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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com: On Doc Rivers' return to Boston

Dec 12, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show to discuss the return of Doc Rivers to Boston and what really happened during the offseason that led to Doc's departure.

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You looked pretty emotional when he watched the commute there -- -- Confidence. There was there was just living on the this is there -- just -- -- place. Here. So there was. It was really -- An emotional Doc Rivers after the game last night Butler and 937 WEEI clippers come anyway into the story. -- one and only trip back to the city boss replace -- with for nine years when you're wrong you're wrong. Like 30% -- prediction. Is embarrassing at -- last night -- out but 0%. -- the Texas at 91 -- I knew was there apparently it was 919%. Positive than negative way off from. 730. And -- emotionally for Doc Rivers -- McClellan joins us talk all things dockets open Jacqui brought you by Elizabeth Grady. Dot com Jackie -- Oreo. Well I guess you -- disappointed they didn't go silent listening to yesterday here this I'll excellent do you adapt. I'd I you know I I don't get the -- thing -- still get it. And there's. And I idol they exploited again. That. The point -- be the way he left Jackie and I'd understand the the eight years prior to nine years he had leading up to it. I just like doc spent all summer -- try to convince us that this was not just his idea. That he was mad at Danny -- the relationship was strained between him and Danny because Danny came out a press conference this all about doc and doc came back and -- Danny knows the truth he was in that Roman disappointed he said that and it came out at two days ago yesterday. That this was Danny's decision and I thought. I felt like that would play a role in it last night not recognizing. You know decision the it was it was -- decision to walk away basically decided that. He after signing a five year deal. He wanna deal with the rebuild and to admit now after all that yeah it was my decision I I thought yup I was there. I would price stand up and bullies and -- of the clippers coach not the video tribute but as the clippers coach I walked away from the -- -- got stiff as simplifying it way way way too much. Because let's start the fact that he's done an excellent teacher and at the time you signed that extension we all I'm sure you sign contract. A contract that a year or two later isn't quite exactly what you -- let's start with that okay. He finished it it from the tiny paramedics and then. To witness if you lefties in the a lot of stuff happens a lot of injuries. And you talk about the strain between gain dot lets talk about the point guard and the coach and how exhausting that was last year. And I think dot polluted it without ever -- Rondo last night. About sometimes. I your voices voices -- heard enough. And the Taiwan Larry Bird always argued three -- should move -- I think -- to -- but I think that -- -- you know what. Some of these guys started to you know and that's you know what that's normal that happened second of all. I mean you can't think you can talk about Kevin Garnett without crying OK and I know he's emotional guy. You'd think he wants to be the guy that says yeah our cabin site all you guys are often -- yeah we're gonna get rid of you he wanted no part of that but that number two. And number three. -- the one exit again you know what I don't like it is again. I don't know -- news again -- silent extension. I thought you know -- -- that -- time was right to do that it was a reward for me iconic dessert now I'm not sure it into the -- -- conducting an opposite -- and -- Every right as we talk about I don't want to do this here but we got it that's what could be looking at every game had every right be irritated and angry. Which is why he's second that's certified letter yeah. It's that we expect you to fulfill your contract and that's I would that's called he was denied permission and we November called he was denied commission. Now you get to later on. And and doctor okay love if you feel that way than -- -- come back and can't do my very best to come back and do it whatever but I wouldn't be any of that. Now time goes on again and start thinking about it. OK do I wanna pay seven million dollars to this coach. -- I know right now. My point guard my coach they're both a little sick of each other a little doc and I we we we have argument that conversation I don't think they strain think that we're too strong. But this from the guy that want to little more power which age you definitely got with the clippers the -- trying to think you know what. I get out from the seven million dollars you know I'm gonna paint for team that I can be any good. By the way. -- up the case everybody forgot. Within our conditional first round pick so why -- they -- ran out of town and left the Celtics in