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Red Sox COO and FSN President Sam Kennedy speaks with Mustard and Johnson

Dec 14, 2013|

Craig and Larry are down the ball park for Christmas at Fenway. Sam Kennedy drops by to discuss this years plans for the off-season and compare them to last years.

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-- -- pretty Valerie are you know we've I think we're in a position where we can take advantage of the rest of the time we have here in -- -- offseason is to explore you know authors. Things we can do to make us. Better then that makes sense for a long term will definitely work on those things but you know if we had to start season Marwick the -- about that it. As bench sharing -- Omni mutt and Maloney program -- what happened down in Orlando or what he did not happen but everything is happening here at the royal rotors club. The second annual Christmas at Fenway here we did for many years over. In the luxury suites in here to talk about that and everything. Red Sox both on and off the field CEO. Old singing Emma Kennedy good. Morning -- happy hour. Days to morning guys great to be -- takes her via the article mourning for those that don't know givers should job descriptions that you are so the the way we're structured -- -- everybody knows by now. Larry Lucchino -- president and Chief Executive Officer which means he has responsibility for the entire organization reporting that you Henry. We're. On the business side I report to -- is -- chief operating officer mr. business functions and Carrington reports the area at the baseball operations. The two of us have incredible. Teams here at the right sides all the different departments. But I've been very lucky very good position where. Kind of behind the scenes and don't have to deal with a lot of high profile player related issues. But really I see our role on the business side support mechanism. For what really matters -- limits and so we told me off the Utah and a master mind of its entire operations. It this year -- -- right by 2012 -- -- -- -- nothing to do it in outweighs state business that that -- the marketing and -- that -- well in terms of people like it a day like today. Getting people to promoting the new ticket prices in the like they already told -- about the 10 o'clock via the website yeah well yes that it -- mean you know a lot goes into the business side and a baseball team -- sponsorship broadcasting. Retail merchandise concessions parking on the relationship with the baseball. I think people no it. Professional sports is -- needs is indeed business we we tend to not talk about it as much because. Realities as -- we really don't care we care of the product on the field that's the way it should be we try to have our attention focused on that product on the field but. The stark reality is that you need to generate revenues to two reinvested that player. Payroll the Major League level and of course throughout. The minor leagues which -- as you guys know the past twelve years we've invested in scouting and player development and our minor league system because that's. -- confirmed as part of our strategy. As trying to play -- on October you. We know it and I'm just thinking about. This building and I've been going to this building since 1966. And am very first game there 8000 people my local YMCA from romantic committee came up here. Source George Scott hit a home run. 19668000. People there. Here we are today. In this refurbished room the royal -- that commemorates the history of this team that ballpark and I'm looking at right now. Particularly in this area the John Henry era. Has totally changed and you've been part of that in it's it's not just the Red Sox winning three World Series it's Paul McCartney showing up. If last June he's been -- he's been here twice now writes this yeah that's Springsteen. To -- the -- architectural. -- renovations have been going on. This is because my -- more than just in penalties ramp at Fenway has become really an institution more so than it was before. Why I think that's huge credit to John Henry and Tom we're currently in the you know I think there. Stewardship if you will of the franchise will be remembered for three things. First and foremost winning winning games on the field three World Series championships and ten years hopefully many more come. That -- it will be that transformation. Preservation and protection of Fenway Park -- to we've invested. 285 million dollars private capital into Fenway Park. To keep it for the next generation and we celebrated our 101. Birthday last year and now finally he can survive for a lot longer. And the third is being active in the community it's really important and we're very proud of by the way a 101 with a lot better than a hundred well -- a -- So bad that we we know we couldn't have had this incredible improbable. Unexpected. Sands and in the -- it right 2000 it's well but -- has. Is everything went in 2012. It's the opposite was true in 2000 -- -- you know we have to learn from our mistakes we have to learn lessons each and every year -- -- we continue to learn and grow it. What we learned from 20122013. Was and we say this round off as a lot it's the people stupid it's always the people organizations sports teams radio stations. Businesses are always about the personality you have in putting them right people in the right places on and off the field. And we had some years where we got that right and some years where we've gotten that wrong