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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Sports Grinch Edition - 12/19/13

Dec 19, 2013|

We tackle four topics revolving around the grinches we've had to deal with in Boston Sports.

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-- Now our needs -- -- store already roller board or -- for. Fun for me. Green card. Well we solved it finally got on Sports Radio WDE. -- There's certain bulletins or Obama I'm on the first volume and the -- -- -- -- -- Marvin windows and that this is the old Greek tradition of her car. It's okay. You're certainly immigrants on this segment now -- -- and -- Boston sports has historically had its fair share of bridges if you could pay one player as the grinch in Boston sports history who would be one. All of a back to a government do the whole granting me tired than those kind of cool. One player. So many options to write a lot of a lot of Andre guys don't really. I just got to go and I always go to go back to this game. Because it represented so much for this team if they could have pulled it off and they couldn't. So many things would have been their form David -- David Tyree. The biggest grinch in Boston sports and we've got to Boston athlete. He kept the patriots were doing something that nobody in the history of the game that's. Tony you and I looked at this very differently -- you're thinking of it that way but I was just thinking of people with the personality of the green culture and so -- Bob Stanley was the first -- -- the came -- -- well we could go Carl Carl Carl Larry whoever it would be -- -- -- -- -- soldier in -- -- -- in the courtroom and -- You -- -- -- can happen and Google isn't it. -- the end you're sitting fastball because that's clearly yours right I don't regret. -- Ted Washington. The -- Corey Dylan. They're funny are. Bob Stanley it was a funny girl every -- are there were elaborate but the really the three that I was in Washington until they actually help the team win a seizure of a airfare. -- Bob Stanley Miami spears at a Disco. It's not just looking to book club. Now you don't -- is you help them win -- For a year you know separate deals promise. Jimmy Anderson carried -- -- funny -- there's Florida. Of Celtic to a degree and she is too political courage REIT was a -- to -- where Jessica was but he is he's got underwent personality. You're just he had her personality but he was stealing -- -- these -- feeling yes. Few options you know a lot of as a wrestler scanners you know the beat. Mike Lansing Michael Hansen definitely grange yes. Who can say that I think he can mean everybody who's ever I've never been around you has been everyone has ever been around animals say he's pretty grinch well there personally from Ted Williams to -- I think he just hated the writers and promptly at that point. Yes we are Michael over the years Boston has dealt with riches in the form of coaches and there's been some nasty out there. Which busting coach was -- G. Right apps are -- -- exactly exactly. With no other threat no problem. If you tell the truth. The problem becomes a lot of past. If you light becomes -- future the guy insisted on having read our backs title. As president's. Fifth and on to. Lead this basketball -- yes. I mean she asked them math. Comically he was done right there yeah I mean of the Red Sox managers that have failed. I agree little -- but he's the exact opposite of the green job right I mean Joseph Kerrigan maybe but he wasn't manager and I had a character of the candidate but he was only there for a lot -- year that's. I can't go really many Red Sox at least in my at least the Williams will brokerage but -- as Michael says how do you not lost -- Like that it would be that problem you want for Christmas. Clip in front of the other day we can exchange gifts at Christmas birds. And on and on a late night on New Year's enjoy life. Bruins reaches them in the worst coaches in my -- me Dave Lewis again it was only years ago -- -- pinched him nearly buzz is that Steve cat -- Casper I was gonna get to Casper. -- to -- you -- go one -- is getting inquiries -- -- -- to our neighbors were both in parliament that but guards -- great -- but that the race for the race for second place now and I felt as the Pittsburgh you know at first like I'm agree what I think I think my team into battle on this -- the -- we -- every month. All for some of you gotta put ballots -- on our list right opponent specialty dollar Bill Belichick on the phone might be the team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reports here thanks so. The shortest but. That was built fiction is in. Three. The Boston franchises have seen their fair share of grinch owners. Thankfully over the past decade that is somewhat changed and not coincidentally the championships have come as well -- is your biggest -- owner. Embossed in sports history and there are. A lot of -- I gotta go to jockeys don't jam in the the inability to two. To allow people of multiple races onto your team for as long as they supposedly did -- didn't like black people go ahead senator academy that's got to be number one in terms of -- behavior no. Hey you know we on this team and there's some really talented people that were not gonna put the bomb team because we don't like. It seems pretty back. Yes it's very terrible other some other real positive things that they -- and certainly the connection with the Jimmy Fund. Will mitigate some of that but that's pretty pretty grinch like. I'll tell you that's a good one. So what is the genius. Hairy crazy who decided -- that Babe Ruth could be sold. To the Yankees like -- imagine. The way you feel about. Confident. Arrogant smug whatever description when used for yankees fans. That would