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Pats lose the number 1 seed in Miami

Dec 16, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Pats tough loss in Miami. Their Super Bowl odds have taken a big hit.

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If you have been paying even a little attention you know that the three of us don't agree on very much and taking a leap of -- the status without checking with -- and Jerry. But I we all agree based on the evidence from yesterday. The loss of gronkowski is absolutely positively. Devastating to this offense and perhaps just maybe. -- finally represents the big -- Tipping point to this team's ultimate. Playoff chances this is not a great dolphins team they just aren't they almost lost and barely beat a horrible Brown's team. And Brady to Amendola. The first interception I'm sorry. Brady got intercepted Brady is trying to get its elemental. Was just signed this week off the -- practice squad that's a great football team. I think with the exception of the bill's going forward they are going to have to face better football teams that makes him by and named free. It's let's -- it. The Bengals angles OK did you watch the trial to last well last night did you watch the Broncos Thursday and I played well. That there are no great team that is no Super Bowl. Contender it's Super Bowl caliber team in the seat in fact the whole NFL -- Iowa C one Indianapolis is a better team in Cleveland and Miami. -- -- -- back to Cleveland Kansas City is a better team in Cleveland better and my defense Cincinnati is a better team in Cleveland and and there are. It is do you CT in the AFC NC they'll give the Seahawks run for the money -- -- any teams say. That team is gonna give the Seahawks all they can talk about the Seahawks and talked until it's only one. Fine tell me -- scares you use. The my least favorite expressions who scares you in the AFC. -- It's an adequate confidence Topper -- everybody should scare you did you watch the Cleveland did you watch them -- to did not Miami. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's the answer is based on this team's lack of weapons based on this team's injury list based on other -- Twelve points fewer per game about gronkowski. Everybody should write knowing and give your point is they can lose any team you're right but I feel like the opposite is true though to you know other than. Even if they go in the Denver they can win since and a look at the top three seeds look at that lasted only went. It's impossible and the women that virtually -- to make an -- Auxilium offs and it notes kick ass the last you've regained the top three -- of play the patriots lost to Miami. It's that he got destroyed last I mean god. Wits harassed and Denver lost at home to a team it's probably not gonna make the playoffs and at -- each team is vulnerable as Denver -- horrible problem. That's probably true it's up to be -- Yes camp and they are degrees of vulnerability while there are than -- -- relentless form which -- right John -- this team. Roll to the playoff held they are not could they could they be the three seed and lose in the first brought to the -- -- that they definitely capsule and it could be second seed and go to the suitable. It's that and would they if they want the Super Bowl against Seattle. Provident and won the Buick and the patriots. Tom Brady Bill Belichick I would I would guess eight 100 I think the pitcher chance of getting to the Super Bowl is about. Percent that you have split their homes and they need someone deal and that's kind of rule objects like it's like having a Republican candidate. In Massachusetts lost to -- meet those asking I am real present the American football -- -- Denver. Denver Denver team that just got their -- is -- that. Home by -- and met team that team that you saw blowing 24. Nothing lead -- knowing that team hosted a bad team it's 779. At Miami's mediocre aides say I didn't mind that you think San Diego and Miami at the same just about -- behind -- -- it was better to neutral field got a better quarterback. He's better as the DC heritage -- in Eagles lost to Boston Washington as the raiders lost -- -- You lose to the operators by the way it was impossible it will yesterday. Charles escorted. Unbelievably bad I mean it's and that's who the the Broncos have so the Broncos play the raiders. Whatever night it is through two weeks. And they win like 97 enough and he does is say I told the Broncos are deemed a Sports Illustrated resident got -- right to submit -- Denver is probably the favorite -- them at home. But I wouldn't be nervous of the Karros the Texans. If I were PE EDP I wouldn't be too nervous of any of these. AFC teams in. I mean. Is why we love -- actually talked about. Owner in new York and playing with a Super -- going to be play right get comfortable with the next eight. And I don't blame -- I'm in there at the only team that you see in the entire and his 32 teams the only team that scares you. It is the Seattle Seahawks that the patriots aren't a great team by any means -- are no great team that is nothing. Scary about the AFC right now. I don't think anybody who was currently in the playoff run. Would have much. What would would be. Vastly favored. Over the patriot I really don't -- are you watching this are you watching now to our knowledge -- about it that's