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Pats lose control of #1 AFC seed with loss in Miami, but hang on to #2

Dec 16, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots less than spectacular showing from this past weekend, and how the playoff seeding looks today after a Pats and Bengals loss.

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Assault and volley in Foxboro today at Gillette Stadium Bill Belichick will join us in just over an hour for what to people who have now dubbed awkward radio are you ready. After a loss Bill Belichick -- Ten minutes of talk -- you prepare. I'm not prepare for it prepare this is what you -- no -- and this is what you have to know about Bill Belichick and embracing it. It's like racing. What's the most part unpredictable often you've ever seen in football college opera. Chip Kelly's an -- Kelly or you're never -- Michael for true. You know he might run down on third and one. Mike and I go long I'm ready. Cut I don't know I'm ready for anything though it's not as predictable as. Patriots win Bill Belichick and a great mood. Patriots lose Bill Belichick. In -- hopelessly what do you think how you think he's going to be an egg argument going to be good mood that day yet. I am preparing as Bill Belichick is hopelessly -- -- own words against them. Prepare for an opponent. No matter what their record is you have to prepare for a -- preparing for god that's very caring for him to be horrible I'm preparing for the best. -- they'll feel now though you're preparing I'm -- the best the Bill Belichick if you're talking about like a combative situation. Is him in his worst mood to prepare for -- were -- and I'm prepared and going to be. Like what's the game of golf in in in what's the -- what's the movie Lord of the Rings I'm going to be like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings of my staff. You -- and laughs I'm ready. -- ready for Belichick and there's nothing he can do I shoveled five inches of ice this morning I was down 4 yes this morning. All right. Our rights. I got to hear from you tell you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything I read channel seven I read channel five I watched their videos Harvey Leonard everybody on and on HDM and I thought I knew that it was gonna help you in jail sentence going to be they said three to six inches along the coast chambers along the coast. And then some rain coming in after suck up that wash away a lot of the snow and there really wouldn't be an -- wasn't counting on the deep freeze that occurred afterwards as the I don't know we're sort of my credit wife older this is. With a particular with the baby. And the dogs so law which he won -- Everything I read it could be pretty bad options right now covered the even there. It gives you may have gotten off here in no longer delicate -- gotten. Hey how's your daughter she's almost two like. She's -- she's the hunt she is 60%. She sleeps twelve hours you know what I. Maybe she's easy. But when you think about. Are you -- at Mohegan Sun playing blackjack. And your wife pregnant home alone. With an almost two year old known as -- -- It's the beginning of the pregnancy -- I have it's not like it's not like she's eight months I really don't bother you at the beginning of the presidency and the details right now that get back at us like. My luggage in the snow could do. I drove home yesterday like a 150 miles an hour after that game. From -- -- I gotta get on honey creek about you know we're all all of this is about a lot of stuff to get I don't know if I could've. -- yeah any cravings you want me to pick up food what you pay when I get home why I give Avery about the nature -- put her to -- just a relaxed on the army's. Now at a nice time to put favorite bad giver of -- -- relaxed -- output of food no I was dead. I'm almost made I think what she saw me suffering in the snow in the ice chipping away with a shovel today well wouldn't do that if -- underwear with. I'm aware of all that but I think I think like I think that was enough to make a point yeah yeah which you bar. They're terrible you didn't warn me you did nothing. You don't in my back here terrible wing man -- gonna you know you know Aaron Hernandez wing man that I mean come on -- -- I'm hooked me up with the people who are writing into -- yourself did you read this thing among -- left their. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My ex roommate. This weekend it in at Mohegan Sun. We whenever cell mates we were roommates and there's a pretty crucial are different -- they could have used somebody like Aaron Hernandez yesterday or somebody like grant. Yesterday. In Miami. Down the stretch. -- not there you're right that person was not there whoever was. What they get magnified and Nagorno man. When the game is on the line if that's cute. There -- really. In the past that's -- -- the guys you made in the first -- and great catch great catch Al -- credit in the world but that's not why that's what you planned for and the question is. It is this the moment. Is this the moment where you say. They have gone as there is this feeling. They've gone as far as they can go. Are are we at that point right now where in -- you really can't expect. This team you can't. Just look at the patriots in public it's like the patriots. Of of 2004. In 2003 and and 2010 or whatever. You just say these guys are patriots helmet on their -- uniforms on but they've just. The damage too much to committee body blows. For them