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Rob Ninkovich reacts to the loss in Miami on Patriots Monday

Dec 16, 2013|

Rob sits in with Mut and Merloni on Patriots Monday to chat about the loss in Miami. Rob explains what he saw on Charles Clay’s 6-yd reception to convert a critical fourth down on Miami’s final scoring drive.

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Up we will continue to talk about the patriots lost yesterday 2420 in Miami get to all all your phone calls joining us here in studio. Patriots captain Rob Ninkovich and he's joins us I hear -- -- stadium. When you get to play eighty degree weather then the -- this is it feel. To feel colder rob because she got a day or so in the eighty degree son of Miami. Yeah I mean you definitely feel a little bit the cool air when you step off the plane but. You know. That's that's what we live in you know so excited -- this idea. I think it was a strange game defensively right because there was two drives and the spurs' staff in the second half and then. And Evans a 240 yards you know and it was how would you assess the defensive effort was it used. Got to make those plays in that situation or do you look back -- C -- for the -- what were OK but we still below better. Well I mean -- comes around again you -- Have a minute left reform at the moment the team and struggle -- the field and score and so. They're -- -- Donna doing little things better and that's fundamentally. Stop in certain things that they repeat and throughout the game. And you know organic. Got to give credit to -- is that if you see some of those passes or are we lost a game and those are some. Tight windows who's the -- too so. You know again just squeaks quick stuff that was. You know slant -- Back shoulders which are just you know good throws and their their tight throws so. Married with those two drives that -- the game right there -- so. And I didn't end there with a fourth and for her fourth of five -- -- formed it is. They're screen that's that's the sensible call right there just to run that play because you know there's probable. Behind a line of scrimmage or at the line of scrimmage you know to trying to five yards so we're talking about their plea to it wasn't really. Excuse Grady either I mean I don't behind in the moment of it stop a little bit on play you thought maybe you -- -- more time to get lowering get a while I mean I was on -- there and I was trying to -- the hand and he -- he -- once and then. Through again so read -- give a little side around there you know my answer. Straight up so -- -- you stopped you know but again you know an -- you know fourth down situation. -- -- to sort of stopped and retrace some credibility if there. You know again that's one of those plays that. Unity in and -- game you juniors back -- -- -- to the quarterback and disruptive so. You know again that's. That's another play where you wish you had that one. -- his teacher hands on -- knock it down. Or what what's what's the talk on what what's the feeling in them in the middle that drive in the huddle users at all technical hey we gotta do this we would do better reserve. Summaries say hey we don't do it what's going on in the huddle or in between snaps from. -- -- On my drive and you're just you know for us in there at the beginning of that driver whose great you know we got -- long situation there. With a sack there. And you know and it's third and long -- little you know -- down over the middle of the shorten -- -- and then you get the first down so you know. You'd like to stop right there and you know game over but you know and they continue to drive. -- had a couple good throws up there in the threw -- up on the silent there you know through big chunk there which is tough. And you know it's. -- -- when these drives you know the defense system -- of playing -- come up with a big play and you know at that ended at the new game. -- -- talk of offense with a minute to you know expect them where to go down and score return. And you -- -- -- credit it seemed like you guys recognize going in just watching on TV take Charles clay out of this thing let's let's try to make him go one other places. Was that the plan going in into those tight throws that he made they'll slant stated. It was twelve AT not on tent and throws ten or more yards downfield. At surprise you the accuracy in the velocity but which are able to get some of those passes in there. I would say surprise I mean he's a good -- obviously he's a -- core -- great arm and you know is made those throws. For less scope for years and in his rookie year you had made some good throws the series. Don't know done some good things out there so. You know clay was a huge target form and the only play that he had was that fourth down play so. You know trying to take away but go to guys always a key. So you know again. Just gotta gotta do better in certain situations and you know we got to make those plays and that's this is. That's it got to make those play -- to make a play to win the game you know comes on making a play they made a play they won the game. No less stuff few years that took the last three years in the plus minus categories -- -- -- takeaways and it's. 281725. This year six and and you guys have always been great as far as getting the ball defensively in getting him back to Tom bradys have been some frustrating viewed as a unit. There will we started you know we started well the beginning of the year and gynecologists. And slowed down here or not in the turnovers that we usually. -- home were kitten but you know it comes ounces of you know how the games are being played now you know as before if you get -- team in the situation. Where there in the long you know are his situation really got to get the ball downfield -- playing from behind it you know trying to make a big plays and they do -- you know ball. You know teams are. Canada grind mentality of -- for second down Ron set -- -- third and 433. You know throw quick. You know to the flat players land just got to make the game. I guess easier convert those third down instead of being in third and long. And a you know just -- China at the ball more and -- the ball to eskimo trying to to it. And you know again it's you know Moscow games really haven't -- -- last three or four games and haven't had any turnovers on defense. Which is huge you know. -- What can this defense do. To improve in those situations is is as simple as execution or is there supports. Well -- end. Again it execution that's the same game known connection you better who can run better routes you can defend -- -- better minutes is that