a rhetorical question -- too rhetorical question. They look like crap. Defensively and that -- often OK let me ask your question usual in the red zone I'll ask you this is not rhetorical if -- -- held onto that ball on the another. Gift from god another comeback here hanging by the skin of their teeth against us at seven and -- to football to they would be on their way to -- number one seed. And two home games and he didn't they didn't ask the right groups ask in what would you say if they -- one of those you know pass interference and I don't think they should but building do. A lot of times goalies to keep -- -- -- And they had pulled this out. Say they're very flawed team they're not a great team. But the pit road to the Super Bowl is pretty clear that we not say they cannot continue to do -- -- cannot continue and I know that in fall behind and wasn't a 25 point hole they dug for themselves. They cannot continue at the -- the game should somehow -- have Tom Brady's magic -- gospel out it's gonna bite him in the -- guess what it bit them ask you. Quite yet picked a carton wrote yeah this morning after the game yesterday is true we look at these two teams forget all the Brady magic and we look at these two teams play with these guys out for the -- it's always injuries the pitch more -- than that dolphins team now the two teams on the field that. I swallowed up quite. There's nobody -- that's my point -- saying they're they're they're poorly coached a team of people who were still right up right aren't trying hard. This is it fatally flawed team because of -- But my point. That's fine it's obvious I think it was seven budget the 07 pickets were another team in this playoff mix have agreed to John let's say you know what forget that they cannot beat this team in the NC. But I look at Denver I think a lot at the -- -- the first burst on the play. I look at Cincinnati you know I was. When not to them last week OK Indianapolis up and down Kansas City. Very beatable we saw Miami -- had a great football team. -- so he didn't tell me the team where they go and play games this picture seems flawed as they are easily forget that there's no chance -- -- It's a team lost to Cincinnati and you -- -- out if you're going to throw up bad teams and other teams to beat the Denver loses to whomever. I think the patriots lost the jets my memories are -- their flawed and I. Agree that their flawed and I think you. You see that -- and un winnable game. Yes Cincinnati's unwinnable. Less so but yeah -- apple unwinnable right I think their -- Indianapolis and the patriots may be. That's -- it's -- so I guess we just disagree on what it's here in -- here -- you -- -- -- mean. Here you might not even have a first round I think you might not but if they play the colts have if win one of the next to -- colts went to Baltimore next week we use -- -- academic Super Bowl. A point now. Just tell me who probably makes the super bowl of the conversation you gotta you gotta get your focus off. The flawed patriots and look at the flawed AFC Denver makes it to the super bulls Cincinnati makes it the super -- Kansas City makes the Super -- there are three. Okay -- c.'s -- did you watch Cincinnati last audit watch not one of our party that -- -- better team the -- Just think we have more weapons like we could close off what he just saw and they -- though he wouldn't do that and wanna go -- -- -- test plan Oakland was a real test now it's -- and it did what they had to do a bit of course. That they couldn't beat the twenty semi twenties in my like -- played against clean. Miami is much much better than Oakland would you agree. So it's that was in a real test Kansas City against the wind and I'd say new news -- -- it's here they're probably pretty. Big favorite for five points right there. You know what they're flogged all flawed flawed -- it's a flawed year. I think you if you wanna make the case that they missed Gradkowski. That was never more obvious than yesterday. They don't have any red zone weapon it is not one he does not have a weapon in the red zone particularly if marine has the block and -- wanna. It in or pattern you have no one there I mean it's amazing. That he did that he. Gave his team a chance in the last you know play the game and if it's into the weapons he has around him if you gave Brady -- got -- in nineteen after the completion the pick of any player football healthier not healthy to have it politic -- and maybe helped by -- but but I mean gronkowski right there in the red zone via amused -- -- And it was almost like he's looked in form and he's not there I don't know. What. What he's thinking whenever in the know will try and we'll talk to but he has to be thank him. I don't have anybody who can go up -- and there's a pipe and will not about you don't even have a range you why right or forget a huge tide and comic space really don't little Winnetka -- You get three little blue guys three Eagles Merck's. And they all have balls particularly settlement and am Mendel they have big one McCauley two million -- -- guys. They went over the middle all day. -- -- Kind of a reason they go over the middle is that they can't go out and numbers they can't go deep they have to make them live and over the middle. The hat Collin Welker and and a half ago. Into that dangerous area where they get punished. And in general they held on the ball yesterday I mean he targeted those two guys settlement -- 33. Times. 