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Danny Picard and Rob Bradford Break Down Pats/Ravens

Dec 22, 2013|

Picard and Bradford get down to the big matchup at 4:25pm between the Patriots and Ravens in Baltimore. If the Pats win, they're in ... but it won't be easy as the Ravens have certainly had New England's number in the past.

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Welcome back sports Sunday at WEI on -- cottage rob Bradford phone lines are open boy is 617. 779798376177797937. The Christmas Christmas don't. Now it seems bizarre -- gates tried job at Loper seems. Intent on playing -- zero or. That is our weak side of a format change that we don't know about easing into something out. Your guess is gonna. You know shop and got -- Is that what Monday's for that's Obama and the -- on the lead into Monday. And Tuesday that mean c'mon this. Well why don't get that I don't get that game. I do not understand that must be rushed that you have to go shopping -- or Monday. It's. To be there on Monday so you're not running around like crazy in London. America. I have to go I have to this this lock it in for couple hours. And buy some stuff in the MLB dot which strategy do you goal in the old what you -- body or are you sort of let me just go to the mall cigarettes vague idea AM may be you know -- because it's different if you know yet it'd also be. -- you never know what's gonna present itself. If you get the helicopter flying around the there. Really it's not there -- but it. But I don't understand I have I'd know I'd know pretty much what I I wanna do and I have a game plan and buy it. I couldn't I've been busy -- You've been practicing for the media again it probably in the Dominican Republic the other day with that winter meetings they've been practicing for the mediate meaty game been pop. Are you upset that we come and it today and is not what I'm just not gonna go into baseball I mean I'm you know I think Bob -- Major League is no god but that you know. Some of the things have gone on recently having her era you know you mentioned -- I mean to me that we Marty pat you upset that we don't get to a lot of baseball to. All because of cowards on -- -- -- spirit are covered everything it's 6 o'clock from the seven on Thursday night on the -- at the top jobs also apply to reality. This is just reality in reality the reality is that we we basically gave you everything you need to know other than the fact that you and -- At signed with the Rangers didn't but -- got -- Although now because what you real quick what to think. I hit it a little under what I body yet performed for money really athletic guard yen went eighteen app I have no idea about ten million I thought he gets -- year's one. I'll get back the patriots excellence 7797. 98376177797937. This is sports Sunday WEEI programming note again NFL Sunday would dale on old Chris Bryce and Matt Chatham. At 1 o'clock Jesse is in Seattle. What's up Jesse. It shows just Warner and kind of about it created -- situation appetite and spending and so nobody kinda held down Arizona. You know it was pointed Tom Brady always. Look for. I would save first things first of all I think we should just look at this season as the season isn't over yet they you can't go out and edit item right now. A what you do would you play with the guys that you have like him and that so called to see one guy that I can say -- come -- back -- will be. Aaron Dobson right he is going to be apiece as the caller the last segment called Danica was like -- in PB. They said they are dots is going to be a big piece in the red zone will he could be one guy who I thought was going to be a big pieces team offensively. Was -- pumpkins I'm still sort of trying to I'm trying to wrap my head around. Why he's not -- how to travel and practice and for a good three weeks. And I guess I'm not how much if you can't play in these games why Ewing and all their practice. Is this situation which you need more arrests and -- -- we can't watch the whole practice that I only get away and me as much as he's limited we only get limited access so we don't I guess we don't really know even want women in his. I mean the great bill Messina to be out there filming for Comcast about filming these guys that at the practice and seems stretched out by -- Once the media leave if you go outwards to any company property you hatred practices. That -- you leaves after a few minutes and then you don't know what happens after. I think that Tompkins. When drunk was down in the first 56 weeks Hawkins was a guy I mean look Dobson Tompkins -- these three guys going into the season. The conversations were all right Brady needs to build chemistry these guys and I was someone that honestly believed they shouldn't. You know by the time week one week to roll their eyes and not too late to go out -- trade. Repeat time wide receiver that's what people want to do what's that he can't do that I say focus on. Built in the chemistry with these guys now the chemistry was built with