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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week #16

Dec 22, 2013|

Dale, Matt and Chris address all of the matchups and news in the NFL this week

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Our number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. Chris prices down at M&T bank stadium in Baltimore Dale Arnold Matt Chatham here and our studios in Brighton. I saw that the ravens posted their inactives Chris have we see in the patriots yet. Not to that point no I words -- credit certainly all the grace and you know we we I think we know five but at least for my money. We can credit definitely that duke they are not they are not posted their bare knuckle there in active that the. Not -- in Dallas Clark is inactive for the ravens and so lot. They've got some issues at the receiving corps as well as soon as you get Atlantis now on will jump inning give give folks the inactives as well. We'll take you around the National Football League right now -- and look at what's going on around the league there -- The outcome so why that might surprise you a little bit Tampa Bay as a Saint Louis. Tampa Bay is that a foreign tenth Saint Louis at six and eight they -- at the F Edward Jones -- and right now the St. Louis Rams. Tampa Bay Buccaneers that game it's seventies. Excuse me 7013. Five minutes left plain -- FedEx Field in our nation's capital is just almost too delicious -- about when people -- Speak the Dallas Cowboys -- -- this is one where I think Jerry Jones floats Ed -- you know you know winning get into a playoff -- the coaches on here. Well. You'll correct -- if a pack up the ball big trucks maybe right now the Redskins lead the cowboys twenty to fourteen. That's the three of eleven Redskins against the seven and seven. Dallas Cowboys one of the highlights though a touchdown pass from Tony Romo did Dez Bryant -- Wear down. Going to. However Tony Romo followed that up with a a key interception stopped me if you heard this before. A key interception Washington into the. It's the Kirk cousins there that's what we're talking about. Yeah that would have -- that I connected through court though that epic -- that got to connective no surprise me older. I didn't mean you weren't inactive for the second period we wrote we wrote -- got out of the people that jumped out to me it's it's about him being Parker. We saw him on the field going through -- worked out who you -- off. Always been out boy. And broke -- I think both walker and tackle. It was required to do creep their way and you'll from the Eagles. An -- -- well. Quote and -- to expect so what seemed to jump out here a couple of it's Super -- -- Fletcher. Our second of all over the rookie linebacker -- -- of a -- pick who's in and are remote to get the chance to Wear uniforms this week the requisite definitive figure most of -- -- In Flickr places that are. -- in sub insoluble slightly and he looked automatically receive them into securities the smaller linebacker employ make plays and it was so let's not covered the so called coverage will be the play nickel Obama will be interesting to watch. The only earmark of a little bit -- -- you -- to treat QAQ and you're right there that the complementing. -- the -- -- -- drew peeping at and value. In in if you're if you're obviously with a quick fix me up to -- Roger's gonna go. On the Tokyo they don't know what -- -- was discovered here the governor just to be clear -- circling Colbert -- future William. Linebacker in cloture like Ebert just -- can -- until he heard the circle Isaac Sopoaga defensive end. Aren't back to the games going on in the NFL five seconds left in the bar at the Jacksonville Jaguars lead the Tennessee Titans. Sixteen to thirteen sports the other game that. Well if for no other reason and for the entertainment value that we've been following here. Is the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns that the MetLife stadium and there's 616. Left to play in the third. The jets are tied with the Cleveland Browns 1010. Course they're coach Rex Ryan told his team reportedly at a team meeting last night that word on the street is that you know he's out of a job at the end of the season. -- we've worked from. Your GM or you're older is more important word on the street but that's the way that game stands of one of the game we're watching here in the studio is at Reliant Stadium in Houston. The Houston Texans committed this game with a record of two and twelve. And their hosting the eleven and three Denver Broncos. And it's been a little closer betting that many people expected 705 left play in the third Broncos lead the Texans sixteen to thirteen. That's the way everybody -- I look at them we're almost nobody would expect -- Through what you expect guys and Eric has it been an attitude is if your read on here how much -- that here. Denver desire to keep some guys felt you know on Melo went down and we -- -- -- -- today. You are the pragmatists are being careful about people out there. Well I'm I'm watching him offensively they're not being careful I mean take authority topped the 5000 yard mark for passing yardage. This season he's also thrown its 48 touchdown pass of the year. To the various Thomas -- -- offensively you're right Von Miller went out with a knee injury in