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NFL Sunday: The Special Teams Factor in Baltimore

Dec 22, 2013|

It's warm in Baltimore but there are reports of possible T-storms and wind today which may effect the kicking game. Stephen Gostkowski has been awesome this year, but had a horrible outing in Miami last week. He'll look to regroup. The Pats have to watch out for the returns of Jacoby Jones who has been a game-changer his whole career.

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I every single week as we do them the breakdowns that we look at the Patriots offense against the opponent's defense and vice Versa and ultimately. We started it to be honest in Europe. And looking -- special teams and then you know it really made sense to do it anyway because. The patriots considerate and equal third of their team they -- deal. And every single week -- we looked at special teams we almost automatically -- while the patriots have the advantage there. Sure they do this. Yeah hi how I I think I can feel this way if you put the check. Our game. It's probably -- -- probable source for the simple reason of Jacoby Jones in my view was relief. Cingular is close to a single evolve as a non quarterback can be for keep the team where there. Because there's struggled so much and it Crist Crist broke point it would to -- it's important say. I wrote on Jacoby this week as a special teams guy but he is like a one or two or three catch -- game two -- the explosive big play marketing it in such targets but. He is a game changer in that you really need them because they struggled with all the places. So I wrote about decode this week I'd I'd I'd -- program and not hyperbole like. Legitimately -- and believe this especially from some people talk to offseason about. Rules committee -- from where the game was going -- all kind of stuff. A legitimate to leave the Jacoby Jones suit kick off you know -- -- -- -- pushed her hand back for another year. Because the performance he had in the divisional game against Denver. Which Internet colonize there in the as the touchdown in the in the Super Bowl. It's just that much more difficult to try to off that play when it's the you know it's the subtle play of who wants on the government side. It's really difficult to make the case the American public that shouldn't be in their but that just decided Yorkers game panel that you can -- case. So the reason I say that is because it's it's happened again you know that sort of come to a head again. This Baltimore team was last year's Super Bowl team the back in it again it will ultimately has October look like they were sort of left for dead they were really sort of wobbled around. He has a big kick return against the Steelers. One with the goal of the play were the coaches who model the feel little thing like now 100000 dollars an entity that big money. And in the -- Minnesota worry returns one for 77 or whomever -- 77 yard kick return for touchdown because it shouldn't be part of Africa are. It's kick short in the snow and perhaps that kept it at like 215 yard penalty if it. From figuring out -- output that that was the game too late for them. And -- the the -- position in the news in the Pittsburgh game and then he's been in early as a as a punt returner I would give it to -- slow or answered. A gentleman yeah I think in the return game. He is a longer our body so Jacoby Jones reminds me more than Joshua Cribbs as opposed to the small fast guys the Devin Hester in the old Deion Sanders and Dante Hall those -- of bite that's approachable closer to element. Jacoby is six foot two wide receiver was a builder which will look at track speed kind of guy. Make subtle cuts and high speed. Makes the right read explodes or like you shot out of candy just really tough to get down. But in the return game the sudden guys tended Google better barbies so good you still get some productivity there. You're also talking about probably the two best kickers in the AFC. End and look I've been saying all season long having -- how skis the best kicker in the in in the league this year. Back to the matter is Stephen -- he's coming off his worst game of the season is only bad game of the season him and -- coming off the came in which he kicked six of them. Including what 61 yards or something I mean. I can't even give the patriots the edge in the kicking department. Yeah what he you know is that and I I agree with you 1% you're right that it was Stevens worse because that's kind of a -- you -- have them right I'm glad I don't have a job or one mistake of the badness that you literally nature to our -- just noticed. But they have a ball -- day there and in Baltimore today -- to a -- of that we know it's nice down there. Which may mean that he's accustomed happened because discussed him favour local dozens dead last weekend it's true and you know you you over to it would be reports of pregame work -- -- stance -- you know what bomb on the ball. Where it's almost you over swing once hooked the ball -- hard real -- and golf -- killed it ends up two fairways over. At -- did but on this kind of day -- up accountable as well. Good -- -- Nazi can return maybe the best weapon keep both these guys from her one another's just a ticket now. It's important note though from the patriots point of view that Josh Boyce was ruled down he's the guy we've seen as the kick return for a while I was Mets played kick returner or to -- again. I know that really doesn't make parts for batteries and I think. I mean even even acknowledging that you know if you're lucky -- to kicks returned right. Right but if one -- is -- Garrett -- how excited. You know excited I know we'll get every -- that was blocked for the and then more of and that's that's something you know -- -- mistake free. But the guy I just that's -- for durable checkbox thing it's hard to predict where they'll go in there hasn't been a public sector productivity anyhow. But that said with a nice weather in these guys have to the bigger better legs and all the AFC between Agassi and all of us. Well