top -- honestly -- -- he -- it obviously built adoption they have some big drops to that was part of the head writer with every last drop some more big catches. Yes Tompkins was a piece of this team that can help them right now now wisely plan. You know let the injury is obviously visits in three hours is still something else in. I mean I don't practice what you think it's something else I don't know what's what's going I'm wondering why I thought because everybody that talks this week all the even beat writers. They all said yet pumpkins would be back before Dotson and he got Tompkins and -- don't know yet there. Well that's a good inside of the -- evidently not. If it. Recent recipient through that the caller -- good point about because it's. Gradkowski is no week is no guarantees about what accounts about a week article we get it you wanna talk about freeing up. -- -- already brought it up by one we're here to educate young pines. All I'm saying is that if you wanna know who was going to be out of reed to tight ends next year to Michael Finley is going to be out there Dustin -- is going to be out there. Britain Pettigrew is going to be out there and is that a it -- is going to be out there. I'm pretty awful this at all knowing what it's right up on battling. It -- -- as well more grumpy back and I know people say well he's got now he Gilligan at training camp in and day Gannett he's gonna do everything he can get back look. Did what we know what leads and professional athletes is and we talked about this and they show with a guy like. I don't to different sport I don't -- happily even Rondo until it's got the same -- gonna -- with Rondo because brunt of the -- to contact you seem all that practice. But just because everybody else's he's ready to go doesn't mean that Rondo field he's ready to go mentally. Is a mental aspect to coming back from serious knee injury that is gonna also factor with gronkowski. Because if we think that all of these Clinton training camp everybody's got to go to -- all of a sudden gonna return. We brought -- that's not gonna happen don't you -- and you won't get into. The free agent hiding conversation but I'm I wanna I wanna focus more on the now that's at play Baltimore today and this no freeagent tied and walked him through that -- come up previous plan for them today. There is no big name free agent -- and market today to plan for. Dodge the question goes to. Can make it is I think this -- -- been devalued this conversation about how much the patriots have lost and can they realistically. Function and I know that people have been optimistic hats on and I'm optimistic. And that's fine because it is -- self try it's it's a two week conference. You have one maybe two teams where they are saying that's gonna present are really really big talent this team has beat a lot of good teams with. This injury depleted lineup we understand that. But we have to take a step back to -- -- a step back Wednesday. While they have a whole lot of key guys missing and when you get to the playoffs. It's a whole different ball game and the defense -- -- mr. is the biggest issue so all the grunt talk again and I tried and I'm not trying to tell you that. The patriots of about it without crock I'm not trying to tell you -- -- isn't the best receiver on the teen years. And and you got hurts when you Lucent. And it doesn't get any easier it's a whole lot -- to score points in this league especially as we see in the red zone without Rob Gronkowski I believe that. But I think the bigger issues. All -- defensively now the offensive line I think today in the news and it's all the warm up play. That's that's another issue because once -- does go down the next thing to me is give Tom Brady protection I mean -- -- was planned. The -- was stopped them and are up against and and if you can get to number two protection ever really had a quarterback and -- -- if you can give them protection. You're gonna and that -- going to be able to make plays you get speedy receivers that are able to get opened the longer they have to get open I mean -- just that that's a fact. Told you can get Tom great protection he doesn't have pieces and up speedy receivers -- He could pick a lot of defense which without -- if -- to protection but now adults older. I get. That's that's my point that's when I came back to about talk about today's game that's the biggest concern it's. We know what the Patriots defense probably is going to be against. Why -- the Patriots offense function we've seen the Patriots offense shut. Down. That to levels that we haven't seen yours is. When this has gone wrong or that has gone wrong and what can -- rock Dave's exactly what you're argue about. How uncomfortable. It would be without the Gradkowski safety now -- the pass rush shot the it. That's an uncomfortable situation. All takes it and we talked about -- -- -- points in the patriots scored 21 point that I mean you have to look at. -- go to Baltimore Monday night and that woman at what 186 field -- you can win in this league. The look you can quit in this league but he got to play the defense let me ask that you guys let me ask you this. So with that scenario with that uncomfortable scenario of Elvis Tuberville and Terrell Suggs -- coming off the heads and patriots don't have an answer this safety valves. Are being covered. Pretty as the -- downfield they're not able to score points. Do the patriots have enough in that situation score eighteen points. Against the Baltimore Ravens team because you can't -- to point -- just the ticket as we saw on an idea that make it we can also discount the fact that I'm sure the guys ample Sunday. 