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ESPN's John Buccigross with Salk and Holley; awaiting word after Shawn Thornton's NHL disciplinary hearing

Dec 13, 2013|

As we await the decision from Brendan Shanahan and the NHL disciplinary committee, we check in with ESPN Hockey analyst John Buccigross and discuss the matter.

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Feels awful lot that wasn't my intention that outcome but no -- you become a normal velocity yours or skip them in the summer to -- -- -- and a couple times you feel awful tough when. Was not what I want -- here and don't see it. I thought yesterday we would be waiting around today in the by now we would know what the future is for -- Horton bought. Not so much looks like it may take another 2448 hours. Before the league renders a decision before Brendan Shanahan does what he needs to do because the Bruins want to Brooks or -- injury situation to clarify itself because they think that's relevant -- -- for more on the story ESPN dot -- -- which across kind of have to take a few minutes with us. Be the AT&T hotline John what do you think what happened here. Have gotten from the get go and -- I just watched the video again before I came on what you guys just over corporate -- my initial page was you know. About ten to fifteen games. It is that the league obviously want to make a little bit of the statement because of the stretcher at the stretcher not come out. And it is important got you know it too would attend. Or double minor and -- -- -- got up in the hours disembark and back and forth obviously we -- not really be in this situation. I'll book because of the structure because of what happened obviously it's it's. Visual that that occupant in the unit Childers won and that's very indelible people. Hey John do you think the history of of Shawn Thornton comes in the play he's a guy who. Who has been an enforcer but he hasn't had any problems from from a league perspective do you think that will affect the suspension at all. I don't think so. You're right he's had no prior suspension is not a guy that runs around and really destroy people. One reason he's the -- aren't -- great skater and you -- go hard -- that we're gonna. Obviously the police. -- a great effort. And I wrote I just happened when definitely write a column on Sean -- -- -- in -- -- we got a big huge fighting. I'll issue or whatever the word is for a week there I wrote mine just punch on board as it turned out and and why people -- it wasn't really what I think about him what I think about fighting. But why people in the game like fighting. And why they like people like shot important it was multiple layered and it really comes about in in my whole point actually you know based on the I just a quote from saint about a lot and that's what it comes down to in the whole thing happened. Because Louis Erickson had just come back from concussion. And he was really injured again but another shot and that's what search on or not that was the whole point of what happened. And I'm not given him an excuse but I'm saying bat will lie that include anybody else I don't think he would have done what he did. Press report about how do you feel about fighting in hockey. You know I ever again I've been on record I've been I've been right about hockey and -- dot com for -- -- body yours Alan. I think a little on the first to kind of just mention a column what somebody died. What will be NHL do the next day. Would -- -- fighting and Tuesday. Am someone who I'd like fights. And then when someone get hurt again noxious. And it's. Obviously you can't have a both ways would be excite me -- -- Lucci -- last kind of -- that excites me. And I understand what it can do but now the risks are so great that -- trained their gigantic. I mean I'm -- USA hockey coach -- cut that coach you hockey career you know about 57 years now and dom. -- we have to Wear helmets on the ice during practice that because -- One time somebody -- you know slipped felt that there had died you can do that you can slip and -- accurate on the ice or some article is obviously any art object you can -- And so obviously of someone all factor all -- pop off they could they could. These guys are great shape and there are obviously trained in the kind of what they're doing the coordinated and all those things as well that helps them that's what really haven't. I'd seen that but that's what can happen and that's what the leak out to determine its not for me to determine I just kind of right well actually you know -- and and what goes -- why -- It's an interesting -- conversation John -- addressed joining us here from ESPN on Twitter -- Graz. Because it you know it's not the only sport -- that is as a possibility and we talked about Indiana the NFL's future is there a very large conversation. Weeks we've seen in motor sports drivers died just a couple years ago and IndyCar Racing so it's not alone -- that. I just wonder whether. You know we're not gonna take the checking out of hockey right I mean that there's so many other ways. For a player to get seriously injured in a hockey game -- not gonna remove skates just you know if it's somebody dies from being a cup with a skate. I -- I