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NFL Sunday: Looking at the Games Today that Effect the Patriots and Other NFL News of Importance

Dec 22, 2013|

Dale and Matt discuss all the happenings in today's games including games that directly effect the Pats.

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So a couple of bills. On a nineteen. Play. 1993. Yard drive. That eats up nine minutes aisle and settle for a field and niner in there. But they do leave via the Miami Dolphins thirteen to nothing in what that means of course from the patriots perspective of Miami loses. In buffalo and their well on the way to all of that off. And the patriots have clinched the AFC east before the kick the ball off today down in Baltimore. I don't know that changes the whole lot because. Well interestingly enough as we're watching this game. You know that. Give the Texans credit their their -- like nick elbow match up just -- horrible interception. But you know for awhile there it looked as though. They have the deep possibility here at least up coming back in this game and and perhaps. Material that it. But yeah -- if if Houston can come back come back and beat Denver in this game and it's nip and tuck three point game right now. Have them actually the real possibility of the number one seed in the AFC back in the patriots laps. Tumble. It's it yeah I just can't even keep track of it anymore and I don't look at that ball floats and the buffalo game. And they're always an adjutant a kind of out of it at this point a year in the dolphins to -- like an opportunity knocked them they didn't take advantage again. It's just it's just too weird scene I can't wait to determine which would start tomorrow you know which reduced to this post season. Because it's going to be gamblers nightmare and you got. How do you pick from week to week -- teams. Or -- on -- each and every one of them I mean the only consistent team on the side of the ledger prior to this week was Kansas City and now they're one of the worst offender. Losing India -- apple. It's it's just. It is the one reason or I do agree Africa's appointment a lot of the last week or so is that if you look at the AFC tell me that dominant. Tell me this the Seattle Seahawks at the AFC. And the answer is there is a leader is now. And and and that puts you on a comfortable situation Little League because Seattle's not only good team it's been pretty steady and they have a good amount of not so close wins solely to tell you that we will have a dominant at times. But they also get the crazy home field advantage so there's a better guess that they might. It might make it through their side of the would we also know will be easier. On AFC side. If you think you know Iran. Before though by the way from the dolphins' perspective and Ryan Bailey has been running for light today. And he got injured on the last -- that he took in Matt Moore is now and it quarterback that -- while so. And Peyton Manning threw a touchdown pass his 49 of the season. And that this happened on that you know the god love the the Houston Texans they're making it close they might pull this off. And that job was horrific in just keep doing this would give UT a topic and by the end of your paragraph things will change it does. It. Now know enough about -- Tammy hill. Has been sacked. -- the seven this year. That's already the Miami dolphins' all time record course and orient usually gets sacked because he was Smart about it hero of the football for its act. But 57 times this year. We're surprised that -- Olympic off the field. Death. -- more miracle of that hasn't yet asked if you know but I thought one of the more underrated transactions of this in her NFL season. And something you alluded to earlier word you know Detroit has all this talent and has been it's you know looks like he should be so good. I think the absence of Reggie Bush were I think there was some unanimity that you know you're not economists are going to discuss huge contract that he wants -- not necessary work that. Missing that little explosive from the back -- peace and not really have much a running game there and sticking him in. Passing situation where it gets 57 sacks. Probably was one of the ones I think that they'd they'd probably like to have back at -- you've done a nice job Detroit in the absence of you know there are other problems with the Al but. It's kind of become regular greater appreciation for how much of an expected a guy wants. John McClain who covers the Houston Texans down in Houston just tweeted out this is another example why the Texans -- the NFL's biggest losers they're close. And shop makes a rotten thrown -- they trailed by ten and it it is exactly encapsulated their season. Now we already know they're looking for a new coach Wade Phillips is the interim coach ran will be American interim coach she's America and he will not get the full time job because he never does. You know Rex is Carty said he could be gone although he's ahead of the browns right now. -- Jason Garrett may be gone for the cowboys they're going to be some jobs open out there the reason I bring it up is that all of a sudden we get word over the weekend. That bill O'Brien's representative. Has gone to Penn state university. And tried to renegotiate. Renegotiate but it to law work. The amount of ransom money had an NFL team has to pay depends state to let O'Brien out of his contract. It was his highest like thirteen or fourteen million dollars. Now supposedly it's down like you know six or seven million dollars or whatever the