given all of that and Belichick talked about this this week talked about how. You know a low many of these games are tight they they come down the last couple minutes you know it comes out of the last couple plays. And there's the very real possibility that the of that game like this between two really tough opponents could be decided by special teams and if that's the case. -- don't have the advantage that you have and most weeks in this intensely. With one group you're doing something you can't avoids punts so I guess -- -- -- map point of view maybe I'm over -- on the kick return thing in my -- -- it happened maybe Jacoby is -- chances may be completely take away from just bombed it down middle field. That'll give you shots and I think they're gonna get stops him in Baltimore as they've had a -- you know they've had they've not put points on the board. But that said you know I really look at a group that. Has been explosive and other areas. And the patriots -- -- and and rule we need that sort of next level thing that thing the sort of -- -- -- things you've always seen in the sort of better in championship years. The little extra extra -- from upon return a culture mechanic balked -- comes from an onside kick or. Thing to come from these serious. It's kind of it's an intriguing game for me from this point of -- the -- talking about two of the head coaches in the NFL to have more than extensive special teams involvement in the top Harbaugh started. And that's how it could spell check is Mosul office rushing coach himself so there's certainly the focus on both sides not a week where. UW Philip depress the hatred tablet just because they focus they're more and they've got the school guys that pay money there and Elektra thing. It's a week -- pretty level and and don't be surprised loosen up the last two weeks for calms down to a final play infield position will probably be a big part of. Not just on the first in the fifteenth a week in week out. Joseph Flacco has become one of the elite quarterbacks in the national football late. And he did it with a playoff run last year in which he led his team to the Super Bowl and didn't throw a single interception. In the entire playoff run. And -- came up here and beat the patriots. That they almost never have playoff games at home in the entire. -- go Harbaugh are run they've only had like two or three home playoff games. I I I know week here in new Englander wanna hear this and and you know your quarterback is they lock first ballot hall of Famer Flacco isn't that. But he's one of the better quarterbacks in the league. Yes but I don't like the work week. Are I think I just send you out of the batter runner off I I just. He's the quarterback I mean I don't look at him this week and think this is someone is going to be had shall receive from above Bryant himself last week. -- good things but what I what as as a defense yourself on the -- -- he's better than Bryant what his run last year. Was way above anything right Reynolds over to write this play in the last month -- -- not so much it's it's comparable and I think the thing with him last week where. You'd actually rather have them not punch it in -- him not turn it over the -- there you know not. Gifting possessions at this Christmas season. Of the week prior each -- -- -- she throws three -- about -- on seventeen interceptions this year eighteen touchdowns seventeen interceptions that's been the thing that's kill him and them this year yet and I and I think that's old Joseph who before you had that run that's kind of how we -- -- gunslinger the concert -- you can throw all over the field but he -- parts of our time to time there's gonna be one to two to three game. It's important it's important that you noted that this week because that's really been the thing it's missing from the pitcher's defense. To think you know you have to stop the big play that's a fifteen or completion which is okay which can't miss and make a 39. And you gotta get one or two balls -- you know and -- the turnover differential thing is were they were really -- and that kind of thing -- lead league blowing things away. The government taken the ball people so that's part of the tackling thing it's not just Egypt completion or not we've seen that happen several times governor since had a couple -- earlier in the year work. Yes the guy completes the ball on your -- right there on the -- you punch the ball that would Ninkovich who pursued mail was known here but. Those kind of things so. There's going to be opportunities from Joseph he's gonna give you one or two or three -- -- -- in the event the -- -- get one up because you've got to -- Norman OK he'll fit one in the editorial Jacobi from time to time. Can get it off because will be opportunist -- well. Last three weeks all wins. He threw. 68%. Almost 69%. Against Pittsburgh. 58%. Against Minnesota 53% against Detroit. Are couples are pretty good defenses yeah I mean I'm not a huge Detroit fan but I got to give them credit they're pretty good defensive team. And and perhaps more important well and in against Minnesota he did throw three touchdowns but he also threw three picks. He didn't throw any picks against Pittsburgh Detroit Minnesota heat. Three of those for chuck conducts. Yeah you know the neat thing and will be kind of you know it's more their concern down there the -- talked about here but. I wonder because they've sort of had this flight from running game like neural personality and as a mineral rights. Story of years past. So if she's a little mobile and you know you have some issues right think -- pocketed softness right in the middle of his lap. I think they actually do pretty good job -- Eugene Monroe left that'll be really tough matchup for Chandler don't wanna watch. But may be the boldest comes out of Sandler as we can maybe that means more threes that maybe that means -- -- -- it doesn't matter who's in gun or not the ball comes up quick. The patterns are shorter -- wrong with guys like Jacoby in those kinds of things but. I think we'll find out. Early on