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Chris Villani Opening Segment

Dec 14, 2013|

Chris addresses the incoming snowstorm, Shawn Thornton's impending suspension, David Ortiz, and the Patriots chances at a successful postseason run without Rob Gronkowski.

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Sports Saturday Chris plotting out with you this afternoon -- priests know addition of sports Saturday. Take all your phone calls 61777979376177797937. In the AT -- line. 37937. You can follow along on Twitter join the conversation -- Chris -- 44. And up when he gets it between now and work blockage -- out. Maybe making those final preparations before the snow comes in I'm reading on Twitter some of the horror stories from people were at the supermarket. And it they're saying what's six to ten inches potentially -- twelve to -- eat well being and if you're out more towards wished her a little bit more inland. And we see this every time I never understand it I never will understand ever. I and I know that big blizzards in the past and they talk about -- 78 I was alive but it was is pretty bad when I understand it. There's been a lot of bad ones in my lifetime. It's not like you're going to be stuck indoors for weeks. I feel like that's the reaction EC go to the supermarket. A couple hours or a couple of days before -- storm comes in. And people are loading up on six dozen eggs. -- bill bottled water and everything else the eggs bread single thing I never understood I'd like people just making copious amounts of French toast. While they're snowed in I don't really I ever got that I. So maybe you're -- doing that maybe your Christmas shopping or maybe you're just stayed inside you've already got your bottled water flashlights and everything else hunkered down for. The storm that's supposed to come in later this afternoon but wanted to get to between now and work -- Stuff going on -- all four teams out wanna give it to the patriots be it might. I abused my thoughts on the patriots accountable vault over the past week it is they haven't played at all obviously the discount it thinking about. Where they stand in landscape where they -- the picture in the AFC the Celtics with a good win last night blowing a lead the -- coming back. Get a victory over the knicks who can definitely get into that and you know MLB rule change that definitely has a lot of bands. Fired up and many of them disagreeing. With what Major League Baseball -- announced they would do earlier this week plus some Red Sox offseason news and we're still on shot important suspension watch. Waiting to see when that's suspension comes down. Everybody's gas is ten games so wanted to be different and say eleven just for the sake of being different but I think it'll be somewhere in that range and I think that's air. For shot -- I don't get what 65 to six more games after what he's already served a suspension. And I understand you -- go through the timeline of the events from the first period on Saturday night and he can't look at what he did. As just an isolated incident of him coming up behind Brooks or panicking and jumping an apology can't look at it that way. But by the same token understanding. What Neal did just prior what do work BT with this get on the -- Ericsson earlier in that period. You also can't look at written an excuse John -- his behavior he didn't either. He was the first to admit after the game he's pretty emotional about it that -- made a mistake that he felt bad about it. And that he violated the -- the NHL owed something that's. Pretty important in so we'll keep an eye out for that when that information comes across should be sometime this afternoon probably. Early afternoon you'd think the hearing was yesterday will definitely -- now once you against 617779793. Cents so. Last week you know watching the patriots browns prior to the come back prior to all the Brady heroics in the onside kick and everything at the end. Rob Gronkowski tears ACL and that hit TJ ward and my gut feeling I think the gut feeling for a lot patriots bands in that moment is that's. -- -- If this is finally the tipping point it became and that week. Third in the league in salary cap dollars on injured reserve that's before Rob Gronkowski goes down. Any injuries you look top to bottom whether it's Vince Wilfork Jerod Mayo Tommy Kelly on defense now rock on offense and a bunch of guys. They're banged up here at the sports flash at nine different players. -- some degree of questionable probable whatever -- these games some degree of injured but what it's -- game against the dolphins so. When Rob Gronkowski tears ACL. My gut feeling is this is just too much even for Tom Brady even for the patriots. To overcome. And then a week at a plays out and I'll be honest Denver's performance -- Wes Welker in losing at home to San Diego on Thursday kind of plays into this line of thinking but. The more I find myself thinking about it the more I find myself stepping back a little bit and not just looking at the patriots in what they're dealing with. But also looking at the landscape the ANC. Now with your face with that at least possibility. At -- got a couple tough games coming up including -- markets are -- up but the possibility. That the patriots could be the number one seed that the road to the AFC championship could go through box broke the more I think about it the more I I don't count them out. The more I've stopped in on my initial. Had a gut feeling he jerk reaction from last Sunday when rod goes -- you know it's bad right away in the reports came right away. There was probably torn ACL. I thought they were done at that point now and not so sure now I step back. And look at a Broncos team with an uncertain. Future for Wes Welker. This year BC what he means to opening up that topic it's still