number is it's a significant reduction. In the amount of money that would have to be paid to Penn State to let him -- And the reason that he's try to do that is that you want what of these jobs. You'll brands of such a great job -- stated such horrible situation. It just sort of in addition to be in their room and figure out how you sort of broach this subject. I'm not going anywhere what can we lower the barrier for -- Are you bring that up that's I don't really wanna go all. Let's just bookkeeping thing isn't over -- -- of money. I'd have to pay if I wanted to which I don't wanna do oh. Right way he wants one of these jobs -- and all violate that Dallas Cowboys job would be pretty attractive so it may be could world of former. Another Ryan brother in the door as a coordinator does and now habits Nazi in the bill that would go to a -- but you met him the other Ryan and indeed but now. It's it's an interesting idea I mean -- Leo as a as a quarterback developer you know guy who's dealt with the best of the best upon how he could handle. A -- Romo who's just right there super productive year. -- still can't get past that critical mistake things you know but again their problems morbid defense of -- and at the end of the day I mean would be great if they'll have to admit the mistake when -- about six point lead elect and stuff in you know the worst defense in football. Yeah you get deeper issues and that but you know that that is an interest in topic I was kind of half cheer for the -- cursor -- like the idea bill Leo staying in. David has stated but that's certainly looked like maybe maybe that -- I'm going to happen. So the Miami Dolphins have third and forever out of their own end -- Matt Moore drops back throws it out of his ends on -- -- the yard bomb that Brian Hart -- who dropped several today. Makes the catch on saves the dolphins' season. Until the next play when -- through and set it up a sub just next. Wait for wage for the the Jim Leonard I mean it's. Can you imagine you're you're a dolphins fan and there are a lot of them around England had never understood why. But there's a huge number of dolphins fans Rhode Island especially seems to have it seems to be accomplished summer. Maybe they do I don't know there in new report builder centers today at the winter I I don't know what it is that there's a lot of dolphins fans. And and Europe dolphins -- you beat the patriots last week you're good about yourself and actually that's our guys. And you go to buffalo. You have 48 passing yards through three quarters. You're starting quarterback gets hurt you convert on third and forever with a fifty yard bomb and then throw an interception on the next. And they had I mean you never wanna say this in the NFL but they have a doable apple put that way. They had two teams and -- mathematically -- granted they are division games solos always -- to be a little bit tougher tighter. The Miami left last week. You know what with buffalo on the jets left on the normal. And we'll schedule that -- very durable -- looked like something you couldn't ask for much better than Madden. That they -- management to thank. -- all by the way another number two is 'cause I love these things -- weekly you know the former Boston -- dark star for the Carolina Panthers have. As 23 tackles. And there in the fourth quarter. Port 23 and counting for Luke weekly who leads the NFL and tackles coming into this week. And Andy's got well 23 and counting so far we want in the game against -- Libya stick somebody in front of him just a lot and the environment summit in one. Welcome jets are ahead of the browns 1713. Not that it really matters except for the whole you know was -- trying gonna get fired thing I mean the jets are obviously out of all that stuff. So those of the games that are going on and the and the things that you care about more than anything else. We got to a texture from the for a once as hell no not Newport. We have class here -- they are but for some reason and another -- says dolphins fans in New England happened for one reason and one reason alone. And marina. -- from New Bedford. Right. Ball sailed on to the he's from Pennsylvania us exactly what the wineries at one -- I don't know I don't know what is clear is this. A fraction. Between Pennsylvania and and a big good citizens of Rhode Island to answer -- I don't. And I will take quick break -- one segment left with Matt will bring Tommy -- and at top the hour live from M&T bank stadium. You're listening to NFL Sunday presented by the -- insurance at the Penske they shops or use save -- at the plant ski dot com today. Well now techsters may have a good point that the whole. Miami Dolphins love and Dan Marino love might be of foul thing. -- have supported me elementary and all of a certain tracks that it was certain. Segment of the population in the great state of Rhode Island I don't it's a weird thing. Now I I promise you that the dolphins fans were calling in chirping big time. Beginning of the week here on Sports Radio dried up all of a sudden today -- phones are all broken but I mean where we don't take calls anyway thank goodness but I promise you that. You know all of a sudden today the dolphins fans are gonna go strangely silent they've all developed laryngitis at the exact same time -- cold flu season billion -- hey it is sixteen nothing buffalo while. Other starting quarterback is injured Ryan -- hill had to be replaced at quarterback by Matt Moore. They cannot stop the Buffalo Bills running the football Fred Jackson's got more than a hundred yards rushing