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Peyton Manning chokes again

Dec 13, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing the Broncos loss last night at home to the Broncos. Peyton's performance in close and late situations is not pretty.

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Well Peyton Manning this he didn't wait until Friday the thirteenth two plots in his pants I'll tell you right now the bold statement. Everybody thinks the world Peyton Manning MVP great quarterbacks certainly the mount Rushmore quarterbacks at. I'm telling you right now that when he gets to the post season. It is one critical watch away from having his legacy -- 180 and go the other way around. 180 a 180 degrees why I. I don't think he's that these -- so good right now I mean he lost in the first playoff game we played in Denver -- for one right Denver right. So I don't think he's starting at the top among all adults -- -- -- general overview people looking down 35000. Feet would say this all agree -- the ball Brady really adding any office but I'm telling you if he gets to the playoffs and does what he did last night. And the game was on the line. Shotgun formation -- -- takes the snap looking he was left. Manning the fast laps. That's -- -- took us. At 35. Told his pleasure with the INT. Another one of those in a critical playoff situation will be Manning this Manning -- Yeah but there's a yeah but part of his legacy is sitting right you know so yeah but I mean 11. Super Bowls not enough to be considered the best ever. I -- right of the keys he blows it this year I think he will. And he has no claim to the greatest ever I mean any will be 38 next year and just the chances of them winning. And elevate his game. Decrease. Big time -- about 38 makes you -- And already is is getting weaker in his neck might be an issue. This is devastating devastate -- how. And there were ten and a half point favorites going in the last night's game at home against the division rival. The it was all under 500 -- -- all a team under 500 it was all on the line for Peyton -- I could not believe. Well out of sync how bad he looked that I know that be couldn't get on the field and on the Denver defense couldn't get Philip Rivers and -- off the field. But I believe he went. 33 and -- 5757. Minutes with one touchdown that's right 57 minutes at a home with one touchdown. When he -- when he had the 33 and outs may shock. Off the cuff just said. I don't think I've ever seen that before and I think in somewhat into little stat crew. Asked to confirm that and all they have yet but -- I don't think I've ever speak I know stunt before of course is that before around forever there. But have you ever seen it it was unbelievable how bad they look how defeated the plate and he looked. I guess Wes Welker is a little bit more important to that team and we thought. Probably but we have pretty good pressures throughout our short week coming bet he did. -- -- anyway why we're here it did manage five plays the that we had a alters did it take you told I can't tell you that I thought we prepared. To play. Division game on the short -- and but we're prepared deploy we -- we just didn't play as well as you would have liked. He didn't say did the 95 plays -- we take its pull on us I thought making excuse this or anything and they got dominated last score overdosed with the -- What I believe is in charge coup for eleven on third and that's for the was yeah two for eleven on third out at home against your division rival this. I'm so glad I made the prediction after the view that it's chemicals on the for a picnic and in a big game on the Sony time he would lose -- just keep getting sucked in. The brilliance of of Manning in these meaningless games. And last -- watch in the sense that could that will happen in the AFC title game that with that Manning will be the guy we see. Whether it's here. Here I mean is anybody gonna pick manic of -- here is if they win their first playoff game the patriots win their first playoff game in there the 12 seed. And it's ear. You can't nobody will anybody think that Manning could come in here and it will be like it is right now like sixteen degrees. Come into here on January 19 and when does anyone right now wanna say that that could happen I'm up at that spot they get that spot you -- chance recommend. -- -- -- Don't know anybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's just like anybody gonna say that manic goes in here on January 9 it's almost like. It's almost like Tim Tebow. And -- of some -- the last time Denver came in here. In there and everyone just kind of laughed that's how it's gonna feel to me -- -- Welker will I assume will be back right he'll he'll achieve on the yes -- -- and pass courses and god do they need him it was really. Evidence wasn't it like he'd drop back. -- -- dictating got a great game plan dropped back you look for whatever first to read them on the field. -- Tomas Tomas. And and they look almost look for for Welker he could see it feelings. Where's my bailout guy being a -- and in -- that he's a big key as much as he's just the guy the eBay column. You you've checked out your check down guy was not there. And he would panic and he would mean he'd he'd feel the pressure get happy feet to throw away but he looked like. When exactly like mediocre