM. The Pittsburgh game in this game. So. I think there's I think you're exactly right must misunderstood that's what I'm saying is that burst or movie showed up and had a all experts after. Yes we're coming back from record numbers and then -- decision that Jack are we spoke we got robbed in the first time ever they generated Abu on the field. The last out -- caller to a charity that. Yet well look it up seventeen and up and start in the -- goggles and when he does nothing. You do you do get nervous because there's so used to playing from behind they're so used to coming back in the second half and in a close game in. And doing some think somehow and given up a lead before yes -- -- like when it was twenties and up and in the way the third quarter was going did you expect this game to be field goal -- -- -- -- added a bit to the way down the stretch to a look at the beginning and that's what word about their -- Bocachica. You're gonna sport 61 yard field -- the week before they missed the cut 42 yarder somewhere that mattered that -- a there was what was it they were awful and when you look at it from Revis are expected to penalties for everything. Even though there was a series of three straight penalties against the patriots after the I'm at road America so all of the barrel on the public the federal tobacco. For -- benefit all he wanted to talk about his audience it's different judges doing the best. Let's go to by the city president's friends go to Quincy talk -- -- Gentlemen Merry Christmas to all of you tonight to. Hurt most of it on on the radio but there are obviously you don't have a good solid went for the patriots. I'm sure what the ravens were where we Iraq c'mon this game because what I heard it. Batons. Basically market -- and that was intent or just keeping themselves to death and eight. How they -- and to do that. I think a lot of parents they they thought as he goes missiles with Kamal felt around the patriots. And beat them up a little -- -- -- -- three point I think I think they thought that they could. Push the -- round like they have in the past with better patriots teams I mean big tries to they pushed round better pictures teams of what you have on the field this year. I've a feeling they thought they were going to be able do exactly big dogs that are just alive for the replied I played -- -- the but the differences. They're not that they're not as good as most of you know the more personal patriots -- north by -- they think yeah that's right here. I don't and I was I was that was when my point is that. You know we heard a lot of history this past week which I understand you know by. The Raymond this year they're not that -- -- I'm not mistaken clockwork more interceptions than touchdown passes this yet. But remember this when they came into the playoffs. Last year they had lost three out of fall. Right and so -- does structure like elect you stop playing that well a lot of fiber fortify their losses solar. It was like bad -- it's gonna stop them they didn't so. This team had won what for -- -- fought for a 54. Overall. You know they ought to roll in the debris believed they came back to beat Detroit as a coach so often go forward but. Everything was seen to be going their favorite rockers got lost the audio two weeks ago and they've been -- we drop the Miami -- -- -- It's over like while the patriots are going to be a downer of the team's going to be opera but the paper it's really don't have those ups and downs -- -- teams because they take every game. And the analyse it move on. You know I really thought that Baltimore was a miserable excuse possible playoff contender. Yeah I mean I don't know how much -- knee injury was affecting him but they weren't mass army coming part of it was serious and and. This -- -- are probably farewell to two points about that -- first of all you right with these two interceptions and no touchdowns today Flacco got eighteen touchdowns in nineteen picks. On the -- he's had a horrible year their offense has had a horrible year but the other point about it is. They might be a miserable excuse for playoff team. But they might get in the playoffs next we know what what was the I don't know if you if you look at editors might Miami's contention pays for -- -- -- -- shot out. And their contention right. That's unfortunately the FC ordered -- army -- What'd they have seen as the best team -- the they have -- get a C news is also noted that got the -- division of of incompetence to the the north there that's right it was Chicago Detroit and green big green -- 77. One and might and a we're -- division might well Seahawks lost today at all I'm pretty sure this is a fact -- Ian Rapoport weeded out all that it's -- be gospel. Every AFC but -- he's talking about. Every AFC thanks for the call every -- or veto it every day -- to put vision. Has been clenched as of tonight. And none of the NFC divisions have been Clinton was Seattle's loss since it opens the door that San Francisco I believe still -- a chance to win the division. And even though Carolinas in the driver's seat they still have not clinched the division over the wall and even though they beat him. They have to play next. Looked up and bring what everybody you talk about the -- and the -- NFC Carolinas at Atlanta next week in the warm islands is at home against him today. Carolinas to New Orleans and Atlanta went there available. Live a packet veteran North Carolina when the division. The other way but again none of the none of them are champs of their division as. As of this week that's -- am I -- -- -- the NFC last year and it's you know that yes she's about it. -- -- -- Bought that's right that if you don't feel you don't think DNC's about a division I think that it -- -- -- -- I think the question of football you don't think the odds are better competition. Things as simple question I don't think that much covered it pretty anywhere we investigate we talk about teams league. A top five teams currently in the top five teams in the league are. I mean after Seattle losing today are supposed eleven as the number of Seattle and Denver mormons don't ever wanted to movement and I. Six and Francisco is in the top five and who makes. Patriots are an argument for the top five and then. The top fourteen to read that I want to the next from me would be New Orleans. All are to be don't want to picket funerals I pitchers -- top all camps -- Kansas