to be expected to use and -- I don't think that I -- I think that some in greatness is a different things but summon something to be able to beat teams on a consistent basis. I don't think there don't they -- Tom Brady. They they they still have Tom Brady in a pretty good collection of wide receivers and offense that -- should be able to move the ball to have issues. I'm not doubting that they didn't have a record and have a good collection of our receivers aren't -- and they watch in the yesterday and you got a couple of them anyway -- Dobson is hurt and you had to -- better when you get him back and think he's an upgrade over voice -- -- Tompkins has been -- I still think he's just a guy but he's not bad. Amendola and and -- are both talented. They're both really talented guys I think you got to see yesterday 23 catches between the two of them almost 202 for 250 yards or so combined they were good. And they are really -- Austin Collie has had injury issues but when he plays he's a serviceable extra guy can come in as the fourth of -- wide receiver. Yeah I think they're good enough and it's not like. Personal Tom Brady has told worst guys in that I asked. Were worse guys than them into better players the Tom Brady is so good in this often get out and be so well designed that would those players. You can win and you have Tom Brady and when things come down to it the end of the game I'm always gonna put my money -- Tom -- lot worse yesterday -- is not my money on a -- Ella had a good chance to -- -- the patent T shirt and work out. We'll talk to a a very ebullient enthusiastic Bill Belichick about it later today as our predictions but. We don't look at that the patriots there in a position they've never been. Before under Bill Belichick undergo -- -- they've either been a bad team first year to split up that. Yeah underdog. Like they were in 2001. The favorite. Like they were 04 who like they were in 07 but they have never ban. In the position where there -- not -- underdog. Nor -- they are just in the AFC to me. AFC east just wipe your personal favorite names you would you name a favorite of she'll tell you why. A comic -- argument against him. Whether it's Denver Kansas city New England Cincinnati. You know when the division yet that it rolled -- -- to loosen the vision to -- the Baltimore not likely. To Baltimore wins again tonight. -- -- -- How quickly the patriots could lose the division well he's got. I don't think there's any favorite soul now for the first time under Bill Belichick you don't have an underdog team because underdog home. -- whose names you. Ought to. Yeah you're on the underdog. The patriots until you make it to the Super Bowl -- that you're facing Seattle or San Francisco. Based on those teams you can you can play up the hell hole. -- to those two teams played well yesterday and we were we watch and -- we had all the screens going -- on both great -- Seattle Seattle goes to new York and the giants have not been good but to be shut out at home -- that's real bad for Tom -- we -- talk more about him for four but for Seattle -- went on the -- at 10 AM body -- time shot out a giants team that at least -- Super Bowl pedigree. And then we watched from the sabres Cisco game and they beat up on Tampa pretty good. And a few of the plays that happen to Wilson are making major watch in the back to back they want Stevie next to each other but just ridiculous they're impossible to drag down Wilson is so -- suit capita is so powerful when he runs -- minutes. It it was really in her -- experience watching the two of them take care business all on the big screen the patriots were struggling now. The phrase I've heard used all day and I know Brady said yesterday is a slim margin for error. That because of all these injuries that are their margin for error now is so small that they can't afford it. Some of the mistakes they had yesterday and they had quite a few of them -- -- has yet to kick the ball out of bounds and missed a field goal now against. The field goal Michigan back thanks to the hysterical moment with the dolphins -- -- -- dictate directly square in the face by a snap at the slow -- that was the highlight of the day when. Far we're kicking the ball out of bounds it's not something you expect now especially for him out yeah -- -- killing the ball I thought -- I thought the reaction. From from Scotty O'Brien sentinels special teams coach. It's a he and his back and forth since anything has his head down and shaking as we move as disclosed that well. All the times to have this moment to have and it happens to. Happens to the greats. Or Portland questions that happens degrees but it happens happens a lot of kickers and -- happening John Casey -- in the super don't -- to make -- -- super ball and it biggest thing right worst mistake at the worst time. And that allowed you know give Tom Brady. A drive in the Super Bowl the final drive the -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks a lot thirty yards and I got three completions this deal later I mean it's that's a huge mistake and they made them yesterday they did not play. -- clean pass interference of third to -- -- Dane Fletcher. I look at it now obviously on the field it's a different perspective. But he wasn't gonna catch it as if if if -- -- interfere with them. He wasn't gonna catch it if you can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know you just they can't afford that one of four in the red zone as you alluded to earlier -- -- he can't