quarterback that. He look like who'd be classic mediocre quarterback Kerry Collins had a pretty good -- -- blustery once once upon a time did just that average schmuck who had. Got nervous he got nervous you see when they got down it's in tried to do too much and then thrown from the big panic -- 95 plays -- -- says if they ask you show up what that was a problem. And the absence of -- what problem. Question great player. We certainly. Knew it was going to be a challenge without him -- -- guys were ready for that challenge us all the that was your reason while we didn't play as well offers. But we sort of short -- to be. -- guys were ready to play without him I was but the guys may be wearing a baseball boys. Only the specific parameters in baseball of the -- Close and late. You know looks exactly what the mathematics are with between closely we can look at -- I mean I guess that's definitely it's within two after of these sets up as an example like that double book that's specifically -- is a close and late Peyton Manning and god bless -- came up with us. Peyton -- Fourth quarter. And overtime. And the game is within a touchdown got -- that's that's what we're defining close and late news in the national football fourth quarter or overtime. And the game is within a touchdown. Peyton Manning has found himself in that situation. 81 times. He's lost. If you want. Of the 81 and that's completion seized fifty -- thirty to 51. For 347. Yards four touchdowns and three interceptions this is the -- quarterback rating of 81. As -- -- yes 43 touchdowns. And just seven interceptions with a rating of 112 in all other situations so he's. 112. Every time other than close Italy and you know what -- of late he's 81 were. Back on the Manning bandwagon after last week as he tore up the Tennessee Titans yes it's cold cold it's not the cold. Not the -- situation here it's the pressure which is what irks. It's worse I mean it was 37 degrees a kick I assume. Oh. He's at Houston next week he's got he's got to these two cupcakes they got even Manning even when you saw him last night. At -- at the Texans that Oakland yeah next two weeks than what they keep -- gag in the got a -- get a once again thank. I think they're gonna get the two seed you just ridiculous when these few -- as I guess I -- as this one -- -- doesn't feel like one of those years ever thinks it's just what. And did last night and it's it's encouraging. Patriot fans a look at this and say. They are now in charge of what they can do for days now control the road let's say -- critic of the DS and this morning of August and down from Augusta and intolerant and an earlier on just -- together however while you were encouraged by -- What Manning did or did not do last night. Doesn't fix what's wrong with the New England Patriots or does it motivate them is give them a little yes it does it doesn't make wrong healthy does that make the defense better it doesn't give Brady more options to score at will they or steal a flawed and injured and banged up team. I'll be -- -- -- -- and I don't care and not that we an -- -- Road and win because Peyton Manning struggled -- exactly -- and add it means. -- an emotional game and it adds an emotional component that you can be top seed you know the whole rally cry is you know. People say we can't do you know there won't thanks if we lose -- -- I agree on welcome. We can't win. That just they just had an element to that week and win and we can be the top seed -- and and and show the world and play at home. I say that it would lose one and the Broncos go in the time and threaten. Brought in. That wouldn't be opposed again bottom yet -- -- -- obviously they win but they don't you pick. They have to go in the Denver on January 19. We pick and Cincinnati is that who's plug and play legislative district president -- he's paid pretty addictive paid back on the bad way -- -- ten minutes he thinks no I pick out there is gonna come through in the a lot of New England can get to that game I'll pick him. I'll tell you what a patent Cincinnati or New England -- they get the public -- -- -- -- -- to -- Manning I'm -- you Manning looked nervous he looked like he just get the weight of the world on him and that's what you want that's what you want you want men to feel the pressure. I couldn't believe in the -- it was worst game of the year by far. And we saw how bad he wasn't going -- and you know leave the offense. Total offense was like less than 300 yards -- they average. Almost forty points a game. The put up one me. Against their division rival at home this was a way. On every level it was kind of an revealing revealing night for those who think. That team can't -- that guy that team how would John Fox is so good in these situations either. And that team can't handle the pressure and I'm pretty sure when you go to the AFC title game or get the suitable pressure there's pressure. Excuse. Are well on defense and are made more plays and we did. Your version I gave her cigarette in the division games are never quite sure what you're gonna did mr. -- -- all season for -- teams play us differently. They may play other teams. But they've played so well on defense and play better we did Oval Office. Because -- rivers after the game. Yeah all things likes of army that he's he's he's a maniac alone estimated -- he almost seemed