it's our job to do it right more often we do wrong -- -- previous. Well as Craig said behind the scenes. You have a month thing you wouldn't be on its right. Is it easier during the offseason and Terry can go out and sign somebody member of the U we -- here when they running office. Gonzales this place was electric and everything now you've won. Is it hotter in a way to do business of marketing the 2013. Championship team going forward or wins have been those little babies yet. If they brought in like a big name yet it's a great question. My honest truthful answer be different from -- how other people -- the way I feel it is it's leading competitive baseball. It's interstate at the end of the day. -- signed. Splash news. To drive short term interest short term Kurt Schilling would be different options the options we were pursuing Alex Rodriguez. There was jade trees that scheme Matsuzaka offseason I've never seen a press conference like we had in the State Street pavilion with Daisuke Matsuzaka. Last off season ironically. When things were relatively. Com and understated you know you -- old team victory you know Mike Napoli these. Two years three year deal short term one when your -- but wasn't awhile if you will. But the reality is we are much better off and in position where success. On the field and off the field that the two go together. When we when we we baseball games it would that we do it with a high profile free agent. Or a great rookie that comes up to our system or -- or -- it's -- trade. We need to be playing baseball in October or we let our pants down and that's that's the high standard that was set -- but do you also feel going back out into the business community let's -- it does that with some of the revenue gonna come from. It's easier to market stability. No no question no question -- -- It's rare that you have a partnership in professional sports that last. A decade as successfully as this partnership with last week in to a lot. But yet when you when you walk on the marketplace you're talking Americans in the Coca colas or even the intercom. You that you need to show stability and ownership stability in management. -- at that we have had some. Some pretty substantial turnover of baseball operations and I think you saw us go through -- -- period. -- 20112012. Which was very painful for a lot of reasons to you know liked it. To lose and go through that but ultimately -- come out the other side and we're we're probably better off world -- stronger for it. But we don't take for granted we got it yes they are relentless and keep going next year it. I'm so glad we have the court and we -- championship before I'm not just saying it up -- listening to be all the better. But I can't think of a better person to do what you do. They knew well because everybody knows. Well reported newspaper kind of my AM glad he was a mad at me because -- from from about Valentine. What you always remain the thing in you'd never tried to pretend something wasn't. When it was why I think we. You know we all have. Unbelievable. Experiences here in Austin scene Diego and you Larry hired me when I was 23 years old he he's been my mentor for. My entire baseball career we learned a lot. And we've learned a lot from each other. And you know it takes different types of personalities. Generally if you look it. John -- Tom Werner Larry look he might say that's a lottery -- very different reading it right that we different people from different path bounced right different businesses. And with the combination of those three guys as the stewards of this -- it doesn't always work perfectly we know that lord knows. But it has if you look at the body of work in twelve years. What they've achieved on the field off the field in the -- is nothing short of remarkable and I who appeared so. I saw with the Red Sox were like in the seventies and eighties and nineties and it's it's been a different -- a guy that gets criticized. From coast to coast but certainly should be praised for this what's it like he's the -- account with this thing that -- -- -- you know the relationship insulate it Tom Werner had a relationship with John Henry had from Florida so. Jones of Florida Thomas and San Diego. When when Bud Selig was a small market owners Milwaukee and a friendship. He knew it was interesting because they came and it. I remember -- Diego Theo Epstein hoping and praying that there was an end up in Boston so we could follow him like little puppy -- back to Boston to work for our hometown team. And I remember thinking. You know John -- -- you -- Boston. That's not gonna go over well because Bostonians outsiders who are these guys -- up. And you know there was the O'Donnell -- group who would have that was the paper and they were the favorite nobody knows what a great guy. Jealous of Dario and and so. It took some scientists have earned the trust of the fan base. Now winning the World Series 2000 didn't enter into an art gas going and we. We had more success than we expected quickly like this year frankly who thought that Hillary and it went a World Series in 2013 I didn't I -- the Troy. -- start talking about winning the World Series went with the spring trailer yes I remember appeasing and take 1990 reds were going wire to wire will we be in the pro series. And I thought to myself. