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Stitch vs Big Craig who is fatter?

Dec 13, 2013|

Our departing producer Thom and our new producer Craig took to the scale to see who was bigger.

Transcript - will not be 100% accurate

Oh how appropriate it is. Our 3-D NC on Friday the thirteenth this is best described analyst Christopher Jasper up with a better word -- -- Bittersweet day for his massive -- this day. Our our our all our Byrd is leaving the nest and flying back to buffalo. We're going to miss him but he's following his dream and we we we don't hold people back don't let it be said we didn't try to keep them yet we plan and -- pleaded plied him with cheap whiskey and we offered him all about 2% raise his cartilage and that's. Doesn't happen much room and it's rare that someone turned down 22000 dollars dollars that was -- -- after it was well when he won more elegantly for -- how correct you thought. You thought long and hard in the dead and sometimes this is not about the money. Yeah I respect -- -- that's all I say this tonight I mean this this is one of my favorite compliments and give some -- at the least pretentious person and thank you. And you that he doesn't care what anyone thinks new book is currently where how does your care -- But his appearance at all this -- Nice isn't he and I get the sense that he's never lied to us to think he's -- now you know you know -- -- -- like Bonnie that's why I wanted to keep you don't why something wrong all the title I about a lot of girls know. Never -- that it's they always find out. It always is Eric -- position I don't know the same John Dennis skills that that. That a year -- been on enough and rubbed off. No not not only that he was here during the -- disaster that Jeff Brown stuff he was always the same disposition when Andrea was at -- didn't care since they fired him in care of the yelled at a meeting care. And it actually get mad at arc -- -- -- -- Lopes along I think the more assists. Manatees and that's it if those giant prehistoric giant land -- still existed UK that we -- yeah yeah experience -- just -- that -- -- amenities that just float float around the and -- -- -- -- don't they don't they finally -- -- -- for the Republican with a with a warm water comes out -- that -- liquid -- in the politics of -- these days and -- -- the -- -- I want. -- made too many vegetables though. Well speaking of that then I'll have you ever had spotted Dick this one my presence unit behind spotted Dick. And its this my -- -- it was unbelievable you know it's microwave -- -- water sugar wheat flour like raisins of course raisins -- our nature's candy. Partially -- hydrogen needed canola and palm oils nonfat dried milk. Inverted sugar cane letters and sodium phosphate -- years ago audience applauded and IQ you are gonna probably take that opened it it's that are on the -- your car you drive to buffalo later and just to go region their for a handful -- don't -- after I got this 40 thank you are welcome thoughtful. -- -- which are huge here. That it's about twelve bucks an open hand does not buy you press and I -- 23 jury bought 23. So this is the class. Black velvet cinnamon -- The -- the regular. Yeah how can you go -- -- -- way at 55 guy yeah I got a huge I bicycle and he wanted to -- variety I do in life I need variety in my blood cells than people think that the news we get in this guns cheap and it's funny choice it's what he wants him he's a simple guy -- -- -- -- -- -- give -- suggestion. It's let's keep the spotted Dick on the drive to buffalo don't drink the black. No but I'm which you get to victory -- -- getting at least that you know while it's like all else exciting. I'm exceptionally excited nervous and you can -- joy this gift on the ride home owner seven you know whatever is -- home. Triple double Oreo. I had -- that exist I didn't either -- -- -- -- tripled stuff wounds. Up double stuff you know what's coming next quadruple -- but the not yet so far how many of those we in the -- about it all the mania. People there is there's only watched three rows in here that's that's child's play -- and didn't. Think it's appropriate for him to get you something Mike -- Caldwell and says he -- his promise that was in the fridge from Morocco. What's to give -- the roasted garlic promise to you can -- the triple stuff. In the -- -- -- you don't strike me as a tribute to the nutritional value you know -- is almost actually my fair share promise that was lowered my fingers. Is due to the minute. And in a rare moment of compassion -- -- just to be just game in the -- ballistics elements I was told fox again it's the right. He just handed me the money for the cinnamon rush like well a much wasn't like he was about twelve and he. Anymore. Well I mean anything spent four books on regardless of our vision about it dozer and a million bucks man really fit what -- -- -- That was slick. -- -- and he's right here that that's like eighteen he. -- back and Internet and ask them what's the double stops are gone. Well got -- high of -- -- of the main courses will be -- to be a deal making himself well not a little -- cigarettes fits the idea and were quick to fire system yeah that's that's nice guys cherry and apple apple like America of course like the Dublin would from ice cream. I usually don't heated up actually -- more Coca. OP only -- a full meat pizza from -- I know I was twenty thought we were getting played I only 82 pieces and so I wrote all right half of the prize fighters from that two pieces need to have a nanny no talking nineties but doughnuts that -- he brings me every morning. Would you have for breakfast so far -- pieces of -- that's it and rebel. And rest now as we're gonna guess now -- week I want I want you to guess -- start woody thank you -- -- -- know you don't weigh yourself I know last night