1 o'clock we'll talk about this. -- drug -- coming on with that drags. Coming along with -- us from Baltimore just after eleven. But one thing we cannot discount. Is that this isn't just the game this is the patriots going against Miami. -- against their nemesis. That nemesis the Baltimore Ravens who can win their key guys who -- playing for something -- one ravens also play right. Important pretty decent yeah. So we -- without your key guys you're going into Baltimore gets the team you always had trouble when it gets the team is playing pretty well. That's why. As much wanna put on my optimistic that and the one that you're wearing right -- your -- -- well. I'd have a hard time -- you have a contract to beat by drain and you just keep -- log on its Christmas are all are we showed you these sorts of Vermont. If they -- sponsored not -- when Aaron. Oh and the route get off the phenomenon are the number eleven but it'll acquit them like a cagey about commercial value in ever. And we'll do it setup. Who gave those that my parents in laws are your parents at nine. While by New Zealand bottle yet it was. Little advice yeah repair answered they go to the store and they ask the people want to yeah whatever I ask the balloonists have peace hydrates. What do those what's the what's yeah most soccer Christmas if -- yet. I don't. Nothing it's I don't I haven't even thought of that did this that's something I wasn't prepared for it's a question I was not prepared for my dad. You know he's great. He always very thoughtful thoughtful human beings -- known. Every Christmas. Decide -- sports books. Like magazines like previews like Sports Illustrated. Yeah like that Sports Illustrated preview of the 2000 start -- -- -- That's all right it's all right the thought that counts yeah. I thought maybe you did something with -- that you wanted to tell us. I'd go back to start is what to do what you I don't I don't doctor I don't know I have to think about that flash cars this box you know. Yeah. -- -- Now now. -- lost his goals that the vote that's for applaud via text. -- beats by Dre headphones sits on 77797. 98376177797. 937. We're talking patriots here this is what Sunday he's rob Bradford on Danny got -- petroleum WEEI. Dot com is gonna join us at 11 AM he is in Baltimore he was at the Celtics -- SA goes right to Baltimore. It's already he is there is no doubt in my mind there's one thing I know to beat in that brags covers more. Boston sporting events that anybody. In the history of Boston's where you -- latest. -- do you -- what do you think he's gonna say about the patriots chances. And so on is he won the optimistic not like it's like right track -- realistic it is yet so optimistic isn't realistic rattles -- tracks and Chris rice are both in Baltimore right now. -- for us and Chris Chris is he's been cranking out great stuff that's -- this week I'm guessing -- picks the patriots. I think contracts might pick up the tracks might be in my corner so you got to derby giving us up at Baltimore while I'm -- and -- I'm I'm gonna give you might not gonna happen and art patriots 26. OK I think is gonna be out of them on field goals in this game as well. Eyes we saw Monday night with Baltimore IA bank that they're going to be times in which Brady is gonna take some scary hits in this one. But there will be other times it would Brady will be able to adjust Reid did the defense at the line of scrimmage shorts going to be -- in Baltimore. But I do that the Democrats are I think that defensively. This is going to be something going on there at the did the patriots defensive line which they gonna get the Flacco again I just don't think. And I'm not to sit up Flacco is a mobile quarterback went when his -- completely healthy. But I also think that he's gonna make some mistakes off Bettany. I shot and it took money night I don't care what they tell us that he is not I don't you cannot be right at that at Disney but then. What we see what needs taken hits like that he's playing injured. He's plan backed up Gemma Jones Rob Ninkovich those guys need to find a way to get -- if you need to take Chandler Jones and what they've done. In certain situations in which they need a big -- third down. Moved -- -- inside bring Andre Cotter and on the outside do you have to know your army can accept -- got a mix more that in. Because you need you need to get Jones and you don't