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Danny Picard and Rob Bradford on Sports Sunday: The Celtics and Jeff Green, the Bruins and Marchand and the Patriots are all Big Topics in Hour #1

Dec 22, 2013|

Picard and Bradford are in the a.m. slot of Sports Sunday and kick things off talking C's after they blew another game yesterday to Washington. Danny is still high on Jeff Green and his potential while Bradford says he is merely a solid option that needs a couple superstars to succeed. Clearly Danny thinks they are closer to a winning combo than Rob. The guys also touch on the B's recent winning ways. The guys disagree once again on the future of Brad Marchand in Boston. Finally, the guys get to the Pats and their chances today vs the Ravens, as well as their potential heading into the playoffs.

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Good morning. Live from the studios there -- WEEI this is bullets Sunday. On the host Danny precaution. Rob Bradford in studio with an eight we there until 1 o'clock. There's a lot to talk about last night yesterday afternoon. Games at the T gotten. Celtics. Lose -- top one Bruins. Get back on track -- the -- in buffalo they then beat buffalo last night. At -- gun will toxin patriots as well patriots and Baltimore today at -- point five was supposed to be. The prime time game but -- up flexed out a couple weeks ago there is some news also. On the injury report for the patriots since -- play is that will not travel will not play. Today. In this game against the ravens will get to that I don't. Maybe we'll get I don't think rob wants to talk about the terrible call and the UMass basketball Garrett how -- and yes -- -- you did see it yeah well alone. Don't -- when we get flex then we give flexed out. Yet flexed then yeah so I got to be prepared for every yes apple -- and yeah I was that was a travesty. It was a mockery of betrayal not again I don't wanna talk to there's a lot more like that that probably it's probably good choice public. UMass got an errors and you must never even better result got guitar because others there -- BC news or weekend I'll tell you that the DC is gonna play it finally yeah. The football game at Fenway against damage to about fifteen or people of what was that UMass football. That same schedule. Two months earlier month before then they're going to noted that. Yes that's a big road trip. Excellent seven -- have 600. 75 and 93 everyone at target but the general -- this review column as well that's it and UMass 122 in the country that lets not come. It's a very you're you're at Petit got news that. Yeah it's like yours does celtics' experience at one. Guy is great let's it's attract the side in turn -- and Alexander they doable that a good job once they knew they were settled. A tick off there is. Now listen -- what was it about go to the game yesterday. Was to get the lay of the land with Celtics he talked to -- people covet teams Steve -- it's the mark Murphy's the type of guys. Man. Number one -- impression you -- is it Brad Stevens is ruling respected throughout knowledge team but I think throughout the media events that's saying something right college coach is that the tough transition. Lot of people look at with a -- guy. Bret Stephens has made his mark are ready there's still not a good team and also that an arbitrator on that's -- rebuilding are still a lot of good team icon of the problem with that same. I feel like they are good team and -- they're okay team by ditty we sit here and what it calls on when we talk about Celtics before. Reject calls on our -- don't know either that that either that that's all -- know what we get the Celtics over the top fans who. Our -- over valuing some of these players gerontologist have a great year Jared soldiers a good player Jeff -- is a good player Avery Bradley good player. I'll come back to my original thought you know what -- bodies standing. You wanna trade Rondo now you know by is it dot LO always you know it was my thought yeah. But my thought is is that you need all stars you need all star -- now the Eastern Conference is so terrible that maybe you'll get one of these guys on the austerity -- Worse yesterday the news goers volume and it -- located at -- -- other cities the -- Brook Lopez. -- for the season with a broken foot and and you know that brings into the discussion that's been happening all week which is. Where does all -- they'll. You know seven footer 27 hurled seven foot. A rim to protect that seems to be the overall phrase I would break this -- -- down. Not very good cop bad as you can be enough to Beirut protector you're already protect you okay admittedly that's everyone's looking for. Especially a team like the Celtics other -- there in the week was dropped. But the Celtics were on the verge again in the sky and back everybody was telling us. The reports -- guys inside guys -- it was going to almost argue personally yes dynamite show we get -- and are as they would Talladega that this was likely go down. All tragic Brandon Bass -- late. A first round pick and the only thing that was all that up. Was this first round pick what nick was going