as a way that -- in last anyways we get some sort of closing its. The last haven't weighed myself was before it went on vacation in August your kid and a lot of for terrorists at this hour it -- speaks up idea -- 65 back then but I haven't done a Amish way. I'm -- I I mean trouble for -- that it while would you guess 284. I just read two to 89. You all in the typically too hard and exaggerating some steps to teach you right -- month to eighty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Laviolette got to Richard Kirk 287. Project in Sweden and for a our world signs all around to talk with your can easily on my guess as of right now. I'll go ahead and C 29 -- all of life. It's August I told you this let's. -- -- -- Rossdale wanna see. The -- in and step on what does it surprise you decide to those beat -- ago. Obama. Where all wrong actually you know closest how much like a at the right. 311 point six that's with clothes on -- all anyway that's Tony boundless -- -- pulls off those shots -- that that's very executives alone. -- about twenty pounds. And I. Fifty pounds with -- There is that a lot -- and that's why do you like football school right I did collect -- -- under my playing -- now. You are. You -- more than this when you play it was growths are you shocked by 3:11 point 6 I am you know given what I have been doing to myself -- -- -- I made some people and businesses would you look at this is a moment on the turn things around but I right in time for New Year's resolution. I got my -- next three weeks and yeah. -- NOW I I. Like it's easier to take off I was playing well you know these teams are probably will receive I don't know what I'll I'll and I -- prize which probably -- wanted to put up our family scale -- -- candle -- to -- -- -- A I. Always loved boxers for those in the console you ought to feel there Valentine's Day boxer shorts with red hearts in the -- -- across them and I -- see girls everywhere and they slightly dirty the answer to not -- anything in weeks casinos -- with what I'm gonna spend money I'm wondering now are you got to shoot off right yeah our midst of that scale. The fact that yeah. This is probably going to be legitimate difference now that. This fear that the -- wouldn't war three and wasn't sure that it did. What is disgust three and Tikrit a pretty old would -- 0303. Feet at. It's you that's wrong with you listen I'm not god you're a good guy and I don't LA all like Q a lot you're 216. He's too good to. One source thought I want to go back to buffalo wanna go to your fuel your weight lose some weight we don't wanna -- Pall bearer is we don't think we could handle the job. What was the expression fat drunk and stupid is no way to Atlanta -- not stupid -- not -- Annika but -- market -- fat drunk though. And -- wins at 2890. We doesn't want him. Purchase up to 97 -- -- you would joke I swear I thought it was can contest and where I had read about it'll lead but it released -- in nineteen Owens but that exploit that was -- how much if if you lose fifty pounds. In the year. I'll pay you. Much Hamachi and he can afford these guys guys about that and it's easy -- -- I don't want but yeah two men under box. Off all the Jewish out -- harmless at Utah on right now. That you hated enemies -- on like quickly and likes it and wanna see him dot yes they clearly wants it and turn it around I believe stitches when those guys who's gonna live along as does seem like a warrior. Stressed here -- public knowledge on -- heart. Right but he's not type you don't worry you know upset. With them probably well I don't know him yeah one yeah a -- 636 as -- -- ever ever seen him angry. Some angry you once you weren't there yet. Yeah I agree with that was -- You lied to me the first time -- he's lied to me -- I -- you've got mad at him on the mat you're there he got -- and could you tell that to sell -- as the -- or. Was close -- some. The do. Hello. A behind the scenes all criticized didn't even get mad at the -- -- not pretend this is the damage that you just Dina and I looked innocent of securities -- was one time over year. We don't have the right person and just Libya to be complete lunatic it is currently bringing -- -- -- that I've got hit escape -- -- great guy is getting so you can -- that you have to do that -- keep a -- life coach I will lose fifty pounds by June not even in a year that I'll give you. 250 bucks okay ever marked the tape I don't forgot about an hour. We thought it was impossible. To get more -- I mean a larger -- -- -- -- pollster. I would -- changes everything out that that's 300 pounds that changes everything. That hit that's 303 ladies and gentlemen this is karma a sausage and he has don't want is a sauce Ossetia areas. I'm looking forward that's not really excited about -- report due out you have the biggest head I've ever seen. What happened John Hannah had the most like gotten -- just so it's almost Andre in the job -- now it's like it's the wrong you know what. Did you put -- on a school to a did not it was a baseball guy. -- -- -- -- shortstop to first base all right -- -- wanted to play football it was the coaching high school and -- -- walked past right now why. He was a gym teacher. We -- I -- gym every every time we -- music keeping your -- I'm gonna need you never really materialized I am in my high school advocate like -- -- them all he would be dragged yet have a -- you are playing football -- show your -- get out there. He blood sausage he had no idea what -- wait when's the last time you weighed yourself you know to. I have an idea was last -- you went -- six months ago. I guess that's what you do if your candidate I mean your your that your anger yourself right it's always yes you don't want you don't -- -- -- activity -- look for I recommend unlike digital that you put on fifty pounds since August right. Sort of hold it hold allotment -- -- mobile publisher and where and when I interviewed you guys yet we -- -- yet. That was probably about six months ago or that this six Murray hill so you're only 21. 