afford in until Arafat's a straight drop. I thought that the defensively. Defensive -- -- held around entitlement bill on Amendola to knock the ball out of his hands on the first one at an entitlement there was another pretty good defensive play and he had his hands on it -- the -- now -- new -- play with the US which must interference but you know you can't you can't -- pentagon at that right and that's not that's not something they are. We're gonna have him it in the middle of the field and -- a linebacker. We'll hug him were squeezing them and get pass interference they could have called bitten. And the patriots have seen Reinemund sometimes if you're putting yourself in a situation. Where an important writing -- both sides of the got a gift. Against Cleveland last week on voice on pass an appearance and they also. Got robbed and Carolina -- -- I got one other thing note and we'll get your calls in a minute 6177797937. We could talk about you know. I get to numbers and give -- second I know there is also one other play. That bothered you because you and I were sitting together we are both horrified by a third in one and a half -- On your second to last drive inside the red zone inside the five I'm not mistaken. You have third and two. And you throw the ball. Yeah now in that situation. We were just looking at blonde again he was Reinhard is running well he was attacking people really was attacking -- tough -- to bring down now. We heard at the end of the game the patriots called a timeout because they were little wind didn't. By the conditions are playing in an end. Mid eighties South Florida sun not used to it. So maybe that was why protect certain to play that we refer to. Blunt was -- game was he not in the game because. Of -- that we wanna go what this plane was not in the game because he was tired and I think -- in so many situations. Wearing street please. Please lineup and line and line up and running sewage get out of it in the joked well do you they don't I mean they did I mean look who's in. It in the air in there offensive line at that point right Logan Mankins has had to shift over to -- left tackle. You've got -- playing left guard I mean you you don't have your traditional offensive line so maybe that's some of the worry there. But they ran the ball fairly effectively throughout the game and I think that's the bigger thing I want -- back -- into numbers but your numbers are 22 and 55. They ran the ball 22 times they Pruitt 55. Now I don't a lot of them come in the final -- -- last couple drives and I had no problems with a -- understand that you try to move the ball down the field that the end you want to up on Tom Brady's hands. But in the first half -- first drive. They were just just dominating. Who would dare -- was running people over yes he was eight he was -- a lead back just like you'd -- It was a bad feelings all it was about why do we stop given on the ball it was a bad feeling from that first drive where like they were controlling the game. And make all the way down and get a feel yeah. So. Yes. Not an -- that was it -- -- -- election issue that first drive. Or just an inability to. Is come up with a play come up with a big play. But when they went when I saw them do that. At the start of the game who can only get three point. And it is yeah a lot luckier than it needs to. You a lot of issues in two straight weeks they failed to turn the ball they failed to get a turn over which is a problem is defense needs turn -- Ryan -- -- 25 of 37 for 312 yards and three touchdowns they gave up touchdowns in the red zone they they gave Bryant and -- seemingly anything you wanted in the second half they couldn't get off the field on third down and especially key third and fourth downs. Late in the game the defense had problems the offense had trouble punching it in Josh McDaniels continues to to be baffled by how to run the ball forward even when it's already being -- -- being successful forum. So there are problems and yet. I totally agree with your initial point. All of the contenders in the AFC have problems the Broncos we southern defense -- the other night their offense essentially held the to very little the Kansas City Chiefs have been up and down they don't -- Gary -- -- you and play off well when I play electric. I didn't get a ticket oh well but but today's Gary on a playoff game I think is there's been a playoff game for Kansas City. Charles Atlas and into the stock touched on district -- significant. -- companies -- -- in one game that's insane. But you look at the patriots and there are. Their inability to stop those third and long lead times and -- 123 and fifteen. Jamaal Charles and -- screen I can see him on a third and sixteen getting 25 yards. And and the fact that he plays a position. That lately has given the patriots trouble running back so I I am concerned about. The Kansas City Chiefs or anybody else coming in here saying on the football can run a football -- -- -- -- but. But we're not we're not treat -- as well yesterday and I put data and run the ball that well all right I get asked her if I'm afraid of -- Miami. Maybe they'll make the house may be right I'm not counting. Of all the -- things. Album should scare you all of a all of them you should have superiority. Complex toward an it's a crazy positioned in. That then there's there's not one that can't beat the patriots. And there's now one patriots are we'll take your temperature six point 77797937. Last week after the loss every bar after the