surprised you know many didn't -- appear to be surprised but he seemed in sounded. Like he was surprised they pulled us off. We believe we could we knew where we've been playing good as of late. We just had finished some games but we've been playing pretty good and you know whichever search -- socialized. You could go -- complaint goes. On and on and on the in the crowds on the he's just smile and he -- it's too bad that they're not better it's like to see him be a real player in the if -- picture yeah I don't think they are getting on the road out. Cold places and there are 500 they need some breaks just to get to the playoffs. Would you like to see rivers. You don't get back to that -- -- -- album in BP necessarily beaches could be players evidence that -- -- it's going to be rivers and San Diego what they've always done it will do even though Norbert is no longer I don't this rivers. Insanity at -- what do you think -- that one that there's no greater resilience that could be is no greater t.s and sports on the charge of their home against the raiders right. There or it. Right now if it -- it would you be surprised at how lost their home to the raiders next I would be. They always lose game right there is no excuse that they would be -- nowhere near the top of the polls in the BCS has district schedules -- closer look at their losses they lost Houston. The Washington -- they lost to Washington lost to the -- the raiders for the raiders. And to mean that rivers talks about that is if he's very candidly goes you know we are. We dug her own grave right god I wish we could have some of those games back to see -- -- that sound because he's so it is hyped up after this game. And you say. And he knows he knows they probably already blew it this is nice to win the Denver and it just quicken up. And you thought you know and I took a lot of people did they even have dumb I'm gonna go to bed it's Denver ten point favorites. -- -- home all this is gonna go out and but but here's the thing Manning has a lot of fourth quarter comebacks. This has a lot of games and is a lot of wins. I think when you see him and you know the pressures on and you know the game's on the line as many people tweeted in that situation last night. He wins that game -- win that game I mean he is he strip say we've seen it struggle first -- struggle in the first three quarters. But the game's on the line and you -- touchdowns two touchdowns for that matter. And -- another some hokey stuff involving onside kick and fumbles and all that but. As you -- in the game wonderful that you think and this is where Brady gets a little better and Manning gets a little worse that's why if they win mean if they win out. Did the same record. With the hundreds of pages have had and I can vote Manning MVP over Brady I don't know I concede Peyton Manning is more valuable. -- Tom Brady yet this year this makes him more -- of -- well. How much weight you put statistics does that probably not a lot he blows the field the way it was what's the players with the team's record. Which many scored thirteen to three with this team. With these guys yet now we're back at the age old debate that we have every leader in baseball is that the value to the team or is it just hard core -- I call it -- it's both and I think. It's our own secretary yesterday -- Kerry Collins. -- -- -- -- I don't hear that arguments often when the and -- MVP debate comes up it's a good one I I like it and I think. It's Brady should be in the discussion I disagree with you but you know two days ago but. After last night he wins that game in ages and only time and in matters it means something and and I don't know when the votes are doing that they wait to stay with us is really here yet because I was the controversy -- the last year when meaning Peterson is stolen at the end of the year -- god bless them but. Manning's stats will be overwhelming. Kirk and that will put them over the top on her will will be an interesting argument because. Brady I honestly believe. And we talked him every week and some. I honestly believe he doesn't care he doesn't care about stats right now in this point in his career he isn't about the MVP like -- but. I honestly believe whether that comes from Belichick comes from poplar comes from. College high school coaches that he has that mentality -- all that matters is winning and. -- -- however would not 100%. Of the quarterbacks in the national football infect 100% of the players on the National Football League at least say for public consumption. I don't need the MVP immutable Pro Bowl I don't need to be an all pro. If we win the champion sure that's all that matters it's the John Farrell hey I want the World Series would you do you look at now the manager of the Atlantic said that would you believe them. I wouldn't from a legacy what 51 touchdowns more -- -- one -- more. And again 51 touchdowns in the record. Or wants a regular guy wants he wants the remaining knows he wants I want -- because knows he can't win a man with Smart that he knows what yes you secure legacy. That's where is he that America's 55 there was 55 touched on the other day and they lose and Lindsay MVP the -- -- residences in the playoff doesn't matter doesn't matter at -- against the Tennessee handed off. Yeah the two and you could see his face AM kind of get these -- so that's