33 times to. Little white guys let's and we knew while watching the red zone when you flip it around watch -- highlights. He's got less around him than just about any quarterback in the NF it is an amazing thing that they are. A potential. Super Bowl team because -- so flawed -- potential public the steel protects AFC championship game team. If they win out they will go to Denver played Denver in the AFC title game with that. Group weapons around him it's he sets a bad ones over the years of not bad just. Small slow it all thought that it tells us it's absent -- -- bad that not necessarily even with grown up there you don't have a deep for a could be used -- -- I think so -- so option yesterday. I think so although we look as well you can't be sure about Dobson Tompkins really can't. You can be sure a -- or some back throat to. -- Three games ago India -- Right yes animated and when the beats his. New Orleans another team another. Another flawed team that beat New Orleans. That was Tompkins in the eons ago must go for the game winner they probably could use those two guys that -- taller faster they can get open deep. But -- about it there's nobody there's you can if you're the defense right now -- Baltimore. Remove the deep. Ball premier of preparation that you don't have to see -- they can get a get picked apart from twenty to twenty they're gonna do that with them and knoller -- knoller alternate -- -- want to publish what Obama and on its on the well that's what Jim and this. It'll maybe -- play this next game I don't know -- -- -- will be played yesterday he plays I think he got. He got to protect the quarterback -- -- a -- back in there to keep Tom Brady alive and well. And you really partnership is amazing thing that Brady does what he does with the weapons around him it would be fun to watch. And I know this is silly but. When you watched as -- when you watch. The show on Jackson. Would love to see him we -- this for years before they get Randy Moss they got Randy Moss they get them real deep threat and he used it and used it in. The historic. Historically set records broke records them and they they were great together. An -- -- the days where there are no deep threat there is no deep threat they're just these no one can get open outside the numbers it's just over the middle to these tough little's merged. Who -- That big balls big heart but it does it kind of removes one thing that the defense has to worry about no one there to take the pop off the defense. I know your day isn't complete -- until you hear from your very favorite ESPN analyst Tom Jackson good he discusses the absence of gronkowski and what it means to this football team. I think the New England finally suffered a loss that that you saw immediately on the field. It in front missing out this lineup you know we have a couple of guys who -- -- in this building who are go get them. Roach who will take are contested ball and I'm gonna go give it. I'm gonna bring it down for you and you don't have to I don't have to be open I don't have to be anything throw it my way -- Bryant. It's like that for the Dallas Cowboys. New England that guys Graf and David have Baghdad today that -- Brady makes to the end zone is a perfect tomorrow. Now if it gets hot. And then finally did TV gets his hand through these wives and you know can hold on to a big guy who is the six foot five to six foot three inch for inch guy. They made that catch in May make it all the time. I will say this Brady did his part that was perfect pass and handle -- perfect past at Mendel. Chemical as they say -- to catch that football is tough Libya and that's -- got to make that catch and he made a lot of perfect rows and and marks the team on the field. But you'd east right you know -- there's no fade pattern in the book anymore right there and get for the fade. He can throw the neck shoulder you can't you can hardly draw outside the numbers at all. It's all the same stuff over the middle and he doesn't they do well many moves the ball proof for. Whatever it was -- you know. 364. Yards. They've compiled 450 yards of offense I mean they moved the ball. It's still red zone threat without a mean YouTube are removing the best red zone weapon in the game -- it may -- if he. Stay healthy may be the best red zone threat ever in the if apple here. He's gone here are your red zone numbers they were one of four in the red zone. In terms of completed passes two of eleven for nineteen yards they rushed the ball four times in the red zone for a grand total of thirteen yards. One touchdown and one interception. That doesn't get to -- -- it just. Now if five cracks from said the twenty you're not surprised. When you -- last play of the game is attempted Austin calling double coverage and that's incredibly that's where you are out -- it's unbelievable the game online and you're prone to Austin call. I guess that's what you're left with. And it's it's what -- next week and the week after and the week after two in on that this this with the got going forward. Unless pumpkins in -- combat her condition do we. -- now now don't know. There there. There have called it catches that or Amendola catches that -- the dolphins would say under talk radio -- -- -- would say this morning can you imagine we got somebody named