not -- right. If I hadn't decided that they broke Plavix all. Day. That's pretty good play but it have you seen it now the recent note though that death. Two monster that round after round what does it matter to power were still saying the name here's -- What would we don't have that for -- -- it -- -- -- a look at things you wouldn't have to deal with that he had made that very -- what we have to -- did you think. He left off this guy for how long that book what is that book what exists now that's for sure what the curse of the -- I was thinking about now. It's Harrison and Jeremy Jacobs has been on this list. And still is but that has won a championship they spent money recently and had to be users who have such a good point yes but that's a great point. Much -- groups like the greens you know it was a campaign to have the guys sell the team testified years people don't remember. Now I remember it vividly on the bandwagon of martyrdom wanted to Warner and revived him. Some people remembered the people just tried to move provides evidence that they've tried to -- but I also wanna give them credit for changing their behavior in the fact that they ruined much of the eighties and nineties is obnoxious. But they also got to give them that things are changing at all spending the money hiring the right people and and and and all of now this whole thing your mention of Ebenezer scorers in the -- thing. Just leave me here I think tomorrow. It's when you start the whole marathon of watching some of these movies. Tomorrow -- started tomorrow the twentieth right anywhere from their Ramon early now. It's too early autumn day after Thanksgiving naturally there -- -- so -- like Scrooge. You got to watch at all I'll watch that whatever home -- and poems are great conflict to makers but a black problem now on -- group. That -- at a greater strictly that you do not like home now. -- -- vacation like Christmas vacation I'd like skirt. At Santa. But that was okay well. But you were sincere I think about being movie critic now -- never. They have a terrible but you wouldn't think anybody would listen develop -- critics of they don't like. Starting -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- team went -- their very improper use of terminology do and DJ being going at it on Twitter aleris. The and Shaughnessy -- -- -- on their thoughts on this spectre I was talking about -- article. One as did John C recently came out blasting Boston's fans opinions that they deal -- doesn't care that Boston teams win the big games. Immigrants like article but who is the biggest courage in Boston sports media. -- -- Maybe somebody has an idea here answer this I don't want to let Alex do. It's a tough one I think right now it's Kevin called -- to Ottawa last year like he's just gone insane. He was always the -- I -- do you -- my fair writers for a long time I think he is. Just in terms of fighting ability to his regret that he writes as good a feature article as anybody in this town -- -- a -- -- features may be just the move to columnist at the globe or whatever but I. I feel like he started trolling the same way some of the others -- -- that's never what -- associated with him before. He's my my current green he's angry about everything they think he's angry mean dual thing about why you think he's just -- slowly but what is it that makes them. The grinch doesn't want you to fight men but. It would have peace means he's at peace and stability. He's being sort of -- about it. I think -- -- Any member of controller you know what a great but it sort of put a flat out -- -- something that's that your child that's in your soul. Jumped out you can throw a little different like yeah. I do. Corporate income for the greater good of the donkey for it. But then it spread so. -- Paulo you know he's got -- page you -- a value adjustment to sell on the rob Bradford makes when he was lifting whatever news I guess that I don't Christmas. That's the don't -- a lot of their value for you it no no answer for you on the median family easy answers on receiver. -- -- -- As as it is literally he's a good field. So. He's got to be that guy right now Mike Martz calling me the courage but this. A Twitter right now at muck W the icing salt doesn't like home alone and that's the kind -- it. He's the grinch well home alone the fact you don't like home loans will surprise. Margaret what -- -- -- anything you know like really felt I hit on all of this he was like the obnoxious Brothers and sisters to treat him. Excel. And -- light bulbs. And torrential as the day. I'm terrified of torrential I would never have wanted to -- of the area. So I don't have I don't aren't media members regret that I work on pay. Before we talked to Mike to Rico who's the opposite of this I just give me a moment or -- do -- will do something the opposite of grinch like here in. Hopefully give you guys you know you get down to the end of the year this is when donations. -- -- kicked up a notch if for no other reason than because you want to help yourself tax wise. Come April you gotta make whatever donations are gonna make before before the end of the year. Let me suggest children's hospital and that we do a lot with -- other organizations on the station. About a cause it's very important to me personally is children's hospital and you give to them at giving dot Children's Hospital dot org and I'll tell you why because we've received a I texts and tweets and things it's that are about a artists -- talked about it quickly you may have noticed that you've seen me on NASA -- or met me in person that I have a -- left hand. -- -- half when I was twelve years old water skiing and the question comes up often. Out of it happened and the very very short story is that I was out water