city's abnormalities. Good -- children and and and don't -- there. Look at since then it's not that big difference on top fourteen basic tool have to BA FC they've got to do bigger two divisions that are a bit of Carolina. Are you put Carolina -- I would say. In the argument for the top five -- Seattle Carolina. San Francisco. New Orleans. Verses the top four in the AFC. Patriots Denver them as a drop Kansas city's probably the third best team well look here's Cincinnati let's get him there have been a record in out don't I just let yourself stronger don't get the colts. Colts coach -- double that took world forever and ever used for whatever and he has -- thinking about it they also beat Seattle but for -- -- -- and also. You should have Seattle beat submitted to separate -- that do to get choked. I think got to the top five teams you have tough fourteenth you could say three of tool would really they have an NC if you know as soon. Could have that. Don't even -- all we have Carolina patriots you know had a last second almost on the game. I mean I don't think this that big -- difference I don't think Seattle much it is I think our exit right now devers the best team football. And I don't think there's a big difference 31 in 41 of five old Denver and Seattle and had the best seasons the twelve and three -- and everybody else has four more losses so. They've had the best seats even Seattle losing today. Arizona. Arizona some additional figure that are -- -- a five right. Icu. Unit this visitors are not a lot you know he's talking about ten F five. Finally we were in the game border debuts a quarterback. Carson Palmer threw four picks today if that's the -- they wanted to back the -- go to Michael Clements Michael your other post game show. I look for a -- like you I wondered what a very important moment. An opponent's record in the playoffs without law. And everywhere I -- by the beginning of the season now. Our numbers were a lot lower in the red zone and overall modem ultimately came back our go to -- I think that empire. That's because we had an inexperienced rookies they're inexperienced player and -- well. Quite possibly but then then last week -- you guys had a little more experience -- the -- troubled result against Miami. Grunt is a huge target ground. If there's a reason he had -- he basically set the record for most touchdown catch by tight in his first 45 or whatever how many games he had. Because he's a huge target he can -- people out he can a lot of you can put a lot of background because they're probably not quick enough to cover. And defensive backs are big enough to cover that's why he's even more to threaten the result. All you do is look at guys like Tony Gonzales. Jimmy Graham. Even the wrong button more to us guys receivers Brandon Marshall got under John big that you guys big big guy a -- chart of the -- Big guys like that in the red zone have had the distinct advantage because quarterback. Aid does that was far to throw and usually can make that throw quickest was not a facelift. Pressure your photo -- control of the ball twelve premium to get it we start a couple of games for right now Grover treating get -- and he's got good quickness and he's very Smart. He knows we're supposed to be whether or the defense is changing they altered the route to the office of receivers and he also takes up. Two guys most of time how many go -- how many times have we seen him make catches -- is he ordered to shoot -- and also he blocks great he's got a profit of tablet -- seventy pounds the sky is. A fear on the best all around tied at a football well here's the facts in the six games Broncos with them they were number one. In the red zone in the NFL this year in the games that they -- without him. They were the worst. In the red zone but here's another extra point is we go to break. They were three for three today and in the red zone that's -- two rushing touched parents in the red zone Greg cut him one Vereen. On to a running back this is the real post game show Jim and Chris you guys are up next real post it shows presented like -- insurance at the plant ski. They shot he's so you can save. The music players and so. -- and I'm -- today which do not joke over the sponsor friend. We love flexible of the global commodity honey go but to think that regulation. Should of most food product but is -- votes elections go to your local market basket today also the real post -- -- sponsored by AT&T. -- Okay this is going to be close soon come down to this body's got to get to about the three yard line Rob Ninkovich had to tackle. Well they he came under center a quick so I knew that there's gonna either via quick directly on which which it was and I think now a little bit. Gave or elect of like I was going inside to where he went down it gave me. And I suspect or real quick and prices are at their such -- took him down. Rob Ninkovich talking about. One of the patriots too defensive touchdowns. Chandler Jones with a fumble recovery in the end zone with 205 to go. And then tape on Wilson with a 74 yard interception return. For a touchdown with 54 seconds to go to make it a 417 final. You are listening to the real post game show. Here on WEEI read back to the calls with Fred and Stephen just second time now though for our Jo fish catch of the day second. Ravens drive of the game. Joseph Flacco went first and ten. Throws an interception Donta hightower deflects at Logan Ryan picks it off the patriots get the ball. On their 47. Yard line six plays later Tom Brady on first and six on second or excuse me. Dropped back to pass. And throws -- to Shane Vereen. You've heard us talking on the station for years about a truly great seafood restaurant Jo fish Jo fish has the best seafood in town no bones about it. Football season and each week right here in the real post game show we feature the catch of the day brought to you by our friends at Joseph fish. Stripped the ball crosses the line. It. Tons of enthusiasm from the Baltimore Ravens radio network there who has that made you go up fourteen and nothing in the first quarter Tom Brady's 24 touchdown pass. Of the year to see the catch of the day at Joseph fish check out Joseph -- menu every day and Jo fish. Dot -- Two touchdowns in the first quarter was huge in this organic -- Specially the way to pitchers have started a lot in the second half of the season. -- -- -- which you know a relic that if you're