Michael -- and Thomas off the San Francisco 49ers practice squad deeper that Brady is targeting. Doesn't cover -- and calling. And a -- well. He wasn't covered either innings helping in obviously meant they were there it was in coverage right. But he was just government zones of bad decision bad pass. And you look at have looked at a hundred times trying to figure out from the angle they give you. It appears him and also over the middle right now -- appears I am an analyst it's hard yet yet. We can as Brady he generally mrs. -- you know saying that he went the wrong guy. But you think about it they never went to anybody underneath you know running back or tight end and the only with the Indians on the first it was a miracle catch. From who man. One hander who do we can do that it's not like he could rely on that it is too bad there's no one come to that door right nobody in which -- Hopkins and that's it. That's at Dobson and Tompkins as he only guys come and it. Baltimore defensive coordinator what are you take away -- -- how -- -- yesterday I know -- in the block. But you'll have one guy that can. Beat your Swiss army knife doesn't work. He's the guy we have to take about what he kestre balls yesterday telewest for nothing recently great -- -- in -- -- thing is serious I'm an offensive line's going to be even you know. And worship that's and it's a quarter 2008 days all the things easier. Yeah sleep probably will be keeping your black guy on the block this is. The globe notebook Tompkins and Dobson ruled out Dobson has been dealing with the hip injury and Dobson has missed three straight with a foot. Problem pumpkins is injury. Pumpkins yet Tompkins yeah. -- -- -- -- It's just you know hold hands and prayed that they get. -- pumpkins and Dotson back for the stretch run that's that's -- and it's an old theme. They leave. Tom Brady with guns and weapons one more power to Jessica well what we have that because Aaron Hernandez killed and rob Archos is hurt. Well I mean that's that's Eritrea and in his killed -- -- in June we're asking these questions two weeks ago yeah -- you know you -- and this is quite scored fifty points -- we're even asking this question for -- I want you want there's and I know yeah I want does Bryant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- mean not a stock right now yeah Julie settlement as you go to catch underpass is gonna catch a hundred passes this former cold a seventh round pick Macon. Less than Dino. Makes a year from the football factory that is can stay right -- 1777979837. It is a patriot Monday. All lines are open we'll talk with you -- show after 8 o'clock Tom Brady. 7 o'clock -- week more than 57 seconds out of time but I'm not sure he was pretty pissed off. He's sworn. Many times before you know without teachers that you're on our gently with a chuckle yeah anew with a smile just that in -- -- that produces jobs right -- this was an angry. Brady discussed the Brady guy you we really seat post game would you agree yeah. He Belichick was as usual effusive self and a host of trouble to Belichick and Jason Garrett apart after a game like which guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- you how his quarterbacks screwed up his quarterback who is under more. Duress than any player in the NFL he's telling -- well we should run -- ball he checked off and through like an idiot. I have immediate but it was very quiet yet supplies and great guests and I'm happy because I was offended I'm happy to -- apologized. After Brady's previous well -- just because I currently don't this mr. Comcast -- -- -- to. They played on paper and have fun politics to they don't know what he's gonna say when they go to the tape. I would imagine a problem -- I don't care that you have to pathologist assistants I was a little posted Friday -- Well I think in my year I hurt me you know -- the producers talked. To watch you know him smooth why don't you tweaked out by -- I forgot you you've got to break it equity story was very same -- which I guess was as one who Hewlett. Errors echo most of them Kristi pricing the B block we call him we bring. You missed this through the idea to -- care you did you carry nine -- it was good to have a veteran. Did you do did you -- okay what's the first segment I would say kindness that I settled down to mess up the -- would you lead host. Now what we you know the show starts to post that was admirable post house was first down as you read a teleprompter. Now on the economic loss going at all yet -- Really. -- Think for once did you guys fight. Now is pretty things it was a Friday was eight months ago it's too cool between. And I'll be hosting. Two years whatever 27 falls which Comcast people -- yes and more of all of the victory laps like you -- twittered the patriots. That the pages will critical don't perceive their regular. -- can never predict the patriots will lose on Twitter can't. That's. Did that wants what you've done I beat the giants and you can listen you know where he threatened to burn your house. 677787. As I said number 0:7 o'clock. After 8 o'clock built on the mental and tees way up -- Munich identities for this late late last night after that wasn't bad. Sports Illustrated named sportsman of the year yeah I don't think are all know about it. Will tell them we get back.

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