skiing. Up in Maine. I felt down I was getting ready to get back up and the guys driving the boat. The side -- -- wolf one with me at age twelve so they on class the rope from the boat -- patched it and drove away in the boat leaving me out there with just the growth. Well I stark does when he asked him. Waiting for them to come back and as they drove back a few minutes later driving really fast 4045 miles an hour really or not right at me but may be out of 3040 yards away. They didn't notice but they ran over the rope the other end of the rope sold the propeller. Cut through the rope. Your it is -- -- incredibly hard and it turned out a piece of the rope was wrapped around my hand. So think of what I mean just like a noose around my hand snapped it in half basically broke every bone in my hand tore off the -- my thumb. And and essentially all but severed -- So intimate so are you are you're water skiing yeah you're twelve years old -- in Maine yeah. And it was so you had finished I'd I'd fallen down and I sit there waiting to get back part. And so this was a it was the the pick is at camp with a counselor encountered an old -- -- 156 title that's a thing like at the time they seemed old to me they were probably 1515 or sixteen and they thought it would be funny. Funny okay. Probably the get a they had no okay existed just to scare you write a bit which is fine but they had no -- so they were driving and personal 1516 years old being able to drive I know that crazy yeah I mean think about it now it's a boy I can't believe they were that young and allowed to right. -- handle its own machinery like that it's so. So when that happened what you what did they do what happened so -- and you know I freaked obvious I did not pass out although the pain was worse than anything I've ever experienced. Looked down and and I remember screaming on Mike I think -- cup my hand often. They panicked and realize now they're fifteen but they managed to get the boat restarted which took a minute drove over to me were able to get me into the bowl. I'm and then back to back land. And economic called the -- Maine medical center and they sent an ambulance and we took off trying to just get the bleeding stop which is not working at all on its gushing blood. And they drove me down you know these back roads in -- until the ambulance that mean they got me. The hospital and remain calm which I think is a nice place the Nittany medical senator. And the people there or are they were able to stop the bleeding at least temporarily they are able to give me what was called block essentially that the nerves in my arms of the teen stopped. But they had no ability whatsoever to do the kind of surgery that was going to be necessary and -- They ended up bringing me down to Children's Hospital in Boston com -- airlift me but unfortunately that -- was. So cloudy could news helicopter so they they put me in an ambulance brought me down a Children's Hospital. And and Joseph Upton -- a surgeon was about to go on vacation it was a middle summer's August August 8 and he's heard about it too you know what. This all stay. And he ended up doing -- surgery seven. During the three and a half weeks that I was in the hospital for some -- and hours and six hours and then he was that a big one was another ten -- surgery. That a -- later that were shorter so you know there remains. I mean the experience obviously is not something I would ask for again. But Children's Hospital staff there in the nurses and doctors and just all the people. And and the attention there was just so unbelievable that that every year. I think it's important and now I have the opportunity to just remind you again. Giving dot Children's Hospital not -- well let me ask you -- how how long. Did it take you to get. Past the why me now. Why me talking I don't know that I thought -- twelve years old you know it's unfair you know I would never compare it to -- to the kids who have cancer that we needed to Jimmy funding that what they're dealing with is so much harder but. You hear them and they almost never -- -- I mean all the kids that we've talked it it isn't something that. That I ever remember think I'm ever been upsets. I remember thinking okay am -- of a basketball and baseball whatever and maybe for the coaches profile Mark Murphy was my coach BB NN. Unbelievable helping me do all of those things. There was a year physical therapy there was some mental therapy obviously Richard -- and your physical as a -- is a week. My mom's they're disturbed -- -- to him the it would nothing worked and it was frozen in place with all my fingers down and then the use and winced in all the way up and back down again and strength training until. And I had enough of mobility back in to making useful. But yeah I mean it was about a year almost five days a week of physical therapy and mental therapy which you can -- worked or not worked depending on your point of -- me. But but but again just the attention and and the service in the medical care all the way through incredibly lucky to be in Boston for an incredibly lucky. For the surgeons and nurses and all the good people Children's Hospital so. Is one more time if you're looking for something to to give to right before the holidays right before the end of the year for no other reason for tax benefit. They don't care they don't care what your reasoning is giving -- dot Children's Hospital dot org for me and incredibly important cause and if if that answer some of the questions I'm happy to talk and no way embarrassed no -- ashamed. You know there was an accident these things happen and for the long run for me Michael I would always say that I feel better having had a -- an amateur I would change.

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