real all's second half who's not planned sixty minutes. And it's PGA I didn't. You know to the Ritalin out like order collapses it's funny because it's a -- -- -- born of great opportunity man. You make your own up to management -- in America they need to play sixty minutes and it did the -- chick in the direction of the game changes we have it would reportedly. It did let's go back to the phones -- exterior to the real post game show we go to Jim in Sarasota Tom Brady's coming up in just a little bit hello Jim. They got hooked up there to your. They let them come up from Boston they moved around here so it is what you know I'm a patriots had been following since it's important. End I can say this is the most frustrating year I've ever seen out with injuries and every -- on pit stop over. The weight management handled. You know well current stuff that was a huge lol well there is better than Emmett Till they tried. They're you know there'll -- offered up the eleventh floor right. Yeah -- with all the injuries or 114 and complain about while I'm not plan. Don't know why there were eleven reports -- -- Casey. We played crap teams. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- or Sudan or the wall as the Baltimore all well and I Q2 eleven influential what is your point of the of -- -- My point is that there was a lot of players that weren't available to -- 00 boy here we're in Seymour after -- my son with -- I was. And it wasn't what you think you sung but. I don't oil imports in -- to be guests. Take a wild guess lies not in the one thing to resign him. Is he entered -- -- because one player. Or ailment now they'll play him or hold on second orally or second. Or the other possibility news. That like the other 31 teams leave -- society -- Where will not gonna play if he's not worth the money wants Syria calling if the patriots win this week at the second CD AFC you wanted to do what. I did not even gonna eat or you tell -- that they -- Lebanon will have an actual argument loss at eleven and four. In -- had a humongous would you call up to on the pick up to its. Business model and what's your favorite team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It what was going -- lawyers to question. A question we leave it all the right there. Okay in the big advantages. Is beat the ravens what will Google do what we want to -- delivered to the -- I -- about 10 o'clock when we'll go to Denver hey we're about Denver. And that was -- -- -- -- what about New Orleans. Now we're about Miami on their outward below Miami and Jim Jim let me ask you question what did you -- -- the sides Denver. Is it that they have. Third -- plaque that's why I hit it there's no practice where -- regular. Listen you're you don't feel good about the pictures that school will be -- -- clearly better than the patriots in the -- -- -- I am pretty him who has moved out of that Tia Jim was clearly better take him to a -- about him was clearly better than patriots in the if -- decides -- And I don't even know the papers read clearly -- that. You're in the AFC -- planes. And dividend besides -- but they beat them. -- the -- Fred's got a good argument they did beat. Everybody integrate our donors and your program COLT who's the best and the political and every you know doctor and I don't have a dominant I think Jim actually your brain to think Jim actually rep. Presents a lot of fans that feel like. It started in their mind this off season with a welcome thing to Brady's window is closing OK so going out and follow up for him you can make that argument. But don't out of -- a lot of fans feel like. That. You shouldn't be in a disease should be in a position. -- that clearly dominate the FC with Tom Brady. And management hasn't done enough. To do that big and well all right and there's a dominant deliberative poll but Freddie they also directed at circuit which -- -- -- but but the point being butch. It like we asked the caller give some examples we wanna. I understand Richard Seymour. And colored the record from the -- Richard Seymour it's not 2004. It's not Richard Seymour is not. -- -- big a difference maker in the NFL originally stated different -- -- -- -- -- and first of all the way you -- dominance is by wins and losses. There -- eleven I had to -- -- eleventh or you aren't allowed to effort and still retired for the second part of the second I could have been number one seed next week it biology and Hubert erupting. So what do you -- doable when I want them to do. -- -- by a million dollars on the interview did you curse him that -- understand eleven for I understand that. I think as -- the media. But I think the mood of the fans is not not I think it's more in terms of they can't they don't see this team as constituted. Being able to compete for championship. Right for whatever reasons. Does -- make a difference on the scene maybe. Maybe but enough about the letters of my six receptions by a virus project that I am not seeing a -- better I mean. Elements but the well I'm not saying that. The fact is. The pictures were in the exact ballpark. That coaches who were in the ball park cancer -- ballpark they were in the ballpark of what. -- sorry for in Denver he made the choice I can promise you this. If that money was offered to him by Tennessee. Welker would be here he had the opportunity continue his his career towards the hall of fame. Because he was going to play with Peyton Manning if he had to go out and play with the Blaine Gabbert or something like that after he would have taken. The save money that that the patriots off permits are the pictures were that put that myth to rest the patriots were correct in his value in the open market. They'll correct. Now we just want out of they -- tell -- -- -- not get any ardent fan Wes Welker that you don't think Hernandez's bigger loss I agree that Little -- I agree and rock in the injury in the usually a good point here is the point though. You just beat a team right that was on a roll. I've looked out it'll lose at all when they physically be a -- I agree with the jets this -- -- -- -- calling it brilliant Richards seemed when -- overall point was that it's been a frustrating year which we don't as a -- -- -- ever fool because it took Steve's point he doesn't feel like and I think there's other features in Detroit this. But they're not set up to win another championship which they haven't done in nine -- series. Agree