to be was going to be Brooklyn's which also -- -- -- -- does Atlanta gets swapped that pick out. Was going to be the Celtics wasn't going to be the clippers next year that was going to be turns out. Houston stake in the deal off the table. And from what I read now is that it's not because that first round pick it's because the plays involved. They feel like they can probably get about a package somewhere else not I don't know of Brooklyn. Is now -- team will get into that mix and they might have something more to give up fresh report that mattered -- -- -- that. They would bet -- Brooklyn and what may be trade. Think about trade Kevin Garnett. And -- -- I don't think that's gonna while you want him I don't think that's gonna happen oil but I think Brooklyn certainly now illusion Brook Lopez dig gonna be in the discussion for -- action. So who knows if. I honestly before -- open -- Went down for the season I still thought actually would be what. So do you think you're finished stilted let me ask you missed -- Yeah and I respect all these -- I know the year you're in the know when it comes the MBA -- know that people are feeding -- information laughter all right and just yes I just get all my MB I wake -- of the -- and I -- MBA and -- on my back -- pressed to -- -- probably is the most in -- guy -- that be the the relationship -- and everybody else. Where he says to me yesterday that actually there was never anything close to the Celtics and then this who has this today. Column an example of people wanting something to happen. I have to believe me this guy is wired in with -- what's going on and he thinks nothing was evening -- People love trades. People love it so when they hear the semblance of betrayed. They get very very excited that's fine Betty that's fine. Welcome back to my original point I said. You know that maybe this it was a wrong way to put ice have been the -- -- -- -- a good team they're -- team. They're -- team they're okay team and are really bad conference. Which is a terrible year to be terrible. Right this is not a year that you wanna be it -- team it really bad conference. You you mentioned at the Celtic what do they need the all stars at. And I'll point out -- that Raj on Rondo is an all stock he gets back and didn't get back to the -- not formally wasn't sure went down the Andrea. Again it's going to need to happen before it. I'll tell you know that from watching Jarrett solids in the last two seasons I can tell you I think this kid will be all stop -- I don't think the 22 points eleven rebounds but twenty. 2010 diaper Dan I don't think that's crazy I think that's what -- -- -- I think sellinger is that potential all stop he's -- his team yet. You'll put Jeff Green in the same sense as -- soldier I cannot do that. I can't now -- -- held out hope that Jeff Green and one day beat that player that that could potentially. -- -- the finish of the -- a couple games ago he had a chance they drop quite -- before seconds left. Jeff Greene drove the best he -- that if she does get a contact. How how what are weeks who's been through three years ago. Have been a few weeks ago when we left off with -- are you -- -- a place for Jeff Green and that -- and they don't you love mr. peavy didn't brickyard. Drawing up plays for Jeff Green chip because -- he needs to finish that and make it Seligman look bad by not finishing. Because -- -- play up for a a very does he does exactly what I don't want to do Tommy Hunter tells her to do all game which is drive to. He admitted he got by just met he did the same thing that he did earlier in that game in the third quarter about six minutes left. I know the score at this point this is adopted a crazy that this 71 to seven he was the Celtics lead. And Jeff Green from the left side yeah isolation it all down you make him what he's got to shoot they drives -- right -- takes an odd at all gets the best. I'd be four seconds left to a couple games ago they chart up form again against Detroit had a right side. He drives skip the contact goes to the right you know fades away to the right of the rim goal and that drop the contact. A lot of -- 82 and finished it. He needs to become that finish at that because. And I guess my mindset. Is that they were going to acquire O'Meara should that was my mindset all week. So down think and what needs to happen next are you get Rondo back and unit that is the off -- -- -- -- on the championship in its miles when you need a player like Jeff Green. To sort of step into this at all. All you do three game change even if Jeff -- is is becomes that game changing role would Rondo and and O'Meara should I still think WP greatly could be Indian and he. Not are not already they can't put together today -- is there -- you know why there was applause I don't you want to say that's a big gift which upgrade. So so all and it and they -- with Jeff Green now go we don't all go it's inconsistent all while laden there're a lot of people wanna throw in the towel on him. That's that's the point and the reason I won't say noted that is because I'm not gonna thrown at college of green I'm not to do I still think I see his ability. I