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Dec 20, 2013|

Scott Sudikoff interviews WNST Baltimore's Luke Jones

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Welcome back to the John a writer shows -- to -- filling in for John here tonight. Up until midnight taking your phone calls on the Bruins the Celtics in the non trade. At the Celtics had. And also. Of course the patriots and ravens in a moment we will have -- Jones from W -- ST in Baltimore on with us to talk about. The patriots and ravens get the Baltimore perspective. On things. As the patriots -- kickoff at 425. On Sunday. In Baltimore and had to text 37937. Needs right now will go to the AT&T hotline. And we'll talk to. Our guest here at this time -- Jones who is the ravens beat reporter down in Baltimore on W an ST. And look what's going on not much I got don't. We're or don't well we're get ready for Sunday and I know around here there's a lot of maybe angst is the word you're worried worried patriots fans. I mean I don't want to lump every patriots fans say the -- I think. I think most most level headed patriots supporters going and thinking about Sunday. Know that it's going to be a probably a one possession game late. Ravens on their home field it's going to be loud. And the ravens. Time -- time again it just seems that they're always in a spot or vacant lot of victory like this past Monday I said it's amazing they didn't score a touchdown. And they -- they won the game it. And I know you're down there and you see the team every day every every week right what what is what makes this team -- that I always able -- to pull it out in the end. It's amazing I mean you're just that it means not just the Detroit -- and they've -- for a road they've gone from four and 68 and six and now they're. In a position they can win out and win the AFC north amazingly. A brother over this four game winning streak they've been four for fourteen inside the red they've settled for just in soccer field goals over and over. This team's offense has struggled all year long at Joseph Flacco whose numbers. Aren't very impressive but I think if you watch him on a weekly basis this year you just realize how much has gone against them and no running game whatsoever. And they'll all loose -- I just point out if you're saying to yourself well this should be a team that. I just -- out the -- not going to the playoffs but it's the John hardball veteran. Battle tested team and for whatever reason and we saw the ravens do this flashed your government didn't look exactly the same way but for whatever reason. Other team just seemed to be coming together at the right time they've had some good fortune go back to the Detroit game six field goals Justin Tucker. It's the 61 yarder that we before that. They played Barry. Bad Minnesota Vikings team that took it to them and how that we -- needed to touchdown drives. You know in the final two minutes two win that game and so. It's been very strange season as I'm sure you can attest to that in New England means so many new faces for both these teams. And you look at the ravens they have a very. Very much below average offense they have no running game whatsoever the passing game has been. OK but nothing more than that and they have a good but not great -- and so. I hit it farther than we've kind of been disk scratching our heads up no complaints from ravens -- I think that's for sure but. You look at this team and it doesn't seem like it should add up to being 86 and being in position where they control room after the post season but. You know the defense of Kabul and -- Justin -- been unbelievable and the one thing I will say Joseph Flacco even if his numbers even over the stretch hasn't been overwhelming. But as patriots and can attest to they've seen him do a couple times in the post season. He's just he's been adequate article in the fourth quarter and he's played his best football -- in crunch time in the final few minutes ballgame. Now on Monday night we saw Joseph Flacco come up a bit lame -- it was sitting down that on the sideline he came back -- played. He was at practice today but wearing out wearing a brace on that on that left an eight. Right idea he's practiced on a limited basis the last two days he's suffered what's been described it the mild sprained. And Seattle and he's got a play I mean there's no right yet to -- whatsoever. But for me the big question is going to be. How much his mobility is impacted one thing about Joseph Flacco especially here over the last month month and half he's not a guy you know. Clearly not a guy takes off in the same way of Michael Vick -- a Robert Griffin the third when he is healthy but. He's the guy who had a little bit of Ben Roethlisberger and haven't talked to Roethlisberger early in his career in the sense that. He's been a little more willing to take off and gain some yards on occasion it's where but the big thing is he's been willing to move to -- pressure on the pocket. To roll out to extend plays. And define receivers downfield. Clearly the one thing the ravens have going for them and their passing game. Now that Dennis hit it back now to help in the intermediate portion of the field but other ravens like the try to commit to hit that home run with a deep vertical to police that. And Jacoby Jones and Joseph Flacco being able to move around and extend plays. They've been able to do that and also cover up for an offensive line that the path protection has been inconsistent. So with this knee injury and -- it's his left knee. You wonder a couple things one is -- going to be able to step in the rose the way you normally would like to and I think