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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Where is Santa from?

Dec 16, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed a new controversy surrounding Santa's ethnicity.

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Headline is what I wanna do leg room you wanna play that answer Brady to talk to deals question about big receivers -- when we come. Antsy that we can reads them and -- think he's really frustrated that he's got a bunch in the homes -- -- in the red zone it's likes more city. Alan I think we humans little levers that yield that if we got something. We'll dig into that a few minutes -- with a few minutes don't -- I look practically nice today. News that's what you want as good as you -- yes that's not new is that no I don't want -- I got because on Friday it was a big ought to remember but I wore. What to months son's birthday parties first birthday party Saturday were my. Great mills yeah grace when I got plenty of compliments to -- I'm bill -- head to toe to. Up UN under. No he saved them for special way to handle that or the spark in the endorse that. The Steelers don't we look good. -- -- you look as good as you can -- a better you know army mine. So where like getting a reversal when the same thing Jerry's wearing cranberry sweater and mine would be what pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin spice that is pumped. -- Also Milton yes. Headlines brought to a decision the fitness equipment -- the pros do precision fitness equipment to run in the snow. -- -- in the snow but it sure didn't open is really involve out nurture us again. Yesterday it was nice because it was -- warm yesterday you know after the so and there was nobody in the rose Erica I was able to go on the open road my way running down the middle street he basically could. It was early yet there was actually did okay. Dodge -- three this cloaked figures aren't -- think I tried. As -- sought -- and -- on the signing that to you and erratic and we assign things known him and not -- -- until you are underling. No that's not a it's not like that want to read at all. I read before you set -- that -- quakes. Explain to me why you would read that'll that'll accept that there's a chance we might bring up conversation on my show I prepped for the show I tried to read. Don't they should do that should make. Joker mates may make you read him read the you know would that be the case you probably. Protest would name if you forced cool it's to read an unusual -- -- another in the series of explaining why. Trying to who sent you Ellis why not trying to help us under understand. What we've learned now is the dad ends are. Was scarred by brutal assaults and Russian leader Boston often woke screaming tearful night. This psychologically damaged this Odyssey yeah makes sense now Russia. Yeah plus you know what happened in the -- that -- and EB pieces yes they weren't taken -- BT cards rational for the people. That's all the gala -- only two of the kids -- graduate from high school in security. Was rampant in the family in the insecurity. Manifest itself in -- White -- -- -- one of the channels in the it was fox. Or during the published came and said. A source. Hammer and was hearing voices he was hearing voices. It was the other person there was -- it wasn't a similar to all the other -- -- and our world post but the other did like it either he didn't did not I don't wanna -- it didn't wanna do with the voice made him -- the other thing I thought this was pretty legitimate. They have like eight people crammed into an 800 square foot apartment made a bomb the marathon as well so factor overcrowding and -- housing just all coming together we've learned about. Younger brother. He smoked pot pot using big pot dealer made a thousand dollars a week and bought like shoes you know big -- French. And he wasn't this guy who fall around his older brother they wrinkles and stuff gonna -- where this was. In the globe yesterday read that whole thing nobody all the houses Narnia the Boston Globe investigation which would investigate much. In an entire special reality of the football section now describe section special Sarnoff. Section a -- sections usage here why didn't Jenn -- contribute to the section. This. We know when you're dating engaged she's days she's giving her. Yet even they drop a line there Rolling Stone is jealous. Look at page one -- that paper at the page 1 August newspaper can match in the house there is so hostile hustle hustle the tussle India. Wouldn't -- the -- all in your head when you wrote that these like Russell had little brother also. Soft Joseph -- soft features and mop of hair -- Only added to his relaxed all -- That's right in front page -- try to drag it. Terrorists brought everybody they also try to shove down our throat that he and his buddy at UMass Dartmouth. What part of the marathon. That's all I know there there there was probably the ball off. What a ball near their class and lower at 2012 -- there just to watch the Kenyans run well isn't that -- the rough rough on the globe -- -- would suggest -- not remark I have to an editor Josh sees all of mop of hair luckiest of Franken new direction guy something was going one direction. One direction that it would demand -- very good. That terrible tragic this can happen so suddenly and so that again appreciate life. Peter -- died yesterday yes and I mean if it can happen -- him in the 814. Can happen to any team in any time. Tomorrow is promised to know that picture in the front of The Herald. If this were in the globe you know you'd assume it was -- -- and better yeah that's -- Catholic detected go to public that could. What he did Larry of Arabia that is of course is as most famous -- nominated for eight Oscars and I have to tell you. -- north Arabian leader receiving -- ever. It's a good question what's -- been in and eight opposite would you like it was Walker's three game when you're like in sixth grade disease laughed and his name. You listen -- names that are -- it's released -- point -- -- Lion in Winter which advocates like Richard Johnson. Yeah. Having to file name or or up at summits father. Richard had yet return that stuff back for a year or two. Dead Billy Jack died yesterday to -- are much bigger owes right that as a Hollywood giant farm -- he's -- he's dead in England to it's on the -- -- movies are born losers. He leaves green was John how -- was that Billy Jack. Seems like -- who -- He was older computer to your blogs are just read it to you well how old was I don't know but I don't think Billy Jack still -- Billy Jack yeah yeah forever yeah I didn't really do much 82. Older people -- politician that. He ran for president he was -- he -- he was but he was great and in the movies great. -- Jack -- losers. He started all four Billy Jack movies using the code and Billy Jack goes to Washington that was a good -- and. It was a double -- New Mexico high school teacher's been disciplined at three parents