win rather everybody was up in arms in the patriots can't do anything gronkowski is injury and they don't play well off from the defense stinks. And at the time I really felt fairly comfortable just saying hey look. They find ways to win at the end of games and I'll take a team that is dealt with -- adversity and found ways to win late. In a league that is asking you to do that specifically telling you the end of games your quarterback better be able to drive down the field and get points. Now. -- you got -- -- look at it and say the gronkowski injuries seem to be such a huge factor. In the way the game played out yesterday the inability to score touchdowns in the red zone and especially in your final drive. When you really truly needed it when the game was on the line and you the ball inside the ten. You negro. And so until they've come up with a solution for that I do I do have that worry now is it enough to say they're no longer contender. Not for me -- -- their content they -- contender whether they have drunk or not but you really did see that different yesterday 6177797937. Your calls and a moment -- Wow yeah. Jerry Kill and sport it's. Seconds left home about 54. Florida workable has sold fourteen yard line on the -- its. World. First you're fired. -- that we got plenty of chances all -- so. We. Make some good plays and make. Them. Seriously people have put that we used to thank you and take -- was that it was that in sequence Andy Murray says. We've made them. Plays. And then. Thanks thanks to drop a Mike you left there there's a bit and and and the guys that Miami rooms and a golf tournament games out now Michael Thomas. What -- and jobs actor when I don't have a lot on the right Philip Michael to pump. Thanks to Michael Thomas got it to my columns to oughta bring him right when Ricardo -- -- in any. Does like Broadway stuff we did afterwards for awhile I was a -- hundred dollars of the huge Miami Vice. Yeah I -- cry went -- on our progress I don't know accurately what they're with their aliases were when they went undercover. Or why -- I Crockett was with -- Burnett. He would I was that would have ruined recovery was signing Burnett and Rico's as the Cooper I think -- and under inning Cooper. Whenever he went undercover about Edward James almost when he was just lieutenant Steve. Your area and -- there's an idea that you can look like hookers on Tuesday in the what's. What's a lot of -- devices like anyway. To get too deep and much are. Horrible weekend really from from start to finish for me in terms of the snow in the league and all that. Because -- -- -- -- things but it was -- -- I've read my -- from my life and we're not -- remote video was just recently that there is no we can't -- now though they're just terrible I was Georgia. You warned me I -- win last week when you're talking about going down set up sorry Heather who. Big snowstorm -- off I don't remember or better and better and this and that gender and a host of -- -- doctor Robert patriots lose in the a game that they absolutely could have been maybe should've won. Bruins get steamrolled by the Vancouver come out and if you still hold hatred out. For the cannot begin to lose the Morton gets a bogus fifteen game suspension. I mean bogus that it was that long -- that he does in there to be suspended at all Lucic apparently and you've seen the video right heard the audio of him in the fight. Outside the outside the Vancouver club it doesn't sound like. At least according to him he had anything to do with the opening primal saying over and over again that it was unprovoked and anyway it's -- -- -- maybe that's true warming. Fortunately there's there is every once in the video so. That's something that ought to slap my last Saturday night and from. Although not all open but. He knows part of book unprovoked. Talk. So he said over and provoked a few times and releasing the video looks like some witnesses seem to agree with them so hopefully that that's absolutely true and you don't have to worry about a mile -- each. And now off off ice incidents that is -- created distractions on worries about that is a bad weekend and yet they run a lot of a lot of negative things happening so. To what he's probably on the phones selling what you what is at all to return all listen to happen as. I don't know not right now I'm helping -- about got to sort through it first -- -- samurai sword and went -- on some drug dealers that was -- like definitely a perfect putt and it -- also the guy in the committee Harry Carey at -- -- -- car -- -- the thing at the end of it -- -- -- puts out. I like and tickets when -- became a became a drug dealer from memory had amnesia and he became a drug dealer in the whole thing ended like -- eight. An eight or ten episode story arc and it ended with the drug dealer getting eaten by a panther. Or rubber that they're going like opens the safe to get the money or something in the end there's and there are over into the third you'll. 617779798370. Start off with Stephen Lincoln -- state. There I went out late yesterday that you know we're talking about -- the end owned by the final drive -- We -- have -- -- that -- -- -- was your -- position their ballots checked. Are accepted the job all the penalties stop back when -- -- -- of the game allegedly was tense ever blew up. And go Miami had all the penalty. Belichick the sides declined the penalty. It was what I'll blame Eagles get appealable -- -- and now I know obviously in all its other crap up. Think about