all right but whatever -- -- -- -- our -- -- Chicago last year and Aussie couple questions. Did anybody believe that the embassies in the Baltimore was going noticeable with -- first season a couple of times over the giants won the -- of world. -- blog wrote on the remote that nobody thought that way nobody looked at those teams and think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But terrific at what she articulate such as the middle that Ortiz in the middle that's bad -- -- -- -- -- -- -- devoted to your side of it now. What I did so outside of -- ago when I'd be shocked. If the patriots. This post season. Do what the ravens did last postseason upwards of Tom Brady turns it on rose eleven touchdowns and one pick. And they win two playoff games or three if they have to ordering curriculum. They. Lebanon five giant it was apologize nicely and I'm let me finish now you're taught him it's true I would not shots I would not be shocked -- with big -- will -- I would not be shocked -- the law that would not be shocked if they do this tournament has just as good chance to do that turn it on. In the post season like you just said about the giants like you just said about the -- you know from two different look this -- Christensen and director of -- -- Connecticut John -- and those guys are up next yeah they've gotten out of David to come on talk about the two guys don't like about this is a real post game show presented by complaints -- insurance at Lansky the shops you can save. Visit complaints -- dot com today and by post foods honey bunches of oats and by AT&T. Attributable -- about. It's it's a great it's great it's great you know going into the -- the last game or season with a win going into that game. It's great momentum for -- momentum builder and hope we can go to for this when. Chandler Jones is one of the pages to defense of touchdowns today big day for Chandler with a touchdown he had five tackles. Forum solo did not have a sacked the patriots had sports acts. On Joseph Flacco. 417 they beat the Baltimore Ravens let's go to Chris in stowed on the real pros can -- -- Hey guys every Christmas Christmas -- And I had a couple -- I column last week about I don't know if you buy and we don't -- remembrance Mario we're talking about it and I. -- talk about it -- -- video. -- -- -- -- -- so let's negotiate be they had trouble getting separation like you know lead and stuff and at and there's been -- because they didn't exactly what I told to I got -- and listen to. And an -- to put pressure on you guys you know up and -- can't see the difference in the end that's. -- -- -- connects you shouldn't game and sort of relax a little bit you know I mean not a lot because they can come back but I'm. By the same token depression was on that side towards what that was like first. -- made it much more pleasant -- yeah yeah and this season Chris this season in particular. That is a rarity in happen in the Steelers game. It happened in the Atlantic game and now it's happened in this game when they've had breathing room very rarely of their breathing room -- almost any games. Right rate that that was what I -- I would -- if it weren't so I was. You know the other -- talk about trading at per pupil -- that so I I feel like it's still the patriots lost due to develop players rather to -- one. -- this is not to open so are you okay dot Angela. It's not told dispense of you'll whispered one your gear effect in the next year they. They have they they wanted one that they have on their roster -- applied. We're troubled bring in Richard Seymour for what Steve's told -- seventeen million a year -- -- -- anymore because drugs are for juveniles -- would treat you because that's just that's a knee jerk reaction some garlic and there's a jerk reaction after losing him -- when your -- team how 2.2 point. I think you win a championship in all sports three different ways I think you draft and develop. I think that you're most teams when -- we should do pretty good job drafting. And developing and sometimes it can be 76 round picks that you develop you you also sign it always equate I think don't I think you judiciously sign. Guys look at the Red Sox did last year but he laughed at -- in the offseason it's -- distinct. This is a combination is all nuances to all the different sports and I think the third thing you do is coaching. Coaching during the game but also coaching and developing players no matter how you get them. Whether they were high draft picks low draft picks free agent guys off the wire to -- -- -- -- Africans completed years. Into what you wanted to -- a lot of people bring the best players in the -- best players don't actually translate into great players. Great point -- in football it is different because of the scheme part of it I would say basketball and hockey might be a little similar because they -- systems. Sometimes in those you know -- high powered offense in basketball. Celtics want championships playing defense is I think what the patriots have been remarkable that when you look at all three years. While you could argue for against the -- drafts. It's hard to you cannot give both sides remain. A first round -- You know Richard been rare are now we're criticize and hightower gets offset by he's not brainwashed by -- when I yet. But by Brady in the sixth round signings like dale is Thomas that was horrible gets offset by Mike Vrabel and many others that they picked off for a while. So I know Wes Welker for what the second round draft choice giving a row Randy Moss for a fourth round draft choice yeah you're right there's -- you've got to. You can name any team in league right now and I promise you are going down there draft board and make it would -- shore it's easy on your -- point out the guys didn't make it. And the -- not than most guys don't make it. Well we're right at whatever runs out of things like your average look at all the patriots drafted Regis can't compare to what they draft. Look at the entire league -- or how refresh topics turned out a set up extra now because is not as many effects. -- -- -- 41 to seven today John and Rosalind dealing -- in Plainfield will get you in just a bit. We will hear from Tom Brady after the game 417. Patriots are eleven and four here's Tom Brady after the game. Tennis. Goes through sweets so. Another good team and they -- home so. We talk about playing better on the road and you know made a