the first quarter will not return. And I'm sure there -- a little concerned about that going I'm just not sold that's team can be a succeed we have severe ones as well I mean there there there in the tournament but there are not a -- Bank of America Stadium the tenant for Carolina Panthers host the tenant for New Orleans Saints De'Angelo let him for the big touchdown -- It's a -- let's do it. The ball to Williams dancing right -- back inside 35 there. That's that there. Irons in there and at some point -- And they got the extra point and in fact the Carolina Panthers lead in that game ten to six right now is the -- over the New Orleans Saints. -- I said there were some games here that. You know might actually. Count as being a bit surprising while I've got another one here for yet. In Kansas City and I know it's tough to -- in Kansas City especially in December at Arrowhead Stadium. The Indianapolis Colts lead the Kansas City Chiefs twenty to seven. 606 left play in the third in beacons into the game with a record of nine and five against the city of course eleven and three and great at home. And Indianapolis is gone in at the moment it's thrashing them around a little bit. Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati this has not been much of a game it's the other when we got on our screens here. 319 left -- in the third Cincinnati. Now leading over the Minnesota Vikings 42 to seven on the other Cincinnati team that Cincinnati team. -- that there are Ralph Wilson Stadium this is the one of most importance and I've actually help us off just for this reason. Ralph Wilson Stadium in buffalo. All -- Fred Jackson. First goal at the nine shotgun time this there. A project to -- again live down to the wind -- what -- connected but now buffalo. And they continue to make -- health life miserable or stressed the importance here is if buffalo holds on to win the patriots clinched the AFC east before they -- taken off down. With their -- or anti climactic division clincher all. It might be yeah if if if the end up. If -- if -- -- out there on the field knowing well you know we got to be including the what's the problem at all you know what's. It's going to be interesting to see how they react very you know they're it's hindered you -- you know and if all of it probably can but. I -- wonder about that you know that has heard elements you can. Yeah and Reuters a pregame had teachers who did a lot of now now they wait until the end. Ford Field we turn our attention -- later games Ford Field in Detroit for a five to 77 Detroit Lions. Post a five and nine New York Giants. -- consensus alliance are confident their ability another record should have a few more not just in the W column I don't think. Our record. Shows how what we should be as a team but it is what it is we have to. We have an opportunity to say that were not -- -- -- -- 717. Was given two more wins in the next two weeks. With the most and disciplined team in the history in the National Football League it would be better user ever won sort of quality but it. Was there in the three -- still Phillips sixteen weeks later that sort of smoke before if you lose to inflict this kind of thing that always -- -- -- -- And it's the reason why Schwartz and via the job you -- If I wonder if over the lions fan I would be physically angry -- really would be because that's been our goal what element both start -- we -- thought about that the progress. Pitcher you know you look at -- That the roster and you see how to fifteen and up in this spot every single your -- for me the -- watt light. Up from a -- what are perspective when you look at it but there is in the growth in the able to air fare much better triggered reportedly got into or. In congress that we took over in an -- that -- been altered and need to change in coaching. You know regardless to what picker worked senior you're sitting here for we're there because it's because we played their. Stafford -- of the pick it's like like yeah how I think the century link field in Seattle the twelve and -- Seattle Seahawks were six -- -- home by the way. Both the nine and five Arizona Cardinals -- -- says Seahawks are one of the better teams in the NFL but. -- -- I think they're very good team I think they've lost some games this year that team we'd be so I think knowing that they're very good football team. Dominating this isn't -- strong -- that there's -- witnesses. At home -- would dominate but that's. We'll see how it ends up Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego the 77 San Diego Chargers host before and ten Oakland Raiders. Nick -- chargers center says despite the 500 record. They've really gotten better since the start of the season it's been our goal all along. -- -- continue to get better until the end of the season grow and improve week to week. And see what happens at the end. Lambeau Field in Green Bay the 76 and one Green Bay Packers will host the six and eight. Pittsburgh Steelers course and again no Aaron Rodgers for the Green Bay Packers James Jones says it's officially crunch time for the Packers. -- -- -- business backs up against the -- must win these last two games. Definitely must win this and home so. We don't need match because they're doing even going to play investment for his career we need to -- to win. And M&T bank stadium in