see is athletic ability I see his talents on the court it's can he put it together. And he's an -- peoples and people told me all week hey you know what he's never gonna be -- man he's always gonna be route. As it had a chance to be that man and if he has area how long Japan it's only been twenty -- ours is not preparing for his whole career rob he's been surrounded by. A league talent in which he's been deferred and deferred all these guys. Off and not. Unopened daddy has been it's been two years. Included was deferred appalled because like I -- we've put nobody he had his chances he had his chance. He adds that if I don't buy that argument anymore no more. No I'm done with Jeff -- now I'm not I would have granted it's -- now but this is what it is this is what it is inconsistent player with a lot of talent. They -- a nice start to have but Jeff green was going to be the guy who. He was gonna be the guy that when you're slapped. He had enough talent where you could take over when he came from Oklahoma City. And people said well you know what he's playing with those other guys this given the chance became the Celtics who wasn't that good. He would get used to the system at -- it used to play these other guys. That he has the condition understandable. That he comes back last year shows some spurts comes back this year shows some spurts. He's a good player he's a good got to have a good team I don't mind it being on the Celtics Danny. Up with the well you know what some days it's gonna click for him and he's going to be an all star so you have given up on now I haven't I I've given up on the narrative of that he's going to be something that he's not. That's what I've given up went. Went when he when he is out there and he does drive to the net bitch and you say well. I know you. Literally sits -- say well look at that that's what it's like yeah right like can he do that outline a New York company you GrafTech -- -- Miller agreed here's the three year not for Koreans are too because I am sure he wasn't a -- last year. It's been 28 games regardless don't even -- I like so alleges that it was on April he can hit. Outside jump shot ravaged the way the issue that was the conversation did -- every time darker -- human history and now. Which is not where we anybody wants him to write. We agree on that yes are so if they. It is all crash it in your head is that the that the next step that the Celtics he really does -- the push for whether it's people it's as. It was close and not -- do you think that that's something Celtics should push for. Our view him at the right price you get -- but the price or market about bring back up or do you just steel have core diet that is built that's that's Robert listen listen. When you're trading guys -- off this team. You don't -- Darcy you don't wanna trade if you don't after Avery Bradley Jared sellinger Jeff Green you know as much as we devalued Jeff -- he still though wanna deal. Those are players that contribute to actually. Top level teams -- those players. The brim and bass is a good player. Note -- we can do some things. We have Chris Humphries Gerald walls all these other guys that can give them some things beat you don't mind trading him don't care they trade those guys. You have to keep the key guys and in that -- you're talking about. Kept the key guys don't want this to become for our trajectory and -- -- I want it right I said I do want to yet. You want you don't assume this I update this if you think you would rather have this before I was of trade and Brad moshing. Yet this is this order. This is our annual -- this is the quarter of our show Oprah meeting of what part of it became man that we have to talk it after. It is all of -- We -- its argument after. That's number one number two was the the -- game hockey game mentally yeah it's coming up next week as number two. On number three was exactly how right it was how I was ahead of the curve about the Brad -- being traded. Conversation that was number three. Number four was not he would get traded I don't know by yelling at the zarrella. He -- how do you how do you heard about that cover us aren't brought it up and now it's all the talk that. It's not that that's still they got the best number three do you agree. Number four is how much Edward group movement which -- throw strikes. -- never file and I gonna get out ever -- not an account number five is that as patriots. Let the patriots will be ahead of that -- movie gets a lot of the Herrera. -- don't match whoever slightly edging out. My by Cinderella story fantasy football match up with Michael Fabiano. Mohicans unfair if you league sponsored. Everyone on this station with the station knows about it ball what they are talking about. It just went silent this week -- talked about this league all week long you guys are split the money. Was I don't care I'd do it for. The love of the game they talk about this league all weeklong with a deal. Capsule can we they have -- on every week. And and they they all you know so and so my call he won this weaker -- one that week in whatever it never mentioned today. That -- even earlier in the league exactly