bunch of plays especially on defense and special teams so. We just have better start and then. You know the defense just played great so. It was a great win the I was great in any -- lot of confidence you know those guys play a lot of confidence in itself. One good play led to another and they got a fourth -- stop and missed a field goal so we took him into some opportunities and made a bunch of big plays at the end of pretty sweet. Your. -- It was a great job in the whole offensive line running backs to finish a game like that was pretty cool so. Here we have the ability to play tough and play downhill run game and when our backs get going reads like. Green those cuts like they were -- it was pretty tough to stop them. Our failures probably blend together on this kind of think what you want to look back this news this. Where you -- Share in the narrow off throw specialist is that it's hard to come by in -- she's really fought hard all year so. We've earned it and eleven wins FO is not easy and and to win division titles by these either the competition's pretty stiff and we've faced some adversity other teams have faced adversity. -- just the way it is and -- them. I think the mental toughness is what's most important and we've shown all year that you know even if you've been out of games and down we fought back and made it close at the end. I want them all but -- not. -- We know that nobody really picked us to win today so it was premature across the -- so did you take us about it. There's so no -- that as -- how do you account for us so. You hit it. -- All parties here are. There there's a lot left -- it in a lot of football next week so. Today's game -- season and you know typically as the season goes on the games get bigger because jet fuel and others -- there's fewer of them. And we government in place so. That's all that matters is trying to fairway be buffalo and are playing well once today and other defense we're doing really good so. That's going to be big charge for us and you know it's a holiday week so got to make sure we stepped up its work too hard this point. -- -- -- -- -- you know. -- injuries and over and over again what time. Defense doesn't like her come and gone secondary all come back on Friday is the world how. Yeah and we've shown that we can hang in there. We've been and there -- every team that we played this year so. The competition stuff but you know we just gotta keep -- -- mentally tough who's ever in there has to be able to be counted on to do their job. They showed tonight that the guys are -- -- whoever is in -- did a great job was capable of doing a job. But. This whole week. Here -- And -- that was that was important I think that that all three. Faith -- phase of the game really made -- -- place so. -- office there which -- done prior a lot of things that we did tonight but you know we played always defensively and in the kicking game it's. You know we're going to be tough to beat some posters went -- -- -- -- Well we have to win this week so this this week is it is our whole season. Go. Mean it's there's nothing more important numbers. -- -- -- I didn't know that that's pretty cool. Rules. Were. -- -- Yeah it was. You know it was it was a good experience for a team so. And we had a good message. -- Those great history great. -- -- -- -- -- It. Work now. Absolutely not there's there's I'll be -- it all weeks those that did that they're all going where hopefully we can. You know keep finding ways to get those and teachers those games are important. I think you know we knew that the dolphins have lost four games so. But it would've been as good command here without winning. Engine and teacher so. This is a great win against a very good team on the road. Just when you think yes. So much different Tom Brady this week than last week when he only answered two questions and left the podium the movie releases them. The movie they went to see on Friday. Or Saturday apparently was lone survivor. Friday -- -- Bill Belichick can go see lone survivor -- -- from a Republican -- Scott Brown in New Hampshire. As a house -- -- -- -- five -- burglars who have really have a rivalry but I am a -- was deliberate and lowered a favorite story gets closer -- right either jealous or one out of one before we go to break of that -- John and -- they'll return to -- in the rest of our calls. When Garret blunt. After touchdown did a mock dance about Ray Lewis. Andy and -- both retreated to Saudi and he said to me. He said I meant no disrespect to at Ray Lewis treated every Louis at all for that second touchdown dance have asked him before if I could do it and he said yeah kill that thing. So according to -- slugs it. Out. That's a bet that the mood that's from a very good then we have another I don't know whether or. Look joked stage. We'll post it shows and -- cup Lansky insurance we love them at the plants giving shots you can save visit compliance ski. Dot com today also by post -- and a bunch of the votes and by AT&T. I run daily passes intercepted. And imported goods being able to loosen the ball really territory -- people excited and I. -- -- The forty seconds left. The only. At this point is the fact that there are only forty seconds left on the floor. This is just positively ugly and. Sounds like they were expecting the ravens to show up today those flight but I read it as -- -- butchery and vaults popped up. 417. The patriots beat the ravens Steve DeOssie Fred's grocery it's the real close games dollar -- -- -- -- final -- watch this argument in Chicago August. Philly and Chicago has absolutely no clue what Phillies to a network covered anybody there it's. Complacency when she was -- of the period. You Buehrle got what 910 weeks of fall in. You know playing quarterback from -- and Sally you I don't know film or anything. And it's exhibition that it an equal to. And that's registered Georgia looked dominant -- it but he when we're deceptive if run right out of but when it comes -- -- wonder why the patriots were in the game Belichick. Schemes extremely well and get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First from the seldom -- Eagles this year of -- have played -- yeah. There's 1001 of the house on the -- and has a chance I don't know if you can sustain itself. There's nothing at my -- and what they see no we looked pretty -- prolific but at times it's nobody nothing that no currency. Just prepare you prepare for