all ready today. And you know you have you have the Super Bowl win for the Miami Dolphins last weekend at home against the patriots. And then you -- against the Buffalo Bills today. The mile cents really doesn't and will be talking about these bills will door last week where we won't know just -- would do exceeding talked last week because of those work. Where people will be falling and if the patriots three point for -- are not having a vinyl like kind of thing put. Both closed is that edged him through the south will fly in the ointment each time this year looks like yours yours Donna again. They gonna -- fighting cart cars are probably gonna go quietly into their offseason that kind of thing but. Effort Jackson's have a big things against him banged up at some fumble issues as well and has honored our day are ready early CJ Spiller still there earlier almost to rehearse on the ground so. And by the way Ryan -- -- came back in the game of course. Because you announced that he was brought up I said he got up off the -- -- -- the -- if you as soon as we think it goes away goes goes -- -- Ryan cannon L has said dragged his leg back out of the field and another dig down sixteen about think. The Dallas Cowboys by the way are down six but have the ball. In their game against the Washington Redskins as they are trying to. You know save -- apparently not only save their season may be even save Jason Garrett job I think -- both may be out of the way there's less than four minutes to go -- that one. Cowboys down by six but have the ball. And what is usually pretty good those circumstances is -- Well yeah when developmentally throw the interception wrecked by you know what I also. Look at this you know we were talking about the -- a couple weeks ago and there's a lot of talk of Shanahan tanking and trying to get out there I I'm not convinced that this isn't a football Susan puts him a tough spot maybe his job will be gone but. Kirk cousins but pretty good put pretty good last year to not saying you -- go with him overboard maybe might just feels like chairman -- -- was my way I outputs Wear out the door. That pretty played pretty balanced football you've got to you don't offer more -- in their have a nice day up to nearly a hundred yards and it's more of a ball control probably normal -- offense as opposed of the the other stuff. Announced today he's in my where the how -- kind of guy it seems that old but successful where what may be potentially helps to. By the way up people who were were covering the game the Carolina game against the war -- Cam Newton is having a very tough day back in that game. Drew Brees just let his team on a 93 yard drive capped by a touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham they now lead Carolina in that game. Really the whole NFC south title is kind of on the line in this game. And and Drew Brees has responded. Am new not so much and at the moment at least New Orleans leads over Carolina -- -- it is is -- -- interest -- turn of events I mean if we don't. We don't watch the State's closely about FC south the sort of -- or per view. A lot of the time but this is -- ten and fourteen if you mistreat competitive had to vote going to -- didn't. Blown out of the Seattle couple weeks ago but it's a team that's playing pretty good defense. Which again that's a mile coach rob Bryan goes down there and release -- transfer -- -- one of the worst groups in the NFL couple ice transactions suited draft 1211. Safety a -- was. We changed the face of that they've become a team it's you know to be in the -- and a thirteenth and their plane and some dog fights games sorts. Defense of blood and turnovers and come down -- -- -- player to hear it's not but Drew Brees dropped back and throw for 500 yards all the time. And the only other thing that outside of the communicable like. The the Denver Broncos have the ball back first in ten. They're at the Houston Texans 21 yard line in the dummies and that matters to -- Is that right now it's as they get ready to snap the ball on and run the ball. Peyton Manning has 49 touchdown passes on the season one away from tying Tom Brady's record of fifty. Now it almost think don't -- that if they win. If Manning gets his fifty at their 51 -- today -- Maybe doesn't play next week. We've seen this with -- in the past when he was out Indian out. Also taken me there there of that colossal he personally is -- John Fox I don't know but. Yeah they're gonna -- of this apparent again we have no idea what a snap -- address the issues we put it there is an incentive for them to play I think they'll be out of by talk correct. Or mean it'll bend deterrent and right you know I mean it so it if there's nothing on the line in particular maybe just Ecstasy and doesn't -- chase. Well -- -- we just actually through to the end zone in and missed his receiver it fell incomplete prayers Thomas and -- he was he was gone for fifty right there and didn't get it but at the moment up Peyton Manning is not only top 5000 yard passing mark for the season. But he's -- -- he's got a chance to pull off and he just -- Rico -- -- and there is number fifth. So Peyton Manning is now tied Tom Brady's single season passing touchdown record. -- his fiftieth of the season. -- know Wes Welker today about the way he's in street clothes on the sidelines. That I nifty little orange and blue warmup suit on over there. And Peyton Manning is just thrown his fiftieth of the year. Now that happened to me that answer your question maybe if they feel like there's no senate next week Brooke pull