it he came back to buy -- it's in -- grass because. The Pallet Jack decline -- -- separate -- -- the corner. Yeah he's got a penalty right -- what they were developer valve oh what what do you weren't -- long. It would -- -- jewelry. You know I mean -- -- -- there when we're gonna talk about this to the it would eventually we -- -- Iron. We we grew up it would appeal bullet we always do the last seconds on the clock we're a little everybody we're all -- I you know I did too and I need to go over -- the play by play again just to make sure that we're we're on the same page and talk about the same thing and it is that the game situation is what what you stated I'm not I'm not doubting you but a distant. Just to make sure we're -- together on this I was -- -- -- lawyer talk him and I couldn't find them if you can figure out exactly where that was but I don't I don't remember I remember that there was a holding penalty declined. On third down but I I don't remember what the result wasn't exactly what happened at the -- to go to blow. Who's in New Hampshire -- Party I don't -- wondering if anybody else. Besides me noticed that near the end of these second quarter was 54 seconds left but the -- tennis sideline pass yeah. Second intent. The clock never moved. And I played it back -- -- we use the stock market with six seconds that play lasted a clock never move 12. -- -- ended up at the end of the play. Then also anywhere from 54 to 53 you know it's a lot. Well that's six seconds that you I had they'd probably. Complain about it in yeah like -- the official look at it may be would have thrown off the movement. And anything that that would help the patriots six seconds. -- if you know -- And it would probably. Now what if if there was a malfunctioned that it's about in the first half the Obama camp in the first half ended in nothing imminent right on the first -- didn't have enough in the first half -- and and dolphins -- very simple thirty plus seconds get Barry -- was not very high commissioner of sloppy tackling and is ending injuries so. You're gonna do don't know I. It you called both calls are about weird BS excuse I don't think this is what we're gonna do I don't think that's what we're gonna do today I hope I and I hope not either we're gonna pick apart -- I declined holding penalty and a clock malfunction that nobody noticed. I hope Dallas we're gonna do today. -- -- Really well liked it that's what you get out of the game will you watch say yesterday when just get out of it is. Hey there was a clock malfunction in the second quarter and it didn't know and declined -- that we got there -- Todd. Is ever focused on just one play -- on the cape I can't. Lol I am also thinking that the Belichick caught a terrible game. You know the game first and goal. You know -- -- at a pace up but as you know the game. But like at field at. Forget about Iran afford for that -- back. Run where -- in the -- mr. -- -- -- I got run to -- Mom role can't. There's. Just joking you're left with -- they were a fourteen yard line you messing with me right now. Am sure -- Here -- a fourteen yard line a Miami wanna run a fourteen yard play with -- -- with ten seconds left. I didn't think so -- thank you I appreciate how well our -- but it is not just he's gone unfortunately as ours is not just about one thing. Really the one thing that bothered YouTube was the last play of the game the Belichick didn't run the ball then -- Well on this is what this has got to be bothersome and this has got to be disturbing that's got to be concerning. Any any type of words you wanna use. It's probably going to be a negative word -- when used when you start looking at the patriots defense and what they're capable of doing and ask you. As a unit. What are the what are the patriots get up and what is your -- good what's their strength. What is your strength. 120 at good attitude note. Over achievers. Is it stopping the run is it. Coming up but that timely turnover is it defending the -- is it rushing the passer. Is it deflection. Is it being in the right place the right time playing this game well execute. What do they do well it's really if it's a problem. If it's a real problem day. -- as poorly as as they did it to our comment because cows to kick out there around you talk about Belichick declining the penalty that he sort of -- on and on. They had so many opportunities to. Close out the game in the could again be -- I don't know what there. And I understand why it's happening I understand right in our he's our other difference has no identity but the defense -- know what I think they are actually -- -- to the quarterback pretty well. Compared to a lot of other you know they're not a -- at doing so they're not -- and anything. I even yesterday at four sacks and they will they won't get up for a few sacks a game four sacks in the game is nothing to sneeze at so. They do that well there are times though when a completely disappears there are times and they tackle poorly. -- hill was able to reject collective right as some guys on defense genome crazy right. -- -- -- -- Always if there's a place to be neighbors big play Ninkovich -- probably something to do with it. I Chandler Jones-Drew. Extranet Chandler Jones Aqib -- when he's healthy. But you put it altogether mean they have Garrett is based now I'm not really sure they have. A linebacker who can cover. -- linebacker and cover. And they do with. Yeah RJ enormity insert a look at what this -- -- our -- our total rhetorically. I