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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, Joins NFL Sunday Live From M&T Bank Stadium

Dec 22, 2013|

Tom calls Dale to discuss today's Pats/Ravens and get his feeling on the Pats going forward.

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Fourth and final hour NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI a couple of things I should make you aware of as -- bring in Tommy current from CS and any. Peyton Manning just threw his 51 touchdown pass of the season so he has broken. Tom Brady's single season touchdown passing record he's now thrown for 51. He did that just seconds ago the Dallas Cowboys came from behind on fourth and goal from the end Tony romo's touchdown pass to Dez Bryant. That you saw three of the worst passes you've ever seen in your life from Kirk cousins. And the Washington Redskins basically gave them the game -- Cam Newton. Let the -- Carolina Panthers on a last minute drive. And is on the verge here beating the -- and saints they threw the you know winning touchdown pass with 23 seconds remaining. And last but not least Tom I I think I haven't text message for you here on my text machine. I'm fairly certain it's not for me it just says whatever you want maybe smiley face -- that must be free. Over. -- might be getting it from a football perspective Tommy -- brought to you by Tom's -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call. 1800 get hair. So the patriots have but clinched the AFC east without even teeing the ball up today. It's really. It's fascinating to have that happen -- through the global heating bill and and that obviously is an important factor as well for them to try and get that first round by the coast. You know we see this in their opener especially the wide receiver position also on the -- why they have to get -- I wonder -- I'm sure you do as well oh the fact they had this game works security. Changes. Their deployment. What you wonder how they'll go about this I mean look let's be honest because of injury there. They're fairly thin to begin with. I I I don't expect you're gonna see Tom Brady stepped out of the quarterback position anytime today do you think. Now I don't think that would happen by. You know. It's probably. Just. Spit ball. It's certainly an extra you got that look they can't. -- -- -- academic up into the position where Cincinnati which we take -- Minnesota. -- up into that I would sultry garbled that today -- like. Being the case you're still active. -- -- this one thriller and you know obviously if state things don't go their way -- Prime and so in the -- Are these great epic and in the first round of the playoffs and on how much things shake out. Around the AFC east the jets beat the browns today the only reason I bring it up is because apparently Rex told his team at the meeting last night that. Word on the street was that he was going to be fired at the end of the season and basically. Kind of half implored them to play for his job and maybe -- get a little bit today. I think history is probably going to so we now. -- -- All equation and part of the reason is because. -- can't tell you anything about it in the newspaper that whether by his or. What I want it requires a quick quick quick exit -- -- -- color we like. And that would be yet another reason I was. -- -- sick or what he Chauncey looked terrific but. Europe there are -- going to be fired Eric. Very Machiavellian I think from a the iron barely played and gone very well. Political self preservation bulky and rather. It's it's it and others received over the years when push comes to -- they're gonna cover their own. Posterior. We're. Well on the other part of this you know that the coach be fired at the end of the season thing. Evidently word leaked out of the Dallas camp -- my guess is Jerry Jones called Ed werder and told him. You know that the that if the cowboys didn't get the job done at the end that Jason Garrett could be gone. Tony Romo may have saved Jason Garrett job with a last minute touchdown drive. Right and of course there's also reports -- not -- -- for the periods. -- -- attention going on between Romo. And Jason Garrett so it's fascinating when you look at all these different soap operas -- probably scale. And the patriots who have there -- reasons to be a -- that soap operas what was one trench -- I hadn't. Suffering. A myriad. Number of injuries since. You know last season -- you -- -- the other one in -- quarterback. Currently under undermanned. Offensively. And nothing ever got pulled over and all the other places just embrace the chaos that -- story line out. Being out there and being emerge as a neutral on reasons and don't have -- appearances. In the playoffs they go at all. Let's talk a little bit about today's game there at M&T bank stadium in your thoughts on how the patriots will perform we've already seen the inactive list we know who's gonna play and who isn't gonna play. And as Matt and I pointed out earlier in the program and I mean no. I mean no dispersion when I say this 'cause I'm a little vertically challenged myself. But they got a bunch of -- at the wide receiver spot. They do. You know. Eagle there I hope there and I think that Al -- going to run on Aaron -- can -- now feel that the number. And drop a few tension over its site. I'll -- you about also see you know whether or not. The ravens in terms decides to try and get up and -- Big part of calling an illegal settlement and they can't get releases. Make it that much -- -- the -- to get any kind of separation now he'll still under the poverty. -- it will remain consistent throughout the last it was going to be dealing with. Elvis Dumervil Courtney Upshaw territory ordered Spector to run off that edge. Europe Korea likely -- -- -- -- but. It's a fascinating game for the patriots. In the realm after the air. What so many different things -- arts. Arrangement can still play defense you know -- who is the re utilities. Are a result. Based on warm ups and what everybody was watching down there at M&T bank stadium it does appear in fact that. Once again Logan Mankins will be forced to play left tackle. You know -- as Chris price pointed out earlier he was a left tackling college this is not something he hasn't done before. But hasn't had to do a lot of it at the NFL level. -- and it should at this point in his career at the same lateral quickness and -- earlier we're so at this point. You have a smallish left tackle. It was block fully built trying to deal with bogus -- goes extremely quick. That's vital that each week without structure and its emergence Bible and armed and extremely hot spot yet so. That's a very interesting matchup to watch additionally Josh aren't on the inside most likely. You're gonna have to deal or not parents -- and you know KP so you have we have got to -- -- -- -- to -- prior to last week in the NFL career. It's