away. Most but pretty ray player by Eric Decker disciples match play and you know what I mean not to hammer this belabor this point we made earlier but. That's a link pulled through for you in the red zone it's not separation and it's not who's better and all those kinds of things -- just the kind of -- where. You lose the opportunity to throw back shoulder -- that the patriots have with a guy like Aaron Dobson. Now hopefully it was a blow to pure results this week and apart the offense but that's that same body type Eric Dickerson 62 were -- 34 whatever you isn't. Those kind of passes -- for quarterbacks and make for sure. You got one of those interesting philosophical questions coming up in the Dallas Washington. Dallas is trailing 2317. Now they have the ball first and goal on the one yard line with two minutes left. Karen -- the Redskins let him score right. To save as much time as she can. For Kirk cousins you gotta feel like if they're Smart. They take couple unease here run some time off the clock. Take as much time away from the Redskins is you can they're first and -- the one with two minutes left down by six. Via the Redskins bombing Richard they'll try to score but if they do. -- -- -- was down six I mean it's it's essentially conceivably got to Agassi you assumed in the points. Oh. Rivet down and distance here army says I -- -- London all of the law first -- on -- and all now my guess he has. Rubble taken knee he won't even try to score. But assuming they hand the ball off if you're the Redskins -- to just part the Red -- Addition after. What did we get this a pitcher -- Moses. I remember the Cleveland. Where they didn't really meant. I'm blanking on which game was but the costs or a little too fast left a little time up there it was sort of it's also happened actually in college football on state out of this issue earlier that the season but. Yeah I mean now we're talking just so yeah I -- you go I didn't want to happen is at some points -- -- over the other injured -- You know these chemical backed -- recommend to the time to go back at seven richest -- so. I don't know goal line stand for first down it's 400 downs because America they're gonna have to go for a fourth down that's come true most of that through Syria to write a poet. -- the season against although again if it if if you're Tony Romo and do some Smart don't you just taken me. You don't even try what do score runs right but -- use some clock first thirty trying to matter what. Well you know what they and it is when mark. -- -- It marked the outline and mark -- down -- as you continue to back community developer -- down Lexington notes in a third and two goal line that's mr. thing may just -- and take it which -- what. But again we're talking about the move with its defense did you talk about brought -- as. Well and that's part of the -- -- and a should put up their -- rearrest him your defense to stop. Them and that's that's the real crux the other approach you -- yeah. -- before we let you go patriots at Baltimore this afternoon. It would appear that the AFC east will be clinched before they were taken off I I don't picture Miami. -- back in this thing down sixteen nothing. What do you think will happen this afternoon one. Well my view is that it's. There's no right answer and and the reason I say that is there's a bit of a pretty Apollo bearable to both teams. Some historical and Baltimore's favor some historical knowing what's favors well topple -- view of how they perform after losses. Although filter those knowledgeable of the plane after that loss. Well the bad thing -- keep going back to that I can't get past. Is that. These things don't take place. In a lap like this this possible working at themselves had trouble scoring. And I hours like this patriots team when they've had a chance to. Go black figure now pleaded not good enough last week. Yeah and a chance to open it back together now the personnel additions huge -- and up comes out in the scheme that plays tenor twelve snaps its target once or twice. Missile theory goes up the door I'm presuming him at full speed. Producing. Tribune as he normally does I think that -- rule changes -- the story looking for one game what -- for an -- -- Dobson component a little different game plan in the red zone. In a close patriots win. -- 24 point one. I'm going to be the one guy in our whole crew here was gonna pick against the patriots. I think I don't think you can be wrong this week this is a predicament. Yeah I mean it is in it is truly epic and I just. I have got nothing to hang my hat on right. From the patriots perspective and to go about an -- And actually now you have even less to hang your hat on because now the game. In all likelihood that means damn thing. You know hopefully winning both leadership of monitors off in the locker that often happens they come in on a station James got -- just -- TVs do cost or not capsule would not want to miss. You've got your game let's play our game -- on the guys now you know Twitter support that can keep up the date but. Maybe maybe I don't know not a problem. You're on your way to -- and say to you tonight yes game all over the place all over the place and and I'll see you next week will be at Toby Keith for the regular season finale anyway it figured -- we'll take a break when we come back and just few minutes Tom. M&T bank stadium in Baltimore. This is NFL Sunday presented by the Penske insurance at the plant scheme they shops or use save. Visit to plant -- dot com today.

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