decided his rhetorical on the Tony it's a hole I don't want though I don't -- answer session. Fletcher. Passes through -- after Jamie Martin's. It's fast he's the best of them -- the -- -- question -- get the benefit hightower got happy for the touchdown writing was trying to cover the running back catchers on the -- Alice go to Steve. He got turned it regretted the signs -- there what's up Steve Yzerman. Rate. -- -- -- modeled Patriot Act and get involved about the patriots. -- Two things. -- -- now about the personnel players you know that can only do so much due to all the injuries you know we got. Who regardless who got on the field what kind of upset about. The ownership and management or nine million under the cap. You know we -- until the year this problem with a better personnel group. In our third and maybe even our second you know bench players -- bench warmer -- Because it may be alleviated some of these personnel issues that we we can't cover the game cover a wide receiver corps. Maybe you're starting -- here I don't know if they'll no doubt there might be better. It seemed like the personality ownership group management group kind of let us down a little bit on that. So accord either eleven million under the categories and I I don't I don't know under the -- I'm an -- -- -- A no spin rate between them they're very limits to me that. And do you think if they had to let's say a you know cook for liberals a guy that this -- brings up a lot. He's good if they had a -- for April. If they had. Another like a four million dollar receiver for example you think. Thought of the net sellers -- although we you know you've got you that it's coming off the street. Playing nose tackle position because you could address. You know a little bit earliest -- What else would this capital let that happen. I mean it's including -- the state money this year. You know it's funny I'm a look at on I don't aside I don't know where you get I mean there's a lot of different places it's gonna -- I'm looking -- -- -- dot com -- tracker for the NFL what is there about six million under the cap and that that's you know both midway and midway through the pack. Yeah I know that the blue chip organization you know being like they would just. Yeah and got a little bit you know ultimately up to personnel. Oh really -- I guess I haven't read what we're talking about is another. I think it's fair to say maybe it's been another couple million I don't think you wanna -- Right against the -- But if you're six million under again it's it's reasonable and fair to say you can beat three million. I'm looking at the teams that are close and it just doesn't seem to have -- much a bit of a -- -- not a huge -- what you what team in the -- do you think has the least amount of caps -- well -- well it if it's either Washington -- hope it's not a music that's the -- according they have it's the rams got captain -- within 227000. Dollars of the Catholic and doing so they -- but I -- -- -- who cares I mean. Don't forget you you are could not another another observation quickly I'm the very quickly. We look at high dollar and then look what he -- -- streets were coming out of college. Was government wide receiver. Covering a guy going on the flat. -- Yeah. I don't know if if that was a string. As supposedly something that no he had the ability to do every now and blistering slightly downhill attack what you know who we're talking about. He's a guy who who runs pretty well force size. I know they had comedy in it wasn't just high tower was like unit they had a dominating. National championship game when he when he to shut down -- you remember being -- and get many things I think they've crossed midfield want to. That was I don't think that was. Symbolic of his entire career. At Alabama this guy -- -- audience you know audience he's the guy. I think they're happy with them put the -- he's got the green got on his helmet so that means he's able to process information for very quickly they trust him. To get the message out to the rest of the defense but in terms of coverage. No I don't think any of the linebackers in the Jerod Mayo. Is in decent -- And a great cover -- but it at a decent one but you lose him. Collins has the tools to do it. A time that the keys to still learning that where I don't suppose it was really funny that this gets brought up today about the idea of of a coverage linebacker and how the patriots are missing -- because there was one guy. Who is a free agent linebacker this past year that the patriots if they'd been so inclined. Could've spent the money to try to get any actually played a huge role in yesterday's game that's -- alcoholic WEEI. Further today. It's 33. -- -- The airport. The truth is we have plenty of chances anyway so I don't think any of those things really matter yes they have and it was great -- -- that -- -- yes of course it is -- that didn't match yesterday. So we have we have a chance investors -- -- open you know we just had the most important. Scoreboard deported because. It's democratic. Mozilla -- in the day for Miami but. Or Tom Brady's face quite have been mentioning linebacker. Who had just enormous enormous affect the mag game the only two tackles and yet you know -- -- was a great player for the dolphins yesterday as -- -- he what he did was say Croatia Shane Vereen comes -- 21 total yards. Thirteen of them on the ground. -- eight yards receiving. He's arguably. Per second or third best receiver stuck out of the backfield and am now free