the lurch. I just don't get. What -- out I don't think Adam. Avic UB boot the -- -- Richard who'd been a carriage reboot -- don't get it but I realized of people will. Everybody should be -- really to be honest with these -- mr. Richie Lewis and Bebo but I thought -- But you know -- I understand the Boston people would think and it's this is not a free agent. Yeah we get upset for Ray Allen choosing a better situation we get upset for Johnny Damon choosing him anymore money your article. Whatever -- right and and -- should people can be upset about voters especially would rate they're trying to train them every year. So I don't ever I never understood what people -- regular -- -- I think at this case I think people say well he was under contract he had no right right attitude all the current. All the time. Plays that change the situation changes and we -- players on removed Ray Bourque until he could win a Stanley Cup. But a lot of times Jackie intermittent. When when players do you do that and maybe foresee trade at a town we are critical of those players. Yeah a white -- I don't argue with the fact that people have a right to be critical of the way it was handled. Because docking at heartland then he dragged on for a long time could he couldn't make up but like I will tell you that. That equipment thing with a wide and then it was dead and doctor death -- I'm coming back. On the get myself mentally prepared to come back I'm coming back and I went on TV you guys thought of that a lot of fun when people had a lot of fun at my expense and I deserve it. I think you've been having 500 points isn't bad because it would get over the clippers I can back -- signal that we will be the first round pick. Danny is the one that called doc and said hey into the live again what -- that we get a first round patriot so that's what -- talking. In the more and love basketball people that would -- yes he should come clean on that from the very beginning. But it wasn't like that the Celtics got a nothing -- this could be it'd be ignorant and you know what different data tracked. -- -- -- you had a chance to talk to doc an A great called posts and he has been a boston.com Jackie's a couple of days ago. I I was he's still -- Jacqui there. Are with Ted had Joey let's get Jackie's connection -- Jack McMullen. ESPN a boston.com joining us brought to you by Elizabeth grade a commoner phone. Going in and out the the magic of technology these days -- we talking to someone on a cellphone. Which is supposed to be crystal clear and Alison -- -- you anymore. Now we look technology. And going back we'll try to see Jackie there are here -- You had a chance to talk to -- a couple of days ago very in depth -- ESPN boston.com. He. He still gets pretty emotional about this today. And I he was he sort of all over the place talking to you and I want to get your reaction how you felt that talking with him prior to what we saw last night back your boss. I think he was anxious about it much because this place that you could see nightmare great field -- him. And it's not that the players it's you know people we met -- years -- out of -- suggest -- a thousand times well deserved by the lake. But you know here's the only living here you -- -- that. He lived here without -- he'd come back on the Orlando and he didn't feel that much -- he can't and they come out but he kept by itself. So he you know he developed some pretty tough. Strong bond with people and I think. He was a little concerned. About how people are gonna receive them and it was kind of bothered no question. If you if you keep Portland I'm glad that he wasn't. You know it -- a nice guy that treated people well they treated not to the media well because who cares about us. He treated you know he went to the hospital to get all the charitable very involved with PA BCD organization you know. He put himself out there and sell. You're an emotional guy and cannot tell you we don't see a lot. Because I'm going to retreat that his office. And that's where the emotions come out and into that locker room in your your players talk about out of time. And I think yeah the hard times sometimes keeping your dinner last night he just he couldn't he didn't let able to. Missile but those -- into talking about the you know Chris Paul or John Rondo broke -- I wouldn't close they are gonna talk about. -- play against Miami Chris ball jumped in into exactly what he was talking about very similar guys -- begin deep ball. It would cycle from Rondo to Chris Paul goes to special players. Well I think what it is is Chris Paul belittle what season. And -- a better player experience could -- party right now the best point guard in the league he better offensive player than Rondo on the much better shooter. On an -- thing a better traffic to a lot of really get that after it defensively. Some of the time Chris Paul the guy that does all that -- be a great guy for -- and a look at the course that you guys now. Quite a bit of animosity