Wallach and I often look at Brady wonderfully when he's handing the ball the way that Ridley green. Duties at the one or two yard line I mean quarterbacks want touchdown passes. That's how the so they're judged and Manning right now wants that record would you agree. Now for sure and Francis. Four I don't know a lot more concerned about my legacy in the 180 in the yeah but situation and Smart enough to at I mean obviously would like to have the record. Do you think at the heart of parts Peyton Manning to look at this choice and that choice and choose the record and the MVP. Over the want to see him winning is all I know. Course of course but I honestly believe it might be different Brady at number one -- VP we believe that MVPs not. Foremost in his mind I don't honestly think. It Manning wins the fifth MVP and loses in the playoffs. It's it's not worse it looks worse and worse. Hey another meaningless MVP trophies gonna have to you know when they give a -- before -- -- -- On the day before. The super -- you gotta go to the super mobile site get your MVP you're gonna go there watch whoever Brady or whoever's on the heels and -- Playing for the Super Bowl that hurts. And this game hurts this game. Was home it's on national TV and notes on Monday it's Thursday night but the he's got to come up with excuses like. And too many ways it's now yeah 95. -- -- travel I mean seeing us play for their lives. -- expending a lot of energy to I think. Have have the warm weather teams in recent memory not done well going in the cold weather places San Diego. In Denver the most recent example Miami just went into Pittsburgh did they not -- this weather thing is not necessarily. A geographical. Delineation of who wins and who does not pierce Peyton Manning talking about that is this is just excuse making five laced -- or. Did not only five players should do that we have all -- did -- -- you told. Brought up that's that's -- botnets and say hey to anyone who I don't know arm. Is console war -- looked at 00 says that. And it San Diego and they play Oakland Kansas city. Bowl at home. They win out they go nine and seven they need help us any help they need help from the patriots. At Baltimore. And the patriots at Miami and Miami so they -- they wrote in the hard. The New England Patriots. But that will be interest to know -- the landing at some point wouldn't you rather see. Philip Rivers in the playoffs than. Mine and a -- well. Interest lose once and to lose this weekend in in in sandy wants him to succeed decode New England matches -- jacked up Philip Rivers would be if he actually won a playoff game. If you actually would have went up -- And nobody -- begins to -- I want it. Hesitancy at your house out of our locker room but we -- with a lot of confidence. We have one of the last seven here. And recently. -- -- -- The world. When he points on. -- fired up. -- upset of the night they won. He completed twelve pounds. He -- twenty obviously as I said. Several hundred between the two of them. It didn't happen it didn't happen he goes twelve for twenty. Two touchdowns no picks -- Manning goes 27 for 41 come from behind you know trying to come from behind he only posted 289. It's unbelievable on Matthews on average 350 game Brett. And out of the time positions and create a hundred yards less then their worst performance of the season to date that. It was it was -- -- On 06 or seven different levels they told John force the North Carolina to take some time off John let sick that Del Rio I'm gonna figure around -- find out how many. Plays that the CA San Diego charges hang on it's -- that's 67 -- you know -- 74 days before that yeah they play the giants. They ran seventy plays they had to travel to Denver. And they didn't show any signs of Wear and care only Peyton. A problem with the with the turn around. The chargers -- both many Brothers in a period of four and half days is that essentially. 61777979837. Text like 379837. Friday the thirteenth. Never be said. That we are sentimental that we don't send our our little. Bird out of the nest without some sort of recognition. This -- good bye to stitch day -- sleeping too. Chase his dreams and. Oh. -- dreams sleeping late yeah laying in bad news Dutch oven until noon. Waiting for mommy to make compare and chocolate chip which kind of pancakes human complete Monday morning -- -- the -- in the man who. The ports to healthy. Let's wait to help him negated dip them in China -- -- and put them in 2000 at memorial one bedroom with -- for all in bed with us or she AS giant sized stuffed -- and -- he's gonna get his daily exercise with that is in the morning coach. I. Waving the lights gets up in the -- to -- And put down before sweats I don't want to get rusty puts on that robe. It was announced that federal and -- 23233. PM show -- thank you new and cool new deal with an afternoon news at noon to seven I'll go to seven. -- culture -- generally on strategy you're pipeline news on your back to the we think is -- -- from. And try to work -- -- favorite breakfast -- aren't so it's good stich today and to commemorate that we have presence we have events we are going to have a -- verses is replacements sausage. Way off. -- people that thought it was impossible to hire a more. The soft. That only play the females are more more potholes. Is it Carlos and more portly. More