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know and -- I wonder -- when I wondered why he referenced in 1990 reds I don't always lose the night they they swept Oakland the World Series but why would that somebody like PD remember that I he ought to -- a place. -- -- -- And it just it makes you up Pedroia or while rim -- Larry you sit and it's yes it's 19960. -- effort for my entire career baseball tell us something about him that people don't know he's he's he is the that each side use the nicest. Sort of soft this guy. He is so loyal if you the underdog on the street is that guy who he wants to take care -- you leak. Champions. The people who don't. Good fortune of others he's hearing. He can appear to be -- Hoffman. -- -- -- -- -- But he really is that guy that looks out for the little guy and that's why. A lot of respect in India when you connect you to set with a three owners. He's the only guy who could be the tough guy. You know I mean that's he's been brought him. To run this thing by by John Tom and he works beautifully with them as well they have a really good. Chemistry notes and overused term but. These guys that they talk on the phone. Elites in the senate conference call every Tuesday afternoon. -- 2 or 3 o'clock in the that you would. 1213 years to make sure that this is the trains run on that it's a it's been privileged department and another solid rumors about the zone team -- -- that. And I you know -- might be the last to know but I do not -- happened. John and Tom and Larry -- Boston be part of this community. It like to do it for at least another decade and hopefully for Red Sox is they will because we've been we've seen what happens when you invest in the product that's. Well you know I think it started and I always say this I think that the rafts set the standard in the ninety's and bought the team that the stabilize that franchise -- it set out of business model for the rest of I think all the other team's fault not to say that they imitate that that this group imitated the crass but it was a perfect baseline where to begin it's how you run a franchise. And I think you guys in the in the patriots and occasionally the Celtics and Bruins follow that super U guys are. Just rock solid because you re. There -- -- ownership I have don't laugh though how bad why do we make when the team collapse. And then the following year Valentine kept -- -- it easily -- it it was asked it was awful because you feel like you're letting. You know everyone -- wouldn't you ought to what was discipline. Was this is a guy. You still for those those who looked at -- one -- this. This isn't the ownership group that has a track record of -- that's the unwitting right you know -- it. You know it didn't take stupid pale a -- -- maybe we all did temper early I don't know what. You have to have a little bit of faith and confidence in the people that have had success and so but your point about the -- and we objects and lead the Celtics ownership group. What time do you bosses which I believe I wish I was there when I think we'll get growing up right -- not absolutely I would have been. It would have been easy -- -- -- -- feel happy for the kids that are grown up in New England now. Talk about over for bullets -- sports brats that's -- there was where you have to say it's amazing and you know we'll see what happens with the patriots now -- dollars but he's caught up and it it's it's an exciting time to be -- sports fan but I have a marketing slogan like Ernie Banks but -- it's blatantly left over to well what I don't have one -- our marketing people -- up with something soon. You know last year was you know what's broken can be fixed that that was controversial you know -- -- you've geez that's sort of admitting that there they have an issue it's like -- court advantage we -- sixteen games it was a disaster I got an idea or if well to do that if celebrating memory part -- and if that second mattered to yup we took the the fifth abruptly here got blown up yet. You know what I and they have so much stuff when he and I felt from for them it was it was it was tough but I don't you know I don't abandon the and John well will hate this. But I. Can almost guarantee you that Pedroia told Napoli to these guys coming spring training. Talking about. Repeat. And you know that's hard to do professional sports but I believe just and I am not that close to the players -- your round a little I believe that they believe. That that's what they're going to do. Certainly we are not -- -- off the -- an empty promise that what we will promise is that continued effort to trying to get back to post season baseball because we fall short of that. If you don't play baseball in October it's it's an unsuccessful and we had three straight years of that stand in in thankfully. That redemption came this year it almost like the way those three years of October baseball felt more than three I mean it really -- -- -- -- -- nine yeah. Yeah and you lost that last game in the ALCS down in Tampa so it was a it was a while yeah yeah 2000 and you almost felt like you know going to -- seven of the American League Championship Series was sort of nothing yep yep that's the point -- the other thing that I -- is that. The immediacy. In which the problem was corrected. Your right and a new guy Ferrell. In your room the whole thing around a third rate. You know at the great way to describe. If people need to understand you're gonna have people. Easily it's a great leader -- -- that's well great season congratulations on that happy holiday Sam Kennedy the chief operating officer of Boston Red Sox on Sports Radio WB yeah.

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