wonder why he. Fighting gets come gets looked at so differently other than that it stands alone in hockey and in no other sport. Yeah what -- when I called I called low penalties fighting a five minute major and you can come back continue to play. Obviously bare knuckle fighting is illegal in the -- in the United States and obviously you guys basically repaired quite. But no the thing that I say -- they banned hockey what I mean of course -- and we obviously understand that means you're ejected from the game. There would still be fights there there are -- in the NBA they're not good there are -- in baseball. There are -- and football guys we allot each other but still beat flights will be like to be in the games. The will be fight sometimes in the middle of games. I'm -- got to be kicked out and the crowd go crazy and will be excited. And maybe the team gets a lift from that but the guy would just be ejected. And I just think that kind of the next step but it doesn't just because we say you're kicked out game they'll still be fine. Now obviously there won't be quite as many able to the stage fights Mike building my continued. They might still happen this guy in my Italy's second period. It's a close game shot or no you're gonna play two shifts in the third period and the others to work and that he might play two ships and their career total flight ban and a bit kicked out. And then so you know we could reach a point where that's the next step I think at least to take illegal -- -- -- That the couple but a hockey as well and ended up where it just becomes a -- at every level whether PP we work. What acceptable. That the BP is -- -- and it could actually prove that they took. I'll where we've talked a lot about this Norton possible suspension or are likely suspension we don't know what it's going to be we talked a lot about it. And broken it down just like you have seen the video over and over. And one thing that's come up is the role of the officials. In the fight letting the game or or in the game letting -- get out of control. I wonder what you thought of the officiating in that game and overall this NHL since in NHL officials to talk about. NFL officials and in the NBA. And at times baseball when guys have -- strike zone how do you how do you view. NHL officials over. I don't have a problem with -- creation I think it's pretty solid that situation was so strange because everything happened so quickly. You know that the -- fight or pick on Ericsson which looked like a pretty clear interference in the -- the sneaky need -- they had a grand Marshal nobody saw and realized. So what kind of you know with the stealth situation which obviously Neal got suspended five games. And then suddenly you know or pictures in that scrum was which is important what do you involved. And then he came up in people's daddy's little what do you lose the media actually gently let them out there was a lot of violence slew of any kind. And the the first pull look like you got under the shield. And even the second -- -- some sort of maybe elbow -- mega. I'm just underestimate how important part is frankly it looked that terrible exactly what happened to look terrible because the stretcher team. And the -- that's obviously -- -- saying and I guess or -- was knocked out. And he still hasn't played yet you know in the end the person who'll be out the longest from that game will be. Chris -- -- -- -- You know he he's the one will probably be back the longest week or pick in the -- and will likely play you know sometime around you know after Christmas -- around their but he's the one. Will be out four to six weeks and so. I think because of the stretcher that really affected the whole thing. In this situation. -- it's obviously good point and clearly the result of it is gonna have an effect on capitol watch and our text messages here 379837. And I think people are correct in pointing out hold on go back just one game before that catcher Eddie hits boy chuck along the boards it was a book it was a boarding call and a good boarding call. I didn't think it was dirty anymore than it deserved a two minute penalty. I brought out the stretcher I mean it was really ugly what happened a boy chuck and there's no nothing just a two minute penalty and move on. That was right caller ID I think it was just it was kind of far from the boards with. We're chuck turns slightly and to look like -- part time breed and -- was a lower back situation. And and again it's it's you mentioning Haiti we can't take -- -- -- game we can you can't make it say -- and obviously they've taken hitting out for 1112 year old. And they may take opera thirteen of fourteen year old just again to teach these kids that'll Wear leveled the play the part of the plot -- the -- In corporate situation he would have been much better off to play that pot he could got to turn over the walked right in had a scoring chance. But he's got figured that the guy plays like Johnny -- -- we've -- Portugal or those huge hit like that as well. And and sometimes you're gonna get it got a little you know little marginal but because it was Ericsson because McIntosh -- the new guy. That that's the reason it on the points I made that peace several -- important