and that what that does is that's gonna set up is secondary to make a big play of the eternal. This Patriots defense movement forward if that's one thing that they needed to. Whether it's today -- Baltimore. Next week against buffalo. In the far you know build the divisional round of the playoffs because I still think that they are going to get a first round I do and it got to get a first round. The patriots and I think. They can watch -- lock that up today yes ridiculous what even if they can't Cincinnati if they don't Cincinnati plays Minnesota you'd think. And at Cincinnati is gonna win that the band that play. And they play ball. In the last week and that'll be a dog fight will will see what happens of that but I still think the patriots are gonna win. Got to get back to receive -- first round -- Regardless of who they play in the playoffs -- did what you need to make sure you do. Defense of movement full is come up would create some turnovers and the -- how you do that is get the quarterback this patriots team going into the season. To me I I thought that the identity was going to be a ferocious. Pass rush now you'll lose -- you lose Kelly clearly that hurts that -- if you still have you still have a couple. Big time players on that you know on the yen's -- get and but you don't need to do some things you got to meet and mix it up a little bit. And I really liked the idea of movie Gemma Jones more often into the inside all -- figure it out. Believe me I do think Belichick's got to find a way. To get to flatter -- body is gonna find a way to get the -- You're gonna call terroristic person. Would ever -- not a -- I think they're -- -- -- -- to create some turnovers I think today is going to be. Really yes I think the offense it's not gonna look great it's got to look awfully ugly at times but but I -- Eat as ugly as it looks don't they still find a way it is I mean look they're -- seventeen -- Miami. And wanted to do was come up with a big stop -- big tackle I mean at the end of the first half from Miami. -- that's -- the defense and that when Wallace. -- over the middle maybe you don't what I can't get past and I just can't get past what if the ravens. If the ravens were talking about all the different team home. The players that play in more and more like the ravens patrons who used to play. And it it we keep talking about what this could happen to find a way this and that well you don't like. They don't have. Rule for that don't have mail they don't have -- -- -- the -- gas at the you know you could talk about. Moving Sheila Jones all around to keep -- Andre Carter being up yet. And getting there in this. But. If if they don't they still don't have these guys now. To meet you talk about Taylor Jones be in the Keaton to meet. Still the quarterbacks through this defense if you can get these guys these quarterbacks healthy and playing like the hat earlier this season. Then that goes a long long way and I know that correlates with the with the appetizers I understand that. So that all help. Daddy I am on the U. It's still I can't not put the patriots score on top of the ravens to war in this game. Because of that one thing that I've seen too many of these patriots ravens games with the patriots having a lot -- -- -- -- -- right now. And the -- you mentioned the pass rush not a correlates with the secondary end and the question is how do you get these secondary how do you get to -- How'd you get -- -- get these guys rent out -- to rest. I guess the answer that question knowledge that the first round why. Which then again while they banged up right now all. You know I don't Heatley says I feel like it's it's 36 think. Yeah it's I feel like at 36 think like every NFL play -- -- -- think. What. You have to get to the quarterback to be able to help that secondary all right I'll get that first round -- We wanna take the patriots calls fault lines are open 61777. On 7983761777. On seven. 937 he's rob Bradford on the -- god sports Sunday Sports Radio W yeah. The patriots do -- good job of anybody in the league and have over the years. Fitting players and their offense and taking advantage of things that they do well so. Each one of those guys you're talking about they fit a specific role. You're talking about eleven and eighty I mean their did you get any stuff they do this short passing game inside routes. They do great job of that. I think a lot of ravens coach John -- is trying to say is the next man up philosophy is something that the patriots. Continue to have to use nominates sold the outfit is damn this afternoon involved the Long Will Logan Mankins beat that left tackle. I would say probably he was the -- stepped in to that spot in Miami this is a huge loss for the patriots. Now we know how big of a lot gronkowski is banned but even with wit that loss you know you still do have some pieces offensively coworker on its face it Tom Brady still the quarterback but. You need to protect somber. You know -- I said before that I was a hard time putting my optimist