it's. Football all want to know who's gonna go up there and have a better three phase no offense defense special teams and when one of those is off. You know narco war work at the the way that they need to work than you than you then you lose football games so. You know it's just continuing again I was like to say got to continue. To kind of progress. And again I feel like the last three weeks you know he's. Really haven't had much progression we needed me get -- don't. What would you like the defense to be more aggressive maybe blitz more in those situations maybe force -- -- -- -- -- Ordinance does is the game plan just to be excuse. Well I mean whatever the coaches call -- -- and so on you know as far as. You know whatever plays in you -- you do it so. You know and there's so there there's. We live by the blitz Saddam by the -- -- a -- a lot of times it's not the best way to to go about things dissent in the house when you can. You know again we've seen sometimes that doesn't work out as well. For some teams when you blitz everybody liberal slant for touchdowns -- when you one -- out there. -- Saudi getting your game yesterday and it's it's a weekly thing it's a game by game thing it's the inconsistency. Other pass interference call rob and I just. How as a defensive player how do you deal with it because there are certain plays where you know Josh -- gets hit right there at -- the -- the goal line no call. I Dane Fletcher grabs a guy looks like pretty much the same play Boyce. Got hit on earlier. Ending -- hit for a big pass interference call to give an automatic first down someone as an -- as an employee in the NFL's got to deal with those calls. How do you deal with -- do you do you watch these plays during the game and to frustrate you but inconsistent these calls have been. On pass interference. Ho -- in again pass interference. Goes both ways to can you get guys that are good actors out there offensively. And you know again if there's a situation or they're not questionable it that the Danes if you watch that closely. We got falls in every fall also makes it look worse you know makes it look bad but he really didn't. Hit them like the -- there that same bang bang he falls both play so. You know again there's there's always going to be. Flights on that you wonders you know. What does that and then there's not a flight throne and one of the same things so. You just got to deal with what's what's being built and in the whatever it is take -- And you got to move long ago it was it and you know you can't complain about it because it's such help Leo yeah which you look at those review -- penalty pass interference they would check it legal review would receive it actually. A feeling it would stop the game a lot from the nominee pleaser. You know there's always a questionable calls on you know really caters to they just get entangled. Is there and here you know so -- grabbed -- -- push off so it's a Vegas is too much -- vote. -- it happens to him too often from them -- who vote in recent review written stop the game in the flow of poppies are grown you know bill left. The game when asked about seedings only pay attention to put. To pay attention that game last night in the Cincinnati loses the two guys back in that drivers is number two seeded -- U guys really look at any of that. -- -- lost a game SI knew that you know if they -- in the bond was down so low you know. You pay attention but you know you you got to control you can control that's a vote there and win football games so. You never liked to have. Your fate in the hands of somebody else you know so. You know must be in the number two CO feel like Reid you know Stew out of fight these last two games in. When these last two games and you know get some get some momentum going here so we region of wells who just continue to total long. Seven and go home for losses on the road. To let is that bigger advantage for you guys wars things is happening out there. Well I mean it's it's definitely. Analysts have to play I don't mean there's definitely a difference in traveling in a calm you know where your plan that the environment here and you know I feel like here especially when it's colder. You know we have an advantage is because we're used to it mean you know who everyday hero -- run around -- You know pounced on balls and when an hour winds old times so it doesn't affect him that much as opposed to. You know team that is used to that they commanders and you know it's it's it's tough sleazy so. You know I think a lot of teams you know they have -- a big advantage at home and go home. -- but yeah any you have to win on the on the road that's that's part of the game if you don't then. -- market movers for you don't know issued on -- no issues of young guys. Losing focus on the road -- like that -- don't know I think that you know we're on a business trip been you know we all know. You know what we have to do but. You know again. -- on the Wanamaker excuse so. Just I think that it road games a road game and you got to win on the road if you wanted to orient you -- ago. On the flip side of that existed in no excuses but. -- in Miami Dolphins game up players at the games and they felt like the heat was affecting you guys 84 degrees at the deal plea deal with the -- the humidity did you feel down there. Well main house slipped a little bit more using would be if it's you know twelve degrees but. Yeah I mean -- it's. There that insists that it's the same. Either way I mean they come here they got to play in twelve degrees. You know real there Rihanna play in 8280 -- is part of the game via. Whatever the conditions are known to be owners -- got a real plan so as -- the hugest. You know you got to stay in shape he's got to run got to do -- it takes and you know you might not be used to a certain condition but. That's football you know. Pitcher on this you know watcher ravens watched the -- And -- -- Agassi next on anyone in a football at Detroit they'll watch some analysts at the time you know. Prizes thing out -- moment you know -- amount. Some Christmas -- We get that the that -- have -- -- -- don't get it bigger than Casey I don't was critical. I he is Rob Ninkovich joining us here rob thanks appreciate it thank you are patriots cap the Rob Ninkovich brought to you by Verizon stay connected. At your patriots at home in on the go files quantum Internet NFL mobile. Five -- and and by -- restoration specialist the -- business solutions. And Boston lasers continuing to take. I your phone calls at 6177797937. Pats and dolphins recap -- -- here Gillette Stadium.

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