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Joe McDonald from ESPN Boston Joins Danny Picard to Talk Bruins and Shawn Thornton

Dec 14, 2013|

Danny Picard discusses the Bruins Shawn Thornton's 15 game suspension with ESPN Boston's Joe McDonald.

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This -- the courage you know championing through an enterprising -- four. Do any good courage. Com Sports Radio W via. Welcome back then you've got Joseph here on Sports Radio WEEI here until 8 o'clock be safe out there was snowed -- Joseph McDonald ESPN Boston he has been a boston.com he's gonna join me. And just a moment we're gonna talk about Shawn Gordon fifteen game suspension. Bruins tonight and Vancouver. That top line for the -- great -- Lucic again. Really playing well you see again announced on what the box and then that I wicked people say odds -- -- -- it -- I thought it was actually play well -- wonder what the score. Talk about this game and the suspension. And the reaction right now all with -- McDonnell ESPN Boston Georgia -- AT&T hotline Joseph good evening I don't. I get the snow off my backyard rink or don't realize -- is it is up front. It. Ready to go in part -- but this -- doesn't help matters much. Yeah now it doesn't well I mean. What it's pretty cold -- get on to recreate what the classic in the snow on the yacht and published note you have right now. -- got the numbers add up buddy here in northern Rhode Island so -- would probably gonna get fired eight -- The fine weather men around me around the area but we're -- or you know get the backyard we're really going to begin to -- -- -- are looking forward to look like little -- winner. While ago I thought -- thought was gonna get ten games he gets fifteen what's your reaction to the suspension. Shawn Thornton fifteen yet. While the league want to you know set an example and indicated. You know I thought you can get longer can I tell you how to get twelve games out did he knows a little pride to a that's pretty hard but. And you have to when you look at -- play Indian and I wrote it all I reacted piece for the suspension but. They may have remembered that you. Look at the play it's okay. The game had been. Yes and stoppage in play when he went in higher ranked in the new Cologne. And it act or OK we'll -- home country on some points and had. That being -- It is it is. Of the action I beat the I was surprised by it -- but given your period -- I think that probably realistic. But whitbeck there. I believe that you know with Orton gave him in the east. -- -- literally pennies for putting almost you know almost 87000 dollars yeah and salary so. -- when you look at the plate now they are played at. Before talk about your peak hit on -- and talk about -- I'd need to head of march and into a lot of actors and Bob here on that court in Olympic and -- -- cool and and trotted protected teammate and go to her teammate like there's a lot involved and I think that's why. It -- Cringing and you know so long in the league along to decide what exactly. Could it coordinate because there -- a lot active -- involved here. Speak it would Joseph McDonald ESPN Boston on AT&T hotline with talk much on dornin is fifteen. Game suspension for what did the Brooks -- last weekend at the TD garden. I'll get to those -- meal me and OPEC hit on Ericsson in just a moment Joba back that is a Shawn Thornton's situation. I mean the league don't have to be careful here and addition as punishment out. That they can't promote this type of action I mean isn't that really the biggest thing for them. Regardless of what happened before but don't need to be careful to make sure that they don't promote this action. -- the league but you can't have guys just run around her own people the guys and punch him when a defenseless you can have. -- and that's why I think gaming that's why they. They had that in the game suspension for all can be beat date trying to clean up the -- okay an incident like it. I can't remember the last time in and I -- back now trying to look -- -- and we know when that was an entry that occurred. During a stoppage in play that resulted. In fines and suspensions. And -- that part of the game is you know they'd done a good job of cleaning that up you know obviously -- those in Japan in world anymore. And all -- -- it's -- that the -- -- we also are we all grow up watching. But now I think. They cleaning up police and any time. -- ER -- he played and related I think it is going had a practice and. -- to moving forward with in conflict. They don't happen very often but when they do now they have to delete app because it. It has the day OK we -- short on fifteen gave that and we aptitude and has been moving forward. If I do I keep going back to the fact that. Play was stopped and that's why I think. And you eluded. The video. -- in all of -- to watch what Picard who last week and I just you know it was. It would not good what he did it just it just wasn't. But again there were in Atlanta. I constantly think about any type of old -- called -- react that way. Is it had to get -- we believe I. In the NBA -- back. The punishment. Football and woods was the right one -- For everything that you said removing all act the president as to incident late. Like it's one in Iraq. The reason I mean I thought it was ten Georgia and it was fifteen but the reason I don't think it's too over the top notch because I believed to be careful not promote this type behavior. Also because if I think that if this -- any other player that had a history we're talking automatic thirty games I think this is that that. Yeah I agree -- -- -- and and I think that is what the player who you know have been mystery -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- If there with him at the -- that the that no doubt we. A lot more games than it being. In the wanting