and that's -- -- thought our kids -- don't know it so now we get that championship game today political about it. -- -- We get the championship game today. All week long have you heard anything about it. -- now nothing and the reality is. I am in the championship game going up against the bear idol conspiracy their idol Michael Fabiano nfl.com. Finance expert. Right -- media guide but he know that Alex Smith and I asked Michael Fabiano on the air we have waves should I start Alex Smith even though -- bye week. I the back guy I immediate and he had no was no -- I I screwed up but I'll show you yeah I was I was broke it open. Exactly there ago thank you but I so. I am going up against Michael Fabio today yes Michael my quarterback is. I -- drugs. I have done this without Erin Rogers. Who of you who stepped in -- Ben Roethlisberger hall again I just mathematically this still a lot. Mathematically. You know so they have so they have planned this I don't care about that I care about me to that's number six in the listed I had Green Bay. He was and I feel good about my chances when I watched hoosiers this morning. I saw how the biggest upsets in sports can happen. And will they talk about it now. If you if you -- fantasy football -- today on not yet not. I doubt -- let us take this number six similar I would number seven should then be might sell the pocket spot -- yet. Now with all the storms and what's going on in the streets there are still cones and -- spots this month. There's hardly any snow out there was still put cones in crates but for that's for later and Stewart. -- back to be bumped up its like who like the kind of -- well. It's. It's way too early you don't care if I -- -- on Tuesday as much as we wanna talk about park spots much through a Turbo mantra. And marketing and media game meaty game and my my but -- my rags to riches fantasies story. Patriots plan the patriots are. Baltimore and -- while. One key piece BP's. Is out of -- and another one I thought would be a key piece to what the offense to do on moving forward he's also a lot of again. We'll talk about that we'll talk patriots will get into Bruins who did win last night at you know an injury. -- is it would deploy to note that you want to ship on top. Is it really scared I don't know he was it was backed up last night several times earnest and Brad marsh and and it. I can tell you this if this team wasn't so banged up if they didn't have all these minor league is up land he might not have returned that. But he did EEE battled and he stayed -- Not and the Bruins. That's Michael's last night that gets an eye opener for two grass. You know meanwhile Lucic kicks the park -- was stick it's a finishes backing off late. David great -- on upstairs -- that Riley submit that -- -- like old Bergeron dropped the Mets last night. Betrays Bergeron drop gloves last now. Drop the gloves in the media that's who's an immediate need it don't -- that's why is really the only reason on ethnic. Is to find out who's in the media game at Fenway on Friday. Ronald as the media hockey game at Fenway Friday afternoon and people come watch. Is it on the public assure our -- all I don't pass you'll say yes but don't tell people it is and I think Jordan and well. What would you say it's of the captains are term care on the haren is Steve Silva I think -- -- deleted so they have the list of people on the pick from them look like at the call for the gamut of people would joke on. I didn't think it was an actual game. But there is and -- those two captains I don't know when they got -- we -- Cuba come and get it may pick the teams are met when they go to look in my name and they're doing a scouting is can be conundrum for them. Because I played one game a College Hockey but I can barely skate. Want discussed after the break -- I think that the -- That was Patrice Bergeron. Last night Bruins a little when not over the Buffalo Sabres at the T gotten two games yesterday they got the Celtics lost in the afternoon to the wizards. But before we get into some Sundays. Rob you whether a hockey story -- to -- -- ahead -- you about you plan. -- -- Spot that people with others between us well I thought the people that people want to hear this still elevated yet they did oh that aren't well the RB one happy tell a story adds that that I said I get the keys was that. I played College Hockey. -- barely ski. So when I was at Springfield College -- though one of the more respected hockey programs in the country clearly. I I was working for the school paper and I did did George Plimpton thing where you play different sports you write about it well. I went out and they were nice enough to let me play in a hockey team. ID got a few ship's side -- I went out. Leading in my stick you know you yeah -- realistic that's a great big -- for those who can't keep you stack up the right wing. Puck comes to me right. By low low forward to written. Poll did Jack got. And I've figured out all the best with score goals park right from the net and tip one -- and really realize how much you get pushed around their front and so. -- be more of that enemy. So why so it's again it's a conundrum