hat on you know even without. Optimistic. But you know is the Christmas season. Can double the mall Monday trying to look for a while ago I I guess he has -- those springs pop them like and at whispering. But I want to say this if this Christmas I feel like I should delivered good news I feel good about. Sitting here with you today. Talking sports I've been trying to dilute the good news given knocking it down -- yeah I'm about to IO about the XQ. Raised fancy football upsets of all time. And the Debbie guy he -- -- the it -- the football all you can think about that. This man did you normally do -- watched we have a sack. A WEEI dot com Pete Davidson in Blacksburg and not the guy that I -- going against tonight Michael Fabiano -- dot com. But he Davidson -- clocked. Yes it chat for everybody if it is not just me out there this is chip he's just Sunday we can yes. A lot of league with a two people in the finals with the money so it's did not -- I don't know fun and it's. Exactly there so I encourage people to repeat games and chat on W dot com clocked. And not get last minute as you might like for this for me. Roethlisberger should I start Hampshire sir Alex met the guys -- five touchdown passes. There's a lot of questions but I feel good about where might he made it feel good about where I Mac. Going to a Christmas party leader today sitting here with you -- give you some optimists. I would I would play Alex Smith to be honest. You I would play out and opened -- I would play Alex Smith. I would. I would play ultimate all of a bad. Angry that that's why you're angry that what you need to look at the weather agreement that's needed that's why United's champions that directs excellence are you ever get my okay -- -- on that -- give the -- I don't want to I -- -- hit ya know what you're gonna -- -- -- -- 77797. 98376177797937. -- -- It still have a hard time seeing -- game. By all these things that you're talking about could happen. Putting chipped it to inside country Carter rushed from the outside get the lack all that pressure Arnold are stupid row. By deception you know they cannot vacated in June of Joseph Flacco is dangling knee ligament. All the things. Normally if you cooperatives that team they could catch you from the inside as it did before which teams have started to pay more and more. There's no hope for the no Mayo. Well this Baltimore Ravens team. Number 32. In the league yards per carry. Number thirty to do that plastic case note don't know I'll meet you currently. 33. Point zero. Only six rushing touchdowns. To if there is team that you're able to excuse the DDB cart ways of doing things. The -- elect the party are native tubby guy. When you know would also was in my head about the ravens and if we wanna talk about this team it's -- -- they're looking more like the team they weren't last it is looking more like this well look at -- like that. One guy on this offense that's not a Baltimore and will not be playing this game today is a global. When Michael backed it -- playoff from the Baltimore have last year and what they did offensively and court -- should have been the MVP of the suitable he should've and the MVP of their -- a post season. I mean I remember it catches in the playoffs and get -- Sunday. He was coming down with balls that I have never seen any receiving in the history of the -- come down. -- the job for -- turned Joseph Flacco went to a super ultimate bizarre trade president yeah I don't I. I still won't get really really get that we will -- you love to have -- carry on -- and now the 49 has had -- him and Crabtree has returned. What's up it's different to succeed right on the NFC. You have to go to Seattle. Noticing Eliot. I mean I thrived -- one team that has a chance I think it's Carolina. Only because I'd love did the. Yeah I still I do I it's a David against and I still the 49ers could be them. Repeat Kara could implode at some point well the 49 they already beats Seattle -- wants to see exactly got to dig. Capital in the Seattle guys understand that it's it's a tough place to play the toughest. -- the toughest in the but yes -- your last question two I think this -- and beat them yet there's still think someone beat them. He's great point about in one -- If you can talk about the ravens team about them being trending toward what they were last year. -- right he was set to -- he was Oscar. Still you still haven't holed up lately but but well. Listen I can might might pick is there that far right but were pushed my pick aside and focus on the optimism. Focus on the things that might get media changed my mind before 1 o'clock before. NFL Sunday start Chris price match adamant Dale Arnold. Tell me change my mind I I implore people to provide -- is going to be on with a little -- -- have a but maybe he can change their mind plays -- -- I'm not look about -- is not telling this purposely because I've seen all you need to have some optimism in your life or patriots and needs some optimism I'm not just telling you this because. I