just by style what they go do. Workers' health as a because of it is an issue it was a terribly mobile cart before and -- -- -- -- too -- to pass rushers so. The patriots kind of you know old -- that's sort of feel touchy Feely thing the first series -- to see worries that. Maybe there's some indication of what they think you can do based on how they approached them early and you sort of Bulger came and around the go laughter and give him to throw those bad -- to. Does it feel like the only. Defensive back for the patriots who plays uptight on anybody's -- And everybody else at that seven yard cushion it feels like and I don't you spotlighted this earlier in the season about the cushion in a row how much that playoff coverage errors. And if they do that and it's that you know the quick three step drop get the ball out quick. They might they might kill the patriots by the death of a thousand paper cut right while I think one of the things that happens with New England were. And I understand why it's gone this way because they've. How a lot of uncertainty up in front of them you seemed like the scheme may have simplified slightly because there's been so many. So many new faces you know. Logan -- -- -- a solid job and you know you -- -- Fletcher instill ago and Jamie Collins hasn't newbie Grohl and doctor hours part I totally different position in the and so what shuffling. I feel like the stars a lot less and we spent a lot of time in September October talking about how that was sort of the evolution of the defense. That's all back together you know -- core value in. And they're all talking together in the back in and you -- moving around and that's the -- good. You get some defense looks now which just generally tells me you've got a lot of new faces are just lining up and try and remember what to do try index acute -- thing. But not play at that high level moving in and out stuff. In your right to leave his definitely is best when he's got a guy who's not faster than you can get up in the space and be physical he's a really good jamboree road guy. Bought that legion disabled and who this week right. Maybe it's a week like classic in Miami last week he covered everyone Aminu who's on the short Matthew son was placed on he was on -- -- some room in that maybe there's a handful plays against. Against Wallace while he was kind of all over the place Ellison who's matching who kind of week. Do they feel same way about Baltimore -- Portsmouth the -- vertical run in age from pastor kind of guy in. Maybe that's not pleased must match up I don't know but Jacoby -- got that about a two Marlon Brown is a -- good players is 64 would be a better body -- match what is he a big enough. Factor in the game -- -- while ago -- when your better guys on remote payment model that's true so but certainly some some question marks. One thing I would note there was tolerate him who we often talk about agreed as a slaw maybe that's more of his natural position less comfortable on the outside the tickets -- lot. I disagree slightly I know he's given plays up on the outside but he's done a lot of work on the outside roost on pre salt stuff wanna play the games a point to usually tells -- that he could do it he isn't always. Terribly consistent but he can be a good outside guys the -- value for versatility. Was that if he chipped to give him a big guy -- a lot through three at Wimbledon. Lot of the office went -- but it was Arrington essentially on Torrey Smith most of that game one of the hottest vertical guys in the -- coming -- And there it went really well so maybe they feel like ground again that's health question to -- one of the -- to abusers nicked author. How out of the fuel day matchup now but I don't think he's really -- himself to go past the lesser player wants but just like to. And Alfonso Dennett is not working out for coaches earlier in Tokyo to -- ya guys. But I'll be curious to see if he's able to play and if he's able to goal. I think that would take some of the pressure. Off of a guy like like Kyle Arrington lot I think if they've almost and ask too much of him here. -- -- I think his versatility his wife got the new deal and I think because he'll -- their every week that's important -- he's competitive -- that he's got the little Red Cross -- it yet today it felt would help but Kyle because Kyle can play outside -- -- you're watching a film we realize you know we can't just units are selected by Israel to watch the play is -- -- on opposite -- -- -- that of the -- -- so. You can do both and I think that's why like -- gives them some versatility. He's not a surrogate Leo take the other teams trouble water Seaver. What gives them sort of a just peace to move around if you comparable woods can be competitive what clicked Talib in between that you and they went down anymore either. Boy it's the ideal flexibility I think -- got its affect the most and -- you reference detail. The -- the guy who was playing a little different level in in in September than I think he is now he's him and spikes of the -- through guys in the field who I noticed post play lamps. When you watch clips of them I noticed the date change and it's a guy who looks different than he did a guy who looks. Frustrated maybe assists up from where once a Democrat or staying up there fighting -- I think his struggles have been -- a -- you still they're in every -- fight song and now bought. Didn't back to where he's being disruptive making plays would be a big big jump with a much as Chris mentioned that it might -- that the fuel probe and if you give. We'll bring Chris back in in just couple minutes from and and T bank stadium in Baltimore where the patriots take on the ravens at 425. Tommy current will join us from Baltimore later on in the program as well. We'll catch up to date on what's going around on around the National Football League in just a couple of minutes here on NFL Sunday presented by the -- -- insurance at the Penske they shop. So you say if there's -- Penske dot com today.

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