the big giveaway what do leaders of the -- -- preferred. I'll go back to the phones scored John Rheinecker had to write his notes in this house when I John -- I don't get -- -- to. I her court decision -- both view that the. And it popped in my eighth and I don't albeit this let me players' side -- it will be a lot. You can't -- Cut by 2 point 9 o'clock. To -- could go a couple of -- or -- you -- cut by Tampa Bay and I fixed. So pick them up particularly easier 10%. Tomorrow for a little while and he's got cut from here that it comes from two companies because he couldn't play for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet you have a slow and limited Kennedy could play the right alternative to have a picture of the incumbent -- -- Upsurge arsenal -- Robin tournament them. And then who are kids who picked him -- for a few weeks -- and coming to restrict more. The guys they have good reason it's I would jolted into the -- much revenues and that -- reduced the so. The silver -- some as too much room. You wouldn't you would regulate five names for him. It's so fielders the league -- we called silver slugger Freddie because in the silver surfer Rosa Silva slugger. So as far as the award that he was always loved this server serve as a person is on Africa to fool. -- -- -- He's got to vent your boys walk -- being a -- It's but except Eric in Plainfield -- got to carry our -- spring and on your on the real post game show I. -- -- Problem -- on -- -- we'll settle its logon emirates. I mean I don't tell -- the Poughkeepsie rule. It. -- eleven it's lawyer is what a huge game he's done about it. Let's put you political. But what I wanted to ask you about Peyton Manning. And and I'm very in the years that. Meaning and that he -- the ones who people. And I mean what would you do with these ridiculous that. It's just that -- -- that. He goes he goes down in the history game like Marino. Did it with would move more credentials because he has won a Super Bowl and his cutter and his governor's team to -- two Super Bowl so. As he is to win another. To put him in there in the top three I guess or talk to quarterbacks ever use you wouldn't want to have more than just once of double. Confirmed -- yet equally delighted. I mean I think sounded 405050. Plus it is invited to -- me you know. -- -- and I was sure it would look at Marino and operator was an awareness through mobile and Steve and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK I agree with -- point. But but let's look at numbers what the I was just look at the touchdown passes in 2004. Peyton Manning threw 49 touchdown passes -- broke Dan Marino's record right. He did not win the championship that year. In 2007. Tom Brady threw fifty touchdown passes to break meanings he did not when Israelis hit it there there -- -- -- -- did not win a chance at a period no input and this year on him an issue this year so so I guess my point is. Why can't the regular season just be one of the greatest regular seasons -- It's great but he's he was talking about the news talk about where he put Peyton Manning entered in the context of history and -- only -- -- -- and he's one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game. It's -- either her. His misfortune or maybe partly his fault that he hasn't won more super balls on -- -- put doctors don't know until I'm not a put his brother Eli had a because you won two Super -- some numbers and some numbers supersede. Reality like Reynolds numbers like right Brett favre's numbers like Bradshaw. Blow Brussels journal numbers for everybody an eastern city gracious because of the fortune of which actually are of the -- puts him in the -- -- category. No absolutely not -- -- quarterbacks. Because maybe 1010 -- president Marcellus -- some people will put him in the -- because of that sounds. Absolutely that I -- No she's not you won't you won't find bow -- on was the top -- quarterbacks in NFL history won't. This -- you will find treatment because just like Marino his numbers is ridiculous numbers globe. Dwarf. Everything else around while -- there are three. I just say in my lifetime there are three seasons regular seasons in the NFL that stick out my mind for quarterback above others in -- when he threw the 48. To duper and Clayton was remarkably -- unstoppable that year do you consider him their receivers are two things small receivers. Average tiger handler can members item though it rose to a bit but. The fact -- that you could you could destroy the receivers you could whale on the -- I -- I wanted to. You have these could mail he could win on the quarterback if you ever get to -- get his team like every one of those 48 touchdown passes ready to meet up and like sixty yards on the field who has the other two -- as Brady you know seven. I mean it was just remarkable fueled by the by the spy -- stuff. And then this year by Peyton Manning I mean those three seasons in my mind stick out above I'm sure there others. Come to mind remember being a kid watching Darrell Monica it seemed like every single week the chiefs were -- raiders and it was Lenny Dawson vs -- much of -- April -- He threw some surpassed every -- -- coverage is good prices drop and you know he's place that it. Well it's clear why we're watching that game to go over the storms have been which was saying they gonna give him after 21 touchdown pass out because they were thinking. That Baltimore was going to be the patriots and they were going to be able to relax their final game. The -- they were they wanted to give him the -- that number 51 today that's very very. Along with field have listened to more than half was in the country boy -- him one Abbott to sit 75% -- I don't know to open buildup of I was -- that bigger company I'm sure but. You could see that they were trying to get that action touched off form for that reason the encouraging thing if -- Broncos and the scary thing for anybody else sees that. That was a close game was a three point game in the third quarter and all of a sudden like the games are lenient. Meaning an offense without -- Welker turned it on and scored two touchdowns like two possessions -- bull. Game over an -- Denver's done all year but hadn't done it ready for like 45 weeks. Right president is wizardry program. Well the problem with this -- around the middle of the -- but walker. He's he's -- he's the second or third receiver remember all the credit anyway