a lot of weapons they still the ability score a lot of points. But -- the team the -- one of the worst pass defense in the league all season long -- team there. Most of their plaudits especially recently have been able to run against -- achieved yet come to Foxboro. I Kansas City a team that a lot of people weren't buying even when they were not at all. Limited in terms of what they can do offensively either team that if they get behind. Will struggle to come back against a good even we've seen that from them so far this year they can run it would Jamaal Charles and have a very good defense. But absolutely beatable team especially if they've got to come to Foxboro. I teams like the ravens would be a playoff team if the season ended today but there's still kind of that logjam. Of teams battling for the six spot. Dear team -- Strong defense they can rush the passer and leading the league in sacks but Joseph Flacco -- probably haven't worst year of his career after signing that 120 million dollar contract. Your offense has not looked anything like. The offense they got them peaking at the right time and and eventually got them Super Bowl championship last year Indies but it train wreck the last month. So we can kind of begin in and they -- with the colts. You just look top to bottom in the AFC and I'm not saying it's a foregone conclusion that the patriots are gonna get the number one seed. But it's really impossible. To look at this team if they are the top seed if I make -- -- engineering and Bob. In Cincinnati's right there is while I mention the Bengals but. Their team that again may have to come to Foxborough. Is missing and has been missing some key piece is on defense which is such an important part of the ball for them. They're its discount that huge in the mile. Fresher with their front. And be able to drop guys back in coverage -- defense but their banged up as well and probably saying a lot of the same things that we're saying about the patriots here in new wing went. I don't help. After a week's gone by the more I've thought about it and the more of kind of surveyed everybody else out there its work comment on. The rest of the -- than anything else. The more I thought that the patriots are far from out of I don't have that same immediate reaction. That this team can't possibly get to the Super Bowl because they finally hit that tipping point I'm curious. Whether patriots fans are feeling the same way. As you look at -- and there's no question about. If we're just looking at the patriots -- the injuries they suffered I mean they speak for themselves. Now Brock now on IR Wilfork and I are Sebastian Vollmer right in -- few minutes ago Jerod Mayo Tommy Kelly. Guys there that are just banged up and have been Michael Lamotte and Ottawa model wonder -- and usually good with that. Aaron Dobson Kyle Arrington Alfonso -- -- sold -- -- Tompkins -- Shane -- Steve Gregory Danny Amendola -- to -- all listed on the injury report somewhere. So I'm not saying it's a rosy situation for the patriots. But the more -- look at everybody else in what is a lot operator at a conference with a lot of -- teams that are at or near the top of the standings in the playoffs next. More at that they can do this. A lot has to happen the patriots spurs to ball. If they haven't gotten the tipping point already are getting clothes in another significant injury Shane -- goes out the year something like that happens it changes the conversation. They've also got to find a way and I don't think anybody's had a clear answer for why this has happened but they've got to find a way to get off to better starts. And it's been a combination of poor execution. First half turnovers but you cannot rely on what they've had to rely on to essentially. Playing perfect perfect execution. In the third and fourth quarters gains and they've been able to do -- credit them. A number times this year including against Miami the last time they played at Gillette Stadium down seventeen to reenact you -- comeback to win it by ten which by the way is that ten points. The third biggest blowout the patriots have had this year in the ten wins but you cannot continue to rely on that so. I do see and recognize. Many of the deficiencies in the potential limitations of the patriots. But the more that I've thought about it the more kind of look around. Examine what the AFC's this year and now faced with the possibility. That the road to the Super Bowl may go after fox brought me if there are number one seed we really it is here in two or three weeks and say this team can't get to the Super Bowl. Because all the injuries because of what's happened to them I acted to this point in the year that that would be ridiculous that deal apple Apple's -- -- -- I think that team with home field advantage especially. With a noted edge at playing in the current conditions are likely to see. In January in Foxboro relative to some of the other teams in the playoffs it would be a joke to say. That they can't get to a Super Bowl so. -- -- On my feeling that the patriots are done in the big -- that tipping point -- curious what you think 617779. 