he's a different kind of been forced to eat the unique and ports in the game -- locker room read. He in the eagle leader he matters he played in game seven. Ten minutes in game seven in Vancouver there's a reason why he played brutally where he was in and fight into the it was in the to protect anybody called for the most part. But he he inspires his teammates. He matters and that's like a home any really unlike any other enforcer in the game and that's what you need to. And and that's -- that situation so multi -- from. How would you talk so much about fighting in suspensions that's why no. What you think of this Bruins team and and if I know it's early but how would you compare who they are now. Do they were when they lost in game six obviously Tyler -- being in the the biggest defection and Nathan Horton. Right exactly it's obviously there's -- there -- house. Eastern Conference are also a weak conference he'll basically just down the penguins and Webb camp against even -- coach back -- -- of the Big Three -- -- you have some pesky people underneath who all know who truly decent. Yeah Montreal certainly could win a playoff series -- get hot goaltender like any any team can. But they're really strong is that the U Bergeron -- -- Marshal on kind of playoff each other so well also one of their game dipped. The other -- will kind of get there really connected -- -- -- interest can impair -- are so different personality wise but it works so well together as you saw last might have been consult. They're they're they're just such a loaded team in in the cap and -- Chara right. Man he is such an amazing athlete to -- to Boston are more the most surprising. Really -- not quite iconic but he just has an interesting special place. All in Boston sports history in that they can win one more -- which in the back home. I mean he's a hall of Famer he gets he's gonna get his Jersey retired about the impact he's had on the team and that's -- -- -- team the most it's incumbent Paul DuPont -- article I'm -- recently was -- was just -- It was really really I was I was funny I was I was at the morning's game one of the morning's Adam. Dukes was asking asking quote about chores leader who's really interest in and seen some of the quotes that that came out later it happened to be really good. Butch -- Jumbo which across you can see your money is being read when he SPN dot com. A majority of Wikipedia page as we're talking to you there's an interest -- stuff when you were to be is that accurate though that's just not accurate Wikipedia page always up to one up first on that maybe this -- maybe people need to know this for the conversation you were born in Pittsburgh but also worked in Rhode Island. While mom and dad dropped -- Austin. And my dad moved out to western PA that ought to be there for two years you want to -- the public see your store manager in the Stanford 25 and out we were raised that we're the only relatives who left Austin all my aunts and uncles and cousins were in Belmont. Springfield in Connecticut and south Austin and triple Decker uncle Kenny was refer. And to beat America every year two weeks always -- people's. People you to take their two -- vacation in the go to -- beast that ran a stop Carolina -- tactic is to lead to a default bought every marked. -- you -- the -- banner with all you Obama -- great sports memories and sit in my sort of my dad that I tell people what that was a crack dealer I -- been cracked a missile was one of those kids of whatever my dad would be. I was going to be thankfully who has. Pretty well organized sports event. And so I would sit next salute as the W beauty game and other bubbles in a collection account every single goal but honestly the discreet and writing. And I think a lot stats and numbers came -- insult. Overshoot memories to me growing appeal to traditional cable TV and solitude deep either withdrawn but the reducing -- to -- or some. Yeah I -- grew in in the -- expands. It could stop -- we really appreciate let's talk again. -- aired locally -- accountability here -- -- -- -- of ESPN new nice enough to take some time with us on Twitter. At Gucci grouse and now a group of Bruins and even in expert who brings interest in perspective which I thought at least needs to be out got paroled before somebody calls up as whatever he's from Pittsburgh east is now. He's a Bruins fan who I was -- -- was raised in Pittsburgh are all logic which you do have to -- care about the Wiki page that I now. But Wiki page is wrong what was the -- by date of birth really. If they are young -- and make him in three years older not right that is not right -- somebody making a run on Twitter it was brought to wipe of -- graduate on May be wrong here. Wrong you're wrong month what -- and everything else on the page as everything else right after everything else pretty attack fairly aren't a lot to react to -- 6177797937. The thoughts on Horton. But also on hockey in general on the fighting and the dirty hits and and some of the solutions. To try to clean up hockey without taking away the game that I think so much of that so many it was -- I'll get your calls and just the most rockaholic WB.

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