too and this will be the one we really aren't going to get any. Really good -- on it in practices. What field Sunday just how mobile he can -- in the pocket as far as stepping up as far as beating a pass -- I'm trying to extend plays. To me that's that's going to be the real litmus test for Joseph Flacco and he will be open and in the pocket we know what kind of army as I think everyone knows that around the league now. -- -- -- What is -- level mobility is that's what's going to be really uninteresting and -- fitful limited I think that's a -- -- a -- ravens front. We're taught in to -- Jones is these ravens beat reporter for -- W and esteem down in Baltimore. And Luke Q you mentioned the ravens -- -- the lack of a running game. What's the status with Ray Rice has -- questionable for the game. This coming Sunday and meeting Israeli it's just I mean just as strange season Graham right. Yeah it's it's it's been a bit very strange season for Ray -- -- hurt his -- week to live with a strained -- flex he missed one game. How he came back probably I think in retrospect probably a little bit -- but. As you know in this legally running backs are and where he got it can be replaced it pretty quickly even with the long term contract I think. -- those emergencies the ravens didn't get off to an outstanding start by any means so trying to play through that. It's clear his elusive this hasn't been there really all year until the last few weeks he's looked a little bit better. I'm -- I mean Ray Rice he's averaging three point one yards per carry. A big part of this storm misconstrued it's not bad it's been already right other offensive line in the run blocking has just been. Horrible for the most part this year they -- on the ball effectively. In a few games all season one of them being against the Chicago Bears for their run defense is just god awful. How broad and it just the stranger for re right had a pretty decent game against Detroit the final play of the game the to a member he broke away. Look like is -- scored touchdowns and he went look like he went down purposely just and the case where. He was just gonna let the clock to allow the computer guys do that in the past around the league. I turned out -- felt -- his quadriceps grab just -- little bit it's minor he sat out yesterday's practice although he was. There watching practice which usually an indicator of a player -- more getting a day off more than anything else practiced on a limited basis today. I don't think there's any doubt that Coldplay but that's definitely something worth watching because again we haven't seen the same. I explosive Ray Rice -- patriots and the Serb painfully well think back to that 2009 playoff. -- yet. At that birthday superb play from scrimmage he takes it all the way. -- you haven't seen outburst from Ray -- a year long and now especially with the quad you know potential issue. I I think you know you look at the patriots run defense they've had their struggles but. I'm not. We're seeing the raven. Capital One 150 rushing yards anything like that so it's just been a weird year for re recognized had a great career but. I had in getting ready to turn 27 in January and its six full season you know that the shelf life for running -- is pretty short for the most part and yeah there has been a lot to talk about Baltimore he is starting to slow down on top of I'm not having much room created up -- not offensive line. Now being down there obviously you have your your your you you know the fan base Baltimore Ravens fans in. I'll obviously I'll say the Steelers are are the ravens main rival I know that is a huge rivalry Baltimore and Pittsburgh -- How do fans out of the team -- -- how -- people covering the team think about the ravens and the patriots is where's that compare. You say ravens Steelers -- and the on the map in Baltimore this game this Sunday. You know one of the right now that same level and obviously it's and it's an important game right as the ravens controller audacity they wanted to play out there on defend their Super Bowl championship. But then just putting that aside just playing the patriots how. How big is that for Baltimore. Well I mean it's certainly a big game and I think the biggest thing when you look at these two teams that -- not division opponents. And so you're never going to get rivalry that approaches that level but I kind of think of it and no. I think you'll excuse if I'm speaking out of turn here but I think of Patriot Coal the last decade you know with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning so many great battle the patriots. I usually got the upper hand there and I'll go back you know mobbed my youth growing up. Forty niners cowboys in the ninety's packaged ravens patriots is very much on -- short term basis it's only been the last. Three to four years we've seen this but hey they met each other three times in the post season the ravens of one to the patriots. One of course the AFC championship two years ago. How to Billy Cundiff game Lee Evans dropping the touchdown. But I think. I think -- as a little more across the board I think there's respect more so than ravens Steelers in the past although this is softened a bit. Over the last couple years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And everything but I think that's one is much more out of respect but I think the one thing for ravens fans and not to rub salt in the -- or anything but. I think there's the confidence against the patriot. A little actor Tom Brady as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time but. The numbers don't lie Tom Brady you know even gone back that I used before