is -- Karen bit of doubt you my College Hockey experience for making these Beck's final. Is it just. Is it just is just a sports media again or IRO. On kids aren't confused about where to figure that out. Nine A game guy deal -- voice that reminds us that NFL Sunday is coming up at 1 o'clock they'll modeled Chris price match Adam. They'll go in depth at the patriots ravens preview. In Baltimore for 25 will get to that game as well on the and it cut he's rob -- this is sports Sunday here on W yeah -- but back to the -- couple weeks ago around. We sat in the east same executives look at each other and there was. It was it was a magical moment but. You got on this rants about how the Bruins need to trade Brad launching and -- always in the discussion to the I'm showing at the some Rondo at some point that we gave Nixon and you know -- it would stick -- Brad -- you'll want it to the trade this guy and and maybe. Surely listen to that shell. Because he felt the need to respond to Brad and trade rumors and everybody else. A powerful voice when we -- -- actually I didn't. Matches I didn't even get into the -- -- and trade stuff at all and back I didn't know how much of it was help it if and you've got it -- out -- to talk about it. Until he surely answer the question and and cameo we talked about -- And and they say they what they said was we are not trading Brad marsh and we've never thought of trading Brad marsh and and and I'm sickness and wedeman. -- set torture and read my share and what we've -- to -- several who started that we -- you. OK does the what does that he is he talking and maybe I am confused just I don't know what. What room is he talking. Because I didn't hear it read Russian triggering. I joked yeah I don't know -- I joked that like I was the one to push this -- my marsh and rumor along yeah I was the one that it. Started at the built it up from the ground. Markovic shy away from that rumor I think it did. What was it what we're look we just talked about Celtics and a and a potential trade and you know you said -- people that said that was true at all you know magic but there are other people who you know who I have a lot of respect for as well. That's that it was sure are true so what everyone -- bottom line is that an actual trade Romo we know all marriage is a guy. That is gonna get moved he's not happy Berry is used in polite dollar tickets bought his minutes have been cut in half which and even -- -- salary kicks up to fifteen no next year. You are talking about a 27 year old kid it's still -- not a contract is next his last year of his deal. He's not gonna get the money he wants a piece on the bench behind Dwight how happy so he's got to get moved that's realistic. When I have read my chance name and trade is this just pitcher -- -- and it would. I don't understand why would somebody want to actually realistically trade promotion are because she's been struggle. Most worthwhile updated this is clues to power Debbie died the very powerful. Bomb but second law I said that before and I'll say it again. That why why can't you entertain that why can't you get that. Into the the the conversation. Isn't what are largely entertainment and actually loved to watch people -- why do you think so Cokie let me ask you this. Sure rally comes out addresses it at least it knew he comes out addresses him. You -- the only time you've heard it was out of my mouth. I mean I've sent some some knuckle heads on Twitter talk about it well my my mouth of an uncle that's on Twitter and a powerful thing by. Those two guys address told. It could be a couple things could be like I said power Debbie are you may hurt -- and we asked what we ask about we ask somebody about it Wednesday. But he did what he did a very powerful voice as well and or is it. Have they actually had congress days because when you're denying things sometimes. Maybe somebody call on -- Brad Marchand I'll come back to my original point Diddy in I'm not gonna back profit missed. Should you trade Brad Marchand -- thing. Why should you if you got to deal where you can get if you could trade Brad Marchand in we talk about park counts you write a guy. Access at a position. Where you practice these two guys of doubt you. For a guy who is more valuable say that Brad Marchand position. Right who always always good at more UT why don't you got a tape there I don't understand -- If somebody gives you call yet it is surely and they say we want Brad marsh and -- or offer and you listen. I'm not saying you don't listen to that on saint appointment were actually talking about people wanting to trade dispute. Is a little ridiculous that who said they wore that I can say I wanted to trade Brad march on and say that I said that. It's not out of the -- possibility that you might explore that option. But clearly I think -- surely he clearly came out and said this because he felt that out. You know an in the outside of the -- people thought that they were trying to trade them all or should trade him. And I don't I didn't hear that stuff. I didn't hear until Pete surely heard it did you didn't think disable -- when you aren't things that did that