to line all the old room. He was denies job and he they were never able to use him the way they have the last few weeks he was a non factor. For the patriots and their passing game and it seemed like a lot of that was elevate their other guys who contributed but every time he ran out of the backfield they -- somebody with them they said no we're not gonna use that player to attack Brady we're gonna use that player on on -- specifically. Every time and patriots never seemed to have an answer a few times I tried to throw it to him out of the backfield and went for two yards and it is that they were unable ever. To get that weapon establish and so they did other things right -- -- settlement they had him until they combined for 23 catches in the game. But unfortunately. At the end in the red zone when they needed points. They no longer have that target they don't have growth of Erica doesn't Vereen. It's a fair point and ask you this you think that Shane Vereen is personal enough. Where if you have a linebacker whether celebrate or anybody else who's all over him as you can backfield. You can move Marines to the slot or wideout spot if he is too effective an outpost of where I don't know if I'd say -- you like about. And he's matched up with a linebacker or safety that he's got the skills. -- to escape the jam in the and then beaten to catch like a lot. He is supposed to be able to do that again a lining up against -- human that's supposed to be something. It is in his will house and yet. I don't know that I saw a lot of BS maybe didn't I didn't see yet but I don't remember seeing a lot of a 6177797937. Gabriel's in Miami high Gabriel. They are you going to it. -- the ball. I know called commander -- Well that. Support you know I am weak side -- eight sheets and Iraq and the a fact that we lost the game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our kickoff out of bounds. A city where you app or -- it to its economic crunch time and that little ball. There -- matter any -- in both did it. And trust me I don't Miami I should know there was no wind at all. At the mistake man. -- let's say they're proud of all the blame for the loss but it was a it was a huge mistake at that point -- sure it once and and something that you're not accustomed to seeing from him when he missed a field goal early. 48 yarder so -- at least understand nobody misses a field goal early. And and then the mistake kick the ball out of bounds like he is a bad game. And there's no doubt and the margin for error the -- you can keep hearing is does not allow for that. The patriots aren't as they're not good enough to survive that many mistakes they made enough of them yesterday. That's simple right. I think so and I think you look at it if you're talking about going forward and I and this is -- I've -- is wide open. Is in the AFC playoffs. -- wide open. In the league I'll be surprised. -- -- shocked over the over the top shocked but I'll be a little surprised if if the AFC team wins a Super Bowl the NFC seems bent I like it seems like they it's not as dramatic as it was an eighty's -- and eighties and early ninety's every time. And AFC team went to the Super Bowl they were just going there to get slaughtered -- -- -- like that I think -- this is that a congress but you look at it. In the in the post season. There's always somebody who goes to a level. Dad either you and expect to go to the Disco you do know there are great player to become greater whether it's either are Brady or Manning than usual suspects. Or last year was Anquan Boldin. Along with Joseph Flacco you know some guys just get that thing going out and their unstoppable for two or three or four games. And and I am trying to figure out there who is that guy not just on the patriots but on all of the all of the AFC you're looking for that guy and the patriots right now looks like Julian -- does that make different now. A guy like that -- difference maker and get a team. What they're all all things are equal right now anyway and AFC that will be this -- while one more reform Bill Belichick angels in New Bedford. We'll come and Joseph what's up here and there. Yeah I did what I say that I think it's a win in remission may -- may have -- -- -- he would make an electorate they can look tackling was. -- and I that are -- you know fortified. Completion would have made it stops somewhere. India. I was. Not just camera at him and it's it's not it's may go. Wilfork. Kelly and it's everybody all the guys who -- playing banged up on that defense. There's no doubt that it dated that it plays a role in some of the plays alive and the. To get to all of them all of them and then now let's go to offense and you look at him and keep government run -- sold. I I don't know what the story's going to be was older put. I just don't now how do you survive that you have Mankins playing tackle you're essentially. Without your your starting left and right tackles. It's holders out here for an extended period yeah. I mean now -- -- Canon has been at least. Serviceable. As the right time we haven't had a problem too -- tackles are sold our home -- now they're gonna have to be cannon and Logan -- no big deal -- just the Americans out there they only allowed one -- chemical Lincoln's he -- -- in the game with it and -- just a great story and a great job was -- about that a whole lot more coming -- stick around it can be -- can be -- you never know the result of all WEEI -- you.

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