believe any parent. -- don't is because it's how I feel I mean I do think that if this patriots team with some of the players that they still haven't his defense if they can create a couple penalties. Things are gonna be different with what -- -- That's not good enough. I'd be I'd be more. I need more -- in -- -- At six -- 777 nights every night 37 the call in and he'd give me reasons why because the reasons that aren't giving. Are you I -- back. Patriots team it's not talented other patriot team to have played the ravens this ravens team which has always giving them problems. And you have this issue. Below is the -- tackles. But potentially getting to Brady no grow no safety valve there are a lot of concerns but still I am open minding the -- have to do better than they're doing. I wanna leave this build -- store now and two. -- With the state screaming from the mountain -- day I have changed my mind. Ravens want to monitor IPO which -- eighteen points you can already is eighteen points. Point want to go and get our -- as -- -- it -- the patriots scored eighteen points I think they can't. Takes on 777979837. Tuck is in New Hampshire what's up -- And Merry Christmas I -- -- route. Just one in the months and a couple of that in that I don't think -- via patriots have gotten a lot of credit for. Over the air and that's primarily that they started out this year. Where that seriously depleted. Receiving corps. And that were due in court and you into the year really let them down. And that an amazing team or even an inside. Would have expected -- seemed to be more like. Bullet yet and -- like nine at seven. And because of -- because of that. And then the legal moon rock than they -- A lot of there optical line and actually this team above all the teams in the league right now and I and -- Emperor as far back elected member. Has more hesitant to go deeper into their strings just to make up looking and acting field in a game. And so I gotta admit the numbers in the performance. I don't -- -- they can beat the ravens. But any team can in any other human any given Sunday. Actually cult -- good stuff and and I I do that he's you know look he's thought about next man up velocity sort of how we open a segment. With -- but speaking about the patriots and the guys that step then. And rob what went -- went down. You don't. I walked I I walked up and down the street exactly -- and and I I was looking at every Florida. I could see people which is down in the dumps and that's -- the patriots -- rocket Alba. And I -- -- shake governments they haven't learned it haven't you learned about the patriot team. Under Bill Belichick with Tom -- still as the quarterback haven't you learned. That they do as much as you know we will will -- up once a guy goes down a big play like rock. That's over. Haven't we learned that they continue to it to put -- in situations. And can still compete. You don't as long did you compete and you could come up -- most Arnold but I'm telling you that's why am optimistic. I do feel like they can create some turnovers -- I don't think -- changed again and again to umbrage though the quarterback I'm still optimistic with him. And that's and that's why are there's there's a part of -- -- It feels like. Become after today they also stupid doubt I was so dumb. I wanted evidence the evidence is exactly what you just said haven't we learned any pick aren't happy will it ever be Larry. But I'm still have a hard time. Because up everything. That is facing them right now maybe. Calls can help you out 6177797. 93761777. On 7937 -- maybe treads like the prelude WEEI dot com will join us. At eleven taking the patriots phone calls -- sports Sunday he's rob Bradford -- -- Danny to cut back at this panel. Welcome back sports Sunday on -- for cog in studio at the rob Bradford here on WEI. Take you up to 1 o'clock NFL Sunday will again Natalie Dale Arnold Chris price. And Matt Chatham they'll give you all the inside information on today's patriots. Ravens match up in Baltimore on shrine and they give. Rob Bradford -- And information to keep him -- could not even keep them to get him to the even think about being optimistic. For this. What his game. This afternoon at 425 and I'm not sure I have really. Done the job trying to get an optimistic but hopefully the call is -- 617. 