that. That as great and as legendary as he has he has looked quite more than what kind against the ravens defense. Be interesting on Sunday. Course more Ray Lewis no more Ed Reed at the defense is still very effective and it's actually better than it was last year statistically but. Be interesting to see how Tom Brady response. To a defense that doesn't have it re barking in the back into the secondary and has quite a few new faces. At a -- is the ravens team that's. Not gonna be intimidated by the patriots America the perfect that the perfect regular season for the patriots. And money -- and Baltimore Ravens probably should've won that game I think there was probably -- -- -- penalty. Alan Moore late night team environment -- -- -- there was a touchdown that was reviewed that. That was an unbelievably bad season for the ravens had a ton of injuries expectations -- -- that you're that you before they were opinion three. Patriots come in late in December you know undefeated and that the ravens' Super Bowl that was the one -- they said you know what we're not making the playoffs we've been terrible all year but. I'll -- -- Tom Brady and the patriots and they with a fantastic football game that the patriots. Pulled it out in the end but I'll bet to me that's for -- game right there is probably what started this. The funny thing given the ravens beat the patriots twice in the post season but. How last year that that regular season in Baltimore with the raven first regular season window over New England so. I don't know it's not quite ravens Steelers but at least on the short term and and we'll see how the next few years. -- play out certainly both teams have top quarterbacks. Beatrice and see how long this thing plays out but it's been very very entertaining and very competitive. And that's what you need most with the rivalry. In a couple good questions on the tax line here there I guess the directed directed towards you so I'll ask you. From an outsider's perspective so obviously you cover the ravens stayed in day out. Patriots attendant -- with all the injuries that they've had in the turn over and the offseason issues. Heidi what's is it is it surprising looking at the patriots get it. And -- -- obviously you think it's a it's a little bit surprised the Baltimore may be is -- and six patriots ten and -- it's kind of a surprising and for right. Yeah I mean I think it has the -- and to meet the funny thing is I mean think about I mean everyone but the patriots lost Wes -- move on to Denver and gronkowski played like seven games this year. And everyone knows about the Aaron Hernandez situation. You just look at who replaced them and -- and cattlemen and I Amendola have done an admirable job they've gotten some. You know contributions from the rookie Dobson and Tompkins. But you just if you look at the sum of the parts and then you look at the statistics and you see the patriots still -- in the league in total offense. You know the passing offense -- than. And clearly Tom Brady there's still no one expected in the fall apart but. It's it's been remarkable to see Doug and the defense hasn't been as good an article clearly it was a Wilfork. I heard the patriots big time but it's. You beat these two teams are similar in that way that they want -- they underwent so many personnel changes in the ravens don't stack up nearly as well statistically at least talking about their offensive and who they lost. You know bolder move as they tripled in the San Francisco -- goes down just now getting back. Over the last couple games but I look at New England I I'll be honest I mean I still thought -- figure out a way to win the AFC east just because. Now what combines. Not enough stock at least in Miami at poppy -- decent. And they've proven to be a little bit better than that. But I think statistically I think they figure out ways to win some games but offensively I'm still surprised how old they still stacked up pretty well maybe not. Some of the juggernaut -- a pass such -- 2007. But I think it's different ethnic. The greatness of Tom Brady and just you been able to make it work even if his numbers aren't quite what they normally are and it on a yearly basis. All right Luke before I let you go and you have a 6 AM radio showed you like yes I do not get to tomorrow morning on WNST. Are you willing to give a prediction on this game on. On Boston's Sports Radio. -- -- I -- and I I think this one will be close I think one thing that can be very interest in actually wrote about this at W enough about that a little bit earlier this evening. The ravens have struggled immensely in the red zone all year long. And I think the patriots even though their numbers don't look as bad in the red zone I think what happened in Miami last week you know gronkowski not there. They didn't have stopped in the six foot three -- rookie receiver have been I think this is gonna come down to how these teams perform in the red zone ravens have a very good red zone defense. Patriots red zone defense doesn't stack up quite as well when he first overall the ravens -- four. I think -- could be the difference in this one. Bill ravens 2317. Over the New England Patriots and all -- that that I think there is. Cautious optimism among the ravens fan base but. I don't think anyone sleeping on Tom Brady knowing that the patriots still need to have to lock up there -- divisions so should be another great one in Baltimore. Our Luke thanks so much for us for joining us and I'm sure you'll have a good time at and T bank stadium on Sunday. Thanks a lot happy holidays and happy holidays to you as well.

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