you -- I mean not everybody read it read Russian trade. Everybody wants to -- this kid and he's not paying attention hesitated that's the last couple years if you wanna stop people on the trade block. This difference between militiamen and put them on the trade block. I'm OK if you wanna listen for certain guys because you're used to you're lucky. That's the way you run a business you don't just hang the phone up on someone that wants our future I don't know there's certain guys that yet and the phone up on because they're untouchable. For the right deal. I would there a couple guys and his team that I would trade but it's gonna really it would it would need to be fought all star. Talent big names multiple I mean it would have the religious you. Sweep me off my feet I read Russia as a major played for the team. I don't -- if we struggle and I. If we're gonna stop struggling players. In an 82 game season for Dodgers struggling for a little bit pub lunch on the trade block while we're gonna start putting everybody in the trip -- a lot of plays on the trade block and an aide to Nancy. That's fine that's fine but as I said before if you have the opportunity to Buick trade like I was talking about you. You would it be ludicrous not to entertain that. -- you making -- team better don't fall in love with Brad Marchand about what you did before. About what you could potentially do don't do that they all know what I don't want attention yet to do -- -- little potentially OK but don't fall in love with it. Don't be like well you don't wanna cup will. So this difference in this way it has -- Mr. the golf cart -- -- You say. Don't follow up with a pass and don't signal fall over the future. -- -- -- -- -- double you just said well what do cops acute freedom and I say well you don't get potential to you can't trade him he can't factor and that if you can get. A guy who is going to Betty you better -- your team no matter if the -- I wanna cup where you were not no matter if the guy has potential can play better -- he had been. If you get a guy is better for your team they need it I I Dicey debate the way I hung up on this on the cup thank -- hung up on you don't wanna get rid of that court the court. -- Iraq and you shouldn't you shouldn't get rid Beckel and read much red archer and how we times -- Bruins team go into the playoffs. You know -- the Montreal lose to a team that they probably should be and they had these. Beat these small speedy. You know it tests that could also have some skill skill and opted you -- go to the net put it in the net and beat the -- -- doesn't say. Why can we get guys like that -- and that type of god is that he struggled. Absolutely -- people what people are upset because he raised the -- Stanley Cup -- -- I'm not. I think I got great asset value I loved every second and let it not is their time and place. For a celebration yes it was at that kind of -- it probably not because they didn't. Yeah yeah but it on the road and uncle Rick. Heart rate butter idea and you just you just went from like 1160. To about one time while this all happens when you stop talking about trade -- it's well done. It's my dog that is done if it Eddie. Witness talked about team building this talk about any team -- that much in its image upon this week right. But if you can if you can what the key for the patriot that's always been identifying. When is the right time to get rid of a guy I think this is the right from the get credible. But if you can get. I'll bet you. Make your team better by trading -- -- -- shot at it if you beauty I even mention -- players I met him and Dave. I couldn't be Reggie Wayne Gretzky for. But that's why I don't know why I said I'm glad to have the listen. How does and you know you can -- don't trade -- margin because you wanna -- QB really good right. I don't think they're not gonna offer you Wayne Gretzky it's a problem. So you're not gonna get -- knocking down a block that's happened to me it's small but Brett Rogers about this team you keep this court together. I think the only moves you make it your -- if you're liberal -- now is get make sure you get guys back -- That's -- that's that's what you do next okay and and when -- get back LP and it you know if there if -- -- Louis arch into. Because this is something to keep an -- out four. This did not want to ask you this before we Arctic pharmacy and its role. You think are you optimistic. I think I know the answer because you love yourself some -- -- You did did you think that Brad marched on by the end by the by the time this season's winding down here that he is going to be the guy that. You hope to dream. If this year -- -- look alt country guy with -- the cop that got you to raise what are. So great about -- -- -- -- -- the president is that when they get into the playoffs. And they are that one of the toughest teams to beat in the and it. This group together trusts they trust themselves to be about seven game series with a team it is. You know to be more physical the other team to win those battles but to trust their defensive system and they did go to debt. You know out of east that's that's what they believed