to keep looking at all are you sure -- all it shouldn't go to India or render. That way again get back to play who would stop. He went out the length of the right to go. This guy and you know I covered -- -- -- you know you have a well I mean big bill. Com you know they don't come lately John Thornton a weasel school you know -- he played the game right away. He's more danger of -- moment just a tough guy he averages eight to twelve minute game that -- one of the bad. In what lines leading IA leak and he does a lot more -- like. I'm like it did you know -- obviously too badly in adoration that what is art and in eleven seasons in the NHL. But again you look at the infinite -- Because it would stop. It -- it changes the dynamic of the punishment and I think that they get it right. You know you'd feel that organic or because you don't bleeding in the right way especially in that role prior to and then. No more hungry. How it is coaching and all. I mean what what comes back punishment. That play the game you know the same way you know like he does but it it is a little more aware of his surroundings and in his actions move forward but. It is I think it's a it was a talk. -- -- -- -- for the leak may yet another type of player that's a part in -- important as when you look at intimate so I think it was just. And look again I think it was more than I thought it was going to be -- I I think it could have been worse if it was another if it was in any other player in the league that you just mentioned joke. Joke that she -- Shaun Hill is a guy who lives and dies by the cold. I mean that's just what he does -- -- does -- so much that goes unnoticed I don't think each and easily play because let's face it that was an emotional moments -- man I know it was. The play it stopped and the other stuff that happened a little bit before then but what happened in this game that led up to us. And that's why would I look at this whole situation which probably Campbell that. I'm a little I'm a little mind boggled as to how nearly got five games but also all. Book you mentioned clean up the game. And there are people I talked to in this league that say that acknowledged that what what did judge camp promoted. Blocked. What it is not gonna take another run at a Bruins play. And he's a really the type hits to try and limit you try to eliminate that goes by pitcher trying to get respect back in the game you know we get back to appointments and earlier. What what is it is a loose puck like go after the clock. Don't pick a running anybody or it won't take another run body took a run before. Why isn't he -- finesse. He could be in a -- I agree with you right and that get back went out it was. You know even no child born law school in and he did what he did and it was wrong. You have to go back in your outlook or -- I'm Louis -- I think you know you look at and real it looked like a clean -- At the -- would -- the -- was it it will we have entered orbit quid pro but don't you watch it you know and slow motion and -- reclaimed a lot again and again. The more you watch it the more like. Shoulder ahead. I'll end it was a it was a it was a -- at the body checked by corporate that it will Eric and the question in five weeks in now. I believe and people have been killed in the on Twitter for you know my my opinion on this but I believe that it or pick. I mean suing -- -- big win and try again in true. And done OK I did well do you get what you -- do. The story and what I mean we're talking about -- -- -- -- and I went back in and not pay into it these two it is what. You go back to -- mile which reached out right -- And Miller got a concussion and game two years ago. You know -- You know there was no reaction you know they'll push back in the -- at all that mean at mile Lucci bought some would -- I don't blame but the very next game that they played eleven days later -- -- It would. It was -- and are you Lucci and aren't they didn't hear right now for the sabres are caught on got a yeah they draw the club you know because all we -- Cilic -- Italian goalie you have react let it. And those who dropped out. 86 seconds into the game and I'll agree that it was over. And I think that what it is a prime example of the corporate at -- world. The it would have been already done accurate because there's no way to game that police. Would you want to believe it or not -- -- light on not. The players will say the same things aren't covered it in nearly complete scope prior to that sentiment and he said the same thing is that. -- belongs in the game either did not order a -- not pork the thing that really bugs him is. Retaliation quite got a clean and -- that he can't be but police in the game. It helped specially -- like bought -- that's why the ultra that's because they are intimidating. Seeing. If you been fighting I -- get up the subject but if you infighting. The brutal intimidation factor and they're entirely different paint. Well Joseph I should do what is your players do not want to eliminate fighting. For the reason that you know behind the scenes and to a man has a lot of people that say it up a run Ericsson don't do that again. And I I think I maybe in the league that like apple did a double what the result of it and the concussion in the stretch but it -- like. No I -- -- right I needed. Obviously that this move afoot that we'll put it not a good thing that concussion we're not a good thing -- -- at the end result was horrible in -- Toward the locker room was I doing a lot of credit could had a goal and read about it -- OK and you would he would remorseful and you almost computer. Because that I mean you know corporate income during the summer -- -- under -- I mean they know we try to make -- you know walked CI. You know he was almost and -- Because that is it actually but. The thing here. You can't go after. And