between the two of them and they both have that -- still -- And -- they have that's sort of that quality where they're gonna. They're gonna question echoed a little bit I think Ron they'll probably helped dock in a prepared for crystal could be used to having. Government really superstar laden is so Smart he's got that photographic memory in these studies. It would -- no one who really studies the game and so that Chris Paul. And so I can log it was probably great preparation for dot to coexist very nicely with Chris Paul. Meanwhile the new Celtic coach. Feels like Bill Belichick can see him as a Specter a senator earlier Jackie this guy. Shows no emotion game winner at Miami doesn't move last night what to think and -- anything out there are played -- the -- that great on the second IQ you talked to him back in November. Behind the scenes as he isn't AZ is bella check in as C seems to put up there with the media with his team. Not at all I'd I'd be extremely engaging. He's very intelligent very finding. And you've guarded right now and I get that but you know I was talking in terms of its plans for that story the one guy in particular dot virtue. Went through that experience with the pot with Bret Stephens and they both you know got bent -- -- -- -- -- -- a couple -- -- -- -- -- -- involvement. And -- with you know it was right after I am just created that three over Miami. And I said to dot that was the main Connecticut all the -- -- said -- I can tell -- out and he was. In an outsider element down despite correct -- he get -- -- is thinking. Everybody is watching him and I think he knows that and just thinking you know what if I get too excited if I get to that of like if you down. And the young people that I haven't got a -- follow my lead so. I'm I'm just gonna play it this way but I don't believe -- second that aliens. Let's consider this bill lot of great men before him that it's trite to say the same thing themselves -- but is that I -- motion right. Comes -- he's he's done he's done you know done a great job obviously we were laughing about emotion. Well great self controlled is that you know to be battling it really does. -- and asked about Jordan Crawford real quick if you're done with the team playing playing well and creating assets and things like that. Does he fault that category because Rondo comes back and it's almost like the NBA opens up their eyes and says. Maybe he's better than just a few minute game back up a point cut. Yeah I certainly -- helped himself there's no question and it's funny because. -- I think the best thing that happened Jordan Crawford is that he was forced to play the point. Because he had changed his mentality and his mentality is always shoot first and I think even when Dwight Lowery played point. He's one of the highest in the league in points -- you know shots per second. But I thinking -- a wonderful job. Of taking those responsibilities seriously and I think it's gonna help on I still think -- the price for months England -- -- -- -- you still need he could still use shooting guard. They can not drop -- -- you know labor rally that hasn't happened and maybe well but it really hasn't with any consistency. But you know what the problem Crawford adjustment you've written that I'm part in this -- -- break in this. He has so little moments -- in -- go kooky again signaled crane shots and that was twenty seconds on the shot clock and what drives you crazy. Jacqui it's going to be interesting we'll get shot on this this team right now too good to be. A lottery team may be the sixteenth pick in the draft to be a playoff team right now. Not as -- closer to February in your assessment of how. This will work Ron -- come back here at some point I'd Gainey you'll value wait this team and will then become a selloff as many veterans as we can accumulate assets for going forward. That's what I would do and that's what I expecting doom and that the company's -- Are you know like guys who the first time we talk I think we all agreed it's too good. It can't it be damaged yeah. It's actually get screens lately he he played last night. So yeah Politico you know concrete didn't in the candidate for the expiring contract Gerald -- has -- proven not to people. That you could be -- -- -- the bank to help contending team I would say no at that point and that the Celtics want to move him I think they're gonna have to eat -- NFL because it's too rich. But maybe would take the plans aren't capitalists and how how are you willing to go. It ain't going to look at me in the eye and say thank you so much like guns when he -- you a chance now to win -- -- we're gonna trade you. A -- -- to get so forget greens. Right now you would -- great step is always appreciate the time the -- talking next week. Sorry I -- -- and Richards Jackie McMullen ESPN boston.com joining us here on the eighteenth he -- ATT the nation's fastest. Now most reliable Ford GLT eat now.

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