anyway it's not like you lost in a morning guy that he lost two years. At best second most likely other third guy third guy. Yeah I don't know it's like everybody's. Everybody's an option off -- honesty seriously so -- Eric Decker. Right running backs washer can look around us -- -- the field -- he doesn't have a great. Go to a good job but it's accurate and we -- recognizes enlarge the ball while he's a fireball. You want to Florida cast -- and just kind of you know tiger if just -- it just what you have seen him in person enough to put to spy on TV if you watch. The velocity of his passes compared to guys like. Brady. And and cooperative brazen and bring him. You know. He doesn't look like he's thrown balls are now putting puts it is unbelievable sparks he also gets rid of the ball at the perfect time you'll go down is who bulldozing Europe's secret -- you go to him. As were the best quarterbacks. To ever play the game but they'll still be some hesitant to put him in the top three portable Hannibal Montana that's all operating by the latest version of the Champions Tour television talks about it change yeah I agree -- -- overture puts him in the probably the but then again. We're I think we value Brady more than most countries goes. -- -- jealous -- Suggs Betty there were a lot of comments after today's game one of the most wrenching conversations came from Logan Mankins with reporters after his. Job at left tackle today here's Logan Mankins after. I know no one ever calls or can physical and I think it US again is it. Went up across from us we got some physical guys and we're were never scared to get after we wanna run and we wanna that you in pass protection and that's just the way weekly we're gonna tell you agree to do whatever it takes. If she would wait to -- -- right on us. Very well. -- get a lot of confidence in him and here in the laundry tonight we had some zone runs we called and we stretch the defense and he hit that -- perfect and went to times and that was the really interesting. Who was you know it's just out right. But definitely both those guys we have confidence that they're gonna find the right read and tonight when we got to block really did they found denies and there are enough hard. The yeah I think. -- saluted pretty balanced and then. We did a good job I think we scored -- and often first interception. I think when we get a -- -- on the next one or something so. And so history to score points off turnovers. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's out of field he's -- you do your job to. This -- your ability and if you don't -- someone else and I think he did a good job finding guys that are willing to do whatever their -- in their room. That was. Okay. I don't know we just. Whoever put up there we expect him to do -- -- and the that your rips a practice majority of the time and everyone's. Liberal professionals now. You don't get up to this level by accidents than you gotta have some talent and you got to know how to put well. It. It's. Thought that this level that you learn about the guy next to -- you're gonna get pizza. It's hard enough no matter how good you are posting the best in the league reviewed all the times that this had it's not an easy game you got a lot -- -- -- -- -- -- And this city. Yeah we wanted to stay balanced as possible in the I think when he told the runs. We did a good job Entergy and to keep Conan. He got -- -- often on the line of scrimmage every time it's hard for and called again and if you're productive and makes it easy for in the continued colon. -- -- Well the experts I know they always have all the answers and they really had them when they picked the winner this game. So when that they don't mention that instance physical I would say just go west again -- the lines and across new for physical. But there aren't. You. -- Oh yeah we. We had the division wrapped either way no one wants to win it. Back in in -- -- much rather. When it the right -- and that's we're fortunate that it meant to -- Yes we always. That's always a tough game coming down here I think have been here two or three times and every time. We viewed either lost by a couple won by a couple it's never been easy as it was tonight. It's we're -- they're really you guys please others like me. Great season has gone. -- -- Yeah I don't know. It is. Should have been really 41 when they started making some bonehead moves in. We still had the demon and pretty much the entire games though and it was nice that Lester I've offensively just to run the ball on the entire field and then scored touchdowns and that's that was one -- -- And that there was some very nice not to. After -- -- game winning touchdown on the last that a little relieving. So Logan Mankins brought about how physical. The teams don't think that the patriots can be a physical team that they were physical team -- specialist he's put the you know the pundits. The experts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's not if that's not them all. But that we. So surfer girls -- -- -- -- but. But -- I think teams take them lightly as the team that can punch you know -- board games or watch of affinity to look marker down the stretch they pound the ball out. -- Yeah I'm -- I don't regret it running football team and wannabe but yes -- the VR but nobody would put them. In the category you know the of what consumer grave physical teams in the NFL right now. I think they're way under rated naturally we think that was his point Steve got vetting teams underestimate them and they can be physically and I don't know don't think well almost -- you wanna -- is -- -- -- every time to feel islanders phrase I think they can be physically after. Don't have to be. If you have to -- today largely -- aren't you better off if you if you can be physical when you wanna be our big European that I heard on -- -- -- stay right there was maybe they underestimated us a little bit -- I don't talk about that are -- group on the table for the reversal -- is immoral for nasty electorate they're like to throw the ball. But they gotta strap it up and down a little but it will. It causes a team to change what they're doing opens up -- things so they got us. I did just what to do they have enough as cal -- to keep the team on the -- let me ask you guys you played a lot of football on the NFL. I've gotten to know Mankins a little bit and I -- you -- whatever -- -- question