7937. Attacks like the re 7937. On Twitter Chris -- 44 I'm here to work lockyer and sports Saturday. Let's grab a few calls before the break we'll go to John in -- breed a leader is not a John. And you know I'm good. Yes so -- -- thought about the patriots. I haven't really talked about too much to pick the patriots should I'll look at there are com. I don't know maybe there's physical therapy program like. -- -- what they have on players to back Gephardt and I wonder like. The -- to -- what kept their medical procedures like as far as injury prevention. Because this just -- it like every air. -- two or three key players got an -- neglect when markets are our place and today they're for the entire game. And the Pentagon that it weren't a the other team got a crack in the come back and sort and -- yeah we want to talk about that. Honestly John I feel like and a lot of the football stat heads would -- injuries and is essentially lock. I mean one way or another and it there's nothing there's nothing a training staff could do to prevent what happened -- Rob Gronkowski for example. Yeah and you're only -- only write about that I would actually holding out hope because I looked at feet. You other video -- look like cute -- is like what kind of likes slipped out when he got hit I'm like well maybe not maybe that the camps. But that I'm like I know -- just you know. You know what shall -- Yeah that and and that what that thought all right when I first turn on Larry are there. Sure and what it's like to make -- that -- chamber in Atlanta but it chamber in doubt like I don't know Ghana who. Chimerine is ours and -- get that wrist injury that he's had for -- -- -- with -- cast but he's a play out it has nothing to operate. Good idea that thing was almost wondering what Sprint Cup ski out I mean that's like I think at this point you got to treat every game like a playoff game -- and you know. You know look -- it to like it's like Big Papi -- -- -- you know include continuing market that at a time. What one pitch at a time I think I think -- appointments even now the patriot especially with strong character out. But not gonna take anyone lightly anymore and maybe that maybe I'm crazy way to help them. Yes and thanks to college on I don't know. If they've been taking teams like I mean to listen to Bill Belichick talked throughout the week you know that he's imparting this message eyes on it was players. I mean he made Houston sound like the team they were last year. -- the team that was. In the driver's seat at this point last year to get the number one seed in the AFC year at least in that -- make Cleveland. Sound like a team that was definitely go to the post season so I think the message is being imparted date. It is tough to win in this league that these are good teams -- -- have to come out ready to play. Sense of urgency and that help an effort -- know once had a clear answer on. Big guys to cover the team Chris price guys -- it. Are around this team every single day in in the during the season recovered in the offseason to bear on Sundays watching every player breaking down game -- Nobody had a clear answer for exactly why I've heard at least. The patriots continued at continued to get out to slow starts but it's a well that you just can't continue to go to. It it awfully it's tough to win in his league in general. Especially to win on the road and the next few weeks with -- Miami and Baltimore two teams that are in every sense of the word desperate teams. These dirt there's one playoff spot left that's it. If he's gonna win a lousy division. Both Kansas City and Denver going to be in Cincinnati is going to be in the patriots are going to be and you're down 21 final playoff spot and anywhere between. -- -- six teams that are in the mix for Miami Baltimore to those teams you're playing desperate teams. You're playing desperate teams on the road. And. Teams they both have the ability to get after Tom Brady especially that physical front for Miami tomorrow they've got a top ten defense as always gotten a ton of attention to these are going to be tough games. And. Wired the patriots getting off to slow starts like -- that I don't really have the answer. -- -- a lot of theories out there really have the answer sport but it's not a trend that I think can continue especially on the road an especially with the next two opponents they've got coming up. I Stephen Maine up next talking pats are WEEI -- Steve. Acres are good thanks. Believe I mean what are when it first happened I had -- been reaction that the patriots -- out there a particular. And I really think about it. How many times the patriots been blown out in the last five years I can think victory in the number one is the money -- to get -- correct -- -- we are all the holy law he's one. Then later on that even your blog at battery hole playoff route the only other the American it was a big game against the ground you have had. Other than that one of the patriot ever lost. I double digits McCain over the last five years it hadn't happened demeanor in every game in what court. So there's no you can count out routinely that regardless of injury that that. That have got to come around to that not only four and thanks for the call not only for white. The patriots have done and in their ability to keep games close but also like I said just looking around. I mean tell me the dominant team in the AFC. You feel the same way about Denver did you did 56 weeks into the season. And the patriots already beat the Broncos after spotting in the big league named Denver may have to come to Gillette Stadium. You feel like Kansas -- aren't an unbeatable team you feel that way about Baltimore. Cincinnati Indianapolis after the last month can't. So I've gone from I've kind of done it. Not a full 180 I tell you the patriots are necessarily the favorite here but they're every bit the -- with everybody else and -- definitely stepped away from. My immediate reaction last weekend when Rob Gronkowski doubt when you find out that he tears the ACL -- is the tipping point that this team has done I'm just not at that point. 6177797937. Attacks like 37. 937. Well Sox and Celtics coming up waiting on John Morton suspension to take your thoughts on that is well Red Sox Nazis on -- Wallace and the odds on David Ortiz David Ortiz on -- pockets eight. Holiday tradition unlike any other will get back on the up as well crystal light here -- worked its sports Saturday Sports Radio WEEI.

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