says that the man told -- blacks on the Santa Claus is white. Officials of the school and -- ran -- fifteen miles north of Albuquerque. Said Saturday that teacher recently was to some -- comments to the student -- -- -- Howell. This now become a national story because fox news' Megyn Kelly said on the air the ball Santa Claus and Jesus or white which is strong national attention. In a slew repeated comments on blogs and social media sites that it's perfectly legitimate thing to debate delegates and as black or white that was -- soon. -- Ross junior and here I think he's mixed race you don't say yeah. -- saint Nicholas was an actual person right. Santa Claus sent us obviously real. But what I -- my point is -- had never seen and I'm not Kate models that don't beat I don't know if he is -- he's black or white or not the guys that tomorrow's white. We never -- that are young black -- Texas black. Good question on just what he was -- images are they -- at the mall and on Christmas cards and it displays in the stores that's right I've ever seen -- image of the black Santa. Now but I don't Jesus condemned black right. -- Middle Eastern at least I don't think he was like sources of color it was -- hard -- black Joseph Carr is blacker than Tulsa air. Than -- let retired I'm sure. That's what's a good point -- but meg at least I know Santa's not Chinese could very well -- or those jokes breaker and thought it was it was it was a I know my yeah. Billions of Chinese my daughter asked me the other day she's great she said wise in Santa brings me toys to kids in -- -- -- to us. Excellent question what I was well that's an assay -- on the get over she pays she's she's in -- she's trying to and she sent cards irons and she knows situation. I said -- that -- percent to get there because through windy. Law that's -- it's like a load on the slate it's like this year -- that -- she's six she's she's she says she still what's her affinity for. Over fascination with eighty her mother my mother in law went over the over the last couple years has helped build houses and stuff all the early -- chair. Yes as much as they open minded open hearted and we do have a good final thing happy first birthday card and it's he went to his birthday party. Much house on Saturday is good time to time. Strippers -- stricken by -- now now it's. Like a sense of family tensions. But he means well 222 pilots puts it this. Number one much wife hates. I mean not that I mean like I've -- a lot of talk aggression eight. No well yeah really yes based on birth don't want I don't know and other critical of the past -- around -- -- romantic person. I think so yeah but Mary up. Yet she actually -- that your shoes yeah yeah yeah -- sexual tension that's what this bill I think is is that mr. mrs. and as much parents. It's -- and they feature tech sector would have forgot his name -- huge tennis again. It could have been -- to me. But my wife hates so what formed her hatred toward UK economic icon Walter is very nice nice to my daughter but -- I think might invited us. If she was like you want me to be there which is we want apart and the and the the birth it was a one year old yeah it was cute he's emotional guy. Did -- birthday party for one out for the past. You're elaborate when your birth records remember my point you remember he does know you remember you'll take pictures and remember -- -- or wicked. He gets presents its records and -- you. We got on this thing this makes about animal sounds like bill that what cheap flip that bit of Oreo cookie -- -- and she now with the coast. 45 blocks. If that's a lot. -- skips cleaned up that's really it was loaned them. That was well. Where anyone else all calling that an innocent -- now. This might understand it so -- invited you today by her Butler in the picture corporal. Depiction living somewhere -- guy's article and has got a picture density residential outside is -- in its third straight up -- -- What where that is actually April the source sky dived. It was a far from all it's -- -- orange. Now -- though not without some way I Ashraf minister in a constable -- Of -- not -- and there. I don't chart that I dammit it's the symptoms -- -- -- -- the April constable all several -- one way out -- in the middle of nowhere in an awful place -- his wife I said nice to see you again she said. I -- shipment to not make eye contact. -- -- -- She she usually name -- People who never use your name they're kind of annoying -- -- in this day he'd do one problem might. -- -- -- talked his father and a lot and uses father's Muslim -- in the conversation you -- report. Which leads to believe I wonder how close they are you ever your father -- -- ever. Sure I've got to say hello Mike poppy or something public like you know -- okay my name a lot of analysts say his name -- -- -- -- You don't -- out I am going. What you don't have a great father in law's name when you talk to what -- -- would you say a -- guest house -- you know what's his name pop. You -- poppy let's just at the skull yeah you're kidding. You call your father and up popular column that I don't use names like we don't want it was -- he says hey Bobby I say hi nice to see you again. OK if he needs that's in the past assault woody say. Pass the -- copy. -- man pass and I ski pass all please up. I opened essays and a -- at this house is able. These days. Typical is arrogant people yesterday -- alters the -- -- -- that's exactly the opposite of what I was so happy we that he can close no I was and I don't think was -- but he -- wanted to showed me just was trying to be nice back immediate environment video -- -- -- -- your -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- obvious to take for the day we win yet listen this isn't the same sickness she's gonna have when she blows a -- until well should not feel well and I haven't Brahimi. What time of your party start -- To -- -- part I don't know. How much I go to both actually. There's another party. What's the -- and -- -- related to -- box on New Year's Eve party -- details on the road last amounts of foxwoods. In fact yes the wives or girlfriends at the -- You have to do what to do whatever you like them or talk -- invite everybody join -- was too it's been listening. -- -- -- -- While I just -- and I'm told. On New Year's Eve. A move -- like human hand to wait for animals both parties that ninety yours if you wanna see him get too far away. It. You're not gonna you gonna go to dean doesn't leave the 500 -- won't let you know the level actually. Be like those three drugs in Cleveland dignity and there's captain Phillips. You know you're never going to be -- captain Phillips and if it a little life time longer -- water police. If you -- -- his first please make sure you bring the mashed potato. I I didn't let the man you know -- in -- -- every lever for anyone art picture this it's 177797937. JJ's on Denny's in the car your phone calls next shot after in the 8 o'clock hour. -- -- --

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