Baltimore the 86 Baltimore Ravens host the -- -- England patriots. Tom Brady says the ravens have given them some issues so they need to do a few different things to get on the scoreboard this way. We have played in awhile so they're they're -- with some new things and you know there come on a hot streak right now so try to figure out. But different ways it haven't had the most success against an athlete can have you played offensively so. That's definitely at some point. And you know you go back to what we are talking about earlier Chris where I said that the lack of respect. It and I put up my quotation fingers. The Baltimore Tom Brady does not -- the Baltimore Ravens won -- No no no you reader really -- I think it's fascinating -- in Kirk because part about this but this for the that topic discussion the other part of course we. Seen peace in the affected your Brady you don't want relatively closely or where were friendly and I think they're. Since he took over in Baltimore and I think I think he's figured out a way to kind of slowed things parents will Brady bill orders. Your personal -- whatever I think. When you look at -- numbers over the course of his career and I'm not talking about look -- remarks in. -- third term but. You know Brady has had and we're increasing the -- -- out here I think some it might be due to the fact that he thinks he's probably know with him a little bit better than you know. Very you know Alex -- And then Sunday Night Football well football night America this is the game we selected for -- America. Lincoln Financial Field the 86 Philadelphia Eagles host the eight and six Chicago Bears next -- says with so much parity in the NFL. Each and every game is crucial. Yeah I mean there's so much honestly get them out of your plan. Sunday Thursday or Monday whenever maybe those teams gonna have. Prior newseum on top of yours are you prepared. It's you know the game when you're having that we can answer minds and our -- game so every game he's going oh. And then finally Monday Night Football tomorrow night Candlestick Park the -- for 49ers. -- the four in ten Atlanta Falcons Frank Gore said it be nice to win the last game ever at Candlestick Park on Monday Night Football. We want to win a model you know what it will be great when did a great win last game candlestick. And just non. You know -- we can -- that's got -- you know we just want to do that -- kind of stadium. And when they talk about you know they can't -- -- and with a win so that's really going to be great great night. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get the win giving him we went around it shook hands and people stayed in the in the stadium sort of played it was kind of cool they were flawless voice of the well never -- the planet. They're great guys at recommend it to anyone who system of football airfare football history whatever. Under overcome that we've written by Michael Silver kind of going back and looking Eric. -- the heart and your revolution the football facility and all the great moments went back and thought come on thinner and bright and Ronnie -- he's young and very you'd see in. He would sit through a really fun -- what you -- your points. A lot of it reminded me of that sense of itself is its people out for fox repeated what part per billion bowed out in the market not the -- we want to watch football too. You know in in the seeing faction still -- Brooke if you whatever -- global agreement everywhere perfect you know what it was kind of felt it was ourselves or. Right it was -- don't open it and keyword there was don't before we let you go could you gotta go to work Chris would -- like this week and why. I think the patriots were missing just fairly you know I mean look every time he can't get together at the close one that ultimately decided on field goal. In you have to record torture permanent conflict anomaly here and know we are gonna get out. The last week got a kick out of bounds in the the field goal but. Acute and it's gonna come down to -- permit Google immediate local specialty. I think he could tell you that the -- -- department signaling and went with similar to 20/20 up. By the way one quick statistical update for you just because and -- -- these sorts of things through three quarters. The Miami Dolphins have thrown for 48 passing yards against Buffalo -- After math I -- if you're -- -- the NFL look at the Miami thing I should mobilize some Miami threw him but it's also an awful thing unfortunately. I think there I think that the reporter I think and being down there and you know kind of a little uncertain help me out illegally and there's nothing Miami really celebrated the Wall Street are really do it into the orbit about. Let go to Google. And apparently they've been drinking ever since that. We appreciate it we'll see you next week Toby case. At this is our record here that is our Chris price WEEI dot com at him and T bank stadium in Baltimore. I'll -- again about an hour from now there about the patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens Tommy current. Will join us from down -- -- -- out and take quick break welcome back with more just couple minutes NFL Sunday presented -- the -- -- insurance. Lansky bait shops -- use a visit Lansky dot com today.

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