24 point four. You're younger. So I'm were already were about to -- wholesale -- segment upsetting it didn't really you can see stitched the problem she doesn't care you see what he drinks. He drinks cheap whiskey eat anything he sees that my looks pretty good you feel the same way about life did not care what you put anybody care it's just. Little lazy and a good like the -- that's a new producer yeah lazy -- what what is the what is your advice would you go to what did you giant food junk during quit what is and yes you your potato chip. Absolutely today did you sell my radio shows the -- chocolate chip cookies to. And not someone you relay. Sometimes. Is that we are you ever got -- -- a whole pizza the tire pizza -- pizza it would it got what else about what else. What are you beaten and we -- session. Sometimes big -- -- -- fried -- bites and I. You'll roll those -- that -- located at a lot of I'll bet I'll bet you volume guy. Yeah if -- so not yet digital -- might like a lot of stuff held a -- like and what. You want to go to -- get it a single correct now you can triple. And large -- not small. Yeah via a U MacDonald Burger King Wendy's drive through. The KFC yet to be all we could get -- the ultimate bull. The event that I -- -- -- to see you again when you go to KFC to stomach you can lose. You know the real the real potent combination -- the AFC -- last -- bills. It's taco you don't do that throw up chicken out on top in one trip -- California. Anyone did and a -- holding and you go through drive that is all we should lower the current. What piece by piece box five peace -- Then maybe it'll match all the data gravy yes it's there at the pilot it's clear up a last minute gifts a lot more. Can assure you it triples the Florio's with a -- hell no you're not why I do that he needs to earn it. -- Opened those feel free house but Oreo. Listen. To -- you'll get your -- would you come back in here right now I exit offers up to this. I'm happened to her box that is that they feel what's the -- -- to good guy were to meet a nice guy hates seeing young guys seriously and Allman and but I. I -- I hate -- I hate seeing guys this depresses. You're -- good guy. And he's like -- dressed up like warrior you can't be happy that you must be you are not happy now that's I mean that's important and I don't want anyone how to resolve its search -- lives. Probably get a membership across as a true. Definitely and I and I about it that we get worked out yet Goldman and pays me money you'll have to if you get in that club we get you what we do you suppose what. -- Treadmill yeah you're -- stair step up you will hurt or. Lose it before the opportunity to. If he'd done that before -- shape yet. -- we're human usage. Yet to depicts its slip rather compelling user you're more then there's a lot of by my freshman year called Joe's probably in the best shape of life and -- still little Hamachi overweight anyway so so what made you let yourself go that's with the you know that thing in Men's Health Magazine in the group before and after it was say what was that turn and we just let yourself go to. This. When I started working here that tonight's you know it's hard he has a lot of cheap free food laid out a -- 125 pounds and started near a group yeah. Baseball player. Yeah are integrated way I would do you think he -- Ottawa W that you wanted -- well based on six months ago. So -- about fifteen pounds more so. Six months one auto -- months ago yeah. Three point oh. And you let yourself go since then that's actually starting your -- -- 25 himself since. So fifty on top of his hands got another about -- his conscience into something a while re fortunate thrive field reporting this maybe 345 to protect us at 340 trees are out there a lot of go rob. I -- Stephon there sausage. This happened. And support scale and alaskans asking. -- He wins. -- much. Rattle them know exactly what you wages of last night did you. Because Mike -- it gets like. -- the. 081. Big courtesy -- -- numbers and then we're or guesses. I guess Rios six -- Kirk was 308. And you know once again. 37370. Can't believe you got that -- numbered and wages of months what was on it was random as the sneakers don't know. -- to us because no and yes sure I don't guess Sheridan -- The democratic electorate I don't buy it for a -- from -- 303. The sausage at 345. Yeah. That's a statement yet -- an expert at the B Damien will be forgotten is that nobody left. Well which was convinced he weighed more to there was not -- guy you know there was no way -- -- and got no muscle problems right. Or best experience yeah. Now well now you incentive and free membership did you cross into balance and taking care -- John and I are gonna kick in some money for a much. With him by June 1 additional features frozen pizza. The defeat sole purpose he may -- to lose fifty pounds by June 1 contorted that you shouldn't there be some kind of if he doesn't. Christmas is like them trying to help out we have more on the metro view. I'd want -- let. Since this is this is tickled my. I have a Mike the grinch if this is amazing to have -- the terrible departures group it's it's hit it and went into the and the start -- -- -- -- the -- -- What Smart -- -- the party grass off. Yeah Edwards gamers I've never felt safer about not spending 500 dollars -- It's true it's just Alex occurs commanders don't want outright lies artistry -- yeah courtesy -- on clothes. He's just he's Norton who -- coach. Breaks once sevenths episode -- 7937. AT&T -- 137983. Step. The question Kirk still out on this edition of that.

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