you can go after a player into having no blind side hit. When a -- not expecting it have a guy opera conscience barely make up the ice on his own and not expect some kind of. Push back and seeing it in orbit knew that it was -- it would come and wonder who's going to be bad game or an -- it'll play again for the the other regulatory and so maybe that's what he thought you know I'm -- million -- market drop the gloves. And I'll I'll get other. You know I I don't believe that -- -- drop the -- and patent and ship with all of it would have been -- what angle block air. Don't believe an eight iron probably to get elect would report but it's part of the game at the reality of the game. The player like get the culture like it. -- its policing itself in an age at it just went to all sleep well an act the way that he did in that will talk. And Spiegel John McDonald ESPN Boston here and AT&T hotline a -- that's why I get back to denote that the play is want to eliminate the hits more than they want to eliminate what did. They almost think that anyone thought -- is gonna eliminate a hit like that that's why the fight -- are in the game to police this game -- that's why I -- I don't understand. Why corporate wasn't suspended. I guess that's why don't understand that. -- -- I I'm surprised and look at Charlotte seeing it may go look at -- -- hit and and give them something. Just has a legal way that became incredibly good about bad hip and an ideal situation -- marching and and then and then obviously that the court situation in orbit. I'm surprised I am any I'm really guys that -- did not give any suspension Connecticut as you look back at. Eric can -- -- -- it and -- are we don't wanted to come back. Yeah I think that's cited the at a -- at that went wrong by not given not -- pick any type of -- discipline what what's the feeling in the room -- on Ericsson I mean net. What I not obviously -- gonna go for awhile with his second concussion right this season. How what how concerned all day I guess long term for the rest of the year about the sky and even may -- for Korea. What's the concern level -- and right now itself. What the what if game here we noticed in Austin you know too well yeah is that any time you deal with an injury concussion the ball and growing. Will take their time to make sure that one. He how he can live in light. And almost possible and then when that happened -- -- showing no -- no symptoms. Then they'll stop at Procter and you know ride the stationary bike and in doing. Those awfully quick -- and it -- -- impact and I'll you don't act so I think that has given the fact that it was a technique correctly or five weeks there. I think it would probably take their time and that -- just make sure. From a health standpoint that Ericsson is OK moving forward because they dealt with this organization that would concussion for a long time area quite a while he Bergeron and the U that you -- character and obviously Mark -- And many elders also this is one area and -- -- was going to -- in the big to make sure he is 100 so 100%. Or close to it. Before he comes back put it is there a blow to the Bruins because he's really not play well especially that lion and a acknowledges it -- brought the organization had a cup appearance and try to keep. -- -- -- He's winning ways go -- I joked that -- a great job as always -- decent. -- Joseph McDonald ESPN Boston -- commodity ESPN boston.com. Now again is reactionary -- everyone's reaction on the Shaun Poland fifteen game suspension fault lines open for. 617779798376177797937. I ought to be ten that was fifteen that the reason I don't think it's that all of the top is because of -- anybody else it's thirty. But given the fact that Shawn Thornton is somebody that doesn't live and die by the cold. I'm not saying you should be happy the fifteen. I don't call. I don't know that they woods. Really any avoid -- fifty. And that arrangement -- the league has to be careful if they need to make sure they do not promote this type stuff because there are a lot of guys in the league. That if they do throw plays down the guy isn't stock consummate you know they won't stop you have to put an end to that. Which are important it was not right but I also think if you're the NHL you have to what what what that we ought to hit on Ericsson. The mindset -- an article at the park he made his mind up or that's my biggest problem or it -- in his mind up. Regardless of what happens this pockets that comes up the boards Erickson. I am -- I'm gonna. And chair of a -- at the point vegetable on step up the top of the circle and I am gonna lay -- -- out. That that's a that's a mindset trying to get rid of Italy -- trying to have some some respect him. Can we get back to that respect what may be in that situation the player says I'm -- French public is loose puck. But that. I think that's where the NHL got it wrong I thought they would but I thought they'd. And there are a lot of people would Joseph mansion in the league. That would go talk to that. Look at it and say we're trying to get rid of those type and its more than we're trying to get rid of what day. You know what his reaction was because they didn't fight any was trying to unify. His reaction was well pick out of there yet. -- in my shot my Shanahan. This wasn't enough is enough moment. You don't like the result of it. And I talent that I should be skate around thrown people the ice knocked a ball cap and that's why it was fifteen. But you know to a man around the league -- there is this technology meant that -- -- it's got to think twice. Next time he has an opportunity to take a run defense is playing and ultimately doesn't have pocketing. 61777979837617. 7797937. Taken more of your calls your show on the reaction. Yet till 8 o'clock David -- -- Sports Radio W.

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