on loan -- house -- a more voluptuous I think a more that all is said siege. Husky year producer yeah on the -- the those -- I think we have the producer currently strategy who's done today is able. Pushing three bills and he sloth like -- doesn't it at a we've -- it doesn't care we've done we've done. We've done that -- -- I think I will find out I don't know we've got to find. Are we doing the way. 74745. Is the -- -- -- -- -- in the meantime you can check out a picture comparing it to a -- and vote on who you think is the -- guy and you're on a -- -- producers -- -- left and doubles -- plot was on the right right but apparently the -- he was so lost in the -- -- to its. It's it's -- pictures right. Yes it is action soldiers -- -- -- what's you -- it's a case how can people see -- success. NASA just don't picture right -- Look if they don't -- watching TV and it's OWE. Nine dot com slash producers or go to Twitter. And look up at DNC show. At the NC -- on Twitter we will tweeted out and we re tweeting me and I. Out we presents for stitching up the priorities -- here. I'm giving him something he's never ever seen. Heard of or before and that's part of something he has not eaten before -- well he -- That limits every possible and on trying to think thinks he has eight orders like celery watercress. And. I don't know that lead you think you lead I'll sure what's your -- is it to boost its it is just throw deleted its microwave mobile. It's 260 or how unhealthy okay is he doesn't want aren't healthy -- you know this stuff not ten grams of fat. It's not to. -- servings -- -- just does -- have trans fats on the Internet police servings are in business of serve serving size 13 of his and that's that half. The system is thirty. There's thirty five -- that's pretty vibrant -- gluten free it is not freed as Michael and little old sodium 240 milligrams carbohydrates. To Graham is gonna car -- sir for the learning here and things like 150 carbohydrates. Three grams protein 19 grams of sugar zero dot RB five it's called. It had spotted Dick before. Now the flu known spotted Dick. We haven't -- you can wash it down with your black -- I -- Jerry actually. Wrapped the presents. Classic got -- able to run -- simply -- didn't -- -- -- -- I didn't quite get it right. -- two and never brought them never crossed my mind to bring in the gift will be honest you -- -- it's just -- every day with -- -- added he -- -- what I got -- and I have to give some Parker's first I want mafia hit it. You got to somehow I think when -- -- the team I think -- you. I'm out I like stich and everybody made a decision he doesn't like us he likes the other guys like Doc Rivers it's a -- screw you six pol. You know where's my standing over you got married -- it whatsoever. Coming -- -- about I would never play rough than a week in the man hug not not nice. Soon to wait to see what -- as always it is as well a meaty paws on the aren't those traversal sausage way and -- up at 745. Answer the question Kirk and we'll take your suggestions on Twitter and on the AT&T line. -- -- -- Tell -- -- oh my -- it's been awhile ago what W yeah I -- because that would need to. This WEEI app on your iPhone -- -- click the open Mike -- the record a question for -- intense and -- we do -- That will be eight point five -- to be an eight point five. Moonlight and loves everything's right on time and I asked it to the schedule. I wanna know. If if people like me that something mystical magical on when men and lose that homes in this whole -- crap. You know we've been following this team for a long yeah. To get to the point is say things right for them is going on things break right not only. Does Manning lose at home but he loses a home because the oft injured Wes Welker has deceived the game -- algebra. Somewhere Belichick Eagles or he puts on some weird wizard he's like on the Dumbledore hog warts so companies like spells on people you believe that you can retiree. It happened at that. That's it to every Manningham. -- So yes to 100% of the time just -- you bought commodities are might pick your spots are granted his remarks I was brought I was wrong right. Yet they have the same thing on our house -- residences magic when it -- thought ma I'm not dissipating -- again. Television I don't want to try to question chart of the day some lunatics that -- people outside and strings aren't going well for the dent in what I have one question I look at the stats Manning -- 47 touchdowns and an interception now. 4800 yards passing. Brady has 21 touchdowns and nine interceptions those numbers are even close but yet I think Brady is more valuable -- Manning this year. All -- double talk -- 617 sevenths on 7937. Friday the thirteenth it's good Artest each day. Did manage five plays that we -- Walters good good that you told.

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Aaron Boone joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the early season troubles the Red Sox have had and the defensive struggles.

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Headlines, Headlines, Hea…

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Colbert introduced on Letterman

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. The guys talked about Colbert joining Dave Letterman last night.

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