779793761777979837. Joseph is in -- Tokyo. Pay -- well rob. Listening to the -- sure. WEEI iron any of -- sports talk -- for another week of the year. -- usually -- so -- and they are now little game that everybody pessimistic secondly reasonably optimistic right there. Well. At the -- the way to locator so your education your vision your optimism on what all the people are saying about the. And I'm I'm being facetious it let them but I but I am saying that they'll actually. The book sports mentality that would work favorite game everybody can't it's so area like that we can't lose. And now that it you know the characters that are reasonably even game I mean the patriots have not been blown up but anybody. Baltimore's you know they give the -- the cup so the it would close game. I expect there's been a vehicle. It's going to be close David summit an amazing because you have two of the teams that have that most close games the entire season this year. -- -- these teams always play -- be a great game and I think. You know that the patriots are sure that that thing I like about the patriots is that you know the word relentless which -- -- direct such little bit I mean there they are teams that. That they don't quit in fact I think they play better when they get out of -- few years ago they were. Lead into halftime -- -- played great the first Japanese industry like whenever that's. This year they -- to -- the best when they're down and I think that. You know last year they didn't have to -- can't figure out -- terrible rate in Mitchell plan I'd like to think that this week. They've adjusted somewhat and now you know maybe they'll get that double and involved a little more of them. You know arena in Israel but -- like to think they're gonna learn it won't shut him. And they are not put down optimal and -- an -- from. There's no there's no reason to believe that there options -- by Tom Brady not gonna do something. Different. This week than last week and looked up to their opponents say equipped with your opponent. -- that if a good point -- that the usually they do. They usually they'd find a way to at least make it close. At there hasn't been any of these games -- don't have a chance I'm not saying that. But I just come back to where. Unlike most teams the patriots played any. When the patriots are have been in these close games of the ravens. Old -- a lot of times they haven't been the ones to come out on top and deep -- I don't know. -- AFC championship game the year the patriots with the Super Bowl let's be honest individual lots and Bishkek right Billy -- that the chip shot on but what. That does that even matter and tonight to take well it is it doesn't know it doesn't yet have a little bit. -- I don't have for a while you're the guy who spoke the past all all through law what do you think Brad marsh shot we should keep him because he won his daily count thirty years ago. But the guys that held -- and one of the guys that that. That won championships help that the ravens what a championship. I bought it called -- haven't bowled in the ravens not against it by the glass template by here's the point. Is that you still have our core group guys aren't what you would bolt at the important thing. Court corporate guys same sort of system and you just see this -- any where you have. This system that he and the organization the coach the quarterback. And it did just for what ever reason gives teams problems that match ups now. -- -- -- I -- for optimism I asked to be optimistic and and you do a great job at the equitable thing is a big thing that is a separate from other team. We're like Baltimore this year is people some people talk about them as it did his Paula host team and I think they blinded by the fact that well what they're looking at is -- is simple this and what they did their the defending champs. All and they also lost some key pieces on the defense event. By the -- In the offseason so let's admit that I just make it sound like it's just offensively. They've last -- is this is not the same raven team championship and what Cordero OK but there are also eight and six. Yes right and I know the plan for a playoff spot there are a little bit of a dog fighting you at Miami at eight and sixty at San Diego it's 77. Even Pittsburgh mathematically still alive -- at six and it is so I get the Baltimore has a lot the play for right now. I get the Joseph Flacco still their quarterback and they do still have some defense to pieces that -- you given the fact that. If you're -- patriots are offense is banged up right now but you go back to the Miami game last weekend. And I mean that the drug that they scored a touchdown it cattlemen to put 12017. Did I'm I'm pretty sure most battled drug Mankins was left tackle. I mean there on this console then to just to give you an idea of what they can't do guys stepping in to positions. As the call has said next men up approach. I believe that this team you know again I go back to estimates that one have. When we got to learn a lesson with this group with his team with the organization that when -- to go down you know Darrent dip into situations. In which they need to get somebody to step in and they've done that for the most part they've done that now against Miami last week. I don't think Miami was that -- think Miami was about a team I don't think my house still with a bad team. -- that's a problem. Mail overall view said do you mind playing Miami in the playoffs. Are you wouldn't mind what they're fixable dirt that you can correct -- -- I think in that game at the end of the first half but played a Waltz that led to a touchdown. The fourth of five -- pays that that can change. That a correct the bull with the next man up approach