that they trust did you read -- with a major piece of that puzzle. Regardless of what he does here in the regular season and that's a lot of people like that amnesty when you get into a playoff series it is a different. Hockey game completely I always mention that human nature factor and 82 game series 82 game season for team. No big bend them -- closed they've banned they've actually done it. They just wanna get back to a playoff hockey. It's a completely different beast. Brad marsh and in the playoffs yes I will I will take him on my team in a playoff series apparently I'd rather see him on the Bruins. Then on a year ago today before you own those sweet beats headphones. And they us -- -- I know you get those for Christmas last year I did it really beaten up. I can read -- are like an open -- I a year ago. We got -- in congress issued what how did that come the government's I've upsetting received a year ago. Where I don't know what kind of -- -- -- audience like oh I don't know. Yeah when we're out here and Karen Hughes then we're any I walked to the studio and -- feet. I didn't backward but back -- my event anyway. -- a year ago. If we inserted either say -- into this conversation that we're having now I suspect the viewers legalized same things about Tyler's take. About what he did what he could potentially due to hold on to on. Well. Know how that worked out yet it trading -- did you end -- trading him. Because you thought this was the best time to do to move on from this guy. I'm not saying to Brad Marchand Tyler -- not city's taxi example. My point is you have to identify. What is the best time to move on from somebody. And when the Bruins on the top Brad marsh and had much more impact our -- I write but was tell I've got to ask you again. Was the conversation. When you had your -- in the years. And with a cup station similar. Probably wants it I'm guessing that you like somebody -- you ask yourself the potential Tyler says. Off course. Of course I did how can you not an an even right now you look at them and you say this kid is a talented player and I think the Bruins knew that. You know you I don't wanna get adult I would say didn't trade documented that it's come and gone. And the got a picture you know one of the guys who try to -- out discussion but the other guy let's not forget -- -- is plain damn good hockey right. You know it did I don't wanna I don't I don't want people ought to think their arms saying you got to trade Brett -- At the conversation here in by your frustrated me with your new beats headphone. It look like they're brand new and not I've had for you right now I clean and every night is -- like they've weathered the storm pretty well. What I'm saying it was frustrating about the conversation that York propagating. Is that. You're just saying you gotta keep this -- keep -- keep get because they did this and and they got to continue to do -- say why the change. Well under saying if you. All I'm saying is -- if you're presented the opportunity to make the team better. With a piece that you're still don't know what you have there is what you that would -- march on right now you can state what you had with them but what we've seen this year you don't. Know what you have with a bright correct I don't know bill you know -- -- -- due to all the other night. And I -- at buffalo if you get an MRI your head right now that yeah I spoke B. Showing your brain you didn't see Brad much and it's -- the united Google's. I saw Jeff Green and go over to a couple time awesome I'm a different -- -- wanted to then. I'm not talking about dark about a year and then that's -- -- a broad -- it was in the cup and -- -- talking about the here and now this season rival I'd still I want to read much agreement on what Georgetown -- you -- see it right now I'm -- Russia and that is a good play and. And on that line with Bergeron I mean. Went when those two click in together that's when the -- at the great. All I'm saying is it keep an open mind and I'm not on that one -- honest on and I when I mean literally. Honest about it trips might they don't talk here -- -- Margie. What are you talking about 61777. Point seven. 98376177797937. He's rob Bradford I'm Danny god this is what Sunday Sports Radio W yeah. Welcome back sports Sunday on data -- -- and with the rob Bradford. NFL Sunday Dale Arnold Chris -- match Adam they will be here at 1 o'clock. Live on the at a pretty patriots ravens we can get into some patriot ravens talk as well -- sold it is out. Logan Mankins when they sold went down last weekend in Miami a Logan Mankins was the got to take over that left tackle position. So we'll see what the patriots do with that but that is a big loss one thing here with Ron Al. Now. I'm not somebody that has thrown in the towel on this team because branch out I still think they can win and I still think they can now make a serious run it's going to be locked up but offensively. But one thing that I -- needed to improve was the offensive line. And when you're seeing it sold the dollar down. Did this is not good for this team so we'll see what type. Of effect this will have on the Patriots -- today but it's already. Would be known not very easy for them -- -- -- can now this will make it a whole lot tougher without mates all the 61777. On seven. 