applicable. But here's what I do know -- still -- have you guys ever met anybody like him. It has one demeanor on the field and a completely different demeanor everybody else is gentle as a John August -- -- a welcome -- to our program. Lot of guys. He's pretty -- -- -- to -- -- yeah I mean people Broxton out there was ever -- quarterback -- program deserters and sergeants and gentlemen our guys you know -- confront those authorities -- you sort of securely covered there is a big soft enough that often cited as stupid -- -- you have to go with -- water Abbas goes to -- -- like you're all right -- that's -- but I did a lot of the plays all right -- It's a Wilfork zone of -- lovable guy off the field events -- But today -- -- -- -- you have to have that ability. To have the adrenaline the tenacity come. Come to where college kids a commander freaked out here that's why a lot most don't make America's don't have the talent that is can't -- -- -- -- -- that level of which -- that I can look at to operate its fiscal and it was a nights ago and Tom -- You know some of the things I've learned the most from you guys there's about -- put it all under this umbrella beat a professional what it takes to be prefer national. Football player because I look at the game. In three different ways there's there's the physical level the talent you have the tools that you're born with and you develop and come into the NFL -- there's the mental part of it. Knowing his defense player what everybody else is doing on the field guys like Michael -- -- -- -- and the most up. But then there's the emotional part of it and so many times bans. Want the rock -- stuff they respond to guys that to all that stuff in the snapped it seems to me that the true professionals. Like first of all everybody has certain physical tool you don't make it to via. Most get guys rather -- federal -- even -- diminutive ones like Wes Welker and and Julian Edelman. It toughness is beyond plus and on -- or mistreating bullet right from when Everest the mental part of it is the hinged in part two because anybody that's played the game. You know the emotional part if you too emotionally can mess with your mental part if you if you don't think. And -- that was Talib guys Don and exact North Carolina to become argenbright has been controlled anger. So when when I think about a guy like Mankins. And like you say it's common from the experience as you guys had good guys. I think about the guys that are able to perform under -- like the one thing I think Brady has may be different better in Indiana the quarterback ever maybe Joseph Montana -- the was just mental. -- like he always seems to make just always make the right decision. We're very rarely. Does he like you know get -- so so whipped up to a frenzy they struck a picket the reds well what -- it's hard to have to -- manager -- Especially quarterbacks at that level. I would imagine these guys heart rates don't really change all that much from one dollar and that's like David Ortiz. Yeah a conversation with -- one -- so what happens why do you think you succeed in these big moments I can't explain it to but I will tell you this everything gets quiet. But it has everything slows down and eyes aren't like it was remarkable look at we've also -- -- on the guy trying to cure because of interracial player not try to turn your -- because -- ball. And like said all the great ones I saw a play were Joseph Montana play were the Kelly played against Marino in Asia as -- watch -- -- -- already everything slows down to them. They sure looks like they're making decisions if. It's instantaneously don't put them. It's the Pope Opel which is its second major Christian the greatest quarterbacks in the world about the apology to do everything I don't millions of who you name it. And they can't adapt to the speed and make decisions are freaks about an idea why -- I can tell you this as as a mid level athletic talent in the NFL for twelve years. The game still slowed down but not mirrors budget what happens to those guys guys like -- guys when Freddie play the game we're. Or the way -- there's always guys that it slows down but to have to move to the great players. It's almost like they can tell you what what's going on in order process things process. At a a faster rate and they're able to the to handle things more. -- once a guy like Manning or Brady York of these of these great quarterbacks they have now. They process so what's more information than the average player in the and that's that's why the study has become such a huge part. Of what are over what vehicles -- it's it is so and the technology is there a matchup too that's a big thing -- -- -- -- left all of sudden you see something already -- the disease surveyed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's not forget that you know they only beat buffalo by two. Opening week -- you don't make imperative and that's why we're gonna and a desire to go by the latest game they want to begin media there reported with about. 30% -- said he did not have grunt and they don't Barack now. There were -- and every camera and they're Marines back but he Amendola had hail the -- he's -- and they have a little orbit at all that and just -- -- -- the game plan. As the young kids have been used it to differently solar so what do you collect our next weekend fox birdie and easy games played there -- -- -- level depicted as an easy way out I don't give a sort of like voting anti what do you expect I think it's going to be a perfect patriots -- -- -- -- two touchdowns. I'd go to Google that its role for a true. Oh lead through its go to buffalo all through increased by one -- -- lead they would -- -- -- -- great -- great I expect you on channel seven if I stay up late tonight for you to drop out of treaty because we know what you and Freddie and I were talking about this on the -- -- has apparently are now honey -- vote -- -- -- -- Friend Steve had not gonna get another half an hour goes to finish up on the real close game shall we hear from -- ballot shekel weakened back. Will be back next week with Freddie and Steve. It is the real post game show presented by complaints key insurance that -- -- they shop. So you can save physical -- -- dot com today the real post game shows also proudly brought to you by. Post foods honey bunches of votes and by the AT&T -- com.

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