with the guys that -- that and that can help this team. Yeah but this is Miami game that's my point. This is you can say what you want about the what the Baltimore ravens' record while they -- -- defense to play is what about the most. From last year although look at him -- I've just thrown -- -- what would you -- you wanna -- then it must -- I get -- -- identical -- present. What the player both at the same racquet on this isn't this is an overseas and at what and how how is the Rick -- the ravens done compare against the patriots how they handled how those teams seemed. Against the patriots compared it how keeps you against the dolphins. And in the last couple years and also. I look at this ravens team. Bolt on how old are different team last year. But what do you wanna be at this time you what you wanna be playing your best football right now. From what we can understand the Baltimore Ravens are playing their best football audit our. And plentiful well. They wanna look I want I don't say this that Monday night game in Detroit essentially -- a playoff game for both teams. Bulk of those teams needed to win that game the ball I was able -- -- the -- able to do what they would they -- with the ticket. Now -- yes you know he doesn't like the 61 outfield help and again. If Calvin Johnson makes that catch on two point conversion that that's -- Dan knows what happens. But I mean. They want Monday night and -- -- they -- order all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you ask me you would you rather play in the playoffs if you're the patriots would you rather play the Broncos and -- and I'll still say you'd rather play arrangements. If you say who us yet -- it's like all right -- all I'm saying is that this matchup they hear in the now of this matchup. Ball how if you should be optimistic why you should be optimistic about this patriots team. Coming off what we saw last week coming up what we know about this patriots team. There are concerns. It is not like just any other game I I don't know why I feel this -- dating but. Up all the teams that you've seen the patriots play over the last few years it is the most uncomfortable. Against the Baltimore Ravens. With all different kind of rosters the ravens are present right. Every every time every time we get the eighth championship game every time to plan. We have the same conversation well you know what will be different this time it'll be just different that time. But it hasn't been different it's been uncomfortable. Every single. Aren't you sick you would rather play the ravens in the Broncos and I -- agree with you -- the IQ you right I agree but. You have to point also the patriots may be the -- And an average I don't think rockettes and big catches and daddy's not around now but when I looked. When I would but the patriots could do if they play the Broncos again when I look at his defense I look at morbid the not the players of -- I'd look at the steam. Like that last game in the second half built telecheck. And do things to Peyton Manning. Which is defensive game plan to medically. That is gonna help this team went you know that's again implanting that's one of those it doesn't almost it doesn't even matter what personnel -- have all the yeah go to nickel defense the entire time you show on the same look and every single snap you're given -- manage something different even though -- -- -- That's a bill that would Bill Belichick can do so I guess my confidence level in. Has also a lot to do with that Bill Belichick we it's we've seen him. Take take pieces -- bought it down we've seen yet turn helped turn around the -- every week we understand what Bill Belichick I'll try to stay on trying to feed you some optimism. That's all. And I think he'd do that if you wanna go back and say what happened last year and compared to the -- Bill ballots are typical day against -- So you you have you have a very good point that I usually buy into global all the time. Which is you have trust in what they're doing atrocity the patriots can figure out a way no matter how many injuries it's one of the best coaching jobs Bill Belichick ever gotten this year. People should take. -- step back and understand what they don't happen and what they've done with that group so was to keep -- -- -- so my point is. I understand that an end for all these other teams are playing I can go in and use that as ammunition. The problem I have. Is that. It is an uncomfortable. Feeling every single on the patriot -- the ravens. Just this. It just -- and now. It's more even more uncomfortable feeling because even though you have that what you talked about with Bill Belichick being able to believe in and out of these injuries. Still have -- less talented team of less talented team hadn't passed. Still have Tom Brady. I'll take him I would tell black -- -- on every part ego take our 7779798376177797. Nine at 37 on -- the -- he's rob Bradford -- which rallied WEEI dot com joins us at this final.

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