it's going to be very difficult the patriots. To look the same. Regardless of not a gronkowski or even elicit the beginning of last week it's going to be -- Patriots have just clinched their fifth straight AFC east title eleventh in the last thirteen years. We over rate how good the AFC east is an impact would you say that. The division that the ravens play and even in a down year for a team like Pittsburgh the the AFC north may be tougher to play in anyway. I think that the -- north has been more typical client because mr. routine every single year backs since 2000. It really I mean since the patriots since her book on their eyes that say 2000 reach out or the ravens but I believe spot out -- -- wrote -- But the pebble would you go -- -- a really -- a brief snapshot where that -- were challenged by. A little. Bit he. And and that the patriots. Until -- leader. Maybe could be pretty goods between. The jets the ball and alternate that. Positioned between Beirut and they're popular distinct thing in which it. A lot of people well patriots can chalk it -- at least every year. Under that the patriots the propeller and the rest of the early bridal separate presenting a threat though he took so. It ordered the governor Rick to order. They're loose every other pivotal putt -- I mean I I frankly thought that the patriots had so much on the line last week the opportunity. -- lot to control the possible top spot in the AFC and then -- -- mountain and really -- later today against the dolphins so so even with what they've got riding on this they can't finish lower than fourth in the AFC now. But they can finish as high as second. I guess the erratically technically they could finish first but Denver would have to lose next week in the patriots would have to win out. That the bottom line he areas. They've still got a lot to play for even though they clinched the division title. NATO and and the fact that. It's still an -- that are abnormal overall see if there and restore hope. Mean it's a requirement that they late salute the entire. Regular season you know because. What they're motivating thing at all -- -- In a whipping the British aren't likely communities are concerned. That that starts. Not compellingly. Overwhelmingly. Dominant -- -- there ought to work and it ought to Rick where they are at record -- the culture where. Motivational -- -- up this. Why. This week -- go to other I don't know maybe it's so epic of the motivational a little bit with these guys. Put it suddenly -- this kind of which -- yeah that's because usually. Spent a lot of time. You mode and -- it is at least let us and certainly because it was artistry to that regard Merkel will be. Trying to -- -- startled at school and some. I mean he was he was positively expansive with you guys on Friday. No -- I mean. He really is -- they'll. And the Super Bowl into south and that we for whatever reason to tell them or stop it apparently. And it was -- that we don't. Any many instances where he hasn't been cooperative over the last few years. By and large. He's a pretty good interview. On the regular rock club launch on out there eight times about what gronkowski. Me just to ask about our -- of peace. The -- are more -- order or Aaron Hernandez or something. -- I mean you know it's going to be a note the obligation flexible. They say. When you -- you -- all sorts introduced opting. Well I'll be curious to see how they performed today because this is one of the teams this week. I might go so far Thomas say this is the only team I can think of in the AFC that just doesn't really think all that much of the patriots isn't scared of the patriots. Doesn't Tom Brady doesn't make them nervous in fact they seem to relish the opportunity and Dean Pees seems to have a game plan against. A quarterback and an organization used to work for that seems to work against this team. Yet it has done an excellent job of understanding the basic -- of the pitcher. And I think that they were used to what happened. The main one being we were here to not direct order and now. And then taking advantage of of lectures -- this time we're. -- if you show -- December it will have a -- reached -- and I think the pre K here. Look. And see something unexpected. Because he liked me and like in your record droughts. And I like we acknowledge the way -- -- book. And at peace could put people or places that are not generally. Pretty. It will throw a lot that's why I think he really go to a football patriot or a club football is critical of the game critical to match ups -- rated -- the -- Patriot running attack which you know a little while. Replace -- not stand. You know I -- injury -- I I think the -- -- Look at the way to paper earlier post either. I see I thought that was going to be the case last week though I thought it was a Steven -- game last Sunday. I was wrong. -- And maybe year or Hertz corporation I don't know but all we've been paroled and I. Well I -- and I agree with you that they and it would be better because of the outside pressure that they can put on Brady. You've got that Vince Wilfork like presence in the middle of the Baltimore defensive line in -- not a if they don't run Ridley. And I know he's made it mainly between the tackles kind of guy I could see them. May be getting a little traction outside a little -- Well they could but then again bring into the equation make him get out there are backward Emeka Laporte it's somebody coming out. And feeling yet whether the wind back where you are gone up Mulligan are. We're -- meant to do -- It's going to be fascinating and air into the introductions. Now they're not in Baltimore well I'll tell you like -- NY. You know what I like Baltimore in the game for the simple reason that I beat the patriots they're -- Offensively. They just don't have an -- and players would opt -- And. -- up and down. End up or down you don't have that outside the numbers. Let. What you thought -- can do recover -- picnic on the ball on bridge here leader looks at present I don't want. -- we appreciate the time it's always we'll talk to next week all right take care that is that Tom eat current. Coming to us from him and T bank stadium in Baltimore Thomas brought to you by Tom current -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get hair I think Baltimore is gonna win as well. Something like 1613. Some like that hope on wrong patriots have clinched the AFC east. If they win today the Cincinnati Bengals clinch the AF -- north. And more importantly the patriots. Hold on and still hold at number two seed in the AFC going into the final weekend of the season. Our thanks to Matt Loper who produced this whole thing. -- current. Our Chris price Matt Chatham will be back next weekend welcome be alive from. Toby -- -- of this bar and -- pats on the Buffalo Bills enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone.

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