9376177797. 937. Jim is in TV reception. The target for the -- Indiana residents and it was. Public option for much. I'd take that and -- -- I bet that daddy doesn't wanna do first of all the red wings would do would even be content wanna do it. To be like you'll distinctive clothing that you discern. But wouldn't that -- you know -- -- I can the president acted -- what did this week and the president -- to go to. Rules shall I tell you -- hear from PB island -- the march -- not that far away not that power now -- -- -- -- -- out half hour. Yet so it's right off the right off the -- of the carpet you know I -- like anything out of Gould's oh I hope there are elements -- I don't know what gonna move out Margaret Lester and my sort Hubert Jim. That aside so we got go to -- what you got on the patriots. It looks like -- give us such such incident Robin game animal like. Look at adoption Mecca that it helps in the red zone and get Flacco -- -- -- simple. Question will those injuries so -- -- -- Which field goals last week but just 61 yeah that controller just three tour. Well we straight -- lab. The -- how would you. No I don't -- I really don't Jim thanks for the call what one thing that I look -- with the ravens team as -- night late night game Joseph Flacco to to hit the sodomy. It wasn't. You know it wasn't as bad as we've seen some what does that celebrated a couple years ago but it was similar to the fact that hits the side of his let's meet the needs sort of caves in. He went off he went to the sideline. In the final minutes it did not look on talent until what they say about him and his -- there is no way Joseph Flacco is conclude that is completely -- right. Did and it is a way to me it's not about Joseph Flacco gets the patrons -- because we see. Quarterbacks. -- the Patriots defense that. You would say if Joseph Flacco was that 70% that's what you would be. That's not to me that's not a concern I think that Joseph Flacco even. -- banged up me. Can probably do okay this -- it's probably do okay and hang it. But if that concern me is the thing that concerns almost every time the patriots play the ravens which it's operating vs the ravens defense. For whatever reason it is it is an uncomfortable. Thing. Right. How how -- points do you think this patriots team can put up against the ravens defense that. Rick and Al Al respond to that at how many points rob do you think the Patriots offense to put up. Tom its fifth day you don't -- realistic realistically. And I -- rhetoric and went. On average that's right that's right around what the average without drunk and I don't come back to you would say you can win in this league scored 21 points yes let me correct correct and let me go back to last week -- sent. The patriots they come down. Right that's 27 that it wanted to seventeen lead to get adamant touchdown unbelievable epic from -- they get that the -- twenty to seventeen lead. I -- on the dolphins they get the ball four minutes left. That's a winnable ballgame for the patriots. You can't make you they didn't make the stops defensively they didn't make the fourth of five stop on jolts like the little dump off pass it was a bad pass anyways he got somebody's got to make a tackle. -- that needs to happen was that maybe all that on that yeah I don't sit and complain about penalties because. You know the patriots who got there they get the call against Cleveland the week before regardless of not to -- and these -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Patriots lost that -- -- rock or well. This team should be able if you win in this league moving forward -- -- not you'll need to be able to win twenty to seventeen. Teen games when US when you have to make a big stop. With four minutes -- you have to win those games defensively you can have the history shows at least especially in -- The best offense in history who -- it doesn't guarantee which at about. You're the actress I doubt you did the -- -- plays defense of Arnold was they need to stock Britain's internal so when you should -- -- -- scored 21 points -- I tell you that can be enough to win that. Why I'm pretty of course to be enough to win but the problem here is is that. For all the reasons the reporting you know yes there's going to be -- lot points on defense which -- We -- happened the last couple weeks and we also note that as nine point oh. You don't need a 100% Joseph Flacco to put points against the Patriots defense right now so my point is. Are they gonna score enough I'm not saying you need to be no leak. What you talked before about the the left tackle situation I mean you have to or -- our exit and Elvis Dumervil. Out there to a -- applicant protection Logan Mankins on the left tackle. It that this this these are concerning things you actually get to that point I was talking about which is 21. And are at fault lines are open for -- 6177797. 9376177797937. Receipt patriots calls will take them at this panel.

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